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  • Current Version: 4.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Great Lakes Mobile App

*** Manage Your Loans Your Way *** Manage your loans no matter where you are. Your information is secure with our identity confirmation process and robust encryption technology. - Make or schedule student loan payments of any amount - View account details like your balance, interest, lender, status, and payment history - Receive payment reminders and confirmations - Use an existing payment account or create and store a new one - Allocate any excess payment amounts to a specific loan or loans in an account - Send your proof of income documents for income-driven repayment plan requests You can sign up for Great Lakes account access in app if you need to; no need to visit our website to get started managing your loans with us. *** Tell Us What You Think *** How can we improve your mobile experience? Rate our app, or send feedback to [email protected]

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Great Lakes Mobile app reviews

  • Overall good 4/5

    By Tbird67-12:
    I use to be able to see how payments were applied to each token in the history/payments tab... now all it shows is how much goes toward principal vs interest. I miss this feature. Other than that I like how I can now see each individual account and the breakdowns.
  • Has room for improvement 3/5

    By ram1jay
    The app excels in simplicity and does the task of allowing the user to see loans and make payments,fair enough. However, in the modern day field of bill paying apps, Touch ID functionality is a standard, and the developer should consider adding this feature as a start, minor tweaks can also be made to the GUI to enhance aesthetics.
  • Great and simple. 4/5

    By SamTheGirl?
    It’s a simple app, I wish you could change contact info on there instead of having to go to the actual website. But that’s more of a suggestion than a complaint. I’ve never had any issues with the app and I’ve been using it for years.
  • Needs to be in the 21st century 1/5

    By MommaUnicorn
    You really need to work on keeping the scheduled payments process more up to date should be able to cancel a payment that was done accident you have no way to show you scheduled a payment with is in process to your own people I guess either since the payment was made & waiting to process and you robo caller steal keeps calling daily because it seems it doesn’t know the payment was made. After a payment has been made you should make it to where it doesn’t allow you to make another until it shows any & all scheduled payment.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By nickname is frustrated
    This app doesn’t work all the time. Glitches in the email and photo functions.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By 73826384
    Very easy to use
  • Works fine. But no support of TouchID 3/5

    By thehotrod
    The app works fine. I pay my student loan and monitor my account. But come on, it is 2018, TouchID has been around for years, let’s add Touch/FaceID support for the app. Thank goodness iOS 12 has greatly improved passwords. But TouchID would be so much better.
  • Good not great 3/5

    By Willy Paul
    The app won’t let me pay off my accounts. I’ve had to call twice and wait on hold to do something this app should be able to handle.
  • Works great for my needs! 4/5

    By Cennix1776
    All I use it for is paying my loan payment. It would be great if biometrics could be used to log on though (faceID or fingerprint scanning)
  • Loan details needed! 4/5

    By rachelpachel6
    Hey app developers, please give us the ability to see the loan break down via the app. I’m trying to pay off my unsubsidized loans specifically so the total loan amount isn’t of as much interest to me as the individual loan amounts. Currently I can’t access that information from the app so it makes it rather useless for my purposes. Otherwise it’s good though.
  • Update this app 2/5

    By Cait Stud
    This app really needs to be modernized. It should be clear with your current payment schedule what your payoff date is, but neither the website nor the app list that. In addition, there should be a calculator to show how that term would change if you increase your payments or make an extra payment. There is no incentive here—it’s jut a crappy, bare minimum app that serves no other purpose than to glance at your balance.
  • Mostly Good/Missing Key Features 3/5

    By Kdinsmoor
    I like a lot of the features. It’s easy to get in and make payments, see my status, contact Great Lakes, etc. Really, it does most of what you need. What I don’t like is if I write Great Lakes through the app, I don’t get any history, record, or access to what I sent. I’ve sent correspondence, not heard back, and had no records to come back to.
  • Awful 1/5

    By walrusbrain
    Double charged me. Thanks a lot Great Lakes.
  • Great app that helped me pay off my student loans fast 5/5

    By michailapettit
    This app is great. I love that I can make small payments frequently and that I can always see the exact balance and how much interest I accrue this app helped me to pay off my student loans much faster than I would have without it.
  • Auto pay 2/5

    By Kai Chandler
    I have made payments online as well as calling customer service to see if there is a way that I could delete my old credit cards that are attached to my account and they said there is no way, that is a little frustrating to me.
  • Sign in problem 1/5

    By SmartBP_Developer
    I always have problems logging in and have to go through the process of resetting my password. Please fix and I will rate the app to 5 stars
  • Login issues 1/5

    By spartangirl4
    This app won’t allow me to login. I can login to the website fine but the app just keeps saying my login is incorrect. Very frustrating.
  • It’s too basic 2/5

    By Llamallama9
    This app is too basic for such a big part of people’s life. It needs to be much more clear and concise as to what your monthly payment is going to and it needs to be MUCH easier to edit your monthly payment options. Even though it’s very very basic, it feels clunky. This app needs a major overhaul and facelift. Please bring it to the 21st century.
  • Please update - We’ve been waiting 3/5

    By KW Feedback Guru
    Not a horrible experience. However, with some minor upgrades, this app could be so much better. Could we at least start with TouchID and an improved user interface? Sure some of the loans are from the turn of the century, but doesn’t mean your app has to look that way. Do better please!
  • ...can’t use the app 1/5

    By TrueHero88
    I know my user information...Each time I try to log in it says authorization failed...yet I can log in online with the same information just fine...
  • Touch ID 3/5

    By Stammina
    Needs Touch ID, for realz!
  • Incomplete info, no Touch ID 3/5

    By JonChrisG
  • A.M. 4/5

    By Ishamay
    Although the app is simple it would be great to have access to a thumbprint sign in.
  • Loan breakdown 2/5

    By Blahs blah
    I wish it gave you the ability to view each individual loan.
  • It's okay at best 1/5

    By Fghhffgbczdg
    It's okay, pretty fast and organized, really needs to install touch id to log in though, please!? And printable payment history.
  • Touch ID/Face ID 3/5

    I don’t understand why this app doesn’t utilize Touch ID yet. Why do I have to type a password every time?
  • Solid, Reliable 4/5

    By sh00ky
    Solid in design and reliable in performance. The only thing I would rate as a negative is lack of live interaction with a representative, but everything else is kosher.
  • Simple 4/5

    By MariahAbes
    Very, very simple app. When setting your account up initially, the app makes it very simple to set up your monthly payments. The only complaint I would have is that it’s confusing when changing account details and there are few ways to “edit” details regarding monthly payments. To explain further, I recently got a new account with my husband and thought I edited my payments to come out of my new account.. but apparently I set up a NEW auto payment in addition to the automatic payment I already had set up.. so it made automatic withdrawals from both my old and new account, one day after the other. The contact page was helpful and I got assistance immediately when I called. I was told I would get the money back and staff was very understanding. I made sure that the more recent automatic payment I set up should be canceled, as well! I guess I wanted to share this because the refund period is also lengthy (so make sure you do it right the first one!). I completely understand things have to be reviewed before they return payments, but I’m almost $1000 ahead on my payments.. so it’s not like I’m trying to get out of them. Another bummer is that I might not be refunded the $400 for 30 days. Which can make it or break it for a recent graduated/newly married gal like me! I know I have the option to edit the details online too, so be aware that the online option will ensure a smooth transition if you have a new account to use for payments. Thanks!
  • Perfect for me - iOS user from Kansas 5/5

    By Eastlor
    This is waaaaaay easier than the website. Was able to review, allocate extra, get a confirmation in much less time than the web.
  • I wish the app was as good as the computer website 2/5

    By Jaja43
    The app is ok. But there are features that it’s lacking that the full website has. The biggest drawback is not being able to see the account summary with the loan token breakdown as easily.
  • Passwords 1/5

    By Neil-n-Troy
    Would not take ID or password, could not log on.
  • No Touch ID option to login? 3/5

    By mfcastan
    Why no? Every other app has it! Common now!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Tomaganuk96
    Makes payments easy, and the interface is clean and simple. Just wish that we could log in with Touch ID or Face ID. Another good thing would be for alerts from this app reminding us monthly to pay off loans. Otherwise, this is a good app.
  • 😡🤬 1/5

    By Blahblahblah9807p
    Keeps taking my money
  • Needs Touch ID support 4/5

    By Haha! ~:•]
    It’s 2018 and we still don’t have Touch ID support for this app, it’s the only thing that’s missing and should have been included long ago.
  • Student loans 5/5

    By integratemind
    This app is great however it would be amazing if you could pay with debit or credit. I dislike always happening to use checking account. I rather it just come out immediately, so I can go on about my business.
  • Can’t see all loan details 3/5

    By Consultula
    Hi - can you please make it so you can see all of the individual loan details? Right now, you can only see the accounts and not the loans that roll-up under them.
  • Nice but could be better. 3/5

    By Brockston Casherly
    The app is good, but you shouldn’t have to go through the payment menu to see the breakdown of your debt into loans, their interest rates, and whether or not they are subsidized, and how your excess payments are being applied. It’s obtuse.
  • Where’s TouchID? 4/5

    By Brian in Oregon
    All my other banking apps use Touch ID....why not this?
  • Visualization would be nice 3/5

    By seb4595
    Nice way to track your payments - however it does not include much information on accruing interest. It would be nice to see a plot with payment history and a ‘burn-down’ of the loan. Huge plus would be recommendations for payment schedules :)
  • What happened to Touch ID 3/5

    By heyitssunev
    I used to use touch ID to login because I would always forget my password and now it no longer shows me the option to use Touch ID. This saved me a lot of time before, please bring it back
  • What if calculator 3/5

    By Njspenc
    A nice feature to add would be a what if calculator to see how different payment schedules turn out and how much you’ll save by extra payments etc.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Young1989!!
    This app did exactly what I needed. Check my account and make payments!
  • User friendly but... 2/5

    By AllisonLovesFlashcards
    The app is very user friendly and helps me pay my loans quickly and painlessly. But the app would be greatly improved by a notification alerting the user to payments being due. I don’t personally like having automatic payments and I’d benefit greatly from a phone notification.
  • Could be great 2/5

    By Joshesc
    Notifications that let me know about upcoming payment due dates are a huge part of making this app in any way useful..
  • Great! 4/5

    By TheMechan1c
    I love the app, it’s a lot easier doing it on my phone than signing into a computer I don’t have. But, I wonder if they have ever thought of making the sign in process finger-print enabled. That would make it much better.
  • Worthless... 1/5

    By aski88
    Just like the people that work there. They’ll make sure they call you multiple times a week, harassing and threatening, but when you actually try to make a payment suddenly they don’t know how to help.
  • Touch ID for the app 4/5

    By Venezion
    Please make this a feature. The amount of times I’ve had to change my password is crazy. Let my finger do the work.
  • A bit clearer than the web but much to be desired 3/5

    By Jmamba7
    I was able to find some sections much easier than the pc version (like where to submit docs) , but that was useless because you can only take pics of docs not actually upload them. Apps really need to get with it. Most people surely receive pay stubs etc electronically.

Great Lakes Mobile app comments

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