Green Dot - Mobile Banking

Green Dot - Mobile Banking

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  • Current Version: Version 4.23.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Green Dot Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Green Dot - Mobile Banking App

The Green Dot app is designed to help you manage any Green Dot debit card or bank account! This includes the new Green Dot Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account: Earn 3% cash back when you buy online and through apps Save up money in the Green Dot High Savings Account and earn up to 3% annual interest Free cash deposits using the app Free ATM’s Waive your monthly fee NO overdraft fees NO minimum balance requirement Easily manage any Green Dot Bank account at any time. This app allows you to… Sign up for or register a new account View balance and transaction history and see other account information Pay bills and P2P money to friends Deposit checks from your mobile phone Set up account alerts Access chat customer support Want to know more? Visit today. See the Account Agreement for fees, terms and conditions. © 2019 Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, Green Dot Corporation NMLS ID 914924. Technology Privacy Statement: Terms of Use:

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Green Dot - Mobile Banking app reviews

  • Worked at first but now can’t get my money unsaved 1/5

    By cbjdidch
    This worked for a while but now i need to use my money and i cannot log in to transfer my money from being saved to unsaved and i am sitting here looking stupid at a store!!!!!!! All because of an issue with their system!!! This is bs!!! Definitely closing this account!!!!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ahura15057
    I like green dot. It’s been easy to use and I get my paycheck a couple of days early. The only complaint I have is that I can’t access my cash back until I’ve used my card for 12 months. I think a year is a bit extreme. I feel like it should be 3-6 months or based on consistent direct deposit like the mobile check deposit is.
  • It’s fishy app. Find another solution 1/5

    By Blendi__s
    $11.50 fee on $200 gift card!! Same day registered and used it.. but they managed to charge a monthly fee! I’ve never used a payday loan but I completely understand people’s frustration after this
  • App is not working for a week now 1/5

    By Raindroplips
    I use this card I think is great but what’s a card without the app please fix this issue
  • Two days faster payroll, NOT!!! 1/5

    By gjfdshn Kit ddhjk
    Very disappointed in this card. They claim they get your payroll check directly deposited in two days faster. Well it’s now almost Friday and still no check. I’ve used and many others and ALWAYS got paid on Wednesday night. Sometimes Thursday morning at the latest. I will definitely be switching back to on my next check. I was really depending on my check be in by Thursday morning.

    By Cm2895
    Thanks green dot for the Support!
  • Quick question 4/5

    By chicolate chips
    Have an account now card did not use it for the past year can you check for me the status if I provide you with the number?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By sydandjuice
    The app used to work but for the last two weeks I haven’t been able to login .
  • Sender of cash 5/5

    By ride or die 247
    It’s the best way to send money to loved ones without fees
  • So far total scam 1/5

    By curiousbob
    Received a Visa Debit card of theirs. Absolutely unable to use it. No customer service, constant looping and just a dead end. Find another system. Any other system. Save yourself grief and money.
  • Green theft 1/5

    By Nick4451
    An application designed to steal your money! Do not use.
  • App works ok 1/5

    By specialist077
    app is ok but lacks a few features. you won't get your direct deposit early as they claim. going back to my old card that paid me one day early.
  • Awful service 1/5

    By MamaLLama97
    I’ve been waiting on my personalized card for over a month now. I put in a change of address two weeks ago and they told me it would arrive soon and here I am still waiting. Then tonight I chat with customer service and they are not helpful whatever so ever. I think you would have overnight my card not make me wait another two weeks. I will be closing my account after I receive my card. It’s not worth the hassle.
  • Review 1/5

    By davissamone
    It won’t let me access my account
  • it wont let me log in 1/5

    By etiavis
    every time i try to log in to the app, it says “you need to log in to”. and then i do that, try to log back into the app, and it keeps saying the same thing. i just got this card a few days ago, and im very disappointed :/
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By 400niggar
    I downloaded the app on my iPhone and I can’t seem to login
  • App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Meme_cathi
    I downloaded the app and everyone I try to check my balance- I get an error message telling me that I have to check my account online at
  • They haven’t changed 1/5

    By Lord Sincere
    Don’t let the new promotion fool you. They sent me a email and said if deposit $20 by a certain day and time I would get a extra $10 within 10 days it’s been 14 now and now they have the nerve to say they are having technical difficulties paying me 10 dollars and give them to next week by Friday.
  • Great ! 5/5

    By Connerbuilt
    I use the accout to pay my bills n it saves me a ton of overdrafts if money isnt there it simply rejects it i love it!
  • I don’t understand 1/5

    By A-D.A
    Why would I have to log in online instead of using the app itself?
  • meh 2/5

    By Tahjere KM
    The app lets me activate my card, but won’t let me log in again through the app
  • Imposible to navigate 1/5

    By Sug Myballz
    Have 3 gift cards. Have to throw 2 out. Literally $50 in the garbage. This company is garbage.
  • I’m done 1/5

    By virtualfloridagirl
    They canceled my card right after I got paid through direct deposit and then charge me 5 bucks for a replacement. No customer service. Bye green dot
  • cant log in 1/5

    By Antonyo337
    it refuses to let me log in with all of my info correct. have to use the website. inconvenient an weird.
  • Okay 2/5

    By melcarin
    Annoyed. I signed up for green dot and it says to do direct deposit so I submitted the info to my job. I got paid but no card in the mail yet. I need my money for food and gas so I contacted greendot to see if there’s anyway to access my money at all (such as using my account and routing number) and they say it’s impossible to access my funds at all until my card comes. Other banks I’ve used will let you access your money while you wait for a card. They will do a wire transfer or you can do it through PayPal with the routing and account number. But that’s not possible with green dot. I will have to wait a week for my card to access my money. I have a son and need my money to feed him. Customer service doesn’t even try to get you help they just give you the same answer over and over then they ex out of the chat. They don’t care about you at all but all they care about is getting paid.
  • Help 1/5

    By angelachanel
    My app do work for the GreenDot app
  • Face ID no longer working 1/5

    By Wizard, fkap
    I’ve been a huge fan of both Green Dot Bank and the Green Dot App until today!! A few days ago the Apple iPhone Face ID stopped working on the Green Dot App. I logged onto the App manually and toggled on the Face ID switch. It requested my password (of course) and I typed it in. But the return message said “The information you entered does not match our records. Try again.” So I tried again. Same result. I tried several times over three days with the same result. So naturally I called Green Dot for assistance. The representative was polite but claimed, very forcefully, the The Green Dot App doesn’t have the Face ID feature and never has!!!! She told me that someday, maybe, in the future, they might add that feature. I told her I used it for the entire last year and she basically called me a liar. I requested to speak to a supervisor. She assured me that was unnecessary as she told me everything there is to know. After I requested several times to speak to a supervisor, she told me one would have to call me back. About 6 hours later a supervisor called. He was also polite but also assured me that The Green Dot App doesn’t offer the Apple Face ID feature. I asked him if he happened to have the App on his phone. He told me he did not and had, in fact, never seen the App in person but that he had all the technical specs in front of him and there was no option to access the Apple Face ID. Wow!!! He put me on hold for several minutes and said he spoke to “everyone” in the Help Call Center and absolutely no one had ever heard of the Face ID and Green Dot didn’t offer that feature. No one there had the App on their phone (I assume this is a non-USA located center). Now I’m certain you will actually correct this bug. But some serious training needs to happen in the Green Dot Bank call center. I am embarrassed for you.
  • Eh 3/5

    By alltheni knamesaretaken
    I like the idea of the app it’s just I can never get the registering a card to work like never and it always says invalid irl just thinking of going with another card now
  • Worst 1/5

    By bri shae
    Worst app to ever use, and the card itself... just a waste of time 🤬
  • No complaints 4/5

    By melawson77
    Really have no complaints, yet.. maybe none to come but I haven’t been using the app that long so as to 4 stars now.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Michickaela
    I really wish people would stop giving me gift cards that require green dot. That’s the only reason why I ever use it but both the app and the website are crap. It takes forever to load and now it won’t even recognize me and I can’t log in or anything even with my correct information. It doesn’t even think I have the right SS #. This whole system is crap.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By nekareid
    Ever since the update the Touch ID nor Face ID is working and when you contact support no one is reaching back out!!!!
  • Confused 1/5

    By Toad Boykin
    I ordered like a fool. The app refuses to use the card they gave me. They refuse to correct this issue which cuts me out of any special they run. Not worth the time for lies. Oh yea it’s not free like it says either. This is the worst card app ever. Don’t do it.
  • No pin settings 1/5

    By Vibes666
    So not only do they only offer the option to change my pin which is through the mobile app but then had the audacity to not have the option on the mobile app itself I’ve been on the phone with two different representatives and nobody could help me because the only way I can change my pin is with option on the app,which ironically is not on the app I am literally fuming right now this has caused such a big inconvenience in my life and yes I have the lastet app and I have downloaded and redownloaded on not only my phone but my wife’s phone and still no option
  • Customer service is awful 1/5

    By robert1799
    Had a situation with my transaction then person hangs up in my face while explaining it twice. Never using this card again don’t waste your time with this trash.
  • 🚫Don’t Do It!!!🛑 1/5

    By Gerronimoe
    This app is trash! I got the card for my son that lives out of town so i can send him money when he needs it. Takes 5 days for funds to transfer to green dot card after i initiate the transfer. Most of the time there’s issues when i do need to put money on the card. Have to make about 3 or more attempts before it’ll allow me to put money on the card. My advice, don’t do it to yourself try another way. If not you’ll be frustrated & dissapointed!💯
  • Not a good purchase 1/5

    By Kr LeGault
    Bought this card to be reloadable, however after them taking almost 10 dollars for their service fee, then charging me almost 5 dollars to put money on it in the first place. You are unable to reload the card! That is ridiculous! I registered the card online and was never sent a permanent card, so was unaware you had to have one. Called customer service but it’s just an automated service and you can’t talk to anyone! Never use them again!! Seems like a scam to me!!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By LovingMobile
    We saw the TV commercial and my wife and I both applied. (We had never heard of green dot before). Everything worked great and we had the app set up in like 3 minutes. The debit card (which is a very good design) arrived in a few days or so. Already earned $15 in cash back on just Uber and Door Dash alone in the first month (we rarely cook at home!). We only “chatted” with customer service one time. It wasn’t the most elegant experience in the world, but it was similar to other banks and better than most apps. My wife deposited $1000 in the savings account in the app. It pays 3% interest, which is a very high interest rate. What I like most is how fast everything works. You get notifications on all purchases and also when you earn awards. For us, there’s no monthly fee because we spend enough to qualify for using it free. For some, the $7.95 monthly fee may be too much if you don’t intend to use it very much. But the cash back and interest alone more than pays for the fee even if you don’t get it waived. So, overall, I think it’s a really good bank and have recommended it to friends.
  • Idea for extra channel of revenue 5/5

    By Ice Hockey Religion
    The app is great. The one swipe to get a quick glance of your balance is genius. I’m thinking it would be good for steady customers to have an option of getting $100 or $200 even before the paid date with a fee. Example I know there’s another few days or a week before my next deposit but need $100 now. You could zap the $100 in with agreement for a fee of $5 . Provide $95 out of the $100 so your fee is already taken out then when deposit comes in, simply deduct it before you release all the funds. This would be utilized often and you’d be earning an extra $5 with every transaction because you know people will need to utilize this function. If only 50 people use it a day that’s an extra $1750 per week which is nearly $80k to $100k per year low balling the figure, basically mailbox money. Just a thought
  • iPhone 6 trouble 3/5

    By middel class sownder
    Idk if it's me but it won't let me open the app on my iphone 6
  • I can't access the mobile app. 2/5

    By Kzunner141
    At first the app was very reliable, It worked good but now I just can't access the app, I've talked to 5-8 agents and they tell me the same the first one did: "Restart the phone" "uninstall and reinstall the app"... 8 times I've tried and Five times I fail to access
  • Not for everyone 1/5

    By Review 1337
    GreenDot definitely offers hard a pass up service but what you may be missing while considering them is all of there fee’s. GreenDot is defiantly not for someone who’s making minimum wage, GreenDot fails to make there fees noticeable, GreenDot takes 7$ when activating your first card & if you decide to quit banking with them you will lose 7$, ( they told me it’s for keeping your account active ) however many banks don’t do this so I’ve considered it a scam at this point My conclusion to this review is don’t bank with GreenDot “ bank with PayPal “ , paypal is much better and you won’t be disappointed
  • Told me to buy another card 1/5

    By benshapiroisepi
    I gave my identification and everything and they say I have to make a new account because I’m not getting a personalized card because I didn’t identify myself yet I gave them all my identification, please GreenDot explain what I did

    By koxiz
    Stay the FACK AWAY from this BULLSHAT NO monthly fee card. They lie about the card being no monthly fee because they charge a $7.10 monthly fee that they never told me and to find out my account negative. They also lie about the $50 when you sign up, complete BULLSHAT, as you have to wait one year to get the $50. Not to mention after every deposit your funds won’t be available immediately like Chime, 30-60 FACKING minutes. Liars and bad practice, if this is your game plan to build loyalty and a customer base, it’s really sad.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Ffjddjhingg
    keep the 10 bucks u scammed me out of,can’t wait to use my money I loaded the day of but have to wait 5-7 days to use my money, never again let’s just say customer service is a joke more English please .. if these company’s cared about their customers they would call them but I’ll just get the, we apologize and please email us
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Madeinkenya_
    Terrible experience, and when I called t address the problem there was nothing anyone could do . I sent money to my GreenDot card from my other card and it’s been 3 days and I still haven’t received the money . Would not recommend app🤷🏾‍♀️

    By D0M1N1C0430
    First of all I bought this card to use to buy something on amazon. I went through the grueling registration process and after I was done: I logged into my account online, then I got the app to use more banking functions. HOWEVER, the app would not let me login because it gives me a message “you need to log into to access your account”. The thing is I’ve logged in multiple times, restarted my phone, deleted and downloaded the app; all for nothing. The error continues to occur and the “agents” that I chat with give me very vague responses that do not help at all. This is by far the worst “banking” system I’ve ever encountered and I discourage anyone from ever using their services.
  • Problem to solve 1/5

    By joel inn
    I installed the app on my iPhone 11 but I can’t do nun with it
  • Mary Jo Brink 1/5

    By jojo3235
    I think they are awful! I was scammed of $1300 yesterday & have been unable to report the theft as their phone number goes to a computer with 2 options neither of which allows you to get anywhere! The web site is just as useless! Finally got to an email page & it took 3 try’s to get anything sent to them? It will be interesting to see if they respond to me??

Green Dot - Mobile Banking app comments

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