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Green Dot - Mobile Banking App

The Green Dot app is designed to help you manage any Green Dot debit card or bank account! This includes the new Green Dot Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account: Earn 3% cash back when you buy online and through apps Save up money in the Green Dot High Savings Account and earn up to 3% annual interest Free cash deposits using the app Free ATM’s Waive your monthly fee NO overdraft fees NO minimum balance requirement Easily manage any Green Dot Bank account at any time. This app allows you to… Sign up for or register a new account View balance and transaction history and see other account information Pay bills and P2P money to friends Deposit checks from your mobile phone Set up account alerts Access chat customer support Want to know more? Visit today. See the Account Agreement for fees, terms and conditions. © 2019 Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, Green Dot Corporation NMLS ID 914924. Technology Privacy Statement: Terms of Use:

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Green Dot - Mobile Banking app reviews

  • Mobile App Not Working! 3/5

    By Freshpaper
    I can login on the desktop version but not the app, the app keeps saying “That’s not the info we have in our system” but when I use these same credentials on the actual website it lets me right in smh and can’t seem to find any answers for this.
  • Terrible App or Scam 1/5

    By AcquireCapital
    I work for rideshare and food delivery services, I had been depositing my earnings in my green dot account. My balance had been at zero and when i cashed out my earnings once at around 5 dollars because i was low on gas my balance was still at zero. 2 more deposits of about 3 dollars i was only able to access 2.99 exactly. Id say this is a scam but if its not its a terribly designed app and banking system. Given that this is a mobile banking organization You'd think at least transactions would be accurate enough to let you know whats going on with your money. I called support and after 10min waiting i told the lady over the phone what was going on and she was just getting frustrated and kept asking me what my previous balance was and Id say zero. She reset me to the directory you reach when you first call. I’ve tested a lot of mobile apps for banking and finance. This is by far the worst one.. The biggest prepaid card company out there and its this bad 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • The App 3/5

    By LilMarcus2
    I’m tried to log in my account on my phone but it keep saying do it on the the website. I’m a new user
  • Don’t use green dot 1/5

    By playboiijohnnyy
    I bought a green dot card at Walgreens and I put my whole info and it didn’t even work, it’s a scam and a waste of $60 for this shit, like y’all need to do better than that
  • BEWARE!!!! 1/5

    By ernievibezzz
    I have had this service for about a month now and I wish I never signed up. First of all, I lost my debit card and reported it lost. They told me it would take 2 weeks to get my new card in the mail. So basically my money is their hostage for 2 weeks. You can’t even buy a prepaid one at Walmart and link it up. Second, their chat support which says 24/7 is a lie. I’ve been trying to get in chat for the past week and it always says unavailable or agents unavailable. Third, their customer service is the worst. Every time I call I get someone in a call center in the Philippines and they’re not knowledgeable at all. I’ve been trying to get a hold of them so they can expedite my card but no luck. You’ll also be on the phone with the automated system for a good 20 minutes before you get someone live. Once I get my debit card in the mail, I’m withdrawing all my money and closing the account. Never putting my trust in a prepaid service ever again. Stick with your normal banks like BOA, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. At least you’ll get someone here in the states to help you out.
  • Iffy about making it my permanent bank 3/5

    By ChuckDorn
    All features are great. The only downside of Green Dot is that no matter what there’s a fee a month regardless of having $1,000+ direct deposits a month. This is the only banking program that doesn’t offer a waiver of the fee with so much being direct deposited a month. That’s a BIG downside guys! Can y’all look into trying to get that an option. If so I’ll surely switch to 5 stars!
  • Very lit bank 5/5

    By Coyotecutty
    I recommend this bank if you can’t open another ! 👊🏻💪🏻
  • Help 5/5

    By ladybugtrip
    For some reason this app doesn’t load it say can not connect when you open it
  • App is broken 1/5

    By Sun-Tzu
    I have been trying to log in for weeks and unable too. The only link available is the one for registering your card but when you click it has a problem connecting and if you do connect it kicks you off and asks you to try again. As it the app is a waste of space on your phone. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it but the issue is the same, login link is there but not actually linked, and the register card link does not connect. The only way to check anything is to go to the website and not use the app. Don’t bother downloading it!!
  • Taking money? 3/5

    By patienceb999
    So i realized my money went down a couple dollars, after i ordered dominos twice, one of the prices was right on dominos app and the greendot app but it said I spent 22.93 on a dominos order but once i went to the dominos app it said i paid 20.93? I remember it being 20.93 so of course i went back and checked and now im confused as why it went up 2 dollars???
  • Unsatisfied customer 1/5

    By Dee81davis54
    I signed up for this card to have my pay checks deposited on this green dot card. 2/8/2020 my card had fraudulent activity going on. And $39 was stolen from me. I called the customer service to have those charges disputed. Well 2/18/2020 they emailed me and basically told me I wasn’t getting my money back!! I THINK THIS IS SO MESSED UP THAT MY MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM ME! THERE WERE CASH APP TRANSACTIONS THAT WASNT BEING SENT BY ME! AND NOT IN MY CASH APP ACTIVITY! GREEN DOT IS A RIP-OFF! I WORK TO HARD JUST TO HAVE MY MONEY STOLEN AND THEY BASICALLY TELL ME TO DEAL WITH IT. VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!! AND SOON AS MY PAY CHECK COMES FRIDAY, I WILL CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT AND ADVISE OTHERS NOT TO DEAL WITH GREEN DOT. Never again!!!!!

    By King ParkAve
    Such a fraud! Whoever heard of a bank that does not let you speak with a live person? This entire company is a fraud! I purchased a load &Go card to make a purchase over 3 weeks ago and due to the fact that Green Dot doesn’t have any real contact information the merchant has yet be able provide a refund. I have called and been to every link that Green Dot offers and to no avail no refund. THE Absolute WORST EVER! Dad not waste your time with a such a fraud! The merchant is giving me only a 5 more days to get Green Dot’s email or fax number to issue my refund. Of course ion help from GREEN DOT!
  • Happy so far 3/5

    By dksmith2324
    This is more of a question than a review and would appreciate a response in return please an thank you! I'm trying to cut back on how much mail I receive. Junk mail will never stop, neither do bills or "Bank statements". So here is my question Is there a way to receive paperless statements and whatever else that can be sent paperless instead of mailing it??
  • Rip off 1/5

    By valnospri
    I try to activate this card I got in 2017. Put money on it never got my money back WTH this is a big rip off If someone doesn’t activate the card right away you are rip off Right? or how do I get my money back? I am trying to get my life back together and this was my money I put on this card No empathy for people when the unknown happens How do I go about getting my money back it won’t even recognize my card
  • This is a worthless bank 1/5

    By Qson82
    I just do not understand why or how a financial institution cannot cancel an unauthorized payment in its pending stages and even when the company who was taking a payment said it was an unauthorized payment I said on hold for over 30 minutes just to be told this crap I’ll surely be looking for another bank soon thanks GreenDot for nothing

    By 11DGP
    Just don’t get the prepaid visas you see at convenience stores. The bank makes you create a whole account for a prepaid visa, and you can’t transfer funds until you have the “personal” card they mail to you. Also customer service is absolute CRAP!! I’ve been talked fo like I was a 9 year old. A worker replied with something vague and ended the chat. Only 1 person was helpful out of the 16 i spoke to.
  • What the heck 1/5

    By kaysimone220
    I can’t log into my account I have to go online fix this please
  • Bill pay is gone 1/5

    By BillyBama
    If bill pay doesn’t return very soon I’ll be taking my business elsewhere, to bad to I’ve been yawing green dot for 3-4 years now
  • I hate you green dot 1/5

    By Coca9909
    Don’t ever use green dot it wants your Social Security numbers
  • Green dot it’s self is ok, the app isn’t very good 3/5

    By Brooke763423
    The app worked for a couple days but now it won’t work at all. It won’t connect. Just sits and loads and eventually says it couldn’t connect and asking to try again. It’s a continuous loop. I’ve tried restarting my phone and deleting and reinstalling the app but it just won’t load.
  • Scam company 1/5

    By App dad 80
    They slowly take your money and provide no customer support. How do we allow companies like this to stay in business?
  • Great App GreenDot! 5/5

    By Shiz pop
    Great app. Works well. Able to send money and pay bills online for free! Thank you GreenDot!! Also offers a chipped card if you qualify for added protection! Thank you! I Love Secure Momey And The Quick App!
  • Visa debit 1/5

    By crickpot
    This is horrible. I have tried to register 5 times and no luck at all. This was a birthday gift from my brother and I will never recommend it to anyone. I got ZERO service and my social security is nobody’s business and I NEVER got a person and it could NEVER verify me. I would rathe my brother gave me the cash as this is the worst card I ever had in my life. You can’t even chat because it doesn’t let you finish before it just hangs up. Thumbs down from me and a minus 5. Literally hate it. I know not everyone has the same nickname so that is also bs I do not want a reload able card I gave it back to my brother and he can deal with it. I will NEVER give out my social security number to anyone and I don’t care what the federal government says.
  • Ten dollars monthly fee!! 1/5

    By Babybump18
    I’m not paying ten dollars a month and four dollars every time I add money to this card!
  • Functional but mostly useless. 1/5

    By Lag.
    Only good thing about this bank is that you get paid early which is a good bonus to have with this bank. Problems start with customer service when speaking with them regarding withdrawals via bank tellers they will tell you the exact same thing and say try again. I attempted to make a withdrawal from a bank teller at a financial institution where YOU HAVE TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY to do so. All said and done I was denied tellers couldn’t give a reason why. I spoke to support and they said that their system flagged it as suspicious. I tell them I’m at a bank where I verify my identity so how is that suspicious. They come up with the usual “they’ll submit a ticket to resolve this and it would take an hour.” One hour later, I go to a different bank and go through the same procedure as the previous bank. Guess what? Same thing. I speak to support and they, ONCE AGAIN tell me the SAME THING. Have to wait for them to submit a ticket and try again. I went through 5 different banks and they all denied me and I spoke to 5 DIFFERENT support reps and they said THE SAME EXACT THING, word for word. With Apple Pay I have the same issue with support. On my end Apple needs me to call my bank and have them send me some sort of code. So I follow those instructions, simple right? Nope, I spend countless hours on the phone trying to get my Apple Pay set up which support tells me they send me an email link or text message, I didn’t get either one and I called them every day for a week just to make sure that I’m doing everything on my end right. Still haven’t gotten a response from them. From there on Green Dot is pretty much useless and support is just not living up to its name. Even when they leave you on hold for an extended amount of time just to find some piece of useful information that would be rendered moot. Transferring money from your Green Dot bank Account should be easy right? But they don’t even support it! You can send money to your Green Dot bank account but not from it. What sense does that make?! Only way to do is by that text link you send them which can only be used by either A, another Green Dot Bank account(Don’t know why they’d use it in the first place) or B, Walmart prepaid/refillable debit card. You can’t use your own card with a different bank.
  • Great app 5/5

    By munekaqueenofhearts
    Great app easy to use the only thing that the ending numbers of my card dnt match the ones that show on there
  • Is the grass really Greener? 3/5

    By BeverlyJames
    I am beyond frustrated my guy I sat here for over 40 minutes trying countless times to sign into the green dot app it just keeps telling me “YoU hAvE tO sIgN iN oNlInE aT gReEn DoT.cOm” which I did (on several occasions) just fine but when I return to the app guess what the response is when you even attempt to sign back into the app again..😞😒 at this point I’m just hysterical about the whole situation and I’d really like a response because you know my money is totally on a card I can’t use once again which is the whole reason I wanted to rely on green dot in the first place so I didn’t have to go through this exact thing if there’s anything you can do to help developers or team of experts who help troubled users like myself I would appreciate it greatly if you could take some time to throw some help to real ☝️ one right quick.. you know I had to make you laugh a bit with this anyway have a great day/night/afternoon hope to hear from you soon..
  • Bad company 1/5

    By Mariia Garciia
    I bought 2 cards $100 each that aren’t readable so I asked them for a refund and every time they would say they would give me my money back but they don’t. It’s been almost 4 months and I have gotten my money back. I do not recommend this company.
  • Wouldn’t Recommend 1/5

    By Jai.11992
    Recently there was a transaction on my card that I did not authorize through PayPal, I called to report it and was told that I would have to have my card blocked and wait 7-10 business days for a new card and also wait for green dot to investigate to receive my funds back. I then received an email that I was unable to receive my funds and I also got charged a $5.00 fee for having to get a new card. I felt that was very unfair to lose out on money and get charged for a card that I did not lose or damage the card was in my position the whole time which I don’t understand how it was charged on PayPal, however, why charge me for a new card that fee should have been waived. I ended up losing out on $55.00 in total. Companies these days do not understand the definition of good customer service or basic common sense, why charge a fee for a card that was not lost or damaged. Good customer service is not charging the customer more money after they have already lost out. Going further I will definitely be opting out of using Green Dot and try another company to use with more common sense customer service.
  • Green dot app 1/5

    By 30shanni
    Wouldn’t let me login it told me access online but online let me log in perfectly
  • Customer service is bullsh** 1/5

    By Kimmi_robin91
    I ordered a replacement card on 1/17, was told I would receive it 1/30 and did not. Had not problem getting in touch with agents on the live chat until 1/30 when all of the sudden the chat was closed. Tried calling the phone number and waited for someone to answer for an hour and no one did!! Still don’t have my card and can’t access MY money.
  • Love this card 5/5

    By Baby01charlie
    I give green dot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️because it does exactly what they say. I lost my card and since my direct deposit goes on this card now I was worried it’d take to long to get a new card but my new card came in 2 days. And I get cash back after a year which I wish they’d knock that down to 6 months it’d help so much better. But overall I love this card and will be sticking with it
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Romeo1881
    I waited on hold for an hour and 10 mins and still no one answered.. I closed my account over 2 months ago and they’re still charging me for monthly service fee..
  • Needs a lot of boatload improvements. 2/5

    By Godsonn75
    Two stars because you do get your money sooner. Used to be a pretty cool card but.. Horrible customer service!!! Can hardly understand the representatives, they place you on hold come back and without saying a word place you on hold again, and then come back and say “hello? Hello?” And then hang up. It took three calls three different times in the course of a month (in which I had to repeatedly go through a bunch of prompts to even get to a live representative) to tell me that I couldn’t use the MasterCard with Apple Pay that I had to use visa.. cool but then the go on to say that they couldn’t send me one but I had to go to the store to buy one and have it activated. Too many shenanigans for me.. could go on but I’ll stop. I’m researching other prepaid accounts so that I can drop this one in the shredder. P.S. pay attention to the ratings and reviews !!! Don’t be fooled by the reply to the reviews as if they really care about you and your money as opposed to their reputation. 😡! Get it together GreenDot.
  • Worst Prepaids Yet 1/5

    By Skyler SJM
    This is the worst prepaid card I’ve had yet, activated it and instead of being able to use it online instantly I have to send in my ID and wait 2 - 3 business day’s a week and a half later no updates and still can’t use it. Tried to login to my account on my phone and now it says I have to sign in before I can sign in, is it seriously that hard to keep an app working so we can access our money? Along with the login on the website for computers not working as it is an imagine for the login button. Plus all the hidden fees this debut card is a joke and a scam don’t get it.
  • Very Frusterating! 2/5

    By MrsCoolOut
    I purchased the card and tried to buy something online, but I could not, even though it clearly said I had money inside the card! I have gotten no support from an actual human just pre-recorded audios, which does not help at all!
  • me robaron 1/5

    By alexescamilla1989
    super mal servicio me robaron dinero
  • DUE NOT USE 1/5

    By Thewildfoxcat
    There is no way to transfer money back to your other bank account electronically. You are forced to use their debit card. Terrible customer service. Slow electronic transfers into the account. Avoid at all costs.
  • Can’t cancel card 1/5

    By k100205
    The app won’t let me login it constantly says login to the website so I do there’s nothing to cancel the card their and on the website it says cal to cancel the card so I call and I doesn’t have anything about canceling the card
  • Engaño total 1/5

    By Jhunior1980
    Pues para que te dan cash back si te cobrarán todos los meses casi lo mismo q vas acumulando. Es un engaño total, yo no la usaré más, puro engaño!!!!
  • Awful!! 1/5

    By ksdedwhehrbr
    I was given a $100 pre-paid Visa as a gift. The person who purchased it paid $7 to activate. When I went to use it, it was declined so I went back to the instructions and they said I needed to register it. I tried calling the number on the brochure and the back of the card but could never speak to a live person. It kept prompting me to enter my phone number which I finally did. They then sent me a link to Green Dot which I assumed was to register the card. I had to enter my personal information including my DOB and SS # which I thought was odd. Wished I had just cut my losses because what it ended up doing was not registering my PRE PAID $100 Visa but rather setting up an account in which they will send me a debit card. Not what I need or want!! At this point, I just want to cancel the debit card and cut up the card that I was gifted. What a scam!!! If I could rank this a 0 star, I would.
  • It’s a good card!!! 5/5

    By SexieSnoop
    They can be a pain in the a••, but been having it over 2yrs!! N’ I can’t no longer complain!
  • App won’t open after resent update 4/5

    By King407sr15
    I don’t know who needs to see this but the app will not open after resent update please fix
  • Terrible !! 1/5

    By bSummers3799
    This is the worst place, I would not recommend to anyone..
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By Rodrdanielle
    Horrible company, annoying app that makes you jump through hoops to use a gift. Save you relatives the headache and buy an amazon gift card.
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By Bence27
    They charge a 7.95 monthly fee unless you have a certain amount. We got this as a honeymoon gift and $20 charged to it. As soon as we activated they took the 7.95 out. Just use your bank account.
  • Frustrating 🤬😤 1/5

    By freedome T
    Open 123 NOT , checking monitor? Alphanumeric etc⁉️😣😖🤯😡 wont looking ALL RED❓🤪
  • Update 4.25.0 1/5

    By Cooltechrc2
    Just updated to the latest 4.25.0 now the App keeps crashing can’t get pass the Green Dot splash screen and the App shuts down
  • Misleading, False Claims 1/5

    By Zanesworld1
    As an Official Tech and Finance Evaluator for a local News Station, I was amazed to hear an advertisement from Green Dot ‘Bank’ featuring a free, on-line checking account with no hidden fees and an unlimited 3% cash back on all purchases. (As a consumer-this sounded irresistible; as an evaluator- too good to be true). Attempting to link my PNC, Chase, and Chime accounts to GD, I was immediately informed from all three that GD is not a bank. When I confronted GD support with this, they insisted they are a bank. They are not. This false claim is enough for a zero of five stars, so the $8.00 a month fee (unless you have $1000 or more in transactions) for this ‘free’ account came as no big surprise. Conclusion: ~ GD is NOT a bank. ~GD accounts have hidden fees. ~Loading a GD PrePaid Card is not free. ~GD is not accepted from every merchant. Case Closed RTs34661-89(WSRF)

Green Dot - Mobile Banking app comments

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