Greyhound: Cheap Bus Tickets

Greyhound: Cheap Bus Tickets

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Greyhound: Cheap Bus Tickets App

With the Greyhound app, everything about your trip is at your fingertips. It is your personal ticket kiosk – in the palm of your hand. • All access homepage - Access upcoming trips, book a new trip, find travel inspiration, station location information, and track your bus directly from the home screen. • E-Tickets - The future of bus travel is here! We're making bus travel faster and easier than ever before by offering E-Tickets. Now when you buy your bus ticket from the mobile app or on you can choose to have a paperless E-Ticket delivered right to your smartphone – no waiting in lines, no waiting for an email ticket. Spend less time at the bus station and more time enjoying your trip! • Check-In - Check-In for any trip that is E-Ticket eligible from the Home screen or Trip details. Check-In begins two hours prior to your scheduled departure time. We’ll send you a message on your Home screen to remind you it’s time to check-in. • Personalized updates - With our new design, you will get everything you need for your day of travel on the app home screen. Personalized messages will let you know when it’s time to check-in for your trip, count down until it’s time to depart, and even allow you to access your E-Ticket. • Road Rewards Members - Sign-in to your Road Rewards account, and you’ll have easy access to all your trips and tickets in one new convenient place called Trips. You’ll see all of your upcoming trips and have access to your travel details. If you are not a Road Rewards member, sign up now. It's free! • Trip details - You’ll see all your upcoming trip details and get notifications on when you can check-in for your E-Ticket. You can also easily find station location information and contact details, driving directions, or track your bus. For details on what personal data we collect and for what purpose, including location awareness and interest-based advertising, your privacy rights and how to exercise them, visit

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Greyhound: Cheap Bus Tickets app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By sifat11
    Great Service
  • Web Site Experience 5/5

    By ArtnLiza
    Great site. Easy step by step directions to book trip. Great price fares. Would recommend this site to anyone. Thank you for a great experience. I greatly appreciate it.
  • Every Time bus stuck on road 1/5

    By vinit bura
    Poorest services I have ever seen and most of time buses stuck on road and stop working.
  • Very dangerous…. 1/5

    By Sosu88800543
    Never, Never, Never take tickets from this horrible company. We came with Miami to the bus station in Atlanta, very dirty, a lot of homeless people, no security.! 2 black guys started to fight, one pulled out a gun and created a panic at the bus station. horror, not safe, dirty.
  • Late and irresponsible driver 1/5

    By md k hasan
    Such an irresponsible and late service…
  • Awful 1/5

    By Ace Aria
    The worst service you could ever have. Overpriced and non-refundable. Don’t waste your money here.
  • Super easy!! 5/5

    By Garylikeit
    It’s super easy, economic, fast and secure!! Perfect!
  • The employees at Tallahassee Florida is rude and disrespectful 1/5

    By unprofessionalismisthemotto
    He as me why I have so many bags when I was not talking to him standing outside the bus station as soon as we exited the coach.
  • Trash 1/5

    This the worst bus line ever Spirit on wheels lol
  • App 5/5

    By choice Ed
    Very easy to use better than greyhound.Com
  • How I Lost Big 1/5

    By BluBahssTonez
    Didn’t get me to destination.Wouldn’t reimburse me.TOTAL RIP OFF!!Do Not trust this Company!!..,
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Jessicaangel
    I can't log in to the app even though my login and password is correct
  • Been very helpful 5/5

    By Emakuta
    I travel Greyhound often as I’m a student and it’s affordable for short trips one state over. The app has been a quick, convenient and reliable way too book rides. One complaint is that it never remembers my card number even when I tell it too but that’s not enough to even warrant a star off. Great app.
  • Connection appears to be offline 1/5

    By Edward Sanders
    When my phone is clearly connected to the internet, the app won’t let me log in. It will tell me I’m not connected to the internet when I was able to search for tickets a second ago.
  • Refund 5/5

    By presley832
    Greyhound owes me money on a ticket and I haven’t hard anything
  • Always Great timing for me🙏🏽 5/5

    By ms gist
    Always Great timing for me 🙏🏽
  • Bad Bus Service. 1/5

    By Donald Miller Jr.
    Overall bad experience while traveling with a greyhound from Columbus, Ohio, and through the New York City Port Authority. Poor communication with customers, lack of respect for people's time and money, and major delays and cancellations with the Greyhound Transportation system. I would not recommend taking greyhound, especially if you’re coming from a distance. - Donald Miller Jr.
  • it says no internet connection 1/5

    By SIM KAN
    cant log in

    By BubbaTang
    I haven’t taken a greyhound in years decided let me try them out now to see if things change and boy did they!!! The train I have to catch to get to the station isn’t running due to malfunction I explained that to greyhound AFTER PAYING $56 for a ticket they STILL want me to pay more money for a problem that’s out of my control! Amtrak would NEVER treat their customers like this then it’s non refundable that’s ridiculous!!! Amtrak allow refunds on all tickets smh NEVER again will I take a greyhound
  • Change in reservation 4/5

    By jmartin50
    Couldn’t figure out how to change a reservation. It said any change would be a $20 charge, which I was fine with, but couldn’t find how to change a reservation. Ended up making a new one.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By JoseFideGL
    Excelente app, muy intuitiva
  • Bruce Babics 5/5

    By Harley551
    Was very easy to get my son a ticket home to me and so far so great thank you for being very easy to do when we all attempt such need of it than you and God bless
  • The worst bus company 1/5

    By maddest.mastiff
    Canceled bus last minute. No timely communication. Unprofessional outsourced customer service. Zero accountability when their bus is canceled or delayed. Use it at your own risk.
  • Easy Booking 5/5

    By Vic's Sister
    Easily booked, stress free, and affordable.
  • Not impressed so far but app works good 5/5

    By broncoface13
    Trying to book online via computer is a joke and even worse if you try calling customer service. They charge you an extra $20 to book a trip over the phone!! So far this will be my second trip with greyhound and so far not impressed. My first trip I was never sent my E-Ticket and called customer service and was told if I did not receive it I had to print the ticket but my printer doesn’t work thankfully I went to bus station and they were able to help me. Then bus was late an hour and then had to wait an additional hour because the driver was sick and had to wait for an alternate driver. Really hope this trip is better but I can say the app works great.
  • Greyhound is BAD. AVOID AT ALL COSTS 1/5

    By Salman the gr8
    Bad company, bad employees, bad drivers, bad app and bad riders too!
  • Crashing. Every time I open it 1/5

    By brandonetaylor
    I can’t get past the logo screen. It crashes every time I open the app! GREAT! I have a bus trip to NYC next week!
  • Customer 5/5

    By hasansmith
    I would have rather had talk to someone over the phone then to have gone through an online app
  • Autocomplete 5/5

    By chris chrsi
    Add it please
  • Owner 5/5

    By Gayle Loe
    Easy to use
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy 5/5

    By joceygirl101102
    Site is very easy to use and able to navigate through it with no complications.
  • Login error 1/5

    By 10987654321.?!?
    Always says I can’t login because there is no internet connection. Everything else on my phone works just fine
  • The worst transportation service ever! 1/5

    By Light91light
    My trip was at 6am, boarding at 5:40am. Boarding did not start, no one at reception desk, and the woman in the office is hardly responding. 6am, and nothing, no information about the trip, is it canceled?! Delayed!? Nothing, As if people can wait them forever It is 7:15 and no bus came, neither we got a clear, official explanation from the station. I had other commitments in the destination, and I cannot arrive late, so i head to Amtrak, booked a ticket and departed at time! The station is a mess, the staffing service is not pleasant! I asked for a refund and it was rejected -_- I won’t ever book with them again, neither advise anyone else to waste their precious time and money on Grayhond
  • Can’t change address in app 2/5

    By Maven802
    Tried to book tickets. It has my old address. It prompts me to change the address if it’s inaccurate but I can’t see any way to do that in the app. After reading other reviews it seems the website might be a better bet. I’ve used Greyhound for years and had many good experiences, though they often run at least somewhat late. Layover times provide some buffer on long trips to “catch up time” if a bus runs late, but it is not a timely way to travel, especially long distance and sometimes short distance. I think the monopoly Greyhound has and a lack of regulatory oversight are big problems. Poor customer service is due to poor management and understaffing. I know two people who worked at Greyhound (a driver and a counter clerk). The crap they dealt with from management was unreal. We need a bus riders union in order to push for better bus service! And collaborate with the drivers’ union!
  • Broke down 1/5

    By Abie Baby Hollon
    I rode a greyhound home from dads and we left a little late from 11:45 to 12:00. On our way I was thankful I got a good seat. But 20 minutes later we pulled into a citgo and the engine shut off. The driver announced the bus was over heating and we had to wait 30 minutes before we were off again. 20 minutes later down the road on us 19 the bus driver pulled over and the driver announced it was over heating. It is now 3:25 pm and I am overhead as well as the women and children on the bus. I called Pizza Hut and they said they couldn't deliver to a broken down bus, but the bus is running. 4pm 4-7-2022
  • Drivers 5/5

    By slimX1
    Great customer service
  • It’s a good app 5/5

    By vlad69er
    Very direct and to the point with no fuss 10/10
  • Can’t login 3/5

    By kbaby_
    I have used the Greyhound app for years now and I love it! I can get great deals on tickets even if it’s last minute, I recently however have re-downloaded it and for some reason it will not let me login. I can use every single other function of the app perfectly fine but every time I try login it says, “the Internet connection appears to be off-line”, which is untrue because everything else on the app and other apps on my phone work perfectly fine. Please fix this, I would love to earn my rewards because I travel often with Greyhound.
  • Trip 5/5

    By The lady Lee
    Had a pleasant experience
  • Lowest Prices to travel in Midwest 5/5

    By theHub MacBook Air
    I make a 24 trip to Chicago for work. Greyhound is the most economical as compared to Amtrak, Car rentals, and driving.
  • App won’t allow me to log in 1/5

    By Tez1094
    The app won’t allow me to log into the app. Every time I enter my credentials, it say “The internet connection appears off” and that’s whether I am on WiFi or cellular data. Until this is fix, I can’t rate this app any higher.
  • Horrible Syracuse company. 1/5

    By bellllllboooo
    I can’t even give this place a one star they deserve 0. I paid over $100 dollars for a ride from NYC to Buffalo, the man checking tickets in NYC asked for my ticket and I told him I didn’t know how to get to the barcode, he understood and asked me for my last name and let me get on the bus. When the bus arrived to Syracuse, which is 2 hours away from buffalo we switched drivers and the new driver was completely rude I don’t know his name I just know he’s short African American with big eyes. He was being rude to everyone on the bus and came around checking tickets I didn’t explained to him exactly what I explained to the one in NYC I don’t know how to get to the barcode and he looked at me upset saying “ you’ve been on the bus for this long and don’t know how to get to the barcode?” In a tone that was rude so I said to him “ you’re the bus driver you should know where the barcode is can you help me find it “ he said Walks away from me saying I won’t be riding with him with my attitude. He comes back on the bus with security telling me to get off the bus and I refused. I was sitting on that bus for hours paid money for the ride. He called the cops and when before they even got there I felt bad for holding the bus up but I also was about to be thrown off the bus so I got off and asked the workers in the Syracuse building if anyone was going to get me another ride to buffalo and they all looked at me in silence as if they couldn’t help me. I ended up getting left in Syracuse with no transportation to buffalo. I will never ride greyhound again and I hope karma eats everyone of you up.
  • Greyhound 1/5

    By Dog Oreo King
    The app is a great idea but it doesn’t work outside of the the greyhound Wi-Fi and if you for get your login Info you have to call them to get it back…I try to take greyhound every two months and now o just go by my ticket as guest without my login.
  • Not taken to my destination 1/5

    By Whiskey India November
    Dropped off at a point of transfer and told they were late and missed the transfer. Had to take a taxi to complete the journey. Greyhound breach of contract. Never taking them again also recommend nobody else use their services either. Customer service will not refund ticket either.
  • Slow and Buggy 1/5

    By ImAlreadyZoinked
    The app only has a few things the website does not but with slower loading times and more errors. It’s *almost* useless.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By Masketta
    Will refuse to refund even if trips are cancelled for circumstances out of both you and Greyhound’s control
  • E-ticket 1/5

    By Relo5
    I can’t find E-ticket to show the bus driver and had hard time dealing with it. The driver didn’t care about my ID or my confirmation number
  • Malos tratos 1/5

    By La titi0212
    Tratan mal a las personas les responden con actitud y a mi y a otra persona mas al menos yo tengo problemas de depresion y el chofer nos dejo en el estado que no estabamos por que disque no teniamos mascarilla y si la teniamos,solo faltaban 2 hrs de viaje y uno de sus compañeros mientras sacaba mi equipaje se burlaba de mi se me reia en la cara cuando le dije por favor
  • Stupids 1/5

    By instrucciones de uso
    Stupid greyhound