Greyhound (US)

Greyhound (US)

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  • Current Version: 5.2.901
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Firstgroup America Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Greyhound (US) App

The Greyhound mobile app is here. Put the booking experience in the palm of your hand with all the features of the website including searching schedules, booking a trip, accessing Road Rewards, saving with our discounts, finding your terminal location and more. Users can only book trips originating in the continental United States on the app.


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Greyhound (US) app reviews

  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Dsalguedo
    Too irresponsible they never meet the scheduled they are always delaying for two or more hours and Customer service never solved anything
  • function does not even show... 1/5

    By adobeenut is impossible to plan a multi leg journey with this app...just use Wanderu. When I try to go from Bangor Maine to Washington DC, this stupid app tries to make me book Maine to Boston, Boston to New York, New York to DC...when it works. Wanderu will let you put in an origin and a destination, and it will figure out the connections and sort by departures times and price...don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    By Big Merf
    Why do you have an app that advertises real time updates if you aren’t going to update it. Bus stations are hell on earth and the employees are less helpful than the bums that hang around the doors asking for money. I had no choice but to take Greyhound and will walk next time.
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Grannyme2
    I scheduled a trip to Northern California from Tallahasse, Florida for May 4, 2018. My sister is having major surgery and I planned to travel to assist her through the process... on May 4, 2018 I boarded the bus. Everything seemed fine with the exception of the overpowering smell, coming from the bathroom facility.. Prior to Houston Texas, the bus broke down on the highway, the personnel, instead of calling another bus and transferring us, made us sit and wait for 4 hours, while the bus was being repaired. I might add, the bus was filled with elderly folks, including myself ( I use catheters) who soon became anxious.. including folks with crying children. The bathroom facility was so bacteria filled,I could not take the chance of using it. The bus was eventually repaired after 4 hours, and we were back on the road. Upon arrival and unbeknownst to us, the clerks, because we had missed our connecting bus, took it upon themselves to change our boarding passes to May 6, 2017 and advice us to make our own arrangements as to where to spend the night. Since we were all unfamiliar to our environment, we had no idea as to what to do.. the clerk said “just go sleep on the benches” interesting a couple ahead of us, were given vouchers for a room and food! How did they do that? We were not offered anything! May 7, 2018- the following morning we traveled to LA. Shortly after departure this bus broke down, before entering the ramp to the freeway!!.We again waited an hour, for resolution . Shortly a new bus arrived, the bus driver, at this point, rude and obnoxious, started with “ okay, take your luggage from under the bus, and out into new bus”which we all very obediently trip was to end in Colfax California, but because of all the mishaps, this connecting bus to Colfax left without us..Now we are stuck in Sacramento CA and again being forced to spend another night in the bus station on the cold metal benches..I called my sister, who is ill, I am frustrated and upset, by this time. She volunteered to drive to Sacramento, despite her adversities. She did not want me to spend another cold night in the Station. I left the Sacramento Station with a heavy heart, because many elderly folks, folks with children had their no other choice, but to spend the night in the Station for the night.. I have always admired your ads saying “ride with us, in our air conditioned bus, easy ride, etc.. what a disappointment! I thought your patrons and their well-being was your priority, apparently NOT! And your buses, because of potential suits against you, shouldn’t they be inspected and in top shape? I am very disappointed, and never will I put myself Into this situation again. How many other folks have gone through this and too afraid to say anything? Especially the elderly! since I choose to call my sister to drive over an hour, to pick me up rather then to spend another another night in the bus station, and have to deal with clerks, with a “could care less attitude and thoughtlessness to your passengers. I believe we as your paying patrons, should be compensated for your disorganize methods, bad PR, insensitive personnel, responsibility to your paying patrons.. at this point, I will tell everyone that this is the worse way to travel...
  • Priority Check-In a Sham 1/5

    By Jeamnitzer
    We spent more for priority check-in only to fall in line with the rest of the passengers. I mean, not to feel above everyone else. We just wanted to get good seats on the bus! The receptionist told me the operator will call for us, but we ended up queuing on the same corner.
  • Can’t even check my own trip 2/5

    By Lauren.Childress
    I put in the confirmation number, and my last name, and it says that search trip filled, do you to either my last name being incorrect, or my confirmation number being incorrect. I know my own for last name for god sake‘s, and I know with the confirmation number is because I have a copy of the eTicket in front of me. What’s going to be done to fix this?
  • Fix please 1/5

    By alex_saldana15
    When I try sell ticket the app stop.Please fix the app...
  • Twice in a row! 1/5

    By ArtChefing
    I guess that company is never on time..two times i took the bus from port authority to Atlantic City and both times i was for more than an hour standing, waiting in line for the bus to come!! This is becoming something like a habit..
  • Useless 1/5

    By Karingr
    The app and the website are non-functional. Just infinite loading when trying to "retrieve trip" for a simple e-ticket. Left me scrambling around the airport to find a printing service so I could catch my bus. It's 2018 people! The actual bus claims wifi on board, but is is also non-functional. Basic texting is about all, no apps work, i couldn't even open my itinerary pdf in an email attachment. The ride itself got me to my destination, so the bare minimum is met at least.
  • No Driver!? 1/5

    By Gabe.Pcr
    Worst experience ever. I do have some type of expectation for arriving to my destination and I also have some type of assurance that they have back up buses or drivers (just saying). I’m not from around Ohio but I was left stranded by Greyhound bus. I was supposed to leave at 7:30 AM the announcement said there is no driver next bus is 10:30 AM. (no empathy) What kind of services is this? With all the experience Greyhound has, you would think Greyhound would have experience, they should already anticipate this type of hiccups... well for me it’s not a hiccup... I am tired and I’m in a strange place surrounded by strangers. P.S. my schedule is (I say is because I am still stranded) GLI1537 Philadelphia to Kentucky... Awful I tell ya, just awful (in my Donald Trump voice)
  • Impossible to buy tickets 1/5

    By SugariestShorty
    I tried to order tickets, but the Greyhound app doesn't acknowledge that Oregon is a state in its drop down menu when you input your address and won't let me type in my state. So I can't enter a valid address. Without entering a valid address, you can't order tickets. Get it together greyhound, you're going to lose a lot of money.
  • Scammers R Us 1/5

    By JennKelly711
    Freaking worse than Trump University. Want to add a 40% surcharge when you purchase a ticket for your young adult child.. I see parents aren’t the only ones being scammed. Be careful of their bus stations. They’re all full of druggies and newly released prisoners. You don’t have to believe me. Look for yourself on Google or YouTube.
  • Sorry 1/5

    By RayBubba7
    The server won’t let me download the game waiting long time
  • Greyhound 4/5

    By D. Hill
    The Greyhound is a simple yet well designed transit application that allows users to easily look up travel information whether it be bus locations, schedules, bus tracking, prices or just wanting to manage your account to view your road rewards, travel history or something else. The app is easy to navigate as well as to receive information with a simple input of data bringing up results. I found the bus location category to be a bit confusing as queries to see what bus stops are nearby to my location brought information not exactly detailing if a stop is nearby or not. Besides that I found everything else to be easy to understand.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Baghhsh
    I spent 25 hours in a bus ride that should have taken around 4 hours, I ended up taking a Uber home because I was restless and we were not moving. Approximately 3 hours into my trip the bus stopped moving then for approximately 18 hours we had no rest stop and I went without food or water. When we finally started moving again we stopped for food and water where the bus got stuck in a snow bank, we waited approximately 5 hours for another bus to come but by this time I was restless, and I had a lot to get done that day so I ended up taking a cab home. The cab cost approximately the same amount as my bus ticket so I called to get a refund. One week later, after about six phone call and speaking to approximately 14 employees I still haven’t received a refund, and I’m still being rerouted to other employees. Please save your self the time a struggle and use another bus service.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Uxcoder
    The app could not find any bus stops in New York City. This is a piece of shoddy work and should never have been released without adequate testing.
  • How? 1/5

    By Otawo
    Ok so I’m currently traveling to a new job, and I’m not happy with this app. Let me explain. I purchased my tickets for this trip from my local Greyhound bus station, which is evidently not a Greyhound station but actually a Trailways station. So I’m not able to pull up any information about my trip using my name and confirmation number. Then I tried using the Track option to get the same information, and it doesn’t load. I’m able to use the website Track with no problem at all, but the app doesn’t even load properly. How did this app get onto the App Store? The Android version at least can use the Track option, because that’s how my fiancée is tracking my progress. The iOS version though is utterly worthless. An app is actually just a website that is SUPPOSED to be optimized for the mobile platform it is running on, and Apple is supposed to be checking out apps before they go live. How did this garbage get out?
  • No Apple Pay !! 1/5

    By Vascaino1979
    This would be so much easier with Apple Pay!!
  • Couldn't book ticket 1/5

    By ckern82
    There is no option for Oregon on the booking page so I couldn't enter my billing info. I've seen reviews from a month ago that state this same problem. Get it together. The only reason I downloaded the app was because the people at the customer service center were deeply incompetent. It appears that the whole company may be.
  • Worst employment structure 1/5

    By HarRev
    I worked here 2 months and for no reason I was fired. They promised me to keep for 10 months at least. And then comes the famous saying "Budget Cutoff". Cheap and worst employer management. Won't respect the minimum employer requirements
  • No point if you live in Oregon 1/5

    By Ktrosels
    I am able to search all the states that I’m traveling to and from, but when you get to billing, the state of Oregon is not an option so I am unable to complete my purchase. After calling customer service for help with this issue, I had to question my sanity. The woman on the other line insisted I was wrong and offered to book me for a $12 fee. After repeating myself multiple times I eventually hung up. I’ll be sending my complaint through their site after completing this review.
  • Doesn’t process payment 2/5

    By michelletheboss
    This app never works for me. I purchase tickets for my son to come home. I always have to go online and purchase. It is frustrating and an incredible waste of time.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Lrjv
    This app looks promising but it crashes every time I try to make payment and confirm a booking.
  • How are you not gonna have oregon in your billing 1/5

    By Meerrrreee
    Called the company after seeing no oregon on their billing page(ios). They said sure we can book over the phone. They then tried to charge me 15 dollars more for booking over phone. Its their app that has an issue. They refused to waive the fee. So I went home and book on computer. I show up to get on bus. Then the bus i booked was running 2 hours late. I understand when this happens, but took my phone number and email, didnt send me any warning of late bus. Then come to find out my transfer bus left before i get to my destination. Was never informed this would happen. Next available bus was 16 hours out. Had to rent a hotel and stay an evening. I return to station to board next bus, and its running two hours late. Again no phone call no email. So total trip distance was two hour drive. Ended up spending more than 20 hours waiting with zero compensation. No warning i would be waiting on late buses. And nothing but hostile attendants. That of course see me as the bad guy.
  • Where's Oregon???????? 3/5

    By bloodshoteye
    When you go and enter a credit card, and enter the billing address, there is no Oregon in the state list! There's Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By DC Mark
    App crashes constantly rendering it worthless. E-tickets are only viewable within 2 hours of the trip.
  • Oregon 2/5

    By Jahahsckahwiqlzn
    There’s no Oregon option when tying to put in my address for payment purposes. There’s Ohio and Oklahoma, no Oregon.
  • Waste, rubbish 1/5

    If you want to waste your life, it’s a right company for you!
  • Is Oregon not a state? 1/5

    By dillerj
    When I tried to create an account, Oregon was not an option in your drop down.
  • FIX THIS APP! 1/5

    By deedle bug
    December 2017 and I'm having the same problem with the app! I think 10 months is plenty of time to fix it, please do so! I should be able to search without adding a promo code, of which there are no valid ones. February 2017- I can't book a trip because the app won't scroll down so I can choose the search button. I've tried everything to make it work, no luck. Please fix this.
  • Not good experience 1/5

    By yhujg
    I took the bus from Miami to key west, and marathon to gainesville , the stuff is very rude. The bus is late , when I return from Miami to Orlando the bus is break down , they do not check the bus status before leaving. I do not want to give any star for this bus company
  • Worst person attendant at the Arcata station 1/5

    By Kara_cola
    Never in my life gonna use this service again!!!
  • Regional Discrimination ? 1/5

    By Chanbfikm
    Why Oregon is not on the list of states
  • Advice 4/5

    By K80theSHADE
    Your dev should tell Apple specifically that this app also works on iPad, because right now I had to use Google to find it. Incidentally, I am also an Apple dev. If you need someone competent, let me know.
  • This app is a Rip Off, Mega Bus is Cheaper and better WiFi 1/5

    By Juan Valdez - NYC
    If you buy a family member or a friend a ticket the surcharge is ridiculous. Greyhound you are worse than Scammers and just as bad as United Air Lines forcefully removing the Doctors and other customers off the plane, Try Megabus they are Cheaper. The wifi is super fast and more comfortable seats. Go MegaBus
  • Bad 1/5

    By Basjal
    Bad app , even worse customer service solutions once a glitch happens . Avoid if possible .
  • Totally in accessible with voiceover 1/5

    By BigDogA
    I would love to be able to use this app. However, I am totally blind, and therefore depend on voiceover. This app totally does not work with voiceover. I cannot even sign in. Scheduling a trip is out of the question. Unfortunately, it is totally useless to me at this point.
  • TIP: TAKE OUT the 3letter prefix before your schedule# 3/5

    By Bbyfreeze
    The app is great actually, but it's very unclear that we need to take out the 3letter prefix when we copy the schedule # from our email/ticket. The schedule# is the **4digit number** behind them. It then shows the entire train's schedule from main stop to last stop.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Missy2589531
    Love this app! So convenient! Only reason for 4/5 stars is because it doesn't connect unless you are in a wifi zone. Doesn't work for me just using my phone internet. Other than that I love it!
  • Greyhound app review 5/5

    By Carmyesne
    Super easy to use, steps are self explanatory.
  • Easily the worst travel app I've had to use 2/5

    By LightTigerSoul
    Purchased my tickets with my road rewards account, have to manually add the trip to the application. No way to view an e ticket (that was available for my trip) if I've done print at home. No contact form, only physical mail or phone to contact, which is unreliable as hell. Short version: this app reminds me why I usually pay a premium to use Amtrak.
  • Get rid of $18 fee 4/5

    By Hypertension not for long!
    The app is good, but it's outrageous for you to charge us a $18 gift fee.
  • App works well, but I need etickets! 4/5

    By Frequent Roller
    Everything I tried to do in the app worked cleanly, quickly, and for the most part, intuitively. Unfortunately, I will not have access to a printer before I get to the station, and since not all stations have ticket counters that are open 24 hr/day, so will call pickup is not always a viable option, either. A scannable field (bar code or QR) displayed on a smartphone screen would be REAL handy! Please?
  • Trash customer service 1/5

    By Barnieboi
    If they lose your stuff they aren't helping to get it back
  • Gets the job done fast and easy 5/5

    By Jazzyjayjayoo
    There is no difficulty working the app which is amazing. Quick and easy to book a trip or just look up future dates. I can't think of one downside.
  • Tree killer 1/5

    By Ed Brey
    When you sign in, the app doesn't know your trips. And then, if you manually look up a trip (by typing in your confirmation number on a goofy-looking phone dialing pad - as if you need to enter letters as phone digits) it still won't give you a ticket. You have to kill a tree and find a printer. The app looks thrown together without much real design thought. Why can’t all the transportation providers pool their resources, and come up with one really good app that everyone uses?
  • Good services 4/5

    By kingdeny
    I like this company
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Odysseyinu
    Well done !
  • Easy and quick to use 5/5

    By MichD22223
    App is user friendly and easy and accessible. Able or schedule trip very quickly.
  • A stupid glitch 2/5

    By Marcul_73
    I've been trying to purchase my tickets on there for months but because your company doesn't have a middle name option on the payment details, it keeps refusing my credit card. I have my middle initial on my card. Please fix! It's annoying.

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