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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat App

Grindr is the world’s #1 FREE mobile social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people to connect. Chat and meet up with interesting people for free, or upgrade to Grindr XTRA or Grindr Unlimited for more features, more fun, and more chances to connect. Grindr is faster and better than ever: • See people nearby based on your location • Browse re-designed profiles with bigger photos • Chat and share private photos • Filter your search to find what you want • Customize your profile to share more about yourself • Star your favorites and block others • Report people easily and safely • Send your location and make it easier to meet • Browse and chat with people around the world Create and personalize your profile now to share your interests, what you’re looking for, and more. Within minutes you’ll be ready to connect, chat, and meet. Looking for even more? Upgrade your Grindr experience to XTRA for more features, more freedom, and more fun. Grindr XTRA subscription features include: • No 3rd party ads • See 6x more profiles—up to 600 at once • View only people who are online now • View only profiles with a photo • More blocks and favorites • Access to all premium filters • Chat easily with saved phrases • Send multiple photos at once Get Grindr XTRA with one of the following auto-renewing plans: 1 month/ 3 months/ 12 months. Want the ultimate Grindr experience? Upgrade to Grindr Unlimited for exclusive access to our most premium features, including: • Unlimited profiles - Always find a fresh face • Viewed Me - See who’s checking you out • Incognito - Browse profiles without being seen • Typing Status - Know when someone’s messaging you • Unsend - Undo sent messages and photos • All XTRA features Get Grindr Unlimited with one of the following auto-renewing plans: 1 month/ 3 months/ 12 months. Grindr Subscriptions: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period unless you change your subscription preferences in your App Store account settings. You can manage your subscriptions at any time through your App Store account settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when making a purchase of an auto-renewing subscription. Tell us what you think about Grindr by visiting If you are experiencing any issues, you can get support by contacting us through Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Grindr, Grindr XTRA & Grindr Unlimited are for adults 18 years and older only. Photos depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited. Grindr | 0 Feet Away Facebook: @grindr Twitter: @grindr Instagram: @grindr Snapchat: zerofeetaway

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  • Decent 4/5

    By Mason curry
    I mean it does what it’s supposed to do but on my iPhone 12 it heats up my phone and everything freezes so maybe try to fix that
  • Fix it 1/5

    By refund4000
    The app keeps crashing fix it!
  • Ads 1/5

    By Ernest.S
    I hate that ads always pop up after messaging someone and it’s really annoying
  • One big problem 4/5

    By DJ Myrrh
    Love the app, but it has been incredibly buggy lately. constantly freezing up and shutting down. very frustrating. Please fix
  • Great 5/5

    By ricky crouch
    Grindr is great
  • Phone heats up 1/5

    By lv1792
    Latest update makes your phone get pretty hot and causes the screen to dim
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By JayCeeRI
    They have completely destroyed what Grindr was and should be. Someone needs to seriously compete with this disaster. That someone would be very rich.
  • Last app upgrade 1/5

    By dry1862
    Needs work, does not function properly!!!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Henry B NYC
    It crashed and ruined my account, when I reopened it, nothing was there I had to start over again. I also see that other people have had the same issue
  • Se pierden los chats 2/5

    By Gueros
    Cada vez es mas frecuente que no puedes acceder y tienes que desactivarla y al volverla a descargar pierdes los chats y cualquier historial
  • App won’t open 3/5

    By Papa dre from the bay
    Got iPhone 8 and for some reason when I try to open it it immediately closes itself/crashes. Why ?
  • Customer service is a joke 1/5

    By Xoliam
    Banned because I was suspected of being under age. I’m 30. They asked for proof. I provided everything they asked. They proceeded to close my appeal with no further comment. Embarrassing customer service. This app has always been a joke but now it’s not even a funny one.
  • Having fun 5/5

    By rica verga
    I think it’s awesome meeting new people
  • Constant app crashes 2/5

    By Cartapilla
    Haven’t had problems in years. Now once a week I have to delete and download the app which I keep losing chats. There were zero problems before but now there are many.
  • البنان 5/5

    By ماهر سليمات
    تطبيع جميل
  • ads and bugs 1/5

    By snack it
    constantly asks to sign in to my apple id. why? to activate some subscription or to link my id to your disgusting ads? search by age filter is broken! The interval 18-18 is now impossible to set, it goes to 18-21! but in previous version it worked. Anyway its impossible to set any interval where min value is equal to max value! Btw, before you answer that 21yo is min age somewhere, then you should remove any possibility to set the age below 21 at all. it seems ppl degrade fast nowadays
  • Grindr being paid by apple ??? 1/5

    By Worst game Evers yet best
    I am on ios 12.4 and it is my right to stay on ios 12.4 as long i want to. Does Grindr care ? Absolutely NOT. The app will not let me enter unless i update to ios 14 even though i already have the compatable app for my ios so it is a little older verion of grindr.... Bottom line though... i am paying for grindr services! so now just because apple has made grindr force people to update to ios 14 in order to browse through the grindr app i should excluded... FROM SOMETHING I PAID FOR???? Stop listening to apple and listen to your CUSTOMERS. Apple doesnt even want you to repair your own phone for christ sakes... STOP supporting their shenanigans.
  • Worse update ever. 1/5

    By Jonathan Taylor
    Get it right once Grindr.
  • Deleting Chats and Profiles 1/5

    By RZAlexander
    I have had multiple chats and other people’s profiles deleted from my history and completely wiped away only to come back a few days or hours later. What the **** is wrong with your app, guys? It’s messing up all over the place recently and I am a paid subscriber. I shouldn’t have to find someone on Facebook to explain to them I didn’t block them and that they are literally unable to see me and I can no longer see them. Neither of us has blocked the other person. Their profile and our chat history is completely gone.
  • Terrible ads 3/5

    By bearcolumbus
    Routinely have to force close the app due to loud blaring adds that can’t be muted or stopped in any other way. It is pretty clear they are doing absolutely no quality control on the ads they allow.
  • Cannot older version. Help 2/5

    By jerry by the sea
    Trying to download older version as my 3 year old iPad will not update Grindr. Help. Cannot update it. Solutions?...
  • Glitch 3/5

    By Buggycrap
    The “Show Age” bar no longer does anything. It always shows age in your profile, whether or not the bar is toggled.
  • Can’t upgrade 1/5

    By sakopp
    Thanks for giving no warning that older versions will suddenly stop working on iOS devices that can’t be upgraded to 13. Now all it does is put up a splash screen saying to upgrade without allowing users to access their profiles. So you can’t even backup 1 last time. Also... every update makes the app slower. Opening the app and waiting for the profile list to refresh takes forever. Switching between the profile and message screens, or even just opening a profile can take several seconds. Forget about fixing the minor things and the cute new widgets until you improve the efficiency.
  • Technology used for account monitoring fails 1/5

    By RedHoncho
    My account was abruptly permanently suspended for no reason given. I was given an opportunity to request a review and did so. I was sent a terse email that “my behavior” resulted in the suspension and told there would be no further communication. The timeframe from the first to second response was so quick there was no way there was any sort of review of my account. I had been sending messages to those in my vicinity with a photo of our local community Pride Fest flyer over the past week or so. I guess the technology flagged me for spamming.
  • I phone 6 plus 2/5

    By Johnlassy
    My mobile is I phone 6 plus and the latest IOS version is 12.5.5 I can’t open the app neither download the new update What shall I do?
  • Boost 5/5

    By @Davenlatte1
    Boost its a great service to meet more singles!
  • Banned 1/5

    By RCV11883
    Banned for what? O asking someone to go on trip is spamming apparently to Grindr uneducated employees need more education! They steal your money after renewing Extra and Unlimited then want to ban you! Don’t download this app they are trash and create racism within the community through the app! They allow people to sell themselves for sex and massages and they allow people to look for drugs and have nude default pictures yet ban someone for asking someone on a trip! Reported Grindr to BBB, Apple, Android, the Florida Attorney General and the Florida governor! Grindr needs to be taken down and shut down ASAP
  • Bad data 1/5

    By yaemii
    People in there usually exploit each other and toxic environment. Other dating apps are less exploitative.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By chalk gap
    This app is horrible, not user friendly, crashes, hard to figure out. Paid subscription and still unable to see/ figure out how to view profile information. Trying to look at a persons profile pics with multiple pics is clunky and lethargic. Background color is all black looks so dark, difficult to see. In general just terrible. Was on this app years ago and don’t recall it being so bad. How could you go backwards on progress? It really is disappointing. 1 star is really too much.
  • Plz make older version usable again 2/5

    By elliott kage
    What a bummer, the new update won’t let me run the older version of the app even tho I can download it. I have an older phone so I guess it looks like I can’t use this at all now. Bummer to loose contacts with no notice. Please make it available again in the older versions of the app!
  • New update 1/5

    By Tones941
    Since Yesterdays application update, the new version has been freezing and not computing the keyboard letters very well, if not at all. #IfIt’sNotBrokenLeaveItAlone Day 2 and it has done this off and on during the day.
  • Not bad! 4/5

    By Ottovonschnitzelpus
    Well I’m happy to say that the app is working pretty well right now! The ads have finally become balanced and are not terribly intrusive or data draining, the app has stopped crashing my phone, the bots and fake profiles have pretty much disappeared and the chat is working well. The only glitch I’ve seen is the age toggle doesn’t stop your age from showing, but that’s pretty minor. From experience over the years, I know it’s a matter of time before they update it and mess it up again but for now I’m saying well done!
  • App crashing 2/5

    By aleajandro3
    It’s a decent app to use from time to time, but when I try to chat with others it restarts my whole phone and logs my self out and when I try to open the back it crashes and kicks me out to my Home Screen. I have to forcibly delete the app and reinstall and sign in AGAIN. Can you guys fix this bug? It’s bothering so much when I lose my chats and pictures.
  • Way to many ads 1/5

    By kingjayyy97
    I honestly can’t stand the app anymore, how can u charge for a subscription to people who want it and still have to put ads in every possible area and then have a pop up ad occur literally every time you tap anything and they last forever I mean it’s ridiculous people pay for subs so it’s not like you don’t make any money so there’s no need to have pop up ads everywhere I get a few ads but this is far beyond a few and the pop ups are extremely annoying
  • Great app 1/5

    By Holliman402
    Every week the APP stops working. Re download keep losing all messages smh
  • Flaking 3/5

    By yeh yooo
    Too much flaking take place here
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Cool. Hyhubyuvct
    This latest update fully broke grindr. You are unable to respond or see messages outside your notification screen. And you are unable to refresh
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ligaurdiumliviosa
    It just stopped working it says apple authorized failed even with google this app is worthless
  • It keeps crashing 1/5

    By Unhappy714
    Why does it keep crashing. Now I have to start all over again. Ugh. Stupid app
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By bseagle326
    Not sure what’s happened in the past six months. But this app has been crashing so bad I have to delete the app and reinstall every once in a while just to get the app to open. This shouldn’t happen with the price I’m paying.
  • Pitiful 1/5

    By 01Peanut
    Loading a profile is hit or miss. Software censors have no consistency with content. Inept programmers throw code in without proper testing which generally breaks something that wont get fixed forever. Currently profiles are very limited. Profile are available only if you want to travel 10 miles or more to make the hookup. I’ve sat with friends who pay and their screens show people within 4000 ft - free app shows totally different people. And the ads are painful. I would never pay money for this
  • Unable to download current update 1/5

    By latino muscle
    I’m sorry to inform you but your current update I’m not able to unload in my system in my iPhone I would like your help how can I continue to use your service without the latest update I should say I am completely blocked from using your services because of the new update
  • What Happened? 3/5

    By please add the feature
    Why do I need to upgrade my account to see photo albums other guys unlocked for me? Grindr was my favorite dating app but now it’s frustrating to know that every time I use the app, there’s a possibility of me having to pay to used basic functions.
  • Constant ads 1/5

    By New 12 cruiser
    Constant ads!
  • Very bad application 1/5

    By Omar Abd El Aziz
    i will delete the application because the latest update requires ios13 or later version and i don’t have this version and i will not buy a phone especially to use the application
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Wajeff
    Apparently Grindr has decided that those of us with older iPhones that don’t support IOS 13 shouldn’t have access to Grindr. Grindr won’t open and only displays a message that the latest version must be downloaded. However, when I try to do so I receive a message that only IOS 13 is supported and to download a previous version. There isn’t a previous version to download. So I guess us with older phones aren’t important to Grindr.
  • Can’t use it anymore 1/5

    By Mairicio.1
    You updated to a version that my iPhone 6 cannot take it. iPhone 6 maximum update iOS is 12.0 and the Grinder version needs at leads IOS 13.0 version. So who has Iphone6 cannot use it anymore
  • Review was deleted. 1/5

    By mdpaulk91
    The newest updates are the absolute worst. Stupidly overpriced for the laughable “features,” AKA the things they’ve ripped away from regular users to nickel and dime for somewhat full functionality. Doesn’t connect/work at some point EVERYDAY, could be hours or all day. Rife with harassment, abuse, and catfish. There is no verification process to help weed out the previous statement. Revenge reporting is somewhat prevalent. You only get a small number of blocks before it secretly starts unblocking the oldest of your blocks to the newest blocks. They sell the heck out of your info. No longer LGBT owned. Honestly, there’s MUCH better options. I won’t say names but you already know.
  • العراق 5/5

    By امير تبادل
    جيد وجميل
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