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Groovebox App

If you love making electronic music, you’ll love Groovebox. Enter an inspiring world of music production on your iPhone & iPad. Groovebox is a free, beautifully designed music studio app packed with inspiring synths and drum machines. In minutes you’ll be making beats, melodies, and playing with world-class instruments. Expand your own collection with more sounds and instruments available in the store. From the creators of Launchpad, Groovebox helps you produce music on iPhone & iPad. • A BEATS & SYNTH MUSIC STUDIO Play with touchable instruments to quickly create your own beats and melodies, or draw in notes. Need inspiration? Groovebox has hundreds of patterns and sounds to get you started. Two powerful synthesisers, designed in partnership with Novation, deliver deep retro basslines and analogue harmonic melodies. The modern drum machine, with expanding drumkit library, will turn Groovebox into your go-to beat production studio. • SYNTHS DESIGNED WITH NOVATION Designed in partnership with Novation, legendary synth pioneers, Groovebox packs a world-class sound. Each instrument uses a new powerful synth engine capable of recreating classic warm analogue sounds and rich modern harmonics. • EASY TO START, DEEP ENOUGH TO MASTER Groovebox is designed to kick-start ideas, but it has serious features for artists and producers too. The advanced synth parameters* let you sculpt your own sounds. Included iPad mixer, note sequencer, key and scale modes let you control your sound. Build your arrangements with sections. Export your sounds easily to a laptop to produce further. Sync to other apps or a laptop with Ableton Link. Connect using Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and even Export to Ableton Live seamlessly.   FEATURES • Discover and build ideas - Quickly explore sounds with hundreds of melody and rhythm patterns • Play touchable instruments - Create your own melodies and beats • Four powerful instruments - Drumbox, MiniMon, RetroBass and Poly-8 • Build beats - Play drum pads or keys, sequence notes or use patterns • Arrange your tracks - Simple song-building using sections • Sound innovation - Synths developed in partnership with synth pioneers Novation • Expand your sounds - Regular, fresh-content drumpacks, presets and patterns* • Production-ready sounds - Crafted by world-class sound designers and artists • Extendable Instruments - Expose more tweakable synth controls • Sequence your music - Draw notes and build patterns instead of playing them • Stay in time and key - Choose from any tempo, key or musical scale • Share your music - Easily create a mix of your music to share with others *Requires In-App Purchase ADVANCED FEATURES • Jam with others - Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, Ableton Link and Ableton Export • Swing - Instantly add swing to your session. • Ableton Export - Easily send your project to Ableton Live • Full scale support - All keys and major, minor and modes supported • Project management - Rename, duplicate and delete • iPad Pro support - Optimised to use the entire iPad Pro screen • Send your ideas to a laptop - Batch export your pads as a .zip file, or use Ableton Export • Bluetooth speaker supported   SUPPORTED DEVICES Groovebox is compatible with iPad 4th Generation, iPad Air 1/2, iPad Pro 9.7/12.9, iPad Mini 2/3/4, iPod Touch 6th Generation, iPhone X, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus. Supports iOS 10 and iOS 11.


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Groovebox app reviews

  • Great app! 4/5

    By Nevelious
    I love this app! Already published a few songs using this app. Wishes would be user saved presents and some type of audio sampler module!!! And note repeat added!! Thank you!
  • A ‘Fabulous’ music maker! 5/5

    By Eriptron
    First, let me state that I ‘love’ Groovebox❣️ It’s like the Figure app only on, not just steroids, but ‘Super Steroids’. It’s great that most of the IAP purchases are just 99 cents or maybe $1.99. Since I lost my job I am on a very tight budget and it’s great to be able to add a bunch of new sounds to work with for just 99 cents❣️ I love this developers approach too. You can just use the included presets and make some incredible pieces with Groovebox, not needing to know squat about synths or synthesis. BUT, if you are familiar with synths, you have a multi-universe awaiting you❣️ Groovebox’s Achilles Heal is it’s sparse documentation. For the new comer, that could be a little intimidating. I’ve been in contact with the developer and it sounded like they have a lot planned for Groovebox, though any new features have been slow coming, I’d rather that then to dump a big update on us that break things or changes the ‘‘essence’ of the app. There are a number of things that would make the app better to use. I waited till I was pretty familiar with Groovebox before making my list (I know. Developers cringe at that phrase). 1) Better documentation that actually explains the unique aspects of Goove Box. 2) Please change from using a single finger for both note placement/duration as well as for the sequencer piano roll navigation! I find it a ‘‘nightmare’ to use the way that’s currently designed. Maybe use two fingers to move the piano roll around. I constantly am accidentally moving the piano roll instead of increasing the notes duration. It gets very aggravating when the creative juices are flowing and app mechanics ruins it. 2) It would be helpful to list, for each instrument, the total number of patterns that it contains as well as the number of the currently selected pattern. As is, it’s difficult to know if you’ve listened to them all, especially when you have no idea how many there are in the first place. 3) If #2 above is done, then it would be nice to be able to directly select the number of the instrument rhythm that you want from the selected instruments sound and not have to step through them. Granted, this would be more of an advanced feature. 4) Without tempo synchronization the track arranger window isn’t of much use it as is. It needs a top down, left to right play mode, ie ‘Song Mode’. 5) You have the space across the top to add the IAA transport controls. Please do it. 6) To be able to zoom in and out of the sequencer piano roll matrix so you can see all of, or more of, the piece that you’re working on. Music is mathematical. Therefore it is also graphical. IE, visual patterning. 7) Groovebox needs a master volume. Ok, now it’s time to get in the “Box” and “Groove”❣️
  • Love it 5/5

    By aymank2014
    Great apps
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Asdfghkwncoabsiqbav
    Really great app. Great ui!
  • Best app 5/5

    By hmniewbu
    This is probably the best app known to mankind
  • Almost there 4/5

    By Sagiya
    While using is is very nice and intuitive, adding midi in and out would take it to another level. Please have it audiobus integrated.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By EnlighteNixie
    I can't believe all the variations available for free. Wish there were more package deals because $2 here and $15 there add up quickly. Can't wait to try it with my midi controller
  • Better than Auxy 4/5

    By Kyle Michael Porter
    Loving this as a sketch pad for ideas. Lots of features and the in-app purchases are reasonably priced. I just wish I could save and access my sequences in the cloud so I could work on the same project on multiple devices.
  • Needs a sampler or sample import 5/5

    By diasporah
    Wow not bad at all. Would love to see sample input some sort of sampler and this is hands down one of the greatest music apps made.
  • Not launching 3/5

    By DentedLunchBox
    App recently stop working within the last 24 hrs. Currently using newest iOS. Great app before this mishap.
  • Can’t purchase pro 4/5

    By reydltorre
    Cannot connect to the iTunes Store to purchase Pro version from within app...
  • Piano roll could be the saving grace 5/5

    By dizzie davidz
    Great app but the piano roll is impossible to use, it’ll be great if you could use the app in landscape mode even if it was just the piano roll and not being able to drag the selector towards the right of the screen when trying to copy is the biggest mistake in the app regardless of its shortcoming its still the most user friendly app for music creation on the app store. If the piano roll got fixed maybe a couple more people would purchase the pro version otherwise people just save the riffs and continue later on a pc.
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By Ban-Nana
    I’ve been toying around with auxy studio for all of my music but ever since they pulled the pay for content you got for free card i went searching for another app for music and this one in my opinion is miles above auxy by far the best music maker on the app store, one issue i wish there was a way to share the songs you make directly onto Soundcloud or other apps involving music if you can make this possible it will be greatly appreciated
  • Omg 5/5

    By KingFollower09
    So fun and easy to make
  • Soooo much potential 5/5

    By Anti anti-contrarian
    I don’t generally leave reviews. This app has so much potential I just had to say something. What this app offers is a quick streamlined way to prototype musical ideas. This and it sounds amazing. There is my wishlist: 1. Automate parameters. 2. USB MIDI support 3. Send external MIDI 4. Audio Unit support 5. Ability to transpose selected notes 6. Ability for it to play songs start to finish
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Katy Hammond
    Gets the creativity flowing, what a cool way to connect with your kiddos too! Hours of fun for everyone!!
  • I am Amazed! 5/5

    By Fluffy Cat Kid
    At first I looked at this app and thought it was another boring make music app.. but after only about five minutes I was ADDICTED😅 This app lets you use your creatively to its max! I bought the full version to see what it is like and it gives you more freedom! I love this app and would recommend it to any music lovers!
  • Just bad 1/5

    By Poochos
    I love the way it works but the way it records is well just bad. I also can’t export the recording to my videos or my iTunes.
  • It's been great so far!!!! 4/5

    By JuzWright
    I like the layout and haven't got bored yet with it.
  • Really? 4/5

    By Youhou202
    It’s that easy to sound good...really?
  • Creatively Game-Changing ...and Tragic 3/5

    By Grizz1978
    Before I lay out its fatal flaws, I first need to give this app the credit it deserves. I’ve logged well over 100 hours on this app. I buy the sound packs indiscriminately, and never regret a purchase. The sounds on their own are amazing, but the ability to tweak them using the tools provided (via in-app purchase) allows for infinite creative possibilities. This is my go-to app when I want to create something new, which is also why this review is bittersweet. As inspiring as this app is, it’s also extremely limiting. It’s pattern/section architecture leaves something to be desired, and the lack of automation capabilities is a bit stifling, but those alone aren’t enough to overshadow all the good aspects. What has made me question spending more money is its lack of useable exporting functionality. There’s no way to mix down and export a multi-section arrangement as one song. At most, you can export a section at a time, then use another app to stitch the sections together (a colossal pain, considering other similar apps have this built-in). Even then, because it exports strictly the length of the patterns, you lose any delay or natural decay. When I create something new, I want to be able to just export it so I can listen to it in my car or wherever, and without having to manually switch from section to section (not a great idea while driving). Basically, it’s a black hole—the time, effort, and creativity I pour into it never sees the light of day because I can’t reasonably get my work out if it. The other frustrating issue is the core editing features that are absent. For example, why can’t I select a region of notes, then copy/paste them wherever I want? Why doesn’t the screen scroll when I want to select more notes than what will fit on the screen? Why aren’t there ANY zoom in/out options that I can control? Why can’t I choose between looping a section or moving to the next? These seemingly small “features” are so standard and so vital in apps like this that, when they’re missing, it’s crazy-making. Moving notes from bar 8 to bar 4 becomes infuriatingly difficult. I almost never write reviews, but felt compelled to write one for this app BECAUSE I enjoy it so much. To the developers: Please, please, PLEASE shore up these functionality gaps so users like me aren’t faced with abandoning the app altogether. I’ve made so many great songs, but they all live and die in the app (apps like Figure get a lot more exposure because of how easy it is to export/share). As frequently as you release new sound packs, perhaps you could release a core functionality update once in a while?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By chargild
  • Great 5/5

    By Jaymo Ultimo
    One of the best iPad apps ever to actually make your own music!!!!
  • Great sounds. Intuitive. Needs Launchpad integration 4/5

    By Pubikk
    Fantastic app. The sound out of the, um, box, are amazing and reminiscent of apps that cost money. Unlocking the other bits of the app is fine, but the real value is in the sound packs. I play live with Launchpad for iOS and a hardware Launchpad S. I use Blocswave to sculpt my sounds, usually created in Gadget. But getting those sounds into Launchpad is a real pain (much easier if you use Live, which I don’t). Best part of Blocs is the ease of exporting to Launchpad. Groovebox would be a bigger part of my set up if it played well with the other Novation apps. Seems like a pretty big oversight. This ability coming soon?
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By FamousGirl👑
    I hate writing reviews, but when you are this frickin awesome, I have no option. You can create awesome party music & your own songs/raps. I like how it inspires creativity. You rock out Groovebox!
  • Here’s the few things I’d like to see in future updates! 4/5

    By Brentv3
    1. With all these new instruments available for purchase, another thing I’d definitely buy is more preset loops/drum patterns per instrument 2. I’d also really like some more options on the keys and modes. Possibly a blues scale, Locrian, etc. 3. I’d also really like the full size keyboard to be standard however it depends on what device is being used I’m sure That’s it: apps dope - thanks friendly nerds!
  • Perfect Pocket Box 5/5

    By Trizzaygetem
    Finally,an awesome UX with an interface that works great even on an iPhone SE! Great sounds and complements Blocs Wave well!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Sir Gavinator
    It’s so helpful for making beats I love it
  • Awesome and great 👍 5/5

    By R.A.A❤️☮️🐝⭐️
    Very well done and great 👍
  • Largely impressed! 5/5

    By FankiPants
    I haven’t even spent a penny in this app and I’m making several beats for projects. It’s helped me realize what notes should be achieved, especially in my singing. If nothing else, use it to tone-check yourself! I’m considering putting money into more of the features at some point!
  • I can’t buy “Trap bass” 5/5

    By Lavrydy
    Hello developers! Your app is super amazing but I can’t buy trap bass. Though app allows me to buy other types of bass. How can I fix this ?
  • Inspiration starts here. 5/5

    By Jonnie Sparkel
    I love the app, and I have no real complaints, just wants. I’d like to see all of my patterns, I like how selecting things work now but I’d also like to see all of my patterns to revel in my cache, and for easier experimentation. Like load a device and click a button to see every pattern. ALSO, THANK YOU for keeping the packs at 99 cents. The way you’ve designed this app is superb and full of so much hidden potential. The ability to edit “samples” is a game changer! Keep up the good work on this small world of apps you’ve been building.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By LUKEcraftyan
    I love this app better than garage band. It’s more simple but at the same time it can do a lot. I hope y’all come out with a desktop version
  • best app ever 5/5

    By levandole
    just perfect
  • One of my favorites 5/5

    By Doble_AA
    This app is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the novation/ampify suite. The amount of sounds you’re able to create/mix/modify is crazy. I hooked a midi keyboard up to my iPad and I’ve been having a blast.
  • A must-have for the composer/producer on the go! 5/5

    By 1TahuNuva
    I have logic pro at home and use this amazing app to write out super cool loops when I’m out! Nothing is more annoying than a song coming to you and having no way to write it down! Not anymore!! Thanks Novation! I also have your massive launchkey keyboard integrated with Logic Pro. Keep it up guys you are the best when it comes to mobile music software!
  • A very musical Groovebox 4/5

    By kithara-nvc
    I love the playability and sound of this app. The packs are good quality and the instrument controls fun to play with to tweak your sound. The keys and pads are also easy to use. If you want to only sketch musical ideas and send to a project in Ableton or stems to be loaded into your favorite DAW this is all you need. However if you want to do any further work polishing, extending with parameter automation, arranging and finishing a track you will be unsatisfied. I’m not saying I want Cubasis but I am saying that Auxy and Gadget gets you a lot further along the production workflow. I would like to see: Midi learn on all instrument knobs or perhaps main controls. Automation of the instrument knobs or perhaps main controls. Configurable Quantize when playing sections. Right now it seems to be quantized to lowest piano roll quantization. Be able to switch between legato section transitions as it is now and a full configurable quantum as above. Some kind of song mode or at least a performance capture. Yes there are many fine ways to capture performances such as AUM, or your iOS DAW of choice. I’d love to see Groovebox expose it’s separate channels to AudioBus or AUM so we can mix further at the instrument level where there are better solutions for midi learn.
  • Who is complaining about the price?!? 5/5

    By R.wayneanderson
    I’ve barely scratched the surface with these apps but I don’t understand why anyone would complain about paying 99 cents for a sound pack? I’ve bought all of the sound packs on Groove box & the few other features ....maybe spent $50 tops? Not sure why anyone other than a high schooler with no job would see that as expensive. You get to create music on your phone for crying out loud! 😂😛😳🤔🙄👍🏼
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Dishdishcaden
    I have a passion for creating beats and now that I finally have a good app to help.
  • amazing and essential groove-box 5/5

    By rcon303
    regular updates and continued support make this the absolute essential groove-box on ios..i boght to s of the upgrades on sale. id love to see a weird freaky type granular sampler .
  • Missing some things. 3/5

    By Sirlink360
    This is a great app. Really, I love it! I just wish there was more to it. And I'm not talking about the in app purchases, I'm talking about features. The big one is some way to add effects while the song is playing. Like fading in music and more distorted drums at the end instead of the beginning. Sections are a start, but it starts to sudden. I would love it if I could add stuff in a little at a time. Also what's the point in sections if they don't play all together at some point? Thanks! =)>
  • Professional sound design but some crackling on ip7 4/5

    By cuezaireekaa
    I'm getting some crackling and sound glitch if with only four modules activated!! I'm on an iPhone 7plus so I should have enough power to not get sound glitches. Most my other music apps don't crackle. I've restarted and remove apps out of ram but still persists. Please look into this guys!
  • The perfect beat maker app 5/5

    By Tamilore Bello
  • My audio BFF! 5/5

    By LJ Swype
    Audio home base on my mobile.
  • Great app, except a few bugs 5/5

    By crazyblob
    Awesome app love this! Except when using the default card when editing music, it goes by and is hard to control
  • I just keeps getting better 5/5

    By wradcliffe
    I love this app and enjoy writing music with it. They keep responding to user requests and making it better. I asked for some more bass patterns and they responded with a free pack! The new Wavetable synth is awesome. This app is always running on both my iPad and iPhone.
  • میر‌آیدین 5/5

    By Ideeeen
    Good for musicians !
  • PRO bundle needs to take existing purchases into account. 5/5

    By BackroundAmbience
    Edit: Excellent, happy to hear you have an open mind about this! Thanks for quick response :) Wonderful instrument! Can we please include the people who have bought some parts of the PRO upgrade as standalone purchases before the PRO upgrade existed? An option to purchase it at a discounted rate, just like apple has the "complete the app bundle" functionality? Thank you!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kong1222
    I get all of your apps!
  • Great app 4/5

    By calaviccial
    Great synth sounds. Deep enough for enthusiasts to get into but not completely inaccessible to anyone new to the world of music apps. My only gripe is with the drum sounds. They mostly sound weak compared to the synth and bass. That's surprising considering Novations amazing sound design. Nevertheless, an essential app. But wait for sales. I should've waited so I could've gotten the Pro Bundle.

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