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GroupMe App

GroupMe - A Home for All the Groups in Your Life. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Vacations. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. “Lifechanger.... utterly indispensable” -Gizmodo START CHATTING Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they don’t have the app, they can start chatting over SMS immediately. CONTROL NOTIFICATIONS You’re in charge! Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats. SAY MORE THAN WORDS With an extensive set of exclusive emoji, you can express yourself in a whole new way. THE WHOLE INTERNET IN YOUR GROUP Meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat. SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATER The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later. LEAVE TEXTING BEHIND With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. CHAT WHEREVER YOU ARE Including from your computer at Stay in touch whether you’re separated by a hallway or a hemisphere. Get your group together. We want to hear your feedback! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @GroupMe Facebook: Instagram: @GroupMe Love, Team GroupMe NOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Privacy Policy: Made with love in New York

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GroupMe app reviews

  • Too difficult 1/5

    By Ralphie T.
    Setting this app was easy to difficult, I finally gave up on this!!!!!
  • Can we get delete message? 5/5

    By Michael2033
    In Discord you can edit and delete messages. Real life saver. Otherwise great app
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    By Headpyro
    I love this app but can you make a app for the Apple Watch?
  • Messages Not Showing. Edit. Edit again 2/5

    By annaw2002
    I haven’t had a problem with this until today, but today I got message notifications for a group and could see the messages. But after a while, I was getting notifications but not seeing them when I opened the app. The time stamp shows the time of the most recent message (that I can’t see) in the group. Other than this, I have had no problems and enjoy the app. Edit: I deleted then re-logged into the app, and now I cannot see any of the messages in that group. However, I can still click on the group info and see the images, group members, etc. Also, other group messages and individual chats are unaffected by this. I would really appreciate it if this issue could be resolved soon. Thank you! Edit again: after this update, nothing happened. I still cannot see any messages in the one group (still other groups/messages seem to be unaffected). I get notifications for the group and can click on them, but it brings me to the “group chat” where it says no one has sent anything yet, even though I have gotten notifications. There have been some images sent and I can see those if I click on the button that lets you see all the images others have sent. Please fix!!!
  • Read receipts don’t work?? 2/5

    By AVater2694
    The app works for talking to people mostly but sometimes is pretty annoying. For example.. Some days it will continually cycle through “not connected”, “connecting to server”, and then “connected” buuut then right back to “connecting to server” Also, I keep trying to turn my read receipts on for DMs but every time I leave the settings page they turn right back off.. there’s no information about it on the website and I can’t find any help online through other sources either.. not thrilled and would appreciate if it could be resolved or if there was some sort of troubleshooting to try. “Support” web page basically only has information about the features and nothing really about if something isn’t working AND from what I can tell, there’s nowhere to contact them.
  • Mannnnnnnnnnn 4/5

    By My Name Moe
    Great app. Only thing missing is replying to a message in a group chat. People can get confused when they don't know what exactly you're replying to. What's app has this feature, if you don't understand what I mean. It allows you to directly respond a certain particular message. Very beneficial in large party chats
  • Spam magnet 1/5

    By HBS071506
    I was required to get this app for one of my children’s activities. Now I am inundated with unsolicited texts and calls. It started as soon as I registered with GroupMe.
  • 👍 5/5

    By Raven174 (The Blue Swordsman)
    All I has to sayssssss is yes get this. Even with bugs it works fine and is best for iPad people so they can text!
  • Great 5/5

    By R/C Insanity
    Awesome app for a person who has a lot of group chats. Can use IFTTT to schedule text messages using this app, overall a solid app if you need a auto sender with IFTTT or just have a lot of group chats.
  • Features 4/5

    By timothy g.
    1-17-19: It’s been a looooooong time since you guys have introduced any new features. Do you all hav me anything in the pipeline? ———————————————————— Previous Review: I love GroupMe! We use it for our work communication, we use it for our church ministries. It’s a big part of my day! Thank you for such a great app! I would like to see more features added. 1) Like adding a “repeat” button for weekly meeting reminders. 2) Maybe an option to post now or post later on events, so the feed isn’t bombarded when setting events in bulk. 3) Adding PDFs from mobile 4) Apple Watch support (when tagged in a post, you can’t view it on the Apple Watch). 5) Hashtags (for search purposes) 6) pinned section or a way to keep important posts close. Thanks! I love GroupMe!
  • Needs ability to see who viewed Messages 3/5

    By MGodlew
    App is decent except for the fact that it automatically removed you if you don’t reply to the group after being added. Additionally, there needs to be a means of seeing who looked at a message after it was sent. Also, it would be nice admins could delete messages.
  • More Feedback Options 2/5

    By itsalwayspring
    Please include a thumbs up or down option or ignore emoji on your next update or version.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Z501
    I would totally get this app. Me and my friends use this to text each other and I’m in Student Council and it works out really well.😀
  • GroupMe Review 4/5

    By Dr Phil_
    It would be nice if the profile section had expanded room for more information like phone #, email, or other comments like birthday, favourite book or whatever...
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By HD Cheese
    Nice app
  • I cannot send messages 1/5

    By Agivens
    I cannot receive messages it keeps saying internet connection
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jenesaypa
    We keep trying to switch accounts because I switched phones, and it says I am switched but every time I send a text it says I am sending from my old account under a different name. 👎👎👎😕
  • You can do it! 5/5

    By Drew Mitchell
    The idea of studying to take my test in one week was daunting. I began to study with the videos and online course on Monday and nervously sat for my test on Friday. The process worked. I spent the time learning and following the blueprint and passed with an 80. Just follow the process and you can do it too!
  • Restrictions 1/5

    By AMedina5
    Have NO IDEA why all of a sudden we have restrictions. We’ll have to find another app. I know there is one!
  • Good, functional groupware. 5/5

    By An honest voice
    Good, functional groupware. Connects people and keeps friends informed.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Mustid Hands
    Hey I booted my friend from the group bc he said he didn’t have a favorite imagine dragons song but when we try to add him back we are getting an error. Please advise.
  • 👌🏻 4/5

    By karladyson
    The app tells me that I have notifications when I don’t.
  • Yas Queen🥳👑🔥 4/5

    By Queen🔥🔥🥳🥳💋💋👑👑
    Group me is one of the best apps I have been using to contact people. This app lets me contact people, it has its own emojis, and it’s perfect for people who don’t have apple. However, this app deletes messages that you are not really active in. It does help if your inbox is filled but if you want to save something it’s not really good. But on the other hand it makes sure that you are actively talking to people so that’s great! I recommend this app seriously unless you not into that “deleting” thing. I don’t even know if that is true but when I first tried it that is what people told me to be careful about so.... Also, GroupMe lets you see the messages that happened before you got into the chat. That’s great so you can catch up on what’s been going on. It also lets you change what people see your name as so your name can change depending on you not other people unless they are the ones putting you in a chat. But overall, GroupMe is a great app. I totally recommend. Bye! 👑👑👑🥳🥳🥳🔥🔥🔥😏😏😏💋💋💋💋💋
  • Trash 1/5

    By cecilia209948483
    I don’t get why I need a working cell number in order to complete my account and start chatting. I might as well just text whoever with my cell service I need to instead is using this worthless app
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By Buffalowings702
    Why can’t I delete the GroupMe chat history on my iPhone but I can on my iPad? It makes NO sense! The messages are time sensitive and once past the dates are useless. It is tedious to have to scroll through dozens of old messages rather than just being able to delete them like I do on iPhone. Why the discrepancy between app platforms?
  • Great when child was abroad! 5/5

    By jro70
    What an easy way to communicate with no cost when people are in different countries.
  • Absolute Fail for GroupMe 1/5

    By LostSenior
    I’m abroad. I try to log-in. I use my phone # and pw. ....It won’t let me in. It wants to verify my identity by text or call... and I’m ABROAD, I CAN’T TEXT OR CALL I don’t know my PIN Can I please verify by email? I’m trying to get in touch with my family.
  • Still waiting on the iPad Pro update after 2.5 months 3/5

    By Aniphone5suser
    GroupMe still hasn’t been updated for the new iPad Pros. It’s still completely usable, but it has black bars.
  • Good but could upgrade 5/5

    By Soul_O_Nice
    I really like this application. Would like to see text formatting added
  • Request 4/5

    By DanT_2000
    Great app, but it would be even better if the video uploads weren’t limited to such short clips. 5 minutes would be such an improvement over the 2.5 minute limit currently in place. Also, the quality of the uploaded video is really fuzzy as well. Other apps like whatsApp and Line have much better video quality. It would be wonderful if the developers could make a change.
  • Overall good 4/5

    By Kavianian
    Overall groupme is great and it works for exactly what I need But for whatever reason I keep getting spam users adding to our group and we keep trying to remove them and they keep adding themselves even in a closed group. Groupme needs to fix this
  • Great app for communicating to large group 4/5

    This is a great app, and easy to use. I have found it difficult to look back in time to review what was posted months ago without having to scroll scroll and scroll. I suggest making a way to choose from a calendar as a means to going back to review a particular post in history. Make this happen and I will give 5 stars.
  • Connecting 5/5

    By Myke.M
    I just wanted to say that I love your app first of all. It’s a great way to communicate with people. I just started using it matter fact it’s the only one that I signed up for I don’t use the computer that much anymore matter fact not at all during thing I use it for is to look up stuff I need for work and I’ve always was against Facebook and all the other stuff I thought it was too much but now I have your app and I use it to be connected with families for church and it lets me communicate with those people when I’m not at church and I love it for that. awesome company give up the good work I know people complain about certain apps they have where it they fail they are down they don’t work right well since I’ve been using this app never had a problem with anything nothing but five stars for me and two thumbs up...
  • Completely broken for me 1/5

    Hi. GroupMe used to work. However, I now cannot be added or removed. I also cannot join or leave Groups. Shockingly, I am able to mute groups, but not unmute them. If I try to start a group, no one can be added and I can’t send messages. Did I mention that I can’t send direct messages? So, of course, I do the can I speak to your manager and send an email to customer support, (and yes, the provided email) only to receive an email saying that the support email is no longer in service. So yup. It used to work.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By wc460gx
    I can’t sign in. No matter what combination of usernames or passwords I use it always states “something went wrong”, but it doesn’t tell me what went wrong. And of course I can’t find out a way to get help.
  • Review works sometimes. Problem with owner ship 4/5

    By Playtime+77
    It helps with staying in with coworkers who are instructors for exercise classes.
  • Alert signal needed 3/5

    By JazzTam
    Missed updated info because it didn’t alert me that there was a new message.
  • Fix photos and more options 3/5

    By Jette831
    It would help if you put the photos in order so it’s easier to find them in our phone... I have to search to share photos in my group... can your developers fix that? Also, more options on default ringtones from the phone? I like to use the “tweet” ringtone for this app. I would like more options. Can you also offer different notifications tones for different groups so I know which group is notifying me? Will give a better rating if things were fixed.
  • always have to sign out and sign in to see my group 2/5

    By Roxieproxie
    Always have to sign out and sign back in ????? Why?????
  • Great team app! 5/5

    By lady_mojo
    Love it!
  • Nope 1/5

    By fuxtick
    This app makes me want to abuse the elderly
  • Function 3/5

    By MannyBMarley
    The app is ok, could have option to search through history instead of just scrolling, or jump to date to find a pic, especially on large groups, maybe even have text reminders for upcoming events
  • NO 1/5

    By tra122102
    I have groupme and it signed me out for a month and then all of a sudden I could sign in. Now that I’m signed in it says I can’t connect anywhere😡 I can’t see what my friends are writing and I’m not up to date. NO don’t get this app
  • Security concern 1/5

    By JaneDoe789
    I never agreed to send my contacts to server upon signing up, yet the setting tells me I turned that feature on. As a matter of fact, it turns it on every time I open the app even though I turn it off every time. You really want to steal my data, don’t you?
  • Polls 4/5

    By Tresesweet
    GroupMe is great! It could be better if we could view individual poll results.
  • Download it!! 5/5

    By busy woman 2769
    Great for planning & voting on last minute things. Calendar in chat is very convenient. Love the mute option.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Gymnast_Asia
    Its not perfect and not fun but it’s pretty decent
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By this app is glitchy
    The screen freezes at times and is annoying
  • Blocking users 4/5

    By liz2417
    When blocking an individual can you PLEASE make their messages in shared groups hidden? I block because I’d prefer to censor their messages rather than leave every shared group

GroupMe app comments

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