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GroupMe App

GroupMe - A Home for All the Groups in Your Life. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Vacations. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. “Lifechanger.... utterly indispensable” -Gizmodo START CHATTING Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they don’t have the app, they can start chatting over SMS immediately. CONTROL NOTIFICATIONS You’re in charge! Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats. SAY MORE THAN WORDS With an extensive set of exclusive emoji, you can express yourself in a whole new way. THE WHOLE INTERNET IN YOUR GROUP Meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat. SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATER The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later. LEAVE TEXTING BEHIND With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. CHAT WHEREVER YOU ARE Including from your computer at Stay in touch whether you’re separated by a hallway or a hemisphere. Get your group together. We want to hear your feedback! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @GroupMe Facebook: Instagram: @GroupMe Love, Team GroupMe NOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Privacy Policy: Made with love in New York

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GroupMe app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Delanie .G. Taylor
    This app is awesome because you can use it for sports and for other things to contact people for sports.
  • Very efficient, but app has technical difficulties 4/5

    By Kyzer Soze
    I really like this app and it’s very efficient for large groups. This is how I stay in touch with all my clubs, school project groups, etc. But as of late, my app has started slowing down significantly and won’t connect to my existing groups so I have missed messages. The app itself also shows I have 11 notifications but upon opening the app there is nothing to be found.
  • What gives?? 1/5

    By mdmoulton
    All the sudden we are getting random spam and messages from people pretending to be groupme or people not in our lists. You better lock this baby down or watch us all move...not cool!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By teamp82
    Great way to stay connected for work or personal use! Gets the job done!

    By Tom ferry
    This app would be awesome if it didn’t log me out 10 times a day and send me notifications for messages and conversations that I️ had hours ago. It’s been about 3 years with zero progress on these issues. Figure it out and I️ will change my review to 5 stars
  • Star 4/5

    By Gaborok
    Easy to use for everyone
  • App crash 1/5

    By notanonymous2345
    After not using my group me app for awhile I recently opened it up to start using for a group project that we are setting up. However, every message they’d send would not show up on my app at all. I’d get the notification for it but when I opened the app there was absolutely nothing. I tried everything even redownloading the app after deleting it several times. This made it worse, however, because as soon as I tried logging back in it just kept telling me “something went wrong, please try again” without offering any other means to a solution. Almost as if I’m blocked out of group me entirely for no reason. I even tried recreating a new account, still gave me the same message after trying to create it. This is ridiculous. Fix it please.
  • Review !! 4/5

    By COACH JOE #15
    Valuable Service for group texting !!!!
  • I can’t long in :( 4/5

    By K.C :3
    I love the app everything is great about it but recently I changed phone number and phone so when I wanted to login it wouldn’t let me because it had my old phone number on it :( how can I login? Is there a way I can change the phone number to be able to get in? Please help!
  • Features 1/5

    By MySkippy
    My iPhone does not have the 3 dots in upper right hand corner like the android. Feature: ability to change the subject of conversation to help keep us organized. Am I missing something?
  • Great app 1/5

    By Sagoon G
    Slow. Not as fast as what’s app or iMessage. Need it to be faster. Always reconnecting. Can’t send pics or videos at a faster speed.
  • Good, but needs more 4/5

    By CJV20057
    It’s a good app but I really wish you could delete a message or edit it. Would help a lot.
  • Good help 5/5

    By shine pawpaw
    It keeps me informed on my grandsons team
  • Please fix this 3/5

    By Unknown28472
    There’s a bug that is very annoying, when I get on the app and check all of the notifications the red notification won’t go away for like an entire week. It’s very annoying because I like to get rid of all my notifications
  • Great App! 5/5

    By SWSodaPop13
    Is good for making team group chats or chatting with friends! 5 out of 5 stars!!
  • Staying connected 5/5

    By Not Quitting
    I love the GroupMe app! I just was introduced to it a month ago. It is a good way for those that are a part a social community to stay connected, and correspond with each other. I just have one concern: how do I text the requested message to verify my phone number?
  • Next Generation Track Club 3/5

    By TrackFirst
    NGTC is located in Baton Rouge,La. NGTC enjoy having GroupMe. This gives our organization a chance to reach out to members at a timely manner. Any questions or concerns from members really helps the process to go smoothly. THANKS GROUPME!
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By J_Viper
    I like how big the groups can get. I dislike how you can’t import custom emojis/stickers like in WhatsApp. Also, I have to wait a few seconds after opening the app before all my messages load.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Wildgxr
    The text is small and the app is clumsy.
  • Worrisome 2/5

    By Fact form
    I got a random notification from someone saying “view so-and-so’s” naughty pictures. I didn’t click into it and immediately deleted the app, but that is not okay, especially since it is rated 4+ and many youth use it
  • Nice App! 👌 4/5

    By awhite_722
    I like this app because it’s easy to communicate with a bunch of people at once. It doesn’t have all of those in app purchases and it’s not complicated. I would definitely recommend this app!!
  • Missing Feature 4/5

    By syd44723
    The app doesn’t display a message to a chat with multiple links posted; if you try to click it it just shows invalid link. You can only see a message with multiple links posted from the desktop site. Can functionality to post and view multiple links in a single message be added for the mobile app? Additionally, the app bogs right down as soon as three or more people are typing simultaneously. Hope that can be addressed. Thanks!
  • Good app except for a few things 4/5

    By Tori R 1718
    I use this app all the time and it really comes in handy, but there are just a few issues that can make it a bit frustrating. One is that the app doesn’t update between my phone and computer, so if I read something on my computer, it still gives me a notification on my phone. It would be nice if it updated in real time to reflect that. The other is a little less preference and more functional. Sometimes my DMs won’t show up. It’s gotten better, but sometimes I still miss messages because the app won’t show them at all.
  • Need help, support site only does FAQs 1/5

    By Fvl333
    Just received X-rated spam message from "Ava." Only way I could remove notification was to click on the message, which of course opened "Ava's" X-rated website. Can't find any way to delete message from "Ava." The help page inside GroupMe only shows FAQ's, nothing about deleting message and the instructions on blocking a contact don't work for "Ava." GroupMe website only shows FAQ's. No way to actually get help. VERY UNHAPPY. I have to keep GroupMe because my daughter's high school team uses it for all communications with parents.
  • Hello 5/5

    By Scottloves2golf
    I use this for jobs, extra curricular activities, and more. It is very useful.
  • notifications 3/5

    By Sflgfwebgrxbjfchg
    the notifications don’t go away even after i open the messages.
  • Got spam in ap 1/5

    By MjrShopper
    Got a suspicious message saying that I won an iPhone 11 if I click on the link shown. Thankfully I know it is a scam. I took a screenshot of it.
  • 👌 5/5

    By chickennuggets👌
    I really love this app 😁
  • Trash 1/5

    By Ephraim smith
    It signs me out every time I open it and I have to get a verification code every time which makes communicating to people endlessly frustrating
  • Don’t like!!!! 1/5

    By DONT LIKE!!!!
    I don’t like this app there is no option to add a calendar it’s all news feed an way to confusing to follow
  • Very annoying 2/5

    By Seasalticecream
    This app’s notification badge is broken. It says I have unread messages even though I’ve read them all. I’ve tried refreshing and swiping on all the messages to mark them as read. I ve gone into my iPhone’s setting and turned off all notifications, waited a minute then turned it back on. I’ve even deleted the app and installed it again. But none of those things have fixed the problem. Sometimes going into the app’s setting silencing notification for 24 hour waiting and then turning notifications back on works, but honestly I shouldn’t have to be doing all this just to turn of a notification. Please fix this.
  • Unusable on iPhone due to crashes 1/5

    By rothbenj
    I am using an iPhone running IOS 13.3.1 and the app crashes on launch every single time I try to use it leaving me unable to so much as read my messages let alone send one.
  • Notifications gone 3/5

    By gamegirl7200
    Since the last update (Feb. 11, 2020), I have not been getting any notifications, and it takes about 30 seconds for chats to load and update when I open them individually. I have tried all of the suggestions in the help/support.

    By NoneForYouHiggins
    I just downloaded this app today, and created a brand new ID using my email. It verified my telephone number via text and then populated a TWO YEAR OLD text string from someone I don’t know (I’m assuming they had my number in 2018)!!!!! So any info you put into this app will be sent to a stranger if you change your telephone number and they sign up for a new account. BEWARE!!!!!!
  • Like it But... POP-UPS! 2/5

    By TinleyMom
    I use this app for communicating with my Scouts and their families for meetings, outings, etc. I generally like the app, but there have been “you’ve won an iPhone 11” pop ups, which are super annoying, and given that we use this app for kids, it’s kind of dangerous. I tried to visit the developer’s “help me” page but there’s no way to directly contact them to request that they correct the issue. So I resorted to a negative review instead, in hopes that it catches their attention and they do more to prevent those pop ups (that lock your screen, by the way).
  • Ice machine vendor 5/5

    By Gddjigdexbigfs
    We have a guy coming tomorrow to demonstrate an ice machine with chewable ice. Elise wants input from C2C. If anyone is available this Wednesday at 1045am to review it in the conference room we would greatly appreciate everyone’s input.
  • Phone Broke/No Support 1/5

    By Samhandz
    Hello my phone broke Now I am trying too log back into my account with approximately 12 groups........I can’t seem too find my account or if I did was my groups deleted? I was not told anything about that. There is no one too talk to about it either
  • Need a delete option 3/5

    By Lgbxfjbdguvfubchby
    GroupMe is in serious need of a delete message option.
  • Just needs 2 things 4/5

    By egbranum
    I love this app it works great to connect with people, but I really wish it offered calling and FaceTiming that would just make this a whole lot better!
  • Spam or phishing and mystery contacts 1/5

    By Uzique
    There doesn’t seem to be a direct way to block certain contacts that GroupMe thinks are in my address book. And I can’t block or delete the spam offer of a free phone either. First ever problems but no clear recourse to resolve them.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By The StewMaster
    Yeah Baby!!
  • Good app, but annoying notifications 4/5

    By m_neal
    I generally like group me—especially for large group messages where everyone may not know each other. It also works great for our family messages. There is an annoying quirk that I really wish would be fixed: when I open messages, the notification icon doesn’t disappear. I have to go into settings, turn off notifications for group me, then turn them back on... sometimes this does not even work. As a person who gets annoyed with unopened notifications, this really bugs me.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By awa123amazing!
    group me is great! i love being able to connect with my friends anywhere and anytime with any device.
  • Useful 5/5

    By mykeepie
    Nice app don’t change a thing
  • Perfect for family 5/5

    By Dosewallips
    We use this so we don’t post to the world all the baby pictures and personal jokes that go on in our family. The world would be bored to death.
  • Calendar 3/5

    By Comeon-already
    Please add a shared calendar feature!
  • 👍 5/5

    By calinus fimarticus
    Fast and easy - perfect communication tool
  • Possible violation of privacy? 1/5

    By Ciphon
    Hello GroupMe, Would you care to explain to me why I just received a scam prize drawing link from a “Group Support” user who has access to my full name and profile picture, is not on my contacts, and not able to be blocked? I see one of two possibilities: 1) This is an official GroupMe support account that somehow got hijacked and is sending out scam messages to people. Or maybe it wasn’t hijacked and you guys really are just selling out to shady business practices that your end users had not consented to? 2) This is not an official GroupMe page yet somehow is able to contact me, know my information, without being on my contacts and is unable to be blocked. In either case, someone who shouldn’t now has my full name and profile picture and is using it to attempt to mislead me into giving away more information about myself. So thanks Groupme, I now have 0 confidence in your data protection. So I ask again, how can this happen, and what will you do to stop it from happening in the future?
  • It’s a great app 4/5

    By Ochenduski
    The only problem is the notifications number doesn’t go away for a long time.

GroupMe app comments

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