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GroupMe App

GroupMe - A Home for All the Groups in Your Life. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Vacations. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. “Lifechanger.... utterly indispensable” -Gizmodo START CHATTING Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they don’t have the app, they can start chatting over SMS immediately. CONTROL NOTIFICATIONS You’re in charge! Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats. SAY MORE THAN WORDS With an extensive set of exclusive emoji, you can express yourself in a whole new way. THE WHOLE INTERNET IN YOUR GROUP Meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat. SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATER The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later. LEAVE TEXTING BEHIND With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. CHAT WHEREVER YOU ARE Including from your computer at Stay in touch whether you’re separated by a hallway or a hemisphere. Get your group together. We want to hear your feedback! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @GroupMe Facebook: Instagram: @GroupMe Love, Team GroupMe NOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Privacy Policy: Made with love in New York


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  • Rotation issue on ipad 1/5

    By Just 1 problem
    A few updates ago made it so when I have the ipad locked in landscape the app stays vertical until I either unlock rotation or go out of the app and reopen... Small issue but very annoying when you use the app frequently. Please please fix this! UPDATE Still haven't fixed the rotation issue so I took off a star. UPDATE They refuse to fix the rotation issue so I refuse to give anymore stars... Seems a fair trade... Right?
  • Needs more improvements made to Notifications 4/5

    By Euph Master
    Pretty good app. I’m just nitpicking one thing about the app that I wish they would make improvements to and that is the notifications. First and foremost can we get an option for it to just show that you’ve gotten a Group Me notification while on the lock screen and not display the message for the whole world to see? iMessage has this feature which I use all the time. I’m not a fan of people being able to pick up your phone and read through all of your conversations that they weren’t invited to. Also since this app was made for “groups” can we get an option where your phone won’t make noise and light up after every message in the same chat? It’s really obnoxious for it to just make your phone go off for a solid 30 Minutes straight or if you are working on your phone it will keep covering your screen and interrupting? I understand about the mute chat button but considering how many people use this app and because it’s meant for group chatting I think these thing would really be a good addition. I have notifications turned off for GroupMe for these reasons but I would like to turn them back on if some improvements can be made
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Chizzy365
    I highly recommend this app!

    By Player2446775336
    It would be so handy if you could send someone your location! Instead you have to use iMessage.
  • Would be 5 except for spam bots 4/5

    By Seattle lover 13
    The app works great for large group chats, like the one for my college’s freshman class. The only problem is that there is no function to report bots that join and spam the chat with advertisements. Please add a reporting function.
  • Please Add a full Calendar. 4/5

    By manny_jei
    I’d like to see a full calendar added, not just appointments
  • Profile Picture 4/5

    By jriegevG4925
    I don’t like how when I change my profile picture doesn’t change in the chats/Messages; what I mean is that it stays the old profile picture. Can you change that!!!
  • Location option issue 4/5

    By Corniche10
    The app crashes each time I try to add a location to a calendar event. Please fix
  • The chlamydia of messaging services 1/5

    By sonnypictures
    Fix your spam/hack/malicious malware problem.
  • Bug 1/5

    By Paianiket
    Can’t open the after after new update. Constant crashes and multiple resets of app. Pls fix
  • Need voice messages 2/5

    By TDH85
    I generally use WhatsApp, so I was disappointed when I tried to send a voice message on groupme and I found out I couldn't. Please implement this feature...thanks
  • Can’t see my group 1/5

    By mademoore
    I have been added to a group but can’t see it.
  • put group name withe message in notification 3/5

    By xoxokcbear
    PLS put the name of the group in the notification. i have so many groups and it's hard to keep track of what's going on through the notifications!
  • The Best App 5/5

    By Blocksdude
    So 😎
  • Bad compared to other messaging apps. 2/5

    By gsijdbwisjndj
    Groupme doesn’t allow me to send more than one picture at a time! This is incredibly annoying. When group me notifies me, it doesn’t tell me what group chat I’m receiving the text from.
  • Watch app would be great 5/5

    By Rey16848;9
    I actually love the app it’s sooooo helpful with work and things are awesome just some of us would love a watch app for it as well it would really help when we’re working on the floor and our bosses are messaging us we could be on the loop without having to look at our phones
  • Stop Kicking People Out of My Groups 2/5

    By Coach12345568
    Group Me is great for handling my team messages (I coach youth softball). However, parents keep getting kicked out for not “responding” in the group and it is a pain!!!!!!! Stop Kicking People Out of My Groups!
  • Scheduled Posts 5/5

    By Brooke Hunt
    Facebook lets you do this when you own a Facebook page and and it helps when you only need certain information to go out on a certain day or time! It would be great to have the option to schedule posts. For instance, sending out a schedule that is complete but doesn’t need to be posted for another few days or so and you’re able to just set up the post to send out automatically for whatever date/time it you need it posted. That would help out so much!
  • Creating a poll 1/5

    The app should allow me and anyone else in a chat to see who all has voted for the options in the poll. The inability to not see takes away the awesome-ness of a good poll amongst friends OR AT LEAST give the option to make the identity of those who voted private, while still allowing me or anyone to see who voted for what.
  • Cannot Truly Bloch People 1/5

    By StupidEffinNickname
    Why can’t I completely block someone? Even if we are in the same group they should not be able to read my messages!! Also, I cannot find out if they can see and be added to a group I own.
  • Not great for the nonposters 3/5

    By 1nickname9
    Using app for team chats which is great, but annoyed that you have to post periodically to stay in group. If I don’t want to be in the group, I can opt out. I want to hear everything the coach says but I don’t necessarily need to comment.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Master Grandpa
    It’s great!
  • Love staying connected! 5/5

    By Jen LPL
    Thanks for making it so easy to get important info out!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Awesome ratings for good apps
    Easy to use. Good way for teams/groups to stay in contact. Do not like you can’t delete conversation when it is over/not needed.

    By Chris Favale
    I love the app but for some reason I can’t add anyone to the group since this last update. Please fix this. Spread the word.
  • Functionality: Lacks A Few Very Basic Features... 1/5

    By I Know The Good From The Bad
    Can not duplicate or make recurring events. This makes it impossible to lay out a schedule for recurring meetings or events without having to go through and input each event one by one. It’s horrible. Still can’t create a poll that gives you the option of selecting more than one choice, or maybe even ranking the preferences. (For instance which tournament would you prefer to play in? Rank your first, second, and third choices.) No good calendar view available. It would be nice to be able to see a month view. It’s 2018!!! This app needs some work. I’m going to have to switch to Teamsnap.
  • Use it for church 5/5

    By gchow1
    I love this app because it makes it really easy to communicate with church small groups and church events.
  • Good app, but needs more features. 3/5

    By SpunkyBlonde
    I really like parts of this app. It’s fast, easy to use ‘ read (for the most part. I don’t like that it turns my posts into a slight blue haze that looks like the blue is sitting on top of the writing which makes it more difficult to see. Most message apps put the color boxes as background and the writing as foreground. This is needed here b/c it’s hard to read when everything looks grayed out. Another area that needs work is that it won’t up some some pdf’s. Most likely due to size. Lastly, it needs a more efficient way to upload & contain pics. Right now there is a separate post for each and every pic. This is a pain to read and to upload. The volume of pics is generally higher in a group text so it should be addressed. Overall it has a decent structure, easy to us, reliable and doesn’t crash, but needs tweaks in order for me to ever recommend it to other groups.
  • Splitting the bill 4/5

    By Noobieassassin
    What happened to the bill split feature?? Super helpful feature, and my group really needs it as an alternative to stupid Venmo.
  • Video Inconvenience 1/5

    By StarTrio
    The video max in too short. There shouldn’t be a such a short limit on the videos. The limit should be at least 5 to 10 minuets.
  • dislike button 1/5

    By Aaatoste
    yo can i get uhhhhh mf dislike button for stupid messages in the chat from john, zach, and mini meyers? thanks
  • Works well..but 4/5

    By jmusgra
    Really like the app. Just one suggestion.... why can’t you do recurring events when adding to the calendar?!?!?!? Our team practices Tuesday/Thursday weekly and I have to enter them individually...🤨. If you don’t want to deal with this and can stand an “Android feeling app” get “band” instead.
  • Blowing up everybody’s phone 1/5

    By fairfield Dukes
    This app would be really good if they did not send out so many group updates. Just because someone or the whole group doesn’t respond to a group message doesn’t mean everyone needs a text from the app telling us that. Get rid of the group updates and it would be a decent app.
  • New update? 1/5

    By MrMcNeill
    Can’t even see my conversations anymore since the update...
  • Zo 1/5

    By tbm217
    Alerting my phone for some BS called zo? Not cool
  • W 5/5

    By r. yyip
    wI Juleun
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Weezer396
    Don’t receive notifications at all when tagged. Will show number of messages regardless who sent them. iPhone 8.
  • Great but spam bots keep joining, PLEASE HELP! 2/5

    By mcfeld
    I use this app all the time and I love it, but recently a group of “essay bots” (idk what they are exactly) have joined basically every group I’m in and every single day they join a group and send, from different fake accounts, the same exact message about a free essay writing service. It would be great if in the settings of individual groups there was a way to block all messages that say a certain thing. This has been happening for weeks and is so annoying because you can remove them but a new one joins immediately after. Sorry I ranted, I love the app except for this part. Please help though!

    By _teiyaje
    Group me is a great app to contact employers or classmates in groups that do not have iPhones. But I just downloaded Groupme and the person before that had my phone number all her group chats, personal messages, and contacts are on here. I still get messages from her current contacts. There is no way for me to delete them. I have tried resetting and it’s still there. Groupme needs a update! I don’t want to be reading people’s messages and nor would I like her to read mine.
  • Use to love - no longer opens on iphone 1/5

    By Cyna Bunny
    I loved this app, helps a lot. But it no longer opens on the iphone 6s since the last two iphone updates. Will rate 5 stars again when its fixed.
  • Good App 4/5

    By ggc127
    App is convenient and easy to use. One suggestion: Add ability to create an event and add it to multiple groups
  • Great platform 5/5

    By RJDevon
    Easy to use and easy to reply
  • Great app, but something is not right! 3/5

    By Myoho2030
    GroupMe could be a great tool for fast communication among group members, however unless a member replies immediately, GroupMe stops sending messages to that member. Some of our group notifications do not require a reply, although a reply would let us know the members are indeed reading important messages, so in my opinion GroupMe should continue sending messages, and stop only at the member’s request! I hope this can be fix, so that we can enjoy using this app!
  • I like it 5/5

    By Retromolar2
    Wish it could handle videos longer than 30 seconds. Pretty prettttttyyy good otherwise. Feature request - when you hard press on the app it would be nice to be able to pick the group you want. Sometimes I’m not ready to read 90 texts. I want to go straight to another chat instead.
  • Kicking people out 1/5

    By Serendipity Nest
    This thing is constantly taking my sister out of the chat for not being active EVEN WHEN SHE IS ACTIVELY IN THE CONVERSATION. Seriously looking for a new app and I've had this for about 5 years.
  • It Worked For 2 Days 2/5

    By red_head_life
    So I am giving this a two star rating for a few reasons, first of all when I opened up the app to look at my chats I saw 3 chats that didn’t involve me whatsoever I didn’t even know the people! Second I was somehow deleted from the chat I needed to be in initially after 2 days of having the app. So that was terrible bc that chat was important and I am no longer able to use it :( And lastly another person on our chat said that is showed up on her messages instead of the actual app! So I don’t really recommend this find another app :(
  • Edit/post withdrawal would help 3/5

    By Charlotte137
    Biggest complaint is not being able to withdrawal or edit comments! Big issue! The administrator of the GroupMe is the only one who can remove comments and in my by taking the whole extensive group down
  • Please Add search capability in coversations 4/5

    By Natashab714
    I have been using groupme for years. I love the platform. I would love to see a search option in the group chat conversations.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Tmonson
    If the emojis were better than it would be perfect but you are able to have a group of infinite people which is nice
  • Asymmetrical Garbage 1/5

    By I really really hate you
    Two dirty cups with a string running between them would work better than this flaming sack of wet turds.

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