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  • Current Version: 5.6
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Groupon Merchant App

The new Groupon Merchant app puts powerful tools to manage your Groupon campaigns right at your fingertips. Use the Groupon Merchant app on your iPhone or iPad to: * Redeem Groupons by scanning them with your device's camera or entering the customer's name * Interact with customer feedback and share rave reviews on your social media pages * Track payments and access sales, redemption, and customer stats


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  • Bad!!! You loose money with Groupon 100% 1/5

    By Castranova
    I see that working with Groupon it’s not worth it , loose of money. They ask you to offer 40% discount and than they take another %40 from the price that you offer. Also people can get refunded with you knowing. It happens to me when customer used my service than he just asked for full refund so they give him back that’s mean I lost my item and time of service. Be aware of groupon!!!
  • Groupon has definitely changed... 1/5

    By Stlposhgirl
    I was a Groupon Merchant for over 2 years and was a top seller in my area. I was warned in the past that it wasn’t a good move to deal with Groupon but I felt differently and decided to go for it... It was a great tool to bring clients into my spa. I met several great people and was able to maintain quite a few as repeat clients... The problem came when I tried to scale back on Groupon a bit. Our calendar grew more and more tight and I contacted Merchant Center in order to pause our final deal for a while. My rep, Griffin, not only threatened to cancel my contract all together if I chose to “pause” the deal, and then later failed to even reduce the amount to be sold as we finally agreed to. The crazy part is that he even opened a deal back up that had been closed previously. I was told that Groupon had spent too much money promoting our deal for them to allow us to pause!! He also kept reiterating that I had an older contract and that I was being paid more than they paid newer accounts therefore my contract would be canceled out if I made any changes to my deal!... It almost felt like I was being punished for signing up sooner than the change and performing so well!!... My past reps were nice, accommodating and there was never an issue pausing a deal... I still don’t understand why Groupon refuses to empower their merchants with the ability to pause, stop or alter a deal via the merchant website without having to call and speak with a rep. It would definitely have made dealing with the company a lot easier... Also, please note that I was informed that their reps don’t have proper supervisors! Their supervisors can only make sure that you get a call back from your incompetent rep. There’s no way to go over their heads... My rep chose to allow me to cancel my contract with the company all together rather than temporarily pause our deal! I’m guessing the strategy was to get me out of my old (but better) contract at all cost! No consideration was given to our past, profitable relationship. You can choose to do business with this company if you like, but don’t say that no one warned you about their mob-like practices.... Groupon seems to only care about themselves now. No consideration is given to the provider and how much we sacrifice by deeply discounting our goods & services... Definitely deal with them at your own risk but you have been warned...
  • This is really really bad lesson to me !!! 1/5

    By very bad lesson
    Everybody think about that million times before making decisions. I discounted for pedicure& manicure from $35 to $28. So I redeemed 67 time $28=$1876 But I got the money into my business bank only $924 so I lost $952. I called the Groupon merchant agent asking for what happen ? !!!! They said this is for what I make agreement before I start the business. They try to explain me like this like that ...... ok ok the Groupon is right but so is this the way you take care the customer??? To me: don’t even take 1 star from but I have to put 1 star to my bad bad experience!!!! Be careful guys!!!
  • 👎🏼 1/5

    By Punk weisy
    This has been horrible for business. Produces Groupon hoppers. People who are just looking for quality but don’t want to pay for it or even tip you for it. Most grouponers do not tip. They usually do not return. These people are cheap at heart but looking for the best they can get for the cheapest possible rate. The app keeps crashing and it won’t even let me get to the merchant support which you can only email for. But they are quick to call you and try to set up another campaign and want you to offer even more services for even less. Its offensive And pretty un believable. I will be leaving Groupon ASAP.
  • Returns 1/5

    By cherokeenation124
    If you are A Groupon merchant get out why you’re still ahead. Cheaters and thieves own group on They will not allow you to return anything anything they say is a lie You would be much better off going to Amazon eBay or someone more reputable. I will never use Groupon again they are rotten to the core. A class-action suit needs to be filed against these Cheats and dishonest business practices
  • Mr. 1/5

    By FrankC132
    Tried to update, now App won't even open!
  • feels like its the mob 1/5

    By Biz O
    I would not suggest using! if you must because you are new just beware and cautious of course they take 50% off the top and other fees on top of that, they will put your already low price on constant flash sales and I even caught them making up their own campaign for my business for something not authorized at extremely low that’s crazy! You will get very very few loyal customers but most are groupon or living social hoppers looking for low low price not quality. I am constantly having problems redeeming vouchers off the app by customers name and of course groupon/(living social-owned by groupon) tells you every excuse under the sun.
  • Groupon is a scam 1/5

    By Njw219
    They take half your money and then when you do finally get paid, there’s a crap ton of payment adjustments! So, someone can buy your devices, you perform the services and then they contact Groupon and day they weren’t happy and then Groupon doesn’t ask you, just takes the money back and refunds them. HUGE SCAM AND WASTE OF MONEY
  • Worst customer service ever. 1/5

    By MuZuCuTe
    Worst customer service ever. I've been contacting Groupon for making a campaign but they are not even working on it.
  • Company is falling fast 1/5

    By DNutstuffer
    I’ve been a Groupon merchant customer for three years now. The first year we thought they did an OK job at promoting our business and selling our product. Just barely good enough to sign on for a second year. The second year we use them I actually thought they did a fantastic job at promoting and selling our product. I was very impressed, had great customer support, and excellent customer feedback. They even contacted me to remind me when it was time to renew the contract, and helped me through the entire process. It was actually the reason why we decided to stay with them. Here I am in the third year of business with Groupon merchant and I can’t even get someone to contact me back either via phone or email. They are more than three months late on activating our Groupon, which still is not active. They never once contacted us about renewing our contract for the third year. I had to painfully go through customer service rep after customer service rep just to get them started on it. We usually launch our Groupon in January, here it is now the end of March and we still don’t have our Groupon up and running. This company is steadily going downhill and I hear it from other customers as well.It’s a shame that a company can build themselves up on a great mutually beneficial platform with great customer service, only to let it go after they’ve achieve that. We will not be using Groupon merchant services ever again.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Volkana00988
    Worst service ever. They took your more than %50 And all market down all business down Don’t use Groupon they made extra discount over your profit and people think Groupon is awesome.
  • Do Not Use Groupon Merchant 1/5

    By Lashes by Lisa
    I had a campaign that paid 80% when sold and 20% once the voucher expired. They paid me the 80% but have not paid me the remaining 20%. Someone told them I was out of business which is not true and I have redeemed all the vouchers. They have nothing in writing from me saying I am out of business which is the requirement. They are making this my problem that they wrote off the remaining owed to me and still have not sent me my money.
  • Shame on Groupon 1/5

    By RockiB88
    If you don’t sell enough product you can use the app how stupid and biased. So basically your business means diddly squat to this major Corp, just like any other unless your bringing in big bucks. Will be switching platforms soon because I don’t support the business model groupon stands for.
  • This company is god awful. Run!! Save yourselves 1/5

    By Chin Shi Huang Di
    This company will not let me close my campaign nor will they close my account. I just get emails from stupid customer service people from South Asia who can’t understand basic English who lack the brains to fill an egg cup. It was an evil day the day I signed up with Groupon. I’m giving away services I should be selling for pennies on the dollar but I can’t change it. This company is the worst thing that ever happened to me. Save yourself and avoid getting a merchant account at all costs!
  • Marketing expense 4/5

    By Titanium Performance
    Don’t expect a huge return initially but if you’re good at what you do, you’ll retain people. We are a personal training studio and use Groupon in low volume times, works well for us! Groupon support team has been great as well. I highly recommend Groupon to get your name out there!
  • Never again 1/5

    By Motech28
    Groupon merchant center works sometimes. I had a problem with a client who booked the appointment a day before. She scheduled a time. I came to office the next day at scheduled time , she calls 10min in asking what time she is to arrive. I explained to her she knew what time because she was the one who set time and corrected me when I said pm instead of am . She tells me she overslept and would arrive 30 min later. I told her I could not do that the time is set specifically for a client. And if anything it would have to be another day . She hung up on me. I went to merchant center to enter Groupon code that I now get before client arrives because of scenarios like this. Groupon refunds her anyway. I told them I could no longer do waxing it was time consuming and waste of my time when someone doesn’t show and you refund them anyway.out of retaliation they also pulled massage campaign with out my knowledge . Although they asked if I would still be doing the massage campaign in which I replied yes. I have a perfect score on Groupon by the way . I treat clients with respect and ask for the same in return.
  • Incorrect and useless 1/5

    By MStar14
    The app doesn’t provide any accurate info. Must use a computer to access and current sales info. Needs an update ASAP. The info in the app is completely unrelated to my actual merchant account.

    By Ricodakidd
    I started using Groupon merchant stores some time mid 2017. I would sell New various apparel mostly name brand apparel I.e. adidas, Nike, etc... I would sell in vary small group trying to figure out how Groupon works and to see if it had value in its in use. Out of all items I’ve sold on Groupon I’ve never had a negative feedback or return. Now fast forward to December I log on to my merchant account and find it suspended. So I call Groupon to be informed that my account is suspended because I don’t sell enough to have a trusted reputation. So after developing a holiday sales campaign I get nailed to the floor by Groupon because I don’t sell enough for them to trust me. The crazy part is they sent this to me in a email, and I had to ask them were they being serious or just maybe misinformed and they assured me they weren’t joking. I was very disappointed because I had counted on those holiday sales. It’s just a bad business model they use and I want people to be informed that they can’t count on their Groupon store being open unless Groupon feels they’re worthy of staying open.
  • Feedback fix 1/5

    By Appleccs
    Couldn't see feedback for 4 star or below. Only can see 5 star.
  • Nothing works anymore 1/5

    By tinand86
    Ever since they merged with LivingSocial in June, I haven't been able to look up any vouchers, not by name or voucher number, can't even see what has been bought recently. Now to get any names or look up any vouchers at all, I have to go through safari, and that even logs me out so quickly too. Please fix these problems, I really liked how the app was before all this
  • Attendants app 4/5

    By Sparks0924
    Your app works well for me as the owner. But I'm not always at store. So it would be great if there was an attendant app that could verify paper Groupon's and see limited purchase history but not have any access to any income data. We text numbers now, but it's not instant like an app at the store. Please consider having this app created and made available. Thank you.
  • Better than nothing 3/5

    By Stargaz3r
    This new update removed the feature where we could redeem via the client's first four letters of their name. That feature was particularly handy as some of my clients forget to bring their Groupon voucher with them. Thanks for downgrading your features in the new update :/
  • What the hell 1/5

    By Emily420ismoke6marijuannas2day
    Terrible. Doesn't even work.
  • Never works 1/5

    By rabbate
    This App always has bugs! never works .... even when they release updates. Sigh
  • Expired vouchers 3/5

    By Cbmartins
    It would be great to be able to see when the vouchers have expired, as the desktop version allows
  • A Very VoiceOver Accessible App 5/5

    By MarkTheWave
    A special thanks to the developers of this marvelous tool for making it wonderfully accessible to the blind and low vision via VoiceOver, Apple’s software screen reading solution for the blind and low vision. Sincerely, Mark
  • New update renders this app useless 1/5

    By audiegirly
    Since the new update I am not able to redeem vouchers by using the customer's name. Also the main page usually stays blank. I've gotten in several times today and only twice did any of my stats come up and that was after waiting for awhile. Please fix! UPDATE: Two weeks later I am STILL unable to redeem vouchers by using the customer's name. When is someone going to fix this?!?!
  • Cannot redeem 1/5

    By shalaby100
    I cannot redeem vouchers after customer submit to us the deal , I end up calling customers trying asking them to call Groupon to be able to redeem (by Groupon request ) for now I stopped accepting Groupon in all my stores till this fixed, no mention I spent 9:54 on the phone with there customer service only to verify who I am, absolutely unacceptable.
  • Not enough 1/5

    By What'sthebigdeal?
    I am really disappointed in this app. It's missing so much. It needs to show who bought the app. Hair groupons need names for appointments. It would be nice to be able to edit some things. It's hard to talk to a rep and not being able to see what's going on.
  • HORRIBLE!! 1/5

    By Dianaax
    If I could give this app zero stars I would. This app is beyond slow and on top of that, it rests my password every 3 weeks! How am I supposed to rely on my employees redeeming these groupons if I have to constantly change the password?! Horrible. Just horrible.
  • Groupon is a scam ran by India 1/5

    By Werbcjdn
    I have not been paid by Groupon for services I provided to clients with Groupon vouchers. When I contact Groupon, I always reach someone in India who cannot help and can barely speak English. I have lost $150. Groupon made $300 from the sale of my services. Do not use Groupon. Use Google instead, they are honest.
  • Does not scan barcode on first try 3/5

    By SFEmperor
    The new upgrade does not scan the barcode on the first try, I get a message saying "unauthorized." Always scans properly on the second try.
  • Won't let me log in 1/5

    By DanielleMarianna
    I have checked multiple times; my shop's login info is correct and I can log in on the website, but not his app.
  • Sucky company 1/5

    By ArsenalLover27
    I have reached out to groupon merchant multiple times with no response from them. I have emailed and called atleast 5 times. I am not able to make a new campaign (groupon) since making my first one. What is wrong with these people? So incredibly rude. Not only do they take half your money but they won't even let me make any money because they won't return my calls. Will never use this company again to buy or sell. Thanks for nothing.

    By Harlita
    Groupon is the biggest scam. My taxes were completely wrong. And I haven't been compensated in over 3 months.they owe me somewhere around $4,000 at least. Trying to get a hold of anyone is a nightmare. I would definitely steer clear of this company. If this doesn't get resolved soon I will have to get my lawyer involved.
  • Worst in the market 1/5

    By Skenda1987
    They are the worst scam in the market right now.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ginkgo viciously
    Ever since the update I can't use the app at all. I open it and it instantly crashes.
  • Was ok at first now just horrible 2/5

    By Bonita_negrita
    When I first got this app it was perfect it kept track of everything as stated. I put a groupon up and paused it for a while then restarted the promotion the second go round It wasn't updating the proper amount redeemed. I also had a few reviews that I never saw until I went on the actual groupon website. Then all of a sudden the whole redeemed and units sold were at 0 so now I have no clue how many people are still coming and have came already to redeem them😑 please fix these issues.
  • owner 2/5

    By A&A window cleaning
    the new update is terrible. when you redeem a voucher it does not specify what the voucher is for. I.e. one or two story gutter cleaning. makes it hard to confirm what the customer purchased. needs to go back to the old way that specified what the customer bought.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Ntshf
    Can no longer scan barcodes, we have long lines now...
  • Needs fixing 3/5

    By Claudius Gollin
    At first when I started using it, it worked good. Then with the latest update, it has some bugs. Like redeeming codes by name. When you toggle by pressing the number thing it switching where you can redeem by name. First of all this is great but has two flaws that need fixing. First, when switch by press the number thing and want to redeem by name it brings up the number pad. Then when you press by number it brings up the keyboard and no number redemption. Needs some fixing. Please do with next update.
  • Many issues !! 5/5

    By Anna Chavez
    I don't understand why this app was released it has many issues and not functional at all!
  • Please Update 1/5

    By geeyonester
    My job gave us accounts to be able to redeem groupon vouchers with our phone so we can just move along the lines. It's a great concept but it doesn't show me a list of all the redeemed vouchers from that day. Living Social showed the voucher number, merchant name, and gave us the option to redeem vouchers when the customer accidentally marked it as used or would let us unredeem them. Groupon needs to update that so it'll show the voucher number and customers name at least.
  • Fails 1/5

    By Aliansari16
    Fails on when looking for reservation . Apart from that it is okay. But fix the fail on reservation and I will give it a better rating
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Jcaliaga
    Does not work with 9.0.2 on IPhone 6s Plus, won't detect the reader
  • Won't scan!!! 3/5

    By Cody Nova
    Please release an update for scanning. It takes forever and sometime it won't even scan the barcode.
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By Darkstar965
    I spent almost six months with this company and its was a horrible experience. instead of growing my own business, I had to spend all of my time checking and explaining all of my transactions. They freeze most of my transactions for long periods of time because they claim them to be suspicious and after it is frozen, they will make you do unnecessary paperwork to explain your transactions and they will try to keep your money for as long as possible. No more business with them!
  • Easy to redeem 3/5

    By Yaron&me
    The app makes it easy to redeem coupons but it needs many more features, like accessing average sales, or a specific sale, emails of customers, option to email a new promotion to your former customers. It's 2015 not 2008 make it wow!
  • Don't waste your time. Not even worth one star. 1/5

    By Baddixiedog
    The Groupon Merchants app is worthless if you plan to track your deals from your mobile device. I've had to reach out to the support group more than twice. The responses come back with basic instructions for rebooting that still don't help to sync up your account with the deal you're running.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By TXRedneck15
    Doesn’t work anymore. Manual transactions are not possible. No chance to type in credit card data. Deleted and then re-installed the app without success. Useless. The app developers are driving their merchants to Square. Don’t they test an app before they release it to the public? Very unprofessional. Had to finally delete it and go to Square.

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