Grubhub: Food Delivery

Grubhub: Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2023.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Grubhub: Food Delivery App

Food delivery right to your door. Choose from the largest selection of restaurants and amazing Perks with Grubhub. Find food and get fast food delivery from your favorite restaurants, from Applebee’s to Red Robin. Get restaurant deals and discounts, including $5 off an order of $15 or more with the promo code "GRUB5OFF15." From fast food to convenience store finds, Grubhub has what you need, instantly. Want to order food for takeout? We also offer curbside pickup. Order food from your favorite local spot, a restaurant with a little more fame, or a new place you want to try. Grubhub has the eats you’re looking for. Grubhub is dedicated to your safety. Order food with contact-free delivery to support your favorite restaurants while staying safe at home. Find new local deals and restaurant specials. Perks from Grubhub helps you find delivery deals and exclusive rewards that you’ll love! Get food discounts, free items and more from your favorite restaurants with Perks. Grubhub now gets you even better deals on food with Grubhub+! Order food and get exclusive Perks, unlimited free delivery from restaurants nearby and access to premium Grubhub features. Grubhub will even match your donations when you join Grubhub+! Join now for a 14-day free trial or get Grubhub+ for $9.99/month. What Grubhub offers: FOOD DELIVERY MADE EASY - Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation - Order food using the Grubhub app and avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes - Grubhub’s customer support is there for you 24/7 - Whether it’s Chinese food, Greek, Italian, or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered. - Food delivery from exclusive restaurant partners, so you’ll find that mom and pop shop AND the national spot you love. - Contact-free food delivery - Pay through a variety of options including credit cards, Grubhub gift cards and Venmo CONVENIENCE STORE FINDS - Fast delivery for anything you need - Quick grocery needs or household items can be found nearby LOCAL DEALS AND SPECIALS - Free delivery, exclusive Perks and more with Grubhub+ - Order food with exclusive deals - NEW Perks help you find up to $100 in deals and specials! - Earn cash rewards with Grubhub Points FOOD ORDERING OPTIONS - The Grubhub app provides lots of great features - Order food now or preorder your next meal - Takeout or delivery NO HIDDEN FEES - What you see is what you get: upfront pricing with no hidden fees RESTAURANT RATINGS AND REVIEWS - Grubhub has the most restaurant ratings & reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area FOOD DELIVERY WITH REAL-TIME TRACKING - Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal ORDER FOOD FROM THE LARGEST SELECTION OF RESTAURANTS Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love, including: - Applebee’s - Auntie Anne’s - BJ’s Restaurants - Buffalo Wild Wings - Burger King - Del Taco - Denny’s - Dunkin’ - Firehouse subs - Five Guys - IHOP - Jack in the Box - McDonalds (NYC only) - Panda Express - Panera - Red Robin - Shake Shack - Sonic - Taco Bell - White Castle - and many more! Ready to start ordering with Grubhub? • Download the app • Sign in or set up your account (you can even use Facebook) • Choose from your favorite restaurants or try something new • Pick your perfect meal • Enjoy a discount on your first order!

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Grubhub: Food Delivery app reviews

  • Missing food items/Tips 1/5

    By Nbafanla03
    I think we should be able to tip after we get our food instead of before. Because their have been times where I tip really good but my food either gets delivered to my neighbors house or food is missing. So my tip ends up going to somebody lazy.
  • I missed the drop down menu 4/5

    By Jay Walter
    I missed the drop down menu for the toppings. So, I ended up ordering a plain sandwich. ☹️
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By RubyGaming48
    Ordered, the food ended up getting delayed for a whole hour, driver ended up disappearing, and no new driver was set until another 30 minutes. As a high school student I want the food I paid for to come on time as I myself am limited on the time I can eat it as well as the fact I’m out in the heat ordering refreshments . Still sweating from the heat, the driver finally arrived with only a part of the order, not even the drink was there. When discussing with the driver, he was not informed of a drink. The cost for this type of service is overpriced as well. Reading the other reviews I’ve taken into account that they do not care about the customer and will immediately just send a copy paste to the reviewer. Seeing that the reviews are from years ago and nothing has changed proves that they do not care about the quality of their service. They most likely don’t even look at the whole review.
  • Great service 5/5

    By wellI'mtrying
    Very reliable, courteous.
  • Good as of Now 4/5

    By kowejoe
    Everything’s great so far, too early to fully judge it.
  • Stuff is cash money tbh 4/5

    By jesquivel12
    I rock with grubhub
  • Drivers are aweful / lazy illiterate people! 1/5

    By Piercedguy2011
    Grubhub drivers are the laziest people ever & it’s because Grubhub makes buyers tip at check out instead after the order so they have no reason to try! They never follow delivery instructions and so I’m constantly having to go find my food at other peoples doorstep because they can’t read an address either! I’m also positive that Grubhub is enabling illegal immigrants to work as the drivers I do encounter look nothing like their pictures. Picture of a young blonde guy name Steve jones but I have a 45 year old Hispanic male in my face who speaks no English and can’t read English which also means he definitely doesn’t have a valid license! Calling Grubhub is a total waste! You get people in 3rd world countries who also don’t understand English reading off a script and that will hang up on you the minute you ask for a manager! Entire order is wrong they offer you $5 on a $50 order (when the entire order is wrong!) And magically Grubhub guarantee doesn’t cover the biggest issue with Grubhub, restaurants canceling your order for no valid reason 30+ min after you place it so you sit and wait for your food only to find out it’s not coming while your money is now tied up and Grubhub says sorry doesn’t qualify for guarantee because it was canceled even though it never showed & for many people they don’t always have the available funds to place two orders in one night n wait 2 days for a refund! We are canceling Grubhub and never using it again! They have no respect for customers!
  • Good 5/5

    By Chris Crash Mensching
  • Easy, quick, accurate, no bugs or crashes 5/5

    By ijreilly
    Easy to use, accurate
  • Worst app out there 1/5

    By KaZ3shInI7_
    Customer service and delivery drivers are incompetent. Very frequently I do not receive my orders and end up canceling them. Stay away at all costs!
  • Reward system 1/5

    By Pllllll0
    Horrible reward system you can’t use your $10 gh cash reward on delivery when it’s a delivery app
  • Deliver fee is too high 3/5

    By Mma&BxrGurl
    Delivery fee is to high (IMO,) once you add the tip, you're paying way more than is reasonable.
  • Confusing 2/5

    By duck war
    I feel like they try to make you choose the wrong store on purpose they make it so confusing. I also don’t like how this app doesn’t support live activities which would make it easier to keep track of order status.
  • App often fails to load on Wifi 1/5

    By lichessReviewer
    I’m on a university campus and Grubhub has a terrible interface for switching between on-campus and off-campus locations. On top of that, the app often fails to load (5 times today when I tried to open it) restaurants. In comparison to other popular apps, this is one of the most amateurish I’ve seen in terms of connectivity issues.
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By CraigNJen
    I don't understand how this company is still is business when every restaurant seems to "close" around 8:30 p.m. Nonetheless, I've tried using this app because of its free Amazon ties. Never again. A few weeks ago, the driver delivered my food across the street to a a neighbor's house while I literally stood outside with my arms open and mouth agape as I motioned that they had the wrong house. The driver drove off anyway. This neighbor isn't very friendly so it was super awkward to go into their porch and have a "lovely" interaction with them asking for my food. Once my food was in hand, I immediately logged onto GrubHub to alert them to the mishap. The customer service representative was robotic in responses, didn't seem to care for my plight, copy/pasted questions that I had already answered in detail, and in the end ... offered me a whopping $5 to make me go away. FIVE DOLLARS for my food being delivered to the wrong house, an unwanted interruption with my neighbor, cold food, and rude customer service. The clencher? GRUBHUB NEVER EVEN GAVE ME THE DADGUM REFUND!!!! Goodbye, GrubHub. I'll be sure to remove you from my Amazon account as I delete your app. P.S. Your customers may actually want to order food late at night, like past 8:30 p.m. Shocker 🙄
  • Easy 5/5

    By Condopat
    Very easy change or cancel delivery. Pleasant prompt customer chat
  • My Grubhub suddenly not working and I redownloaded but it still cannot link to my campus dining 3/5

    By Wieversss
    Have no idea what is going on with the app and it disturbs me to have lunch on time.
  • Grubhub in me tummy tub 5/5

    By Jim Bo the ho
  • My review. 1/5

    By yuhherddd
    My bank info has been verifying for over two weeks. I’ve called multiple times and have received zero help. I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I don’t think the people understand what I’m saying… I really hope you guys figure you’re own app out.
  • Outrageous fees 1/5

    By Non-gamer chick
    The food order was under $50. With all of Grubhub fees it was $75. Crazy. I know - if I can’t afford it, don’t order. But that does change how much of a rip off this app is.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By iaj255
    My order was marked delivered, when I inquired the driver through the app he cursed at me and told me to contact the restaurant. I called customer service said they would get my food to me in 40 minutes( originally 20 minutes when I first ordered). I cancelled my order and as an apology they offered me two months of a service I already have through Amazon, I cancelled my account and will never use them again.
  • DesMoines Public House 5/5

    By Jungleroma
    What a pleasant surprise this little GEM turned out to be! Everything sounds delicious & I’ll probably end up trying them all! The chicken fries rice was AMAZING!
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By farmboy7753
  • Easy 5/5

    By burgerlover82
    Easy to use app, you know when your food will be ready.
  • Make Sure You’re Not A Bot 1/5

    By JefferyT51
    This app is borderline unusable for how often it asks you to confirm you’re not a bot. Open a search? Confirm you’re not a bot. Reload the page? Confirm again. Just I pen the app? Confirm again. Sometimes it’ll give them to you back to back in an endless loop of confirmations. I’m a human! I just want to order some food! Knock it off, Grubhub!
  • No pair and save for tropical smoothie ! 3/5

    By annette0118diaz
    I like grubhub it's okay only reason i use it is because my job gives us $100 a year to use on it but i noticed when ordering tropical smoothie it doesn't have the "pair and save"option. I would be better off using the actual tropical smoothie app instead of this (which i do) because instead of 12.something for a drink and food item i have to pay 20 for both because it's not giving the option for the meal. unacceptable.
  • Every order is a gamble. 1/5

    By musica recreat animæ
    A high fee for food that is mostly late? I think I’m canceling. It’s not worthy.
  • Do not ever deliver on time! 1/5

    By mel26368
    The drivers will pick up multiple orders and then drop off your food late. They give you a eta and it can be over an hour to two hours later so ETA is a waste. They will offer you $10 as a sorry to use on your next order. Once you place an order you can’t cancel it. It’s unfair to the restaurants and to us! Multiple times this happens. I’ve chosen not to use this app. Do not rely on this if you’re working you will go without a lunch!!!!
  • Slowest Delivery Service 3/5

    By meg625
    It’s fine but don’t use it if you’re hungry. I’ve never had a delivery take less than an hour and 20 minutes no matter the traffic situation or restaurant. Also expect to reheat your food when it arrives.
  • Food Missing 1/5

    By Bethereal579
    GrubHub deliverer is not good, always has a missing item
  • Best Food App by far! 5/5

    By alissiaC22
    Grub hub is always on point!
  • We never get what we order 1/5

    By Delanir
    I understand that it could be the restaurant’s fault, but 5 consecutive times from different restaurants we have not received our full order, and just simply being reimbursed for the missing items isn’t enough anymore. Something needs to change. We’ll never use Grubhub again unless something effective happens… like if our driver is allowed to check and make sure all of the food we ordered is accounted for. We normally wait an hour to an hour and a half for our food to arrive, so finally when food arrives and one of us is missing our entree or an appetizer, it’s pretty frustrating… and 5 consecutive times??? Are we kidding? It feels like it’s done on purpose at this point.
  • Prices seem higher when grub hubbed 3/5

    By m71899odat
    Seems to be quite a bit more expensive to grub hub as opposed to eating in restaurant. Feeding three people plus tip delivered is 98 bucks! Eating in with three people was just over 70 bucks. Slightly different items ordered and we had beverages in the restaurant. Just an observation at this point. Going to check it out more closely.
  • Worst customer service team ever experienced 1/5

    By Freshprinceofbethel
    This app is really poorly designed, the menus do not flow and it is laggy, glitchy, and has hundreds if not thousands of restaurants and menu items that literally do not exist. If you unfortunately end up ordering food from one of these ghost restaurants you lose all your money, get no food, and get the most rude customer support ever experienced. In particular the customer service representative named Jerse C. Was as rude as a human could possibly be to another, was making fun of my language and was telling me they were not going to help me because I was upset. I will NEVER not in 10,000,000 years EVER order food from GrubHub ever again. 0/10 worst customer service, 0/10 restaurants that do not exist.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Brishields
    GrubHub is a poor man’s version of DoorDash. They send you a discount codes that you can’t use on their website unless you call into the call center in the Philippines and hang out for half an hour on hold. Just stick with DoorDash.
  • Great Options, Great Service 5/5

    By PowerPC700
    I must order from Grubhub 3X per week all year round. In the past 2 years, I have only had maybe 4 issues with a local restaurant here or there. Grubhub has corrected every issue in a very timely and accommodating manner. That means more to me than anything.
  • Complacent and incompetent 1/5

    By Sfpirate
    I have placed tens of orders on Grubhub. 95% of the time it doesn’t work as expected, and I’m pretty sure they don’t ever use their own product or they’d know the user experience is horrible. There’s a bug where you pick a restaurant perk Grubhub provides, with a certain total. Then you go to the checkout to pay and it charges you full price or uses the cheapest perk instead of what you applied. I have reported this bug tens of times over the course of a year. Each time I order, I have to spend 2 hours on chat to either get a refund or get a human to apply the perk. It’s ridiculous and the shareholders should definitely question the quality of the support and operating team and whether any department talks to any other department. You’re losing money and customers, fix simple bugs! Especially when you see them escalated ten times in a row!
  • Too many fees 3/5

    By Monroeb
    I certainly like the convenance, and when I am hungry with little time to mess with other options, I use you. But with multiple fees and tip, you folks practically double the expense of eating. So, do you make more by an every now and then customer, or would you do better on less fee and more volume?
  • Anti-consumer across the board 1/5

    By (..--..)
    I’ve stopped using Grubhub, despite a free premium membership from Amazon Prime, because: (1) prices are deceptively inflated at most restaurants (2) a few deliveries in a row, drivers have taken other orders and delivered mine late & cold (3) when I last placed a pickup order, I wasted an hour driving to a restaurant that turned out to be closed (4) customer service repeatedly fails to do the things they promise to (e.g., like issuing credits when things go wrong)
  • Best pizza taste 5/5

    By Ycasanova1
    Every bite is like cheese flavor bliss with favorable toppings
  • Last order never arrived 1/5

    By Abby hates the drama
    I placed an order and I never received it customer service apologies and says they will give a credit but I never received the credit of 10 for them blowing me off I received a response from customer service and the link goes nowhere don’t use Grubhub they will lie to you and not fix issues
  • Not reliable. 1/5

    By Zgkfkovnxnd
    I never got my food and the driver can’t be reached. Possibly I’ll get a refund, but my stomach just wants food.
  • The latest update killed location services 2/5

    By campyguy
    I keep getting the verify that I am not a robot and I can’t be located. Please fix this! The latest update doesn’t work properly.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By 16lax16
    I placed an order last night that their driver delivered to the wrong place. I contacted GrubHub help and was told that they cannot issue a refund and I was pretty much screwed. So I’m out $40 that they refuse to refund based off their drivers mistake. This is not the first time it’s happened. I’ll stick with Door Dash, they’ve never given me any problems at all.
  • App is user-friendly, but delivery time is lengthy 3/5

    By KayCeeEmm
    Pros: The app itself is pretty user-friendly, and it seems as though the pricing on a lot of items I typically order through doordash are a bit less expensive. Cons: I made my first order with GrubHub last night and the time it took from submitting my order to the actual delivery was pretty long. Noticeably longer than Doordash or UberEats. Also, again regarding my first order, there were missing items. I will say, after contacting customer service to report this- they swiftly handled it and assured me I’d be refunded for the missing items. All-in-all, I’d say this is a good delivery service and I’d recommend giving it a try
  • Weed flurry 1/5

    By Saragolds
    I got a mc flurry and it smelled like weed and even had weed in the bag like wth
  • Gift cards 1/5

    By Yoababana
    You guys really need to figure out the situation with these gift cards. Ive tried multiple times to use mine and its always asking for a 17 digit number when its only 16. Something needs to be done
  • Good 5/5

    By Fruiit Io0p
    Great so far
  • Your coupon is misleading and worthless 1/5

    By ridiculousity
    Your coupon for 20% of orders over 15$ is misleading. It does say in the very fine print at the bottom...on your order up to $5.00, but that's a pretty worthless deal. I did order something this evening because I'd already put a bunch of stuff in my cart but didn't realize I wasn't going to get a better discount until I checked out. I'm deleting this crappy app after my order comes. Even Uber eats is better they at least regularly provide 15$ off. Super misleading and I'll never use grub hub again.