Grubhub: Local Food Delivery

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2020.26
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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery App

With the largest selection of restaurants, Grubhub delivers your favorite foods to your door. Order with a few simple taps in the iOS Grubhub app and get the restaurants you love, delivered. Feel like getting out for a bit? Great! We also offer pickup for takeout orders. Whether it’s your favorite local spot, a restaurant with a little more fame, or a new place to try while traveling, Grubhub’s got the eats you’re looking for. Join Grubhub+ and get unlimited free delivery from restaurants nearby, 10% Cashback, access to our Elite Care team and so much more! Plus, Grubhub will match any donations Grubhub+ members make to No Kid Hungry, so you can double your community impact. Try Grubhub+ free for 14 days. After that, it’s $9.99/month. Wondering what your next meal could be? Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love. Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cinnabon, Denny’s, KFC, McDonalds (NYC only), Pizza Hut, Potbelly, Taco Bell and more are just a tap away. Here’s a little taste of the foods, local flavors, and cuisines you should be excited about: burgers, donuts, pizza, sushi, pho, wings, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, vegan, vegetarian and more! Order takeout or delivery and get exclusive Grubhub deals. Download today! What Grubhub offers: THE MOST RESTAURANTS - Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation! - Whether it’s Chinese, Greek, Italian, or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered. - With exclusive local restaurant partners like Taco Bell and McDonalds, you’ll find that mom and pop shop AND the national spot you love. EASY TAKEOUT ORDERS - When you order using the iOS app, you'll avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes. - You can also count on Grubhub’s 24/7 customer support. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING - Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal. MULTIPLE ORDERING OPTIONS - The Grubhub app provides lots of great features. - Order now or preorder your next meal. - Re-order your favorite meals with a tap. - Order takeout and pick up your meal to save time and money. - Pay through a variety of options including Apple Pay, Venmo and Grubhub gift cards. DEALS AND SPECIALS - Gain access to exclusive benefits only available through Grubhub+ QUALITY RATINGS AND REVIEWS - Grubhub has lots and lots of restaurant ratings and reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area. - Review the restaurants and menus you try to help other Grubhub customers. Order the eats you love from local restaurants near you. Download Grubhub now! Ready to start ordering with Grubhub? Great! Here’s what to do next: • Download the app • Sign in or set up your account (you can even use Facebook) • Choose from your favorite restaurants or try something new • Pick your perfect meal We suggest you post up with your mates and order your next food delivery in some of these Grubhub cities: Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC Just in case you needed a few more reasons to get into Grubhub, here are some rave reviews: • “I love that I can order food while laying on the couch. Grubhub strikes again!!” - @DrFlunkenstein • “Thank god for @Grubhub. The delivery guy and I are going to be the best of friends” - @beatz6 • “Just when I thought I was ready to be an adult and cook, Grubhub” - @kima_jones • “@Grubhub is becoming VERY familiar with my food preferences. I love this app!” - @madelinedenise Free delivery terms: Must be a first-time Grubhub diner; offer limited to one use per diner. Order must be $15.00, before tax, tip and fees. Discount is capped at $5.00 off your order. Valid for Delivery orders only.

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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery app reviews

  • Absolute garbage. Wasted 3 hours of my life and no food. 1/5

    By nshsksiosjkxkxiowoa
    I ordered from grub hub and my driver never showed up with my food. I was given a refund and time to reorder my food. No biggie, I’m sure this happens sometimes so I reordered my food. The restaurant was confused about the duplicate order and they never remade my food. They canceled the order and gave me a refund, but after now almost 3 hours from when i placed my initial order and after I spent well over an hour on the phone with Grubhub the restaurant closed for the evening. This is totally unacceptable. Do better.

    By JakeraS
    I love to use Grubhub but I wish they gave the restaurant a filter for their menus. Especially those with a lot of options
  • Absolutely awful service 1/5

    By msmom12
    I’ve ordered twice from grub hub, both times from fast food restaurants, neither orders were delivered on time. The order I placed tonight has supposedly been “cooking” since 8:25 pm, it’s already been an hour. This happened the last time I ordered from them as well! I finally cancelled the order from tonight and I’ve deleted the app. I refuse to ever order from this ridiculous app EVER AGAIN.
  • Terrible company don’t use them 1/5

    By Syd the kid123456789
    I ordered food from this company and the driver cancelled my order and when I called them the customer service rep said the driver tried to call me, which they didn’t, because the restaurant couldn’t make an item on my order and since I didn’t answer the didn’t make it so that’s why they cancelled it. She reassured me that if I reordered my food that I would get it so I reordered and waited. The second driver called and said that they already sent my order out, which by the way it was a brand new order, and they refused to make it even though I told him it was a completely brand new order. He hung up on me and then I waited yet another hour and a half, by this point it’s been 2 hours and when I called him an hour later after I noticed it was marked delivered asking him where my food was he said it was already delivered by the first driver, which was bs, and it wasn’t his problem and that “it wasn’t a u and I issue and to call grub hub” which I had talked to hours earlier. He hung up on me again and grub hub wouldn’t help and I had to dispute the charge. It was 11:00pm by this point and I had no dinner cause of all this. It was over $50 of food just gone. If I could give negative stars I would. Don’t get this app and don’t use this company! Deleted the app and haven’t used them since
  • Random 2/5

    By Justin L. M.
    You might get your food, you might not. You will definitely pay more for the convenience of this uncertainty.
  • Worst Delivery Service Ever 1/5

    By vhm82
    The only two times I have used GrubHub, I’ve ordered via the app, received an email stating my order had been confirmed with the restaurant, and then at the delivery time was notified that the order was cancelled. One of them was a pre-order and the order was placed 6 hours ahead of the delivery time and I was notified at delivery time that the restaurant was closed that day.
  • I*!7 2/5

    By FinniganLevi
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  • Deliveries 5/5

    By RichardRol
    Efficient,honest and fun!
  • Pay for food you don’t receive 1/5

    By Theonewhoknocks377
    If you order food that is never delivered you still must pay for it. You will be forced to use the credit card company to dispute charges for deliveries that are never made.
  • Took a 5min deliver almost an hour 1/5

    By djdifwjdifjnjxi184847
    This has happened twice with GrubHub not just once. The drivers take so long to deliver a food that could take me 20min both ways if I walked. Go with Uber Eats
  • First order 1/5

    By Teedixon3
    The code for the first order did not work
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Aeversa
    Seriously hate this app. I had the same issues the first few times I used this app and took a long break from it. The food delivery business has been getting better in my area so decided to give it another chance. And it’s just as bad as before!! Just like others, your estimated time is never the actual time you should expect your food. It WILL get pushed back and back and back... until you’ve been waiting crazy times to maybe hopefully get cold food...Why am I waiting over an hour for a place that is 5 minutes from my house, and this entire time a driver has yet to even pick up my food yet! Deleting this app today!
  • Refund 1/5

    By Better than the radio
    I was led to believe I was getting a 50% discount after bad service…I asked specifically if it was 50%, it was only 15%…scam and I will. E sure to notify everyone on social media as to your deception …and obviously keep records for my attorney
  • High Price 2/5

    By trchat
    Prices are marked UP. On top of that they charge a delivery fee. Tip for the driver on top of that. Tip calculated on marked up food + tax + delivery. That’s outrageous !
  • GrubHub is DOPE 5/5

    By beebopdaboodap
    Love it! The best!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Lennonsblue
    First time I used the service the driver never went near the restaurant and drove away from my house and restaurant. I’ll never attempt to use again
  • Not good 1/5

    By jesskayekyler
    Ordered food for first time yesterday and missing almost all of it like someone would of eaten it 🤬 ordered again just now let’s hope this ain’t the same
  • Personally... 5/5

    By HaitianBlick
    Great. Innovative. Consistent .
  • Don’t order. Drivers will tamper and eat your food 1/5

    By soledad1998
    I never had a problem until I was delivered my food today and the bun was off the burger and it was a scattered mess. Also one end of the burger was soggy. The women didn’t even get out of the car to deliver it. Her ugly kid did .
  • Fix 3/5

    By kyng1202
    Most times my food arrives 1 hr after being out for delivery
  • SMH 1/5

    By ujustdontwantthistopost
    Too many canceled orders. And drivers always forget condiments or sodas. I don’t mind paying convenience just make sure it’s convenient
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By Gabby flabby dabby
    Not sure if there just so happens to be SOOO little drivers near me, but this app has let me down SO many times. Not only will they force a person who is almost an hour away to pick up your order, BUT since their so far it comes melted, or cold. They will always give you your money back if it is, but why have such a flawed system? Not only do your customers end up getting free food, but the food they receive and pay OUTRAGEOUS taxes on to keep grubhub “working” is barely up to par. I literally only have this app to order dunkin.
  • McDonald’s/grubhub 3/5

    By grubby2.0
    They are delivering on DoorDash this late.... why does it say the store is closed on your app
  • Best Food in the Bronx 5/5

    By Adam718R
    The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price. We highly recommend it.
  • No more $10 cashback for membership 1/5

    By hanumandrew
    No more $10 cashback for every $100 spent, y’all are lame, cancelling my membership. Will look into Uber, postmates or DoorDash now:
  • More security 3/5

    By Annie51086
    Please add an option for users for two factor authentication. It was way too easy for someone to get into my account without my consent, change my email address, phone number and address and place an order using my saved payment information. I never got anything to confirm a change to my email address. I only got an email confirming after my email address was changed which meant I couldn’t log in or recover my account so I could remove any saved payment information. Thankfully customer service was able to assist and prevent any further charges, but please make the app more secure.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By EmanDreamMan
    I placed an order and the idiot picked up the wrong thing. I’m here trying to get them to send him back to pick it up since it was done and apparently they can’t do that even though the food is paid for. Such a pathetic service.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Lefthandedsecret
    Downloading this app will ultimately result is you becoming angry at Grubhub’s lack of customer service.
  • Cheap s company 1/5

    By VV1nson
    I have never had such as terrible experience with any delivery app. They offer you $10 off when you refer a friend and he place his first order, LIES. We followed all the steps and the promo code never appeared. Also, when I was placing an order, they wait I put all my information(including credit card information) to in the end tell me they don’t delivery to my place. Such an inefficient app. Horrible experience and I’m not the only one who complaints about this app, I have already read many other bad reviews about this app.
  • Terrible!!! 1/5

    By grub hub victim
    It took over an hour for the food to arrive, the order was missing my kids food, and what did make it was ice cold. I contacted grub hub and the guy had me on hold for 15 minutes and then hung up on me. I called back and was given a refund that will take 3-5 business days. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM GRUB HUB AGAIN! I would suggest post mates to anyone looking for dependable deliveries.
  • I loved it! It Is amazing 5/5

    By Beca2020
    Best service in Miami !
  • Use other apps 1/5

    By AbdulAlmalki
    The stupidest delivery app by far
  • Address change 2/5

    By crystal9381
    I find it inconvenient that if I submit the wrong address and notice it immediately I can edit it the mistake was as simple as I typed in 319 and it was 315
  • Maurice was great 5/5

    By DevanDee
    Wonderful delivery driver prompt friendly texted when our delivery had been set by the door. Thank you Maurice.
  • Bomb ass, dank ass 5/5

    By tsain94
    No cap. Never dat.
  • Easy process 5/5

    By NavFarm
    The process is simple. Food has been great!
  • Doesn’t work in rock springs Wyoming 1/5

    By katelee20
    It’s a small town. I downloaded the app for the first time bcuz I read that they accept cash as payments. But unfortunately they couldn’t “find any restaurants near me? When I’m surrounded by restaurants(I’m working). So I just deleted the app. Waste of time.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Suzzanna Courtney
    Very fast and professional!!
  • This is my second time using this app! 5/5

    By AznDelite
    So far loving this app especially over the other competition delivery services! This is my second time ever using this app and second time using them this week!!! Lol so that says a lot. But this app has so many more choices...cheaper delivery fees from certain restaurants and I love the pre-ordering for a time for delivery option! For a new mom this is great!
  • 8 burger Miami 1/5

    By PDT33602
    You allow restaurants like this to cancel orders and make zero actions to notify customer and make things right. Shame on 8 burger and Grubhub for allowing this
  • Love it 5/5

    By Vern B 215
    Very convenient. Delivery guys has been good. Food is hot Love Grubhub. Never had a issue.
  • Timely 5/5

    By snake grizzly
    I love the app over many others because my food is delivered timely and hot! Which is such a big deal to me. Thanks GH. Please improve the way the app recognizes if restaurants deliver to my location. I’ve attempted to place large orders just to find out certain places won’t deliver. Thank you.
  • Awesome sauce 5/5

    By rrhood20
    Great that we can get food in the boonies
  • Prime Burger is terrific 5/5

    By Ramiller1370
    Great burger and love supporting our local restaurants!!!
  • Orders will be randomly canceled 1/5

    By nezha_singh
    Made a pickup order, and it is randomly canceled after I am on my way to restaurant, proceed to immediately to make same order with DoorDash with no issue. This suggests issue is definitely on their side. This issue has happened multiple times where orders are cancelled without reasonable explaination. (Ironically in both a text message and the app it tells you to check your email for further detail, but then no actual details in the email either)
  • Really great, a few ways to improve 4/5

    By Digijock
    I really enjoy using the service. It’s very easy to use, and the app remembers your recent orders which is very convenient for reordering later. The delivery fees can vary from quite low to a bit too much, but I’ll just usually stick to the more reasonable choices. The delivery time estimates are amazingly accurate. Never had a bad experience. Also, the live tracking map is quite a cool feature. I wish more of my favorite restaurants were available, though. And, the menus available in the app are often considerably truncated in silly ways (like having only a small when I know there are two or more sizes). Aside from those nitpicks, I love Grubhub.
  • God is it horrible 1/5

    By vzgt666
    Canceled my order without explanation, and no notification on the main screen. I have to click help to see that the order’s bee canceled. The driver doesn’t know either and only the restaurant does. God, horrible.
  • stole my food 1/5

    By uchyuujin
    the driver stole my edamame from my sushi order and I only noticed when I started going to pick it up myself. the first time I got that order was through grubhub, so I didn't notice anything was wrong.
  • Delivery workers! 5/5

    By sᏦᎽsᏦᎽ🌌
    Everyone, it is NOT the app’s fault that your food comes late, gets lost, etc. That is the DRIVERS fault. Every single experience i’ve had on this app was AMAZING with excellent service. But at the same time, you don’t know how the drivers are as people so they may have troubles. It is THEIR job to follow directions and be professional. The app can not manage what every single driver does. But they’re people too, they’re not robots. The delivery fees are so cheap and affordable! Troubles may occur. That’s with ANY delivery service. So stop hating on small stupid things the app can’t fix in 5 seconds and grow up. Nothing is perfect. THIS APP IS AMAZING.

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery app comments

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