GSN Grand Casino: Slots Games

GSN Grand Casino: Slots Games

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  • Current Version: 2.16.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Game Show Network
  • Compatibility: Android
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GSN Grand Casino: Slots Games App

GSN invites you to the GRAND OPENING of the most dazzling online casino around featuring slot machines, free poker games and video bingo all in one amazing REAL casino app! Step inside, grab a glass of champagne and immerse yourself in the intoxicating Las Vegas spirit of your favorite Vegas casino games where the BIG WINS never stop! The most realistic casino experience ever Enter GSN’s Grand Casino and enjoy the ultimate REAL 777 casino experience which caters to your every Las Vegas need! In the mood for slots games? Try our exciting FREE slot machines featuring America’s favorite TV game shows: Deal or no Deal slots and the ORIGINAL Wheel of Fortune slots! Want even more? Pick your poison from an extraordinary variety of even more Vegas slots, bingo games and video poker! Play Grand Casino today, and feel like you’re entering the lobby of a real casino! Try your luck with these extraordinary features: • Install today and collect 10,000 FREE coins as a welcome bonus • Collect DAILY bonuses with our Daily Bonus Wheel • Winner Rush participate in this daily slots competition: Spin your way into the leaderboard to win bonus coins • More than 90 FREE online casino levels waiting for you to spin and WIN • CONSTANTLY unlock New Casino games and online slot machines • Endless ways to collect BIG casino bonuses Your favorite classic slot games in one incredible online casino: • Suit up for Millionaire Machine GSN’s most exciting jackpot ever! • Pull the lever on the best fruit machines with GSN’s original DEAL OR NO DEAL Slots and WHEEL OF FORTUNE slots • Saddle up and play the wild AMERICAN BUFFALO free slot machines • Play glittering lucky 777 slots with DIAMOND ROYALE • Dance the night away with the thrilling JACKPOT BOOGIE slots And so many more free online slots games coming your way… Not your ordinary Vegas Casino! Had your share of our hot slots? The thrill doesn’t end there! GSN Grand Casino offers thrilling card games and video bingo games featuring Mondo. Show off your casino poker skills with the best video poker games around including Deuces Wild, Outlaw Video Poker and Classic Video Poker. What are you waiting for? Install our free slot machines and casino games app today and see what everyone’s been talking about! Questions? Suggestions? * The games are intended for an adult audience. * The games do not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. * Past success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at ‘’real money gambling’’. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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GSN Grand Casino: Slots Games app reviews

  • Okay, but takes coins 3/5

    By Unhappy Casino Player
    I love playing the GSN games! Especially the Wheel of Fortune game. But... the game steals your chips. I logged out from playing Wheel of Fortune with 10 MILLION chips, but when I returned it only gave me 53000 chips! How does that happen???? But besides that it’s a really fun game to play! If that problem was fixed I would give it 5 stars!
  • GSN grand casino 1/5

    By wopwop wop
    So yesterday you guys had spin 300 times in Precious 777 s to win $49.99 worth of tokens... I spun over 500 times and didn’t get anything yesterday or today .... Why do you guys scam us like this ?.. And also , why doesn’t your daily bonus wheel spin all the way ??? More scams with that one too ... And also yesterday all of your games were crashing. Made me lose millions just like that .... You guys need to be generous like other apps out there ....
  • Low chance of winning 1/5

    By grobey9468
    Low chance of winning and the daily spin results are always the lowest amounts.
  • Don’t love whoever owns this app 1/5

    By mallorin215!
    Again and again you take advantage of what we love to play and charging so much money . I’ve paid a lot to play, and in this terrible time, you give pennies how many times do I have to say the same thing. We are in a pandemic, no one has money , we need entertainment . I’m sure you are rich, give us a break🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Rate 1/5

    By BunnaBGood
    Not enough points given. Why not all points once a day so I can play for a little while? Not many of us have time to collect points every half hour and I can’t buy more points and lose them in a few minutes. I never win enough to continue playing. Love the games but it’s frustrating trying to play!
  • Evil 1/5

    By Ben Uover
    I don’t know where to begin. I have had the daily bonus for 60 days now and haven’t gotten more than 5000 at the spin. This game is evil and is designed to make you buy. But guess what you won’t get me. I’ll will be playing some slot machine game and it says I win 5000 but never get the chips. It shows the chips go to my inventory but they never do actually go in. I know some developer won’t respond because he’s to bust glitching the game and making it completely against you. If your looking for a cheaty, unfair, evil game, GSN is right down your alley!
  • Rarely win big/never won a jackpot in 4 years playing 2/5

    By BassPlayerGirlPower
    Grand Casino rarely lets you win. Just enough to play along. Never won a jackpot in four years. Got a new phone and lost all my points. Starting anew and am losing interest.
  • Siggestions to improve 2/5

    By Linney pooh
    change up and add mote card games
  • GSN Grand Casino and slots 1/5

    By KK666777
    Yes never loaded ev n after update 2523330310
  • Token 4/5

    By paulińo
    Perdí los token me los robo la máquina
  • Bingo / Porker 1/5

    By Cherish 22
    These are terrible games , they hardly let you win . The bonus giving are so little. Especially, the Bingo I often have at least 4-6 numbers waiting to be called, but those numbers never get picked..
  • More bonuses needed 2/5

    By lynnecar
    Other sites offer bonuses more frequently and with much higher values. 1000 dollars an hour is really not useful.
  • App doesn’t apply purchase of chips.v 3/5

    By woznic
    When you attempt to buy additional chips the process fails and then locks you out from future purchase in amount. You then have to the next larger amount for future purchases. Other that I was enjoyed the games but I will move on .
  • Facebook & guest 2/5

    By MattSkal_85
    Unable to connect to Facebook and use as guest. I used to be able to connect to Facebook and play but not anymore.
  • Review 1/5

    By flagatorfan
    Spin everyday. Very little winning. Seems if you don’t purchase chips you can’t win. Sad.
  • No free coins to start? 1/5

    By Disgusted & Done
    How cheap can you get? Not only Zero bonus coins to start but the miserly hourly bonus money of $1000 is a joke. What good is your $1000 when the payout rate is absolutely pathetic.
  • Bingo 3/5

    By novattive
    Wow what is up with bingo. I haven’t hit anything big in along time. I can get to needing 8 to 10 different numbers at a time. And it might hit 1 maybe 2 small bingos if I’m lucky. You can’t even enjoy it anymore. I would love to give you 5stars again, because at one time it was so enjoyable. I would play for hours and I was so content, but now I just can’t win anything to play even for a half hour. To me that’s sad. I’ve been playing bingo for years. Maybe someday it will be enjoyable again.
  • Horrible bonuses 1/5

    By maddkat1
    I agree with a couple of reviews I have read. The bonuses are the worst out of every game I play. If you were more genomes with the Bourne sea that you give every thirty minutes and I could play for a while and actually win points that would allow me to do so I would pay for more coins every once in awhile. But with the Amoint of coins you give me every thirty minutes and the horrible pay that these machines pay it you do win is terrible and for that reason I will not buy / purchase any coins from you. Please fix these problems or I will just delete this game altogether. It ain’t fun or with my time all it is a disappointment and takes yo much time and effort to revive 1000 point every thirty minutes. I hope you take this in to consideration. Thank you.
  • Need new levels 1/5

    By Stacey Austin
    I am at the max level and the game is no fun anymore. You don’t level up and get extra chips or medallions. I would love to just start from the beginning if there are no more levels but was told that they are unable to reset the game to the beginning. Need to find a different game
  • I can’t get restored purchases 2/5

    By Mail lady 2
    I tried to buy coins and something happened and now it says items already bought and will be restored but they aren’t
  • Your not fair 5/5

    By Trishw1950
    I buy a lot from you. You just put 600% for 29.99 and got nothing. You aren’t fair at all.
  • Game Play 2/5

    By minced74835633
    I don’t know what was done to change the game in the last update but it is no longer fun anymore. The Payouts are low and the points that you get are lower.
  • No benefits 1/5

    By scottwcolvin
    You guys want us to buy chips and I just bought 90 chips for $5 those were gone in 5 min. they are gone because this game does not give any winning chips, bonuses, or incentives to want play this game anymore I’ve this game since 2015 and it’s got worse I’ll just play Double Down they understand how to give incentives and pays out more often. For some reason this game was went down hill for players I’m sure you are losing them.
  • Free coins 5/5

    By bonster baby
    Told several I was getting free coins. Has never happened I play every day. Still waiting for 30 K chips. Thanks bonster baby
  • Used to be top rating of five 5/5

    By joe2308804
    Pop ups getting worse My reading for this game has dropped due to multiple pop ups. Went from 1 to 3 pop ups.
  • I’m loving this game 5/5

    By rts 8319
    This game has great slot machines choose from. I enjoy my time, every time I log on !
  • Bingo is lousy. 2/5

    By 4 clg
    You never win and just keep losing money. I keep thinking it will get better but not happening!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By ###king### coop
    Cheap skates. Not worth opening for 1K . Then you set the bet on duces wild at $50,000. Very seldom do you give a drop.
  • Coins 2/5

    By gh stinks
    Never can win the big bucks to play on the wheel or the game. Not fun if you can’t play😢
  • Missing Winners Rush on my device 1/5

    By Bug4750
    I have this app on my other devices, but on this device Winners Rush was not added. I contacted support and got no where. They said they can’t add it to my device which is an IPhone XR. I have always had the app on my other devices. If they are providing the app it should be the full and complete app.
  • Unbingo 1/5

    By shadowyboy0327
    Not quite sure how I really feel about this game, at times I am lucky if I cover 10 numbers out of the 32 that are called and other times I can have 8 or 9 waits and 10 balls left to call and I still can’t get a bingo. I’ve played this game before, it was a while back and quit playing for this reason, I started playing again recently and it still the same, I guess I’ll be deleting it once again Debbie
  • BUGS 1/5

    By yf fgucfyuvgyuvygu
  • They cheat and scam you 1/5

    By Big Girl !4
    Do even waste your time! They take your coins! And they won’t post bad reviews !!! They are cheaters and greedy!! Don’t waste your $$$$$$$$$$!
  • Love hate relationship 2/5

    By mnt grl
    I LOVE your app. I just can’t play much due to the low amount of daily chips given. The other app I play gives so many more credits that I play their app much more. Can’t play much on 1,000 per day!!!!
  • Chips 2/5

    By racjackaliry
    I purchased 660,000 chips last night and they never went on my account in grand casino. Each time I tried to get them it said they were purchased prior and they would work on putting them in. 12 hours later still not in. Will remove this app if this is a practice of this cite . It was a special pop up for $19.99 for 660,000
  • Worst App I have played 1/5

    By Jcssss
    Don’t spend money here. Programming is all for the house. Bonus wheel hit 200 4 days in a row. You don’t standa chance this app.
  • Good game 5/5

    By Tu002
  • GSN grand casino 1/5

    By Fix GSN
    I don't think it's interesting. The old one was better please turn it back the reason why is because you can't get to any of the other levels and you only get 1,000 coins but the on the old version you could choose and you could get like...5,000 through 9,000 please fix it Thanks!
  • More attention to the card tables, please! 3/5

    By BDaddyL
    PLEASE add blackjack in this game to enhance the overall casino experience. You’re adding slots, but not enhancing the table playing experience. What’s a casino without blackjack? 😉
  • Dirty tricks 1/5

    By Xfghop
    If you are “sorry were having connection problems” message and then started again it’s always at the highest bet. You play a few times before you realize then lose a bundle. De fault should be the lowest bet unless you’re just dishonest.
  • Game missing 3/5

    By Jcbaddog
    The game I liked the most has been removed on the last update. I don’t think i’am going to let it take up anymore space. I’ve had this game on a couple of my devices, now no reason to keep it. So good luck to you.
  • Frequent flyer 2/5

    By Lin. J
    I used to love this game but now they never let you will!! 20 spins and no win is boring!! Why did you change the game?
  • Thief machine 1/5

    By Sleepless kitten
    Game removed 7,000,000 from my winnings on the first game of bingo. I won it just two games prior to this with a triple bingo playing three cards @ $100,00 a card. What a ripoff!
  • Buffalo slots 5/5

    By anniejon45
    My favorite game,Buffalo Slots, taken off! So upset, please bring it back! Buffalo slots are back! Thank you!
  • Slot machine removal 4/5

    By Zerah60
    Why did you just remove the machines I like best?
  • Lost my coins and I did not play them 1/5

    By Thumblingoutofline
    How do I get them back
  • Support doesn’t help 2/5

    By T😄G
    I love this game but lately it has been getting stuck and glitching. I’ve lost a lot of points. I’ve tried to reach out to support twice in the last few months and have not gotten any response. It’s disappointing.
  • Fun game 4/5

    By jimbeau54
    Enjoyable and fun casino games. I like the every 30 minute refill on money tokens but the amount provided is very meager. I would prefer less frequency in receiving money tokens but provide more of them when you do receive them.
  • OMG 1/5

    By Naatje63
    Oh my this must be the worst casino game ever made, what a rip of.

GSN Grand Casino: Slots Games app comments

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