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Guidebook App

[+] Easily browse maps, schedules, and more for your event, venue, or organization. [+] Plan your event schedule and create to-do lists with alarms, never miss another session! [+] Mobile and interactive. Simply search for info, never fuss with paper again. [+] Event apps are available and synced on mobile, tablet and the web. [+] See who else is attending and connect with them using contact cards. [+] Guides work offline! No internet connection needed once the guide is downloaded. [+] Award-winning customer support to help you make your own guide or take it to the next level. [+] Guidebook also features guides to your favorite National Parks (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and many more), Airports (LAX, SFO, ATL, ORD, and others) and parades (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade). Visit to instantly start building a free guide right now, it’s fast and easy. Contact us at [email protected] to learn how you could even create your own event app, orientation app, meeting app, tourism app, or any kind of mobile guide app! Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Learn event planning tips and ideas from resident experts:


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  • Really helpful app 5/5

    By Irin Son
    This app has saved my life on multiple occasions when attending a conference! Of all the different types I've used, Guidebook is the easiest to use.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Canuread
    I used this for a conference two years ago and loved it. Now I’m headed to a different conference and can’t get it to switch. I finally deleted it and loaded it from the conference web site and it keeps opening on the web instead of the app. It’s a paperless conference and I have no schedule to use. Really unhappy.
  • Great tool for conference organizers 4/5

    By calcuttaexpat123
    My company has put together lots of conferences with complicated agendas. Guidebook has been an invaluable tool for us. And it’s fairly easy to use. I also like the rating feature for different sessions in the agenda — great instant feedback!
  • Wrong location on map 3/5

    By suzharle
    As soon as I downloaded the app and opened it up as I was in transit to my conference, I saw a map which pinpointed where the hotel is. Sadly the pinpoint was not accurate and perhaps pointed to another hotel in the same chain. This caused me to visit the conference website to see which location the hotel was at to verify the pinpoint was not in the right location. Bingo, it was wrong indeed. Glad I did not get a taxi there. I hope the rest of the app is more accurate
  • Meh 2/5

    By Norman Music
    This app looks pretty nice, but fails in too many places. I downloaded the guide for my workshop, but it constantly deletes it. I’ve had to download it 5 times now. When you are in class with poor WiFi and need to know what’s next, well you are out of luck. I’ve also got it into open loops where you click open and it does nothing. And you can map addresses. That’s just stupid. Also have you seen their pricing? Why would anyone use this?
  • How do delete guides you’ve downloaded??? 5/5

    By Joepz
    App works well when attending conventions . Easy to find what you’re looking for and keep track of the events you want to attend.
  • Great idea terrible implementation 1/5

    By iPhoner6327
    Need to create acct for it to work, they don't tell you that. Search doesn't work. Clunky all around to get any useful information.
  • Gooder life 5/5

    By hermann girl
    This app makes my life gooder. This app does do good. This app makes my happy.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By lvenok11
    Very useful information to help you navigate and stay informed.
  • Horrrible 1/5

    By Theprowords
    Complete garbage app. Constantly crashes and im always having to start all over. They should do a complete overhaul on this failure of an app. Hopefully Trashbook, I mean Guidebook is able to learn from their mistake. Though, more than likely they wont.
  • Missing items 1/5

    By RacheRA
    I'm at a conference and my colleagues with non-iPhones/iPads can find the conference guide but it is not on my iPad or iPhone version of this app - really disappointed.
  • Conference 4/5

    By AKAwoman12708
    This app was really helpful and it helped me stay connected with other members of my Sorority that were in attendance at the conference. I don't remember seeing the reminder but other than that very helpful..
  • Sweet app update 5/5

    By frankthetank342
    Super polished app! Very useful at the last conference I attended.
  • Amazing for attendees, not so much for planners 4/5

    By PDelahanty
    Needs a lower level tier for convention planners between the free and first pay that would allow a few more downloads for the small cons (and not necessarily more features) without spending a lot of money. Pricing for events jumps from free (200 downloads) to $1,750 (unlimited downloads) which makes it hard for a small con to try out without fear of upsetting people if they go past the 200 download limit.
  • Unable to download 2/5

    By Tyson H
    This app will not allow me to download any documents. It keeps telling me the request timed out. I know it is not my wifi as everything else works well. I can see the potential with it being useful for conferences if it were fixed.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Team.C
    Just got this app for a conference starting tomorrow and it keeps crashing! I hope it can be fixed soon...
  • Great App 5/5

    By Instaperfect!
    Super convenient and helpful.
  • Nice App 4/5

    By DeutscheMutti
    It was a pleasure to visit NJIT today and this app is helpful as not to catty the folder and materials all day. Would love to see am enhancement to drill into the schedule for more detailed descriptions.
  • Really helpful and useful app but... 4/5

    By Briar Plessinger
    it constantly crashes:(
  • Needs more 2/5

    By seattlephotog
    Nice idea and handy to look up my own schedule. But search functions are awful for a conference app. I need to know where people are presenting.
  • Do NOT download 1/5

    By DaSlickOne
    Text is too small to truly make sense of many of the descriptions. The real concern is that IT WON'T DISAPPEAR FROM MY SCREEN despite 4-5 attempts to delete it!
  • Crashes too much 4/5

    By PataponFreak
    I can't open the campus map without it crashing.
  • Worked great! 5/5

    By michael_scottinator
    Always knew what I was doing (thanks to the builtin schedule) and the app worked great!
  • Update 1/5

    By Stevee04
    Update is stuck. This should have a -2 star rating!!
  • A major let down 1/5

    By AutumnAlchemist
    Used to be an amazing app. I don't know why it suddenly needs to be linked with Facebook and I don't know why they suddenly need all of my person info. Beyond that, they aren't updated and they don't have the events I attend anymore, but I can still search for events that are two or more years old. This app used to be so good too.
  • Farm from free 1/5

    By Staci UT
    I was very disappointed when downloading this app to discover it was going to cost me $3500 to publish 1 guide. Extremely difficult for a non-profit helping children with cancer. Will find another way to communicate with those attending the events
  • Nearly unusable 1/5

    By rlbaker
    Installed at PyCon 2016 (have used it at past PyCons as well). The app is nearly unusable. Input delay is a few seconds at minimum. Scrolling stutters and lags horrendously. I'm assuming theyre using a JS app framework which is a major downgrade...
  • Very slow 3/5

    By Redwards29a
    Really cool app. UI design is fine, but the app is incredibly slow. Scrolling is a pain.
  • Unusably slow 1/5

    By Sendwave convert
    I gave up on making a schedule because the app would hang for seconds every time I hit the add button.
  • Very very slow 2/5

    By Cabalist
    First time I downloaded the app. It is excrutiatingly slow on my iPhone 6s. I have to quit the app after about 30s and re open it to get the UI to respond. Something is wrong with this release
  • Error filled crash fest 1/5

    By Hollz820
    Previous versions of this app were great. I updated mine and now as soon as try to open the app at the conference I'm at it crashes back to home screen. Big disappointment.
  • Buggy and questionable value 1/5

    By Living Comfort Eagle
    I got more utility out of text I pasted into Notes than this sorry excuse for an app provided at the conference I am attending.
  • WiFi Maybe 3/5

    By scottvb1
    Would have been helpful to have access to the guest WiFi network to install.
  • No profile pic upload 4/5

    By Nelsonwriter
    Great app! But sadly, the profile pic upload from my cameras photo library does not work. Tried many times but simply does not upload. Please fix.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Bexband
    Didn't save "my schedule" which I had spent a lot of time generating.

    By Angry 14 Year Old
    Pretty good app until i got lost at my thespian festival. NICE ONE FRICKIN GUIDEBOOK!!!!
  • Power Hungry 2/5

    By Petarius Rex
    The app is useful, but it keeps reloading and checking for updates whenever I opened it. Seemed to eat up a lot of power connecting and reconnecting all the time
  • One thing missing... 4/5

    By melanie0411
    Great app overall. Would be 5️⃣⭐️ if an Apple Watch app was available.
  • Log-in issues and no support 3/5

    By ggentry11
    I've downloaded the iOS app and logged in using Facebook. But if I want to log in on the website there is not way to do that with Facebook and for the life of me I cannot find away to see my email address & password for your guidebook account on my app. How can I use & sync my guidebooks across platforms when I cannot log in? BIG Suggestion: SUPPORT! They have no email addresses, no FAQ and now support in app or on your website.
  • Great app 5/5

    By charlez47
    Wish all the conferences used this!
  • Problem with my schedule 2/5

    By Cera Giles
    I can only add one thing to my schedule and I want to add more things but it will not let me do so and that is not Okay.
  • Undone 3/5

    By Chermnykhv
    The concept of app is very perspective. Hope it will be better!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kathy Frathy
    😭❤️🙆🏻What did people do before guidebook?!?!
  • Essential 4/5

    By AlionaMuse
    My everyday private secretary
  • So important to use! 5/5

    By jarrul13
    I no longer have to carry large paper schedule because Guidebook app is fantastic to make it happen, thanks!
  • Great concept, by lacking 2/5

    By Mayobarber
    This is a GREAT concept to help me coordinate my schedules each day for the convention that I'm going to. HOWEVER- it gives me the option to add photo ops to my schedule but not panels... Which means I can't create an actual full schedule at all... Only shows me what time my photo ops are. It's unfortunate because that makes the app pointless for me. If it worked I would give it 5 stars
  • Worked perfectly 5/5

    By Jeff_Lewis
    This app was just what I needed for my conference. Everything worked perfectly - no crashes or bugs. I wish more events had apps on Guidebook!
  • Needs better navigation 3/5

    By Bingersol
    Looks pretty good but must have way to navigate long alpha lists. Like their own list of schools using this app! Starts at A and then you have to scroll and scroll. Search is too loose and you can't easily get to S items and browse there. Several solutions have been common for years. Until implemented this app is not usable where you need a long index list. Like we have over 400 bios of people. Need sidebar or top button groups.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Bob Van Ess
    I've got iOS 9.01 on an iPhone 6S and the app crashes instantly soon as I try to navigate
  • Perpetual upgrade 1/5

    By Lemur Love
    This app has been "loading" an update on my iPad for over a week now. I can't seem to uninstall it, and when I thought I was able to, it went back to the downloading symbol when I tried to reinstall it. Does it do this for all iPad 3s?

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