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Guitar Lessons | Fender Play App

Fender Play® is the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. Play your first song in minutes with easy, fun, bite-sized lessons, featuring your favorite songs. Start Your 14 day Free Trial Today! Learn with Easy Lessons for Beginners o Play songs and riffs in minutes o Structured learning paths guide beginner players through the step-by-step basics - from chords to strumming to scales Play on-the-go with Lessons for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele o Try out new sounds and genres with lessons for both acoustic and electric instruments o Strumming techniques and skills are broken down into short, manageable lessons by difficulty level o Learn a skill, then play a song using those techniques Perfect for Beginners o Lessons focus on the essentials like how to read tabs and play riffs in different genres o Simplified songs for beginning players o New content added weekly to our video library - songs, chords, techniques, theory and exercises Practice Your Favorite Songs o 100s of popular song lessons in a variety of genres, including rock, pop, country folk and blues o Play songs from your favorite artists, including: - Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People - All of Me by John Legend - Renegades by X Ambassadors - Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers High-Quality Video Lessons o Videos feature multiple angles and close-up shots to show finger placement o Contextual chord diagrams, tablature and extensive glossary library are included in videos for quick reference Track Your Journey o You choose your instrument and favorite genre o We provide a clear, structured path and show how far you've come o Learn at your own pace and practice whenever you want Learn to Play from the Best Instructors o Engaging instructors with tips and tricks for simple, step-by-step learning o Practice bass with backing tracks to develop your technique o Get Fender Play now and start playing! Try out Fender Play FREE for 14 days with a Monthly or Annual plan. Annual plan also includes 10% off Fender products in the U.S. and U.K. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account once your free 14-day trial is complete. Your subscription renews automatically within 24 hours of the end of each period and you can cancel at any time. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited if your subscription is cancelled before the end of the free trial period. Your subscription includes access to Fender Play apps for iPhone, iPad and on the web. Manage your subscription right from your App Store account (Settings > [your name] iTunes & App Store) -- Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: -- Download Fender's free tuner app: Fender Tune is our 5-star rated, super-accurate tuner app for guitar, bass and ukulele.

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Guitar Lessons | Fender Play app reviews

  • Great Way To Restart 5/5

    By ServeHim
    I have been playing on and off for 46 years. When I began there were almost no helps in learning other than private lessons or getting friends who could play to teach you. I enjoyed moderate success for many years playing rhythm and singing. I laid it down for the most part for several years. I am beginning again and going back to lesson one. I want to learn notes and lead. I enjoy the bite size lessons from Fender Play.
  • Fun and efficient! 5/5

    By Al Muzaurieta
    I have always wanted to learn the guitar but never really knew where to begin. FenderPlay was the perfect solution. The short lesson format and amazing teachers they have on the site keep you motivated to learn. You can really feel the progress as you go through the lessons, plus the flexibility means it’s all tailored to your schedule. I started on February 1 and by Valentine’s Day could sing a song for my girlfriend! I didn’t think that was possible! Highly recommend!
  • Horrible customer service/support 1/5

    By Ranran1312
    During the free trail everything was good. After the free trail I paid for an annual subscription then the app required you to change your password. Then the issues began. It would never allow me to change my password then said I wasn’t a customer. I called customer support several times and nobody would call back. A month went by and I called again and all they would say is that they would submit another ticket to look into it. Horrible customer service and would recommend paying for annual subscription because they won’t help you after you pay
  • Better than YouTube 5/5

    By Apollo455
    Watched many different videos on YouTube trying to learn Balls to the Wall by Accept, the lesson here on Fender Play was the best yet at getting me closer to “perfection” at this song.
  • Can play without subscribing 1/5

    By chitkenbird1205
    When I was signing up, it doesn’t have an option of no subscription so then you have to pay money when you can just use ads and no one likes ads but at least you don’t have to pay monthly for guitar lessons when there is another app that allows you to have no subscription.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By cell and 18
    This app really helped me learn guitar but a little pricey
  • Useless app 1/5

    By cant learn like this
    Cannot reset password and no technical support to assist
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Cheezyburger1
    This is the best app I found on how to play an instrument special bass and guitar it is very specific and very tailored to an individual’s needs.
  • So much fun 5/5

    By Sugaree728
    It’s fun and easy!
  • Great Instruction Videos 5/5

    By ChefLinde
    I tried learning guitar when I was 19yrs. My electric guitar got stolen and I never got back into it. I picked up an Acoustic Guitar Jan. 2018....I practiced hard for a year and then bought a fender bullet squier. I saw the app downloaded it and have not looked back! Electric guitar has awesome sound and easier to play on hands. Plus the app lets you see your progression and helps understand music styles! Thanks Fender I am hooked on your guitar/music drug!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    I love it! I bought an electric guitar 2 days ago and I’ve been trying to play a guitar since I was 6 Y/O, I went to 2 different schools but it was too hard or too difficult for me therefore I never learned but with this up in matter of few minutes I learned more than ever! TKU U!
  • Rich 5/5

    By Face6969
    Great training aid, never picked up a guitar in my life and already have learned a lot.
  • Poor Customer Service. 1/5

    By Chrismills79
    My father - who is retired on a fixed income - purchased 3 guitars at a total cost of $1700. Each came with a free month of Fender Play. Their response was one month free only. We are talking about $20. The customer service was awful and basically said oh well. Won’t use this product ever again.
  • Pretty legit 5/5

    By Kai Dab.
    Just started learning guitar a few days ago. I’ve been practicing after work for about 2-3 hours each night. For the first couple days I used YouTube, which don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great tutorials on YouTube. But what’s cool about this learning platform is there is no guess work involved. You chose whatever instrument you’re learning on and even what style you’re interested in. (I personally selected the blues) but it takes you from the ground up. It’s introduced me to simple but effective drills I can practice to gain more dexterity and strength in my hands, the basics of strumming and I am now learning chords. A lot easier to learn on in my opinion and quicker also. Would recommend this to anyone who is just picking up a guitar 100% worth every penny.
  • Trash 1/5

    By officialyelp
    Why you chargin you get paid bucks for people just using the app
  • Review 2/5

    By hdhdjfbdjdnjdndn
    Won’t let you go in without buying a subscription! 🤬
  • Needs landscape mode on iPad 3/5

    By Astra020
    It’s a decent app if you’re hoping to learn basics and get into playing songs rather quickly. It is annoying that in iPad it doesn’t work in landscape mode however. An Apple TV app would be amazing!!!!
  • This app is a scam 1/5

    By jintuna277
    They promise free learning for gutiar but slam you with a fee when making a account
  • Good but seems like better options out there 3/5

    By Osiris42
    I’m a beginner, and while I like fender play, it’s missing a couple things that would make it much better. A simple thing is that the tabs don’t scroll along with this lesson, or auto scroll when you practice on your own. Consequently, you can’t see the sheet music while you’re playing along. You can only see one line at a time. It’s a simple thing but has really hampered my progress. Also I don’t know why they don’t include the lyrics along with the tab, they even say how you should sing along with the song, but don’t make that available to you. I signed up for the full year, and now I regret it because I think I’d rather try something like yousician that gives you feedback as well as has these other features.
  • One of a Kind One on One Learning Experience 5/5

    By John B L
    Making music has never been known to be easy. Learning music has always had a reputation for being difficult. Fender play has fast forwarded instrumental learning to enable today’s beginners to excel into tomorrow’s performers.
  • Fender 5/5

    By Hump Grizzy
    Awesome app
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By falconidae
    Its apps like this that make learning guitar frustrating. No fun. The lesson moves fast and doesn’t allow you to practice, just keeps adding more information. I cancelled after one lesson. Something more interactive would be better. I like Yousician, but thats just too much money.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By hi........bye
    This app is stupid I have to pay to watch videos
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By supercdhsjaj
    I personally cant be paying for another Netflix account so don't scam me
  • Seems like a great app so far, nice production for sure! 5/5

    By Keithufc
    I am just getting started with the app and it seems that is has high production values. I will have to post another review later as I progress.
  • Paying $500 for your guitar wasn’t enough? 1/5

    By Kevlaur
  • Good at the start but progresses WAY too fast! 3/5

    By Real gamer here
    I liked this from the start but I am in the second level and the instructors do an absolutely terrible job at informing the viewer of what is coming up next in a chord progression. The tab doesn’t show up so I can’t follow along. It also doesn’t scroll so I can’t play along event Shawn the tab does show up. I can’t even pause to practice because the video control blocks the list of chords. So many things add up to a terrible experience. I wish there was a way that I could play along more easily. The instructors need to pause between chord progressions. You can’t assume everyone can just jump right in and be perfect at it. I will still use this app but it’s really not the experience I wanted. I think o might go back to You Tube. I think I learned at a more steady pace. Frustration. I have thrown my pick down more than once because of how poorly these “instructors” actually instruct. I watched 4 videos in a row on what the strings were called but when it comes to chord progressions they fly right through it. Sad.
  • New to guitar 5/5

    By mattyd raw deal
    This app has drastically improved my ability on the Guitar.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ZAPP714
    Why make it free if you’re gonna charge to use the app
  • Too fast 3/5

    By pjhammer7
    Instruction videos go way to fast
  • Multiple video issues 2/5

    By MrNagoo
    Content is great but the video system has bugs. You should have an option to scrub video play. Also, the app doesn’t work when streaming to Apple tv (3rd gen) and the phone goes to sleep. I’ve used jwplayer with AWS elastic transcoder videos and they scrub perfectly.
  • Too fast 3/5

    By Swingstone
    The teachers seem competent but they go too fast with some of the more difficult chords like Bm and Cm which need to be learned first. It’s hard to follow sometimes when chords are complex.
  • New addition please 5/5

    By bird12345678900987654321
    I’m enjoying the app. One thing I would like to see, is when viewing the tablature, if you could get it to scroll along at selected speeds to assist in playing. It’s hard to keep playing when you have to stop and swipe across to follow the tabs.

    By midnightplayz darkside
    UGHHHH WHY WHY!!!! If u want me to get this app don’t say I need to pay to PLAY!!! ugh plus it should be free trails because this might get some one a job AND ITS EDUCATION SO IF U WANT ME TO LEARN UKULELE DONT TELL ME I NEED TO PAY TO PLAYY!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • This is No Doubt a Worthwhile Investment (Especially for Beginners) 5/5

    By Lul Teddy
    I am an ultra-beginner in learning any formal instrument and the instructors that teach the courses for bass guitar break everything down so smoothly. It’s easy to comprehend and makes learning the bass guitar really fun!
  • Do not buy - especially do NOT BUY year subscription 1/5

    By Kmac -apple
    I can name 6 other service that have better consistent material than this waste of an app. Stick with guitars. The lessons are if varying quality and are not consistent in format and materials offered. - some have chords listed - some have chords and tab - some have not much Spotty material What I expected was a consistent set of material and method. And increase in degree of difficulty as one progresses.
  • Cash up front please 1/5

    By allthenicknamesaretaken111
    Free trial only after agreeing to pay for subscription (and I'm sure an onerous cancellation procedure). Look, if you're going to have an ad pop on my feed and offer me a free trial, how about making it actually free? Thanks a bunch. App deleted.
  • So much fun.. 5/5

    By OG Skull.
    I’ve been trying for years and given up many times, now at 62 I’m having the time of my life learning with Fender Play. I can actually pay a full song... so much fun.
  • Fail 1/5

    By Jkmb
    It might be a great app, but I am not signing up for a plan (free trial is only available within a plan) before I know what the app can do.
  • Build from scratch 5/5

    By Pallidus Tigris
    This is one great way to built from scratch knowledge and skills. I like the concept of repeating the modules until one gets it. Great!!!
  • Password reset issues 1/5

    By KZ212799
    Had the app for a day ; seemed fine just was getting started . Then app asked me to update password and would send me an email with link to follow. Email never arrived and now locked out of app. Efforts to contact thru website have gone unanswered.
  • Lesson 5/5

    By Southern biker
    I love this cool way too learn to play the music
  • Nooopppe 1/5

    By Lschottenheimer
    You have to pay to do it?! When I saw the ad it looked great but then whenever I went on the app it said get seven weeks off for free and then I would have to start paying and stuff and like monthly to but I have to pay more for the monthly I was just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • Not free. 1/5

    By dTERM78
    This “free app” requires that you pay $20 a month. Better to just get a real instructor. Hard pass.
  • Lot of potential but just ok 3/5

    By Joshuarubinart
    Lessons/skills instruction is great and production value is phenomenal but the songs videos are impossible to follow. Don’t even thing of following along with notation on iPad and still hard to follow on desktop. Instruction is also very rushed, it’s like they try to cram a half hour lesson into 12 minutes often repeating cord shapes multiple times (on that not they do a good job of cross linking the cord lessons so why spend time teaching them in the song) then glossing over the rhythm or strum pattern with no notation. I wish was more of a; practice along with the video approach vs. the watch the video over and over and keep having to rewind to repeat sections approach.
  • For a Beginner 5/5

    By SwitchBlade3301
    As a guy who played the string bass for 8 years, maybe I have a little bit of a learning curve. But, as a beginner for the acoustic guitar, this app is very good. Covers basics, exercises to help you on your way, and simple to pretty complex songs to start out with. I’m very happy with this app.
  • Make this app free 5/5

    By unemployedrere
    Make this app free. Nothing is fun unless it’s free:) although I’m really enjoying this app. Once the 14 day trial is up I will not buy it. I shouldn’t have to pay to learn guitar in the comfort of my home. Sure lots of people put this together. But once you make something great you let others make it better or able to use it for nothing. I’m sure I could sit and figure out a way to illegally get all these videos or find someone who recorded them. Ps send me a coupon code so I can learn more on the Guuuiiiitarrrrrrrr.
  • Not for advance players 1/5

    By Big Daddy Raddy
    This is very elementary stuff. If you have taken any formal lessons chances are you are light years ahead of these lessons. I was hoping to expand my music theory knowledge but I did not learn anything new. Even the level 5 songs and lessons are super easy. It was a huge disappointment. Honestly you can find this info for free online. These lesson are pretty much for beginners only.
  • Just starting with the app 4/5

    By Sean1298
    I wanted to take things back to the basics. After fiddling around with the guitar over the past year I wanted to take some lessons, however I figure I’d give this app a shot first. Seems fairly well designed... still working on how to navigate through the material cleanly.

Guitar Lessons | Fender Play app comments

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