Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game

Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game

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  • Current Version: 3.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game App

Over 40 million people are already playing the ultimate puzzle matching game with thousands of unique & challenging levels! Looking for an addictively sweet match 3 game? Gummy Drop! is the MOST exciting puzzle adventure on mobile today! Dash through the puzzles alone or challenge friends to see who can get the highest score. Match three or more gummies of the same color and earn unique boosts with special matching combinations. Collect quest pieces to help local heroes around the world rebuild famous landmarks. But match carefully – it’s not so easy when you have limited moves or have to race against the clock! Use your skills at solving puzzle games to help you beat levels and explore colorful cities around the globe. No more popping bubbles, blasting blocks, crushing candies, or matching jewels. Squish the gummies and enjoy this fun and free puzzle game. LET’S GO GUMMY! ® “Gummy Drop succeeds not only by being clever and entertaining, but by offering a tremendous amount of free fun.” – Gamezebo “… the thing that sets Gummy Drop! apart from other games in its category includes the unique story approach, which makes use of the world map, and a subset of challenges that include unlocking bonus objects and items through successful play.” – AppGamer “It’s engaging, attractive, and fun to play.” – Pixelkin Unique Boosts & Features • Tired of the same cookie cutter puzzle games? Gummy Drop! features unique game boards, quests and more • Crush levels and blast gummies with special bonuses like Shovel, Lightening, Earthquake and more • Huge rewards & bonuses! Score in-game items just for playing Special Events & Bonus Boards • Solve Daily Events & collect resources and rewards • Play seasonal and limited-time puzzles to collect special passport stamps • STAY TUNED More levels, power-ups, features, gameplay and new surprises are on the way! Travel the World • Travel to any city, anytime! Earn travel vouchers to unlock the city of your choice • Explore the world and travel to exotic locales. From Sydney to Tokyo, New York to Paris, Dubai to Kathmandu, cities on every continent are yours to explore. • Collect colorful photo stamps for your passport when you solve challenging match 3 puzzles 10,000+ levels • Challenge yourself with over 10,000 exciting levels across dozens of exotic cities – MORE levels than any other match 3 game! • Solve side levels in quests to help local heroes complete their tasks • Manage resources, and build ports to move resources between cities to help build landmarks and finish quests One of the juiciest puzzle games for free, Gummy Drop! is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment. *REVIEWS* Better than Candy Crush (5 STARS) Love the way the game travels around the world. Finally a Straight Up Game Experience (5 STARS) This is an amazing game that is what it says - FREE. You can keep playing a challenging de-stressor without any bait and switch. Love It!!!!!!!! Fun game (5 STARS) This game starts easily and increases in difficulty as you get better. Fun to watch the cities grow as you add details. Can’t get enough of Gummy Drop! ? Visit our Headquarters, like us on Facebook of follow us on Twitter for sweet musings, matching tips, gummy stories, and tasty giveaways! Gummy Drop! Headquarters: Facebook: Search Gummy Drop Twitter: @GummyDrop *Note for updates - having trouble seeing your progress after an update? Try connecting with Facebook again and that should do the trick!*


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Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game app reviews

  • Locked up! 1/5

    By McSweet1
    Ever since the latest upgrade my game won't open, it won't refresh, it won't delete, it won't do ANYTHING but "waiting". What's it waiting for? I've tried everything I can think of. Gummy Drop is the only game I play on my iPad. I'm very sad. Please, please, Please, Fix It!
  • App closes 4/5

    By Obieboodle
    I'll give it a 4 for now. I'm having trouble with the app on my iPad. It opens to the 'Gummy Drop' screen, then opens the 'Big Fish' screen, correctly. At that point, the screen will often go blank. I have to repeat opening the app over and over to get into the game. I'm afraid it will just stop working. Do you think it is the app or might there be a problem on my iPad? Thanks.
  • Game has gotten too hard 3/5

    By Lainsley
    This game used to be more enjoyable. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game (my fault). But there are dozens and dozens of levels are completely impassable without using every booster available. It should be easier so it can be enjoyed. I’ve been stuck on one country for a month.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Relaxingfun
    Now forces you to spend money/coins on every card to gain and or trade up to next levels. Sad. Used to love this game. Now it's a money hungry,money grubbing game. Not so fun any more.
  • Too difficult, too early 1/5

    By MangoD7S
    This game could be fun if the developers did not make it so difficult right at the start. They make it so you have to buy their boosters to advance in any normal timeframe. I have gone through 50 lives trying to get past Sydney 20’s third tier. That is ridiculous for the starting city in the game. I refuse to buy boosters especially at the very start of a game. Games should be fun and relaxing, not frustrating and expensive.
  • Love this game BUT 4/5

    By Meshel24
    So this is my favorite game ❤️ but some of the latest changes have got me bummed 😱 use to be that coins could be earned “helping” those little people along the path; now you can only earn resources 🙄 I can send myself resources between cities. It was nice to be able to earn coins from those!! Another annoying change is that ALL cards require coins 😱 use to be able to pay with resources (bricks etc). It is EXTREMELY hard to use coins for every card 😡 my goal is to completely finish a city 100% before moving on but these changes make it neared impossible because I can never earn enough coins 🤬 and I refuse to spend real money on a game 😳😱 all in all this is still my favorite game just do NOT like theses changes
  • Crap. 1/5

    By Rvnsc
    It will find a way to make you lose.
  • Yahtzee disappointment 1/5

    By Cathieruss
    I have to replay past level 31, because Tapjoy is not rewarding my first time playing it. Even though I did everything the first time exactly as instructed. According to Enrique it is not on my ID, therefore no reward. Who knows if this will work all the other rewards went through as promised, just not Gummy Drop, therefore making Gummy Drop and Yahtzee extremely disappointing!! 👎
  • Margaret Carns 4/5

    By Maggi Carns
    I enjoy the game very much
  • Glitches after updates 2/5

    By Gtc1927
    This game used to be almost flawless, stable & fun. But ever since many updates it is no longer as stable. Ever since updates lives no longer update automatically in the folder during a game. I would need to shutdown the game & reopen before the lives update again. Then it only gives 1 life even though I know I have lives from previous requests. These lives will only show up one at at time and only if I shut down the game then reopen. It’s a real hassle. please put it back to where it just automatically updates
  • Are you for real 1/5

    By Shooter0369
    None of my reviews ever post and now again I climb Mount Everest. Complete it and decide to claim my prizes later because it's late and I don't want two hours of free time quite yet. I don't push claim and when I come back it said I already climbed come back later. No claim and no prizes or two hours. A scam to say the least. It's happened many times. Fix your problem or be like the rest of the scammers and money hungry!now I am on the last Saigon level and decide to spend money because I'm close and want to buy moves . You take my credit card again!!!! And put me in the App Store when you complete my purchase. So now I go back and you start me all over . Are you serious !!! Total scam and I am going to report this . Totally a rip off. You don't post these also I see. I have been trying to post this for a month!!
  • Pam 5/5

    By extremely frustrated888
    My game is being dropped. It is so frustrating because this is my favorite game. Please fix this glitch.
  • Latest version lagging 4/5

    By Jerimeri
    Still my favorite game but the latest update seems to lag terribly. I play on the same device and other games are fine.
  • Used to be my favorite game 1/5

    By Toidiots
    LATEST: I deleted all 3 of my Gummy Drop games. This game has been changed so much I hate it now. I still had the old version on my PC and was trying to keep it that way, but I accidentally hit an update button last week and it took my old version and put the new crappy version on. The old version was much cheaper on in-game purchases. Good-bye and good riddance. I played this game SO much before, but I am getting tired of all the nonstop changes recently and I don’t like 90% of them. I rarely play anymore except Sunday when I have a chance to get more money. Today, I got 3-letter words. Whoppee! I don’t know why people who have a great thing going always have to make a bunch of changes and ruin it.
  • Se congela 2/5

    By tere1519
    Es muy buen juego y me divierto mucho con él pero cada vez que hago una actualización tengo problemas con la aplicación. Entro y de repente se pone negro y me envía a mi homescreen.
  • Gummy drop 1/5

    By Ellen Gibbins
    Can’t make the game go away.
  • Stupid update 1/5

    By Mommaaubrey
    I just did the new update. Now half way through a level it makes my phone crash. I lose everything I have done and start all over from the beginning.
  • Marathon doesn’t work 2/5

    By Lj25619
    After an update a while ago, I’m not able to play the Marathon events. Frustrating!!
  • Beast game ever 5/5

    By chickenlittle turkeymuffin
    It is so easy and fun you win gold and coins
  • ¡¡¡GUMMY SO YUMMY!!! 5/5

    By DLM 007
    Do KoOl!!
  • New! 5/5

    By Herdfan1839
    Give it a try it’s easy, fun and educational.
  • Gummy drop 1/5

    By hnwait
    Used to be my favorite game...challenging yet workable. Suddenly it has stopped giving me reasonable plays. Have been trying for weeks to move pass a level that gives you useless move after useless move. Just about ready to delete the game and look for something from a different company.
  • On going problems with Gummy Drop. 1/5

    By wacky jackie22
    I am still having problems with Gummy Drop. I love Gummy Drop but if I keep having issues with it I’m going to unfortunately delete Gummy Drop. I’d hate to delete it but if the glitches and restarting keep happening I'm going to stop playing it and delete it FOREVER! 😱😩 also I hate the support. I don’t know how to get the “friend code” I’ve tried finding it and nothing happens. EDIT: I’m also sick of the constant updates and glitches etc.
  • Update 4/5

    By azdesertcatsd
    Latest update won’t let me play. The passbook says ‘It’s not ready yet’ for the last ten minutes. I love this game but it gets annoying sometimes. After playing a game many times and still can’t beat it even using extra moves and extra tools. I give up and go to the next game - if I can. Each game should be winnable.
  • Dr. Tox 5/5

    By Curtistine
    This is a wonderful game!
  • Travel? 3/5

    By Textumbleweed
    I love this game. As others have said 3 lives is just right. But I've been in Sydney forEVER. I wish it was easier to move around without hundreds of plane credits. Also i am gettin annoyed that I can’t just keep playing the country I’m in. It’s great that you’ve added your 200th company or more but I’m still playing Japan and don’t need updates for the same level I’ve been playing with out constantly updating.
  • Fun but... 2/5

    By Scbucki
    I like the game but there are too many timed levels too many bomb levels too few lives (best games have unlimited lives) not enough coins given for completing levels why do points keep coming when you pass a level - what good are they? What do we get for those extra points? not enough boosts given (how about a free spin to win boosts) Shanghai is impossible to get thru I think I’m done with it unless changes are made to make it FUN.
  • Bety 5/5

    By betysankar
    Guaoooo que lindo juego los envito a jugar
  • What happened? 5/5

    By Ceekaybee
    Yesterday I would have given 5 star +. Today it's taking so long to load, I won't have time to play. I hope they get that straightened out soon.
  • Gummy drops 5/5

    By rowdydowty
    Lots of action and really fun.
  • Love this game........but 4/5

    By Scrapbook sweetie
    For some reason, the last week I have not gotten lives or gifts from my friends. I also can’t send them any. They are still playing but I’m getting no help from them. This is a first for me. I love this game. It is one of the few games out there that provide you many ways to get coins to buy the things you need to play the game. This makes it so much more fun than the average game where you have to spend so much money, just to keep up with the game. You get major kudos for that. I do spend money every now and then. But you have made the game fun because of that. and that is why I play every single day! Thanks!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Yazmine47
    You will enjoy playing the game, no ads, moderate difficulty thus far, relaxing!
  • Keep losing lives! 1/5

    By nickyinthepoké
    I tried to make to level 31, but I failed trying. Games where you lose lives when quitting are not my type (not to be rude).
  • Good game but problem 4/5

    By Supagoodm8
    Is there a way to make it if you haven’t had a match for like 5 seconds it automatically shows you one it’s really annoying cause I played to do it by myself and figure it out myself not have it find matches for me it’s really annoying
  • Love this game but .... 2/5

    By Beki3
    Love this game but hate all the commercials that drain my battery! The game does that anyway but these commercials keep getting longer and longer. Before I know it, my battery is dead! Would pay for the game to get rid of the commercials
  • It’s cool and all BUT 3/5

    By Mz. Mika
    It’s a good game and I play it like everyday! But y do I have to pay 10 bucks just to get 5 lives. That’s a ripoff
  • Hate this game now 1/5

    By Cookiecaltabianoritter
    I’ve been playing this game for years. It’s been fun except now, it’s just ridiculous! The levels are so difficult, they are impossible and only frustrating. They just want you to spend money for every level. I didn’t mind occasionally buying some coins, but now it’s every day if I don’t want to play each level 500 times. I need to find another game!! I had so much satisfaction when I completed a country, now I can’t afford to. Don’t start this game, they just want your money!!!!
  • Very good game 5/5

    By ynbiuigunihnj
    It is a good game
  • Rigged Game 1/5

    By Snakeo1
    This game is BS......I have played Tier 3 of London’s item number 15 for what seems like forever and have cleared all the spaces probably between 8-10 times and have never been able to compile 360,000 points......on at least two occasions have reached 359,000 plus points.....what garbage.....if zero stars could be given, that would be too many.......a game should be achievable at some reasonable number of attempts.......👎 This game has gone from good to "crap" as each upgrade has been issued. The North Pole element is a "joke" matter how a player tries, failure seem to be all that happens. Have played the game for some time. While it is somewhat fun, it does not really allow the user to complete any city. Two observations/complaints.....first, challenges do not really give a user even a "fair" chance at succeeding, especially when all tiles are cleared but point levels are not achievable because low score matches are only offered. Secondly, when individual challenges are reshuffled 3-4 times in a row, those moves are wasted so player always falls a few point short of required point level. Games are only fun if chances of success are achievable, not when unfairly rigged.
  • Bubble gum 5/5

    By gutslady67
    I loved the game I had a great time with my friends I love it
  • Gummy drop 4/5

    By ladyjanr
    I’m currently in Barcelona. So far the game has failed to give be me 100 coins for completing a leg of my journey. Then twice it has failed to give me the green gems. In was for 8 gems. I think the other was for 6. Please rectify this situation.
  • New problem 2/5

    By Pixieface9
    Why can’t you send gifts and lives any more? It takes some of the fun away. I would rate much higher if this weren’t a problem.
  • Margaret reviewing Game Drop in London 5/5

    By JollyMolly65
    I really enjoy this game. I’m wondering why # 46-1 doesn’t give you more red hearts before it freezes and stops in the London game. There are never enough red hearts to make the red circle fill before the game is frozen. It’s kinda hard to move on without the opportunity to fill the bomb before it goes off. Please help. I seem to be stuck on this one because of that.
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By pajepaje
    So frustrated. Played the game a lot and with last update now can’t move until all three levels are done at one time??? Really takes the fun and some strategy out of the game. Directions keep Pushing on these marathons and You can’t even get to play them especially with time restrInts.
  • Great game when it doesn’t crash. 2/5

    By Rodville
    I’ve put I don’t how much money into this game. It also lets you spin for 5 extra turns but if you are close to winning the level then the app will crash and the money and time you have invested in that level is wasted. If you are far from winning the level then you can spin every 30 min for your chance at 5 more turns for days. But if your close you get maybe an hour sometimes two before the game crashes. At first I thought that I had too many apps open and it didn’t have the memory to keep it up but I’ve run tests and it will perform the same with no apps open or ten. The only thing that I have found that makes any difference is how close I am to winning the level. I have tested it using an iPhone SE 32gb and an iPhone 7 128gb with the same results. It seems to be a cash grab. Some levels you need to have extra moves to finish. If you buy them all is well if you hope to spin for them most of the time you are out of luck because unless you leave the app up and don’t let your phone lock you are ok but if you forget it will crash and restart and your progress on that level is gone.
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By silverwingsusa
    Really great game I’m addicted!
  • It can be okay... 4/5

    By Arianagirl300
    I like this game, it’s a good time waster but this game does need to have more lives because three lives isn’t enough. For when your playing the hard levels.
  • Norway 5/5

    By Lorra1964
    I’ve played this game for years and love it. The only downfall is I don’t think I’ll ever finish all the countries in my lifetime 😂 please create NORWAY! 🇳🇴
  • Good & acceptable 5/5

    By gummy boom =P
    It’s a good & acceptable due to the durability of finishing each puzzle even if I’d finished before but it’s still positive for myself to review app’s content every now or then keep up the positive app reviews everyone with thee app
  • Cheated 2/5

    By mtcon
    I have played for a while and am getting fed up with the game “cheating” me out of tokens. On the 30 day packages I have gotten to day 27 and it will not give me the treasure, it wipes out all the days and goes back to day one. And in the game when collecting tokens it will throw out the bricks, but will not add to the total. Cheated out of thousands! Rate it as a two

Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game app comments


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