Gymshark: Official Store

Gymshark: Official Store

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  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Gymshark Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gymshark: Official Store App

A HOME FOR THE GYMSHARK FAMILY The Gymshark family is truly global and the official Gymshark app is a home for our family to live. We make a lot of noise, but this is where you can be sure you hear everything you need to: every new drop, every neat discount, every conditioning moment. FIT FOR YOU Nothing says home like adding some human touch, and we've built the Gymshark app to be the perfect fit for you. Only wanna see the things you'll love (and not the things you won't)? Sure thing. A single place to manage all your orders? Of course. And what about saving all the things you love onto your own wishlist? You got it. You could even go as far as customising your app icon to suit your homescreen. FASTER, CLOSER, BETTER This is how you can get closer to Gymshark than ever before, all at the tap of an app. We'll streamline your checkout too - with Apple Pay, secure PayPal and more - so you can be done as quick as you like. We'll even give your wallet a little spot with Klarna, Clearpay, AfterPay and Pay Bright allowing you to buy now and pay later. PREPARE FOR TOMORROW Everything we do at Gymshark is about improving ourselves for tomorrow (that's kinda what conditioning is). On the app, it's no different. You can keep tabs on our socials so you never miss a rep. We'll hit you up with a next day delivery deal when you get involved, so you'll always be ready for tomorrow... literally. And, as with conditioning, we'll always be looking to improve ourselves and our app over time, so you can expect things to only get better. Now what? Guess it's time to join the Gymshark family.

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Gymshark: Official Store app reviews

  • disorganization 2/5

    By fjrobl
    I made a purchase of several items, days and days passed and it never arrived. so i sent emails and they didn't know i had been bounced back for no reason. then gymshark sent me my merchandise again and it didn't arrive either, it was returned a second time. the end of this resulted in a refund after a month.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By KatieCurr
    Today I was waiting for the Whitney Simmons drop and the app logged me out and wouldn’t let me log back in. I missed the sale and wasn’t able to get any of the items I wanted.
  • Payment is too slow for launches 2/5

    By astropolitan
    Downloaded the app just to get early access for the new WS collection. Look and design of the app is nice, I Had everything loaded in my car my and ready to go but the payment took so long to load that everything was sold out by the time I was able to pay! I always have my PayPal and Shoppay set up with my Gymshark account to make sure I can check out quickly. But the app was so slow that it didn’t make a difference. This hasnever happened to me on a browser, so it must just be this app. Really disappointing that I didn’t get anything I wanted from the new drop because payment took so darn long to load. Going to shop through the browser from now on, if ever.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By meatie417
    Glitches during every product launch. I continuously miss out on product because of this. Trash. You guys are a huge company, figure out how to have a website and app that works when you KNOW you’re going to have a high volume.
  • Out of stock in 4 minutes?! 1/5

    By JOwensShaw
    Don’t allow early access to items via your app if you are not equip to deal with the volume
  • Inventory 5/5

    By grimlado
    A lot of out of stock items that I would love to purchase
  • Love the app but it keeps logging me out 4/5

    By 9kt$RT4(
    I never delete the app but every time I use it it’s as if I just downloaded it and it starts me over. I already have an account, but it makes me log in every time I open the app and none of my data is saved.
  • Good but not great :/ 3/5

    By Kasharpward
    The app is amazing except that almost every time I use it, I have to sign in. Not sure why it’s constantly signing me out. Once in the app though it’s amazing. Shopping, tracking orders, speaking to customer service, etc is all right there in the app!
  • Gym shark clothes 5/5

    By Mattmattachez
    I love all Gym shark clothing.It fits good and it’s great quality
  • Gymshark App 5/5

    By katarina0413
    I have both this app and the Gymshark training app, both have great layouts and so many great features. The clothing is always the best for the gym. It would be very helpful if the website showed what sizeof clothing and the weight of the models displaying the items of clothing are, I find that it helps a lot with reference. Overall wonderful experience all around with this app.
  • A good brand 5/5

    By eltiguer
    I got into the Gymshark because off my wife and I love it
  • Doesn’t stay logged in 1/5

    By Yay27x
    You have log in and fill out some intro questions every time you open the app
  • Can’t make purchases 1/5

    By Jovamm
    Whenever I try to make a purchase my card gets declined I’ve tried with 4 different cards and every time is the same
  • Awesome fit 5/5

    By Dk_2875
    The clothes fit well and are very comfortable! Best work out clothes I’ve owned!
  • Ight 5/5

    By jg_alex1999
    Its ight.
  • Review 5/5

    By TripleS742
    Some of my favorite workout gear abs regular wear as well! I love the brand.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By A Que.
    The only deficiency I noticed was when I created a bag on the website then went to the app. Nothing transferred over. Which isn’t a huge deal. I also was not able to use PayPal on the website. But, on the app I was able to. Thumbs up for that! I do not buy items online unless I can use a secure checkout source like PayPal. Overall, solid app! Gymshark apparel is great quality for a good price.
  • Good app, some frustrations 3/5

    By AmazonsBurner
    Overall I have really enjoy using the app. I do have a few gripes with it though that I feel can be improved on: - About 50% if the time the app logs me out and I have to sign back in. Each time this happens, the app asks for my gender, notification settings, and privacy statement. - Notifications from wishlist items. I don’t always receive a notification when an item is back in stock. Id say 90% of the time I don’t get one. So I have to check the app manually to see if it’s back in stock. - Wishlist from the app version is not linked to the browser version. It would be great if I could login into either and see my wishlist. Right now I have nothing on the browser version because it won’t transfer from the app version. Sometimes, my wishlist doesn’t even show on the app version.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By my name was alreayd taken?
    10/10 this app had improved tremendously!! Makes it so much more easy to spend money !
  • I love the clothes, but messed up my order 2/5

    By Elijahmh
    They sent me the completely wrong thing and the item I was suppose to get was out of stock. All they really did was give me a refund. Which don’t get me wrong is fair, but I can no longer get that what was originally purchased. At least a discount code or something would’ve made this a better experience. Still love the brand, but really frustrated with this order.

    By chrissy_capalot11
    They are so flexiable and stylish!! I absorb LOVE!
  • App is not working properly 1/5

    By cartetaa
    This app freezes all the time and is not working properly ever since I downloaded it
  • Wishlist and shipping 5/5

    By lizza224
    The gymshark app made so many improvements. On all my shopping apps I wishlist items so that I can save what I want when I’m not broke anymore and For a while you weren’t able to wish list items but with the new version you now can. And their shipping is so fast!! I order a few items and then the day after it’s already shipped. Gymshark had very amazing customer service and their shipping speed is excellent!
  • Good quality clothing, great prices. 5/5

    By TheRealFranklin
    Great/Comfortable pieces, different materials, different releases/restocks very often. Whats not to like about it !
  • Good but not enough 4/5

    By Quanhh
    This app should allow us to copy and paste the discount code, as well as it should load faster the new arrivals because it's kinda delayed compared to the website when the new arrivals come.
  • Convenient but glitchy 3/5

    By lilly152835
    The app is great to have to order from and keep your wishlist but it feels like a beta app so it will glitch out after a couple minutes super frequently.
  • Technical cart issues ;( 3/5

    By kiara leigh brooks ipod
    Some technical issues on the website made it so I couldn’t check out and unfortunately I missed a KK product in my cart that will no longer be released now ;(
  • App 3/5

    By Us be
    The app isn’t user friendly
  • My first best outfit 5/5

    By Dj's gal
    I love my workout tights omg 🥰 I just ordered for more as soon as I got first delivery. Why didn’t I buy all my workout outfits from here
  • Julio 5/5

    By Julioandresac
    Nice clothes 🌊🌊🌊
  • Great… 4/5

    By fredbuhat16
    App is great but I keep getting signed out and having to log g back in.
  • Good but could use some work 3/5

    By jxzter
    This app is nice design wise and makes ordering really easy and seamless. It has some issues and bugs in general though that need to be fixed. I get logged out of the app randomly and have to log back in and when I select the option to notify me when a product restocks I never get notified. I’m sure there are some other bugs that I haven’t run into yet but as soon as these get fixed this will be an easy 5 stars from me.
  • Top brand quality w/supportable pricing 5/5

    By purplepoisonfr
    The quality exceeds the price tag, which is great for someone like me. I sometimes have 2 high-intensity workouts in one day, which requires multiple outfits. Gymsharks quality holds up with daily wash & wear. Product quality and price point, has made this my go to brand to refresh my workout wardrobe.
  • Pocket size Review 4/5

    By D'metreus
    The app is pretty great overall all I just wish there was an option to put reviews on products. I also wish they’d add pockets to at least some of the women’s bottoms.
  • Very good app, with a caveat 5/5

    By dwilson849
    Considering that the Gymshark shopping app is still very new, the UI and general feel of the app is very nice - even nicer than some larger companies whose app is on version #50. I would even argue that the app is better than the desktop version of Gymshark. The one caveat to the experience is the log in issue. Whenever the app is closed, my account is logged out and I have to log back in, which really only takes a few seconds, but I would still consider it a persistent annoyance. Also - I may be mistaken, but didn’t Gymshark accept Discover as a method of payment just recently? I remember placing an order late November and earlier this month with my Discover card. The option seems to have disappeared from the site
  • Gymshark 5/5

  • Yes! Finally 5/5

    By Zitue
    I was waiting for months for the app! Shopping online on the phone is a little tedious and slow since i would have to log in every time. Thank you.
  • nice app but logging on problem 4/5

    By Someone who is very surprised
    I love gymshark so I was super excited they created an app since it would be way easier to buy stuff on there then constantly going on their website. It is a lot easier and I like how I can have a wishlist, especially when stuff goes on sale and I can see if my items on my wishlist did. The only problem is that I have to keep logging on every time I open the app which can be frustrating since I always like to browse through it a few times a week. If that gets fixed then this app would be 5 stars. Gymshark always listens to their customers so I feel this will get fixed soon.
  • Great app but 3/5

    By Sonicshadow12
    Needs to fix the issue where it keeps signing you out after a while. I have had to sign in multiple times a day because it kept signing me out.
  • Login 3/5

    By Chaseb376
    The app looks and runs great. It’s just I have to log in every time I open it and it gets very annoying.
  • Better of just using their website 1/5

    By just404roach
    I had the app for less then a week app crashes and doesn’t let me log in. I tried using their support line from the app it says error 404. I tried asking the people directly from the website, they said delete and try again ( after I had already reset my password twice). I deleted and tried twice, still does not work. I’m conclusion, just use the website.
  • Have to log in every time 3/5

    By user 018362
    The app is great and easy to use but logs me out every time I get out of it and has cleared my cart multiple times when it logs me out. I might as well use the website at that point.
  • Great ! - but hoping for a wishlist 4/5

    By Emmm244
    The main reason I downloaded the gymshark app was in hopes to have a place to store a wishlist or save items I really liked so I could come back to it later when ready to buy, if possible this would be a really great feature to have and if things sell out, or are no longer available it would simply take it off our list and let us know :)
  • Logging me out 5/5

    By erick.aranda
    App logs me out after each close. Frustrating. First time ever using this app.
  • issues 5/5

    By sister zoe
    i love the app it makes it quick and easy to order my necessities. recently the app would always log me out, but now, when I log it it doesn’t even register that I logged in and it keeps me logged out.
  • App logs out too much! 2/5

    By JJ_thejet
    Would be much better app if I didn’t get logged out so often
  • Great but… 5/5

    By Aaa1237
    The app overall is great… but why does it sign me out so often. Keep users logged in until they choose. Maybe also add Face ID login feature as well.
  • Signed Out 3/5

    By E-Jishe
    It’s a great app but every time I open the app I have to sign in again.
  • Almost Cried Tears of JOY😭 4/5

    By Lambrighini
    I absolutely adore this brand, and their clothing. Seeing as this only has 14 reviews, I’d like to be the first to thank the developers at GymShark for making this app happen - it is just a step closer to doing battle with bigger brands such as Lulu, Adidas, Nike, etc. It would be nice for the gender selected (also would be nice to not have to choose a gender, inclusion and all) if that selection would carry over priority up top when selecting through the filters - I do appreciate it pulls that data to curate a home page (good idea). The videos that play when look at different fits and lines is one of my favorite features about the website, I wish they’d would have integrated that here as well. Within the checkout feature, an ‘x’ opposed to having to click the quantity and ‘remove’ would be nice, just more ergonomically sensible when considering thumb movements. One big miss, there is no return feature on the ‘more info’ or ‘•••’ on the bottom right menu. Huge miss on integration of a ‘one stop shop’ experience. Keeping guests in the app for anything they need helps to improve the return rate and really increase unit sales as it’s easier and easier to purchase, receive, return, repeat - especially for those of us in the US who live a little further and we do lots of this. On the whole as a first run, app looks great and I will for sure be using it more so than other apps I have (cough cough, Lulu). Hey GymShark, be on the lookout for my job application😘