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Hair Color

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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ModiFace
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hair Color App

Try a brand new hair color virtually in just seconds with the Hair Color application! See the effects applied live on yourself (requires iOS 11) or applied on your photo.

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Hair Color app reviews

  • It is not good 2/5

    It was useless for me because it just added a pale shadow of each color on my hair! No real difference between mine and new colors. My hair is black by the way.
  • Doesn’t wormy 2/5

    By Very busy Mommy of 3
    Doesn’t go very dark even after paying for premium!! Also when you try to use a photo from phone it doesnt work & takes random photo of whatever your phone is pointing at instead!
  • Ok 2/5

    By Jbaygummybear
    I love this idea but it isn’t the best with black hair because the colors are a lot darker that what it should be.
  • Great app, it’s the most realistic hair color apps I’ve seen, but only works for taking photos 2/5

    By Lizamibom
    Only works if you upload selfies you can no longer upload like screenshots
  • Not good 1/5

    By SN955436
    I had the app. It worked in the beginning then it stops working. It never lets you upload a picture from your photo library. I have deleted the app 3 times and got it all over again to try and fix that glitch myself but it never works. When it DID work, it was a cool app. I wish they would fix it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By FnafGirl363
    If there are in app purchases, please say so. I looked at this and it didn’t have any listed. Also, the photos are complete clickbait. There are barley any available colors, and the camera quality is terrible. I am honestly very disappointed. I am starting to think that with all the 5 star reviews, it’s just bots. Because not even the most popular apps have that many 5 star reviews. DO NOT GET THIS APP.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Loe1111
    Unlike other apps where you have to paint color onto a still picture, you can actually see what you’d look like with a different hair color. It’s not laggy at all and the only downside is that some colors are premium for $1.99.
  • Good but doesn’t show reds 4/5

    By Sheers2u
    Cool app. I would even pay the $2 for the extra colors if more red options were available. I downloaded to try to decide if I should make a big change and become a redhead, but no options to see that ( unless you want Kool-Aide red-“oh yeah!” Oh NO...) Has blondes, Browns, black, and “unicorn” colors ( colors that are fun to try on but you wouldn’t/ shouldn’t wear professionally). Overall cool concept but not perfect.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Malia609
    Yeah you have to pay $2 for access to all the colors but there’s some free. There’s no painting the hair sections, it automatically detects your hair. Download, take picture, or use a selfie and that’s it. You can ever do two people. I tried 3 but it didn’t work very well.
  • It’s fun 3/5

    By Ksjoquist
    Not great, but it’s fun and the paid options lets you play a lot more. Not sure what more I’d want but, overall, it’s a fun app. Try it, see what you think, and consider.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By caramujosf
    Does not work
  • Should not be free 5/5

    By bstooze
    This is the best app to get for those wondering what color they may want to get their hair, its so accurate with your hair line
  • Best I’ve used! 5/5

    By Madz620
    I’ve tried a lot of apps to find something that looked realistic, and this is the first! I’ve been contemplating dying my hair for a while, but I didn’t know how it would look because every app just looked like painting over my picture. I’m super impressed by this app!
  • Excellent app!! 5/5

    By JaayToBlurppTM
    I like this kinda app because when I upload a photo, and I tap the hair color, it really works. Thank you for this app 💯💯
  • Best hair color app so far! 4/5

    By Dumas983
    I LOVE this app! It does a really nice job at giving you a pretty darn realistic preview of what you would look like with different hair colors! The pastel tones looked a little glowy on me but I think that’s because I have darker hair. However I could see the blonde tones just fine. The “live view” feature is just plain fun.
  • Only works with straight hair 2/5

    By kierst8n
    It didn’t really look good on my curly hair. It looked obviously fake.
  • Wow! 4/5

    By RayofLight79
    This app is just wow! It automatically detects your hair and you can try different colors with a click of a button. Doesn’t really work if you want to go from dark to blonde or if you just want highlights or ombré. But overall I think it was worth the 1.99 to try the premium colors. I’m pleased with the app and look forward to future updates.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By disup
    Very disappointed in this app! I was attempting to try on red and brown shades in an attempt to visualize what changing my blonde hair would look like. The colors are not realistic shades nor do they over various shades of red. The brown shades still appear ash blonde on my hair. NO HELP!!
  • Change hair color 1/5

    By Isabella🐖👍😜
    Your hair color is awful😡😡ಠ╭╮ಠ.
  • Free app worked 1/5

    By Pixiegurl68
    Purchased the premium and now it won’t Can someone help please
  • Disappointed in brunette options 2/5

    By jamorris89
    This is a waste of the $2 I spent upgrading. I downloaded this app to help my mom find a different shade because she wanted to switch it up. The brunette shades were TERRIBLE. All ashy and not much distinction between them. It seemed like the blonde shades were much better and gave more variety. I gave 2 stars for that reason but I was really disappointed.
  • horrible 💀 1/5

    By M_A_K_k!
    alright, i have been thinking of dying my hair black for a while, so i wanted to get one of these apps to see how i would look with black hair. Not only was it extremely laggy, but it did absolutely nothing to my hair! it just changed the shine to it. i have no idea if it was just me, or if this is an issue for most buyers. i am deleting. thanks anyways, me.
  • Would have been great if they colors work 1/5

    By jac3233
    I have blonde hair and couldn’t even see any brunette color or red color. Deleting
  • Unbelievable! 5/5

    By Flanua
    The technology behind this is mind blowing, photos before and after looks real, and only sometimes new shade coloring not only hair but a little bit face to, but not often thought. This app is great! Thanks developers for implementing NV AI to this incredible app. NVIDIA really pushing their technologies forward. 10 out of 10 even if I don’t like in app purchases.
  • Not great 2/5

    By Lily864
    You have to pay extra $1.99 for more colors, yet some of them don’t show up on the hair, such as the darker shades. Seriously a waste of money. Not impressed.
  • Non paid review. 1/5

    By truthtea69
    The only review happens to be a 5 star ? Here’s the truth. The reason this app has a bad star rate is because you have to PAY for the good colors. It does a good job painting the hair for you, but why waste money on something you can do in another app for free.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Brymysteries GoLd
    It’s awesome that this app doesn’t just let you “Paint” your hair but it tracks it!! Low costs and great quality! 5/5 stars.
  • Doesn’t work. Save your money. 1/5

    By Rejo888
    I have blonde hair. It will show other shades of blonde hair and some of the rainbow colors, but it won’t show darker hair, like at all, which is the whole reason I bought this. Waste of money.
  • waste 1/5

    By Poodle /k9
  • I guess it’s fine 🤷🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ 3/5

    It’s extremely laggy when you open the app and all through when your playing on to it....I like how it looks somewhat realistic on your hair but would I use it again?Probably not or maybe.Do I suggest getting it?Ummm well I don’t know I suggest no.
  • Cool! 5/5

    By Melidogs
    I don’t know why the ratings aren’t better, this app is so cool! The color really does move with your hair, auto detected. Easy, and makes it feel so real!
  • Amazing - great ap 5/5

    By bellasblue
    This Ap is so easy to use and really shows what various hair colors / shades would look like on me. It’s live so it’s even better! Even my husband was amazed! It’s worth the $2.99 to get the premium colors. I played around with various shades and lighting to get the best overall true color. It really helped me make up my mind by seeing exactly what I’d look like if I decided to go gray! Big step, this helped.
  • Trash 1/5

    By <3Cassan<3
    Couldn’t even get a picture to load on the screen. Wouldn’t work at all!
  • Womp 2/5

    By jfizz11
    This app looked promising. The concept Is cool, but the only color that it picks up on hair are bright colors like pink or green. Did not change my hair to brown or black
  • SMH 2/5

    By Jelomm
    I thought this application is free and own by one of hair color company but it isnt. If i were the owner of this app sell it to the hair color company i think is good for them people likes to try the new hair color and undecided which color to choose.
  • Wants ur $ 1/5

    By law33333
    If you pay 1.99, you'll get all options. Other than that, not much to offer, sorry to say.
  • This is good 3/5

    By ajamesperson
    To be honest I didn’t think it wold work just guessing from the reviews but obviously it doesn’t look as good as it shows in the pictures. Your not going to fool someone by telling them you dyed your hair but to see what color works for your it is really cool. The only problem is you have to pay for most of the colors, but other than that it is really cool
  • Best I’ve tried 5/5

    By derba85
    It works just like that video on the preview. I doubted it would be that realistic but it’s really that good. AMAZING!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By C'Lisle
    Bait and switch - this app is of no use unless you want to purchase “in-app” to try on a new hair color. A complete scam.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By MarinaFerreira
    This app can actually be pretty accurate when it comes to showing what certain hair colors would actually look like on you, unlike other apps.
  • Eh 2/5

    By fjsjbfjsndjdbsdbf
    I give it 2 stars cause it’s not that interesting. It doesn’t give you enough options and it’s just a waste of time and space. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Depends 4/5

    By BlackSheepStudio
    Works best for natural hair colors, more of the bright and flashy colors didn’t cover all of my hair and didn’t look very good. The camera is also very choppy but i can excuse that, it worked for what i needed it for 👌
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By KtDirr
    This is so easy! So many hair apps you have to paint it on and it gets everywhere unless you are careful. This is instant. I don’t know why the rating is as low as it is
  • love love love 5/5

    By Lillie Ben H.
    AMAZING! Works so well, looks so real, and so easy to use. I’m obsessed. Helped me so much with picking out what color to dye my hair.
  • Umm, this doesn’t do anything? 1/5

    By Autumnmariah
    This only changes the tone of your hair not the total color. So if your hair is brown it will show you light to medium shades of brown, same for blonde or black. It doesn’t show you what your hair would look like if you went from brown to blonde. Dumb, makes no sense.
  • Ke 5/5

    By mr.angey
    This looked pretty realistic and I totally fooled my mom! But it kind of lags.
  • App keeps freezing 1/5

    By sammiismithh
    I have a new iPhone X, so I know this is not my phone’s fault. The app keeps freezing and won’t even let me upload a picture to use.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Changeme$5
    I bought this app and I would like to get my money back. It didn’t work at all. I wanted to see if I should let me dark brown hair go grey and it just made the screen go lighter my hair was still mostly brown. It look like I was standing in front of a window trying to take my picture it didn’t actually change my hair color.
  • Review 1/5

    By R.L.C.K
    It’s super laggy and the colors barley show up and it’s just all around trash sorry if u like it but I sure as heck don’t

Hair Color app comments

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