Hair Trimmer Prank!

Hair Trimmer Prank!

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: First Class Media B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hair Trimmer Prank! App

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a fake shaving machine with this razor prank app! Download this app now and start playing one of the most popular practical jokes on your friends! This app turns your device into a fake shaving machine or electric razor. It simulates a real razor sound so that if you place it on someone’s head they’re going to think you are actually cutting their hair! It is an ultimate harmless prank to pull on your friends that you have to try! FEATURES: - Realistic sounding shaving machine recorded from a real electrical razor device - Device vibrates to even better imitate a real hair clipper (iPhone only) - The proximity sensor or camera allows to play a cutting sound when the razor touches hair! - Unlock various devices including a chainsaw, metal detector, taser and even a zombie! - Customize the device color, background and sound! Disclaimer: the app does not actually shave hair... (d'oh!)

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Hair Trimmer Prank! app reviews

  • poop 5/5

    By morbB
    this app was stupendous!! i cant believe my son fel for thee tuhs is gret?
  • Poop 5/5

    By Sandallo
    I turned on theb ap and pooped cuz it
  • Awsome and funny app 5/5

    By daniiiiiii411
    My brother thought i cut his hair it was 😂 funny
  • I was with my dad and I had this app on and he got so scard 5/5

    By jjjjtjfjjjirjxgpjhoysufhpuusq
    I was with my dad and I had this app on and he got so scard he want to the bath room and was crying Bc he thought I shaved his Head off
  • Hey 5/5

    By pywkqjbfkfhwkf
    Yeah I love you too
  • My mom pranked! 4/5

    By BlahBlahBunnies
    I pranked my mom and she jumped! I hope I can prank more people with this app! You should download it!🤣
  • My gma 5/5

    By shataira_78
    So I went up into the kitchen to my grandmas doing my aunties hair and I asked her can I shave my head so she said yes then I went into the living room am turned on the app and I pushed back one of my twist so she said oh my gosh you really did that you gonna face the consequences
  • Pranks on my family 5/5

    By guava lover oh yaa
    I pranked my brother with it he actually got jump scared.but it was good.After I pranked him he got the app he pranked me so bad.he got a even louder sound then mine! I asked him how but he said it’s a secret. I tried it on my dog she started to run all her over the house 😆 It was ridiculous! I tried it on my sister she almost died!!!!! It was tooo funny!!! I tried it on my mom and dad.Like omg you had to see there reaction!
  • The shave 5/5

    By prettyblkgrl
    I was downloading the game and I thought of pranking my little brother so I turned the app on and did the prank he was so curious and tried to find out what just happened.When he found out it was a prank he was so mad. And now you know my story.
  • Pranked my grandparents 3/5

    By unicorn katy k
    I started doing it on my grandparents and they started screaming and when they saw it was just my phone
  • 5 5/5

    By Ryandaboss1108
    My grandma picked me up and we were on our way to the mall the pulled the razor app out and pranked her she slap me so hard
  • HE FREAKED OUT!!!🤣🤣🤣 5/5

    By Rhain-Deraj
    So this was so funny.🤣Ok so, my big cousin that never wants to cut his hair and only wants to cut the sides and when I went up to him I was like, “Hey how you doing?” Then he was like, “Good.” Then I went behind him and act like I was shaving his hair off then he ran out the room and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror if I actually shaved his hair off and when he did that, he looked at me and he chased me around the house😂! It was so funny that he’s afraid to go by me cause he thinks I’m going to do another trick.🤦🏽‍♀️
  • I didn’t scare anybody 4/5

    By TTV BYW
    I got this a 5 minutes ago
  • Haven’t done anything yet sooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 1/5

    By mr.jags
    I haven’t done anything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Imagine im in school 5/5

    By Johnkobe
    One day i pranked my mom I was shy😖 I turn It on it didn't worked So I did it again to my brother he got mad 😡so much I ran away in my bunk bed I got to the stairs in top in the bed I hide in my moms back my brother did not catches me
  • Freaking out 5/5

    By Ms.op
    I told my mom my friend bought me something and when she heard the sound she yelled and I did it but then she laughed 😂😅🤣☺️
  • Crazy almost killed🔪🔪🔪 5/5

    By ps4 name TTV_LxckdownGang
    So I pranked my mom and turned my volume all the way up and no vibration and put it on sound 4 and had her wig and when o did it she almost killed me know let me tell you she was in the kitchen and throw a knife at me
  • Funny story 5/5

    By savage_2801
    So my mom was cooking and I turned it on and she screamed so loud and I told her it was q prank and she laughed so I did😂
  • Funny 5/5

    By doom_skeed69
    Me and my frnd were in a car when I pulled up the shaver and put it on his head and freaked out but then laughed too!!
  • Risks 1/5

    By mb cbxvnd
    Dumb boring
  • Love 5/5

    By 1111100000333333388889
    Love it
  • Lol 5/5

    By bootleg- merch
    So I asked my mom if she could turn around. I turned up the volume and shaved her hair she freaked out but then she laughed and so did I!! 😏
  • Prank on my mom 5/5

    By dove so cool
    I did it to my mom, she was like, OMG OMG my hair ahhh ahhh I can’t go to work then I told my mom it was a prank and now I have to clean all the toilets and it is disgusting
  • Prank on dog 5/5

    By JOEGLAUNER123857488
    My dog was asleep so I turned the volume all the way and turned it on my dog barked And chased me LOLOOLOLOL
  • I 5/5

    By my mom pooppp
    so mom poop pant stern I die poppy pants
  • Pranking my grandma 5/5

    By Connor plays
    I went up behind her and use the same app
  • The funniest thing 5/5

    By Best Prankster Ever!😏 🤬
    So my little sister was in her bed and I snuck behind her and then turned the volume up the whole way and right before I turned it on I FARTED!🤣😭 Then she turned and looked at me and said WHAT THE HELL!!! Then she got in a lot of trouble! 🤗 The End.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Fun/funny
    I told my sister that I would do it to my mom but I didn’t fool her so I did it on my sister and she screamed
  • BOO this game 1/5

    By mnelson36
    Every time I do it on my dad it doesn’t vibrate or it doesn’t make a sound 😤👎
  • To many ads 2/5

    By uimBo!
    To many ads to many ads TO MANY ADS!!!!
  • The angry cousins 5/5

    By marquay 51
    So look I’m down my Aunty house and my cousin kamar was playing ROBLOX with Antony I snuck up on them tuned it on then put it on their heads they got so mad
  • Ok 1/5

    By 🐨🐨🐨 kid
  • Garbage 1/5

    By MachineMan21
    Sound works just fine for ads (of course). No sound for the clipper. Waste of time. Deleted.
  • OMG so funny 5/5

    By Niceduck
    I pranked my brother by shaving his hair
  • Wazat?oh. 5/5

    By Pinhead 182
    I was so close to my brother and turned the sound to it’s very highest but for some reason it didn’t work, so I tried again and put it on his head and then he looked up and saw it was fake and I waved it around and his eyes kept following it.
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By Mailsbsshsgst
    Soo I played it and my father actually felt for it and I feel bad!!?
  • ya I pranked my brother back 5/5

    By i love my cat guss
    On my brother
  • Sleep over day 5/5

    By erinbarchi
    Me an Kayla had a sleep over she got a bit of slime in her hair I said it so much slime in your hair am Kayla schemed I took the phone put the game on an sarted to laugh hahah 😂
  • Best day ever 5/5

    By wolves are hehehahus
    I said I’ll be right back ran to the bathroom tested it turned the volume up all the way came back and put it to my grammas ear and thought it didn’t work cause he didn’t scream but it did scare him and no regrets
  • Hey what’s up 5/5

    By princess.nya7
  • Poop 1/5

    By hdjegehebif
    Hey I’m so sorry I didn’t get your phone text I gotta was a little too big of y’all and I gotta have fun and we have a lot going in and out and about to go to eat with him so we can go get her something I gotta have fun and we will have a good night I afools Hi
  • Nothing But Ads 1/5

    By brianvanh
    Installed and never actually got to use it because s many ads popped up. Got annoyed and deleted the app.
  • Kendra 5/5

    By Barn seller
    I pranked my mom she was coming out of the bath room and I turned it on and she thought it was real
  • No 1/5

    By Almost the best game!
    Umm all I can say 🧐😡
  • It worked! 5/5

    By mmccmeme
    How I pranked my friend:we were at a sleep over with her brother and his friend I was making slime in the bathroom with my friend I said that I found a razor and when I said it she yelled MOOOOOM it was SO funny and I would never regret it
  • Prank on mah sis(failed) 5/5

    By KikiLikesLlamas
    My sis was laying on the ground and I got this app and I pressed my iPad,yes I had an iPad,it doesn’t work very well but it’s all I have,against my sis’s head and she looked at me,she stared for about 3 seconds then said “what?” Like she always does,I do that too :).

    By tanonied9889
    So one time I did this to my sister when I was laying down then I found this app cuz I was looking for prank apps then I came up to my sister and pretending to shave her hair off she was made as a rich kid so she was picky about everything but when I got my phone downloaded the app I went in to my sisters room and I put it to the middle of her head and after that she said if I have a ball spot on the middle of my head I’m going to kill you, you little brat!! So when she looked in the mirror she already had a bald spot but she thought I made it bigger so when I said perfect bald spot she said AYOU BETTER RUN then I looked at her then she grabbed my mom Gucci belt and she chased me outside in the yard she grabbed my arm put me against the fence I started laughing and crying but mostly laughing after I was laughing so hard I couldn’t tell her that it was a prank and that was my phone that made that very sharp razor noise but she didn’t believe it so she kept hitting me then I actually started crying then my mom can outside and she saw she was beating me which I call ABUSE!!!!!!!!! Then after that she said stop that right now!! Or I’ll adopt you and if you don’t stop with that idatued then I’ll beat the skin off you so I went to my room looked in the mirror I saw a big red hole on my butt so I started saying oh no oh no!!!!!!!! After I told my mom she saw it and she knew what it was if I have that I have a 89% percent chance of dying so I was so scared but my sister and mom went to the bathroom and when they came out my sister had black eyes I could feel her pain that my mother gave her in a way but I felt bad but I was like she deserved it because she did it to me so hard I started screaming that my neighbors saw through there window and one man and women came up to my sister and they punched her /slapped her really hard and then the people asked if I was okay and I said nothing so I went back inside to my room and I looked at it again it began to turn black I felt like I was the worst child back then even tho it was a prank I thought it would be funny if I do it on my spoiled rich kid sister but she was SOOO Serious that she had to hit me when a strong!! Gucci belt then I saw it was red mixed together and it looked DISGUSTING so when I saw it I came to my mom in the kitchen and I told her to come in bathroom and I showed her the big mark on my butt✌︎ then that’s when she got pis*** Andy mom told my sister to come here to the bathroom and she said can I go see my Gucci belt and she said what are u going to do with that and my mom locked the door and bend her over and started whooping THE DRAP OUTTA HER I heard though the door and she didn’t stop until it was nighttime it as like 12:00 clock in the morning and my mom whooped her until 11:00 at night my sister begged her to stop saying I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!! I WONT DO IT AGAIN!! ILL DO ANYTHING IF YOU STOP ANYTHING BUT SHE KEPT ON DOIng IT until she got tired after that she said your lucky and she lock the door and closed the bathroom door shut and locked so my sister was left in there for the WHOLE night my sister went crazy she found a thing for your hair and used it to lock pick it she looked like an emo kid when she got up I went down to use the bathroom but I was like something isn’t right so I saw the door open and I ran upstairs and I locked everything I had that opens and put paper things to cover anything that can see me and I held my ear to the door and I HEARD KNIVES!!! So I was like please go away I’m sorry but I didn’t do anything but she said revenge and that’s all she said and lucky for me my mom heard it she was a very strong woman and she’s old she has a cane as a weapon it was like a staff or it was a staff so my mom hit her in the head with it and my mom dragged her body to the furthest street she could fine my sister was really knocked out so she woke up in the next Day and I thought that was my sister dragging my moms body so I stayed in my room until noon until I heard my moms voice but it sounded squeaky so I was like wait that’s not my mom I whispered but she somehow knowed I was scared and frightened but how? Is the question my mom puts cameras in my room if I try to do something slick but I new that was my EVIL SISTER!! So I had to think fast but my only options were to jump out of the window or to zoom right pass my sister so I used option number two so I ran outta my room but she cut my arm with the knives she had two of then in her hand as if she is using them as daggers so I ran outside I see my moms car with her body dripping of blood through her neck as I saw it I began to froze completely everything stopped, the sounds, the crickets, the wind. Everything! But I knew my sister was behind me somehow due to a special power of me so I jumped over the car as if I was in a avengers movie and saw her say wanna play tag and I said why are u doing this and I only heard her say revenge so I know if I asked her why she would say revenge meaning she wants revenge on what my mom did to her so I had to think fast when I jumped over the car I ran across ally and different directions I lost her and I took my moms staff/cane and I held it in my hand filled with fear but when I held on to it I felt no fear just I felt fearless when I saw or heated her footsteps I quickly hit her in the liver it kidney and that’s her weak spot so I ran off and she was out for a long long time so I ran as far and as fast as I could hoping I could find food or anybody to have a family with but, I found nobody this is when I gave up so I sat down by a trashcan and cried and cried and cried so I i was starving had no one to communicate my phone was dead I had nothing so I gave up and sat there. So when I was hungry as f*** I saw a shop and the owner was looking away I stole a tortilla and ran back to my home/trashcan, somehow it filled me up so I wasn’t hungry anymore but lucky I had my phone it was dead still but I saw the owners charger and to
  • I pranked my sistsy 5/5

    By lala aunty
    ,lol she was chwp3
  • Lauren's opinion 5/5

    By Rolling Reviews
    This app really knows how to get the fun goin!!

Hair Trimmer Prank! app comments

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