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Hairstyle Try On App

Looking for a new hairstyle? Just not sure what will suit you? Upload your picture – try on a new hairstyle, see if suits you? • 15 free hairstyles in various lengths to try on. • Option to buy style packages with more than 800 hairstyles in total. • More than 50 different hair color options for every style. • Take a photo, Use your photo album. • Share results with your family, friends or hairstylist. • Receive hairstyle information and important tips. • Understand what suits your face shape. • Risk free! So try on a new hairstyle and avoid a hairstyle disaster!

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Hairstyle Try On app reviews

  • Have to buy 1/5

    By MrsKJKelly
    I was disappointed that I could download this app and upload a pic, but to access any hairstyles you need to pay. Misleading.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By sdfgjjyfvfry
    Helpful too.
  • So bad 1/5

    By BDP2126
    This thing is terrible. Everything looks so fake and cartoonish. What a waste of time
  • 1 star 1/5

  • I love this 5/5

    By KA_awesomegirrrrl
    I love this app so much. thanks for adding this app! Love Kaitlyn
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By max pawlyk
    U have to buy hairstyles! It’s bad!
  • Bad 1/5

    By suckyappsfreedback
    Stupid app pretty much all the styles cost money
  • Worst App Ever!!!!! 1/5

    By Griffin Sims
    I can’t do anything on this app without paying for money.
  • Useless 1/5

    By craig hamilton jerkins
    Every style is only applicable if you have really thick hair.
  • Bad hair styles! 1/5

    By Chicagodoc847
    The hair styles are like 90s, early 2000s suburbia!! Eek! Also, the developer’s responses to negative reviews are hilarious. Why don’t you take the negative reviews as feedback to make your app better?!
  • YouCam Makeup is a lot better 1/5

    By HeatherLandry
    I wasn’t impressed. You only get 15 free styles and they look goofy on your head. YouCam Makeup is free and has loads of hairstyles. You can fit each style to your head, moving the hair into place around your face. It’s much more sophisticated than this app and has a LOT more free styles, plus makeup, accessories and other fun stuff. It’s hard to imagine why someone would use this app when you can’t even adjust each style to your face. Sorry for the bad review. I feel like there must be a lot of fake reviews on this app.
  • Hair Styles 1/5

    By Llbwhwh
    Did not like this at all. Was a waste of money. There were no decent hair styles, they all looked like someone who stood between 2 fans blowing there hair from both directions. I have never seen anyone with a hair style like those.
  • No. 1/5

    By BellaBlue😜
  • Have to pay 2/5

    By jawjmw
    Gives you 15 female styles for free and you have to pay for more.

    By AddiePatty10
    I just got this app today. I really wanted to see what I would look like with bangs. I thought that I could choose my own hairstyle without paying for anything. Just to tell you whoever made this app I want you to know that this is a great app but it’s just not the one for me. Just to tell you people who want to have this app. There’s a couple hairstyles that are for free but most of the good ones are not free it’s like five dollars to get all the hairstyles. I just don’t want to pay money just to do stuff that I want to do on this app. Thanks for making this app anyway. PS y’all people that are saying bad things about this app needs to stop. If you don’t have anything good to say just don’t say anything at all. Thanks for reading my comment and have a nice day
  • Easiest to use 5/5

    By K-Zee:3
    Tried several other apps and this one is by far been the easiest to use!
  • Would not recommend at all 1/5

    By lkshsbbs
    Really?!?! You chose those 15 hair styles for the “free” ones?!?! That’s a joke.
  • It’s horrible 1/5

    By chezeitcan
    This app is horrible I would give it no stars if I could it did not help at all the hair looked fake and it not realistic at all this app is horrible and a wast of my time
  • awful 1/5

    By AmLucha
    I don’t understand why this has such great reviews. I’m not against paying for more but their is not enough here to justify 2.99 or the crazy 4.99. The 15 free styles are outdated and are horrible graphics on the model. So they of course all look awful on. This needs so much improvement I cant believe people pay for this.
  • Not free 1/5

    By Hhdribfj
    You have to buy “packages” of styles to try on. Nothing you can do for free. Lame.
  • Not free 1/5

    By LaLeece65
    You have to buy the hairstyles. Not one is free. Scam
  • You have to pay for hairstyles 1/5

    By justmyopinion17
    This app only gives you hairstyles that look like late 90s. Not the best era..
  • The worst computer generated hairstyles I’ve ever seen. 1/5

    By sbethrob
    I would not recommend wasting any money on this app. The hairstyles are computer generated and look horrible. Off to find a better app.
  • Not trendy- ugly 1/5

    By unhappyred-head
    All these hair styles are dated and ugly. Deleted app. Deff not for women under 45.
  • This is horrific 1/5

    By vontetgeslump
    I have never seen anything so bad
  • Have to pay 1/5

    By 7352819
    Don’t be fooled, you have to pay to see anymore than like 15 hairstyles.
  • Fun and useful 5/5

    By biolophile
    It took me a few tries to get a picture that worked well with the hairstyle simulator, but once I had a good photo it worked well. I bought the full package of all the hairstyles ($4.99) because none of the free hairstyles interested me. I like the ability to change the hair color, although I wish there were more color options. Overall, I think this is a great app and worth the $4.99
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Bella & Mommy
    Hairstyles are ridiculous when you try them on. Should be a way to get refunds on these apps.
  • Rare piece of crap 1/5

    By Gala502
    Free styles are total garbage and pay for style are as bad as free ones. App completely worthless
  • Not worth a darn 1/5

    By ednarrrr
    You can only look at 15 hairstyles for free, most were short and punky and are very fake looking (not real hair from human beings). The reviews are misleading, in my opinion.
  • Purchase necessary 1/5

    By Margo Tx Co
    All the free hairstyles are pretty ridiculous. Erased within 2min. Waste of time
  • 15 Free Old/Dated hairstyles. 1/5

    By pjguihan
    You don’t get to pick 15 hair styles, they are already set within the app and they are old and dated.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ginger person in distress
    Straight buns
  • Pay to see results 1/5

    By tiredtigerrun
    Why offer a free app that you have to pay for in app? Bogus man
  • No so great 1/5

    By SueGwen
    You only get 15 hair styles to try on for free. You have to pay for anything more.
  • Fun colors and styles 4/5

    By Redhead in AZ
    I was able to show my hairstylist exactly what I wanted by toggling back and forth through a few options. What I wish it had is a feature to STAR my favorite hairstyles.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By teapeternuck
    Not free at all.
  • Wack 1/5

    By its a me a nibba
    Have to pay for every hair style and they don’t even aline with your head.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By brezel8
    You have to pay for the app. Once you take a picture you will find out that you only have about 10 styles available and they are old. Everything else you have to pay for. 4.99$ and up. It’s a waste of money!
  • Ummmm.... nope 1/5

    By habe123!
    Ummmm.... nope. The “free” hairstyles are the most god awful things I’ve ever seen.
  • Can’t use unless you pay5$ 1/5

    By undertaker37
    Getting really tired of apps like these, you should just have to pay for the app to download it, Instead they trick you into downloading it on the pretext that it is free. Well it’s not. They rope you into allowing them access into your photo album, only after you spend 5 minutes setting up the picture to set your fake hair on do they show you all your options hair that you could input on your photo. EXCEPT YOU CAN ONLY DO SO IF YOU PAY!! So tired of scam artist like this! If you have to pay to use then you should just have to pay to download the app and be done. Stop wasting people’s time!!!
  • Ugly 1/5

    By me15049
    These are the ugliest hair styles I've seen. Cartoon versions. Waste of time and money.
  • Hair style app review 4/5

    By hair crap
    This app is really fun! The hair styles don’t look very realistic but it is still very fun to give your friends funny hairstyles. I would like it better if they had a larger variety of hairstyles that were free and I would also love if they had all gender hair styles!
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By nunnue
    This is such a bad app, if you even want to see a different hair color if cost loads. The graphics and absolutely trash! Please save yourself time and just don’t get it. It’s such a disappointment!!! Screw you app makers!
  • Really useful & fun! 5/5

    By Cori258
    I’ve really enjoyed this helpful app! I’ve been looking for a hairstyle change and this app has been easy, fun and truly helpful to me in narrowing down a new color and style! I did purchase the extra haircuts but it was reasonable so I didn’t might the in app purchases. I’ve only had it for a few days but I haven’t encountered any difficulties. Great app if you want some practical help for getting a new style ladies!
  • Easy to Use! Great App! 5/5

    By hokieblacksburg
    I tried 6 of the most popular hairstyle apps. This was the best by far!
  • Must pay 1/5

    By mkzzzzzzhsishsh
    Only have 15 free styles the rest is pay !!! STUPID!!
  • Misleading 2/5

    By LotsaRs
    Why not go on and charge the full price and get it over with instead of making it look like you’re getting it for less. Then it turns out to be a few samples that I don’t Necessarily like and am skeptic about seeing more because what has been shown doesn’t look natural or make me want to sport the look. Not much to say about the colors either. That Part should have been a freebie in my opinion. 😕 Think I will continue to look on.
  • The worst 1/5

    By tidewater222
    The hairstyles look like super fake wigs ....but worst of all the app is super hard to manage because all the do is block the screen to divert you to try to get you to buy a more expensive “package” that looks to be just more of the same bad stuff. Really terrible. Not worth a dollar.

Hairstyle Try On app comments

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