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Hallmark Movie Checklist App

Keep track of the movies available on and coming to Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. You won’t miss any of your favorites with the Hallmark Movie Checklist! On the app, you can: • Add movies to your “Want to Watch” list • Find out when new movies will premiere • Check when returning movies are next airing • Get latest air date information for every movie listed • Add reminders to your calendar so you don’t forget to tune in • Tick off all the movies you’ve watched as you go • Receive notifications to keep you up-to-date with the news and information about the movies/

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Hallmark Movie Checklist app reviews

  • Helpful, but needs more info 3/5

    By DrWlr
    Helpful, but needs more info. There’s no option to submit feedback in the app itself. Each movie should include a short summary & year of release instead of redirecting to the appropriate Hallmark movie page on their site. The Mystery list does not include the Fixer Upper, Flower Shop, and several other mystery series made for Hallmark.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Hforrester
    The app is great to check off movies you’ve seen and find out about movies you’ve missed. The Christmas list of movies for both Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is great and includes all movies from 2018 but what about adding previous years Christmas movies. Also, the app was recently updated with most of the mystery series (example - Garage Sale, Murder She Baked, Aurora Teagarden, Hailey Dean and the new series that start in 2019 but left off Flower Shop, Fixer Upper, Gourmet Detective and many others). Hopefully the app with be fixed and updated soon with all of the Mystery Series.
  • Fun app with potential 4/5

    By ValVMc
    Enjoyed keeping track of the new movies I watched this year. Could really use improvements: —Include previous years’ movies as well —Actually have the preview video of each movie instead of the generic promo. —Ability to rate the movies you’ve seen. —Option for a Push Notification to remind you to watch/record the new ones. —More sort options (Ex: sort by actor)
  • I agree with... 2/5

    By McAppReview
    I agree with all the improvements list by the previous reviewer. Love the channel(s) and movies! The app could be more user friendly!
  • What about us? 3/5

    By AlohaBill77
    We are “just some island in the Pacific “ but Hawai’i has a time zone also. Please add it!
  • Fine way to keep up on Christmas movies 3/5

    By ElingsFam
    I gave this app a try this Christmas. I used it to keep track of the movies I had watched so I could listen to the matching Deck The Hallmark podcast for those movies! Suggestion: add a way to track whether or not we liked the movie (a star? Top 5 or Top 10?). Seems like it could provide good data for Hallmark, and a fun way for viewers to remember which ones were favorites.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By Edubirder
    The recent changes in the app have made things worse. Movie icons are doubled on the Mysteries page so that I see 78 movies instead of 39, and checking off a movie as already watched doesn’t work. The app can’t count. The app worked well during Christmas, but doesn’t work now.
  • Current Version Has Bugs 2/5

    By Zookeeperstc2011
    The newest version of this app has some bugs in it. *i have watched quite a few shows listed but as I mark them off, the watched shows became 0/37. It will not keep track correctly. *also, it was listing the movies on the channels twice. So, instead of there being 35 movies, there were actually 70 movies listed. *this app was working fine during the Christmas season but with the latest update and the new movies, it has started to glitch. Sad day because I can appreciate this apps purpose and would like to continue using it throughout the year but it is getting frustrating with the glitches.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Lhalls385479426
    It was great when just Christmas movies were in the list. Now the Mystery movies have it all messed up. Duplicates films & wont accurately count which ones you've watched & what's left to watch. It's so frustrating I probably won't continue to use it! The fix installed today did nothing!
  • Great! 4/5

    By Jasonpbyu
    Great app to keep track of movies watched
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Tazman_OH
    I like this app. I can check off the movies I’ve seen and check out new upcoming ones. I do have some problems with the latest update that I wish would be fixed. 1) I have a notification that won’t go away. No matter what I click on there’s that little red #1 telling me I have a notification. Which indeed there is none. 2) The list of Movies & Mysteries on my App are doubled. They are listed twice. 3) I have clicked the Movies & Mysteries that I’ve watched and the number at the top still says 0 movies watched. In fact it states “0/0” watched. When I watched 5 or 6. I have tried deleting the app and putting it back and it just all goes back to the way it was. Plus there’s no way to contact Hallmark to let them know of the problems. I will raise my stars when they get these fixed. Thanks!!
  • Fun but could be “funner” 3/5

    By LizBet
    I liked knowing what movies were available, but really hated the multiple launches to find out what the movie was about and the “more” really wasn’t much more detail!!! Give me more to read or see (For example, the previews Ann’s descriptions of the Teagarden mysteries look like same story...just different outfit) But what I would Recommend is making it more “gaming”...my friends and I compared results and challenged each other, we even had a “champ” but if there was a way to make teams or watching clubs then it would make it so much easier to compare results, or we could schedule things like virtual watching parties...etc
  • Update not working right 3/5

    By Doolfan68
    App still has some bugs on Halmark movies and mystery’s channel side it’s not listing the shows that have been marked as having been watched and keeps doubling the number of shows. Update still has bugs
  • Needs some bug fixes 2/5

    By emo10977
    The red dot won’t got away... And I mark as watched shows up in my watched section but it still says I have 0/39 shows to watch. I know, not a crisis, but it’s annoying.
  • New updated app 3/5

    By Mimi2ztp
    Looks good....HOWEVER.....I have the red dot/1 meaning I have a notice but there IS NOTHING when I open the app...clicked on everything ....& even tried resetting phone a couple of times....can’t get it off....driving me crazy!!!!!!🤪
  • There are problems 1/5

    By GigiMSN21
    I’m showing a red notification on app but nothing shows when app is open. I checked the majority of the mystery movies as watched but the numbers keep changing Once it showed 0/79 then Earlier today it showed 0/34 Though I’ve watched 33/39 It now shows 0/39 even though I’ve marked the ones watched. Counts are not correct on mystery tab page where the 4 categories are listed nor on the Winterfest page where it says click list, please help. I don’t want to loose my Christmas counts as I’m still watching recorded shows.
  • Notifications 2/5

    By swtkwi
    Anyone else have a “phantom” notification that won’t go away?!
  • Not working correctly 3/5

    By Just2CuteHarley
    App not keeping track of the shows I watch on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries...
  • Happy but after update not ecstatic 4/5

    By seewah19
    So I get why notifications are in red but honestly I really dislike the overuse of the color. Why do mention this? Because since the update, that annoying red number has popped up but literally no reason for it. I’ve refreshed each list & no luck. PLEASE FIX THIS GLITCH SOON!
  • There is nothing with this app 5/5

    By qwbtr123
    All people that want to change your app cause they find fault in your app had better start paying you or enjoy it and stop trying be producers of your app. Hey people it’s free app for a movie data base of hallmark movies. Stop sending stupid reviews about the “I’am 3 hours behind everything or I need complete list of movies so I can plan my life” That is what the store is for buy it on DVD or digital when comes out! That way you own it a copy it is yours for life.
  • Latest update not got 1/5

    By JAR6670
    With the last update, the app has taken over my calendar as well as sending me alerts every couple of hours every day. I have turned off all notifications and yet this continues. The Christmas movie checklist just alerted me to the new movie on the weekend and that was great. This, not so much!
  • Agree with everyone else 3/5

    By CBMommy
    Love the idea of this app! It was very useful for keeping track of the new movies. However, I agree with the other reviewers that all of the hallmark movies should be listed! Plus, make it to where we can sort them by channel, year, etc. I also love the idea someone had about letting us have “friends” on the app so we can keep track of each other! That would be a super fun addition. And let us rate the movies! Also, it would be more helpful to have the movie’s description right on the app, rather than a link to another page. Another fun feature could be listing the actors and what other hallmark movies they were in. Keep me from going to IMDb! Ha!
  • Good Idea 4/5

    By EllyMay808
    Love the idea and I’m using it almost daily to check out the movies coming up. Only issue I’ve had so far is movies doubling or tripling up in list as well as reminders. Currently it claims there are 70 murder mystery movies lol. The actual number is 35, if I remember correctly. But other than that I have been having fun with the app.
  • Nice, but.... 3/5

    By She'll in Arizona
    Would love to say that I love this app, but it definitely has its issues. The biggest is that “App Help” on the App Store page only takes one to the app where I can find no opportunity for getting help. Next is that, while I’m pleased that they know that I’m in Mountain zone, it doesn’t take into account that my cable company is giving me the West Coast feed, so all of the reminders come at the wrong time. There should be some way of customizing the time to reflect when we actually will be getting the movies. That being said, having the update to get us past the Christmas movies and into the new season is great, although there are many duplicates and several older movies on the list. Just my two cents’ worth.
  • Need to Differentiate Re-runs 1/5

    By DrGunter
    I am really disappointed in this new version after the great Christmas version. This new version needs some way to easily differentiate the new movies from the overwhelming number of re-runs. At least warn users that the automatic calendar entries are mostly reruns. On the Mystery channel there are only 2 of the 35 calendar entries put there by the app that are new. UPDATE The latest additional content DUPLICATED the information already in the app. It also appears that the App Support link just goes to Hallmark.com
  • Update full of problems 1/5

    By 13lilee
    The new update looks incredible, but it doesn’t work! The mystery section doesn’t recognize when you have marked something as watched and the list repeats titles.
  • I love the update!!!! 4/5

    By SinaNathalie7
    Great update! I love the add of the winterfest movies! Can’t wait until all “hallmark movies ever” are up so I can check through every single movies ever made! The year of its making would help also a lot 😍 I want to see em all!!! 😍 until then 4 of 5 stars 🎉
  • Casting 3/5

    By olsofty
    Would be nice if we could cast to the tv
  • Put the new movies in date order 4/5

    By Tcakes112
    I love that you’ve added new movies, however it would be great if they were in date order. I’m positive I’ll miss some because I have to repeatedly look through the list to find which comes on next. Just make the 2019 movies look different so we know which ones they are...and put everything in date order! Thanks!
  • Now I’m watching all year! 4/5

    By SteveTheGrizzlyBear
    I am a huge Hallmark Christmas Movie fan, and I’ll be the first to admit that generalizing this app to include every season’s events is brilliant. I don’t watch consistently during the rest of the year, but now I’m sucked in. I do have some requests for updating the app to be more user friendly: 1. Once we click on a title, a larger picture appears and we get more details. It would be awesome to be able to swipe left and right to toggle between details for each movie rather than returning to the home screen and navigating to the next. 2. Since the addition of Winterfest and Mysteries regular programs, movies that aren’t premiers are included. I love that they’re there, but it would be helpful to more easily recognize which are brand new this season. Maybe a “premiere” tab on the top near “want to watch”, or a handy premiere sticker on the movie promo picture. And I’d almost rather the Mysteries had sub-categories for the series since there are several of each. Bravo to your marketing and development. I doubt I’m the only one who will be watching year round after this brilliant scheme!
  • Great start but needs more!! 3/5

    By Sirensongx
    This is a great start to a potentially great app. I love checking off the movies I’ve seen and WANT to see. It would be even better if I can check off ALL the movies I’ve seen and I seriously hope they add to the lists after the Christmas holidays. Plus adding in a written movie description would be awesome, it could help me remember if I saw that particular movie. Definite room for a rating increase. 😉
  • Edited review: Adding one star 4/5

    By Dcamonkeys
    Edit: Thank you for adding the ability to choose time zones. Also, I like the recent update in that you list all of the movies airing. It would be helpful to indicate which ones are new (or add release dates to all of them.) But I like no longer having to keep a list on paper and check them off as I see them. For one thing, it would be nice if there were brief synopses of the movies. And while I know it would add to the size and complexity, having all of the movies from the whole season would be super-helpful. Lastly, what a coast-centric app. There's no choice to add your time zone, so every reminder is for Eastern time. Fortunately, the pop up appeared as the movie was actually starting, but it's listed in my calendar for an hour later.
  • Kind of rigged 2/5

    By hiiiiiiiiiiii 😜🤪💖
    When I was getting this app I thought I could watch movies and that kind of thing..... it’s kind of nice but it’s honestly a waste of storage. I hate to give a bad review.... so sorry but I believe it deserves it.
  • Great start but needs improvements 3/5

    By tvamb
    I love this channel and look forward to watching and recording several movies each year. I work nontraditional hours so I really rely on my DVR to see almost everything. This app was great at letting me know about the new movies but I wish I could also check a box that I’ve already set my DVR to record. A full list of dates and times after premier would be great too. I wasn’t happy that I had canceled other records only to find out I could have recorded the new movie at a different time instead. I would also love the same features for all the movies your channels. There are so many I’ve missed over the years that I would love to see but don’t know when they’ll be playing. Not to mention others that I would love to see again.
  • Helps me to keep track 4/5

    By CrossroadsWellnessAG
    I really like this app and appreciate the fact that I can check off the movies I’ve watched and schedule those I’d like to see. I would like to suggest some additions: 1) Add a way to rate the movies so we can watch the reruns of the ones we really enjoyed. (After several movies the stories tend to run together). 2) A way to add a small note to each movie for future reference.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Braains
    I loved this app. As I’m still watching my DVR’d Hallmark Christmas Movies I’m still using it. The act of being able to check off which ones you watched meant that I pretty much only watched the Hallmark movies and not the ones from the other network. I completely disagree with others about listing even the older movies. That’s what your TV guide is for and honestly, I don’t watch them again. Only additions I would have is add a synopsis to the movies and the ability to rate movies.
  • New update does not work correctly 1/5

    By Hancannekc
    Marked all the movies seen on Movies & Mysteries; not one is showing up. All the other categories work fine. Also on M&M, the movies are listed twice. Tried going to App Support; just takes me to Hallmark Channel website. This upgrade needs to be upgraded to work properly.
  • Took Christmas Checklist Off and Replaced with Winterfest 2/5

    By gatorlover11
    Yes, I know Christmas is over BUT since there are so many Christmas movies some of us are still watching them and now they took the Christmas checklist off that I was using and replaced it with Winterfest. Why can’t they just make two different checklist? Annoying!
  • More Organization 4/5

    By Shelshine
    Loved the original app but now there are dozens (if not hundreds) of movies from previous years included. Would be great if it was organized by years. Love hallmark movies!
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Hallmarkie27
    I love that this app exists and thank you for updating it to now include movies beyond Christmas time!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Dixieland Rocks
    As I was quite busy during the holidays I recorded most of the holiday movies on my DVR. I was still using the holiday checklist when my app automatically updated. I have now lost my holiday checklist!!!😡
  • Mismatch and it’s making me crazy 2/5

    By D is 4 Deanna
    LOVED........... that there was an app, patiently waited for them to air, then watched them one by one, because I like them, they make me happy, but also wanted the satisfaction of checking them off! I watched ALL of the movies, on BOTH channels, and I’m over by one on Countdown to Christmas and under by one on Miracles of Christmas! How is this possible!!!!!! I’m so distraught 😔
  • Great Start 4/5

    By Rdufault7
    I love that there’s an app to keep track of Hallmark movies and downloaded it as soon as I saw the commercial. However, I agree with all the other commenters about needing ALL the Christmas movies listed. I love watching my favorites each year, and record all the ones that I can’t watch live. I also love checklists😁, and it would make life happy to have one for all the movies you play each year! It would also be awesome to be able to rate the movies (and let Hallmark track popularity so you know which ones to play each year). P.S. Please make sure to play all the movies in a series. I was sad that “Finding Father Christmas” never played once this season, even though there was a new movie in the series, nor did the first “North Pole.”
  • Love it, but need ratings too! 4/5

    By ChristmasEvebaby
    I loved everything about this app, but do have some suggestions to make it even better next year. First, I would suggest a way to rate each movie (between one and five stars perhaps or maybe snowflakes for the holiday theme). Also, it would be more joyful to have some kind of congratulatory message or animation wants a checklist is complete. “Woo hoo, you watched them all!” Haha. Last, I loved both lists, but there should also be an option to include all movies on one list or an easier way to see them all without having to switch back-and-forth. I love this app and almost wish they had a countdown for all of the Hallmark seasons.
  • “Movie count” issues 3/5

    By carolenc
    Have enjoyed the app for this Christmas season, but we have watched all of the movies and the numbers are off - the app lists 16/17 complete (when all 17 are marked as “watched”) and 22/21 (when there were 22 to movies total).
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Clarientgirl13
    I love that Hallmark came out with this app! It was easy to use and reminded me/ told me when movies were on. It helped me watch all the new movies this year and keep track of which ones ive watched. Normally i end up not watching all the new movies because i miss them but this year i was able to watch them all! I really hope Hallmark does this again next year!
  • Math issues 2/5

    By julieschopp
    I’ve seen all 37 movies, but on one list it says I’ve seen 22 out of 21, and on the other list it says I’ve seen 16 out of 17. Seems like a simple math issue.
  • Love the movies but the app needs improvement 3/5

    By Kendalley
    You need it to list all of this year’s movies in one list with the next showing dates and times. Also the description of each movie with the list. Then maybe a list of the previous year’ premiers by year.
  • Limited use 3/5

    By Kate556778864
    I think one of the movies is coded to the wrong category as it says I have 1 left to watch on the murder and mystery when I have seen them all, but it says I have watched all of the regular movies but I have 1 left there. Plus it seems like it’s only good for the Christmas season when it should track all the new movies throughout the year.

Hallmark Movie Checklist app comments

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