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Hallmark Movie Checklist

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Hallmark Movie Checklist App

Keep track of all 37 holiday premieres taking place during Hallmark Channel’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' ‘Miracles of Christmas.’ You won’t miss any of your favorites this holiday season with the Countdown to Christmas Movie Checklist. On the app, you can: • Add your favorite movies to your “Want to Watch” list • Find out when they’re premiering • Add reminders to your calendar so you don’t forget to tune in • Check off all the movies you’ve watched as you go

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Hallmark Movie Checklist app reviews

  • I mean...good first try 2/5

    By Zislash
    Love the idea - dislike the execution. When you say, “Hallmark movie checklist,” I want EVERY. HALLMARK. CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. I want to have TV listings live in the app to check what’s coming on next. I want the movie info embedded in the app instead of as a link to the Hallmark website. I want info on all of the OLD movies as well. Improvements, please! :)
  • Add all movies and record option 3/5

    By DisFamOf3
    My Christmas wish list is that ALL of the movies that will be aired is added to the app. I love a lot of the older ones as well as seeing new ones. I wish there was a way to connect it to Directv or other providers so you can set it to record and watch later instead of setting it to remind you to watch it.
  • Vertical only, BOO. 2/5

    By An137on978
    I use my iPad for this app (and many more) since it has a larger display, which I use horizontally. But the app is vertical only. Please fix! Otherwise, I like the idea of knowing upcoming movies, actors and showtimes. That’s very handy!
  • List All Holiday Movies 4/5

    By sweetpixiestyxz
    I like the idea of this app, and I get that they really want to promote their new movies. My main issue is that it does not include some of my favorite movies that cannot be found on DVD. Please include a list of all holiday movies in your next update. Or at least release the older movies on DVD.
  • Such an opportunity missed 2/5

    By Newbbrn
    I LOVE my Hallmark Christmas movies! I was excited to see this app. And although the pictures are bright and beautiful, it isn’t truly a checklist. There is no way to sort them by title or air date. There is no comprehensive list, just a mishmash of movies from one channel or the other. I like looking at it - but it isn’t very useful. Since I have a stupid cable provider, and I can’t set the DVR to record a specific time and date, i often miss movies.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By TammieS17
    I was excited to download this app, because I absolutely love Hallmark Christmas movies, however I was disappointed that it didn’t list ALL of the movies. It just displays the new movies, and I think many ppl really enjoy watching older movies as well. I guess I’m stuck with my manual list in my phone. Hopefully, they change this in the near future. Also, a little description of the movie would be helpful. I know that you can click “more” but rather than being redirected, it should have a little description right with the movie title/photo. One stop shopping! It would be a great app if they made a few changes.
  • ALL MOVIES!!! 3/5

    By Dawn C. MI
    Needs to have all movies and info on them. 👍
  • Amazing app but... 1/5

    By Softheart1
    I live on the West Coast and it’s reminding me at 9:45 PM when here in Southern California it actually came on at 7 PM!! I have now MISSED the movie!! 🥺 HELP - Is there a way I can fix this at my end???
  • Great for the premieres! 4/5

    By Notagamer1306
    I try to watch all the Hallmark movies every Christmas season. I would love if you added all the movies to the app in alphabetical order, so I can mark the ones I’ve seen this year! Maybe even have a year over year, where I can track each year I’ve seen it and mark my can’t miss favorites!
  • Need ALL the movies 4/5

    By EdgeoftheLens
    I agree with another reviewer...I am more into some of the other seasons movies, but it’s hard to know what comes on when!! Please add all of them!!
  • Best Network Ever!! 5/5

    By JAR285
    Thank you Hallmark for bringing sunshine into our homes. With so many sad things in the hemisphere it is truly life saving to have your movies. All that you touch, create, and share brings happiness. Your cards, your figurines, your movies and countless other items can never be matched what the spiritual heart of your cooperation adds to our lives. Thank You Hallmark from myself and millions other fans. A fan, Judy
  • Why only 2018 3/5

    By samcastillo
    This is a great app but why is the list only 2018 movies?!?! How am I supposed to keep track of all the others?!? Hallmark do a big update please!!

    By swiftarcher
    Alarm times are set to Eastern Standard Time. Needless to say notification here on the west coast are received after the show is over. Aaargh! Love Hallmark channel. We watch it ALL year round. A little fix and all is forgiven
  • List all movies! 3/5

    By hallmark_r
    This app would be so much more useful if you listed all the movies past and present so that we can keep track of what we’ve seen so we don’t record reruns that we’ve already watched from year to year!!!
  • Needs some improvement 4/5

    By blue as ice
    I love this app, but there are some things that need to be improved. 1. I hate that I can’t watch the movies on the app 2. Needs to list the new and old movies 3. Needs specific times zones
  • Like it 3/5

    By Needatimer
    Want to love it. Wish there was a rating system! But glad that I can keep track and not miss one
  • Need a complete checklist 3/5

    By Melknofacebook
    Please add all the Christmas movies (all aired for the season new and old) to the app. Please please please
  • Want more 2/5

    By Christmas Stephanie
    I love this idea and love all the original movies. However, I think you could add more to the app. Maybe have another page with a full archive of all the originals from years past. It would be fun to add those to your watches list as your tracking. You could also award badges or “ornaments” if you watch X number of originals. Of course, it would also be great to be able to watch through the app so you can watch on the go. Just some ideas.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By NyNy12259
    I thought this app was going to be more than it is. I like that it has all the new movies but there is really no listings. I would like to see the daily movie listings -both old and new with maybe some type of highlighting or designation of what is new and a way to mark what the viewer want to watch that day. Good idea but just not enough, almost useless for planning viewing time.
  • List ALL 4/5

    By Moondog20189
    Please list ALL of the movies! This is my first year watching and they are all new to me!!!
  • Great start, agree with all of the feedback already posted 4/5

    By LC XIV
    Love the app - I used to be stressed out keeping track of all of the movies I wanted to watch, and this app helps a lot. Like the other reviews, would love to see this include older movies as well...and maybe an option to keep track of a ‘watch every year’ list to replace the one that lives in my Notes app. Could be great data for your programmers to see which movies people want to watch move than once. :-)
  • Thanks for the App I’ve been waiting for 3/5

    By PatriSolo
    I have a note for every year for the last four years in Evernote to ensure I don’t miss a single movie, year round. Here is some needed feedback from someone who would love to be involved in your beta testing or advisory board. 1. Do not make this app only about Christmas, I track ALL your movies on both Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. 2. Not everyone can watch movies on release day. My list has multiple statuses; recording, recorded, and watched. Recording means want to watch and DVR set. Recorded means it’s on the DVR. You already have watched. 3. I love the next showing information, but for those of us watching other series on Saturdays and Sundays I frequently have to look up All Showtimes on my DVR to resolve conflicts. That function in the app would be helpful.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By courtneyhaley
    Not all the Christmas movies are listed.
  • Please consider including ALL movies! 3/5

    By Platinum Rhyno
    I agree with others raters! It would be lovely if the app included ALL Hallmark Christmas movies, not just the new ones! I have my favorites that I look forward to every year, but I also love to see new ones. It would be nice to be able to see them all in one place in an app. I love the idea of keeping track of what you’ve watched, though!
  • What they said, but... 4/5

    By The Schmi
    I love Hallmark channel and I record all of them every year. My problem of not knowing the names, cast, and days they are airing are solved with the app. There are some functional ideas that could be added. What people say is missing: 1. All the movies 2. Synopsis’s 3. Time change ability 4. Search capability where you can search by either title or cast member Style that I want As part of the app there are some functions that could be added to make the app more appealing. 1. Behind the scenes with each movie before each movie airs. 2. Have the ability to play the fantasy movie game inside the app. 3. A Christmas movie game or two like trivia. Other than that it’s a good app.
  • Great! 3/5

    By jocelyn089765
    Love the movies! They can be a little cheesy some times but I mean that’s what we love about these movies! The reason I gave a 3/5 is because of the lack of racial diversity, and two of over 30 movies does not count. It’s 2018 hallmark, cmon!
  • So much room for improvement. 1/5

    By Empty_Jay
    All I want is an app to show me the movies so I can make sure I have them for my wife. Sure, the list is there, but the usability leaves so much to be desired. How about a list view of titles and dates? Instead of dumping me to safari when I tap on the MORE link, load the synopsis and display it in the app. Why do you make me switch back and forth between the app and safari? Instead of scrolling back to the top of the list of movies after tapping into and back from one them, leave the list at the point I was at previously. Why do you make me scrolling back down and try to find my spot in the list? A mildly useful but overall user-hostile app.
  • Seemed like a good idea 2/5

    By Jastorm
    I was really excited to be able to watch trailers and decide in one place what movies I wanted to record and watch-but after a few movie trailers the trailers ended up being the same Hallmark commercial over and over.
  • Improvement needed 1/5

    By Llghd74
    Love the idea of the app but it’s very limited on the movies listed
  • Is there something missing? 2/5

    By Mike18181313
    You can download the app and see when the movies are on, but can’t watch the movies on the app?!!! Ugh sad!
  • Good concept 2/5

    By Racha2011
    This would be great, but it’s only new movies. It would be more fun to have all the movies! Seems silly to just list the new ones.
  • amazing app 5/5

    By mollalious
    i love this app so much. it really helps me embrace the holiday spirit and make sure that i watch all of the amazing countdown to christmas movies. my only wish is that they had an app for the other seasons as well on hallmark channel such as june weddings, fall harvest, and spring fling. thank you for creating this. it’s my favorite app. I LOVE HALLMARK CHANNEL!!! :))♥️♥️
  • Love but should list ALL Hallmark Movies! 4/5

    By falalalalalla
    I’m obsessed with the Hallmark Channel. Love this app to keep track of which Hallmark movies I’ve watched so far this season. I would love it if the developers could add ALL Hallmark movies, so I could also check those off my list as I watch them this season. I’m trying to watch as many as I can this year and need help keeping track of them.
  • Developer!!! 1/5

    By Gettin girk
    I don’t have cable anymore. Will I still be able to view the movies on my app? The countdown to Christmas app I mean.
  • Room for improvement but good 4/5

    By 2Kolohe
    Like other reviews I do believe that Hallmark could in fact improve this app. First and foremost my biggest pet peeve with this app is that I cannot set it for the Hawaii Time zone. It would be very beneficial if this could be done so that you wouldn’t have to correct your calendar every time you want to list something to watch. Another thing that could be improved is the listing of all the holiday movies because I don’t want to watch only this year‘s movies I want to watch the ones of Christmas pass.
  • Great app - just needs some tweaks 4/5

    By Rainbow52312
    Absolutely LOVE that there is an app for all of the new movies! It’s great to see when they begin airing and that I can check off once watched. Just a few suggestions: 1) Provide an option where one can add ALL of the movies to your calendar using the “remind me” feature. As of right now, I have to click on all 30+ movies in the app to be reminded. How about a “remind me about all movies” feature? 2) Provide the actor/actress photo and video preview for each of the new movies. Almost half of them have a generic winter scene as the movie photo and the video preview is a basic commercial for Hallmark, not about that specific movie. 3) If possible, provide the additional airings of each of the new movies so if the first airing is missed, or the DVR deletes them like mine has, we know when it comes back in?
  • Disappointed in this app 2/5

    By Sue507
    The reminders don’t work and I wanted to movies added to my calendar and was given that option when I got the app, but they don’t appear on my iPhone calendar at all. I appreciate the list of all the new movies, but would appreciate a gentle reminder too since life at this time every year gets even more busy!
  • Christmas movies 3/5

    By Addicted to Christmas Movies
    I agree. I wait all year for these movies and would like to know the entire schedule of movies, not just the new ones. Please get your tech team to work on this ASAP. Thank you!
  • Please include ALL Hallmark Channel Christmas movies 3/5

    By Mooooms
    Please add all the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies to this app. I love watching my favorites over and over and would love to see/know when they will be on. Please??!!!
  • Awesome but add one thing please!!! 4/5

    By bhcjfhgfjh
    I am absolutely OBSESSED with hallmark Christmas movies, and I have been for about a year and I just discovered this amazing app. I think it is great to keep track but I wish there was another category of movies that already came out previous years!!! Thank you and please take this into consideration!!!
  • List all movies! 3/5

    By hallmarkmoviewatcher
    I too was looking for movies that I just watched but weren’t listed! It’s a fun app, but needs to be complete!
  • Love Hallmark Christmas movies! 4/5

    By Jet30736
    The app is great for new movies but would be even better if it showed a schedule for each movie in case you miss the premier. And even better, a schedule for both channels for the whole season.
  • Perfection 5/5

    By Sept6th
    Exactly what I expected! I was looking for a list of all the new movies this year on both Hallmark channels. I also love how it shows replay times!
  • Time Zoned 1/5

    By Sarge/LuAnn
    Shows are for EST not MST so the shows were when the movies were over not when they started
  • Time of Movies 4/5

    By jltb5
    Worked well last week but then we went to standard time. App still puts the event on calendar at daylight savings time.
  • Needs more movies 3/5

    By Tileuser3
    A great idea but what about listing the older movies?
  • Useless for non-EST satellite viewers 1/5

    By violetxoxox
    I was excited about this until I discovered it doesn't work if you're watching via satellite in a non-EST time zone. I'm on the West Coast, so all reminder are three hours late for me. Movies that start at 8pm on the East Coast start at 5pm for me. By the time I get a alert that an 8pm movie is starting, it already ended an hour earlier (at 7pm) on my service. There's no option to shift the reminders to work with my time zone. :(
  • Wrong time zone 3/5

    By Rocknrolltide
    It’s a great idea but my reminders are coming when the movie is going off.
  • Alerts 4/5

    By Sassy gma
    Alerts are for eastern time zone. Is there a way to change alerts for Midwest & other time zones. Getting an alert for 8 doesn’t do any good if movie started at 7.

Hallmark Movie Checklist app comments

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