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Handshake Jobs & Careers

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Handshake Jobs & Careers App

Handshake is the #1 way college students get hired. Receive personalized job recommendations based on your major, interests, and skills. Apply to the latest jobs and internships from employers that want to hire students like you at your school. Skip the lines and connect with employers at exclusive virtual career fairs and events. Get an inside look at jobs, employers, and more with thousands of student reviews.

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Handshake Jobs & Careers app reviews

  • Mostly marketing spam 2/5

    By Gabo Muchacho
    Needs to be better filtering or categories when companies make posts. And notifications don’t properly clear after viewing messages which is annoying and I had to disable badging so it wouldn’t always distract me. The majority of the messages I receive are labeled as a job to apply to but they’re invitations to conventions, or mostly just general interest presentations for their companies. JOB: Want to learn more about company X? Sign up at the link below! Our company might be hiring, who knows!! It feels like marketing spam 80% of the time. Not one star bc there have been 2 or 3 actual invitations to apply to internships which could perhaps help somebody but really those opportunities are all available on every other job site, too.
  • Spam employers 1/5

    By Zane & Sam
    No luck with finding legitimate employers and I am not interested in working for free as an intern
  • Useless, don’t even bother to download it. 1/5

    By made me lost 20k
    It’s a good app, but 60% of the employees will contact you with a job posting that doesn’t match your background, and the other 40% are companies inviting you to events just to take a picture of you and post it on LinkedIn, pretending they care about inclusiveness. They have to be more selective with that companies are allowed to post on this platform. I feel like I wasted my time on this app.
  • Forced IOS update 1/5

    By Snakananskslananansn
    Was a great app until it wasnt, forcing iOS upgrades to use it is ridiculous. Considering an iphone 4 has the necessary technology to run the app
  • Nothing but spam 1/5

    By tylerd120802
    For every good recruiter theres 20 more saying “disregard if this is not your field” because they mass message everyone in a generic way. I have hundreds of notifications in my inbox and a single digit number had anything to do with my skillset. Setting which opportunities I want clearly has not worked. Also, it seems they removed the option to not get notified by certain employers, as I have begun receiving messages again from companies I previously avoided
  • Keyboard Error 1/5

    I have instructions from my school that require me to type in a text box but the keyboard on my phone is getting in the way! I cant get to the continue button after entering my info in the text box. Please fix this!
  • iPad compatability 4/5

    By Chilenstar1
    Can you make it not compatible on iPad. So it fits the whole screen
  • No regard for professional preferences 1/5

    By 88664322457900
    Every time I get a message in handshake, it’s for an internship. Sometimes, the link the recruiter sends is to a job that has already expired. I always double check and confirm that I am not interested in an internship. Huge waste of time
  • Blocking should be a feature 2/5

    By XOLily26
    Would be great if we could block certain recruiters. I had to turn down interships but the same recruiters will send their generalized message over and over again for other internships, and I’ve messaged them saying thank you for the opportunity but I’m not looking for an internship and i might as well not have sent anything. We’re going on too many times this occurring in just one month. ALLOW PEOPLE TO BLOCK INDIVIDUALS AND COMPANIES ALL TOGETHER.
  • Makes it easy to apply for Jobs 5/5

    By OlalekanA
    Read the title again; it makes it easy to apply for jobs
  • Wish the IPad version was up to date 4/5

    By Fat, Sad, and Lonely
    The IPad version isn’t updated to be full screen
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Marmarcarcar
    This app is so low budget and basic. Users need a BLOCK button
  • Used to be good. 1/5

    By Hired not using handshake
    I’ve had interviews using handshake from website. Ever since using the app applying for jobs seems simple but i apply only for it never get a call back. Also recruiter spam isn’t helping handshake. I get invites to find the jobs at job fairs only to meet the recruiters who have no idea what job I’m talking about. Handshake needs to get shaken around.
  • 5mi Filter 3/5

    By Sunny해
    Please lower the minimum distance. The lowest is 10 miles from city lines. I want a closer commute, but the app doesn't let me filter the further ones out. The Handshake websites lets us do this.. why not the app?
  • Accessing the App 1/5

    By Justinsdfghjkl
    Really annoying that I have to verify my identity every time I access this app. Consider modifying app permissions and I would use it more frequently.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Stutzmas
    My school used to work on Symplicity for ministry graduates looking for work. It was initiative, fast, and I could quickly see what jobs were available in my field of interest. Handshake is none of these things. It’s clunky, I don’t even see a tenth of the job listings I saw before, and it’s hard to navigate. I see tons of jobs I’m not interested in, and there’s no way to ignore job ads or slim down my process. I’m not sure why our school uses this thing, and I’m petitioning to go back to the app we used before or something else. As someone who has done development work in the past I can usually be sympathetic but this app is garbage.
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By Jorissaaaaa
  • Accessing job listings shared via email is bugged 1/5

    By DoubleDe
    Title. Trying to access job listings shared via email is bugged with having to use Microsoft Authenticator with College login Asks me to log in every time I try to access a job listing that our school shared with us via email. Each time I try to log in, I am prompted to use the Microsoft Authenticator, which I do. Then nothing happens in the app. If I use an alternative 2FA method successfully, still nothing happens. I’m not automatically directed to the job listing. I have to manually search for the listing via the search bar which is highly inefficient. This does this on 3 separate phones that I’ve tried.
  • You’ll just get spammed 1/5

    By littleamazonian
    I really loved the idea of this and was excited to get started. However upon use all I get is spam, from recruiters about for positions I’m nowhere near qualified for. For example I’m looking for a specific healthcare career and have a bachelors my profile is set as such but I’m constantly getting messages or recommendations for MD positions, sales for electronic companies, or offers for “trainings” that would change lives and various entrepreneurships for business professionals. It’s way off the mark. I’ve talked to several other alumni with the same issue so don’t waste your time. The idea for this is great but it’s execution is horrid.
  • Good app, but have feature requests: 4/5

    By allie13156742
    Hi, I really like Handshake as a job board and it’s a good app with little bugs. But I do have a lot of suggestions: 1. When looking through my job applications, there’s sometimes no way to go back to previous page after clicking on a link. 2. We should add a way to manually flag job apps as rejected or closed, since they are not always updated. I have a lot of “pending” apps that in reality, the employer rejected over email a long time ago. 3. Please add a way to upload/view our documents in app 4. A “scroll to top” button when looking through job listings Thank you!
  • Complete spamy garbage 1/5

    By Doinworqson
    The recruiters on this app don’t even take the time to look at your profile and there is clearly no algorithm to help drive the mass spam messages to profiles that actually match the Job Descriptions or internships being offered. This app is complete garbage and a waste of time. Just constant spam from different organizations.
  • School not listed 1/5

    By Caitkatcrncbhh
    My school is listed on the website version of Handshake, but when I try to log in on the app, it is not available. Super frustrating.
  • Have not received one call back or interview 1/5

    By Shanaynay Bonquisha
    This app has not been helpful for over 3 years now, it has landed me no job role or interview.
  • My school isn’t there anymore, app only 1/5

    By grghgrgh
    My school isn’t found in the app anymore, so I can’t get into the app. It comes up asking for my school, which it doesn’t find, so I can’t go anywhere. Not going to bother with support, I doubt they’ll do anything. Website still works fine, only the app is broke
  • Please fix immediately 1/5

    By Dibso
    The new update does not have all schools listed.
  • Cuts off description 2/5

    By hilsaeveline
    Perhaps it’s a bug, but job descriptions are cut off mid-sentence and the option to expand description does not populate
  • Irrelevant jobs 1/5

    By stcswiss
    99% of the positions sent to me are not the same as my interested roles or experience.
  • Love This App 4/5

    By Your Mom's Pu55y
    Actually loving the interface and 2 step verification. Gotta keep the bots from infiltrating this one. GO NOLES 🍢
  • Latest update needs fixing! 4/5

    By Rosy863
    Hello, whilst this is a fantastic app and I’ve been using it for a year now, the latest update seems to not allow mobile users to expand the job description. Whenever I click on a job posting, it always trails off with “…” at the end and I cannot find out what the requirements are in order to apply. I’ve been waiting for awhile to see any new updates, but there still is this error. Please kindly fix this error!
  • I love this app (5 stars)…but ugly new logo and colors 1/5

    By Daddy Don-Don
    Read the title
  • Overrated 2/5

    By brymar86
    It really sure it’s worth it if we have to apply again on the companies site
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Meglegjeg
    Great app for anyone who’s looming for a job with a busy or not busy schedule just makes it easy to apply to jobs and look through the app.
  • Make it compatible for iPad 3/5

    By Radi Bear
    It’s running an iphone emulator on the iPad
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Last every time
    Extremely annoying bug in recent versions where the “See More” button for a job description does not show up
  • External apply not working 3/5

    By drjaysin
    Only thing that works is easy apply, be nice if the external webpage worked
  • Employer App Login 1/5

    By Bluebird_22
    As an employer, I’m disappointed I can’t login via the Handshake app. I’d love the development team to create a way for employer to login and use the app version. This would increase the likelihood businesses and organizations would use Handshake, respond to messages consistently and quickly, and stay connected to potential candidates. Within an app version we rarely use or check Handshake.
  • Freezing 1/5

    By .vkhxx
    Cannot use it at all. The app keeps freezing when I try to enter my major.
  • The idea behind it is great but room for improvements 2/5

    By wyattx420
    I get so many spam messages from “recruiters” who are eager to hire apparently but when you reach out to them you usually won’t hear back.
  • Change the logo back please 3/5

    By ealawo1239
    The old logo (the red one) was way better. Please go back to it. The new one looks like a sports app. Ok at best for finding a job. No one posts the salary.
  • Update was Unnecessary and deleted my profile 1/5

    By GinaMonillaPxx
    All worked great until the recent update, which deleted my profile and is making me recreate one but will not load past the “select major/select degree” page.
  • Good but need this feature 2/5

    By Hgfbgchjh53
    It is a good app but I am always frustrated when I get messages from companies that are out of my interest. I’d like to swipe right and delete the message like you can delete an email but there is no option to delete it. I am not sure why this is not a feature yet.
  • Bad design 1/5

    By hermeskid123
    Can’t copy and paste text nor can I share jobs easily. Also the new logo is ugly.
  • Cannot Use 1/5

    By Socially Conscious Minnesotan
    Constantly crashes for me. I’ve had no luck with it so far. Only able to access Handshake via the website on my computer!
  • Still Job Searching (app needs a lot of work) 1/5

    By reviewer 4321
    I hate leaving a bad review, but there is no way to contact anyone for feedback. I got this app as an alumni and the career department of my school recommended. This app needs a lot of work. I am look for a remote position. There is no option to put this in your search or on your profile. Also I don’t know what the point of having a profile is because every recruiter that contacts me obviously doesn’t even look at it. They also ignore my job preferences. I often get messages about jobs outside of my field and nowhere near where I live. Most of the messages I get from the recruiters are similar messages over and over. Even when I respond that the job is not what I’m look for and that they are not remote and out of state the recruiters ignore it and later respond with the same job with a similar if not the same message that was sent to me before. It’s so bad that I would equate it to spam. Please fix this. I should only be getting jobs that are relevant to my job preferences. Why even have a job preferences page if it doesn’t work? Please add the option to filter results for remote work, add remote work to job preferences page and fix it so my job preferences and profile aren’t ignored by the recruiters.
  • Format problem 2/5

    By benja_d91
    App does not work well on the iPad, is clearly only coded for phone usage. Unfortunately i do most of my work on the iPad as its my ‘working laptop’
  • Terrible. No stars 1/5

    By thisoldmom
    Awful experience- not because of the kids. Would not recommend.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By lexi3476
    Easy access to hundreds of jobs at your fingertips.
  • App won’t allow me to download my resumes 2/5

    By epihost
    App won’t allow me to download my resumes
  • Great app, needs iPad compatibility 4/5

    By LittleStarTrekky
    Handshake is formatted very well on iPhone- easy to navigate, pleasant aesthetic.. but I just wish that they would make a format suited for an iPad. I use my iPad daily as my main productivity hub and would like a version of the Handshake app that is compatible with an iPad screen.