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Handy Calculator

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Handy Calculator App

Handy Calculator: nothing unneeded… just functional, convenient and stylish! IN BRIEF: •Single-color Apple-style that won’t strain your eyes •Becomes nearly invisible when inactive! •Basic functions and big convenient buttons •Allows you to input a complete formula all at once before having to press [=] •Understands parentheses too •Can copy the result to computer memory for use in other documents and calculations •Copy the current result with a single click on the calculator’s display pane. •Can paste in any number or calculation sequence. •Can handle and display long numbers, set through an item in the View menu. Handy for professionals, programmers and scientists. •Works with any language or keyboard layout! •Lastly, it’s a convenient and stylish calculator to assist your work and embellish your desktop! IN DETAIL: There are all sorts of Mac calculators… pretty ones, beautiful ones… some are nearly works of art. But all this eye-candy can get distracting. So we’ve created a single-colour Apple-style calculator that won’t strain your eyes. Simple yet stylish. Some calculators have tons of tiny buttons for every function imaginable. But in everyday life, it’s much more useful to have a big convenient [+] button than one for sine. That’s why we decided to equip our calculator with only the most basic functions: +, -, ×, ÷, ± and fractions. Though it can handle parentheses too. It’s got everything needed by the typical computer user, office worker, businessman or schoolchild; and most students too. Everything is handy and user-friendly. When you’re busy punching in numbers, you often need to see what you did before, to be sure it wasn’t a mistake. With our calculator, you can type in all the numbers and see them together, for example: 5+9+37648-9805+(3879×78). Once you’re sure everything is OK, go ahead and press [=]. You’ll quickly get used to this feature, and won’t want to be without it. You can copy the current result into your computer’s memory with a single click on our calculator’s display pane, or by pressing [CMD][C]. You can then re-use it in documents or other calculations. When normal calculators are close to a document, they quickly become distracting. And repeatedly docking/undocking the calculator wastes time and breaks your concentration. We’ve come up with a better solution. When our calculator is active, it’s a bright color; when it’s inactive, it becomes 80% transparent and barely noticeable. Even though it’s still handy right next to your document, it isn’t annoying. This feature turned out to be much more useful than we expected. HOTKEYS: [CMD]+[C] = copies calculation result [CMD]+[V] = pastes calculation result [CMD]+[H] = hides the calculator [CMD]+[Q] = completely shuts down the calculator Handy Calculator: It hooked our friends too!

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Handy Calculator app reviews

  • Doesn't Work Very Well 2/5

    By AH686
    It does what it is supposed to do as a calculator but there are no Red/Yellow/Green buttons to close/minimize. The menu items to Edit and View do not work. I mean nothing, no access whatsoever, won't open the menus.
  • Simple calculator 5/5

    By Alltheothernicknamesaretaken69
    Great for simple, everyday use
  • Percent? 1/5

    By No percent symbol
    Any simple calculator should offer a %, this does not, it’s an ineffective app based on this and that it stays “grayed out” on your homepage unless you quit the app. That’s what free gets ya sometimes?
  • Too Simple 3/5

    By tarheelinnavy
    I'm able to put numbers in through my computer but not the /- designations, I can't minimize it, it's either always there or clear it completely out. I just got my first Mac * I'm not use to having a calculator I can't use at a click
  • Handy but 5/5

    By firstgarbo
    When people speak about transparency,this little app is at the head of its class. You use it and need to click away for s second but still see your numbers, this is it. This is a basic calculator reminiscent of my very old Texas Instrument handheld.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Dave From Mhead
    Very handy, easy to use. Right what I have been thinking about needing.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Rwsears
    Easy to read, functional, no unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • Outstanding Calculator 5/5

    By KC12!
    I like this calculator for it allows me to see what numbers I have entered to double check that I have entered the numbers correctly. I recommend this calculator.
  • Handy Calculator 5/5

    By Bow’s Gpld
    This is a very handy general use calculator. The calculated numbers are displayed so you can check your entries. It is not for advanced math, but it is very good and easy to use. I appreciate that it has a back space so that you can correct input without starting over. It is the best of the calculator apps for my use and it’s free.
  • wont open 1/5

    By ratethis1234
    wont open and i cant delete it to even to try to reinstall it. worked for one day. wont reopen piece of crap.
  • Flawless and intuitive 5/5

    By rossleavitt
    Handy Calculator is easy to use and there when I need it. It's the perfect upgrade from the native calculator on OSX, adding lots of functionality without being more cumbersome.
  • Handy Calculator 4/5

    By JrsRecord
    Easy to use, basic calculations with the addition of the helpful ( ) function!
  • It’s Dead Now 1/5

    By evatar2
    I think this thing was EOL’d. It hasn’t been updated in forever and it doesn’t work in High Sierra. Too bad, it was pretty handy when it worked.
  • Really Simple an Not Intrusive 5/5

    By Kurrenz
    This calculator is really simple to work with and after I tried a few of the settings, wala, I found the ones that work for me. I like to see the calculator when I am workig with it but not in the faded mode so I just toggle between the Calculator Icon and a blank space on the page I am workiing on and it dissapears!
  • Excellent calculator 5/5

    By Symon32478239847
    Excellent calculator. It took a bit of getting used to, but the way you can go back and edit your calculations is better than any other free calculator on the market. For instance, if you enter 2*2 and press equal but want to do 2*3 instead, you can simply delete the 3 and press equal, rather than entering the entire calc again. Try it and you’ll see its different than other calculators.
  • Wonderful little tool. 5/5

    By Original Pedro
    It does just what it is supposed to do, and for free. How can you beat that?
  • app works OK but requirement to use parentheses is annoying 2/5

    By Clicker211
    a standard calculator does not require users to manage entry in the way this app does. there may be instances where this is helpful but I cannot think of any. if the obejective is to be simple to use then the vast majority of people will not find the use of parenthetical expressions to be remotely easy or simple. Scientists and engineers will but not anyone using store bought calculators.
  • Simple & Easy 5/5

    By Wyliewylie
    Perfrect for a simple and streamlined desktop calculator. I love not having to look at my phone for a quick calculation!
  • Perfect but... 4/5

    By Artsman
    This app would be perfect with two simple, ostensibly minor changes: 1) Instead of the thousands seperator being a space, change it to a comma; 2)Make the above applicable not only to results, but when you’re typing numbers to calculate. Otherwise, it’s super handy. Sits unobtruseively in the menu bar, is activatd with one click, and then disappears once you’re done.
  • Too basic 1/5

    By jjsmith11
    No easy close or minimize button. Can’t open multiple calculator windows at the same time. No conversion features like converting 5281 bytes to MB, KB, etc. Wouldn’t recommend.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Silvrpaint
    This is an easy to use calculator and I like that if I need to I can adjust the numbers I am working with without having to start over. I use it in my payroll and budget calculations and I am happy to have it.
  • Barbara 3/5

    By Barb2020
    It is just about perfect - but where the 3 red, yellow,green dots to easily end it with the red, or put the calcualtor and results on the dock with yellow? It’s pretty annoying to have to quit via the drop down menu or the Command Q when I’ve using my cursor for all the input and would love it if I just had to move up to the toppart of the calendar and hit the red dot. This annoyance cost it 2 stars.
  • Great simple calculator 5/5

    By Joelw135
    I have found this app to be easy and great to work with. I love seeing my whole calculation in front of me. I also love the fact that i can delete one character if needed. What I would like to see is the typical three dots at the top left for closing the app.
  • Easy, Very Easy, To Use 5/5

    By Chaplain Larry
    Enjoy having this calculator on my screen all the time. It is easy to access, easy to use, and easy to read. Giving it a standing ovation!
  • Simple & Efficient! 5/5

    By JayNguyen2015
    Great calculator to use! It shows all the equations so you can see it more easily.
  • Simple, Easy to Use 5/5

    By Honeybunnyland
    I need the calculator many times and it is very easy to operate
  • Solid calculator 4/5

    By Whatsahootchie
    Great functional calculator. I like that I can still see it through other documents that I am working on.
  • Great app 5/5

    By 4SilverFox35
    What’s not to like? For me, it is ideal. The size is good, the numbers, for my failing eyesight, are large enough to see, the “fade-out” feature when not in use is awesome, it’s moveable and accurate. I keep it in my dock so it is ready w/o having to go the extra launch pad step. I’ve had several calculators over the years, but this one is a keeper. Great job guys.
  • Just what I need 5/5

    By Invajw
    This app is perfect for what I was looking for. An onscreen calculator that works just like the one I would periodically pull out of my desk drawer. Handy. Unobtrusive. Intuitive. You already know how to use it.
  • Handy Calculator 4/5

    By Dak1996
    This simple calculator is exactly what I was looking for when making entries into my budget spreadsheet. I am usually adding or subtracting strings of numbers on it so I need to verify all of those entries before hitting the = button. However there is a disconcerting problem that crops up when my entries go to two or three lines. When entering a string of numbers that goes beyond the right edge of the first line, it drops down to the next line right in the middle of my entry resulting in half the number on the first line and the rest on the second line. This of course makes it more difficult to verify my entries.
  • Great! Nice clean design. Good features 4/5

    By Obiofulious
    Probably the nicest calculator app on the AppStore. Not perfect, but for free you can’t beat it. My only complaint is that it’s needlessly large on the screen. It would be great if you could either zoom the app, or choose a smaller size from the menu.
  • lose the ghost image 3/5

    By Moi Moi 1
    hate the ghost image. Otherwise, fine.
  • Amost perfect 4/5

    By fenechcraft
    So far so good. This is a hadny calcutlaro app, but i have one issue with it. Why can’t you copy and past the results? This is a major flaw I would have given it 5 stsars if it wasn’t for that. You can copy and paste your equation but not the answer.
  • Intuitive Simplicity 4/5

    By SocraticWisdom
    This is the calculator I ended up being content with for stock calculation. It allows me to calculate a number and still be able to see it while working on another piece of software. Though it could be more robust, it is still handy for what it is. The only complaint I have is that it is NOT easy to move between Desktops. When you 3-Finger up and try to move the calculator to another Desktop, it disappears. To move it you essentially have to exit, switch Desktops, then re-open. However I have had it then resort back to the Desktop it was originally opened on. The final conclusion is, it’s a simple calculator that makes constant calc-to-excel work a lot easier. It is free, does math, and works with your work flow. A little bit of patience and discipline covers the short downfall.
  • Handy Calculator 5/5

    By Foxy Reviewer
    I love the simplicity and ease of using this Handy Calculator. I replaced the original calculator that came with the Macbook Pro because Apple recently modified it for math students, including functions like sin, cos, tan, etc. (ad nauseam) so that it is no longer useable for me ! I now happily use the Handy Calculator and have banished the old Calculator App from my dock.

    By Ola-D
    i just enjoy it’s simple nature
  • simple and elegant 5/5

    By mashgreat
    very lightweight calculator app. great job by the developer. I find it very useful. Thank you. In future, maybe you can make a pro version with more features like sine, cosine, etc.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Jack-on-Seven
    Easy to use and with no distracting advertisements.
  • Handy Calculator 5/5

    By Bob8921987
    Nice and simple. It will stay on the screen untill you click quit. But will stay in faded gray stranperant showing your answer.
  • My fav calc app of all time 5/5

    By aloshka09
    I love this calculator. It does percentages right, it fades out when not needed. Very simple to use. Update: Been over a year, still the best calculator. Easy to use, supports advanced calculations, parenthesis, and percentages.
  • Exactly the Calculator I was looking for! 5/5

    By vj1221
    It is a great app where you can see the whole calculation and not just that. The only thing I would love to see in the next update is the comma (,) divider for the 1000’s in both sections (the input and the result). Thank you very much for this awesome calculator!

    By Necator americanus
    Handy and convenient. Don’t have to go searching around for another calculator.
  • Great little calculator 5/5

    By Writer gal
    Easy to use, stays out of the way when you’re not using it.
  • Really like it but... 4/5

    By Don Ludlow
    I really like the color, easy to use and the ghost image is impressive, but might I suggest a small change; Instead of the Plus / Minus button (+/ - used rarely ) to a percentage button. I find that the function to convert a decimal to a percentage using a String is more funtional than the plus/minus function. All it would do is automatically multiply the decimal (.75 ) by a 100 to show a pecentage (75%). Just an idea to consider in the next up date.
  • handy & easy 5/5

    By StaceySimon
    i like this one the best, stays of the dock, bleeds through an open window for easy data entry.
  • Always there 5/5

    By johnclark
    Easy to use, always there, perfect for the quick calculation, great price...
  • Like the floating Calculator 5/5

    By 5tevisi
    It’s nice to have a calculator that floats on your screen - much more user friendly than the one that came with my MBP. I like that it greys out when not being used, but remains active on my desktop. It only does the basics, but that’s what I want it to do!
  • Loads fast, works great 5/5

    By HerseyIV
    I really this little calculator. It loads quickly and runs well. I like its semi-transparent “sleep” mode too.
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By raymondson
    Really Handy and does what I need

Handy Calculator app comments

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