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  • Current Version: 41.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Meet App

Securely connect, collaborate and celebrate from anywhere. With Google Meet, everyone can safely create and join high-quality video meetings up to 250 people. Key features include: Host unlimited high-definition video meetings • Meet safely − video meetings are encrypted in transit and proactive anti-abuse measures help keep your meetings safe • Easy access − just share a link and invited guests can join with one click across devices • Share your screen to present documents, slides and more • Follow along with real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology Anyone can join a meeting on Meet via an invitation. However, some capabilities are available only to G Suite customers. Permissions Notice • Camera: Needed to allow others to see you during video meetings • Microphone: Needed to allow others to hear you during meetings • Photo library: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture

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Google Meet app reviews

  • Dead simple 4/5

    By thecybernerd
    I love the fact that it natively integrates with Google Calendar.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By dbus shsbsgdbsdjs
    Worst app
  • Crashes a lot 1/5

    Really bad app with my teacher i use this and it’s so hard to listen 👂 to the teacher and hard to do what she tells us
  • An amazing app 5/5

    By one of many video editors
    Hi I’m not a teacher and all these people are trying to get this app off of App Store but everything is fine okay the audio is amazing and the video quality is good
  • Terrible experience with more than 2 meeting, no screen sharing 1/5

    By Greg Cz
    The lack of the tile view makes this totally unusable on an ipad. Every little noise makes the view switch to its source(participant) and disrupts others. And about the only app which does not let to share screen and audio to appletv.
  • Anxiety 1/5

    By maria isabbella bella
  • take it down 1/5

    By alexei medina
    it’s useless and unnecessary
  • Nah 1/5

    By moise l
    I want this to have a 1 Star review so it can get taken down
  • Works Well 5/5

    By Dusk Nightwings
    I don’t know why people are hating on the app so much when most of their issues are due to internet connections. The app works fine. I like it.
  • Schedule? 1/5

    By Rik Catlow
    Crazy you can’t schedule a call from the app. The only way I’ve been able too is through gCal on the desktop.
  • No gallery/grid view 1/5

    By IrwinGJr
    Badly needs gallery/grid view. Horrible interface with more than 2 participants!
  • Why do I need to sign in? 1/5

    By tr1999
    No other conferencing app requires login. Google ploy to steal more personal data from me? And why if I remove an account on this app, will it “delete all data from his account on other Google apps”? Clearly Google is using this as a Trojan horse to correlate all your accounts and data.
  • Interesting discovery... 4/5

    By DannyWu2010 - Ideas
    Found out that this app once used in my desktop will disable the power to my room and an ready one. This only usually happens when I’m in meetings here. Almost every day I cannot take online class due to regular power outages. By the time it’s all over and I’m playing roblox and Minecraft the power does no longer disconnect regularly. I don’t know what is wrong but it might have something to do with this app.
  • ? 1/5

    By josh ortis
  • Muy buena pero no tiene google meet grid view 2/5

    By JavyPower
    No podrás ver las personas en la pantalla en forma de mosaico o grid view.
  • Bad 1/5

    By julua falbo
    It is astronomically bad
  • The app was bad 1/5

    By LLlLLlLlLl pump
    I think that it works but it is just one of the worst application I have ever seen. It is just straight up bad. I love google but this app.
  • It’s Okay... 2/5

    By MKS270
    It works okay, it just would be nice if you could change the layout of the screen on an iPad.
  • Idk why I’m writing this lol 5/5

    By what am i doinh
    I wonder how many ppl gave this 1 star because of online school
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Xtra-Ali-A suace
    Dont get this app waste of space and time TERRIBLE so much echo and duplicating yea it terrible
  • Low audio for videos while screen present 2/5

    By Vikedixe
    If i try to present screen and play a video. The audio of the video covers too low. Can’t play music while screen share Voice gets audible after 30 seconds the video chat starts.
  • super bad 1/5

    By minecraft15151515
    i just left my call because it kicked me out, it glitches so much and i could hear or see anyone, this is happening to my classmates too. please fix this.
  • this sucs 1/5

    By la ugh
    the audio breaks and cam not clear thisssssss sucsssss i wanna use zoom
  • There is problems 2/5

    By Lolbit101
    People are saying not to listen to the bad reviews! BUT I AM HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE APP! IT KEEPS KICKING ME OUT OF MEETINGS AND IM SICK OF IT
  • Pig 1/5

  • Terrible 1/5

    By NucleonYT
    This app is terrible rate it 1 star I used it and it was so laggy and everyone kept glitching
  • Really bad on DESKTOP!?… 1/5

    By Some hacked
    When use google meet on a desktop. YOU CAN’T ALLOW MICROPHONE OR FACE CAM. I recommend using Zoom Meeting Cloud for Good Meets. The bugs were not fixed, they were added.

    By bloggermary
    hands down to this app, don’t really understand the bad reviews. Loving its features and it’s user interface. A full 5 stars!!

    By Aaronros105
    I am sick and tired of not having access to full features just because i use mobile. I know google wont read this but this needs to be fixed so i can participate correctly in class activities!!
  • Frustration Station !!!! 1/5

    By password****🦄
    Crashes every 5 minutes. This makes it so difficult and frustrating to get any sort of work done. UPDATE: According to the “internet speed test” the developer suggested I take, my internet speed is fast (download 41.9, upload 5.75) and should be able to handle “multiple devices streaming hd videos at the same time.” I am not terribly interested in hd videos, but rather in attending video chats on this very app, in order to not fail all of my classes. I would also like to thank the developer for asking if I’m “sure I’m connected to the internet,” which is a valid concern. To this I say: yes, I am approx. 112% sure that I am connected to the internet. This, combined with the fact that this app has a 2 star average rating, leads me to believe that the problem lies not with my own incompetence but rather with Google’s. I hope you can figure this problem out.
  • The app needs a lot of fixing. 1/5

    By @junior_meh
    Let’s start off with video calling. The camera and the whole image is blurry. There is a lot of echo and when it “sounds good” the audio is behind. Sharing screen section is not good at all. As soon as I start it, I exit out of the app to show whatever is on my screen, but it stops responding in less than 5 seconds, plus the audio lacks a lot too. When you airdrop and invitation, it does say open in, but there is no option to open in Meets. App is a great idea, but not ideal.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Milleranzo
    Audio and video are like 2 minutes out of sync and the audio sounds like hrjrndjdjrhrrkdirjrjfjrjr and even if you pin someone you still see other random people. Also Zoom is definitely a lot better working.
  • Here you go 3/5

    By Lobie-wan
    I don’t have a problem with this app at all sometimes it is a little glitchy because we have a group of 60 or 90 but overall it’s a good app. I hope this app updates soon and it will get better overtime
  • really really really bad for my kids learning. 1/5

    By parents8888888888888888
    This app don’t have option to see all people in one screen like zoom. nine people in same screen. When all student speaking. My screen flash like crazy. It even feels hurt my eyes,When I try to pin my teacher’s screen , it just black out. I can only hear the sound. As a parent. I really want my kid’s school change back to zoom app right away. This app need approve immediately or it should remove from the App Store immediately.
  • Laggy and echoy for me 😤😤😤😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By RuthSolis
    This app is horrible. I mean when my teacher is talking it constantly echos and lags. Also my device is NOT OLD!!! I cleared out my apps way to many times and it still lags. Also it crashes a lot for me for example when I am off for 1 minute it says, “sorry this app crashed would you like to send feedback?” And I send feedback a bunch of times of it being laggy and echoy. But they still haven’t respond or even FIXED THE PROBLEM 😡😡😡😡 so now for the rest of the year I have to spend my time on google meets listening to laggy and echoy classmates and teachers. I would NOT recommend this app I would rather use zoom then google meets 😡😡
  • lags to much 1/5

    By Computer78
    my teacher wasn’t able to get in just because of her internet.
  • This is the worst 1/5

    By popular-robot8
    So all I have to say is presentation is laggy.DO NOT LISTEN TO ALL GOOD REVIEWS!
  • Meh 1/5

    By Is this gude?
    I get the idea and it is cool, but they need to fix the sound bugs/glitches where you cannot hear others, and also loud background noises. When ever my teacher posts a link, google meet would say “no such meeting” and its annoying
  • Why is this a thing 1/5

    By Costalis1232
    I hate this I can’t hear anything and it’s all muted I think this needs to shut down zoom it better
  • No way to cancel a meet? 1/5

    By atelegnanosliw
    Added a meet link by mistake but no way to delete it or cancel? Also, no option for host to admit only those persons who are supposed to be in the meet...
  • Very Very Very Very Very Very Bad 1/5

    By Coco112219
    Very Bad
  • bad 1/5

    By werwete
    won’t let me download
  • Bad 1/5

    By okletsgoiggggg
    Very bad
  • Bad 1/5

    By ✨🍃
    Every time I enter the app my screen goes black and it never loads. I tried reseting my phone so many times and thats didn't work either.
  • Don’t buy and rate 1 star 1/5

    By hamilton⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I’m rating this app 1 star because it’s stupid and a huge waste of my time , see my teachers keep making me get up in the morning and do stupid meeting on this dumb app , I HATE IT . This app will get taken off the App Store if it gets to a one star rating , WE ARE SO CLOSE. COME ON EVERYONE RATE THIS 1 starrrr!!!!
  • @DoNotGetGoogleMeets 1/5

    By ><\…~|§}{]0987[6^
    Ok my username is @DoNotGetGoogleMeets so Don’t get poppy meets
  • NICKNAME 3/5

    By Angry uwu
  • This app is so buggy 1/5

    By rybot07
    So my class uses this alot and most of the time it always kicks me out or the app freezes
  • Student Review: Can’t make meeting Edit: walkthrough is useless. 1/5

    By Athen D.
    It won’t even let me start a Google meet. I can only join ones that have a meeting code. If you could fix this then it would be a lot better. I can’t even schedule meets with my friends it’s a horrible App. Please fix this. I’m not allowed to use zoom. Edit: you showed me how to use the walk-through that i’ve already used. I tryed it 5 times before I made this review. Please fix this

Google Meet app comments

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