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Hannaford App

The Hannaford App lets you earn and manage My Hannaford Rewards and clip and redeem coupons right from your phone. Sign in and update your existing Hannaford account or create a new account with a personalized profile in the app to get started. From there you can earn rewards when you buy our store brands, choose from hundreds of coupons, including personalized "just for you" coupons, and get special offers. You’ll also be able to locate your nearest Hannaford Supermarket and Pharmacy and look up store details for any Hannaford location. ABOUT MY HANNAFORD REWARDS: - You’ll get a confirmation email from us once you’ve updated or set up your account, and you can start earning 2% rewards when you buy our store brands and begin clipping coupons right away. - Each time you go through the checkout, scan the barcode in the app to capture your rewards and redeem coupon savings. - Your rewards can be redeemed quarterly. We’ll send you a notification when it’s time and the next time you shop and scan your barcode, your savings will be deducted from your total. - You and your family members can also redeem coupons and earn rewards by typing the phone number associated with your account on the PIN pad at checkout instead of scanning the barcode. ITEMS THAT QUALIFY FOR REWARDS: All our store brands earn rewards, including most fresh meat, seafood, produce, deli and bakery items that have one of our brand names on the package or a label that has our brand name and no other national brand mentioned on them: - Hannaford Brand - Taste of Inspirations - Nature’s Place - Home 360 - Cha-Ching - Companion - Healthy Accents - CareOne - Etos Our store brands are also the lowest price on the shelf compared to the national brands and come with a DOUBLE MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, so you know you’re getting real value.


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Hannaford app reviews

  • Coupon Error 1/5

    By ttford1977
    Installed & re-installed several times & continually says error for coupons. Running iOS 11.3.1
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By Nurse H.
    I buy loads of groceries at Hannaford and the cashiers started talking to me about the new Hannaford app last fall. I signed up and use it every time I shop. What I do not understand is why I never get any food item coupons? My understanding was that after I used it for awhile coupons for items I purchase every week would start showing up. I only get coupons for pharmacy type items like OTC meds like Tylenol, shampoo , Feminine products, cleaning products etc etc. The cleaning coupons are never brands I purchase and I never buy toiletries and medications etc at Hannaford. I have had no issues with the actual app but after 5 months I expected to start seeing some coupons for products that I buy weekly. Can you explain when and if this actually might happen? Thank you.
  • Can't get past login page 1/5

    By Astergawker
    Can't login. Once I enter my login & password, I get a “service unavailable” message. Bad first time experience. Not impressed. UPDATE: I should take the developers to task. On a hunch, I changed my password and it worked! The problem? I created my account on my computer using one of the recommended non-alphanumeric characters. The iPhone app doesn't support that character in a password. I wonder which team did what, but they should agree on some ground rules on basics across platforms. UX goes beyond code.
  • Please add Hannaford To Go 3/5

    By TheJFam207
    The app works well enough. As we use it, it ‘learns’ what we buy and will offer appropriate coupon. Those, however, are significantly less in comparison to the amount of health & beauty or household coupons that are offered that we do not buy as they are too expensive (even with coupons). Hannaford in our area has Hannaford-To-Go and having an app for that would make it so much easier to use. PLEASE ADD HANNAFORD TO GO! We would use it much more often.
  • Not instant 2/5

    By cassy weis
    Use the app every time I shop, activate the dollars earned and oh have to wait at least 34 hrs before you can use it .... so if you activate the rewards when you come in the store oh can’t use it right away. Completely useless if you ask me. Especially when you are in the store and want to use it for the intended shopping trip. Shoprite has an app that is significantly better!
  • Can be improved 3/5

    By 3KittyKat
    I’ve been using the app for about two months. I like the ability to access coupons and use the 2% cash back. That being said, I hate having to sign on every time I open the app. It’s a grocery store app, for crying out loud, not one for my bank account! I also don’t like having to update the app before it allows me to open it. I’m not one to obsessively check to see if there are updates, so I don’t realize there’s one until I’m at the store. Fixing those two problems would make the app much better, IMHO! (EDIT) the developer responded to my review- I followed their suggestion of reinstalling the app and it appears to work :)
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Buddha728
    I’ve tried several times to creat an account and the server had an error. Then I finally create the account and it asks me to “update” my information. So I enter it again, and it proceeds to tell me that information is being used by another account. Duh, mine... that’s why I’m trying to sign in. Enter my husbands phone instead and it still won’t let me sign it. I deleted and downloaded again and the same thing happened. I’d love to use the app but apparently I can’t?
  • Frustrated 2/5

    Frustrated because the app did not work and when scanned it said I had no account when clearly I did. I spent over 100 dollars that day. Bought things with electronic coupons and got none of the credit. When I called customer service they took all the information and said someone would get back to me and no one ever has.
  • Seems weird 1/5

    By j425f
    It seems weird that such a huge grocery chain would let an app like this out to the public. It’s really bad, and I haven’t received any value from using it. Considering how much time i just spent trying to make it work for me, it’s actually provided the opposite of value. Anyway, I would start from scratch and try again. Very glitchy and absolutely nothing worked. Also the coupon lists are very small. Technology can drastically improve customer experience if you have the right talent to bring it to life. This app is a perfect example of what goes wrong when you don’t.
  • Very disappointed and current version 1/5

    By New NYer
    I noticed that one of your developers stated you are working on trying to add a shopping list to this current version. However I also noticed that this version has been around since at least January of this year. I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with this current version. It is totally worthless for taking to the store and to shop efficiently using my iPhone. If I could give it zero stars, I would. At this point, a single star will have to suffice.
  • No sales flyer🤨 1/5

    By Lovell Logs
    Used app a few months. Underwhelming. Sale flyer would be a big plus. Receipt storage invaluable. Not worth using for me.
  • Works but coupon scrolling is a pain 3/5

    By Bathdubber
    I like the app and it’s features but I’ve noticed that as you scroll through the coupons, the app will spontaneously generate the “orange slice” icon and reset you to the beginning of the coupon list. Very frustrating to use when you are trying to clip coupons and have to start over every time.
  • Useful and convenient, but difficult to login 2/5

    By NEChad
    The app makes coupon-clipping a snap. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to login if you use a password manager to generate and maintain a complex and secure password. The password field on the login screen will not accept a copy and paste. Extra credit would be support for the 1Password app, which is one of the most popular password managers on iOS. I contacted the developers in February, and they responded quickly. However, this latest version of the app still suffers from the same issue. Consequently, I cannot log in.
  • Frequent Customer 4/5

    By Keh1214
    Hannaford has been my go to shopping destination for a few years and I was excited to try this app. It was hard to get my account logged in the first time but since then I have only had minor issues with the app. I like having my coupons saved on the app but I wish they would either get deleted or have an “x” Mark so I know I have used them.
  • Does Not Fit to Full Potential 2/5

    By Gamemaniac13
    I got the app expecting to be able to use my list I create online. Only to find out, this app does not feature anything but the rewards. The only way I can view my list is if I got to the website (on my data) and view it there. Plus, the information for the app on the site is completely outdated where it should feature your lists in the first place. A bit inconvenient if you ask me.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Waaateva
    I preferred Hannaford in large part because there were no check-out annoyances like a “club card” or need to provide personal info. I hate this app. It requires me to 1)Turn on my phone during checkout, 2) respond to questions if there is (and there almost always is) a problem with the app, and 3) update the app WHILE I am checking out, which is annoying to shoppers behind me In line. I have had several problems With the app recognizing me or my phone number. I was told that prices were not raised to support this program, but it seems that sales are less frequent. It has resulted in my shopping other supermarkets more often than I used to, which is unfortunate because I used to be really satisfied at Hannaford. I am NOT a fan and it annoys me every single time I shop.
  • Version 1.8.5 3/5

    By lttlewing
    This app is very basic. I like having the rewards card in my Apple Wallet but there's so much functionality missing. - While connected to WiFi or cellular data it would be great to be able to search for products and add to a shopping list in the app itself rather than have to use my browser. - I’d like to be able to view my saved coupons and a shopping list without a WiFi or data connection (while I’m in the store).
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Apples&oranages
    Since the update nothing seems to work right! Can’t get new coupons and sometimes can’t access the ones I already clipped!
  • Coupon upload errors 2/5

    By Avg1313
    Just downloaded the app, right away got coupon upload errors, that keep popping out. Logged out and logged in again, but the problem persists. Will try to use next while in store, how the coupons error can be resolved?
  • SD 3/5

    By sbd4611
    It would be great if clipped coupons didn’t take so long to “register” and actually work. I was told it “took awhile”. I go over coupons in the parking lot before I go shopping and they haven’t worked.
  • Most frustrating app! 1/5

    By Darby 4
    Can't log in. Can't update. Can't access my rewards because I can't log in. Won't let me log in online either.
  • The MySpace of Apps 1/5

    By Itfarmer
    Cumbersome, barely worth the effort for a token quarterly reward that is significantly less savings than simply shopping at Walmart. Only Hannaford would create and market an app that doesn’t show weekly sales. Seriously Hannaford, please show me any other supermarket app worldwide that doesn’t include sale information.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By brocktastic
    Good for coupons and rewards but could be better. Once I’ve “clipped” coupons there should be a shopping list created based on the coupons and general location in the store of those items. It’s too hard to scroll through the coupons or try to remember what they are while shopping. It would also be great if that list could be added onto with other needed items that aren’t tied to coupons that were clipped.
  • Shopping list needed 3/5

    By Mrbill1509
    This app would be much more useful with a shopping list feature. Even better would be a shopping list feature that can show what aisle holds a desired item, based on each store’s layout. Wegmans has done this. It makes shopping very convenient. Thank you.
  • Good but needs some upgrades 3/5

    By Bradydog28
    I like this app, it’s easy to use and I have saved some money. I wish and suggest that there be a way to scan paper coupons. One thing that doesn’t make sense is I get a printed coupon with my receipt. Why not have that go into my account, or at least give me a way to scan the bar code? I get the circular emailed to me, why not have all the deals on the app itself? So I can put a check next to it or add it to a list? Speaking of lists, what about a grocery list section for the items I check off go into the list?
  • Not thought out well 2/5

    By Lac7574
    The app is a bit buggy. Sometimes it’s unable to load the coupons and I have to come back at a later time. It’s also not thought out very well. There’s really no easy way to tell if the proper coupons came off your order. They only appear on your receipt as the dollar amount that came off. So you have to keep track of which coupons you used and compare that to your receipt. The coupons should be listed clearly on the receipt as well as have a place with in the app to show what coupons were used. I feel like clipping actual coupons is just as easy. I wish the app was more user friendly. Really cumbersome.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By jsseb
    I’ve been using this app for a few months. The coupon savings are not going through during check out. They are “clipped” I’m purchasing the correct brand/quantity/size. I’m entering my rewards phone number. Tired of purchasing items with the promise of savings, when they don’t show up.
  • Very static 2/5

    By Tobypuppy
    Majority of the coupons are for health/beauty and cleaning supplies. It would be great to have more savings for food. It would be helpful if the weekly ad could be linked to the app with a shopping list. Coupon clicks work well.
  • Coupon bust 2/5

    By needing skeep
    I am using the app bc i do get points and in, turn money. Wish it wasn't necessary but thats the way it goes. For my family, The coupons offered within the app are for commercial products that family doesn't eat. On top of that, it offers minimal coupons in the area of food vs cleaning products. For example, this week, there is 1 coupon for dairy, 4 coupons for dairy, 12 coupons for groceries, 88 coupons for health and beauty, and 42 for home needs. When i go to hannaford i purchase items like fruit, veggies, dairy and meat. So..The coupons are extremely limited for my shopping needs. Just give us the best prices no gimmicks!
  • Very Poor 2/5

    By JS13440
    Doesn’t always register on app. Few times receipt show what a got that time at checkout app I got NOTHING. Also doesn’t show you what you made money on , no copy of receipt what you bought like all the other apps do. Any problem with app you have to call them what’s that about. Needs a lot of work!
  • It’s ok, but.. 2/5

    By CrystalMac83
    Hannaford doesn’t stock any of the 4 freebies. I was excited about the perk, but disappointed that it is unusable in that aspect.
  • No grocery list?! 3/5

    By ilovemybffs!(:
    I’m not sure why there isn’t a grocery list portion to this app. It would make it literally a one stop shopping experience.
  • Low rent app 1/5

    By funinsungwm
    This app is horrible. You can’t access the weekly flyer. You can’t create a shopping list or even access your shopping list from your online account. If I tried I could not create a more limited app. Hannaford needs to find a developer that can create a real mobile app.
  • Bug fixes needed 3/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    The more bug fixes, the better!
  • Needs some improvements 3/5

    By Shesween
    App is a little lack luster. Easy to search for coupons and clip them out. Improvements I’d like to see. • Be able to sort my “clipped” coupons by category • Integrate Hannaford circular for preferred store so you can have one grocery list with regular items plus items you have clipped coupons for in app • Also ability to add items not in circular to your shopping list • Ability to see transactions that give you the reward credits
  • You stopped trying... 1/5

    By lindser98
    Whwn the app first launched it was great. Coupons worked well and easy to use. 3 weeks later and everytime i open the app i get an error message. C’mon hannaford...
  • Coupons are not being applied 3/5

    By equestrianforever27
    This app is easy to use and it’s nice getting points on things I would be buying anyway, however in several recent visits my clipped coupons have not been applied to my order, and no one in the store could do anything to help. Disappointing.
  • Concept good, glitchy, suggestion 2/5

    By ALBieJJ
    The concept is cool. It is very glitchy, never works when I need it to; since I can enter my # at the register at least I am still getting reward points. Suggestion: once I have clipped a coupon to use where does it go?! It just disappears! I feel like there should be a clipped coupon folder so I don't have to remember what coupons I clipped in prep for shopping or have to look thru the whole list when a coupon is needed... does that make sense? To clarify: please make it so that we can clip coupons we want to use as we see them, they then go neatly into a clipped coupon folder so they are easily accessible and ready for use. ( unless this exists already, but I am pretty savvy and can't find it all, so that would make it currently non-user friendly. That's all.
  • Not security friendly 1/5

    By SilverSideDown
    Any app that doesn't let me paste my username and password from my password manager automatically gets 1 star. It's incredibly insecure and encourages weak passwords. But thanks for automatically logging me out!
  • Update problem 4/5

    By Zgirl5
    I've had app for a month, no problems. But now when I open it I am informed that I need to update the app in order to continue. So I click on the prompt & it takes me to the App Store updates, and then click on the update button (which says open)- and it just takes me back to the opened app. Help. Stuck in an endless loop and very sad!
  • Forced updates are maddening! 2/5

    By CNYstickerfan
    The app itself is quite good. However, twice so far when I tried to use it at the checkout it required that I install the latest upgrade before it would open. This is where I am most likely to use the app and have the LEAST time or inclination to stop what I am doing to upgrade. There are better ways to handle upgrades. When I am checking out I need to know it will open. Or I will stop using it. Please fix this.
  • A poor coupon app at best. 1/5

    By naethyn99
    I was hoping for so much more from this app since I shop solely at Hannaford’s. The app focuses on 25¢ coupons and rewards based on buying their store brand. What would make this app strong is the ability to make lists and compare same item/different brands/pricing. This app helps the store track their customers and their buying habits more than actually rewarding their loyal customers. Up your game a bit Hannaford’s.
  • Someone in Management needs to fix this 1/5

    By BuxtonBob
    “Required app update” does not work. At the register they could never find the phone number I had entered when I set it up. Could not get credit for what I purchased because required app update would not install. Poor and bad look on the part of Hannaford. Someone in management needs to fix this. Very frustrating for customers.
  • OMG login page? Every time?! 1/5

    By Lattemonster
    This app is completely useless because it requires you to login every time you use the thing. Standing in line, trying to pay for groceries with 15 people behind you and a checker waiting and trying to get everyone thru. Have the developers of this thing never gone grocery shopping? Did the people that approve this stupidity ever buy groceries? How about adding fingerprint reader? It’s only been around for 5 years.
  • Frustration 1/5

    By Razzamun
    Do Not Use This App .....unless you like constant frustration and incompetence. Latest example is from this past Wednesday. I decided to purchase 4 party platters from a Hannaford in Caribou, ME. The person checking me out hit Total before I could get my phone number entered. Unfortunately I didn’t notice it until later. When I contacted their customer service later that afternoon they said ... sorry, he should’ve waited. The total was $172 that would have gone entirely toward Hannaford products. I guess next time I will get my platters at Subway. It’s a broke app that has too many human error possibilities.
  • Can’t paste passwords! 3/5

    By TheJTizzle
    You can’t paste passwords, and there is no support for 1Password. Please add this ASAP. People who use random generated passwords are really inconvenienced by this.
  • Good app, but reward program server is usually down 2/5

    By Kyasino
    I love the app and its potential. It just seems to be down/not working everything I am at the cashier. The coupon clips don’t work for me because I end up paying the full price. And a suggestion to add: I’m not sure if all the Hannaford stores are set up the same way but it would really be helpful to put what aisles the stuff on the coupons can be found (once the clips start working).
  • Doesnt even work 1/5

    By Mholmes20
    I cant even create an account because my phone number is in use, bf number in use, we have never signed up for this ever and its aggravating that i cant even create an account and get in!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Big_sis9
    This app and reward system stinks it is down every time I am at the store and I am there 3-4 times a week. When it is working it doesn’t always take your clipped coupons off. I love Hannafords but this is very disappointing!
  • Shopping list 4/5

    By Rachelfaye3
    I would like you to add ability to make shopping list on the app. If there’s one available on the app already I can’t figure it out.

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