Hardee's Mobile Ordering

Hardee's Mobile Ordering

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  • Current Version: 2.14.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hardee's Mobile Ordering App

If we could serve you burgers through your phone, we would, but this is the next best thing. The Hardee’s App not only makes mobile ordering quick and easy — order ahead for takeout, drive thru, or delivery – it also rewards you with every purchase through My Rewards! ORDERING Hankering for Hardee’s breakfast, or in the mood for a juicy, charbroiled burger? Whether you're craving our fluffy Made From ScratchTM Biscuits, an iconic Western Bacon Cheeseburger®, a charbroiled Third Pound 100% Angus beef burger, or even a tender and juicy Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich, we know how to satisfy your hunger. The Hardee's App lets you customize your order and check out quickly with a credit card or gift card. Schedule a pick-up time or enable location services so we know when you’re nearby. We’ll make sure your food is fresh and ready when you arrive. MY REWARDS Get rewarded with every bite. Earn 10 Stars for every $1 spent and cash ‘em in for your favorites, like an Apple Turnover or Any Size Fountain Drink for 150 Stars, Hardee Breakfast Platter. Any Size French Fries for 300 Stars. Or 5pc Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders or Mushroom & Swiss Angus Burger for 500 Stars. Plus, so many other mouthwatering options. My Rewards members also get exclusive access to special discounts and promotions in the App! You gotta check it out for yourself – it’s a big deal! (See what we did there?)

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Hardee's Mobile Ordering app reviews

  • 🅱️ruh 1/5

    By :8:&:!8;:&:! dd d
    Wish l could leave zero. This has to be the jankiest app l’ve tried to use in a long time. It ate my personal information and wouldn’t let me order. Don’t believe their lies of the “free sandwich.” 👀
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By oldenoughtoremembergoodservice
    Keep getting great offers by email but can’t get into the app to use them. Do these people ever test their promos?
  • App does not work for the Hardee’s 1/5

    By AT school bus
    Since I’ve downloaded the app, it is failed to work at my closest Hardee’s on Silverstar Road in Orlando. It does work at the Hardee’s on colonial Drive in Ocoee, but the food is terrible at that location.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By rockybabies
    I just downloaded the app this month & when I tried to place an order for the 2 for $5 sausage, egg, biscuit or biscuit & gravy it wouldn’t let me do the 2 for $5. So I went inside & placed my order. Then I tried again a week later at a different location & it wouldn’t let me even place an order…at all. So I ordered through the drive-thru. This time I asked the lady at the window if they have an app to order from. She said yes. But I still cannot get it to work. And the 2nd location charged me regular price instead of the 2 for $5. Idk understand what’s happening? I use restaurant/fast food apps ALL the time. This is the only app that has not worked every time. Please help me figure out what to do. I love Hardee’s and would like to order through the app for the rewards. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  • Only happens with hardees app 1/5

    By BHMermaid
    I have never been able to apply a reward to my order it always says something wrong no matter how many different ways I try
  • How do you not have the prices for every item?! 1/5

    By Azz3879
    I don’t know of another app in which they don’t indicate what the prices are for their products! some of the items have prices many of them don’t.
  • No longer sell crispy curls 1/5

    By John_Hunton
    I ordered food, workers said no longer sell crispy fries…why you offered them on app? Then workers made me pull up to wait to cook the food…I was the only person there. Chesnee S.C. I just finished the burger…the patties tasted like and had the same texture as the ones from a banquet microwave dinner. I hope y’all didn’t ruin the Carl’s Junior burgers too.
  • Not working 1/5

    By X d iip
    Updated app and and when I opened it all you see the Hardee’s star then it disappears. Closed app and reopened it and the screen just black! Deleted the app and reloaded it and it does the same thing
  • Not very good 1/5

    By A_G_A1994
    Doesn't allow me to submit my receipts 20 minutes after ordering. Local location is always unavailable for mobile orders.
  • The free rewards are a lie 1/5

    By iMovie sux👎🏼
    I went through a lot trouble putting my all my information because it wasn’t wanting to except it for some reason finally after multiple attempts it took. THEN AFTER ALL THAT I DIDN'T RECEIVE THE FREE REWARDS THAT WAS PROMISED.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Boulder40mma
    It won’t let me order. Everytime I enter my card info and hit checkout it says oops we’re having trouble applying this offer. Please make sure (something I can’t read due to others words covering it) required items. Everything if filled out no issues. Card number is right and all. Been trying every Sunday for over a month now. Waste of an app!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By brittfield
    These coupons are trash and the restaurants are even trashier
  • Not a single Hardee’s is available 1/5

    By Tjoy79
    Six restaurants in my area and not a single one of them is available in the app. What gives? How long does it take to get an app to work? Your cups have a QR code to download an app and earn rewards but literally no where to actually use the app. Ridiculous!!
  • No ketchup or mustard? 2/5

    By SRRRRRRarSs
    They give you no option for ketchup and mustard on most of their sandwiches. Not everyone wants the special sauce.
  • Can’t add points from Indiana Location 1/5

    By psx2gamer
    Every time I try to enter the barcode from the receipt, it states as invalid. Please update to include Sellersburg, IN location. I gave receipts to enter but are unable to. Sometimes a person just doesn’t want to hassle with an app.
  • No Hardee’s in West Metro Detroit??? 4/5

    By MonkeyBananaz
    There was no Hardee’s within 25 Miles of the West Metro Detroit area which is pretty surprising as millions live here
  • Hardee’s of Franklin, VA 5/5

    By Maypop '79
    Hardee’s of Franklin, Virginia has had a turn around! Pleasant staff and better temperatures of the food. 👍
  • Some things do not change 2/5

    By Hardeesisterrible
    I have avoided ordering because the past few times I have the burgers were barely warm and there was usually an error in the order. After boycotting for a year I tried again at the Warwick village location. Never again. The place was empty and they still gave me soggy cold fries. The burgers were not hot enough to melt the cheese. The prices have shot up and the quality has fallen off. Not worth wasting your time.
  • Can’t view menu if store is closed 1/5

    By Brendon R
    The menu is only viewable if you’ve selected a store that is currently open. I just want to look at my options before getting off 3rd shift and going to eat. Every other restaurant app lets you view the menu 24/7 even without selecting a location. Would be 5 stars if the menu was always accessible.
  • Size up drinks and side 3/5

    By Frustrated April 2011
    When I choose the large option in the app, I’ve been told by the restaurant employees that it only shows on their screen the side as large and not the drink. I always have to show them my phone so they can see I picked large for both drink and side. Please fix this so the restaurant can see both items as what we ask for.
  • No Customer Service 1/5

    By Cjwilliams3
    I made a pickup order through the app but when I went to pick it up an employee told me that they were unable to complete my order. They said something about not being able to fulfill fried orders. I requested a refund given that I couldn’t eat anything else on the menu and I was running late for work. I was told that a refund could not be processed for mobile orders. I tried to find a help or contact us function in the app and there was none. To this day, I am still short my $10 breakfast meal. You all should fix this…
  • Long time customer 1/5

    By EdAnnJoy
    All your apps are never available. How can we order if they are not available?
  • Worst food app of all 1/5

    By Isolde63
    This is a horrible, useless app. It’s hard to navigate. It doesn’t add things like the “2 for $5” deal; it tells you to add a code at checkout but the code never works. (If you offer 2 for $5 on your menu, why does it not automatically tally regardless???) They’ll send you emails offering a free sandwich or biscuit but it’s impossible to get the deal to work on the app. We love Hardee’s and will continue to go there, but I’m deleting this worthless app. No excuse for such a terrible app in 2023. If Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s can get it right, why can’t Hardee’s?
  • Offers in App? 3/5

    By ChaplainGE
    I get emails advertising special offers with the opportunity to claim them. However the link doesn’t open the app. Furthermore the app does not show me the offers. I’m supposed to order and hope I get an offer. I would use the app and eat at Hardee’s more often if it was more informative.
  • Useless 1/5

    By tnbohinri
    Very difficult to sign up, single sign on doesn’t work with Apple , Facebook, or Google even though they are listed . Also, unlike McDonalds and Wendy’s , there are no deals to be had. I treat myself to breakfast very frequently but get a buy one get one free bfast sandwich every day at McDonald’s plus they are cheaper and taste better most of the time except for the days when the biscuits are fresh and I go veeeeery early. So far as the app, they are still developing it so if they start offering coupons to make it worthwhile, I’ll update the review .
  • Unprofessional clothing to who this may concern! 1/5

    By taken Bull Sh!!!
    That fast food Hardee’s was a consumer would go to get good food. Employees now looks like they just got out of bed. It’s has changed management several times Cut out tee shirts. Caps turned around boy that’s really looks Profumo. The company get your S!!!!! Together I’ll never attend this place again until you clean house. Get some white jackets with Hardee’s logo this hasn’t been right since Richard Allen was manager. That went everybody went Hardee’s. was a great place then. Let’s get it back Paul s
  • Use of Hardy’s app 1/5

    By Bill Bisi
    The app is very difficult to use and Sheldon works I have so many points but unable to redeem them because the app doesn’t work
  • Ordering food 1/5

    By sad Anna
    Burger kings app is so easy… Yours is awful!
  • No thanks 1/5

    By bob the man costas
    Had the app all of two minutes and the store cancelled my order then lied about it. Done with Hardee’s.
  • Not all menu items 1/5

    By Lauren6868683
    I love Hardees breakfast - the biscuit sandwiches are the best - but the menu on the app doesn’t include the whole menu. You offer the bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit. You have the sausage & egg biscuit (though apparently you have to “add cheese” for an additional 50 cents manually. No way to order a ham, egg, & cheese biscuit at all. Why would you have a somewhat functional app without ALL of your menu? Honestly, for days I don’t want to deal with ordering from the drive-thru or an actual person, I go to McDonalds because their app is easy to use & has their entire menu. Something to think about, I guess. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • App is useless 1/5

    By 123 skeptic is me
    The app is useless, it stopped working a while ago and now it won’t allow me to use close to the 4000 points I have acquired. Once I put in my credit card info it does nothing. There is no screen to go to next. I’ve tried calling in and emailing but have had no luck reaching anyone or getting a call back. Their prices are too high but I dealt with it because the chicken is good and so were the rewards. Not anymore, it’s not that hard to fix your platform. Get on it or continue loosing customers!
  • Awful 2/5

    By NickPWilde
    No way to request a refund.
  • The orders aren’t showing up @ the store 1/5

    By Michaelkevc
    I have twice placed an order @ store 3099, and upon arrival, they had no record of my order. The first time, I showed them the order on my phone, and they filled it. Last time they refused, even after I showed them the completed order in the app, and showed them where my bank had posted the charge.
  • Wish it was more like McDonald’s app 1/5

    By UnluckyCharge
    You have to order ahead to get rewards. Not to mention my app told me that there was a 2 for $5 deal this morning. I get to Hardee’s. Open the app. It makes me update it. Just to find out you can’t give a drive thru code like at McDonald’s. Then one bacon egg and cheese biscuit was over $5. No combo. Just the biscuit. That’s just ridiculous. Oh and the lady was super rude. Like she didn’t have time for me. Even though I had just waited for her to clear the entire four cars that were in front of me before she came back and took my order. Got to the window. Found out she is the manager. Middleburg Fl Hardee’s. Very disappointing. Anyways, please find a way to add drive thru codes should be pretty simple. You take coupon codes through the drive thru. Not sure I will even know if you update the app after the service I got today.
  • App scams you. You’re better off with DoorDash 1/5

    By NicolexNicole
    I ordered through this app multiple times for both delivery and takeout. Hardee’s does nothing if your delivery order is completely wrong or missing items. No refunds or anything. What’s worse is this most recent time I ordered for a drive thru pickup, I paid, pulled into the drive thru and they said they were closed at 4pm. Though every sign said they were open and the app let me place an order. And now I’m unable to get a refund on an order I never received. Spoke to a Gm at the store and got the runaround and Hardee’s feedback form has no place for order issues only feedback. At least with DoorDash they make it right and don’t fraud you out of money. Do not use this app. You will eventually get scammed.
  • Glitchy app 1/5

    By Nick-A.
    I tried 10 times to enter payment information so that I could complete check out and every time it went back to the same page and I had to redo the whole step. It never offered up any reason why like incorrect information or anything like that, it just reverted back to the same page with no explanation and wouldn’t allow me to check out.
  • My review for beardstown Illinois hardies 1/5

    By mushroon57
    I was very disappointed with I received my chicken order for $6. I received three chicken tenders that were so small it was the size of my index finger all three. With that I will never buy hardies again one doesn’t get their money’s worth it was. horrible Cindy Ackerman
  • Rewards 1/5

    By ghandibaldy214123
    It doesn’t let me redeem my rewards. I try to add a free sandwich to my order using my stars . I have just under 2000 points and can’t use any of them. App is broke.
  • Absolute worst fast food app encountered 1/5

    By Great Danes forever
    Had difficulty completing order in app. It required be to complete something below on screw. And the. Go back above it to complete that step. But that pales in the fact that the app requires you to check in from an email it sends you to tell the store to “Make my order”. First do not remember seeing in the app a message to look for an email confirmation to click on a link which then takes you to a web site and that is the only way the store is notified of your order. I ask you, why even bother with an app if I am still having to go to a web site to process order. And in app when I wanted to add something to my bag it made me choose a store location AGAIN even though I already had chosen one and was still in process of making order. Can’t delete this app fast enough from my phone. Feel sorry for the workers who are the front line facing people who are frustrated why their order was not showing, as mine was not, and they have no control over it or ability to help.
  • I’ve left numerous messages 1/5

    By brextons mom
    Why can’t someone call me? I have issues with your stores
  • NO Hard shell tacos can be ordered! 1/5

    By That Guy in Broad Ripple
    MONTHS OF COMPLAINING STILL NO FIX TO BEING ABLE TO ORDER ANY HARD SHELL TACOS. I have sent many emails spoke to GMs and ALL have said they will pass the information along. WHY DOES THIS RESTAURANT STILL USE THE SAME APP COMPANY. THEY ARE LOSING MONEY BY KEEPING THIS APP DEVELOPER. This is a nation wide problem this app maker is NOT able to fix something SO simple. #SadDeveloper has no response to this problem. Everything else works just FINE IN THE RED BURRITO section.
  • No sides 1/5

    By debarxdr
    I called ahead to order 10pc chicken, when I got to work no sides. Next I called ahead, and when I got there they didn’t know anything about my order. While I was there I redialed the number and they answered. I ordered at the right store.
  • App takes gift card but can’t use it 2/5

    By cna_niva
    I loaded a gift card to the app but when checking out there is no option to use the gift card. Maybe I can’t find it, but shouldn’t be difficult to use. Now I have no idea how to get my money back. Just don’t take the gift card if app doesn’t have option to use it!
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By Old Spice Guy
    I regularly use the Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, Dunkin, Dominos, and Starbucks app, but this one is severely lacking, to the point where I haven’t been able to get any rewards at all! I have tried entering the receipt and ordering ahead on the app, but it still failed to give me any stars/rewards. It was so bad that I gave up after 4 attempts to use it (4 separate visits). I suggest studying the chick-fil-a app as there’s is the best. I will gladly try again if the app is fixed/improved!
  • notifications didn’t open the app 1/5

    By The Last Man 56
    they open the App Store
  • No Real Menu 1/5

    By MIDNITE55
    So I downloaded the app. The first time, was only able to order either decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee. Nothing else. So I download it again, this time I was only able to order breakfast. I was trying to order lunch. So I’ve given up on the app until it’s right developers let me know? So this is next day after writing initial review. I tried once more to give the app a try, with the same results. I guess I can only get coffee for breakfast? I did notice an offers page but it did not have the menu item I was looking for. I keep phone up to datwith updates just in case that question comes to your mind. Update: 12/14/2022 So I decided to try again with the exact same results. Looking through the specifications for compatibility, it says it works with this device. Which is an iPhone 13+ Pro, with the latest software update. I don’t know what is wrong but it just ain’t working for me. I could get me a nice cup of coffee, but that is all that shows up in the menu list. I don’t drink coffee. Update: 12/14/2022 Sitting at work and decided to check the app. It is showing breakfast items now. But I’m at work now? I will try again in the morning.Update:12/15/2022 Nope, back to only coffee. Call me when this app actually works.
  • Rewards Problem 2/5

    By Stooplover
    My local spots don’t use the app well and I saw a note you left to another commenter that a barcode can be used to add points from in person purchases. Problem, the place to get to enter off the receipt is a small 8pt font that’s hard to locate.
  • Still can’t customize 1/5

    By CassRoley
    I still cannot order a Superstar and have NO CHEESE be an option, even after recent updates. Really annoying. It’s literally the ONLY burger that doesn’t have a no cheese option. Not all of us like cheese. 😑
  • Confirmation codes don’t work 1/5

    By _NoJangles
    Tried to make an account 3 times. None of the emailed codes work. I can’t try anymore as it says my email is already associated with an account. The password I set doesn’t work. Resetting password always requires a code that again doesn’t work. Worthless