Harman Kardon Controller

Harman Kardon Controller

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Harman International Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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Harman Kardon Controller App

The Harman Kardon Controller app works seamlessly with the Harman Kardon Omni 10+, Omni 20+, Omni 50+, Omni Bar+, Omni Adapt+, and Omni Adapt+Amp speakers to let you stream HD audio around your home. Use the Controller app to set up and customize your speakers, setup a true wireless 5.1 surround system, control audio in your house and stream local or cloud content in glorious HD audio.

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Harman Kardon Controller app reviews

  • Worst app for the most ill conceived product 1/5

    By Fggte
    Crap app, and they bother making a device that does not support Apple play ? Morons
  • Wifi Connection 1/5

    By Chonston Williams
  • Works but, eh 2/5

    By Sir Cook
    The volume pops up on every menu screen so whenever I’m looking for something and I press a menu button, I gotta dismiss the volume. It won’t play some songs in my library, no idea why, doesn’t seem to matter if the songs are stored locally or not. Also, you have to use this app for Bluetooth to (some) h/k speakers, not sure why I can’t just connect via regular Bluetooth.
  • Frustrating. Fix the app please 1/5

    By PR01
    Volume button constantly pops up and takes control. Also... after opening app and selecting music, it takes 5+ minutes to begin playing. Its not my wifi. Everything else works well with other apps, and i have wifi whole home mesh routers.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By barodts99
    App will display a checkmark showing connection to my HK Omni 10 and then crash. Tried reinstalling the app but had no success. Before crashing, app would always display volume controls without asking.
  • This app is the worst. 1/5

    By vvgftggdfhhhf
    Very disappointed.Unable to set up hk adapt on app with software update issue. Lots of bugs with this app too..im so regret of buying many omni speakers cuz the app is so awful and seems like you guys give up to update the app n fix up the bug. 0 star.
  • Please for the love of my sanity fix this app. 1/5

    By Gergs79
    I like my Omni speakers...they sound good, I got them for a good deal, they SHOULD be easy to use. But this app...my goodness. It’s like it was a STEM project for my daughters’ elementary school in teaching code. Volume toggle constantly pops up, lags, freezes, doesn’t connect. Absolutely brutal. Please invest a few hundred dollars in getting a legit developer to fix it so at the very least it works at a basic level. Thank you.
  • Stupid and full of bug app 1/5

    By CrushBefore
    No updated for one year, can’t not use spotify cast.
  • Google Chromecast-enabled Apps Don’t Work Well 2/5

    By DSS001
    The Google Chromecast-Enabled Apps connection disconnects every 30 seconds or so and it crackles and pops at the beginning of EVERY song. Now I own a really expensive Bluetooth speakers because Harmon Kardon didn’t take the time to do any real world testing to fix the wireless connection bugs before releasing these speakers.
  • Very disappointed but nobody care on H/K 1/5

    By Sobre Domenico
    It is not possible. Too many problems with my Omni 10+. H/K support is zero, nobody hear our opinion. My very big problem is the delay, even if I use 3,5 mmm jack. Delay everywhere... when listening music or video. If nothing happens quickly, I never use H/K speakers. I wait for the moment, but in early future I buy my first love Bose.
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By Gdeitch
    This app is one of the worst I've encountered. It constantly pops up a volume window without being requested. It hung up almost immediately when trying to play a song. Even simple things like the list of playlists not being alphabetized. I sent my Omni speaker back.
  • Complete trash! 1/5

    By Giovonn
    I normally don't leave bad reviews on things but this app is just awful. I just want a app that can turn my Omni 20 on and off through my wifi. I don't want to get up every time I want to turn the speaker on or off, also why do I have to go through this app to stream my music?! It doesnt even have the music services I use to stream my music such as Spotify and Apple Music sometimes. The app doesn't tell you how to add music to the library for songs that are stored directly on your phone if you don’t want to use a music streaming service . This whole application needs to be scrapped and started over!
  • Wireless quality is horrible, BT works fine 2/5

    By Superdave126
    Speakers sound excellent, if only they would stay connected to my WiFi. There is excellent signal strength and everything else works perfectly. Just my Omni 20’s have random interruptions.
  • Bad bad bad 1/5

    By Dr. N Bravo
    Bad experience with Wi-Fi connection. Even the Bluetooth y hard to pair.
  • Speakers sound great. Connection BLOWS! 1/5

    By Whofan70
    I have 5 HK Omni 10 speakers for my house. They sound great. Good luck connecting them thru the app. Absolute garbage! I have ultra fast internet and try to connect these right next to my router. Always get failed to connect error. Shame on HK for putting out such a horrible product. I wasted my money on these things. Stay away.
  • What a waste 1/5

    By oldbeachman58
    I purchased my Omni 10s and 20 in the UK. The app worked, but it did drop. Came back the US and all I can use for my tunes is Bluetooth. If I could return the speakers I would. For HK to promote this app for their speakers is sorry and a waste for their customers. HK needs to fix this, I have told family a friends about the poor to unusable HK app and referred them to sonos. HK LIVE UP TO YOUR REPUTATION AND FIX THE APP ISSUE
  • Terrible experience with both the speakers and this app 1/5

    By Jmjohnson1717
    I don’t write reviews but feel compelled to on this product. The speakers will lock up after maybe 30 second of being connected to my WiFi. Only way to fix it is to unplug it and only use Bluetooth. Bluetooth seems to work ok but if you have any intention of using these on your network forget it it’s not going to happen. The app is just as terrible with a persistent volume that pops up no matter what your trying to do. For now they are Bluetooth only I guess. They really deserve zero stars for this product but one is as low as I can give. If you do get them to connect for any length of time at all it still won’t play any music from iTunes due to some copyright. Terrible product and terrible app experience
  • Useless 1/5

    By 1Kuvasz
    The Onyx speaker is beyond great. But as I sit here listening to it, the App is still looking for the speaker. Skip the app.
  • Trash! 1/5

    By Marbieskarb
    This app won’t connect to my HK Adapt on either my iPhone or my LG Android phone. The only time it connected was during the initial setup then I completed the firmware update. Afterwards it’s a no go on finding my adapt. Yet, there is NO problem with the Blackfire app finding my Adapt on the respective phones. So, the HK app is the blame. HK you should be embarrassed. Some people have legacy equipment that they would like to work with this app. Totally unacceptable..Please read your reviews for both iPhone and Android and the same issues are pretty common. I guess I will just continue to use Blackfire.
  • Truly a disappointment... 1/5

    By TCJII
    My entire experience with both the Omni speaker products and the app has been both unfortunate and disappointing from the very start. Like many others in the fdbck section, I selected the Omni speakers and invested (around 1k) after positive reviews on sound quality and performance. However from the initial plug in, the speakers do not, will not (and my guess due to software) cannot properly or permanently connect to my network. I (again as others) hoped the increasing number of poor reviews would encourage the H/K team to develop an update to support, but this has not happened. Instead the devices continue to collect dust. It’s to the point I am contemplating a lawsuit... don’t waste your money, I would sell them but I’d feel bad karma about passing my trouble and pain to some unwitting individual...
  • App just got worse - Speakers are great 1/5

    By Ehpsolootlee
    I have 2 year old Omni 20s and 2 adapters Sound is great - the new app is not- Speakers drop now when they didn’t in the past. Resetting speakers does not help. Operates flawlessly on Bluetooth but sound quality drops. New modem and NETGEAR r8000 and 150mps - no help
  • Complete Garbage 1/5

    By Mazz26
    You never know when it’s going to work. You don’t know why it’s working or why it’s failing. It could be working perfectly you stop it and then go to start it again and will not work. Complete garbage!!!! Spend your money elsewhere. Amazing that a company like this will allow you to waste your hard earned money by not having a functional app!!! Update: can’t even get it to work over WiFi now at all. At least it used to work some of the time. A lot of money for Bluetooth speakers because that’s all that works.
  • No working 1/5

    By chicle1
    Spotyfi no working
  • thousands of dollars thwarted by a 50cent app 1/5

    By Kitdog
    I bought speakers for the entire house; I have fiber optic cable and high-end wifi. The app constantly drops the speakers and requires multiple device reboot attempts to reconnect. Love the hk hardware, but this app is an epic fail. I'd return everything in a heartbeat if it was still under warranty. Wait until HK comes out with a robust app.
  • Needs to work with Omni 10/20 too 3/5

    By Jlautier
    I have 2 Omni 10 and 20 speakers... the only way I can use a streaming app is via Bluetooth... why can't pandora and Spotify work on the previous gen of speaker??? Over 2,000 dollars spent but the software is that of a 10 dollar speaker. Come on...
  • Great Speakers, App Fail 1/5

    By Sartavius
    This app is useless beyond speaker setup. Support for a bunch of music services that I hadn't even heard of before this app but no support for Spotify or music that is in your library but not physically on your device. I'm really annoyed that they spent the time and money to add watch support but not Spotify or Apple Music streaming... Additionally, the app never remembers the speakers that were set up. This app is essentially useless.
  • Useless ! 1/5

    By ARTVC15
    Why would this app only have a Wi-Fi option for connecting your phone or other devices to your HK Bluetooth speaker(s)? If I'm using any device at home - it's connected to my home Wifi network. Why would I want to drop that connection just to connect my device to an HK speaker or set of speakers? Check out the app for UE speakers. They did it the right way.
  • App Needs A Lot Of Work 1/5

    By Taito123
    Wont let my omni 10 connect to my wifi no matter what I do. The app setup is pretty bad too
  • Best app from the legends 5/5

    By ashwin2012
    Overall app is really good but the you should add the feature of being able to seek the songs because sometimes we like to directly jump to the drop or a particular verse of the song. Thats the only thing which is annoying otherwise the speaker and the app both are marvelous.
  • C'mon get with it 3/5

    By Jazzwyld
    Support Apple Music and Spotify. And support Apple offline music. The UI has been improved, but you have a way to go.
  • Dont buy 1/5

    By DrukView
    Dont waste your money! If you have more than one device, neither the app nor the speaker will work. We reached out to HK for help or a refund and they denied both. Now our speaker is just an expensive dust collector.
  • Worse than ever 1/5

    By MYTAkizawa
    System doesn't work. It's worse than ever. Problems to connect multiple speakers that suddenly disappeared. I don't recommend anybody to buy the speakers. I think Sonos might be more stable. Completely unsatisfied with my 5 speakers.
  • The App crashes every 10-15 minutes 1/5

    By AFG87
    The speakers are fine but the app keeps crashing every few minutes and it doesn't keep any settings in its memory(i.e. Playlist, room selection, volume, etc.)! Can you give this App to Sonos to fix?!? Because I'm starting to switch over!
  • App does not work at all 1/5

    By Swisspetel
    It keeps saying to connect to my device via Bluetooth..but I am already connected and streaming music to it!! Then I won't connect or show any wifi, it stays hung searching for one. Even though my phone is connected to wifi. Then, when I try to share my wifi settings from my phone, nothing happens. So the app does not work at all. Clearly, this is an app developed by a one-man team, designed by the developer maybe. Cannot compete with sonos.
  • After many poor versions of this app at last it seems HK have gotten their act together... 5/5

    By Happily pregnant

    By PaoloMDN
    Please add support for spotify. Only reason why I bought by Omni 10. Otherwise good app!
  • Lame 1/5

    By beemoreartistic
    Setup didn't work, the old version did work. I mean why do I need wfifi (Internet) to play music already on my phone. The Setup didn't even give me a blue tooth option... Or an option to choose the speaker as the wifi option, for playing music; that's already on my phone.
  • Well done 4/5

    By @Olawale
    Finally a step in the right direction, good improvements in UI and ability the ability to stream from iPhone music library. Please keep up the good work.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By RB AAP
    Need to able to play music from Pandora and Apple Music
  • Entirely unreliable 1/5

    This is a horrendous app. The connection drops constantly. And because it doesn't store any in app queues you create, you have to create a new one constantly. It doesn't allow you to use the multi-room option with services outside of the app (podcasts, streaming radio) like Sonos does. The speakers are good but the functionality through the app is so poor I wish I'd purchased a different product.
  • "Adapt" Add-on 2/5

    By Eye Pawed
    You can add the "Adapt" and work-around some of the limitations of this app. In other words, services like Spotify will link (through Bluetooth or aux chord) to the Adapt, which will then send music out through wi-fi to the speakers. Target is - apparently - closing out this product line so everything is marked down about 60%. So run to Target and get the Adapt to salvage your investment.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Stujee
    Has worked well for me so far. I don't understand why people rated it so low. Works for me and I consider myself to be fairly discerning.
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By John C. Toasten
    I cannot understand why the makers of such good audio equipment consistently deliver inferior, crippled apps. The Onkyo app is similarity horrible in different ways. This Harmon/Kardon app is basically useless. Why bother rolling out an audio app that doesn't support Pandora or Spotify??!! The app has a good user interface, but is functionally pathetic.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By g00se1nthemach1ne
  • HK Controller App 1/5

    By Denver Soilder
    This app is useless.
  • Amazing Speaker crippled by app 3/5

    By papa doon
    This is a LOVE HATE product. First, LOVE the sound of the speaker. It is the best sounding wireless speaker that i have heard in the past 3 years, and is physically small and beautiful looking. The HATE, as someone mentioned, is the APP. In order to use more than one speaker, you need to use WIFI which means that you need to use their APP controller . I see from the App version history that they have been busy updating the app, that is great to see but unfortunately, the performance still has not been fixed in Version 2.2. For example, listening to music in all my rooms and then THE MUSIC STOPS. This is very annoying because it happens about ten minutes, so you don’t get much time to listen to your music. Then you have reload the music into the app, in order to play music again. Another bad limitation, not all my music on my iphone can be played, such as Apple Music and Pandora ! and two smaller issues, why can’t i control the bass via the App ? Some songs have too much bass and i would love to reduce it. Finally, when i choose one my iTunes playlist to import into the app, why does it playback the songs alphabetically ? and not the order of my iTunes playlist ? JUST WANTED TO UPDATE, recently found out a more reliable way to do Party Mode (1) connect to one speaker via bluetooth then (2) on that speaker, hit the lit button, which will pair itself to the next speaker — sending the same song to the speaker in other room, just like Party Mode except this connection will stick and work.
  • Speakers 👍🏻, Stability 😳 2/5

    By Proud Survivor
    Speakers sound great, app is unstable - cuts out and freezes during playlist. Have reloaded app and restarted phone - no resolution. Looking forward to next update!
  • This app is bad 1/5

    By My Natural Reality
    I can't figure out how to change the network the speakers are on. It needs more options. So now I have two speakers but cannot pair them with the app bc it won't connect to the Internet -_-
  • 1 Star is too generous 1/5

    By run2tunes
    This app is terrible. You can only stream audio that is loaded into the app (which are songs downloaded to your device) so it's useless for Podcasts and Apple Music. That's actually not the worst part of this app and the Omni Speakers. If you have only one speaker you can use it with Bluetooth. However, for more than one speaker you have to first connect all the speakers to your wifi network and set them via this app. Unfortunately, the app can't successfully connect the speakers to most modern wifi networks. FAIL

Harman Kardon Controller app comments

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