Havenly: Interior Design

Havenly: Interior Design

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Havenly: Interior Design App

Featured on Vogue, The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, PopSugar, and Apartment Therapy. Your dream room doesn’t have to be just a dream. Chat with a Havenly designer, upload photos of your space, and collaborate with your dedicated designer to refresh your space, redesign a room, or transform your entire home. “Imagine if you could hire someone to scour your Pinterest boards and translate your pins into a perfectly decorated room in your home.” - Vogue Havenly is the most delightful way to design spaces in your home, then shop for the right pieces to make your vision a reality. Don’t have a vision? Not inspired enough? We let you browse real renderings from designers and start saving/organizing to plan a future project. We’ll also help you plan and visualize your dream space based on your personal tastes. You can get started with our design style quiz to learn your unique interior design style! WHY HAVENLY • Browse room renderings designed by real interior designers, save for inspiration, and even organize your favorites • Take the Havenly style quiz and learn your unique interior design style • Ready to take your space to the next level? Upgrade to a Havenly Mini or Full design package. • Get a curated shopping list filled with personalized furnishing and decor picks from hundreds of name brands, all with a best price guarantee Love Havenly? Leave us a review! Give us feedback or share your recommendations via email at [email protected]

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Havenly: Interior Design app reviews

  • Love Havenly 5/5

    By BevS.
    I have used Havenly twice now. They are the nicest group of people in every department. Service is quick and easy. Any problem that cropped up. ( merchandise broken when delivered: resolved quickly and without a hassle ) ( trouble with ordering on web site: quickly resolved and without hassle) . Adrian, my designer was fantastic. Loved what she helped me with for living room. I wish every web site, store and business could function like Havenly does. I am not even tech savvy and it was super easy to work with them online. Love, love, love them! I will use them again in the future. This is one happy return customer!
  • Service-Amazing App Not so much 3/5

    By H2LL0W33N1031
    The phone app always crashes and the ipad app doesnt rotate or load conversations. But! Using the website-amazing service & great designers. Just wish it were more mobile friendly.
  • Timeline Inaccurate 2/5

    By Very Suspicious Customer
    After filling out my profile and choosing a designer, i was informed that my project would start on November 9th (today). I checked last night to make sure and now it says my designer would start in 6 days. Will update this review of anything changes.
  • Got to get it! 5/5

    By vvd60
    The Havenly app is fun and easy! Beautiful ideas and well organized. Makes you wanna decorate your entire home.
  • So much fun 5/5

    By AshWilliams4707
    I loved the process and result. I find it very stressful to spend a lot of money on a new room design. I become super indecisive. This made me feel more confident in making purchases and having someone really pick out items that represent my stile without the stress. All around it was fun and I love the result.
  • Honestly impressed! 5/5

    By mgn1234567890
    I purchased the same service from two different apps. I am not going to name the other one (which is also more expensive) but I am so impressed with Havenly. No comparison! The responsiveness, the availability to work with you, the patience, and most importantly the final result! I would totally recommend it
  • Mediocre service 2/5

    By CE851
    My first designer quit using Havenly partway through my project. After talking with her actively, having her disappear kindof felt like getting ghosted by a date. Customer service alerted me to this but offered no apology. I provided feedback to customer service but they didn’t respond at all. I begrudgingly chose a new designer who has asked me no questions and who doesn’t respond to my questions - needless to say, she has created several designs that I don’t particularly like. This process is wearing me out and I’m not finding it fun or especially helpful. It’s also taking a long time with all of the starts and stops.
  • Feed doesn’t update 2/5

    By Mrs.tcf
    The feed doesn’t update and I can’t remove a result, so you’re forced to scroll down further every time. And resetting the search parameters doesn’t change anything - unless you want to change what you’re looking for. Deleted it in less than 24 hours.
  • Great service, TERRIBLE app 3/5

    By Daisy Calhoun
    This is a wonderful service which makes interior design easy and accessible. My designer has been wonderful, and great to work with. This app is one of the worst I’ve used - it’s very difficult and cumbersome to use. It’s been incredibly frustrating to navigate throughout the process.
  • Interior decorating NOT design 1/5

    By RandomnamevCf8dgd3o
    I had unrealistic hopes here and was disappointed. My fault for not thinking critically but hopefully I can save others the grief. This service will assign someone to pick out sofas and rugs and curtains that have a color scheme based on your favorite looks in a look book. If you are wondering, like I was, how interior DESIGN costs $100-200 here and WAY more in real life, it’s because this is not an interior design platform, not even close. It’s interior decorating. Now of course you may say, well but they skip the in person visit so that’s why, but no. I mean not even a pretense of design. There isn’t even a floor planning tool in the app or on the website. You can submit a sketch but it gets ignored until late in the process assuming it’s looked at at all. Pretty curtains are important don’t get me wrong, but there’s a bit of bait and switch here that rubs me the wrong way. Even the interior design services offered by furniture stores are more helpful in the DESIGN area and they’re “free”.
  • App locks at “stay in the know” 1/5

    By NoUseForAName999
    Installed the app and during the introduction stage it reached a page that says “stay in the know….get notified…” which it does not do anything and will not let me continue. I suspect it’s because I have disabled changing of notification preferences by apps and it won’t let me continue without allowing notifications. Not sure why this app won’t function without notifications (not needed) so I am uninstalling perminantly.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Mmgallo1
    Just downloaded this yesterday and App constantly crashes. Cant use.
  • Not usable 1/5

    By RealLemonPlease
    I can’t get past the “stay in the know” page. No button to click; content seems to flow past my screen.
  • Falls Short 2/5

    By EllieMVOB
    Great concept and bones but full of bugs.
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By meggieco
    The app experience is awful. My project started today and I got a message from my designer. I received the message via email. When I went to the app, my project said “new message” and when I clicked that link, it took me to a page saying my project was starting in 2 days, no mention of a message or anger to view an inbox, and prompted me to schedule a phone call that wouldn’t register when I tried. I haven’t gotten on my computer to try again but really hope the website is better or this is going to be a painful project.
  • App is not useful at all 2/5

    By app needs the makeover
    Like the concept of Havenly, but the app features are different every time I open it. 90% of the time I am emailed about new messages, but when I come into the app to view them I don’t even have the option to GET to my messages. I received updates that items had been added to my shopping list but they don’t appear on my shopping list…not a great way to start my experience!
  • Your App Doesn’t Work At All 1/5

    By ginkent
    I Can’t Get the App to Work! It Won’t Work on My IPhone. I Can’t See Anything.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Monkey_lion
    Doesn’t say offers in app purchases but it does and requires one none the less
  • Takes WAY TOO LONG 1/5

    By Gogetemkiddio
    Pros: Great concept and friendly designers. Cons: Available designers are all booked up and timelines are not accurate. They provide a date when the designer will begin (which is almost never immediately). However, you do not begin receiving any layouts or ideas for days after each step (1-launch, 2-ideas, 3-concept, 4-layout, 5-shop); essentially, you’re looking at a month long process for even starting to consider items for your new place (and they don’t tell you the total timeline upfront).
  • App design 3/5

    By RFlint5
    I appreciate the connection to designers and the designs, but the app has a flaw in messaging / chatting with the designer. There is no way to see the chat messages in the app, I’ve had to view messages through a browser. Please fix this issue.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Jessroco
    I had just medium hopes for this experience and so far it has been very disappointing. The app is awful. So buggy and laggy, it is super frustrating to go in and comment and review your designers selections. Further, my designer is very slow to get back with me, missed a scheduled call- she said due to her calendar being down, which Is possible because this app is awful. Plus, one of her recommendations was the same rug I already have in that space and said I needed to replace. What a bummer. I requested a price adjustment or full cancellation. Don’t waste your money folks. This company is just not there yet.
  • Service is great, app is terrible 3/5

    By whitneyswhit
    I love Havenly, but this app is terrible. It is extremely slow and takes a long time to load different screens when you are trying to toggle between your design concepts and the items in the design. It will also force quit or crash during use. I find that the website is a little better but it also needs improvement with respect to loading times and user functionality. I wish there was a link to look at more pictures and reviews of the items selected by your designer. You have to go outside the Havenly platform and search for the item online. I understand that they want you to purchase the items through their app, but I don’t want to buy a piece of furniture that has a lot of negative reviews. This also takes more time, and I one of my reasons for using Havenly is to shop more efficiently. I hope they will make these improvements, because I do think Havenly is great!
  • Has potential 2/5

    By Lyn2378
    Great concept but app needs some work. The font is off so some buttons appear as “I’m ready to...”(with the dots) and the paragraph about the designer is off the screen.
  • Won’t finish the set up 1/5

    By Jonrenn
    All of the other reviews rave about this app. I thought I’d found what I’d been looking for. Woulda been nice, if I could actually get to it. Every time I open the app, it starts out with the usual “get to know you and your tastes”. Cool. I go through the first section of pick your faves and continue on to the next page. From here it goes bad. It won’t stay on the next page. Sometimes I can stay on second stage (experience), but when I continue to next page, the screen slides backward to the one before it. I’ve tried all the tricks I know with no success. Very frustrating. Wish I’d been able to use it.
  • Unusable on iphone 12 pro 1/5

    By Dominic84
    I can’t get past choosing “what makes me swoon” screen. It keeps sending me back after I submit. There’s nothing I can do.
  • If you take your living place serious don’t do it because they don’t take you serious 1/5

    By harunol
    I really dont know where to start. It took havenly 3 weeks just to have someone reach out to me after i submit every detail and made my payment. One week after ( a month mark) i got a notification that I am not working with that person anymore ( the person I have waited for a month) and advised to pick someone else. I did. One week after I received a text message and for the first time it felt like I was talking to a real person. We set up time and date for the call. Time comes - and my designer ghosted on me🤣. Basically I have been waiting for 5 weeks without any furniture and I am back to square one.
  • Clunky App 2/5

    By sarahka14
    Directs you to the website which pops up with the option to download the app.
  • Unusable with larger font 1/5

    By NewYorkTechGuy
    App is unusable if you have increased the font size on your system. Cant even get past the title screen. Expecting people to have perfect vision to use your app is poor business.
  • App Malfunctioning 1/5

    By KayReed90
    Been waiting until work slowed down and my birthday to gift myself professional design support. Downloaded the app and every time I complete the test and try to move on the next page, it goes back. Literally 100 times. Over and over again smh.
  • Personal info on Dark Web 1/5

    By writersblock21
    I downloaded this app over the summer and found it difficult to use. AND I just received an alert from my credit monitoring service that my email and login information appeared on the dark web via this APP. If they had a cyber breach I never received a notification. Tgo21
  • Disappointing App and Service 1/5

    By love-zeronolimit
    I was so excited to use Havenly that I I actually bought 3 packages. Not only are the app and website terribly designed and unclear, but the service itself is very far below what they advertise on Instagram and other sites. You can only do 1 project at a time, it can take forever to find a designer who can start soon, and the designer I was finally paired with was a poor communicator and had subpar ideas. When I finally realized that I would be better off decorating myself, I asked for a refund and the company did respond quickly to process that, but didn’t care at all why I was walking away from their service or offer to find me a different designer. I think this is a great idea that sadly isn’t being executed well. Waste of time.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By CTMom4.0
    First was quoted around 4 weeks to start my project, then after waiting 6 weeks was told it would be 12 more and then finally was told after all that waiting for a specific designer that I would need to wait an additional 10 beyond that!! So basically I lost 4 months waiting for no reason with still no real end in sight. As a busy working Mom of four with a large house to fill I had high hopes, but alas....
  • one of the most POORLY run apps!! 2/5

    By annoyed 87
    I love LOVE this company, the design the concept as it being an UpWork for interior designers. The app is UNUSABLE. One of the worst, and I actually felt the need to come here and write a review.... one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Freezes, does not load properly, whoever is running the iOS or designers here they definitely stopped paying them. I’ve updated, and tried to check my projects (which I have multiple with Havenly). Photos don’t open properly... cannot check out and buy products. Awful. Needs to be addressed it hurts their company badly.
  • Can’t Sign In 1/5

    By sethfri
    If you use a 64 character password for good security, typing it into Havenly pushes the Login button off screen, making it impossible to sign in. There’s also no way to contact support through the app
  • Love Havely, but terrible app 2/5

    By Happy___user
    The app crashes all the time; doesn’t pick up where you left off; the photos don’t upload from first try so need to re-upload constantly. Plus unable to share videos... despite the fact that it says “upload photos/videos” in the app. Oh and also, if you find a designer in the app, doesn’t look like you can select them for your project - super frustrating... I was able to do that on their website though.
  • Beautiful design; terrible customer service. 2/5

    By sarah7852376
    We had a good experience with our designer and the design turned out really well. However, I would recommend that you not buy your products through Havenly. The customer support is really terrible. You can’t get through to anybody if you have questions or need help or want to know the status of your order. The communication is poor.
  • Good concept, app needs work 3/5

    By Eebers
    I’m in looove with the idea of online interior design. Unfortunately, the app is super glitchy. It closes frequently and I’m unable to save photos to an existing board.
  • Slow down 1/5

    This app is super slow
  • It crashes. 1/5

    By thestaffneverlistens
    I open it and it crashes immediately.
  • Buggy app 2/5

    By Lizasimp
    Constantly freezing up. My Projects and My Cart often do not load. I'd like to search products that aren't included in my Project. Overall, frustrating user experience.
  • Faulty useless app 1/5

    By lmgnap
    I am just getting started on my first project and I am excited. The service seems great and the website seems easy enough to use but this app is a horrible waste of time. Marketing emails constantly encourage me to browse the inspiration and save it to my boards so my designer can understand my style. I have browsed and saved dozens of things to my board over a few weeks and somehow only three things are saved in there. Very frustrating to find things and save things. Havenly: use that marketing money you’re spending and invest it into making a quality app. I will be only using your website for now on.
  • Crashes when you try to create a board 1/5

    By Hana2224
    When I try to save an item for later, it’s prompts me to create a new board and then crashes as soon as I type a letter. Even deleted and downloaded app again. Same thing
  • Please fix it! 3/5

    By Jyayy
    I’m so eager to use this app, but I’ve only been using it for about 5 min and it has already crashed 3 or 4 times. I really hope there’s a solution to this problem!
  • crashes 1/5

    By Medi3
    Crashes when you click im new here
  • Pages aren’t working 3/5

    By Caitsjb
    The app says I’m looking for farmhouse style and, “lets fix that” so I clicked to change from farmhouse and the page isn’t working.
  • Technical difficulties 1/5

    By major tech issues
    The app is very slow to load. Every other time I log on I get an error message or my project never loads. I contacted support and they were no help. They need to fix their app.
  • Can’t login to the app 1/5

    By Meesh8412
    Can’t even get to the dashboard because it crashes immediately upon login
  • Good service needs work 1/5

    By Mreeves336
    The interior designer that I was assigned, Roxy, is great. But the app is pretty much only running off of the website and the website has a terrible glitch where it will not let you comment on the concepts and things because it hides the box where you type underneath the scrollable area. I have to turn my phone into landscape mode in order to comment on anything. I also requested customer service and it took them two weeks to respond to my voicemail. What customer service has voicemail? And then you don’t even check the voicemail?
  • Great website and designers but horrible app 2/5

    By Tina T I
    I love the app and has a great experience with everything and loved my designer. My review is more geared to the app. The app is not designed well at all and doesn’t function smooth. It is hard to find anything you’re looking for and is constantly being locked out. Not worth downloading. Better off staying on the main website