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  • Current Version: 2.0
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Hawaiian Airlines App

Aloha! Welcome to the all-new Hawaiian Airlines iPhone app! We’ve completely rebuilt our app, with a key focus on improving your day-of-travel experience. Our goal: smooth and worry-free travel. From faster check-in and paperless boarding passes, to real-time flight notifications, you'll have everything you need, all in the palm of your hand. Check-in — Start your day of travel right. Check-in up to 24 hours before your flight and your upcoming trip will be ready to view and manage on-the-go. Manage Trip — Once you’re checked in, view, change or upgrade your seat, check that your flight is on time, see the waitlist and more. Mobile Boarding Pass — Access your boarding pass from the convenience of your phone. No paper printing needed! Boarding pass will automatically update if there's a change and is always accessible in the app, even if you are offline. You can also store it in Apple Wallet. Notifications — Stay informed with up-to-the-minute notifications if your gate or flight time changes. Airport Maps — Get interactive indoor airport maps with turn-by-turn walking directions to your gate, baggage claim, restaurants and lounges at our busiest airports. Chat — Need help? Connect with a Hawaiian Airlines agent quickly and conveniently through the in-app chat, and get answers to your questions when you need them. In-Flight Entertainment — If you’re traveling on our A321neo aircraft, use the app to stream movies, TV shows and more from your iPad or iPhone. Standby / Upgrade Waitlist — Know where you are on the Standby or Upgrade list. Rideshare — Quickly hail a ride from the app to or from the airport with rideshare companies Uber and Lyft. Mahalo for downloading our new app! We're just getting started and will be continually making improvements and adding more features to help you do things like manage your miles or your HawaiianMiles account, and eventually book flights from the app. For now, you can continue to do these things from your mobile device via our mobile website. For more information about the app, including frequently asked questions, please visit www.HawaiianAirlines.com/app.

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Hawaiian Airlines app reviews

  • Absolute worse! 1/5

    By Mialucci
    The website is already a joke but the app is the absolute worse.
  • Why all the rerouting 1/5

    By Bharvey1124
    Searching for flights and being rerouted to the website is very annoying. The convenience of an app is to use the app. If I wanted to go to the website I’d use that.
  • Great new upgrades to the app 5/5

    By Qksksssk
    You have to understand that this app currently is mostly a check-in app. For that I give it 5 stars. It makes checking into flight extremely easy. The new design of the app is seamless. Each feature is easy to find and easy to use. A new feature to highlight is the detailed map I found this as very useful. Only a few airports on the app at the moment, but it has made it easy to navigate my home airport (HNL). For I am a person who does not spend that much time at the airport. I believe with future updates this app will be one of the best on the market. The attention to detail is great!
  • New App 5/5

    By HulaIsMyLife
    I love the new app update! Runs efficiently and looks NICE.
  • Getting there! Just needs a bit more! 3/5

    By Kealaonalei
    First off I have to say it’s much better than the original app! But I agree with the other reviews on the rerouting to the website on a lot of functions and only being able to log in using your miles number. But overall it’s a big improvement from the older version! Maybe the next update will work out some of the remaining kinks.
  • IPad has no features in the app 1/5

    By Malani12
    I don’t understand why the app does nothing on the iPad. It opens to a really nice screen that has several buttons that take you to the website. How is that a useful app.
  • Dumpster Fire! 1/5

    By lelo1245
    This app is pure garbage just like the airline. No inflight WiFi???
  • Better 3/5

    By Celica7101
    Well, it’s better than it was. Still needs more native functionality but it’s better than a web view packaged as an app
  • Looks better but still very nonfunctional 2/5

    By Da Kine Brah
    They upgraded the appearance of the app but there’s still not very much you can actually do with it compared with some of the other airlines. Pretty basic and not of much use.
  • Standby Lists Don’t Match 3/5

    By ENDAX
    The standby lists and seats available don’t match id90. Why?
  • Lipstick on a Pig 2/5

    By Aloha Hawkeye
    Had high hopes that Hawaiian Airlines finally got a functional, useful app with this update. But sadly it’s not much more than lipstick on a the kalua pig. Almost everything you will want to do on this app will redirect you back to the mobile web. No Frequent Flyer status or update items. No bookings. No deals/promotions.
  • Beware sneaky, expensive movie charges 1/5

    By Randyme
    Do yourself a favor and download movies before getting on the flight as Hawaiian's pricing scheme is nonsensical. They also tell you to download the app but not about the charges until it's too late. And not offering free media while making people bring their own device? I'll use other airlines in the future.
  • Fresh new upgrade that was much needed! 5/5

    By Kainoabehler
    The new Hawaiian Air app is the change that needed to come! Now it’s an actual app that includes many cool features. I always feel myself getting lost at LAX and the new detailed map feature is something I find very useful. Feels like the app was well thought out, great job.
  • Nothing to the app on iPad 1/5

    By melton07
    Everything on the iPad directs you to safari. I’d expect the same functionality as on the iPhone.
  • Not even sure what the point of this app is 1/5

    By BonjourBrioche
    Very basic. Devs should download the Delta or United app for inspiration.
  • Can’t even get accurate flight info 1/5

    By Hawaiian App disappoints
    Amazingly terrible App. I put in my flight confirmation code and I see two of the same inbound flights and two of the same outbound flights. The kicker is that while the flights are exactly the same one of them has a departure time of 5 minutes later? How is that possible? I gave up and just deleted the App, guess I’ll just use the website.
  • So pathetic! 1/5

    By tucsondood
    Update: downloaded new app in 2019. So sad and even more disappointed. Still sooo bad. Why can’t I book a flight in app? Why can’t I see my hawaiianmiles information and book reward travel using the app? Why can’t I just get an app with modern features! I use Hawaiian so much, why can’t you just have an app like United Airlines? Just get their developers, tell them to basically copy it. I mean seriously. Sad that this is coming out and now we won’t get another major overhaul for so long. The worst app ever for the best airline ever. Fix it! I just deleted it from my phone in disgust for the second time. So terrible! Look at United’s app for inspiration. Yikes.
  • Fake 5 Star Reviews 1/5

    By Guitalele
    Terrible app that won’t function properly. You can’t check in and it won’t find my flight properly. Definitely turning my away from flying Hawaiian again.
  • Nice update 5/5

    By krchoy
    Easier check in and Apple wallet option!
  • Improved! 5/5

    By c.yoo
    Awesome update. Love the facial recognition!
  • New App Missing Basic Booking Functionality 1/5

    By Dkenny45
    I don’t know how you release a new app without the ability to book a flight. Booking a flight should have been a baseline delivery requirement during the development process. With Southwest now flying to Hawaii, HA must improve mobile and online interfaces to meet their superior customer service their employees exemplify everyday. This app launch is failing not only HA’s customer, but their employees who depend on booking revenue to support their families. All the other enhancements to this app are glorified marketing smokescreens without meeting the basic functionalities that users expect.
  • Beautiful! 5/5

    By runningjd27
    This is a great improvement over the previous app. It’s user-friendly and beautiful, too. Easy to check in for flights and I like that it notifies you about gate changes and baggage claim.
  • Great airline, worst app. Just terrible 🙁 1/5

    By cmohar
    Hoped the new app would be an improvement but it’s a glorified link to the website which is also sad compared to the competition. How can such a good airline have such poor technology ?
  • New app not working 1/5

    By devneu
    New app no longer lets me place my name on list for standby upgrade- have to login online via full website. Glitches adding boarding pass.
  • Less broken because it doesn’t do anything 1/5

    By IKDL2
    For most functions it just sends you to the website, it plays a really pretty video and allows you to check in .. that’s about it. It is sort of incredible to me how Hawaiian can continually produce such terrible mobile experiences.
  • Lack of features - a good show piece which is of no use 2/5

    By anil_pavan
    In a mature marketplace where there are great Mobile apps. This one stands out for being beautiful, but kind of useless. As no major features are present. The chat feature is bad and one of the most bad chats ever made. The app misses in customer engagement . Map is good. Asking people to remember their Hawaiian miles number to login- is kind of ridiculous. If numbers were so easy to remember , then please make your web address as😆. Anyways unless new exciting features are launched . I will not waste 197MB space in my mobile phone. I would rather use Instagram for beautiful pictures of Hawaii. It’s a good move, but terrible that understanding of its utility for its customers
  • Wish I did’t 1/5

    By MasterPeace007
    I want to go back to the old app. This “upgrade” is very inconvenient. You log in to the app only to be routed to your browser to log in again to search and book your flight. I don’t care about checking into a flight through the app, the prior version allowed you to do that anyway. Why take that feature away? I hate it!
  • Great improvement,Love the latest version 🎉✈️🏖🥤🌺 5/5

    By Annesai08
    Love the new version of app ,far better than the old app.I love how it keeps all my flights info conveniently located in a press of a button.I can see all my upcoming trips and future ones I booked.This app made my entire check-in process very simple and straightforward.I love the usability,including the Connection to apple wallet attaching the boarding pass to to my phone’s front screen.I love the idea of coconuts falling from palm tree 🌴🌴 and a guy on hammock 😎 which gives me a real feel of Hawaii🥥🥥✈️❤️.Thank you for listening to the customers,it shows how much you value them. The only down fall is yet I cant yet book flights and I can’t have access to my miles but I am sure you guys will be working on it to add those new features. All in all it became my favorite app to use next to sowthwest.Please don’t be discourage because of the haters.
  • Seems to be pretty useless 1/5

    By SMM_NM
    On my iPad, I can find no way to login. Of the 3 panels on the single screen, 2 ask me to open a browser, the third opens a FAQ about the entertainment system. There seems to be no way to login, to see my itineraries, to change seats, to check in, or to do anything useful. Very disappointing!
  • Looks nicer... and that’s all, folks! 1/5

    By kaleboy711
    Finally, a “real” app, at least the shell of one. I hope to see much more functionality added because the app is useless as it is right now. I can’t check my Hawaiian Miles balance nor can I search for flights.
  • A bit better but going to browser isn’t effective 2/5

    By 1224Timmy
    Having to go to browser isn’t effective. Check in lag time needs to be less to change seats before getting an error because someone else picked it as well. I have 2 phones and an iPad and will use each variously to check in etc with the same lagging times and crashes.
  • Amazing improvement 5/5

    By chickensoupz
    A very great improvement from the last app! It’s easy to use and you can definitely feel the spirit of HA through the screen. Love being able to check in, check status and do all kinds of things. Everything is just so much easier! Thanks HA!
  • Great job Hawaiian!!! 5/5

    By Yelema808
    I don’t know why people are complaining. This is a giant step forward. People just have to be patient. Don’t be discourage haters.
  • Miles 3/5

    By Pattsy07
    The new update is almost worse than the old version. Now I can’t see my miles earned. What gives?
  • Huge improvement! 5/5

    By C Goff
    What a terrific improvement over the old app. Looking forward to seeing more great things!
  • Simple check-in process 5/5

    By mykauai808
    The simple check-in process really makes my inter-island commute easier. After login, I was able to authenticate using FaceID, this is extremely convenient. The trip details screen displays all the information I need when I travel, and information displayed on the screen is very intuitive and easy to read.
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By 808disappointed
    How could you release something that is totally useless? Adoption rate will be very low when most people can’t get past login because they can’t use the username they have been using on the website that they were forced to make when you upgraded the website (which at first was frustratingly unusable). Can’t use email either. Nor is there a function to retrieve ur HA mileage number from login screen. This is a joke. I wish there was a trash icon on iOS like Mac OS because that is where this truly belongs. Your features are non existent. Change seats? Update passenger info? Browse flights? Buy ANYTHING? Mileage balance? No. No. No. No. No. What does this app do? Why did you release it to the public? I wouldn’t even call this an alpha and you released it with an email campaign? I have worked in IT for over 20 years. I know the business execs pressured you to do something in the wake of Southwest. I would have resigned before releasing this. Sometimes you need to put your foot down and have some integrity. You guys just gave back $31 million in profit sharing. How about you spend some of that on IT. I could build a better app in a week with a random team outsourced from Vietnam or India that I found over the web.
  • Painful to use 1/5

    By rosorin
    It’s painful to even log into the app, since it forces you to use your HawaiianMiles number (doesn’t allow your email), and it doesn’t play nice with either the built-in password manager, nor LastPass. This is in stark contrast with the website, which allows any of email address, HM #, or username. Quick, dear Hawaiian Airlines mobile dev, can you remember what your login # is? A little empathy in design goes a long way towards good user experience.
  • Allegiant Airlines App just surpassed you😳 1/5

    By Gmbler24
    This is a mere face lift. So much usability is gone. I’ve used the old app for years and while it was rough it had tons more usability. Do you know how many people spend HOURS fantasizing about Hawaiian vacations, browsing fares, planning, etc when in reality the “day of travel” is a blip on the screen, once a year if you’re lucky. I search, book and manage 90% of my travel on my phone. Now not even a mileage balance? No booking ability? No browsing fares? Truly the last thing most users want in ANY app is to be taken to the website to complete an action. Please add the previous features ASAP. I know you can do better. You’re letting rickety little Allegiant show you up, c’mon Hawaiian.
  • Need to log in twice to book a flight 2/5

    By Skyl59
    It is annoying that after you log into the app, when you want to book a flight, it kicks you out to the website and you have to log into your account again on the website.
  • So much better 5/5

    By abhpro
    The old HA app was so bad before, but the new version is great.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    What’s the point of this app if you have to go to the browser to manage your trips? Edit your seats? Or even booking a flight?
  • New app same old problems 1/5

    By Kjennings4
    I just downloaded the new app...how very inconvenient to only allow one to sign into the app using your airlines miles number! Who knows their actual airlines number, why do you allow us to use our email to sign in on the website but not the app?! this is super inconvenient, when I finally entered my number and password and hit the sign in button nothing happened! The app is still slow it still locks up and is nonfunctional I have an Apple iPhone X, this is disappointing and super frustrating. This is not the impression you want to be setting with a new app launch, when Southwest airlines is getting ready to compete directly with you. Maybe I’ll download their app?
  • A work in progress 3/5

    By Rabidfan808
    This app is a long time in coming, and though a better effort than the last app, it’s still missing some basic functionality/information that I hope is part of the development roadmap, such as: - Using Email as a username - The ability to book flights from the app - Your current membership status (including expiration), as well as its benefits - Your current work toward membership status for next year - The ability to manage flights from the app - Your current miles This is a good step. Keep going, guys!
  • Where are my miles 2/5

    By BigMauifish639
    The old app was crap, this has to better than the old one. Where are my Hawaiian miles totals?
  • Love the new mobile app 5/5

    By Debdip
    So many new and cool features. I can view short videos of the places I love and have yet to visit. Aloha come alive from anywhere in the world. I can now check in on my mobile phone. I’m loving it MAHALO 😎
  • Nice New App 1/5

    By Meledee
    Bring the old app back .. this one asks you if you want to open the Hawaiian web browser .. the only good thing is you can sign in with finger touch. But to Book a flight it takes you to “ would you like to open in the Hawaiian Browser”? Which is irritating. The old app . Your already on the Hawaiian website.
  • A great improvement 4/5

    By welshport
    This new app is a great improvement over the last one. One addition I would like to request is that as I have a Hawaiian airmiles account, I would like to see how many miles are in my account from within the app.
  • needs more improvement 1/5

    By tiffanyDP808
    app is a little better upgrade then before but you can’t even view your hawaiian miles account through the app like other airlines you have to log on regular to view all of your information

Hawaiian Airlines app comments

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