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  • Current Version: 2.0.4
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hawaiian Airlines App

Aloha! Welcome to the all-new Hawaiian Airlines iPhone app! We’ve completely rebuilt our app, with a key focus on improving your day-of-travel experience. Our goal: smooth and worry-free travel. From faster check-in and paperless boarding passes, to real-time flight notifications, you'll have everything you need, all in the palm of your hand. Check-in — Start your day of travel right. Check-in up to 24 hours before your flight and your upcoming trip will be ready to view and manage on-the-go. Manage Trip — Once you’re checked in, view, change or upgrade your seat, check that your flight is on time, see the waitlist and more. Mobile Boarding Pass — Access your boarding pass from the convenience of your phone. No paper printing needed! Boarding pass will automatically update if there's a change and is always accessible in the app, even if you are offline. You can also store it in Apple Wallet. Notifications — Stay informed with up-to-the-minute notifications if your gate or flight time changes. Airport Maps — Get interactive indoor airport maps with turn-by-turn walking directions to your gate, baggage claim, restaurants and lounges at our busiest airports. Chat — Need help? Connect with a Hawaiian Airlines agent quickly and conveniently through the in-app chat, and get answers to your questions when you need them. In-Flight Entertainment — If you’re traveling on our A321neo aircraft, use the app to stream movies, TV shows and more from your iPad or iPhone. Standby / Upgrade Waitlist — Know where you are on the Standby or Upgrade list. Rideshare — Quickly hail a ride from the app to or from the airport with rideshare companies Uber and Lyft. Mahalo for downloading our new app! We're just getting started and will be continually making improvements and adding more features to help you do things like manage your miles or your HawaiianMiles account, and eventually book flights from the app. For now, you can continue to do these things from your mobile device via our mobile website. For more information about the app, including frequently asked questions, please visit www.HawaiianAirlines.com/app.

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Hawaiian Airlines app reviews

  • Lacks Basic Functionality 4/5

    By TheMazeRunner030405
    The App will redirect you to hawaiianairlines.com for almost everything. It is definitely better then the last version where you had to login every time you opened the app. I hope they add things like booking in app, checkin, Seat selection etc.
  • Not completely true 3/5

    By Applic...
    App is touted as being able to check flight status, but all it does is redirect you to their website. Pretty lame.
  • Worst Airline 1/5

    By etxk kdz xns
    Security is Low Level and unfriedndly Personal
  • Boarding pass 2/5

    By Lcoppe
    Great for managing trip but always having problems getting boarding pass what’s the point since it redirects me to on line to manage anyway. Maybe look at American Airlines app and take a lesson
  • No support for iPad Pro resolution? 2/5

    By mrbofus
    The 11” iPad Pro has been out for over 8 months, but the Hawaiian Airlines app still doesn’t support the screen resolution for the 11” iPad Pro. And still no reservation booking through the app? Come on, what’s taking so long? Is Hawaiian Airlines the only airline with an app that you can’t make reservations through?
  • not great for iPad 2/5

    By Hualani
    App says for most recent generation iPad, not my experience. As frequent inter-island business traveler,the only workable choice here is to click “Go to Website”, open in Safari and put up with Ads asking me to try new “App”. iPad users in route be best served putting away iPad, opening iPhone just for your HawaiianAir tasks. Needs clear LogIn area, clear check-in, Book travel, review trips etc just like the Website has.Definitely geared for first time tourists, I wish it did more.
  • App never accepts my password?!! 1/5

    By nothappyHawaiianairline member
    I have to change my password every time I want to use the app?!! This is ridiculous and silly!!
  • This App Blows 1/5

    By Mcwhiner
    Being that this app is suppose to mainly be a check in app it blows the wiener. I could not enter any numbers of my confirmation number to check in. On top of that I went to Hawaiian airlines website and that blew the wiener too
  • Doesn’t work inflight 1/5

    By Charlie Sierra 99
    I used this in HA19 yesterday. We had it in 4 iOS devices. Only one was able to access all entertainment. One could access about 10% of entertainment. Two others couldn’t access anything. All instances of not working were met with a spinning circle and black screen after you click on the movie. Flight attendants “couldn’t reset anything” with the server and blamed my iOS and app version. All are running the latest versions of everything.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Corgipua
    This app does nothing except reroute you to their website. You can no longer check in, make reservations, check on flight on mobile devices. Why even have an ap!?!?
  • Do I have a poor connection? 2/5

    By Lorrin0117
    Lots of failed to connect messages. Check In process on my iPhone is very sluggish to say the least. I cannot send my boarding passes to Wallet. I’m not home so no way to print them. Very inconvenient so now I’ll have to wait til I get to the airport. No wonder I have to be at a small airport like KOA early.
  • Charge? 1/5

    By Steve Brock
    I got a $1 charge after downloading this app. That is just terrible.
  • Standby list 3/5

    By devneu
    New app no longer lets me place my name on list for standby upgrade- have to login online via full site. Needs new version to fix this problem! Otherwise works well
  • Update is not user friendly 2/5

    By Rhiannon zoo
    You can check status, but no longer can book your flight or search for flights! Why would you update the app to do less? When you get routed to the browser you have to enter in all the passengers and on the app before it was saved and I just had to click on the people I wanted to add and it would add their HM number and information. When this is fixed I will update my rating.
  • Boarding Passes Don’t Show Up 2/5

    By Dissatisfied Customer 808
    Did the update, but boarding passes still won’t show up after hitting the “Get Boarding Pass” button in the app. Kind of useless if you can’t get the boarding passes to show up.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jerryk69
    Made me update, than wouldn’t let me check in... recommend I use website? Useless app
  • Hawaiian; worst at tech in the whole air industry 1/5

    By TheMasterSamwise
    Hawaiian doesn’t care about technology. It’s nice they finally have a real app after 10 years. I mean they’ve been using a mobile web site that is trash but finally went native (in 2019!!) so maybe this will help me. Their overall backend is terrible I never get emails or notifications from them even when I go in and request. and a TEN DIGIT PASSWORD requirement just proves how far out of touch and reality they are with their users, and the times NO ONE requires 10 digit passwords. So dumb just like the airline itself.
  • Forced update?!? 3/5

    By MaybeAfterLunch
    Why are you forcing me to update? I need to check in! I’m not on Wi-Fi I cannot update I’ve had the app for four days Mahalo! Angry one star review for dropping support for the app 4 days after I downloaded it. +1 star for Apple Wallet support (passes opened in Wallet adjust screen brightness to maximum while the pass is open. That’s one of Wallet’s biggest features!) +1 star for Touch ID support. However, I’m not sure why the app asks for a confirmation number initially. I never know the number. (my Hawaiian Vacations e-mail has at least 9 different confirmation numbers within a 3 page email.) but if I cancel that, it asks for my login info (which is saved in my iPhone, protected by Touch ID - 40 years and counting I have never forgotten my thumbprint!) Let’s start with login, or add a Touch ID login option on the screen with the confirmation number input box. Hawaiian Airlines passengers: Use Apple Wallet and Touch ID on your iPhones! It makes life so much easier! (If your boarding pass is in Wallet, it is much easier to access. 1) With your iPhone locked, double-press the home button. 2) tap the boarding pass to select it, if you have other passes in your wallet. 3) You will see your boarding pass displayed and notice your screen brightness increase. 4) Pass your iPhone over the scanner at the gate or at TSA and DONE!
  • Can not log in 1/5

    By jessicafm
    Good grief. I try with my user name, email address or actual account number. Then I think perhaps I don’t have the password right so go to my computer and am able to log on via the website without trouble. But I change my password anyway because... maybe? New password works on the computer but no, the app on the phone says, “we can’t seem to find the account.” Really?? I KNOW I’m typing everything correctly. But it wouldn’t hurt if there was a button to let you view your password, just in case. The app is worthless since I cannot log in to my account. :-(
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By nathan tang
    Can’t login to app

    By 808MKB
    Will not let me log in to my account. Credentials are correct, works On actual website. Keeps giving me SIGN IN ERROR: we can’t seem to find your account. How useless. Please fix!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Miss 12345678
    App doesn’t even let me log in. Won’t work and completely useless. Don’t even bother downloading.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By fhawaiianairlines
    I can log in on my laptop but not in the app. Not helpful.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By HNLPnppl
    App doesn’t let me log on. Password and username are correct but throws error on sign in. Can log on no problem through the safari browser on phone without issues.
  • We can’t seem to find that account... 1/5

    By TeresaSF
    Useless app-I can’t even log into it! I log into the website no problem, but am locked out of the app. Chat/tech support can’t help. Changed my password, uninstalled the app, restarted my phone and nothing works. I fly in four days and was planning on using it. Time to get some better developers and fix this Hawaiian Airlines!
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By pooper mcpoopinstein
    Not sure why they want me to use an app that won’t even let you log in. Updated my password 3 times to try to sign in and still getting errors saying account not found.
  • Cannot Log In 1/5

    By SLSXb
    downloaded new app and Reset password (even though correct). Just getting an unhelpful message saying account not recognized. No problem logging in via website. Not usable...
  • You can put your boarding pass in Apple Wallet 5/5

    By estoughton
    You can put your boarding pass in Apple Wallet, which is the main thing I want.
  • Entertainment did not work 1/5

    By Turbo Booty
    Entertainment did not work and was even given complimentary free access on the way from Maui to Oakland... my party of 6 had no access and was a boring flight home... terrible app
  • It’s great, but... 3/5

    By YukiMarie24
    I love the new look to the app and the accessibility to Check-In, but I would really like to be able to book flights through the app. It makes me feel like I don’t need the app... All it’s doing is taking up space on my phone.
  • Limited functions. Lots of spinning 2/5

    By ReikoG
    I really like Hi airlines and I want to like their app, but they don’t make it easy. There are very few things you can do with it, and the things you can do tend to freeze up. Today I couldn’t see the seating chart, it just spins. And I couldn’t access my boarding pass. So what’s the point? Please make it better.
  • needs a lot of improvement 1/5

    By tiffanyDP808
    this app is pretty much useless it still sends you to the website for pretty much everything to book airfare, check your hawaiian miles etc. the whole point of having an app is so you don’t have to go to the website you can just do everything from the app
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Fotnite for life
    I’m reviewing on my son’s phone-iPhone 7 with updated iOS. The app works fine on my daughter’s iPhone 8, my iPhone 8, my husband’s Android BUT it keeps giving my son an err msg that his app is no longer supported/out of date even though it’s the most recent download. Soooo frustrating! We leave on an early flight tomorrow, hoping he can get use out of the entertainment package even though the app isn’t working...
  • iPad version 2/5

    By SGML
    iPad version should have identical functions as iPhone version. Especially since iPad may be used at home, or hotel, or even at airport to check status, book or change a booking etc. Many iPads are equipped for cellular data and are not dependent only on WiFi. iPad larger display is easier for many people than smaller iPhone display.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By TomRemote
    This is a worthless app that doesn’t offer anything for free! You have to pay for every single title and I am not sure what they mean when they say, we offer entertainment on a 6hours long flight. You are better off with purchasing a month of Netflix subscription and download some of the titles prior to your flight because this app has nothing to offer you except, melting your credit card.
  • Redirecting to a mobile browser in 2019? 1/5

    By Jdjfirbdidjrnr138384959
    1 star until you can book a flight in the app- not be redirected to a mobile website.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By shyshy808
    Hawaiian I appreciate all the updates and effort to make your app even more amazing. I love reading your update status it’s funny. Keep it up and thank you, for making your app amazing with constant updates.
  • Disappointing app 2/5

    By AntonioCortes
    Disappointing. The app is still ver bare bones and needs a lot of work. I look forward to it working more like competitors app and join them in 2019. App feels old and not very functional
  • Update the update??!! 1/5

    By AlohaGinger
    I just downloaded the app from the iTunes Store, tried to log in first with my HA#, second by using my flight confirmation...message tells me this version of the app is no longer supported?!? I just downloaded it!!!! Waste of my time.
  • Look to other airlines for app development 2/5

    By Z$A
    The Hawaiian app is probably the worst. The app is bad with checkin, loading the app, paying for baggage, seat selection. They probably can get rid of the app and have a better site.
  • So behind 1/5

    By kimopuka
    This app is so slow and lacks so many functions that most other airlines and Rent-A-Car agencies have. Hawaiian air should be embarrassed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SeattleGlen
    I decided to use the Hawaiian Air app to check in for a flight today, and the check in process ended in a charge page for $200. I double checked my luggage count and all was within the no-charge limits. Wow, what a scam, we’ll only let you check in after paying $200 for no reason. Check-in from a browser went as expected, no additional charges. Don’t bother with this app - it’s useless at this point.
  • Does nothing 1/5

    By John HRY
    When I try to find my trip that I have booked it tells me I need to update the app but it’s the latest version.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By gakz808
    I have the hawaiian airlines credit card, which entitles me to a free checked bag. If I checked in with the app, I would’ve been charged $25. I checked in through safari and as per usual, my bag was checked in at no cost. This app is useless and a waste of time.
  • Can’t book flights 1/5

    By Flylettt
    This app doesn’t appear to be very useful. looks like the only thing you can do is check-in. To book a flight it gives you a button to open a web browser.
  • Check in 1/5

    By lindy 3455
    Just completed check in, paid for bags then the app froze! So no boarding pass on app, had to go online and print them out or do it at the kiosk!
  • App on iPad only links to website 1/5

    By Mikeschatting
    A good app on iPhone, but on iPad can do nothing than connect to website. Called support, but they were not helpful.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bratty Becky
    This app is useless. It continues to tell me I need to upgrade the app which is wrong because In the App Store, this app is not in the upgrade portion! I am also unable to add my boarding pass to my wallet on my phone which is annoying. It sends you to the web to check in and get pass (via printing) which defeats the point of having an app! Get it together !!
  • Garbage airlines 1/5

    By Honolulu Shuttle
    Garbage airlines, wait for the baggage more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Always happens like that, baggage service take forever at Honolulu Airport.

Hawaiian Airlines app comments

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