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  • Current Version: 3.4.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hawaiian Airlines App

Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaiian Airlines app! Our goal: smooth and worry-free travel experience when you travel with us. From streamlined booking to faster check-in, paperless boarding passes, and real-time flight notifications, you'll have everything you need for your travel needs, all in the palm of your hand. Flight Booking — Search for flights and book a trip to your favorite destinations right in the app. Sign into your HawaiianMiles account to book in miles and access your saved travelers and payment methods for faster check-out. Enhanced Check-in Experience — Start your day of travel right. Check in up to 24 hours before your flight and your upcoming trip will be ready to view and manage on-the-go. Trip Management — Once you’ve checked in, view, change or upgrade your seat, check that your flight is on time, see the upgrade list and more. Mobile Boarding Pass — Access your boarding pass from the convenience of your phone. No paper printing needed! Boarding pass will automatically update if there's a change and is always accessible in the app, even if you are offline. You can also store it in your Apple Wallet. Real-Time Notifications — Stay informed with up-to-the-minute notifications if your gate or flight time change. Up-to-the-Minute Flight Status — Get the latest flight departure and arrival times, with ability to “watch” flights and get notified if things change. Interactive Airport Maps — Get interactive indoor airport maps with turn-by-turn walking directions to your gate, baggage claim, restaurants and lounges at our busiest airports. Chat with an Agent — Need help? Connect with a Hawaiian Airlines agent quickly and conveniently through the in-app chat and get answers to your questions when you need them. In-Flight Entertainment — If you’re traveling on our A321neo aircraft, use the app to stream movies, TV shows and more from your mobile device. Trip Planning — Need help planning an epic trip to Hawaii? Visit our Island Guide for information about each island’s unique character and recommendations for hikes, beaches, restaurants and more. Standby / Upgrade Waitlist — Know where you are on the Standby or Upgrade list. Rideshare — Quickly hail a ride from the app to or from the airport with rideshare companies Uber and Lyft. Mahalo for downloading our app! We’re always making improvements and adding more features. For more information about the app, including frequently asked questions, please visit www.HawaiianAirlines.com/app.

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Hawaiian Airlines app reviews

  • Booking 2/5

    By Isthmus girl
    When I booked my flight a month or two ago Hawaiian would not let me choose seats. Now I’m checking in and they have me and my husband separated and in the first row which I never would have chosen. Not very happy!
  • Still underperforms competition 3/5

    By cmndrpiccolo
    Hawaiian app has small improvements but still is of the worst performing airline apps out there. Last 4 flights straight checking in on the app: couldn’t check bags. “Unable to open screen”…. Every, single, time. Consistently doesn’t work. And want to pay for seat change while signed in? Prepare to enter all your credit card info again. It saves for booking tickets but for some unknown reason if upgrading or, if so lucky, you can check bags it won’t load your previously saved credit cards, very obnoxious. Might seem small, but it’s the only of my 5 airline apps that have these issues. Just C grade technology.
  • App crashes a lot 3/5

    By Becky Harr
    Crashed when trying to show boarding passes. Crashed and said city not selected.
  • Baggage Online check in 4/5

    By Exit8NCR
    I was not able to check 2 bags online when checking in online.
  • I’m not a tech person 1/5

    By KKR7667
    BUT I know how to be on an app. I know what to expect from a quality app. And this is not a quality app. I have no idea why there are SO many issues on this app. I should not have to retype in all my info when buying a flight on the app when I’m already logged in. I just chose to buy my summer flights on other airlines, purely based on the annoyance of this app. Fix it and KEEP IT FIXED. In this day and age, no one has to time for a mediocre app.
  • Mrs…. 5/5

    By trader1944
    App is very user friendly..
  • Needs an Update 2/5

    By Kauikaui
    With the newer iPhones, app always crashes. Can’t even check in, can’t do anything. Tried hard reset on my iPhone 14 ProMax and same thing. App is always crashing and I need to use your website just to check in. What’s the use of the app if I can’t even use it period without it closing and not allowing me to check in or check flights? I need to go on my laptop just to check in and or check flights. I’ve been having this issue ever since downloading the app which has been over 6mos now. All the other airline apps I have I have no issues or problems except for this one…..
  • Always inaccessible when traveling 1/5

    By mogshop
    This app has left me unable to connect in many airports, on the road while I have service, and at the Hawaiian airlines kiosks. Is always says insecure location and I can’t check in, check status or find when flights are arriving. It only works at my house- sometimes. And it won’t remember passwords.
  • Not reliable / broken functionality 1/5

    By AJSBM77
    This app always has some issue. Whether you are booking or trying to check in. In both cases, some functionality doesn’t work. For ex, I had issues booking and using my points both on the app and on my computer. I ended up calling customer service which is always a long call. Today, it wouldn’t complete my boarding pass during the app checkin and I couldn’t add my bags on the app and computer. I was able to go back into the app and get my boarding pass but still can’t add luggages and got an error message that need to do it in person. This app makes me change devices and/or call the service center - needs to be more reliable and seamless.
  • When looking at app and choosing flight 1/5

    By Garhau
    Glitch in app that causes fake confirmation number when looking for flights and not paying yet. A confirmation number is created and seats reserved but no payment yet. When go back in app to buy tickets get another confirmation number which is the correct one with payment. Would someone in IT fix this program to not give fake confirmations when looking and no pay yet.
  • Seat confusion 4/5

    By Hannahowl808 WoozWorld
    Don’t like being charged for seat “upgrades” when I already paid for the main cabin. Feels like I’m being ripped off somehow.
  • Canceled flight 3/5

    By Nolan600
    Horrible service
  • Basic app, airlines not what it used to be 1/5

    By !?$8
    Cant check seats ahead of checking in fir flight to verify. Can’t address if already paid for ur bag, but they still want to charge you after the previous flight was cancelled. Not happy with the app and not happy with Hawaiian airlines.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By backthen
    Easy to use
  • Seating 1/5

    By i FF idhendicndk. irh
    Bought tickets with two small children and my seats are all away from each other
  • Travel 5/5

    By Sparkntoby
    Convince of checking in
  • Expedia and Hawaiian air don’t work well together 3/5

    By Bridgerterra
    Even though I had a Expedia and Hawaiian account, they don’t allow me to track my flight with Hawaiian. I booked my flight on Expedia in Dec 2022 for a March 2023 flight. I had a Hawaii confirmation number but Hawaiian Airlines won’t allow me access to my flight. Nor would they allow me to add my Hawaiian Airlines number. Expedia didn’t even show me the Hawaiian flight info in their app, and Hawaiian Airlines said I could see it through their app. I had to make and change my account 3 times with Hawaiian because their website kept crashing when I would just finishing my account.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Biggest Bopper
    Always starts with “Oops we have a problem” Hard to navigate, locks up!
  • One time use 1/5

    By GStone2232
    This app is only good if you going to use it once and not again. Been using it for 6-7 months straight every single week for work. After the first use it has consistently crashed or not search anything at all. Only way I've been able to use it for its actual purpose is when I delete it and reinstall. Just simply not worth the time. Again great for a one time use nothing more.
  • Upgrade list 3/5

    By pumpkins mother
    For several weeks I have not been able to put myself on the upgrade list. This is a major inconvenience because now I have to check with an agent at the airport to do so. Please fix the website.
  • Instant Crashes 1/5

    By Travelling_blu.jay
    The last two updates, and the app won’t even open. Instantly crashes and closes, just before I have a trip in few days.
  • App is minimally useful 1/5

    By Mary4
    It's ok for booking. But as many others have pointed out it doesn't save your trips. Every time I have to put in the confirmation code? And it doesn't save the boarding pass. When I add trips, I still have to manually add in my mileage number even if logged in. Most functions require going to the website. I booked a flight, can't see open seats even though they clearly have them.
  • I love Hawaiian Air 5/5

    By milt melton
    Love the efficiency and aloha on board!
  • The absolute worst website and app in the entire airline industry 1/5

    By just want the honest truth
    Simply said, Hawaiian’s website and app is pathetic. It could not be more frustrating to log in, check into flights or use.
  • Can’t book using miles in app 1/5

    By This space intentionally left blank.
    Your app is broken. I’ve signed out and signed back in, re-installed the app, rebooted my phone, etc. but I still can’t book a flight in your app using miles. I have over 60,000 miles. Regardless of the option I choose on the app, everything comes back in dollars. What’s the sense in having the credit card if I can’t redeem the points?
  • A 5/5

    By fudgebowiwvwb
  • Horrible app.. 1/5

    By Hawaiian Airlines Reviews
    Can’t even remember my account number ..even when I’m in my own account to make check in easier..
  • Slow app 1/5

    By annoyeduser954612
    App is ridiculously slow going from screen to screen. It’s painful. And asking for a nickname to post this review should give me user validation on whether the name is taken already. I have to keep changing and submitting because names are taken. Horrible UI.
  • Extremely Easy to Use 5/5

    By QueenofJacksby2
    Love Hawaiian on every level. The fact that people I love work for you, and I get to support them is a win!
  • Unable to sign in 1/5

    By Jms703
    I’m able to login to the website just fine. I hope they run the actual airline better.
  • App crashes and freezes 1/5

    By gregibara92
    This app is broken on IOS. I have to carry an android phone around with me because the ios version is unusable. Please fix this app.
  • Does not allow to sign in 1/5

    By shaneEDC
    App is frustrating. Unable to sign in. Created user name and password multiple times and still unable to sign in on the app.
  • Best 5/5

    By Traveler mine
    Straightforward and simple.
  • Great airline except one thing 3/5

    By Rancher Rod
    Everything about our flight from mainland to Hawaii was perfect and would warrant a 5-star rating except for one thing. Leg spacing was horrible!!! Used to have ample leg space but not anymore. I understand they have reduced it by 11 inches. Much less than the leg spacing on our past flights!

    By FlecCh
    The web site seemed easier to navigate than in past years. We will definitely use it again in our next trip to the islands. Speed has improved and the instructions are clear. Everything worked very well.
  • Unable to complete request 1/5

    By IvTran
    The app constantly freezes on the notification that it cannot complete my request even though I only opened the app. I could also not check in to my flight or do anything like change my seat or browse flight times.
  • Only one problem 3/5

    By miaxoj
    It is a decent app but it will not save my trips even when I’m logged in! It’s very inconvenient going back and forth to find my confirmation code and constantly having to do it every time I open the app to look at my flight.
  • Navigate app 1/5

    By Opie226
    Hard to communicate thru app
  • Oahu vacation 5/5

    By Bennyt&therocket88's
    All of the flight attendants have n the way here were amazing I’m hopeful for the same service back to the mainland.
  • Wallet 5/5

    By Rob7515
    When will you be able to add boarding passes to the wallet for IPhones?
  • Mahalo 5/5

    By MaDuke1
    I’ve always tried getting the best deal over to the Hawaiian islands booking with other airlines and than every time asking myself , why did I do that . Always a issue spending time on the phone with the airlines after my wonderful trip. 6 years ago I looked at Hawaiian airlines and have never looked back not only do they fly direct from Boston but the hot food , delicious and free I fly couch , the stewardess are spectacular I’ve never once had a bad flight and the prices are a few dollars cheaper than my hunt for a bargain years ago. Thanks Hawaiian airlines for making my flights over the year pleasant safe , fun
  • Great booking experience! 5/5

    By Tmackenn
    Easy to navigate and clear format! Excellent!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Lowgun16
    The point of having an app is to make things simpler than doing everything on a website, which this app doesn’t. Pretty straight forward.
  • 4 Star service 5/5

    By Kapaakupuna
    On time , polite personnel, clean comfortable planes. And Lands on Kauai.
  • Still a sub-par App 1/5

    By 68pony
    I just returned from a trip where I flew both Hawaiian and Delta. It’s clear that Hawaiian has a LONG WAY to go on their app. First the stability of the app is poor. I had to reinstall to see my upcoming trips (that I see on my web profile). It also crashes when trying to check flight status. Then, the app still does not allow transferring your boarding pass to your Wallet. That is very basic functionality for an airline app. Delta on the other hand has full functionality. It tells you where the plane that you’ll be flying on is inbound from. It updates information effortlessly. Your boarding pass can be moved to your wallet. You can even track your bags via the app. Many more features and functions that point to the HA app being so far behind it’s silly. The problem is that if you only fly Hawaiian, their app may be all that you know. They’ve not updated features and functions in years. And therefore feature and function is clearly way behind the competition. With travelers more dependent on their phone to be their boarding pass and all access device for travel, Hawaiian really needs to commit real resources and real effort to provide an app that at least keeps up with the industry.
  • Pre-boarding bags 1/5

    By Chubbz808
    Unable to pay for bags.
  • Fake 5 star reviews 1/5

    By Meeeeeaaaannn
    This app is crap. Too much bugs, constant drops and freezes. Can’t even log in without an “oops” error message at least 20 times.
  • Not working correctly 1/5

    By Violux2753
    The kiosk would not take imputing the year of the date fill field when trying to get my boarding pass by flight number and name. The boarding pass, when I finally got it, didn’t have my pre-check symbol. Had to go through regular security line. Hugh delay, useless app for saving any time. Wasted money on registering for pre-check. I will be going through an agent next time.
  • upgrade list 2/5

    By CJCE2
    There is no longer a feature to put a passenger on the upgrade list.