Hay Day

Hay Day

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  • Current Version: 1.56.108
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hay Day App

Welcome to Hay Day. Build a farm, fish, raise animals, and explore the Valley. Farm, decorate, and customize your own slice of country paradise. Farming has never been easier or more fun! Crops like wheat and corn are ready to be grown and even though it never rains, they will never die. Harvest and replant seeds to multiply your crops, then make goods to sell. Welcome animals like chickens, pigs, and cows to your farm as you expand and grow! Feed your animals to produce eggs, bacon, dairy, and more to trade with neighbors or fill delivery truck orders for coins. Build a farm and expand it to its fullest potential, from a small-town farm to a full-blown business. Farm production buildings like Bakery, BBQ Grill or Sugar Mill will expand your business to sell more goods. Build a Sewing Machine and Loom to create cute outfits or a Cake Oven to bake delicious cakes. The opportunities are endless on your dream farm! Customize your farm and decorate it with a wide variety of items. Enhance your farmhouse, barn, truck, and roadside shop with customizations. Decorate your farm with items like a panda statue, a birthday cake, and instruments like harps, tubas, cellos, and more! Decorate with special items - like flowers to attract butterflies - to make your farm more beautiful. Build a farm that shows off your style and inspires your friends! Trade and sell items in this farming simulator by truck or steamboat. Trade crops, fresh goods, and resources to in-game characters. Swap goods to gain experience and coins. Level up to unlock your own Roadside Shop, where you can sell more goods and crops. Expand your farming experience and play with friends in the Valley. Join a neighborhood or create your own and play with a group of up to 30 players. Exchange tips and help each other create amazing farms! Download today and build the Best. Farm. Ever! Hay Day Features: Build a Farm: - Farming is easy, get plots, grow crops, harvest and repeat! - Customize your family farm to be your own slice of paradise - Enhance your farm with production buildings like a bakery, feed mill, and sugar mill Crops to Harvest & Grow: - Crops like wheat and corn will never die - Harvest seeds and replant to multiply, or use crops like wheat to make bread Animals: - Quirky animals are waiting to be added to your farm! - Chickens, horses, cows, and more are waiting to join your farm - Pets like puppies, kittens, and bunnies can be added to your family farm Places to Visit: - Fishing Lake: Repair your dock and cast your lure to fish the waters - Town: Repair the train station and go to town to fulfill town visitors’ orders - Valley: Play with friends in different seasons and events Play with Friends and Neighbors: - Start your neighborhood and welcome visitors! - Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors in-game - Share tips with friends and help them complete trades - Compete in weekly derby events with your neighbors and win rewards! Trading Game: - Trade crops, fresh goods, and resources with the delivery truck or even by steamboat - Sell items through your own Roadside Shop - Trading game meets farming simulator Download now and build your dream farm! Neighbor, are you having problems? Visit https://supercell.helpshift.com/a/hay-day/?l=en or contact us in-game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age. PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your iOS device's settings. A network connection is also required. Privacy Policy: http://www.supercell.net/privacy-policy/ Terms of Service: http://www.supercell.net/terms-of-service/ Parent's Guide: http://www.supercell.net/parents/

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Hay Day app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By will steene
    Don’t waste your time
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Cat-man20109
    The game is so well built and it’s calm and helps me relax from a stressful day
  • goats 1/5

    By coco felon
    why no name goats?
  • I really like Hay Day game 5/5

    By Cá Linh Rìa Gia Lai
    Hay Day works well, plays better than other Supercell games. Hope Hay Day adds Chick Vouchers in Mystery Boxes (giant mystery boxes only), adds farm & town map sharing & copying in Neighborhood, add night mode and allows humans Players can purchase Animal Hats (if the player can't buy Farm Pass, players can buy hats that appeared in previous Farm Pass seasons with Diamonds) in the next update. Thank you Supercell.
  • I ❤️the game 5/5

    By Sling box app
    Omg I lllllllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee it
  • Addition to game 3/5

    By FaxHereOnly
    you should be able to cancel stuff in the producing machines if it’s not up yet
  • Love this game 5/5

    By qween.trips.a.lot
    I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years and it’s the best game I’ve played on mobile. There is always something to do!! One thing will make this game even better, if we can put items and goods to donate for our team. I have some stuff I would like to donate instead of selling to benefit my team ☺️
  • Great game with friends! A few suggestions… 4/5

    By MacEdit
    I love this game and all of its events. Love: 1. The customization of farms 2. Coloration mechanics (shades and palettes look very vibrant and pleasant visually) 3. Game has great holiday content 4. The stability of the app to run for hours with no hiccups, fantastic! Could be better: 1. The price counter for the Roadside Shop should have the ability to manually type out a price number. 2. Tasks to help other farmers should have a different icon or color coded “!”. Based on truck order help, boat order help, town help or farm help. Would help players navigating to tasks and where they should look for the task. Overall amazing job! Love the detail and hard work you all put into this game!
  • Roadside Shop 4/5

    By Meatball1301
    I love HayDay and have for so many years, however, there I would like to make a suggestion in regards to the roadside shop. After placing an ‘ad’ for an item, it gives you the option to ‘trash’ the advertisement for 1 gem. I accidentally put an item for sale that I needed, so I ‘trashed’ it. I figured they would be placed back into my barn storage. Nope! All of my hamburgers were literally trashed. You would think if I am paying a gem to remove the advertisement, then I probably need the item. If anything, we should receive coins for it.
  • I love Hay Day 🐮🐷♥️ 5/5

    By Rossleopard
    Marvelous game
  • Don’t recommend spending money 1/5

    By magikarp master
    I had bought the game pass last night and it made me wait an hour before i could collect my rewards and then when i went to get the rewards after waiting it said i had to buy the game pass again
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By caveview1
    The concept of the game is entertaining. I enjoyed fulfilling the tasks. But it became very frustrating when I would start a task, for example making something on the loom, and then come back later and the items were just gone and I would have to start them again. Also, it became frustrating because the board with the orders, keep changing. I would start orders, and then come back to the board, and the requirements had changed. I would not recommend this game for these reasons.
  • Fun On The Farm 5/5

    By Mongriff
    Fun for hours! Farm life at its best.”
  • Farm Pass 3/5

    By sofxagarcxa
    I love this game and I play every day. I decided to get the farm pass bc why not. I bought it a day ago and it still hasn’t gone thru on the app. It’s just asking me to pay again. I don’t know what to do
  • Cooldogpog 5/5

    By Cooldogpog
    Bro this be hitting diff.
  • Love with all my <3 5/5

    By Error404lexnotfound
    I love this game and the simplicity of being my own farmer entrepreneur. However I wish it was easier to expand land. Thank you team for a game that keeps my heart so full.
  • Hay day 5/5

    By pizzabasjetball
    The game is very fun
  • They constantly delete my reviews 1/5

    By Cran42
    This game used to be great. I’m a 6+ years player. ITS CRAZY it’s been what 5+ months since your disastrous update resetting me and thousands of other peoples custom decorations and go figure what do you know none of us has got compensation. Instead you gave it to people WHO LOST NOTHING……………. Give me my supplies back. I shouldn’t have to RESPEND on stuff I already unlocked…………… STOP RIPPING US OFF……. Stop being a lazy company. You made over 180 million last year just from farm pass alone. Yet you give us horrible lazy updates. You make all that money yet you can’t hire support to talk to players?? How pathetic can you be. Once upon a time you could take to support easy now all you get is a bot. When they mess up on the game and give out compensation they only give it to select special people even if you were suppose to be part of the compensation you won’t get it. They always give it to the wrong people. Every single update they come out with is super buggy. We are still missing stuff that was supposed to be added MONTHS ago. But they ignore that and brush it under the rug. They lazily come up with new ideas. They add animals to the game that do NOT belong on a farm…… I thought this was a farm game not a rainforest game………………… walruses are the new animals like really..? THEY DO NOT belong on a farm game…. And the new building is a stew pot??? Are you joking?? We already have soup kitchen!!! Why are you so lazy with your ideas. ignore ALL your players suggestions. This game has really become a joke. A multi BILLION dollar company is greedy go figure. Oh I want to add instead of focusing on fixing the game they create dumb YouTube videos. -_- nobody wants to meet some random player. Just focus on gameplay .
  • I never write reviews! 5/5

    By hindsightpro
    I love this game a lot. I’m actually surprised that I stuck with it and didn’t delete it after a week of trying to “figure out” how it works—which is what I usually do with apps. The setup, the “neighborhood” feature, challenges etc. keep the game fun for any time of the day when you get around to playing. Really clever and cute. It’s the only game I have on my phone haha
  • Just one tad request!! 5/5

    By Toothpick96
    This game is overall fantastic! I’m addicted to it! One request I do have is can we get a booth to donate our unwanted items to the people in our neighborhood like how we can request them? I tend to get a TON of bolts & would much rather dump them in a neighborhood donation box for anyone in my neighborhood to be able to take. Also to put how much they wanna take so if they are kind enough they have the option to leave some for the other neighbors in need? That would make the game PERFECT!!
  • This is fun 5/5

    By 😀🤩🙂
    I really love this game I am on level 17 and I’m struggling a little bit but no biggy I do wish though you can get some stuff for free
  • Love this game! 5/5

    By shxhhjguuygyuy
    I love this game so much, very addictive, fun to play with friends! No ads… like amazing! I would defiantly get this game!
  • Movie ticket ads not working 4/5

    By .Autumn.is.awesome.
    When I click on the movie ticket an entire ad plays then when the ad is over the screen goes black and stays that way and I get no reward and have to refresh the game and it says I never watched an ad and didn’t get a reward so im basically just watching endless ads for the game to crash after playing the whole ad and I get no reward. Otherwise the game is working great but the movie ticket needs to be fixed please! I’ve talked with other players of the game and they are also having this problem. It’s happening to a lot of fellow players. Thank you
  • Glitch? 4/5

    By hdjdixuen
    Every time I go to design a format, when I reach the property line by the water it pulls me off the app.
  • Amazing game but… 5/5

    By SadBoiStatue
    I recently just hopped on Hay Day once again, and I was thrilled to see what else they have added. I’m not sure why but after a week or so of playing it signed me out. The problem is that I cannot play the game with my supercell account. No matter how many times I try to send a verification email I don’t get the email with the code. I already checked my spam folder and there is nothing. I have had the email I use with my supercell account for a quite a while so I’m not sure why it’s not working. Please help, thank you.
  • 很喜欢 4/5

    By ijbduvxf
  • How to know how much does it ? 5/5

    By Eternal-Jd
    This game is looks like the catan board game
  • Corners 5/5

    By NCXZM
    Can you make it easier to see and access the corners of the farm?
  • Online only? 5/5

    By tattedtigerlily
    Does this game offer online and off-line usage
  • recourses 5/5

    By 😇🥵🙄
    we need the recourse jute.
  • It’s so fun, but… 3/5

    By TheFPK
    I really enjoy this game, but there are many things about it that fill me with rage! They really want to get your money. They make it extremely hard to acquire things (like vouchers) that are used to purchase things in the store (like animals and decor for your farm). There is also a specific type of voucher that are extremely rare to get without purchasing the Farm Pass which is a $4.99 pass that you have to purchase. I was considering purchasing the pass but then I found out you have to renew it each month, I’m not about to spend $5 each month! Another issue I have (that is very specific and promoted me to write this review) is that I just spent the majority of my coins to purchase a machine that is crucial to my game. I was ready to jump right it and start using it, but the machine will take one day and seven hours to build. I feel like real people could build that faster. The problem is that everything in this game takes so long. I understand things taking 30 minutes or even an hour, but I feel like anything over a day is extreme. I’m getting really sick of having to wait for things to be ready to use or plant. It’s a game and it really takes the fun out of it. Overall, this game has many fun aspects and I am slightly addicted! There are just things about it that frustrate me on the daily.
  • very thought out game 5/5

    By jlmsi
    i love this game!! my whole family plays it and we are in a neighborhood together so we can communicate and help each other out with things. you can create a second farm to check out other designs without completely redoing your active farm. my favorite parts are the derby and the town area. this game is so thought out and there’s a lot to do as you keep reaching different levels and unlocking new items and areas. supercell is a great company their other games are just as amazing. it’s not a game you have to delete because you you get stuck, they always supply free resources so you aren’t forced to pay although the farm pass is a great deal and has tons of fun rewards for a great amount. i’m excited to keep unlocking new areas and i hope it keeps adding on new things.
  • Too addictive 1/5

    By DaughteroftheKing04
    I spend way to much time and it’s not even worth it.
  • ? 4/5

    By lacey corbin
    i love this game sm but why does the server go under maintenance for forever like twice a week
  • Hay Day Support Bans Innocent Player Twice 1/5

    By JaSullimon
    I have been a Supercell player for nearly a decade and made the mistake of relying on Game Center instead of linking all my accounts into Supercell. I lost access to my old Apple ID and GameCenter which also meant I lost access to my Supercell accounts. I was able to easily retrieve my Clash Royale account back after talking to support. The process took a few days however I was able to successfully link my old Clash Royale account to my new Supercell account. I thought the process would be very similar when it was time to request my old Hay Day account back. When I wasn’t able to answer insanely specific questions about my account, I was banned. They wanted account statements from 2012-2018 from an Apple ID I didn’t have access to. After I couldn’t provide this I explained why I couldn’t. Before even reading my response the chat had been ended and I was banned for 31 days. A month passed and I chose to just restart the game. I put in a decent amount of time and effort and reached level 20 within the game. I decided that I might as well try and retrieve my old account again since it was at a much higher level. I set up another chat and reached a Hay Day support agent. I explained to them very carefully what had happened during my previous attempt and that I was not in anyway trying to “Phish” my account. I let them know that I have proof of ownership on several other supercell accounts that had been previously attached to the same GameCenter. The agent assured me that we would figure this out together and I was very impressed until she asked me the same questions regarding the account transactions for in app purchases. I repeated to them I no longer had access and I was willing to provide different types of proof like I did to recover my Clash Royale account. Seconds later the chat was ended and I received a permanent ban on my new level 20 account. I was absolutely furious after spending 2 hours in the support chat. I no longer have the ability to request an agent within the app as I am banned. The Hay Day support team has only responded to my month old emails with robot generated messages saying to use the in app system.
  • Not happy! 1/5

    By BeezieJo
    I Love this game but when I lost my Google account and reached out for help to get my farm back, after spending alot of money through the years in this app.. I was banned for 31 days just for trying to recover my account. I have to start all over and if I could give the customer service a big zero stars then I would.
  • So fun amazing addicting 5/5

    By Epic lover char
    This game is so fun and addicting
  • Bug buggggg 5/5

    By iampeyman
    Have bug
  • Inclusive? 1/5

    Still no banners or flags for straight people, no decorations for Christians such as nativity scenes or crosses. Your wokeness is offensive.
  • Great game 5/5

    By dontgetsprint
    I love playing this game it really fun. My only complaint is that Tom the helper guy is ever 2 hours I think since you have to pay for him out of the diamonds you have to purchase to use him he should be available to you every hour. Also The trees shouldn’t expire after 3 uses.this game is very similar to farm town but farm town is alot easier to accomplish goals set in the game.
  • I LOVE HAY DAY :) 5/5

    By glow._.3
  • Hay day 5/5

    By 510 poppy
    So relaxing and fun. I wish it were easier though to start a new email account to get a new farm.
  • Uhm 4/5

    By willow q dybas
    I love this game and my family and I have been playing it for over 3 years but somehow someone took over our clan and non of us even know who this person is and it’s very upsetting because we just don’t know who they are and would like to remove them but I can’t I just don’t understand how they are the leader please help me 😭
  • Best ad ever 5/5

    By pokemonindigo1234
    The ad was so cool and trippy it wade me both want to download tha game and throw up
  • Little things Matter 3/5

    By Oge101
    This game is not bad at all but!!!!! The little things matter like the daily dirt newspaper is soo bad and unhelpful why are they 14 pages of either pumpkin or violet. The newspaper always show you the same thing
  • Love this 5/5

    By (64fffg
    This is the best app ever since I’ve been using it. You should get this app.
  • cheap 1/5

    By fccccccku
    there is no way the creators spent more than ten cents making this app. so poorly designed.
  • Good but 4/5

    By paganoe
    This game is over all very fun! The only thing is my news paper ALWAYS glitches. I can never see anything and it’s just a white page.
  • Shops 5/5

    By Ub_Storm
    Th game I’s so addictive don’t get me wrong but every-time I open the shop it’s just the same items constantly, can there be a search menu or something bc sometimes I need to look for specific things and I wouldn’t want to wait 6 hours for 2 items when I’ve earned enough y coins to buy them even at max price