HBO GO: Stream with TV Package

HBO GO: Stream with TV Package

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  • Current Version: 28.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: HBO
  • Compatibility: Android
2,285 Ratings
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HBO GO: Stream with TV Package App

HBO GO is included with your HBO subscription through a participating TV provider. In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone’s talking about. You can watch HBO GO on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, computer, connected TV or gaming device. HBO GO® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2020 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO GO® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Manage sharing your data at:

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HBO GO: Stream with TV Package app reviews

  • Can’t sign in 2/5

    By Keeeeym
    I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to sign in with my provider Antietam Broadband. It worked fine before but now it doesn’t. Pretty disappointing!! It doesn’t work on my iPhone or on my Fire TV.
  • Netflix app is A+, HBO app gets an F. 1/5

    By My Business is Terrible!!!
    The HBO app is beyond buggy to the point of being dysfunctional. In the latest update, the back button is actually a fast forward button. When casting the screen does not orient to landscape so it’s more difficult to move to a specific time and there aren’t thumbnails. HBO’s software stinks.
  • Your TV sign in page is a 404. 1/5

    By Frederick Bauman
    Your TV sign in page is a 404. Your TV sign in page is a 404. Your TV sign in page is a 404. Your TV sign in page is a 404. Your TV sign in page is a 404. I don’t need to contact support, you need to fix an obvious and glaring issue on your end.
  • Zero star company 1/5

    By nope12345678910
    Hate it can’t even sign in bc I don’t have a cable service. Worthless waste of internet space...
  • Application is not functional 1/5

    By g hv bu jkk Kit t
    The application doesn’t function. After launching it, I can’t bring any of the text fields in to focus and the screen blanks every few seconds.
  • The APP doesn’t even work for iPad Pro 1/5

    By I just want to watch my "ish"
    This is my first ever review. Downloaded and deleted the app over and over in hopes of the app running smoothly. Every single time the app just errors out pretending to correct the page to load properly without it even making it to homepage. Stuck on error page forever. Trash this one.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Mostly MMA
    After putting in my credit card information and signing up you are then harassed about who your tv provider is. If you don’t have that you can’t watch. You guys deserve the 2 out of 5 star ratings that you have.
  • Gratitude 5/5

    By Corgi Anna
    Thanks So much for the gift of the free service! The extra entertainment will go such a long way in our isolation. Can’t wait to take a look. Gestures like yours are making our extended “staycation” much more bearable. Again, thanks. Anna C.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By LS3450
    How can such a great company have such a lousy app? It crashes 2-3 times during every show and gives me an error message saying it needs to restart. Often times, when I stop watching in the middle of a show and go back later, the app picks up from a different place than where I actually left off. So, so, so frustrating on every level.
  • Piece of Trash 1/5

    By saxman2004
    No matter how many times I attempt to log in, it keeps telling me it can’t verify my AT&T account. I know my login is correct because the Watch TV app logs me in and I can see my HBO account active. Fix this frickn thing. So many other people are complaining about the exact same thing.
  • App never works properly 1/5

    By PolyJayy
    The app is mostly down. It won’t connect or takes forever to load. I’m not sure why. I tried to update it or delete and redownload, still doesn’t work.
  • No option to stop auto play 2/5

    By Cally527
    The inability to turn off the auto play function is ridiculous. Every streaming service has the option, not sure why HBO would think it isn’t necessary.
  • A quiet a place 1/5

    By Darryl9718
    No sound! All of the movies play in silence. (Tv not muted) I’m just watch a screen.
  • Class action lawsuit sign up 1/5

    By class action lawsuit 1
    Starting lawsuit if you would like to join send your name to hbonowclassaction at gmail
  • Update is now working 5/5

    By Pua8850038
    App is working again, haven't had any problems.
  • Won’t connect at all 1/5

    By Seandaman1
    Everytime I try and log on my phone it’s says that the password and/or username is incorrect, despite the fact it is the exact same one I use for my account and it works just fine in the browser. It’s so bad I’ve tried restarting the app, deleting it and downloaded it again, restarting my phone, etc and it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time with this app.
  • disappointing 1/5

    By erod8114
    So i downloaded HBO GO on my phone and it said that i don’t have HBO(which i do have) with my TV provider. It’s really frustrating because I’m just trying to use the app but it’s saying they are having trouble verifying my HBO subscription.
  • Why no 4K yet? 2/5

    We are too far along for this content to not be offered in UHD and HDR. They definitely have the resources to do so
  • amazing 👌🏽 5/5

    By phillydakidd
    I’ve never had an issue with the app, it’s a legit must have and worth 5 stars. only gripe is no offline viewing 😒. It feels like it’s becoming a staple nowadays and it’d be nice to have the feature. overall great all otherwise! **Update** App is still great!
  • Trash 1/5

    By ABlah!!!!!!
    Do they ever read the reviews? This app is absolute trash. Fix it!!! Have to restart the app several times, sound only no picture on TV. It is very frustrating. Never have this trouble with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, amazon prime, etc....
  • Terrible 1/5

    By MF Shellzzzzz
    This app is absolutely terrible on iPhone. It works fine on my husbands Samsung but won’t let me watch anything on my iPhone. What is the deal? Please fix this giant issue.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By manthrax3
    Have to reinstall it almost every time I use it. Gets stuck on loading screen forever.
  • Shows and movies don’t connect 4/5

    By nwing37
    I haven’t had many problems with the app but today I’ve been having a difficult time trying to stream things. The app opens and I can see all the different streaming options but when I go click on a series or movie it doesn’t fully load. It shows the buffering dots for three seconds and then remains on the black screen. The only way it allows me to watch something is by click on “Continue Watching” but the series I wanted to see isn’t there so I can’t see it. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the app or my account.
  • Consitently awful 1/5

    By Nathaniel1019
    HBO always signs me out and tells me my TV provider doesn’t support HBO... yet I’m watching HBO on Xfinity as I type this... Not to mention terrible load times, despite the fact I’m on a T1 line.
  • Developers don’t understand regions 1/5

    By Left hander
    I have an american an iTunes account. But I live in Thailand. They have released the app in Thailand but I can’t download the Thai version in the App Store. And the American version won’t work in Thailand. Netflix solved this years ago. Get your act together HBO. UPDATE: the response below just illustrates the issue above. The US team says contact Asia becuase you are in Asia. But the Asia team just says you have american iTunes account contact America. I do not have this issue with Netflix. HBO is oblivious to how the world works. It’s little wonder everyone in Thailand just download illegally. Here I am trying to be legal and they won’t help me.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    If I could I would rate this app lower than one star. I have done all the tricks to get try and get this app to work. I can’t get this app to play any videos on any of my devices, and it it extremely frustrating. Someone really needs to work on developing a better app.
  • Tried all troubleshooting... 1/5

    By Just tell me!!
    I tried all the troubleshooting recommendations that I’ve seen in other developer responses and the app still does not work. I submitted a customer feedback note that I saw on another response. I still cannot sign in with my Xfinity account. It was working a couple weeks ago and now all of a sudden it stopped. I would appreciate if you could fix this. And please do not recommend going to a troubleshooting page, I’ve already done all those steps.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Pwrhour
    HBO is great, so why did they make the glitchiest, crappiest app possible? YouTube is 10 times better and FREE
  • Useless, don’t bother 1/5

    By itunesmakesmemad
    I can’t login with my DIRECTV account. HBO GO works great on my web browser but this app is a waste of space. I’ve tried multiple times, uninstalled, reinstalled, everything I can think of. 0 stars.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By VeraTlp
    I’d feel better if this app just didn’t let me in. Instead, it lets me go through the entire process of logging in just so I can’t watch anything. App does not load and play videos, it just gives me a black screen. I definitely expected more considering the success with this specific channel and shows. Don’t waste time downloading and just use your tv. At this point, I assume hbo now is just as bad.

    By rock and roll 84
    How is HBO light years behind anyone else when it comes to a mobile app? Can’t download shows, always lags, now it won’t even play because of an incompetent update! HBO has such an opportunity to gain viewers right now and they are dropping the ball. Embarrassing
  • Could we get some descriptions? 2/5

    By G-man-2000-late
    Am I doing something wrong? When I click a selection to see what it’s about, it simply starts playing.
  • Very bad app, keeps crashing. 1/5

    By ig222333445
    The developer should’ve been fired.
  • Sign in problem 1/5

    By Artist1001
    I’m trying to sign in, but the app wants me to create an account and asks me to complete registration. When I enter my HBOGO ID, it says the ID is already in use. I attempted to contact the APP’s help and support team; they never responded to my email. Very bad experience.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By slp215
    This app is horrible. Who built this trash... There is no way to choose a genre, you can only view shows and movies alphabetically. Additionally, you cannot see what a movie is about before watching it. When you click on a movie, it automatically begins playing without giving you the info. Complete trash
  • Worst streaming app I’ve ever used. 1/5

    By HotScarvey
    I have tried HBOGO on Apple TV, Roku, iPhone, iPad, PS4, and laptop and it might work 1 out of 3 times I try it. Westworld won’t stream at all yet Ave 5 worked. Most times I just get a connection error or it just closes the app and returns to the platforms home screen. Sadly I’ll have to DVR my HBO programs and live with Netflix and Prime for my streaming as this app is far too hit or miss and frustrating to waste any more time on.
  • Subtitles 1/5

    By Kaukab khan
    Update: thank for your responding. I am keep sending email and keep checking junk spam all folders and didn’t receive any support yet to fix the subtitles. Please fix the subtitles, mate. Please fix the subtitles. Subtitles doesn’t work. I don’t want to miss a single dialogue. It’s disappointing that HBO GO subtitles doesn’t work.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jjjhhhjjj
    Easily the worst media app that exists. Takes forever to scroll and load options without showing blank boxes. There isn’t an option to add anything to the watch list plus I can’t read a description of a movie. Overall terrible experience
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By ncksjdjjdjd
    I would like to be able to add a title to my list from the main page as I see movies I am interested in. There is no “about” section to see a synopsis of the movie so I can decide if I want to watch it or not. And there is nowhere that shows what the movie is rated. This is a must when trying to decide what to watch when kids are around. When you try to click the movie with the intention of getting more info, the movie just starts playing. Not user friendly.
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By haheuahah
    Can’t login through cable provider. Tried multiple.
  • Browsing for shows is torture. Amateur apps do better. 2/5

    By Ck748593
    Shows play great. Browsing is atrocious. First time experience went like this: Scroll, 2-3 shows appear, scroll down, wait 10sec for 2-3 more to show up, scroll down, wait...F this! ...go to a website to browse for a show, use the app to search for the show. To HBO: Embedding ads for other shows at the beginning of the show I’m paying 15$ a month for is a slap in the face. It’s reasons like this I use free streaming sites. 100% cancelling when Westworld is done.
  • Awful 1/5

    By abby2901
    I didn’t have an issue logging in with my service provider this new update is trash I can’t watch anything on my IPhone using this app !!! I have to use my MacBook and go to my service provider website to watch hbo go please fix this !!!
  • Can’t get through a movie w/o it crashing 2/5

    By BrodieTM
    I chromecast this to my TV and I have yet to watch an entire movie without the app crashing. So frustrating.

    By Williams77
    Update logged me out and cannot log back in. I click “Choose Provider” / page goes black and then presents the same screen “Choose Provider.” Infinite loop. Canceling with Comcast tomorrow. Netflix and Prime Video are eons ahead of whomever is devving at HBO.
  • Bad 1/5

    By peterfrompr
    I have this app since 2 years ago and i have never been able to use it. I have tried again this couple of days and nothing it doesn’t work. I think if we are paying the HBO channels we should be able to take it on the go too. Wish they could fixed it.
  • Broken 1/5

    By psk1987
    Casting and airplay are broken. All my other apps like Netflix and YouTube are able to cast and airplay to my TV just fine. Not HBO GO. So many issues with this app don’t know where to start.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By jjjggggjjj
    This app has crashed every week for 6 months. Fix it.
  • HBO GO just spoiled the ending.... 2/5

    By ennivlozada
    Let be begin with the speed buffer. Terrible. I was trying to watch the newest episode of West World, and when we went back to replay from the beginning (only being 20 minutes in of the episode) it went to load the preview of the NEXT episode at the very end... thanks I guess?
  • Worthless 1/5

    By rrb151
    How about starting with functional.

HBO GO: Stream with TV Package app comments

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