HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

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  • Current Version: 50.15.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App

HBO Max is the streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more of your favorite TV series, blockbuster movies, plus new Max Originals. Get comfy, because you’ve got 100 years of epic entertainment in your hands. You’ll have unlimited access to all of HBO, together with even more favorites from Sesame Workshop, DC, Warner Bros., and more. More reasons to love HBO Max: Thousands of hours of hit movies, addictive series, and exclusive Max Originals. A personalized streaming experience for up to five viewer profiles. Collections hand-picked by real humans — not robots. Download top titles to watch on your favorite devices anywhere you go. A curated kids’ experience that grows along with their interests. HBO Max Hubs devoted to your favorite fandoms. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. HBO Max is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max™ is used under license. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Manage sharing your data at:

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies app reviews

  • App issues 2/5

    By mad movie goer
    I use this app through my iPhone with chromecast and through my ps4. Somehow the sound and picture sometimes don’t sync up. If I restart the app sometimes it will work. Sometimes it won’t so I will just leave the app and move on to Netflix or Hulu. Also, whenever I’m watching something if I watch more than 2 hours it freaks out. It will just pause and I’ll have to wait a couple of minutes for the stream to continue. It has gotten annoying. The only thing I like about this app is that the volume is great. I even have to lower the volume on it. Either than that. This app has given me the most trouble.
  • better video options when streaming 3/5

    By Vivid.K
    i am not able to play videos in a fuller screen, please fix
  • Scam 1/5

    By Warkiller67
    This app is just a scam, I already paid for HBO max but the stupid app still says “Subscribe now” why? I already paid, Ive done everything, and i cant see any movie or shows? Is this app that stupid? Literal scam, don't waste your time with this app, waste of money
  • This is really annoying 4/5

    By BuggedInBayCity
    Overall I’ve found the app to be pretty good though I do have one serious problem. This may only be exclusive to this particular show but while watching Doctor Who certain episodes have the “Up next” pop up come up at the very beginning of the episode and doesn’t go away for the rest of the episode. This creates a really annoying watching experience and it seems like it could be an easy fix. The 2 episodes this has happened on for me are season 4 episode 5 “The Poison Sky” and season 3 episode 7 “42”.
  • Very Unreliable 1/5

    By Baby Hands Down
    Doesn’t return to the spot where you were, when it stalls out. Which is often. Download feature does not work. While trying to play downloaded materials, I get an error for not having an internet connection. Duh that is why I downloaded it. Wish it would work
  • Why is this app always unusable? 1/5

    By CChapman333
    Every time I go to use this app in the last week, it shows a certain actor’s face and then goes black. You’d think the app can’t stand his appearance either. However, I would like to view other content. Please advise.
  • Update causes problems 1/5

    By BSteveB
    Since your update, the app on my iPhone no longer controls playback when using airplay. I am unable to pause, play or scrub through the timeline. The controls are frozen. I have the latest version of iOS and deleted the soup and reinstalled. Still does not work. My Apple TV is also up to date. Please fix.
  • Bad zoom 2/5

    By scammed by hbo
    I’ve been watching HBO and until recently there has been an option to zoom in the video or make it have less borders. They took this away and now there are 4 big thick borders on everything I watch on mobile. Fix this!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fill screen 3/5

    By Moderately Informed
    Is there no way to “expand to fill screen” when watching videos? This is in so many other apps...
  • SAP on Apps 2/5

    By Tulino11
    HBO Max on iPhone has SAP, but not the others Apps for Samsung, Roku, etc. it needs to be enable everywhere in order to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Do not download. This app does not have sound. 1/5

    By cableguy2021
    Since the second to last update there is no sound transferred to the tv through chrome cast. HBO Max is not available through Cox TV so you are forced to download the app and use. Not excited about HBO or Cox right now. AT&T doesn’t seem to have this onDemand issue.
  • Can’t sign into my account 1/5

    By brianna ashira
    It won’t even let me sign in I’m using the right info. I’ve logged out and resigned in on my tv to be sure. It is telling it’s wrong and I know for sure it isn’t.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 6skiers
    We bought this service specifically to download content for a plane ride and the app doesn’t work at all. Not on my iphone or my husbands iPhone. We have the latest updates on our phone and it gives us an error every time that says “can’t connect. We are having issues connecting to HBO max right now”
  • Full Screen? 1/5

    By flumpadillasaurus
    So they removed the option to play things in full screen on iPhone X and later models in a recent update .. Had few gripes with the app before that, other than the generally bad user interface.
  • Greta but not so great 1/5

    By wendy&milania
    You have great movies and shows from the 80’s, 90’s and current. However your streaming service glitches a lot when I have perfect internet connection I hope you guess can help fix this issue.
  • Full screen gone? 1/5

    By GatorTapeGirl
    Bring back full screen.
  • Sound Never Works!!!!! 1/5

    By Fritdawg
    I have been loyal to HBO for years but I can’t stand this new HBOMax app. The sound never works on my iPhone, chrome cast, or Roku. It’s just a terrible experience and I’m over it. I canceled my subscription and not looking back. Trash product.
  • Could use more features 3/5

    By OGJohnnyboy
    HBO Max had been great as far as their content is concerned. So many great tv shows, movies and original series from Cartoon Network, to DC to HBO and everything in between. However there are basic features that are missing and bugs that haven’t been fixed yet. For example one of the features that is literally in every other streaming service has is to watch content in full screen. Right now there is no pinch to zoom feature or double tap the screen to make whatever you are watching in full screen which is odd. Also a bug that I’ve encountered since the service launched is when you are doing Picture in Picture mode when going to the Home Screen the video pauses. In general I think the app needs some work and those two things that I’ve mentioned need to be fixed ASAP
  • Horrible user experience 1/5

    By 313townie
    AppleTV is is terrible. Forgets my sign in and not easy to search for things or create favorites.
  • Cant access downloaded content 2/5

    By Hollywood363567
    The content is great but it doesn’t matter if you can’t access it when you don’t have service. Why have a download option if you have to be signed into the system to access it. It defeats the purpose. Very disappointing. I don’t have those issues with other streaming apps and they are cheaper than HBO max. Please fix this issue.
  • Worst Streaming Service 2/5

    By Zygion
    HBO has been aware that their streaming service is terrible. So the responses about how they appreciate the feedback and they are working on it are nonsense. Most of the time it’s not usable at all. Every once in a while it plays a whole show but even then it stops every minute or so. Too bad. Good content, bad service. HBO Max should be ashamed.
  • No sirve 1/5

    By kincallero
    No sirve no tienes idioma en español ni subtítulos
  • Often kick me out 2/5

    By AllyTran2019
    This app is too slow, and it keeps kicking me out.
  • Additional contents are getting awesome 5/5

    By xqiri
    Subscribed for Zack Snyders Justice League, gonna stay for everything else. I really did not know hbo max had so much good content, the app works well though it needs work on its navigation system, but the series and movies they have are top notch. And with zack snyders justice league being added this month, this is the perfect streaming app.
  • Video Stretching Removed? 2/5

    By MorNoldo
    Hello, The app used to allow the user to stretch videos to fit the new iPhone screens edge to edge, but since the last update seems like that functionality was removed? Can it be restored? Some of the movies are now barely visible without the stretch function. Thanks. UPDATE: With the latest update, the app remains unable to stretch video edge to edge on iPhones X and above. This sticks out on movies, as there are black bars on the sides and above and below the film and the film viewing area is very small now. Please bring back the video stretching feature available on all other streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV, and others.
  • Please make this app available on Vizio smart TV 1/5

    By Mrs.fullhaus
    As a customer I’m so tired of using my phone and streaming through airplay or casting… there’s always lots of problems and bugs using a phone. Please make this app available on my Vizio smart TV!
  • Full screen mode 2/5

    By gman solo
    Can’t make full screen mode on iPhones
  • Terrible controls. 1/5

    By Something Witty...
    Update 3/1/21 New controls. Still garbage. Possibly even worst than the old, terrible controls. Original: The controls have been updated, but they are still garbage. If only HBO would use the vastly superior, native iOS video controls...
  • No more Picture-in-picture 1/5

    By haleybailey
    They took away wide view and P-in-P. Useless.
  • Good content, user interface needs some work 4/5

    By Elthran
    The content in HBO Max is good and fairly competitive with other offerings (so long as they keep adding more which appears to be the case). The user interface needs work and is behind the competition. User profiles are not easy to change on the Apple TV app, Netflix does a smart job of asking who you are when you open the app. Loading times for various menus is slow, preventing me from scrolling down smoothly. Channels (DC, Crunchyroll, HBO, Cartoon Network, etc) I have to scroll down for, and should be accessible in the sidebar for easy access. If those items are on the roadmap, that would make HBOMax a better app, provided they are able to keep up with new content alongside others.
  • I cant see anything 3/5

    By kasiimbo
    Why me and sone friends have the same problem??
  • Need help 2/5

    By deerheads
    Help plz I trying put hbo max on my tv and I sign up though xfinfy how I can get it on my tv they give me a code put I can’t find where I can put the code in plz help ty
  • New update doesn’t allow full screen 1/5

    By Andrdj
    I used to love watching on my mobile devices because you could zoom in and the video would fill the whole screen. Now you can’t do that. So now on my iPhone or iPad you have massive borders around the video. Don’t like this at all. HBO max please go back to how it used to be!!
  • Language settings 4/5

    By Ricardooo__010
    Anytime I am watching something on my phone or laptop there’s options for spanish but when I go on my tv those options do not appear and only show up for the new premiere movies please fix this.
  • The app no longer works 1/5

    By Zack25675436
    I got through two episodes of a show, now it tells me error every time I try to watch a show. Complete waste of money until they fix this, but there is no one to talk to, to fix this.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By fnaf liker
    This app is very great, just one thing, please remove the line bar of how much you watched the movie, make it that you can see the line bar when you click the movie/series when you want to start to watch it, so please remove that line bar and make it that you can only see the line bar when you click on a movie please, just seeing that line bar every single time I login to hbo max just annoys me so much
  • Downloads not working 2/5

    By dcw357
    I could not watch my downloaded videos offline on a flight. The app kept trying to connect to HBO Max.
  • New update 3/5

    By briggs19971
    Thanks for fixing bugs and improving speed and stuff, but who had the bright idea to remove the full screen button?????
  • Get It Together, HBO 1/5

    By Aubzree
    The app is neither smooth nor user-friendly. It often freezes regardless of iOS, PlayStation, or Xbox devices. Judging by the other reviews, it looks like the problems have existed for months/years. Please take the excessive money you charge everybody for the monthly service, and make this app better. Thank You.
  • Crashes immediately after opening 1/5

    By blair1450
    I was having no issues at all with this app until I downloaded the new update on my iPad, now it opens then immediately goes black and can’t be used at all. Please fix! Why are we paying for something we can’t even use?
  • Last Update Was A Flop 3/5

    By LSUfan0307
    I’ve enjoyed the app until the update on February 24th. Streaming quality seems to have lessened, but my main complaint would be that the widescreen function has gone away. Please bring that back ASAP.
  • Why? 2/5

    By Distorted Fox~
    Why can we only access just 1.5 seasons of Last Week Tonight!!??
  • App is slow! 2/5

    By Very Pleased! :)
    I have been having nothing but issues with streaming on my phone and on PlayStation for the last week. It will just sit and buffer and not play or it will play the picture slow and audio normal so it won’t look right. Why are we paying 14.99 for an app that is barely able to stream?! It was working fine before all these updates that have been happening so stop messing with what was working!
  • Subbed but can’t use 1/5

    By nicknamesareallinuse
    I paid for the service and every time I try to use it, I receive the same subscribe now/ connect to iTunes/ already subscribed option. When I click on Subscribe Now, I’m prompted with “You’re already subscribed” but can proceed no further than this notice. Will be deleting app and I demand a refund.
  • New video player is terrible 2/5

    By vincer80
    Removed the zoom feature that every video player has. Bring it back.
  • App is Completely Broken on My XR 1/5

    By Conductor on the Meme Train
    Every time I open this app, the screen flashes some titles before going to black. I have updated the app and tried other recommended fixes, but the issue persists.
  • Removed full screen support 2/5

    By Vabyloodsteen
    Uhh why did you remove the full screen button? You can’t make the video wide screen anymore. What gives?
  • App crashes 1/5

    By JKB2019
    Please update the app. It has been crashing a lot over the last few days. Overall the app has great content but when it doesn’t stream smoothly it becomes very frustrating.
  • Does not play well with chrome cast! 2/5

    By Way to slow.
    What more can I say?