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With HBO NOW you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO's addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Barry, and so much more. In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone's talking about. Getting started is easy. Just download the app to sign up for your free 1-month trial (then just $14.99/month. Free trial is for new customers only.). Watch on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, connected TV or gaming device—and on your computer at Cancel anytime. Payment is charged to the iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings. If you turn off auto-renew during the current subscription period, your subscription will be canceled for the subsequent period. HBO NOW® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO NOW® and related channels and service marks ae the property of Home Box Office, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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HBO NOW app reviews

  • Login time is to long 1/5

    By tellmeehy?
    I got my password wrong a few times and I haft to wait 60 minutes just to retry.
  • Shady 1/5

    By BidDaddyVape
    I cancelled my subscription and was told I was paid up till July 30 BUT HBO IS STILL TRYING TO BILL ME THROUGH ITUNES EVEN THOUGH I CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION AND IT IS WAY BEFORE THE 30 I’m very dissatisfied with this type of practices
  • Amazon Firestick 1/5

    By Nessi_09
    Trying to stream a movie through the app on Amazon Firestick is impossible. All you get is errors. Terrible.
  • Buffers 1/5

    By pejaziry
    Buffers, buffers, same WiFi as Netflix works flawlessly, why can’t it just work blue dots comes out more the actual show. It is prettt was because there are a a lot of good stuff, I just can’t seem to watch it. Fix it! I mean come on your HBO!
  • Why would I try this app!!! 1/5

    By bopsponge
    Based on the many bad reviews, I would never download this app..(free or not)
  • Meh 2/5

    By bdbplatano
    badly needs a mark as watched/unwatched button. Why can't I add shows (instead of episodes) to a watch list?
  • Frustration 3/5

    By rbrooks05
    The content is great unfortuantly the app is frustrating. Having to log in every month via computer is not the most user friendly. Not sure why they require this. Overall, not with the frustration--just maintain for short durations.
  • Not a great app 1/5

    By Cowbellzzz
    Although I love the productions by HBO, this app is extremely buggy. It’s impossible to multitask because the app will automatically crash. Outside of multitasking, I’ve experienced unexpected crashing while using the app like normal. The app is also not user friendly. If you’re watching a series (or a few), you have no “history” option. Instead, you have these “continue watching” options which are never updated to the episodes you are actually on. While I’m watching a show like Sopranos and if I wanted to get to my current episode, I always have to enter a search for sopranos, find my season, and then select the appropriate episode. Not a huge issue and does not take long to do, but it’s just extremely annoying to have to do every single time. I’ve experienced this issue on both the iPad app and the AppleTV app. Independently of me saying anything, my husband has voiced the same issues, so I know this is not just my devices.
  • sCAM 1/5

    By angrygirlwhosmoneywastaken
    Even after you cancel a subscription (or a free trial) you will still be charged and cannnot get a refund. save your money
  • Dev got lost 2/5

    By Hassimal
    What happened? This ui was easy to use and now it's trash. How am I supposed to find what I wanna see? Already know the shows name?
  • Please increase volume 1/5

    By kattimmer
    The volume on the app is too low. Please increase
  • Why can’t I just open the app??? 1/5

    By nuno li
    I’m using iPhone X and every time when I open it, the screen just turns into totally black???
  • It’s ok but 3/5

    By Kaponiedition
    Some spanish channels like discovery channel are no Tun HD but it’s ok
  • Someone screwed up... 1/5

    By Tanamwob
    Signed up for a month trial to see if I would like it, a week later was charged the 14.99! Overdrew my account with no warning and now I have to figure out how to deal with that. Thanks a lot HBO. Thought I would only be charged after a month, and no I did not have a week trial.
  • Worst app on the store 1/5

    By Heust 18732
    Wish there was a way to rate under 1 star. Dosen’t even work.
  • Idk if my first one posted 1/5

    By Meric450
    This app is the worst. Please fix it. Too slow. Too glitchy. Crashes. And yes I have the latest update. Just the worst. Use the amazon video app as a goal. I really want my review to be posted. I always wonder who controls that. But seriously. I took the time to write this post AGAIN because of how horrible this app is. it’s just horrible. and that’s why I really want this posted! Actually I got a good laugh when I was reading the 2000 negative reviews on this app and then like the 6 five star reviews for how amazing this crappy app is.
  • Performance issues 1/5

    By funky boy enjoyin imo
    Did developers look in to the performance issues ? The streaming is way too slow on lte . Let’s forget about streaming it takes time to boot up . Not sure if end to end testing has been done including device and end user experience tests .. seriously someone has to see where the time is spent .. 2 stars and on top I have a paid one
  • Was charged for subscription but do not have this app 1/5

    By Sweetheartist
    I was charged for this app on 7/10/2018 for $16.32. I do not have this app on my phone or any other device. I would like a complete refund, however there is absolutely no where to cancel this subscription or a phone number to contact for customer service. One star given because there is no option for zero stars. RIKKI K.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By unhappycustomer8888
    I’m 90 minutes in to trying to set this up and it’s still glitching and I’m still with customer service. I’d give it zero stars if I could 🙄
  • Equalizer 2/5

    By JoohFer
    I like the programs and the apps had developed a lot since I first used it. But there is the subscribe option which I wanted to watch like the equalizer and when I hit subscribe it says that I needed a Direct TV Now Subscription. I know I do have a Direct TV Now Subscription. If I need to watch it as a pay per view for rent I’m still okay with it. But there’s no way I can watch it. It does not offer a link or choice since I already have a subscription for Direct TV Now.
  • Downloaded... 2/5

    By Deebi27
    I downloaded, tried to find the trial offer, but nothing shoes in my settings! I guess I should stuck with my thoughts of download an app with less than 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️, don’t do the download! It’s canceled more HBO App!
  • Not cover 1/5

    By Wspjims
    Being the number one tv channel it doesn’t have cover up to any other America country only the U.S that’s disappointing. And what are you guys to do? Apparently nothing so that’s how it should not be nice review.
  • Awful app, crashes when paired with chrome cast 1/5

    By kristwyn008
    This app is terrible and not optimized to pair with the chrome cast. It will take several tries before it casts successfully if at all. What’s the point of paying for hbo’s amazing content if I can’t even see any of it on my own TV? 😞
  • Verify this 4/5

    By TheAmberPortal
    I agree regarding having to verify so many apps and devices I’m really sick of this. After loosing our house and having our community devastated after the wildfires in Northern California the internet infrastructure has been crippled so using Roku and my iPhone I have maybe verifying direct tv now subscription maybe a trillion times. Just hbo alone we have.... HBO go HBO now And others for other channels so they aren’t alone but would be cool if they did it better because HBO freaking Rocks Yo! Thanks Just apps got to stop being time vampires right thanks
  • Grey bars 1/5

    By dlvr8r
    UI gamma (or something) is completely broken, resulting in highly distracting grey bars at the edge of the screen. Unsubscribing until this is fixed.
  • Streaming issues. 2/5

    By Abow34
    HBO I am giving you two stars only. There is constant buffering with your streaming on PS4. I have checked my internet service provider and everything checks out there. I am open to any suggestions.
  • Don’t see my provider 1/5

    By ladyRenita66
    I’ve got HBO and I was logged in the app when I updated it I had to log in against. Now I don’t see spectrum 🤬🤬🤬
  • Ruins the experience of watching 1/5

    By david102299
    Mostly what this app does is ask you where you bought it and to login again and then you see three blinking dots, sometimes without end. The dots have been blinking the whole time I’ve been writing this review. Trying to watch the Zen Diaries is not at all Zen experience. HBO, you can do better.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By nae299
    This app is dumb and it says you gotta pay yea no thanks Netflix is cheaper✌🏽

    By Hi0264
    This thing is always buffering. ALWAYS. I hate laggy streaming. I hate the lack of control over scrubbing speed. I hate that it doesn’t seem to scrub ahead. I use this via data. Should not have any bandwidth type issues with it. BUT I DO. So please, fix this buggy app already.
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By Mskikig
    I’m happy that the app finally has a “continue watching” the next episode during the credits. I would like a way if the next episode could start automatically without me using my remote.
  • HBO 1/5

    By Roselavender19
    Please cancel!!!...Thank you....
  • HBO must think they don’t have any real competition. 1/5

    By XXL-8308
    There is really no excuse in 2018 to have an app that is as inapt as HBO now. Did technology is so out of date. They can’t do an easy sort of movies, they can’t pick up Anita TCB and we left off, they can’t give you a simple way to see what movies about without a lot of hassle. But the main thing, is the app freezes. No weather app Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, none of them freeze up like the HBO now. HBO, you’re charging a premium price for an inferior product. You cannot survive if you don’t do something about this.
  • Too many hoops to jump through 1/5

    By jason8957
    I started out wanting to watch this on my XBOX. It then sent me to a webpage with a code. I then enter the code and it wants me to log in with an HBO account. I don’t have one and there is no option to create one, so then I install this app to create an account and I have to bill to the iTunes Store, which I don’t have set up with a credit card. So stupid. Why can’t I just create an account without surfing several devices.
  • Harry Potter 3/5

    By romo zrno
    On the ad it shows The Harry Potter series is on it and then I searched it up and found no results
  • Horrible 1/5

    By shahg46
    The interface is horrible. I have many streaming apps, yet this is the only one where I can’t chromecast to my TV.
  • Harry Potter 1/5

    By Rnkskalxhwna
    The only reason I had this app was for Harry Potter - it’s nowhere else... please put it back :(
  • No incluye el idioma español por lo que cancelaré la suscripción 1/5

    By Andris R P
    No incluye el idioma español por lo que cancelaré la suscripción
  • Question 1/5

    By Illmaticsupreme
    How do i cancel my subscription to HBO Now ?
  • DO NOT INSTALL.!🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By stevauriaa
    Im HIGHLY upset.!😤So, i’ve been watching the Harry Potter series since yesterday with absolutely NO problems at all. Suddenly, just a couple of minutes ago, my phone goes dead, so I turn it back on. I open the HBO app in hopes of finishing where I left off, which was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” but when I search it up it says “0 results.” So, I tried searching the titles by its full names instead of just typing “Harry Potter.” IT STILL SAYS “0 results.” So, Im VERY angry and HIGHLY confused because I literally was JUST watching the movies now they’ve suddenly DISAPPEARED. You need to fix this app...Im uninstalling and you’re getting a one star rating. Goodbye.
  • App issues 2/5

    By Co-v
    The app has not worked for an entire week. I have an IPhone 8 and up to date. Paying HBO for free here.
  • Lastima 1/5

    Yo no lo recomiendo para nada ya que muchos de sus programas solo es tan en inglés y no en español . Los mismos programas que uno puede ver en la web y en varios idiomas y la misma calidad de imagen
  • Might just get HBO actual instead 1/5

    By Rorourboat
    ...because this app is so bad. Perhaps that’s intentional? App won’t even load or open.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By chaos bit
    Poorly written software. Company doesn’t understand how to write software. Will bill you randomly and steal your money. Avoid at all costs.
  • Keeps taking my money but can’t use the service 1/5

    By BenJRandom
    Money goes out of my account every month but there’s no way to actually use the app since I upgraded my phone. None of my accounts apparently are active. Logging on with “iTunes” takes me to account creation screen. Huh? No customer service links in all anywhere, no email, no phone number, no web page. Well, guess I’ll stop giving away my money and getting nothing in return then. Cancelling subscription. What a shame, because I like the shows and want to watch them.
  • Can’t cast 1/5

    By HammerStrength17
    Please fix this app’s casting ability. And why the heck is it so hard to pick up where you left off/binge watch?
  • Needs to step it up to compete with other streaming sites 1/5

    By Dueces42
    I couldn’t stand to use this app anymore! You can only steam shows on a phone or iPad, not a laptop. This makes no sense to me, as I’m still subscribing. The shows have trouble loading. Overall, the app design is terrible. I judge everything against Netflix which, at $10/month I get more shows and movies and can play on any device with no issues with playback. With this app, it’s $15 for limited shows and movies and an app which is not well designed to browse titles and the playback is terrible. I wanted to watch some HBO shows, but in the end have switched to Hulu with HBO add-on for the same subscription fees per month.
  • No download capabilities 3/5

    By williad4
    App works fine but I usually only watch tv when I’m flying or stuck in airports. Very disappointed I can’t download content to watch without connection. Netflix and showtime both allow this. So I will likely cancel this subscription since it won’t be of much use to me.
  • Ate my money, no service 1/5

    By Wjmelements
  • Error screen right out the gate. Pathetic. 1/5

    By CDaze
    App simply doesn’t function at all. Downloaded it to iPad, opened it. Immediately greeted with a “Content not available” screen. It doesn’t seem to be possible to get past this screen. I’ve entered no information, no account info, etc - I didn’t even get the opportunity to! I deleted the app, then installed again. Same problem. I’ve never had this happen with any iOS app. If it was some kid’s free app they made in their bedroom, I’d shrug it off. But this is the work of a massive media company, not to mention something I’m paying $15/month for. What’s the excuse?

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