Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2

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  • Current Version: 1.100
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MASOMO LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Android
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Head Ball 2 App

Join millions of players in one of the most competitive soccer games ever created. Compete against other players in your league and play to claim your place at the top of the ladder. Experience the thrill of the online matches in Head Ball 2 with the voice of the legendary commentator John Motson! Upgrade Your Character to Become a Champion! Stand out from the crowd by choosing from hundreds of accessories to fınd your unique combination. Improve your characters’ skills to dominate the field. Progress to unlock new characters and cosmetic rewards and upgrade your favorite characters. Spice Things Up With Different Super Powers! Unlock 18 different superpowers and use them at the right moment to catch your opponent off guard. Your opponents can counter you with superpowers as well! Take Control of Your Soccer Career Progress through the unique career mode to unlock special bonuses, characters, and accessories. As you progress, rewards become increasingly difficult to obtain, do you have what it takes? Gather Fans and Unlock New Stadiums Increase your fanbase by gaining supporters after each win. Unlock new stadiums to fit your ever-growing supporters. Journey through 10 different stadiums as you walk towards glory! Share the Fun! Get social by connecting your Facebook account and play the most exciting soccer game with your friends, show them who is the best! Features; -Online soccer games against players all across the world. -5 competitive leagues with 15 brackets to play through. -Dynamic & exciting online gameplay with dashy graphics. -Upgrade your character, equip them with cool accessories and empower them with special powers. -New characters, items, and events added constantly! -Card packs to collect items and characters. -Facebook connection to play and team up with friends. Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill of the match and compete against millions! IMPORTANT! Head Ball 2 is free to download and play, however, there are some items in the game that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want this feature. Network connection is required to play.

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Head Ball 2 app reviews

  • Horrible Game 1/5

    By Falafel Games
    The game is okay but the main reason I got it was to play against friends. Every time I try to play the game loads up and before the timer sets off the game says it’s disconnecting and we have to sit there and wait for the game to crash. I am very unsatisfied with the game and disappointed that it continues to fail
  • Good game 4/5

    By Aadiannie
    Good game but there is a bug continuously happening. Whenever you are in a competition, game hangs on saying that the other person’s internet is not working and is getting connected and as soon as it resumes, the opponent scores the goal and you tend to lose easily. This frustrates. Also there are so many ads with each and every game. There should be a way out to let these ads disappear.
  • Good game but quickly becomes pay to win. 2/5

    By Lokitu
    Fun game, but you can’t win without superpowers, and you need diamonds to replenish your superpowers so you have to constantly buy diamonds if you want to be able to win. I just wish every mobile game wasn’t pay to win. I’d be willing to pay a flat fee for a good game, but having to spend like $10 a month is absurd.
  • Great game, but glitches glitches poor software integration 3/5

    By Hotelier750
    So often there is glitch in the game that keep momentary freezes(not the WiFi connection related)
  • This game 2/5

    By ii_TJToooSmooth_ii
    I kinda hate this game because it will freeze and then it will back out to my home screen on iOS
  • Good game but... 1/5

    By Bazyl 0861
    Its a good game, but I’ve noticed some players take advantage of the crappy connections this game allows you to play on, a few times I haven’t even been able to move or hit the ball but the other player can move around just fine. A few seconds left and I’m about to win and the connection goes to hell and the other player isn’t affected and ends up beating me because I can’t make contact with the ball, it just goes right through me.
  • I hate this 1/5

    By Mlm1965
    First off I always accidentally get the ball in my goal and it counts the point and then the other player acts like he made the goal
  • Trash 1/5

    By Uwariekachukwu
    Worst game ever! It always makes the ball go in my goal while small goal is activated screw this game
  • Good game, way too many ads!,,,,,,,, 2/5

    By bigfooot15
    Fun game but I can’t take the ads, way to many ads, every other second have to watch an ad just to play a game totally annoying!! Also quite a few glitches where I lost games because the ball goes right through me!
  • good concept but frustrating 2/5

    By K16xi
    was fun for the first few games until you start matching up with players that lag the whole game; then you start to realize that people glitch the game on purpose to turn it to their favor - frustrating and stupid. would not play this game at its current state.
  • Can you delete the face cause people bully and tant 1/5

    By dankninjas
    Can you add reporting for those players that hack Pls and thank you.
  • HeadBall 2 5/5

    By zcritch89
    I really really love this game
  • Bots 1/5

    By Pirati-1
    Just playing with bots
  • Best mobile game ever 5/5

    By Pjfootball18
    I have played multiple multiplayer games and this one is by far the best. From the graphics all the way to the commentary, this game is great. No other game can even compare. This game has multiple powers, characters, stadiums etc. overall I rate this game 5 stars
  • Lags 3/5

    By Panic! at the Disco---fan
    Some times when the opposite saids it’s lagging the other player SCORES even tho it was Obvious that I blocked the goal..... I love the game but I never get good gear from the packs or at all I only get players which sometimes I just need gear.
  • Fun but glitchy. 2/5

    By nickysikdix
    Career mode: doesn’t count goals, freezes (not with in-game powers) and allows the other player to score. Glitchy as hell.
  • Nice game 5/5

    By Salon Dahal
    I like your game so much
  • salam 5/5

    By reza02145
  • Вылетает и проиграл 2/5

    By Ganry0223
    Играю через WiFi но с некоторыми игроками вылетает с игры и при счете 5-0 я проигрываю почему не знаю , поэтому не советую играть только нервы , удаляю !
  • My opinion 1/5

    By armored_god
    To many people hacking to get infinite power ups and freezing other people
  • Nice game but I feel like the joker is too easy!!! 5/5

    By Xonfnf
  • Ref is not really good 1/5

    By gabsocerhi
    The ref keeps giving you yellow cards and it’s annoying and the ball went through me well I was playing
  • Amazing 5/5

    By killroy💩
    This game is perfect for little kids
  • Fun game, with a lot of issues 2/5

    By AfterPoem3
    Very addictive, and hard to stop playing. That being said, the game (even with good WiFi) has a lot of lag. There is a ridiculous amount of pop ups from the game, and a ridiculous amount of ads.
  • baxti.01 5/5

    By baxti.01
    Ustume tanımam
  • I luv this but it has problems 4/5

    By maximusthrash
    The game is perfect in my opinion, BUT IT NEED LESS ADDS!
  • I love this game but. 3/5

    By Avery11029384756
    It’s stupid how there are ads literally after every 90 second game. Not just saying that to say it but it’s true. If you love ads you have that. I don’t understand why you can’t make it atleast every 2 or 3. Another thing is I hate having like a 15-18 overall and i’m playing like a 45 overall card! It’s stupid. I’m a pretty good player in my opinion and they just whoop me when I have to use my lower cards since of the energy. Maybe make it so it’s better level matching or something. And one last thing is I hate so much how an pope not can leave the game for 15 seconds. And do that over and over and over and over. And if they are about to score or what not and i’m there to block. Majority of the time they will click there home button or what not just to try to mess me up. It’s annoying, sometimes I’ll wait for minutes to finish a game just due to the fact the other opposing player is taking advantage of that. Maybe put a timer because that is ridicules.
  • Fun at first, then downhill 2/5

    By Parsa33
    At first its fun, if you’re good it’ll be really fun, but then p2w starts, it matches u up with opponents 2 times your level and power. And of course connection issues, how are you supposed to play when you cant time any of your shots?!
  • Highly addicting 5/5

    By Judge4utube
    I was playing 8 ball when this game came up during an advertisement. 8 ball promised me some extras if I downloaded this game. I did and had not come back! Very fun game! Highly addicting. I don’t typically buy diamonds for games but I couldn’t help it for this game. I’m $25 deep into this game. Well worth it!
  • Bad match making 2/5

    By PredsFan1998
    It is a fun game. However, the match making is horrible. It will pair you up with players way out of your level, making it hard to compete. It goes both ways, either having a super low level or super high level against you. Also, the level of toxic players is unreal. There should probably be a limit to how many times one can comment during a match.
  • Headball2 5/5

    By bad and bougee
    The best soccer game ever
  • fix the problem 1/5

    By Shyha94
    you need to fix the game I'm losing games because some people are using the lag glitch to win it's frustrating to play
  • iGetIPS 3/5

    By OnCripk
    This game would be so much fun if you don’t get in game with someone who is from another country because the game is always lagging
  • Awesome game if you love lag! 1/5

    By hdnsbavaybsbag
    Every time I play a game it just lags, making it impossible to play a fair game with anyone! What a blast!
  • Head Ball 2 5/5

    By reptosecret
    Best game ever you will love it.
  • I’m gay aka kai’s gay 1/5

    By hdhhxigsygci
    I first love the gayme but then when I Scored it didnt give me my point and it just went right through !!!!!!!!!!😡🥰💋💄🌈🌈🌈
  • Stressful game became headache not HeadBall 1/5

    By Ben Maureen
    This game has a lot of potential but the connection issues and lag destroy any chance of a fair play in almost every single match! When my character goes to kick the ball or jump to block a shot, the game will lag and or continue to glitch out like the ball was never touched, scoring a goal, giving the opposing player an advantage. This therefore benefits those who might have a bad connection and is an unfair advantage to others who continue to play that might have a more stable connection.
  • **FUN GAME!! 4/5

    By agentpdiddy236
    Just let the last shot go in or count for
  • Don’t spend $1 1/5

    By Kraka37
    “Buy this now!”, ad, crash, ad, glitch, lag, “Buy this other thing now!”, ad, lag, etc You get no boosts you used back when it crashes and for some reason, every time the game lags (you could be standing next to your router/cell tower) it works against and for your opponent
  • Wnananann 5/5

    By iccjxkx

    By DannMeli98
  • Cant play 1/5

    By Amir Mahmoud Ebrahimi
    After the first tutorial I can’t even get into a single game after seeing the searching for an opponent suddenly comes back to the first screen and this is a forever loop.
  • 👍 5/5

    By m_sh4882
  • Dissapointed 1/5

    By francisco.ramirez
    From a week All match are not even. People with more than 3K matches and top players against one with 600 matches and poor level players....
  • Awesome game!!! 5/5

    By rjbelon
    Love it and very addicting never gets old
  • He’d ball2 5/5

    By Her03SS
    It is still fun
  • Nice 5/5

    By letnithang88
    Great game , real chill and fun.
  • Kiri & cool game 5/5

    By dona teacher
    Very kiri game be jone gerle jende teramp! Elahi ghesmatam beshe Bokonamesh be haghe molaaa
  • Thanks 5/5

    By shikooooooooooo
    Thanks too much It's amazing

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