Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

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Headspace: Meditation & Sleep App

Headspace is your guide to health and happiness. It’s the simple way to let go of stress and get a better night’s rest. Learn to relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day. Plus, Sleep by Headspace helps you create the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest. Get more from your day through mindfulness, be less distracted and reactive, and focus on the things that matter most to you. The Basics course is completely free and will teach you the fundamental techniques of meditation and mindfulness. After that, by subscription, gain access to the full Headspace meditation library. Train your mind with guided meditations on everything from managing stress and anxiety, to getting a better night’s rest, to relationships. Bring more awareness to daily activities through on-the-go exercises, and use SOS sessions to skillfully manage moments of panic or anxiety. Get the rest you deserve at night with the help of Sleep by Headspace, which includes sleepcasts and sleep sounds. The Headspace animation library is full of tips and helpful wisdom to keep your practice on track, and you can even add friends to keep each other motivated. WHAT THIS MEDITATION AND SLEEP APP DOES: Headspace teaches you how to meditate, breathe, and live mindfully. It’s even been proven to improve focus. There are exercises on topics including managing anxiety, stress relief, breathing, happiness, and focus. Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before. There’s a free Basics course that will teach you the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. As part of the Sleep by Headspace experience, there are sleep meditations, sleep sounds, and specially-designed sleepcasts to guide you to a place of rest. Sleep by Headspace was built around the needs of restless sleepers so the screen is darker and the buttons are easy to find. After all, no one wants to look at a bright screen at night. It’s perfect whether you have trouble falling asleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night. WHAT YOU’LL GET: - Hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise, and sleep - Sleep by Headspace to help you drift off - Everyday Headspace: daily meditations on a new topic each day - “Mindful Moments” to keep you present throughout the day - 2-3 minute “mini meditations” for a quick mental reset - “SOS” sessions for moments of panic, anxiety, and stress - Headspace animations to teach you new skills and answer your mindfulness questions - Track your progress and time spent meditating - Add Mindful Minutes to Apple Health - Buddy up and add your friends to meditate with you - Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for Kids with sessions on Kindness, Calm, and Focus - Training led by former monk and renowned mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Headspace offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $12.99 per month $94.99 per year These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. The subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before current period ends. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. If you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. Headspace also offers a Forever subscription which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $399.99 with unlimited access to the Headspace Collection forever. Headspace integrates with the Apple Health app. Read the terms and conditions here - http://www.headspace.com/terms-and-conditions Read the privacy policy here - https://www.headspace.com/privacy-policy

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Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app reviews

  • Sleepcast Glitchy 2/5

    By Ph3.Nix
    I really loved the app in the beginning, I learned some amazing tips for mindfulness. I recently discovered the wind down section of the App. I fell in love with it, I used the sleepcasts every night as a healthy way to fall asleep. This section helped me get rid of my vices. Unfortunately, the app has been glitching for a few months now. When I select a sleepcast, it plays for about fifteen seconds and stops. I use to recommend this app to anyone that needed help with falling asleep, staying asleep, or meditation in general. Fix your app.
  • Worth your time 5/5

    By IVIartinko
    It works like/with apple health. They check in and offer side sessions. This is the only ad I’ve ever gotten excited about appearing and think they do a wonderful job directing your attention rather than “breathe. Breathe. Breathe” It’d be cool to add brain games or something that’s equivalent to say clicking a pen. Maybe that’s just me <3
  • Translation 4/5

    By swissap
    Still waiting for French
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By chickeneater6565
    This is overpriced
  • What a Cute app 5/5

    By AngelsRoses
    Seriously, as a beginner on this field I must say I have tried lots of meditation apps and I’m so happy I stick to this one because it helped me on my first week, it always up to date and not mentioning how cute every detail looks. Thank you for making an amazing app.
  • Apple Watch App is Garbage 1/5

    By cameronlindsay
    Very surprised that headspace released this product - very much an afterthought. Disappointed.
  • Headspace is great! 4/5

    By mmmAaK
    This is a fantastic app, full of great tips and peaceful moments. I am docking one star because almost everything is locked, and you have to pay to unlock them. On the bright side there are NO adds!
  • Bahare 5/5

    By Bahareppp
    I really need to learn meditation I think it’s good ,,I’ve done 4 Session I hope I get better Thank you for learning for free
  • Headspace App 5/5

    By Zingycat
    I like this app because like its name, it helps you create headspace, by helping you get rid of junk thoughts. Helps you create and think on happier and healthier things, thereby relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Changed my life. 5/5

    By profjd
    I was angry a lot and headspace made me better.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By Dr. Frederic Kass
    Headspace is totally different from and superior to Calm. Key is that it teaches mindfulness and perspective. Difficult to master. Calm is seductive and teaches escape. It employs slick advertising using “stars”, implying beauty, fame etc. As a psychiatrist with decades of experience building clinical programs and working with patients and their families Headspace will catalyze health and wisdom. I find Calm counterproductive.
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Trooks218
    Headspace is great, the soothing voices really helped my insomnia. I don’t have any money so I did not pay for the app but the basics still help and I do one every night after I get dressed for bed. Highly recommend this app
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Gamer9871234
    No value in a few free 5 minute meditations. It’s just a thin veil for selling subscriptions. Don’t waste your time.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By zahiah
  • Bloopyblpo 5/5

    By bobyjoses
    Not going to lie this is a really amazing app and I love it but I just really hate that you have to pay for a subscription to unlock the meditations
  • This has changed my life!! 5/5

    By A_Happy_Koala44
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with anxiety and I didn’t know how to control all of my worries and constant panic attacks. But after I found this app, its given me so many useful tips on controlling my thoughts. Definitely recommend for people like me.
  • Limited downloadable content 3/5

    By ERS518
    I love this app and am a willing subscriber. However, I travel extensively for my job and wish the sleep casts were available to download in the app. The amount of downloadable content is so limited and is the same as what you can access for free. Why should I be paying for this service if I can’t access the full library as a paying customer? With 11-15 hour flights across the ocean 1-2 times/ month, I would like to have more variety to help me fight jet lag and stress.
  • Grounded 5/5

    By DurhamDLB
    I love this app. It helps me feel more grounded whether life is chaotic or calm.
  • Peace of Mind 5/5

    By -JoeLuis-
    Hearing Andy’s voice as he teaching me how to meditate is real soothing.
  • Im more aware 5/5

    By limeydnairem
    I’m more aware of how I feel and about my thoughts. This app is very relaxing. The sleep meditation put me right to sleep too I love it.👌❗️
  • Voice 4/5

    By Paaaaaarks
    His voice is calming and soothing
  • Great app! But can’t stream audio 4/5

    By Xerm
    Incredible app, and very helpful.. the only feature I’d love to see added is the ability to stream the audio to my HomePod, or other audio devices. I’ve set up a mediation room in my home and would love to use the speaker I’ve set up in there for this particular reason.
  • Awesome way to meditate 5/5

    By D Dixon
    I’ve tried many methods to meditate and this is by far the best. It’s a really user friendly way to be mindful each day, whether it’s the start the start of the day, during the day, or end of the day. Teaches not only how to “be here now”, but how to not attach to thoughts, or rate them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I have really been more mindful of my ‘headspace’ using this app!
  • This helps me with anxiety! 5/5

    By •gacha_playz•
    I’m so happy I downloaded this app when I tried the ad. I do this with the free version, and at 6:30 after my session at 6:25, I feel so much calmer. This app really helps and if you’re looking for an app to help you with stress or anxiety, this app is the one!
  • Helps shift the focus 5/5

    By Witty_girl
    Was amazed when the app taught me in mere 3 mins to take my mind off worries and completely switch off. Thanks a lot!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By hdhdhchdbfhskfghg nd
    Don’t waist your time trying to get in!
  • Amazing experience! 5/5

    By Sharinus
    This is sunshine and strength for the soul!!!
  • One of the best “exercises” I’ve ever done 5/5

    By Ratio314
    If you’re looking for a guided meditation app with a lot of features, I highly recommend Headspace. I have a paid subscription (which has been an incredible investment) but you can test it for free to see if the “Voice” and the rest of the features fit your preference. Additionally, if the cost of the subscription seems too much, I would encourage you to think of ways to find 12 bucks in your monthly budget; I don’t think of my subscription as a cost - I think of it as an investment in my health.
  • Headspace 5/5

    By softballbeauty179917
    When am stressed or angry i know that there is headspace and I can meditate all I want because I will make the anger turn into happiness.
  • Buggy app 2/5

    By David LaP
    The content is good, but the app freezes or crashes when it’s in the background, particularly when my iPhone goes to sleep. This is an almost daily occurrence. I use an iPhone 6 with iOS 12.1.4. It’s very irritating and does do much to put me in the right frame of mind to meditate.
  • Life 5/5

    By susan h..
    Almost two years meditating now and it still makes my life better.
  • High Stress? Take a Mental 5/5

    By Jck_woods
    I work in a fast paced 60 hour work week corporate environment. I realized that I wasn’t taking enough time for myself during the work week. Head Space has given me that opportunity while improving my work out put. It’s worth the time and money.
  • I love it but... 1/5

    By TigerTom533
    I really do love this app but you have to pay for it which I can’t afford :(
  • 5 stars!! 5/5

    By NaDeeK-333
    I’ve tried nearly all of the meditation apps and this one by far is my favorite. The inner peace I feel is well worth the price of the subscription! Very satisfied!
  • Good content, but limited unless you subscribe 4/5

    By RealtorKeyMomof3
    This has great guided meditation, especially for a beginner. I have noticed most of the content is only available via a paid monthly subscription.
  • Best app I have 5/5

    By AlanJC56
    It works plain and simple I use think meditation was silly till I fell into depression over the last two years. Through this app I’ve learned how all the distractions in my life helped bring on my depression . I am a Christian as well and wanted to overcome this depression through prayer and something natural instead of meds that usually come with a lot of side effects some even unknown at the time and this app is a God send !
  • 👌 5/5

    By Itz Bear bear
    I personally love headspace. I have very bad anxiety so this app helps me so much! Thank you headspace for being there when I need you most!!
  • The best!! 5/5

    This is the best meditation app because it is FREE & it very much does help you achieve your goals in whatever branch of meditation you please.
  • Very interactive and helpful 5/5

    By Sacristan Strong
    So far I’ve found Headspace to be easy to use and inviting to my over 60 year, somewhat tech-less, brain. The meditations I’ve done have been very professionally presented. I had immediately signed up for the up-grade because I had already found the basic scope so helpful. Thank you for this app and for its ease of use. I look forward to continuing this well designed app into the future. Peace, SacristanStrong
  • Life changing. 5/5

    By Smslc2011
    I don't leave a lot of reviews, and I don't exaggerate things like this. Headspace has changed my life. If you are consistent with it, my guess is it will change yours too. AMAZING. Thanks Andy and team. 🙏🙏🙏
  • Calm 5/5

    By BuhJoel
    I think that this app just calms you and takes away your stress.It is also very relaxing to me. And I think that every body should try this someday. And if they have already done it then they can maybe try it again someday.
  • Useful even if you don’t use it 5/5

    By Rich II
    I meditate on my own so I don’t use the app for that, but I keep it on my phone because I love the notifications it sends. Every day a notification pops up from headspace with a quote related to mindfulness, like “Look for balance. The middle bit is the best bit.” or “Your phone can do some really cool things. Now put it down and go do something else.” They are great!
  • My brain thanks you! 5/5

    By agirlwithasquirrel
    I’ve struggled with severe ADHD my whole life. I’ve recently been trying to wean myself off of my medication, but was worried I’d be hopeless without it. This app has totally changed that. I have become so much more focused and present. I really appreciate Andy’s tips, reminders, and encouragement that a restless mind is okay, it’s just something to train. I’ve also tried the app Calm. Between the two, I much prefer headspace. Calm has more content in the app, but headspace, in my opinion, TRAINS you much better, helping you understand meditation and work through obstacles. I recommend going through all three Basics packs before moving on!
  • Headspace 5/5

    By kito135790
    Hello this app works for me because I love meditation
  • Not that good 1/5

    By G regular
    I wanted to play this, but I did not have an account so I couldn’t play the game it sounded fun but i could not start it.
  • Try it 5/5

    By Nick Rosolanko
    What if you got to lose. I've been using Headspace for 4 years and it's worth every penny. 13,500 minutes using this incredible app. It's my version of going to the gym each and every day. So many options from first time users to frequent meditators.
  • AMA-Zen 5/5

    By fallingoverthemoon
    Corny, I know. Probably not the first person to make that joke! Anyway, this is my first time ever reviewing an app because this honestly is SO worth it. Awhile back when I saw the first ads for Headspace I thought it was pointless for me to try out despite how adorable and calming it seemed. Then one day I decided that after seeing ad after ad and sitting all the way through to watch them, why not give it a try? Best decision I made. Never have I thought that this app would be so important to my health. I didn’t think I’d ever need meditation or that it would work for me and I’m so happy I was wrong. Ultimately I decided to go on the route of destress meditation (the free version) and it has helped so much with my nighttime anxiety. I find myself being more at peace and having my body feel so incredibly relaxed and loose before I go to bed which I’ve never felt before. It’s quite incredible how good this app has made me feel. It’s also helpful because ever the free version slowly takes you into the journey of meditation to help you feel comfortable learning and living in it. I just reached my fourth session with two weeks of trying this app out and I finally was able to go total zen to the point of getting rid of my uneasy feeling I had moments ago. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who needs a moment of relaxation.
  • Life Changer. 5/5

    By elisuzukigill
    I’m a very skeptical person in general, but Headspace has been a real life changer. So thankful to call this part of my daily routine!
  • This app is great especially for students 5/5

    By Their death
    Students get a massive discount and this app honestly helps me be a better version of my self. This is my first review ever I believe. I think this app is for everyone. The ability to control your mind is unreachable however being able to let go of it is way more important and that’s what this app focuses on. Helped me in school, work and social life.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep app comments

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