Headway: Books' Key Ideas

Headway: Books' Key Ideas

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Headway: Books' Key Ideas App

Does the idea of being smart by choice drive you? Then Headway is the right app. Dive into any topic and master any skill with the world’s best books on Productivity, Negotiation, Money, Health, Love, Business, Investment, etc. Busy schedule? Well, no wordy books here — only 15-minutes summaries! WHAT DO READERS LOVE ABOUT HEADWAY? “This app really got me reading more every night before going to bed) I like the variety of books and topics!” — Rana Eldars “Great concept, cool UI/UX, the right thing for my busy lifestyle, really love it!” — Denys Moskalenko “This app is amazingly easy to me because I can't really read when working or drive; however I can listen all day long at night. When a topic isn't clear I get my eye on it for improving my reading skills.” — Carlos Vieira HOW DOES HEADWAY MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER? • Audio version for each summary No extra time needed — get book’s key points while commuting, working out, scrolling the newsfeed, etc. • Actionable insights Advice and ideas on how to live the life you want to. • Spaced Repetition feature Recall technique that helps your brain to keep in memory book insights. • In-app Look Up New words check without breaking [email protected]  reading flow. • Reading habit builder  Non-stressed notification system. WHY SHOULD YOU START READING HEADWAY? Try it if you want to be a rockstar at public speaking, want to succeed in business, get the promotion. If you want to find out how to fill your home with love and happiness. If you strive to learn from the world’s brightest minds. — To suggest an idea about how to make your reading and education with Headway better, please send an email to [email protected]

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Headway: Books' Key Ideas app reviews

  • Not working 1/5

    By Ltbeasy
    I paid $90 for a 6 month subscription and it’s not showing that I’m a premium subscriber or allowing me to see premium content.
  • Charged card without permission 1/5

    By Agimne
    Cancelled the day after I got this app because I didn’t see any use in it and they still charged me two weeks later. Will be contacting Apple about this scam of an app. Also will be taking legal action if I continue to be charged. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Their are way better apps with this same concept that sent a con.
  • Disappointing. 1/5

    By Katastrofey
    Don’t download unless you have the intent to spend money. Without paying for a subscription you don’t get a selection of anything.
  • Charged for UNWANTED annual subscription 1/5

    By ally1u
    I initially wanted to sign up for a free week trial; I didn’t think on getting charged a whole year subscription! I do not appreciate getting charged $63.74... Headway support responded but referred me to the AppStore...With NO RESPONSE.
  • Issue from the start 1/5

    By faiaflyn
    First of all, I haven’t even used the app yet so I don’t know if I will even like it. The interface to start is a problem. It is confusing when initial setting up. I was trying to start a free trial, but was instead charged a monthly subscription fee. After trying to get a refund through apple, I was denied and trying to get in contact with the company is a joke. I tried sending them a direct message on their website, but it would not even send.
  • Good 5/5

    By Evident Glass Cleaners
    So far so good. Short but packed with quick knowledge.
  • I am not pleased with this app 1/5

    By DeeDouble704
    I would like a refund but I don’t see where I can get in touch with someone from the app.
  • Didn’t even let me finish my free trial. 5/5

    By Sblibby
    My trial ends on 11/14. It’s 11/11 and it won’t let me read any books. I’m planning to get the subscription but not if the App is going to malfunction like this. Update. It’s working now. I cant wait to get my year subscription! I’m trying to pay it for the full year ! Will it let me do that or charge my weekly. I don’t get paid weekly.
  • App freezes 1/5

    By Golf Nut Handicap 2
    The app freezes often and skips chapters.
  • My sister accidentally subscribed for 6 months at $89.99 1/5

    By Afrojack got yo mule
    It did not even notify us about the subscription. We got a bank statement saying that the app charged us $89.99. I tried canceling, but the period of trial was over, and it said that I could still use the app even though We haven’t even set up an account or used it even once. Please Developers, if you see this, I would like a refund. I am not even using the app and have never used it once. I have already canceled subscriptions. Please respond ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Not bad but speakers voice gotta go too robotic 3/5

    By [email protected]:!(0?$3 apziucneksichf
    Would be nice to Aldo have the option to read classic original pieces - to keep it short -( platos republic, Sigmud Freud, etc)
  • Ew 1/5

    By Nico 1234567
    It’s cool if you like the sound of a creepy robot reading to you.
  • Awful customer service 1/5

    By Michael H 481
    Reached out to company for support. Issue was clearly misunderstood and I was diverted back to Apple who I knew could not assist. Avoid this app.
  • Bad execution but good idea 1/5

    By hsvxhsjab
    The concept of cliff notes is great. Cancelling your free trial when you realize the audio is a computer generated voice that mis-pronounces half of the words, not great. Beware it is not easy to cancel the free trial.
  • Robotic speech 2/5

    By Flsmalls
    I was so excited for this app. I added 19 different books to my library and couldn’t wait to start my commit and dive into one. I can’t get passed the robotic speech. It’s like a male Siri reading a book to you. Very distracting. Very disappointing.
  • Great book, poor quality review 1/5

    By hshs1498
    Try another app

    By Audible/Podcast Listener
    I tried to get the free trial and it charged me $19.99. The reading voice is just a robot and it pause for me at every chapter with no settings within the app to change that. I also downloaded blinkist. They use a beautiful real voice and has an auto play feature and it’s $15.99.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Derrinca
    It advertises it’s a free app but once you want to read anything then you have to pay $89/ for 6 months. That’s completely insane.
  • Great app, but... 3/5

    By iearmstrong11
    I love the concept, and got to listen to two books before the app started to act up. It forgot that I already subscribed (trial) and when listening to books it sometimes froze mid-way AND then switched to text view randomly. The app also restarted at the splash screen where I had to re-enter things I already chose. At this point, because my initial experience was less than smooth, think I'm going to stick with reading books the old fashion way (or electronically).
  • Beware! Deceptive subscription model. Cannot cancel subscription 1/5

    By Sparkle Faerie
    BEWARE! There’s no way to cancel your subscription, even with the “Free Trial”. Can’t cancel in App Store, can’t within the app, no website support. Tried to contact through their website but contact form is broken and will not submit. Finally found support email in the description, but also found the subscription policy which pretty much forces the user to pay the 6-month subscription despite the 7 day free trial. Found similar people having the same problem reading the reviews. Deceptive, I’ll be reporting this.
  • Needs to update “listen” feature 2/5

    By Melee Gee
    Nobody wants to listen to a robot tell a story. It is imperative that headspace adjusts this feature with real people reading the story. I bought this in hopes of listening to books on my way to work but I can’t connect with a robot.
  • Does not let you unsubscribe after trial 1/5

    By jalay3333
    This app does not give you the option to cancel the subscription after the free trial. After noticing this I read other reviews that were similar and so I just deleted the app entirely to not risk getting charged $89.00 in a week. They could’ve had a good thing going but the Dishonesty was entirely off putting and was very disappointing.
  • No Refund for Accidental Purchase 1/5

    By JawnDough
    1 star for a lack of integrity. This app was downloaded by a family member into my phone without my knowledge or consent, the free trial elapsed, and I was charged nearly $100 for something I will never use. Neither Apple nor Developer has made an effort to make this right, and I am appalled. This cannot be the way that people do business.
  • Deceptive business practices 1/5

    By sendthedogsin
    From the start this company is clearly preying on it users by advertising $3 a week after the free trial but really you get charged $80 unless you cancel before the 6th day of the trial. They make it very hard to cancel. Using two different time scales is misleading (only $3/week, auto enrolled for 6 months). “Cancel anytime”- but your already enrolled in a 6 month subscription. Don’t get tricked. I will be reporting this to the FTC and the better business bureau. It’s just not kind.

    By lillye33
    I had to go through all the fine print in terms of use just to find the email to contact the makers of this app, just to figure out how to cancel my subscription at the end of my seven day trial. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure this out until I finally found the email. I contacted them, they walked me through the steps, and I was able to cancel my subscription, but it was ridiculously complex. More so than any other app I’ve ever used. I ended up being late on my cancellation by just the morning of the next day. I was charged $96.00 since I technically didn’t get it canceled in time because they made it SO HIDDEN and so complicated to simply cancel my subscription in time. I can’t believe the makers of this app made it this complicated to cancel your subscription on accident. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. There are other apps for this out there that won’t deceive you like this one.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By gadget7389
    I believe the amount of jobs to plan this app were really hard and I’m really like totally recommended to the good reader. Excellent.
  • DON’T DOWNLOAD the app, it’s sneaky. 1/5

    By Mingwahaha
    It said you could cancel the service after 7 days trial period, this is NOT TURE! I wanna cancel my subscription after 5th day trial period, and I found I could not find the “unsubscription” option under Apple ID. ( I have done cancel subscription or cancel trial for other apps, so I know exactly what I am doing). So I contact to the support team with attached picture with my Apple ID. They just keep reply the steps that how to unsubscribe an apps over IPhone (3 times). I express that I understand the step, I follow through the steps, but I can’t find “subscription”tag. So I said I don’t wanna be charged for sign up the service, because I can’t stop the trial service. The reply is Hello! Sorry for the auto-reply. We can't check your subscription status, because Apple doesn't give us contacts of the users. You can check inside the phone settings by yourself. regards, Headway team I guess I m stuck!? The apps itself is fine, but I would rather it is a pay apps or a free app with in store purchase. Dishonest!!!!!!! Think twice before you download this app.
  • Supposed to bring peace, but only brings headaches 1/5

    By Collycollins
    Liked the app when it’s working, but it rarely works. Every single time I open the app I have to re-enter my starting preferences and bamboozle my way to my library by clicking restore purchases. Now I can’t even reach my library without doing another trial or adding on to my year subscription with an additional 6 month. Going on makes me feel frustrated and anxious when the intent is supposed calm and self growth. I also feel like I’m constantly being asked for money and reminded of deals a might have missed since it’s always asked me to pay. I’m loosing trust and ready to find an app that meets my needs.
  • Unsuspected charge so I guess I’ll use it 1/5

    By Kalistrane
    Was charged and couldn’t get a refund so I guess I have to use it
  • Free trial 1/5

    By neenmillimeter
    The app should positively inform people the day before the free trial ends or make it easy for refunds to be processed because $100 is quite an expense for 6 months worth of reading material.
  • Enchanted 5/5

    By gaseab
    Oh my god! I’m engaged so fast with this wonderful app I want to keep it for ever.
  • DECEPTIVE! 1/5

    By bopsauce
    While the concept is cool, it’s disappointing that no part of this is free except for the trial. I wish it was advertised up front that after you download the free app, in order to do ANYTHING... you need to agree to pay them 4 bucks a week. I would rather they just charge the $89 up front so that I didn’t waste my time. Of course it’s understandable that there is a charge for your service. Just don’t be so sneaky about it. Even in the App Store where prices for premium upgrades as most apps have.. there are multiple packages of the same name and even a free trial package that costs $89?! WHAAT?!
  • The voice is been changed and like commercials 2/5

    By mona cheng
    It sounds like reading an commercial ads... not like reading a book... and pricy... the voice is not like a natural human voice
  • Rip-off app with less content 1/5

    By 1deez01
    Looks like a rip-off of Blinkist :(
  • Not able to access the app/ content -I already subscribed 1/5

    By naru1212
    Currently I have subscription for this app, but it could not allow me to access the app’s content and directing me to subscribe but I already have subscription till Feb,24 2020. I paid $89.99. I didn’t find contact details to raise my issue with this app folks. Hey Headway, if you see my review please help me to resolve this issue and access the content
  • 13 2/5

    By Iagaky
    The voice is monotone, very mechanical and hard to listen to for any extended period.
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By App reviewer 222
    Do these companies test their apps anymore? The app opens and it keeps spinning. Left it for several minutes. Ridiculous
  • Is there an editor? 4/5

    By JHop19
    The two books that I have checked out so far have had multiple typing errors. It seems as though a non-native English speaker wrote the summaries or there is no second person taking a look at the summaries. This is distracting when reading, would also like to see a list of books I recently have read or opened. Other than this the app is great.
  • Deceptive trial terms 1/5

    By KizuNeko
    Extremely deceptive trial signup screen. Claims $0 per week and the small print says “$3.46/week/week” but they charge for a full 6 months after a week. What does that even mean? Why not say exactly what you are charging on the trial screen unless you are trying to deceive people? The book content is poorly “curated” since the focus of the snippets misses the mark (compared to books I’ve already read). Now I’m stuck with a 6 month $90 subscription I won’t use and no way to get a refund. Don’t get duped by this app’s developers.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mbc22488
    This app is terrible. Summaries are not focused on key concepts. Recordings are computer generated audio. I tried to cancel my subscription and was charged anyway. Now I’m stuck with it.
  • Free trial is a scam 1/5

    By tflores432609
    There is no way to cancel the free trial within the app. I contacted customer care and they did not respond. The actual subscription is also terrible. DO not try this app!
  • Impossible to unsubscribe 1/5

    By tany887
    I downloaded the app and tried the 7 day free trial and do not want to continue to move forward with my subscription. It says I should be able to cancel from my account in the app but there is no option available to do so. I do not want this app and do not want to be charged a no cancellation fee when it is not available for me to do so.
  • Need to have the option to mark read books 5/5

    By ooueida
    Need to have the option to mark and unmark read books Need to have the option to list all read and completed books
  • Never works! 1/5

    By dpatbl26
    I paid for the subscription but the app never works and I can’t log into the account on the same phone I set up with. Wish I never tried it to begin with.
  • Great app for readers with almost no time 5/5

    By Abhineet87
    I have been wanting to read almost all of these books but just couldn't find time. This app is great in giving a complete brief of the books in almost no time with the ease of going back to the books to revise exactly the things the you want.
  • price 1/5

    By mollydoll88
    this will be for people with a lot of disposable income if you want to market to everyone with this concept (which is good) make the price something people can fathom for the pay off. I was excited to listen to one book today but that did not motivate me to spend 90 bucks I was really surprised. maybe try charging per book so people can feel like they might stand a chance to partake in your app. if you’re just market to rich people then nvm do your thing.
  • No Login option! 1/5

    By JH Suman
    I have an account in android device. Couldn’t find any login option for existing users. This is ridiculous!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By noah khanam
    If you like reading, however are limited in time, the this app is a godsend.
  • Liked 5/5

    By Abit ruthless
    I enjoy this app well worth cost

Headway: Books' Key Ideas app comments

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