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healow App

healow™ lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the healow™ app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information. Find a doctor and book your appointment - fast, free & easy, at your convenience – morning, noon or late at night! No more waiting on the phone with your doctor's office for an appointment. Find an appointment that works for you and book instantly – on the go! Set your goals and track them easily using trackers. Use our weight management & activity trackers to reach your fitness goals. Track your numbers regularly to watch the trends change and share your progress with your doctor. Stay motivated to make healthy choices.

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  • I thought the days of raw text email ended in 1997! 1/5

    By Border Town Boy
    What possible reason could there be that whenever I type an email through this rickety, clumsy throwback to the days of Windows 95, I am forced to remove all apostrophes, hyphens, and parentheses from the message body. Otherwise this thing says “remove special characters”. WTH? I can’t even use standard contractions, like “can’t”! I’m actually afraid to use it much because it’s always a nightmare. I so wish my provider would just use EPIC MyChart. It works. This had already been done, and done well, by EPIC. I just don’t see the point of trying to do it differently. Just use what works.
  • Referring Dr Brown 5/5

    By Tink 1966
    I was in need of a new Doctor ASAP and found this group of doctors. I had such nerves about having to find a new family doctor. I came across the Houston Primary Care group and was extremely pleased with the staff in Byron. I made an appointment and was seen that next day. I am so pleased with the staff that I’ve worked with. I was afraid to make the switch, but I am extremely impressed with Dr. Brown and his staff. I was made to feel right at home, like I had been with them for years. From the front desk to Henry in the back office. I would recommend this group and Dr. John Brown to anyone who is looking to have a true Family Practice.
  • HEALOW 3/5

    By FTesla
    I have tried everything imaginable on my IPAD, but I cannot change from landscape to portrait. My neck hurts! Ftesla
  • Not looking forward to using this app 1/5

    By hsn1850
    I downloaded the app, entered the information requested, special code and/or MD phone number, neither worked. Tried another MD number to no avail. There seems to be some glitch that needs fixing. I will stick with the actual website and not use the app. Henry N.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Androlla1250
    This app was awesome for about 8 months and now it doesn’t work at all. Bull****

    By Ms_Larue
    Doctors, using this software may create bad reviews for office. - VISIBILITY The lab results DOES NOT fit page, in order to view completely, you have to scroll side to side There’s no option available to send or save labs anywhere. So not only can I fully see labs, I cannot view them ordinarily nor print them out. - ACCESSIBILITY The option to submit feedback does not work. The sending button is still pending and it’s been an hour since I’ve selected “submit” to send feedback. - FUNCTIONALITY When I tried sending a message to my doctor, I kept receiving an error message for special characters “ preventing the message to be sent to my doctor. After I deleted ALL of the punctuations in the body of the message, it still didn’t work. In essence, the app is NOT FUNCTIONAL and breaches an express warranty. The are disclaimers in place to protect you from liability but what are are claiming to be an affirmation of fact (s) are not.
  • Able to download my records 5/5

    By iDude7
    With the new version I am able to download my records from the app. Good work.
  • No Apple Watch support 3/5

    By Steph.daniela
    Extremely annoyed that you’re unable to add Apple Watch under trackers. Fitbit, Google Fit, even Nokia, but not Apple Watch/Health. Yes, you can manually add your steps/distance, but honestly, it’s not worth the hassle.
  • The password reset is useless 1/5

    By Gennaker
    Truly disappointed how much this app has degraded over the years.
  • Healow app 2/5

    By prytanis
    First it will not allow for you to add doctors after your initial set up. After that it wants you to log back in and then will not recognize your login information or it will give you an error message stating your login is already in use. The help section doesn’t help! Go figure! You can’t get most information on here anyway so what’s the purpose?
  • Frustrating!!! 1/5

    By Kayla's g'ma
    Downloaded this app to access my husband’s lab report & cannot find any way to add his name! We will vent our frustrations to our doctor ASAP! The previous website used by our doctor had both of our records accessible easily and without an app!
  • Hard to Read 2/5

    By Sheesh1965
    You’re looking at a small screen and the type is light gray. Please add some more contrast
  • Always a battle 2/5

    By KBT312
    Every time i need to use the site it is a 30 minute battle.
  • Hard log on 1/5

    By I got the cake
    This is not so friendliest to use a. They make it to difficult to use
  • Logon Issues 3/5

    Good app but have to reset password every time I want to logon. Very annoying, please fix.
  • Totally agree with Worthless 1/5

    By turbolarry52
    That's because your crApp is worthless!
  • Never performs 1/5

    By Abklyngirl
    Support personnel are useless. Worst medical portal ever!
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    By JoshogHTX
    I have four physicians that want me to use Healow. I don’t know if the doctors do not know how to interface with the app or if something is wrong with the app itself. I get tons of emails saying to check new visit summaries, etc, but there is only an updated visit in the schedule, no details or notes. And they show up sometimes after the visit. Why do I need to be reminded of a schedule from the past- it certainly doesn’t necessitate an email to tell me to log in for important information. I have no doubt that the app is capable of doing everything it says, but it is either too complicated for the doctors’ office to use or the doctors’ offices themselves don’t care about the app other than to avoid human contact in scheduling.
  • Integrate with Health 4/5

    By iwritelight
    If my dr enters my blood pressure into the app why is this data not shareable with health app??
  • Cant make payments 2/5

    By Sydneyiscoolx
    It doesn’t give me the option to make my payments that are due like the website. I don’t own a computer, so that won’t work for me.
  • Easy and organized 5/5

    By thebambster
    Best app ever all the information I need from the doctor is right there. So much easier to keep up with appointments and updates
  • Apple health 2/5

    By champiej
    Would be great if I could add in Apple Watch for tracking purposes. A bit frustrating that there are limited options
  • Went from Great to Worst 1/5

    By Hammerdog4508
    First I love the app. Easy to use, loads of information. For 6 months it has no longer open when connected to WiFi. Works only on cellular?????
  • Multiple users 3/5

    By Gutek123
    In order to switch between users in my case I have two children, I have to log out and sign back in with credentials. I wish you had within application an option to switch between users. Just find it annoying to log back in each time. Hope this will be a next improvement on this application. Thank you.
  • Only as good as the information supplied by the provider 4/5

    By Philowell
    The pros: All my meds and lab results in one place. Ease and portability for use at other Drs offices. The cons: Labs showed that I needed vaccination booster which I received. Dr did not note this in the Vaccination section so I could not print that out for my work Many of the medications listed were old or only used once eg antibiotics for sinus infection, and I couldn’t update
  • Troublesome 1/5

    By Rudyrose3
    Hard to figure out . Company did not have a customer service Number. Not impressed. Having to face surgery in ten days And primary doc office was not much help. U write ur issue To the company. Ha ha..
  • Update found my visit summary 4/5

    By Cantus50
    After I wrote a negative review I downloaded the latest update and then was able to view the visit summary. It contained complete thorough records. Sorry for the negative review
  • OK 3/5

    By GrannyLittle
    So much easier if the appt reminder just came direct by email instead of email to go look at Healow. So what? Not very informative, can view only in portrait view (inconvenient on an iPad with attached keyboard), slow on update. I don’t see the point, except this is the only way my surgeon’s office is willing to communicate (or not!).
  • Only as good as the doctor’s office. 2/5

    By 2893789123457
    Still need to call office because office does not post labs or respond to messages through app in a timely manner. That makes the app pretty much worthless.
  • Poor piece of software. Not user friendly 1/5

    By W78007
    After three years of trying to use this app I am deleting it from my phone and ipad. It is poorly written and not very functional.
  • Worse than waiting at the doctor 1/5

    By BHGreenville
    This app is awful. Nothing works, you can’t pay your bill or read messages. It’s just a series of spinning dots and waiting for nothing to happen.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Angela🍀
    I like the way it is set up !!! Quick results!!
  • Used to work great 3/5

    By julesagogo
    EDIT at the moment it’s working, and fast, but when I left my phone on the results screen it stopped my phone from auto locking and was still on this screen hours later. This app used to be super awesome but now it’s super lame. Most of the time when I open it, I cannot read the messages that the doctor sent me – the message section is blank. Or I cannot view old or new records that I know are there - a message tells me to please wait for them to load and then never loads. Their contact form is not mobile friendly and I’m not even sure they got the message that I sent them.
  • Frustrating Bugs 1/5

    By Chico Kids
    This site has a few bugs that need to be worked out. The doctor’s office phone number was entered 4 times before accepting it. The state where I live is not Alabama - but I don’t care how many times I scrolled down to my state and made my selection then pressed “done” I could not change the state location from Alabama to the correct state. You think that maybe why the system can’t locate my doctor? He is not in Alabama! 🥴 Frustrating system!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mayeboo
    Awesome and empathy right treatment easy to used for people who knows how to used computer and also for the ones who are in to the transition from paper progress note to ECW saves time and it keeps everything organized and also track of mistakes in the medical field with exited to work.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By CarlonFisk27
    Keeps me up-to-date on appointments and let’s me communicate with the medical staff. I like it!
  • Bad software 1/5

    By xtdr1
    I used the app on my old iPad , no problem. Just got a new iPad the app will not recognize my last name. Went to the company website couldn’t send e-mail. Tried to logon again , it said to verify me it will send me a text message, no text message ever sent requested again, no text. Tried a different way it said we will send me an e-mail , no e-mail ! Finally got the e-mail , totally useless! Not even going to go on with this story it’s ridiculous.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By 7arheel88
    This app is a waste of time and effort. I can access my information by logging directly into the Healow website, but the app has no data. I can log into the app, but there is nothing there... no appointments, no lab results, no messages, nothing. I can see all of this information on the web so I know it should be there. Support has been unhelpful. They send emails apologizing and asking me for details about my problem. I tell them the problem over and over and over again. Their only answer is to uninstall and reinstall, which I have done 3 times. Still, the same problem of no data in the app. Last email, they want me to ask my doctor’s office to open a case with them. What? Are you kidding me? If you can’t solve this problem with one support ticket, how does a second support ticket solve anything. Don’t waste your time. The app does not work
  • Needs health app connection 3/5

    By cmal
    It does what it needs to do but I wish it connected to the Health app.
  • App once worked, no more 1/5

    By Stevestutz
    Been on before. Now doesn’t work. Tried to send them an email but when you put in your address can’t change the state you live in, the address page is stuck in Alabama. That’s fine if you live in Alabama. Fix the app for crying out loud.
  • App seems to be broken. 1/5

    By Ffdaahbdgbfgncdggg
    The app does not work at all, the search functions do not work. Whether it’s a doctor code/ zip code/ doctor’s name.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Estudio2003
    So far I am using this application to get in touch of my doctor and see all my paperwork like labs result and all what I need to know and keep tracking of all medications I taking
  • I can not enter the app since over a week. What is wrong? 3/5

    By JuliaGR3
  • terrible functionality 1/5

    this app works very poorly, especially sending messages. there seem to be many different versions for iphone and all have same problems. app definitely needs work!
  • Needs fixing 2/5

    By Rose**
    This app isn’t working. After the logging in it goes to a blank screen.
  • Physician/Patient Healthcare app 5/5

    By cassiew16
    Works well. It‘s easy to find your records or communicate with your Dr.
  • Healow 5/5

    By ATI 3
    Working grewt
  • Vicious circle 1/5

    By Rolo456
    Need a website to set up or reset. Then kicks you out of the app because different registration (web). Then tells you check with practice to fix. My doc don’t have a clue how to fix the app.
  • Needs BIG improvements 1/5

    By Pwom
    First time using and it doesn’t recognize my nurse practitioner. Put in a Dr. name and it wouldn’t let me choose the correct location of two even though it was displayed. Tried to look up alphabetically and you can’t even start with the correct first letter. You have to start with letter a. No one has enough free hours to make this usable. DELETE!!

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