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healow App

healow™ lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the healow™ app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information. Find a doctor and book your appointment - fast, free & easy, at your convenience – morning, noon or late at night! No more waiting on the phone with your doctor's office for an appointment. Find an appointment that works for you and book instantly – on the go! Set your goals and track them easily using trackers. Use our weight management & activity trackers to reach your fitness goals. Track your numbers regularly to watch the trends change and share your progress with your doctor. Stay motivated to make healthy choices.


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  • Healow 5/5

    By Soonerfan5
    I love it
  • Volusia Medical Center 3/5

    By MeTimeMommy
    I LOVE THIS APP. To bad my doctors office doesn’t care to use it properly. Hopefully the developers can see this and contact the New Smyrna Beach office and help the staff and physicians learn how to use this. In NY the health app was incredible. It helped that the different doctors and staff knew how to receive and send messages. In FL doesn’t seem like they have any interest in learning. My hope is they get some training down here so that the app can be truly appreciated by all.
  • Works well, needs TouchID/FaceID 3/5

    By tim.kite
    This app works quite well, which is more than can be said for most healthcare provider apps. Zero frustration...except the whole PIN thing. I get wanting to protect data when phones are frequently shared and handed to friends, but a PIN when we have TouchID and FaceID? Please add support for these!
  • Clumsy user interface 1/5

    By pmichelsen
    After using MyChart app, this app looks like a child made it. Poorly built.
  • So-so 2/5

    By Miss Rosie9
    I've used other patient portals in the past that were much better. This app doesn't show you a complete history of emails that were sent as well as received. Also lacks the ability to reply to a specific email. Definitely needs some improvement.
  • Good App 3/5

    By Javier rover
    Would be better if you added other tracking devices.
  • Linking accounts 2/5

    By JoeRay60
    Tough app to link accounts Should be seamless, it’s not
  • Logging In 2/5

    By schettma
    The app is a great idea! I think it needs lots of upgrades. I have done the iOS updates and now it won’t let me write a message to my doctor. It says logging in error. Please fix this
  • Crap app 1/5

    By mis understood
    Use to work. But I tried to view my test results today- and something has changed between a month ago and today. This app now crashes on my iPod running 7.1.2- won't even open anymore. And on the iPhone 6s running 10.3.3? Gives me all kinds of trouble. Acts like it cannot connect to the internet- and will tell you that- sometimes. Won't load any test results- either via wifi OR cellular data. Tons of bugs trying to log in, or view anything- not happening. If my doctor pays for this, she's getting ripped off...
  • Pointless on iPhone 1/5

    By roastlab
    How this doesn’t sync with HealthKit is beyond me. It also hasn’t been updated for ios11.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By mcspaul
    Everything within the app is horribly slow. It frequently locks up while trying to load up the data from the section selected in the interface. Their website seems to also suffer from this problem. It is slow and pages lock up while loading data. Messages from the doctor show up in small text at the bottom of the screen. That is fine for short 1 sentence responses from the doctor but any longer message would be difficult to read. Messages should be opened in a separate window, screen, or in some way separated from the rest of messages and also from the rest of the app. What is the point of using an app instead of just a website/web portal if it does not take advantage of any of the hardware platform it is running on. An example of this is the use of PIN codes for access. Why not use the fingerprint reader (Touch ID on iOS) or facial recognition if the hardware supports it? Scheduling an appointment is also much more difficult than it needs to be if your doctor is part of a large group. When requesting an appointment it shows every doctor in the group not just your doctor. That might not be so bad except that it only shows a small number of doctors at a time. You then have to scroll down and let it load a small list of more doctors. Having to constantly keep scrolling to the bottom, wait for it to load a small amount of doctors, and keep repeating this process until you find you doctor is slow and frankly irritating. Also why are the doctors sorted alphabetically by first name. Some doctors are referred to by their first name by patients but most are referred to by their last name.
  • Shills non-Apple tracking devices 1/5

    By SF Redbeard
    Shills for biometric tracking devices (i.e., Fitbit, Nokia, jawbone, etc.). They actually sell these devices in-app. The appraisal does not work with iWatch or iPhone?! Basic data availabe in web browser is not available in the app--medications, for example. The one other review posted (with 5 stars no less) has nothing do do with evaluating the app. It should be taken down. The misleading "review" is nothing more then a page from "Whisky Wendy's" diary idealizing her medical provider and his or her ancillary staff. Laughably disingenuous.
  • Full of crap 1/5

    By KKhole
    This app does not work period nothing works, you cant see apointments, meds, lab, this application is useless I'm deleting it.
  • One of THE Sorriest Apps I’ve Ever Used 1/5

    By gclunsf
    I’m retired with about 40 years of computing experience and about 6-7 years of iPhone & iPad app user experience. I can tell you, up-front, this is one frustrating, poorly designed, sorriest excuse for an app I’ve had the misfortune to use to-date. Here’s the problems: 1) Constructing a new strong account password the app will accept should not be the “rocket science” it seems to be. The password guidelines, some of which they supply on their web portal, are shown nowhere on the app screen where the new password has to be supplied. Showing ALL the guidelines is a common practice among most apps that handle input of of new passwords. Attempting to set a password for a new additional account under Healow seems next to impossible. It rejects them with a “New Password is very weak” message no matter how strong the password really is. 2) Once the user has started the process of adding a new account to Healow, ANY action by the user in navigating to another app before finishing the new account add will result in the Healow app discarding ALL the information the user has input and take them back to a screen requesting their PIN code when going into settings. Why would a user navigate to another app while doing the new account add? I did it to refer to information needed for the new app addition process, such as the medical practice’s code and the userid and temporary password supplied by the medical organization, for example. I cannot say how absolutely frustrating and ridiculous this is and would be, especially, to inexperienced users. On this problem, alone, I give the app a “1-star” rating out of 5 stars. It shows exceedingly poor design and even poorer testing practices. 3) When adding an account by hitting the “+” in the upper right corner of the My Accounts screen, a screen is brought up in which the user should be able to search by the provider name, practice name, or practice code. However, when that screen is brought up, the app often proceeds beyond it to a list of provider names & addresses as might be useful if the user wants to search by provider name. However, no provider name has been supplied. Getting the screen to stop and allow the user to instead provide a practice name or practice code, as is my case, depends on the user trying to tap the screen in several places across several iterations. Again, this is the result of exceedingly poor design and poorer testing practices. 4) Customer Support is nearly non-existent for this app. I’ve gone back and forth with these folks about 3 times to try to resolve the password problem. They finally said to just contact the medical provider whose account I’m trying to add, and they’ll work it with them. That medical provider isn’t having the problem. I am. This demonstrates their unwillingness to work with their customers to fix problems. Whatever you do, if you can, avoid this app like the plague!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Rose1956
    This app is very easy to maneuver thru. I like to be able to find my records quickly and or contact my doctor via email This does all of that and more!
  • App works great! 5/5

    By Burnell
    Haven’t had any problems with the app. And I love having access to my health and appointment info.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Prince Lyle
    I’ve loved being a patient of Dr Pejic. Now I love the app to be able to almost effortlessly manage my visits, appointments and info/records. Great app thanks to the person who had the idea
  • Great ! 5/5

    By Bishnu Pradhan
    I like Dr. Ares Luz and her job.
  • Unable to schedule appointments... 2/5

    By Dpinlp08
    Think this app has potential, but some things are not working. It keeps blood work results and able to see appoints, but I am unable to schedule appointments. Kind of a big deal needed for an app for your doctor.
  • I keep getting invites for this, useless 1/5

    By Bad puzzle
    This app is not helpful when you have 4 people in your household to manage with doctors, prescriptions, follow ups, etc. it’s frustrating when you can only register one person. Every other medical app I have I can see every person, all their payments, coverage, cards, etc. This is not helpful as a parent!
  • Patient User 1/5

    By Grow0201
    Not a fan.... the app is delayed in reflecting information emailed from the Healow system. Provides very little information. Lab results do not always fit the device screen, and are sometimes only partially viewable because of this formatting issue. It’s a nice idea for an app, but needs several bugs worked out to be worth utilizing.
  • Too bad, but simply doesn’t work on iPhone X 1/5

    I downloaded & linked to my doctors office. I was able to log in, but once I left the app I was only able to get in with the numeric passcode once. There after entering the passcode did nothing. Then, when I hit Forgot Passcode to go to the login screen, the keyboard wouldn’t respond to any keystrokes. Killing, then restarting app didn’t work, nor did rebooting the iPhone. Since there was no way to enter the app, I deleted it. It’s a shame, because I’d much rather use the app than the website (which doesn’t even support the use of contractions in messages).
  • TakeNote 1/5

    By 24/7 Grace
    This app is not user friendly or accurate! What's worse is that the doctors and personnel know it! Best to inform your doctors you want handwritten notes from your visit.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mike - Myrtle Beach, SC
    Great App, useful tool for connecting With my physician and allowing me to be involved in my healthcare.
  • Like it A lot 5/5

    By Annarosita
    So far it great, I get my results on here before the Dr. Office even calls. Plus all info is on here easy to find.
  • Useless Fecal Matter 1/5

    By DeanOfMyrtleBeach
    Last week blood was drawn at Tidelands Waccamaw Family Medicine (Pawleys Island, SC) per Dr Schwartz. No Trace of this test is in the app. Also, no matter what search I do within the app, the answer comes back with "No results", no matter how mundane the question (and believe me, I dumbed down the questions to the point that it was impossible not to return an answer). I find this app to be useless, and a complete waste of my time, as well as a HUGE waste of money for Tidelands Health. How about Tidelands not buying into crappy, useless apps, and lowering the price of healthcare? Also, I can't believe someone gave this app 5-stars because they were happy with the office staff at a particular location. How can anyone leave a review for a piece of software that has ZERO to do with the app itself.
  • Good idea, poor execution 1/5

    By Zvi Aranoff
    I have this app on my phone because it’s used by my daughter’s pediatricians office. In theory, I could see on it appointments, medical information, communicate with the pediatrician, etc. In reality, however, I find this app to be completely useless. Either the problem is with the app itself, or with how it’s linked to my doctor’s website. Either way, messages don’t open up, I don’t see appointments, I can get records, etc. Basically, it doesn’t do anything it purports to do. For example, I can see on the app that my doctor replied to me, but the messages don’t open up. Or they take so long to open, that I get frustrated and just log on directly to my doctor’s website and read it there. As a result, I don’t actually use this app. I check it once in a while, to see if anything changed after an update, but I end up resorting directly to the doctor’s website.
  • Dr Jantin Daas And Staff 5/5

    By TazzLPN
    I Love My Doctor And His Amazing Staff but this App is the Sprinkles on Top of the Icing!! Amazing way to Communicate with my providers staff without leaving a brief message and waiting for a call back to get a real message to the Doctor then a call back, whew! LoveLoveLove!
  • Use wisely 2/5

    By tomzzwifey
    I would (maybe) give this App more stars but there’s never anything on here useful to me it a great concept but it doesn’t work if ur docs office doesn’t spend the time to put info in correctly or at all!!! Drops come back a month after you actually do them!?!?? “ here Mom look how great I was doing”?!?!???? Or I still am?!??? See that’s the problem. Suboxone has helped me save my life ! And I’m clean and sober but docs please keep This app up to date it’s important and can mean the difference between life and death, a place to live, & or the “lie detector” factor👍👏🏻😉
  • Trackers Do Not Work 1/5

    By iPadiMac
    My Fitbit and quardio arm are connected, but healing does not collect data from either.
  • You can login once. Then never again. 1/5

    By BrianJamesPhoto
    Sign up was easy using the code and temporary password provide by my doctor’s office. Everything was going smoothly until it asks you to setup a new password. You enter the new password twice for confirmation and hit continue - “Please login with new password” - which doesn’t work. “Cannot connect to server”. Even went through the reset process and changed it again. The result: “Cannot connect to server”. The old (temporary) password does not work anymore (obviously) so... that’s that. Yay! Bravo! 😝
  • Needs a IPad version 1/5

    By dnp60
    The current app is an Ipone app which you run on your tablet. It also needs notifications. The Android and P.C. version are nicely designed. The app on IPad is terrible.
  • iOS health 4/5

    By the Peggee
    Very good app. Would be great if it included Apple Watch as Tracker.
  • Terrible connection issues 1/5

    By CMJPro226
    Neither the web site nor this app allow me to log in, as the web site gets hung up loading and the app says it can’t connect to the server, and this happens regardless of WiFi network or LTE, regardless of device, with no other problems with any other web site or app on either device I’m trying. These are some serious performance issues.
  • Apple Health App 3/5

    By CBanksRN
    Not a bad app, but would like to be able to port over my lab work and vitals to the Apple Health app for better tracking.
  • Doesn’t Support Apple Watch and HealthKit 2/5

    By The SmacK
    The medical info works for the most part, but not having Apple Watch and HealthKit support to link my data automatically is a huge letdown. As of right now, the data syncing is completely useless on Apple devices.
  • Can I say ‘sucks’ here 1/5

    By gpsofla
    For a service that can not afford to be wrong/off/inaccurate/ and a lot more, this service ‘sucks’ period. It is never correctly showing information, it is impossible to use, and there is no one I know of who can fix what is wrong. I officially give up trying to get it to work. Done!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By EibboR.,?!
    I’ve tried for years to get this app to work without success. I enter my passcode and it lets me in for 2 seconds before asking for the passcode again and again. The one time I was able to access the info it was helpful. The other 20 plus time couldn’t get it to open with the passcode.
  • Wonderful resource 5/5

    By reinkekr
    I love this app because I can use it to reference my health history for most everything. One great addition would be a history of my surgeries. Can you please add that capability? Thanks for the app! It’s saved me many times when seeing doctors and they ask for certain dates, or lab results, etc. I know I can come here for my answers.
  • Dr Dovgan’s staff 5/5

    By whiskey wendy
    I LOVED Dr Dovgan’s staff! They were all very sweet kind, funny, and answered any questions that I had. I especially love Lisa. She was so cute and funny, and even hugged me because I was very nervous and was struggling with my words due to a head injury. I also had a very long ultrasound today that would normally make me bored and uncomfortable. I can’t remember my ultrasound nurse’s name, and I’m so sorry. But, she was wonderful. We laughed and joked the whole time, which made the time and my pain so much more bearable. There was also a sweet young man named Johnny, who, I believe, it was his first day training. The nurse was very patient with him, explained what she was doing to him, and allowed him to “practice” on my, which I didn’t mind at all. I could tell he was nervous, but she totally put him at ease, and we joked with him, and he seemed to loosen up and he was so awesome. Everyone in that office makes me feel at ease. They’re friendly and caring, as well as Dr Dovgan. I’m so glad I chose to come to that office. Thank you for helping me. Wendy Miller
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ifyourereadingthis
    Perfect app for keeping up with appointments and sending messages for a quick response. With everything being paperless and no phone communication now, lol. This is great! No being on hold forever! All around love the app.
  • Worst patient portal I’ve ever use 1/5

    By gbobbby
    The app is a joke start to think the doctor that uses this is a joke too
  • Use it Quite Frequently 4/5

    By Magnolia49
    I can use it to let my doctor know my condition, to ask for an appointment, or for anything related to my health. It is very helpful, especially when it’s so much harder to get a message to my doctor or ask a question via the phone, as their receptionist/phone operator stays quite busy all the time.
  • Utterly useless 1/5

    By brianm76
    The title says it all.
  • Good app for just information 3/5

    By Baldassles
    Good app if you’re just looking for information. Wish you could schedule appointments with your actual doctor through this app
  • Do not trust this App 1/5

    By suncityjon
    Does not sync to HealthKit. Does not let you add an Apple Watch as a tracker. Does not provide any developer support. Does not function properly for adding or removing medications. Does not send messages to your doctor. Does nothing.
  • Lab results 1/5

    By Joannagrayson
    I do like this app except for looking at the lab work. It won’t let you see the whole thing
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By Bill T2
    I get an email from the Dr. Then after keying in the code I get to a screen with my Dr's name. After that it doesn't matter what I select, nothing happens. I am running this on an iPad air.
  • Does as advertised 5/5

    By NateCCNV
    Only been on it for 3 months. Keeps track of everything.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By howie327
    This app is extremely difficult to use! You go back and forth from screen to screen never getting to the actual doctors site. I consider myself to be computer literate but than doesn’t help.

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