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HealtheLife App

HealtheLife helps individuals and families to stay informed, stay educated, and take a more active role in their health. Through the HealtheLife mobile app, you have real-time and easy access to your health care organization's online portal. This portal shows your latest health care information and provides services needed to plan, understand, and engage in your care. Once your health care organization grants you access to their online portal and creates an account for you, simply sign into the HealtheLife mobile app with your Cerner Health username and password. If you have access to multiple organizations' portals, you can view all participating portals through the app. Each participating organization's portal is unique, but most portals allow you to connect with your care team using the following methods: • Securely messaging your provider • Scheduling and managing upcoming appointments • Accessing medical information including allergies, laboratory results, health issues, immunizations, medications, and other health documents Participating providers can also allow you to add your HealthKit data to your electronic medical record. If you need assistance accessing your existing account, visit your health care organization's website for support options. Contact your provider directly regarding questions about your health record. Personal health inquiries or concerns posted as comments in the App Store cannot be addressed.


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HealtheLife app reviews

  • Notification Error 2/5

    By gotcountry707
    App works great. I really wish, with all the other reviews on this issue, that they would fix the notification flaw. It’s annoying. It shows that you have a message waiting, you go into the app, spend the time to navigate to the messages, and there is nothing waiting but hasn’t been read. Annoying. It’s been going on for over a year now. Fix it already.
  • Notifications not working 2/5

    By George Gloss
    App is ok, but the notifications never go away. They never work. It is constantly at 1, and it’s very annoying. I keep checking the app and don’t see anything to clear it. I am not the only one to complain of this. Can’t find support on it anywhere.
  • Great but needs work 4/5

    By khaosmom
    I love this, it’s helpful in so many ways. However the notification error needs to be corrected. Showing that there’s a notification when there’s nothing that hasn’t been seen, read, or opened is misleading & what should be an easily fixable issue.
  • Buggy app 3/5

    By tbyrd67
    Works for the most part but the notification won’t go away.
  • Message 3/5

    By MsCabub
    Shows I have a message, then when I’ve view my message the indicator does not go out.
  • Multiple providers not well done 1/5

    By Hopula
    Viewing records from one provider. To view records from another provider I must close app, open again, log in again, select the second provider. Not much better than having two separate apps.
  • Notifications don’t reset 2/5

    By Orlandokn
    The only thing that gets notification badges to clear is to delete and re-install the app. I now have to do that every time I get a new message, or block notifications altogether. Poor design. FIX IT! YOU KNOW THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!!
  • Notifications Broken 2/5

    By heathm1973
    Icon notification is broken, won't go away. Has been like this for months and no response from the developer.
  • Notification icon?! 1/5

    By Missybee76
    It’s much easier to log in online then it is to use this app! Notification icon will not go away even when there are no messages! Only thing I lol about this app so far is that it alerts you when you have a message. Other than that so does the regular desktop/mobile page version. Please update. Health notifications are very important everyone.
  • Fix the Bloody NOTIFICATION bug already!!! 1/5

    By Bah! .
    “1” never goes away on the app icon. Come here to complain about it since I see no way within app to give feedback, another app shortcoming, and see all the reviews complaining about the same thing! Shouldn’t take a genius to fix it!!!
  • R.Swanson 4/5

    By RodaBoss
    I love the app, great way to get in touch with Doctors and nurses quickly and fast at med refills. Yes I have the notification symbol that won’t go off glad I read this I thought it was just me.
  • Good start but quirky 3/5

    By AmandaLJ2011
    I love being able to access my medical info no and contact doctors. Everything is right there for me. However, there are some issues to be worked out. I have a notification alert that I could not get rid of. I checked everywhere and there was no new information or messages. The only way to get rid of it was that delete the app and reinstall. Annoying. Also, when I get alert about a new notification, there is no indication where the notification is. Message, blood work, pathology, appointment? Nothing. I have to search through everything to figure out what’s new. No good. I’m hoping these and a couple other things will be addressed soon as this is the portal all my doctors have chosen to use.
  • Enhanced Doctor Relationship 4/5

    By Kevin GB
    I really like this app, and it has definitely enhanced my relationship with my primary doctor (who I really like regardless) just for the simple fact that I can message her directly as needed, and she’s very responsive. I really like the mobile access to my records and test results, too. Notifications are good, but app badges don’t disappear for some reason after reading a message or action item in the app. My app always has a badge of 1 for some reason.
  • Notification 2/5

    By Tanner Krieger
    Hello every time I get a message and I have checked or either messaged my son doctor back it’s still says that i have a message when I exit the app so then I keep thinking she trying to message me and then I have to keep deleting and re downloading the app every time I send a message
  • Documents button 2/5

    By TabbyScarmon
    Once I open a document, there is no way to close it. I have to close the app, then log back in for each document. Also it does not show culture results anywhere.
  • Nice but needs graphing/charting capability 4/5

    By aris4832
    It’s great to be able to access lab values/results, medical documents, summaries, procedures, appointments, etc. as soon as they are posted. However, it would be great to have a graphing/charting capability to immediately see significant changes/trends in various lab tests without having to scroll through lots of data.
  • Allows access to my info 3/5

    By Eminator1
    This app lets me access my health info. Doesn't have lots of bells and whistles and doesn't have the prettiest UI, but it is adequate. The major problem I have with it is that the new notification flag for the app does not clear. At all. New message could be read, app restarted, and device restarted, and the notification still does not go away.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 💋💓😍😘😋💘👣💔
    When I upgraded iPhones and got the IPhone X, app doesn’t work. So I deleted it.
  • Message alert won’t go away 1/5

    By HepzinahAinzelsweep
    After messages are read, I still see the notification that a message awaits. I have to delete the app and reinstall every time. This is a pain and makes the app not worth it!
  • Notification button always on 1/5

    By P00pyPants
    Cerner has two zillion employees, none of them can figure out how notifications work in iOS. Deleted.
  • Glorified Web Browser 1/5

    By MWGum
    Seems to just be a web browser. No iPhone X support.
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By intake66
    Can’t log in today. All I get is an error. (Error500)
  • Terrible App as too slow & not updates 1/5

    By orlysud
    Some of the information is incorrect even after formal complaints directly to the hospital. Also, this App is so slow to open versus other Apps that work very fast. I suggest that this App be fixed as there’s important information regarding a patient’s health and their findings. The hospital or doctors always refer us to “The Patient Portal” but it’s outdated.
  • Not bad but not great 2/5

    By Grizzly guy
    Seems to work ok most of the time but not remembering my login info and the fact that Touch ID worked sometime ago but no longer is ridiculous in 2018. Expect better from an important part of people’s lives. Health!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By RSC4FUN
    Just like the other reviewer I continually have a red exclamation point on my app indicating I need to log on to look at something new. There is nothing new! So I never know when I really need to log in and check it. Frustrating to say the least. This is a bug that needs to be fixed.
  • Read ALL previous statements 2/5

    By allyvickyv
    They are all correct about the notification setting being an issue. App needs tremendous updates in order to meet functioning standards.
  • Can’t access 2/5

    By Erica.Mara724
    Every time i want to log in I get an error 500! Please assist. Thank you in advance!
  • App offers no support 1/5

    By TaGrove
    The app worked fine for a while. All of a sudden it would not accept my thumb print without signing in. It would not take my password so I used the “forget your password” link. I changed my password and it still would not accept it. I did this twice. There is no place in the app to contact them. Therefore, I cannot obtain results or confirm appointments.
  • Notification button not working correctly 2/5

    By clp70
    Not matter what I do, I cannot get the notification button to go away on this app! I make sure there are no messages or any other reasons why the notification button is on, but it still says I have 1 notification waiting! Very annoying! I never know if my doctor answered my message or not; I have to log in, go to messages, and check for updates. I shouldn’t need to do so if the notification button worked correctly. I have not been able to find support for the app as of yet, only support for the whole Cerner system. Not the easiest app to navigate either, you really have to dig through the app to find what you want. No wonder so many in the health field complain about Cerner as a whole! Based on this app I totally understand their frustrations!
  • Can't reset Notification 4/5

    By Wihe2
    App is fine with the exception of the notification. It doesn't go away after reading a message. Please fix. The only way to make it go away is to turn notifications off for this app which is counterproductive.
  • Notification 4/5

    By Tbella1991
    Same, app works very well, no complaints with functionality. But the notification won't reset and it's more annoying than it probably should be.
  • App works well 4/5

    By Not to happy with Apple
    This app works well. Only area for improvement is that the notification feature doesn't seem to reset once you read a message from the healthcare provider. My version (latest version for Apple) currently reads that I have two messages waiting to be read.
  • Won't even load (beyond buggy) USELESS!! 1/5

    By Alternative Reviews
    So an App used message your Dr's at USC who no doubt pay this company some kind of fee can't or don't insist on working App in 2017? With all the resources on campus develop a working iOS app REALLY it is the preferred way Dr.'s ask people communicate with them yet your app won't even open!! Hello UCLA 😃 We're sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.
  • Buggy, poorly implemented 1/5

    By HDWriter
    In addition to the notification icon that never goes away, I've found that tapping on a current prescription take me to a page where half the text is cut off and there is no way to resize or use landscape to read it.
  • Touch ID is nice 3/5

    By Jeffjk-me
    Touch ID is nice
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Lcs mama
    The latest update makes the app unusable, finger print sign in doesn't work and an error message appears once I'm signed in.
  • Terrible application 1/5

    By zendnez
    This is a terrible application. It's nothing more than the service provider's web page hosted in an app. The app doesn't support landscape. While the app supports Touch ID, once the underlying session expires (15 mins I think) the app goes into an unauthenticated state and must be force quit. Overall, it's a useless, embarrassing app and is a worse experience than using the web page directly.
  • Nice try 1/5

    By Nickbor444
    Poor execution on this one
  • Bleh 2/5

    By Fsppjtxbsjepp
    No advantage over using the mobile website and the app badge notification won't go away.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By peachielou
    The notifications never clear
  • Silly things 1/5

    By Aecie
    When viewing appointments, you would think they might mention which Doctor .... Or give an address that makes sense to someone who doesn't go there daily. ACC 4B? I am hoping it is telling me the 4th floor. I am pretty sure I need the 11th Street entrance to see the Doctor whose name I wrote (i.e. Pen & ink) on my calendar. Basically, the appointment section useless except to verify you have an appointment with someone, somewhere.
  • Buggy Mess 1/5

    By AndrewC.
    New version no longer seems to support Touch ID (why would you TAKE AWAY a feature with a new version?!). Also every time I try and use the "add to calendar" option under appointments the app crashes.
  • Buggy: Notifications won't go off, Touch ID stopped working 2/5

    By Eyemed customer
    I find this app very buggy. Touch ID used to work and now it doesn't anymore, which means I need to enter my login every single time I use it. More annoyingly, the notification for secure messages doesn't go off after messages are read. The only thing that I found that fixes the issue is a fresh install of the app. Lastly -- there is no convenient customer support for the app: it directs you to the Cerner website and the only thing I could find after fishing is a phone #! Who had the time to call and wait???
  • iPad version doesn't work in landscape 2/5

    By Paul Holbrook
    This app does offer an iPad version, which is useful. That usefulness is seriously reduced by the fact that it doesn't work in landscape. I put this app on my iPad Pro just so that I could type an email to my doctor, and had to end up looking at it sideways because the app would not rotate into landscape mode.
  • Was great now having problems 3/5

    By Livey02
    This was a great way to get in touch with my drs. Now it's having a lot of problems. I have 8 specialists and they like to communicate through this app. It keeps alerting me saying I have messages there is even a number 4 on my app screen that will not go away. Which messes me up bc I don't know when I actually get a new msg. And someone going through chemo and a lot of health problems and this is how the drs communicate I need this app to work. Also many issues when u try to msg ur dr back. Once that is fixed I'll be giving 5 stars. Thank you
  • Like it, but notice makes me mad 2/5

    By Brinti
    I like the app, it is pretty useful, but I have a notification icon that, no matter what I do, WILL NOT GO AWAY. I know this sounds minor, and it generally is. But what if I actually get important information that gets missed for a while because I am so used to ignoring the icon. Plus it just generally pisses me off and makes me want to delete the app.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Clemfam
    With latest update app no mo get opens properly. When attempting to launch, after message about app update, blank screen appears.
  • Good but no feedback option 3/5

    By Peter rabbit jr
    Like the app. Can send a message to my doctors office, view results, etc. However there is no feedback option so if you have a problem you appear to be out of luck. Example: I have a notification indicator on the icon on my iPhone but it will never clear.
  • Notification won't go off! 3/5

    By Jimaam
    The app and Touch ID are working fine for me. I've had no crashes. I would prefer that any messages I am typing wouldn't disappear when I take too long and get logged out. My major complaint is that I've checked all of my messages and results and there are no notifications in the app, but the notification will not clear from my home screen!
  • Save password 4/5

    By Lenell's iphone 8plus
    This app should allow you to save sign-in and password. Even better if it hadTouch ID

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