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  • Current Version: 102.0.7
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  • Compatibility: Android
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HealtheLife App

HealtheLife helps individuals and families to stay informed, stay educated, and take a more active role in their health. Through the HealtheLife mobile app, you have real-time and easy access to your health care organization's online portal. This portal shows your latest health care information and provides services needed to plan, understand, and engage in your care. Once your health care organization grants you access to their online portal and creates an account for you, simply sign into the HealtheLife mobile app with your Cerner Health username and password. If you have access to multiple organizations' portals, you can view all participating portals through the app. Each participating organization's portal is unique, but most portals allow you to connect with your care team using the following methods: • Securely messaging your provider • Scheduling and managing upcoming appointments • Accessing medical information including allergies, laboratory results, health issues, immunizations, medications, and other health documents If you need assistance accessing your existing account, visit your health care organization's website for support options. Contact your provider directly regarding questions about your health record. Personal health inquiries or concerns posted as comments in the App Store cannot be addressed.

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HealtheLife app reviews

  • Worthless with Evergreen Health 1/5

    By circleuser2018
    The worst part is that Evergreen and labcorp don’t bother to upload most of the information. The app also does not update the date so every time I look for lab results the date is through 3 months ago until I manually change the date, only to still find 3 months of data missing!
  • Total failure 1/5

    By Happy Feet 27
    The app is not intuitive or user friendly. Haphazardly put together. Randomly erases data. A poorly written program for a craven money grab. Tech at its’ worse.
  • Reception 3/5

    By Endeth
    Answer to your call takes longer time and hang up the phone on you in the middle of conversations. This is intolerable!
  • I can’t access my app anymore 😭 1/5

    By Isabastianmom
    I had this app for so long and since I got a new phone I can’t access the app anymore and it was really helpful to me , please help me to restore it 🙏
  • Poor App 1/5

    By BeastlyVeelo
    The app is horrible!
  • HealtheLife 1/5

    By blue and gold fan
    Nothing comes up on this app. Can’t get any info. I have to update and it won’t update. Nothing !!!
  • What happened to the app 1/5

    By Daisysuave
    My app was working fine yesterday now suddenly it won’t even load when are y’all going to fix this
  • Can never log on 1/5

    By fredrick winterpool
    Have gotten the ‘service temporarily unavailable’ multiple times and on different days and months. Really bad
  • Awful!!! 1/5

    By EmoryPatientlyWaiting
    Haven’t been able to get it to work at all. Customer/Tech services don’t really exist with wait times measured in days not minutes. Just terrible
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Spridle
    I don’t get it. Why does this exist? About all I can get for my providers are phone numbers. Gee thanks.
  • Dark Mode PLZ 3/5

    By Rickee R
    Needs Dark Mode. White background when in a dark room is hard on the eyes. Headache 😵 Can’t seem to find the Log Out option to disconnect from my health provider portal at the end of session. This is a new development as I used to be able. Killed the app in the app switcher instead. Glitchy/awkward UI makes UX disappointing. Navigation from an open message back to the mailbox especially counterintuitive. Too many back links on screen at same time. Not clear which is the correct one. Always tapping wrong one and get kicked out of Messages then have to find my way back. Hoping this can be cleaned up. After initial login, app doesn’t recall which credentials I used previous time and have to select again from Keychain with every visit. On the plus side, enabled FaceID 🤩 and Notifications in Settings. Hoping Notifications includes badges. App menu icons would be nice. The pure text approach and lack of color too sterile. Icons would help. Nothing wrong with adding the app icon to top of screen or some other art. On iPhone 11 running iOS 14.2
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By jerryneedshelp01
    I don’t know why but it only works on my phone, not my iPad
  • Can’t edit important personal info 3/5

    By Annabelle M
    It’s a great app and easy to use for the most part. It’s impossible to edit all my personal information unless I submit it to the receptionist at my appointment (which was never actioned). There should be an option to access and edit this including religious affiliation.
  • Does not show my provider offices 1/5

    By DE's one and only Desire
    I used to work at an office that uses Cerner. Patients would always complain about not being able to find our name in the app. I downloaded and tried myself, as I have 2 providers who use Cerner. NOTHING!! Not worth the time of downloading.
  • Can’t clear alerts 1/5

    By searay39
    Very frustrating. My Home Screen shows 2 Alerts but there are none and I can’t clear these. Ugh
  • The most useless and infuriating app 1/5

    By therobi
    The app, much like the company that made it, is just absolutely horrible. It’s clunky and buggy. Sometimes I can login and see my kids portal. Sometimes I can login and see nothing bc I don’t have a connection. And sometimes I just can’t even login. As much as I hate calling to setup appointments I’d rather waste my time on a phone than dealing with this stupid piece of garbage.
  • Unusable app 1/5

    By tjc614
    I have never been able to even login to this app. I put in my username and password which takes me to another page asking me to enter them again. Then it tells me it doesn’t recognize the username and password. The website is better.
  • U.S. Marine - Waste of Time - Don’t Download 1/5

    Don’t even waste your time downloading the app and attempting to confirm everybody else is review that this app is useless. Trust me as a US Marine this app is worthless and whoever wrote this software should be digging ditches and not working in a medical field technology industry for a medical field. I have a senior in high school that could’ve wrote his app better than this
  • App 3/5

    By eagles1579
    Not very user friendly, difficult finding things.
  • Not much portability 2/5

    By GeeWayne
    My biggest beef with this app is that there is no data export. You can create a continuity of care document in XML or PDF and send it to a new provider, but you cannot share data with other apps. Does not interface with Apple Health so you cannot get clinical vitals or medications imported. Basically, you can see a lot of your clinical data, you can’t really do anything with it.
  • #7 1/5

    By spetlewis
    I have 7apps on my phone of Patient Portals... the idea is great but none of them can you combine and this one I downloaded says error every time I open it
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Orly75015
    This App is slow as molasses and LMH has ignored making improvement regardless of numerous complaints. Inside Lawrence Memorial Hospital internet service is next to nothing especially in the prep rooms awaiting surgery which is when we need it the most to connect to our loved ones. Lawrence Memorial Hospital has had poor internet connection for years and have ignored complaints. All the nurses that I have complained to agree with me. Their IT department employees are the worst of the worst.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By Luv-Luv 33
    Unreliable app. The internet access page works every time. Although I get notifications on the app but no information shows up. Never worked for me.
  • Horrible waste of time and space 1/5

    By mom2mykt
    I have tried to get my information on the app for 2 years it has art of my information and consistently forces me to a hospital over 10 hours away that I have never been to. Not to mention NO SUPPORT
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bcraig_
    I can’t even log in to the app since the update. I would give zero stars if I could
  • Won’t connect to my chart 1/5

    By Lashleelee
  • App is now USELESS!! ☹️🤮🤯🙈 1/5

    By Alternative Reviews
    Update: May 2020 sooo a year later and still same useless web supported Application which leads to WHY even have an APP in the iPhone & iPad store just tell patients use our web site for ALL Keck USC related needs. That your actually paid a fee for your app and service IS everything wrong with the high cost of health care and huge waste of money being given to companies in golf game deals. Truly disgusting all that money does go into research or ppe for your staff. Update: So you update the App in March 2019 after lots of neglect AND we get web access from our browser 🤔 Seems we’re going backwards NOT foreword for app so important in the Dr. patient communication aspects of treatment. This update worse then previous one #sosad Previously reviewed in 2017 So an App used message your Dr's at USC who no doubt pay this company some kind of fee can't or don't insist on working App in 2017? With all the resources on campus develop a working iOS app REALLY it is the preferred way Dr.'s ask people communicate with them yet your app won't even open!! Hello UCLA 😃 We're sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.
  • Worst ever !!!!!😟😟😟😟 1/5

    By gmag47
    Every time I try to get on, the system is down !!! Why even bother having it !!!!
  • Limited Access, Decent App 3/5

    By AnotherHotRN
    The HealtheLife app has the ability to show patients recently completed labs, some radiology results (depending on the interoperability access between Cerner Corp and the hospital organization) and list of meds/vaccines taken from a recent visit at the hospital. If you are expecting to communicate with your health care provider, this app is limited. The doctor has to have access to the Cerner electronic health record system in their offices in order to receive messages from patients. Since many doctors have various EHR apps in their offices, there’s a good chance they do not have the Cerner EHR. For just showing recent results done at the hospital, the app is good.
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By kalexfd
    This app has some good, but more bad. I appreciate that I can send messages and look at results. It’s a bit clunky with a poor interface/design. Needs a lot of help there. When I first downloaded it in Fall 2019, I was able to use facial recognition to log in. That feature disappeared at some point. I really wish the app developers would bring that back. I haven’t changed phones, using iPhone X.
  • Extremely Poor 1/5

    By A patient!
    Why have they reduced this app? It is basically a joke. Every time I’d like to go back to a previous page, there isn’t any way to navigate back and wants you to reopen the app all over. They know this and don’t care!!!
  • No photos 1/5

    By MusicalDani
    This app doesn’t allow photo uploads. It takes you to “size” and has no buttons to select and continue. An obvious glitch, has been there for months. And somehow no one has fixed it. Photos of patients are kind of crucial during a global pandemic when doctors aren’t allowing non-emergency patients to be seen in person. Thanks for doing your part HealthELife 🙄. If I could have sent my doctors photos it would literally have saved me several in-person visits to the urgent care clinic!!
  • APP 1/5

    By girrli
    I finally was able to discover which app to open the app will not take my password. However, however, if I google it and manually put in the password it gets me in. What is going on?
  • Worst “health” app ever used 2/5

    By TheGundark
    Poor GUI layout. Difficult to navigate. Icon shows notifications with small red numeral, but opening the app there is no way to find what the notifications are for. Very poor execution.
  • Worthless! 1/5

    By 2deebeez2
    I can (sort of) communicate with the docs at UAB, which is the ONLY reason I keep this blasted app on my phone. It is so frustrating to be trying to care for my husband and have to keep logging in and checking the app inbox for messages from the docs.... all because HealtheLife’s notifications/ badges/ banners DO NOT WORK. UAB is paying for this app from Cerner but I so wish they would dump it and use something else. Many other people leaving similar reviews but still no fix. Perhaps UAB only wants the EHR function, but patients need and want easy communication. FIX THIS.
  • Locked up 1/5

    By KityFan
    I am downloading form to be sent in message and the App locked up on me
  • User friendly 5/5

    By TexasSevy
    Very easy to navigate through, see my records and send a message to my provider.
  • Logged in on my iPad, can’t navigate or logout once a document is selected. 1/5

    By Radzkat
    Very poor!
  • Doesn’t work with multiple providers 1/5

    By pdesroch
    I have doctors in more than location/network. The app has the option to change locations but it won’t change. Also it would be nice to have one log in and be able to access your records for each location
  • Terrible, unreliable app since update Fall of 2019 1/5

    By brittens
    This app has become completely unusable. I cannot send our providers messages without getting an error message that I don’t have authorization to do so (it works fine from a computer). I can no longer make appointments, reschedule or cancel appointments and today I can’t even view our upcoming appointments. I have spoken with our hospital’s tech support and can’t seem to get these issues resolved. Extremely frustrating and time consuming!
  • Lame 1/5

    By gleeyaj16
    Was able to log in but when clicking on upcoming schedules or checking on medical records all I get is an error message! What’s the point of having an app that won’t show you anything?
  • Health app connection 1/5

    By Pharesharris
    When is this application going to be compatible with apples health app?
  • New Update 5/5

    By hiktmae
    The new update seems to be working so far 👍🏻
  • Can’t send messages 1/5

    By NikkiDont'tStop
    Please fix this app!! I can’t even send messages to my doctors! Please revisit fixes in this app. Since recent updates the app is terrible. Won’t log in or takes forever to get in, messages won’t send, get an unauthorized access code after hitting send, have to go back and retype the message several times and the notifications won’t go away after checking. This app needs serious attention.
  • Counterproductive 1/5

    By dhaifnns
    My doctor requires we submit appointment requests through the app. The appointment platform is consistently crashing and glitchy. Unable to access care due to cruddy programming.
  • Messaging error 3/5

    By Mrs.McMommy
    I use my app to email my doctors, but since the update I keep getting an error message every time I try to send the message. It’s says I’m an unauthorized user for the page and to use the back arrow to exit the page. This error in the app has been making me frustrated because I can read my doctor’s message but can’t reply to his questions. Please fix this.
  • Not authorized ?? 1/5

    By Sunai kami-san
    I’m not authorized to send a message to my daughters pediatrician? I can’t only send messages if I use this on the safari / desktop computer.. this app needs ALOT of work. Ponte vergas
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By Bran321
    It’s used for medical purposes and it’s not reliable to use for messages, appointments, or checking records. It’s a pathetic web app ported to iPhone. Use the website or make a bookmark. But even their website is crummy feces.
  • Appointment 1/5

    By Monserrath4
    when they fixed the problem to see the appointments nothing comes out and for several months the application is like this