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Healthy Recipes - SparkRecipes App

You’re just one click away from over 500,000 recipes from the world’s largest healthy recipes website, All of our recipes have been tried and tested by home cooks just like you, and our free app makes it easy to whip up your favorites wherever you go! Download the SparkRecipes iPhone app and lose weight eating delicious, nutritious meals - all without breaking the bank. With our free app, you'll be able to: Browse Over 500,000 recipes - Quantity is not always better than quality, but with our app you get both! All of our recipes have been tested and rated by home cooks like you, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your meal will be a success. Search our recipe database any way you want - Looking for a healthy breakfast dish? Feeling like a little Italian? With our app it’s easy to find a new recipe that fits whatever criteria you’re looking for. Search by meal, ethnic cuisine, occasion, course, or prep time. Find recipes that fit your dietary needs - Whether your diet is gluten free, low carb or vegetarian, we have the recipes for you. Our app makes it easy to search by your particular dietary need and find tasty recipes, fast. See calories, carbs, and 10 other key nutrients for each recipe - is a sister site to, the #1 healthy-living website in the US. We believe that knowing what you eat is the first step towards watching what you eat. All of our recipes feature detailed nutritional information, so it's easy to calculate exactly what’s in what you're eating. Save your favorites - Found a recipe that you love? Save it to your “Favorites” list so you can come back to it. Want to see these recipes from anywhere on the web? Create a free SparkRecipes account and sync your favorite recipes across all your devices. Share Recipes with Your Friends - Found a great recipe and want to share it with your friends? Our app offers seamless sharing of your favorite recipes to Pinterest, Facebook or email - give it a try! Take your iPhone into the kitchen with you - Our app automatically resizes each recipe so it’s easy to see on your iPhone, and - more importantly - easy to cook from. Get cooking, eat well, and be healthy!


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Healthy Recipes - SparkRecipes app reviews

  • Spark 3/5

    By Bbrqi
    I really like the app except for when a stupid pop up appears to select 6 teapots! There is no way to exit. It tries hard to get you to download. I understand advertisements for free apps, but this one is ridiculous.
  • Fails when creating recipes 1/5

    By MowlesyCat
    I was so excited to use this app to calculate nutritional information for some of the home recipes I have but I was severely disappointed. I’ve tried two recipes and they both failed - i had to exit out of the app for a second on one and when I went back it said error retrieving info and lost everything I put in. The second one I got through everything, it asked me to pick a category but wouldn’t accept anything other than “dessert” got to the part to take a pic and it exited the app. I decided to take a pic to upload and when I went back in it had lost everything I’d done. Needless to say I’m beyond frustrated and won’t be wasting time putting all the info back in.
  • I love these recipes they give me all kinds of ideas for meals 5/5

    By Carolyn&Leo
    I am diabetic and there’s just me to fix for so I’m always looking for different ideas for meals and also for low-carb recipes. I love making international recipes especially Thai and Korean food. I know that it’s difficult to gauge how much a portion might be and so the nutrition information may not be strictly correct but I can still get an idea or estimate the amount of carbs and I get an idea of how much fiber there is. I get so much joy and pleasure over pouring through the recipes looking at the photos and thinking about different recipes that I want to try I don’t have a wireless printer so I can’t print out any recipes but the ones that I really think I want to make I put in my favorites and then I write down the name of the recipe that I think I want to make soon. I just have so much fun with this app I think it’s absolutely great thank you to the developers!
  • Loved: 5/5

    By Ms. Erika Garcia
    I like this app is pretty cool and the recipes are easy to do I loved it..
  • No; Just No! 1/5

    By Cruisermom
    Spent about 45 minutes trying to get into this app. I've used this app before; it -WAS-great. I tried signing in with my previous credentials, but could not access the account at all. Tried resetting password multiple times. Still would not allow me to log in. Tried the option to sign in through Facebook. No luck there either. Throughout this process, I was asked multiple times to rate the app. Why rate it, if I cannot access it? At this point, giving a 1 star rating is beyond generous. This app has become the most user UNfriendly app on the market. I mean, so much for a good thing!
  • Ads keep popping up and cannot close them 1/5

    By eev1001
    Would be great app if i could use it. Ads keep popping up and the x to close is not viewable. Have to close out of app then start over from the home page.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Jenbragen
    Gives me lots of ideas.. would like to see more in different cultures!!
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Bouyguidgji
    I can’t even see the recipe after I find it because of all the stupid ads!! By time I find the recipe an ad pops up and I can’t even close it or skip over it!! I have to close it out and start over so now I’m deleting this big waste of time app!😡
  • Linda Moses 5/5

    By tweety cooking!
    Just started using this app. And I love it. Bring on the recipes!
  • So so 1/5

    By Robert j Williamson
    I used to love this app but it’s been ruined by pop up ads every time you click on something
  • Wildly incorrect calorie counts 2/5

    By Krystenwithay
    This app should not market itself as a health app, yet let people eat 60% more calories than they think they’re eating. Most of the time, the recipes do not say how many servings the dish makes, but they do include a calorie count per serving (whatever that is). I was suspicious and finally found a bbq chicken sandwich recipe that made 6 sandwiches and listed “200 calories per serving” A generic recipe, I calculated the actual calories per sandwich (on the low end): 325 calories. Can you imagine if everyday you were eating 60% more calories than you thought you were?
  • My go to for cooking on my truck. 5/5

    By mrmarty1959
    This app is where I get most of my ideas for preparing meals on my truck. It’s awesome, because many of the contributors are everyday cooks, who use everyday language to tell you how it’s made. Plus, lots of the recipes are easily tweaked for personal taste and skills.
  • No reason for this app to exist 1/5

    By waltafhgdbjmhdc
    Just give me a simple mobile webpage with the recipe, dont need to install an app for a bulgar-lentil salad.
  • Recipes 5/5

    By Anjy H.
    I have made several of them and they are yummy. YUM!! I made the egg and sausage muffins, but I made it into a casserole dish. I used 6 more eggs and added more veggies. I made it for a Women’s Brunch and they all loved it. That was just one recipe. I’ve made the beef chili but used beef stew meat. Yum!
  • More ads than App 1/5

    By Littlelil21
    App crazy. Used to love this app but they have gone beyond overboard with their apps that completely interfere with actually being able to use the app. If they need the revenue this badly, they should offer a paid version so we can opt out of ads. Piss poor business decision. Did your developers actually try to use this app with this new ad crazy set up? Too frustrating to use.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Starving in Hotlanta
    Stay away, they block you from getting into the app until agree to get their magazine, they say it’s free but then later they say “for a limited time”. Don’t bother these people are dishonest!!!!!!
  • Please give us an option to remove ads 2/5

    By Guardians Creed
    Love the layout , the recipes and the app. But when I click on a recipe and I get an ad... you honestly think people enjoy that? You think people will keep using your product ? I know this is a capitalist world and everyone needs to make money. But find a way for it to not be so intrusive this is ridiculous
  • Can’t find my own recipes! 3/5

    By BayAreaJames
    I wish MY recipe box was on the home page. I have to go on my computer to access my own recipes. This is a pain. I’d give it 5 stars if I could easily access my own recipes.
  • Incomplete 2/5

    By caledfgfd
    Most of the recipes are incomplete. They will forget to include where to add ingredients or leave ingredients out. It's very frustrating when you are making a recipe and you get to the end just to realize you didn't add a key ingredient.
  • Good app. Many recipes 3/5

    By Star zzz
    This app has tons of good recipes. However I can’t get past some of the ads freeze up the app so you have to completely shut down the app and reopen. Plus sometimes while you are scrolling the menu it randomly refreshes and moves items around some recipes never to be seen again. Im deleting this and have to find a more usable app.
  • Very helpful! 4/5

    By Granpa76
    This is an awesome app to use to teach Weight loss goals! Love the recipes and all the helpful hints, support and encouragement!
  • Not great anymore 2/5

    By melodie12804
    Used to love this app, but now every other time I try to open a recipe, I get an ad that I cannot get rid of and I have to shut down the entire app.
  • Like the save feature. 5/5

    By Just my comment.
    I like the pictures, recipes and love the Save feature to save the recipe.
  • Way too many ads 2/5

    By Jen.Rawlings
    I used to love this app, but now every time I click on something an ad pops up, sometimes it doesn’t even give me the option to exit out so I’m stuck clicking “download now” then backtracking back to the app. I’m deleting bc it’s all the time now. I understand you need to advertise but this app has gone overboard. Very disappointing.
  • Love this recipe app! 5/5

    By NervaCheddar
    It has so many recipes to choose from, and different ways to search for recipes. Nutrition info and reviews for each recipe are listed also. Highly recommended for any counting calories or looking for healthy meal recipes!
  • Patty 5/5

    By Plrivera24
    Great app for healthy eating
  • Ad crazy... 2/5

    By Bewareofmom
    I used the sparkpeople app for years and loved it. I tried this app thinking it would be equally awesome. Much to my disappointment this app is not awesome at all. Every page pops up an app. Some I can exit quickly some make you wait up to 30 seconds to “X” out. I just want a nicely designed app to help me remain healthy now that I have beaten my cancer diagnosis.
  • Great meal suggestions 5/5

    By Youaskedme7
    What a good addition to anyone’s “what’s for dinner” question. All the info is there. I especially how others have rated or changed recipe.
  • Another Ruined App 1/5

    By Hzirkabcywj
    I’ve used and loved this app for years. That’s until they decided to sabotage their own app by launching obnoxious adds for totally unrelated apps that seem to not go away and completely block the screen. This might make sense if they were the only recipe app. But... Sorry folks, I’m outa here. I’d recommend the All Recipes app for those of you who would rather get cookin.
  • Too many pop ups 1/5

    By MildCaffeLatte
    Nice way to bombard yourself with unwanted information
  • Annoyed 2/5

    By Celeste deMorte
    Love the information, hate the pop up adverts. Close one another comes up.
  • No fail recipes 5/5

    By Fluteandspeech
    I rarely open my cookbooks since discovering Spark. No fails on recipes and none very complicated. Multiple healthy versions of every dish and dessert recipe I’ve sampled. GREAT resource anytime — in your own kitchen or while standing in supermarket aisles.
  • Crash central 3/5

    By Laffaminnit
    If you’re looking for an app that crashes within the first 60 seconds of opening it, this is for you! The problem seems to be getting better, but it would help if the maker wasn’t so gung-ho to get a review based on my first impression- which unfortunately is a lousy one.
  • Annoying ads! 1/5

    By missangie08
    The app looks great and I love how easy and organized the recipes are...however, I can barely browse since every 2 seconds there’s an ad. 😕
  • AD issues 3/5

    By jdodnrkd
    Idk if it’s just my phone but every time that mystery ad comes up to find the teapots, it’s like my app crashes and it doesn’t do anything anymore so I always have to exit out. Like the app but I’m getting really annoyed. Makes me want to uninstall it since I can’t really do anything after looking at one or two recipes
  • Looking for healthy recipes 4/5

    By GrannyWanda
    Thank you for your recipes. I am always looking for heathy foods. I do some revisions on some recipes to cut out salts and as much other items I can’t have... but overall I love recipes and how they change food from run if the mill to more interesting in flavor and taste
  • Problems 1/5

    By Why not do this
    I’ve tried to use the app but instead a game is popping up requiring me to play it. It does not leave the game screen. I only get the option to install the game.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By NADB92
    Made my account accidentally hit log out and it wouldn’t let me log back in. I know it’s the right password because my phone saved it after I created the account. I tried several times resetting and nothing is working keeps saying that it’s wrong.
  • Why so many advertisements?!? 2/5

    By Hipsteratheart
    I’m really excited about using these recipes, but anytime I’m on looking for a recipe, every two minutes an advertisement for some other app keeps popping up and I have to wait till I can exit out of it. I would really like to use this app without feeling like I’m going to be watching commercials any time I try to use a recipe from this app
  • Lots of great recipes! 5/5

    By Usatisfied
    There is some junk on here, but I've gotten a few really yummy, healthy recipes out of this app!
  • Spark recipes 5/5

    By Sophia's phone
    This app is great I look at it often the recipes are easy to follow
  • Crashed in first 30 minutes! 2/5

    By Gardenwalker
    Well, not starting out good! App crashed on me in about 30 minutes. As in other reviews there are no serving sizes or servings per recipe. Makes it difficult to gauge if I'm eating over my limit on things. I have very specific dietary requirements. It would be nice to have alternative cooking methods / ingredients to reduce fat, sodium, cholesterol.
  • Healthy recipes by SparkRecipes 5/5

    By smb2bfit
    Love the App easy to use and love the way it creates your grocery list
  • Great! 4/5

    By User female
    What a great way to eat healthier! It seems maybe 90% of the recipes are healthy but then you have a select few fattening recipes for the users that wanted to include a bad meal in their diet log. Otherwise it's a great app in helping to eat better. It seems there's a glitch when you delete a recipe though. It doesn't delete the right recipe but instead deletes the one beside it or below it depending on its location.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By GodsGift1229
    I love to cook so this app is just what I needed to make better choices in what to cook for my family
  • Nice 5/5

    By Spideylovesme
    Love this app!! Would be nice to see the serving size but other than that it's great
  • Not very friendly 2/5

    By Baker girll
    The new updated version is not very blind friendly!!! Before I updated the app, I could navigate around it with such ease and now it is just frustration upon frustration to try and figure out what I am doing. I love the recipes and so does my family and friends and I would love to continue using the app but not until it is more blind friendly.. Please please do something about this
  • Recipes 5/5

    By Gal4Jesus
    This is fantastic. Can find any recipe you want for healthy,heart,weight loss or whatever
  • So far so good 5/5

    By MsMusicEKU
    I haven't had a chance to use this app often, but what I have seen so far looks I like. I'm looking forward to using this app.
  • A great guide 5/5

    By Cestarks
    Really keeps me within my 50 grams of carb per day! Thank you!

Healthy Recipes - SparkRecipes app comments


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