Healthy Together - COVID-19

Healthy Together - COVID-19

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  • Current Version: 1.3.0
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  • Developer: Twenty Holdings, Inc.
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Healthy Together - COVID-19 App

Healthy Together is developed in partnership with the State of Utah to stop the spread of COVID-19, help residents get access to testing services, support public health officials contact tracing efforts, get information about how to stay safe in your area, and help our community safely re-open the economy sooner. DAILY CHECKUPS Take a Daily Checkup to track your symptoms and find out if you should call your doctor or get tested for COVID-19. Easily share your results with your doctor. COVID-19 TESTING The Families First Coronavirus Response Act provides cost-free COVID-19 testing. Check the map to see the COVID-19 testing locations nearby, easily make an appointment, and get access to COVID-19 test results directly through the Healthy Together app. (Utah residents only) CONTACT TRACING Use private and secure contact tracing to find out if you’ve been potentially exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. This opt-in feature uses location and Bluetooth technology to identify if you’ve had a moderate-to-high risk exposure event. If your state is participating you may receive automated alerts or public health officials may contact you regarding what steps to take. USER DATA, PRIVACY & SECURITY 1) User Data, Privacy & Security 2) There is no mandate to participate in this effort, users choose to opt-in 3) Users are in full control of their personal data. They decide what data to share, can reverse those decisions as well as delete their data any moment they choose. 4) All symptom data is automatically de-identified after 30-days. 5) All location data is automatically deleted after 30-days. 6) Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. 7) The use of this data is limited to COVID-19 response efforts, public health & research purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information. By using Healthy Together you are playing an active and critical role in protecting the people close to you, and everyone in your community. The faster and more aggressively we collectively respond to the threat of COVID-19 the sooner we will be able to eliminate this threat, re-open our neighborhoods, re-start our economy, and resume enjoying everything we love about our communities. Thank you for participating in Healthy Together!

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Healthy Together - COVID-19 app reviews

  • Rose-tinted glasses on my phone 2/5

    By jasmerrill
    The advice your app gives as appropriate activity and precautions given what’s happening in my area is horribly inaccurate and counters what health experts suggest. For example, it is currently only recommending wearing a mask to someone in a high risk category, when 1. Wearing masks barely do anything to protect the wearer but are instead mostly effective for protecting others, and 2. My county has mandatory mask usage in public right now. I really wish my state government hadn’t chosen a contact tracing provider willing to be a political shill and rather one who would make public health its top priority.
  • Add more states please! 4/5

    By Mr_PianoMan97
    Would love to see support for Arizona!! 💪
  • Tracing 4/5

    By m2jm
    I may have to find a better app this area only covers one state and I would like to know where it is around me in my area it doesn’t offer this
  • Only works for Utah 1/5

    By LucasCPA
    This application only has Utah data in it not sure how everyone is giving this 5 stars
  • Easy way to do my part in keeping this virus under control. 5/5

    By Wheeler626
    Very easy to do with daily reminders. I have no problem answering the generic questions and I feel safe with my personal info. I wish more people would jump on the bandwagon of using an app like this. Being high risk, it’s just another way I feel I can stay safe and know I can be informed if I come in contact with someone with the virus.
  • Does not seem to use Apple’s exposure logging 3/5

    By Davidswelt3845890
    The Exposure Option does not turn on in iOS’s Privacy > Health settings. So I’m not sure how well this will interact with other apps.
  • This is helpful! 5/5

    By ldycaramel
    This is a great app that has come in handy during a worrisome time! Thank you!
  • Viewing positives 2/5

    By Hartbstil
    Not able to see positives in my immediate area. I thought this was why we have this app regardless of whether I share my contacts or not.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Ahbdshb
    This app is absolutely amazing. It answered all my questions about Covid and now I know exactly what to do! I don’t know what I would do with out it. This app will make sure you stay safe.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Bobcsu2012
    I wish Texas or whole US, World had one app like this. However some people have false sense of privacy. If you have smart phone believe me there is no privacy. I think apps can this definitely save thousands of lives and even help communities.
  • Not for Virginia, only Utah 1/5

    By Staci6839
    When I pulled up covd19 map, it only showed one state with testing centers. Virginia was not on the testing center site. Might be good for the one state it supports, but not for southern states.
  • Utah residents only 3/5

    By mbodge
    From PA this app is useless to me.
  • Time wasted 1/5

    By MacDaddy08hhhh
    So it’s a waste of time unless you are in Utah? WTH?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ihateconnor
    Great app! Helped me find where to get tested. More people should use it!
  • Okay app 3/5

    By Krismort
    I got this app hoping it would let me know if someone I’ve been in contact with has been diagnosed. But I’m assuming all those people who refuse to wear a mask to the grocery store are also among those who are paranoid about this app invading their privacy. Without the majority of my neighbors using it, all I get from it is a somewhat annoying daily reminder to check my symptoms. Unless some new symptom is discovered, I don’t need an app asking me every single day if I have a cough or loss of taste. Pretty sure I’ll notice that on my own. I’ll still keep the app for the slight chance I come in contact with someone else who has the app and tests positive.
  • Incomplete 2/5

    By Ibapah
    Wish it was complete. While “Healthy Together” presents itself as official, the app is tied into only contracted testing centers - leaving LARGE GAPS in available testing options. !!! Be SURE to SUPPLEMENT this app by calling your local covid hotlines and clinics !!!
  • Absurd!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By absurd!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is absurd. I have to jump through hoops to get results? You want my contacts?! Poor form people!
  • Thank you Healthy Together 5/5

    By mikey8592926
    I’ve been using heathy together w my family for the last few weeks, it is well designed and works great. IMO automated contact tracing is the most accurate way to track the spread of Covid (as opposed to the Google / Apple solution that is less comprehensive). I’m proud of Utah for being early adopters and leading by example ❤️.
  • Big disappointment 1/5

    By Jack Sokol
    This app still does not do what the state has paid for it to do. Utah has paid over $65 per download.
  • Map doesn’t render properly. 3/5

    By LTrevor
    Map doesn’t render properly on iPhone. Currently using iPhone 8 Plus w/ iOS 13.5 would also be nice to see hot spots on the map. Note this app doesn’t use Apple or Google contact tracing capabilities of your o/s. So for instance this app does not let you turn on contact trace logging within iOS settings privacy health and is not currently supported by state health departments. Also not sure how it reports people who had the virus but are now safe. Sounds like it requires everyone to use it to be effective. As for me I’ll wait to see what app the Virginia Health dept recommends for Virginians.
  • Review 5/5

    By gabehartfreedman
    It’s a super duper awesome sauce app that is very helpful in my day 2 day activities! It works VERY WELL and more states need this.
  • Great App but... 4/5

    By HausOfThunder
    I like this app. It’s extremely helpful. But what I don’t like is gps needs to be set to always on for contact tracing to work properly and keeping gps on thru the app will run down the battery, at least in my opinion. Other than that, it’s perfect.
  • Is data shared with government? 1/5

    By Apostern
    This app doesn’t seem to use the Google/Apple API and wants access to your contacts and gps data. I did not grant that permission. Bluetooth should be plenty. I don‘t understand why Utah would use this type of tracing. It’s says that your personal data will be deleted automatically after 30 days, but why would it collect that in the first place?
  • Privacy overreach 1/5

    By coombsk
    I’d love to participate in contract tracing, but I can’t buy-in to the anti-privacy geolocation telemetry being used. Switch to the privacy-first Apple/Google Contact Tracing API, and I’ll gladly participate.
  • Kick COVID19 5/5

    By FRY iphone
    Get ready for COVID20.
  • Should’ve used Apple/Google API 1/5

    By RbB62
    Can’t believe the amount of money put into this app and not using Apple and Google’s API. Would love to help contribute to tracing and combatting this thing, but not at the cost of my privacy.
  • Utah only! 1/5

    By IronHorseGPS
    Total waste of MBs for anyone not living in Utah. Does nothing and only refers you to Utah testing sites. Needs to prominently state UTAH ONLY on the app before wasting others time!
  • Use the Google/Apple API instead of collecting our location data 1/5

    By Angel Demirev
    Utah paid $2.5m to purchase this app, and pays $300k/month to the developers. 45k people have downloaded the app, out of our 3.2m population. This was a complete waste of taxpayer money. Apple and Google collaborated to build a privacy-first API that apps can use to notify people who are exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID. Apple and Google’s approach doesn’t collect any location data or personally identifiable data. It’s decentralized and anonymous, and doesn’t even rely on states needing their own apps. The Healthy Together app has chosen to ignore what Apple and Google built. It sends location data to a centralized server, and this location data is linked to personal data as well. It’s built by a small social media startup - if they’re hacked, then all of our personal information is at risk. They need to adopt Apple and Google’s private, anonymous API, rather than collecting our location data.
  • Privacy issues, no Apple/Google API 1/5

    By HighTechJoe
    This application does not use the Apple/Google contact tracing API which is secure and effective. It instead relies on tracking your location. There are huge privacy concerns and implications with this methodology. You cannot even use the application without providing your phone number. In order for contact tracing applications to be effective, they must be in widespread use. A large number of individuals are concerned about the government tracking their location, regardless of the reasoning, and will not run the application as it currently stands. I understand having location data will help identify hotspots, but having an effective level of participation is more important. You will not see and effective level of adoption using the current methodology.
  • Don’t get fooled by the fake reviews 1/5

    By FTW28
    It’s amazing to me Utah would flood the reviews section with a ton of 5 star spam. Read through all those reviews and tell me they don’t seem suspicious. The first day this app was out it had thousands of 5 star reviews and people praising the state for a lot of stuff unrelated to the app at all. Utah needs to use the Apple & Google contact tracing API, full stop. There’s zero excuse to be collecting citizens’ locations, names, phone numbers and everyone they come in contact with in a centralized database. If the company who makes this app gets hacked, the hackers will have every movement you made since you downloaded this app.
  • We need more contract tracing 3/5

    By Millcreek researcher
    It’s good to have more people on here so contact tracing can be more accurate. I think this app will do that. I wish it would remove Test Utah from the options because it’s known to have questionable accuracy, low rates of positives.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By YuviaDeNoche
    Through community effort we can help keep the elderly and vulnerable safe!
  • This tool does not work as described 1/5

    By Dogmom79250
    A notification was never received through this app after I was exposed to a confirmed case at my work place over a week ago. As it does not work I see no reason to continue the tracking and will be deleting this app.
  • Ben Franklin Hates this app 1/5

    By Mark in SLC
    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
  • Seriously Utah? 1/5

    By blue texan
    What a joke. Just use the Google and Apple APIs!!! Come on Utah. We’re smarter than this. This is an infringement of privacy.
  • Doesn’t use Apple platform APIs 1/5

    By Edlin
    This app does not use the new Exposure Notification API from Apple therefore it has little chance of reaching critical mass and is thus a big waste of taxpayer money.
  • BUG FIX 5/5

    By nicktothename000232
    I accidentally had someone delete my account. It said it should take up to 60 min to reactivate it or send me a new’s been 2 days. Other then that the app was GREAT! Bug is fixed!!! I am now able to login! Thanks UT great app!
  • wisconsin 5/5

    By jmesike
    would really like to see this go to wisconsin or even nation wide.
  • Great but can you make this available for Massachusetts too😊😊 5/5

    By benson._.808
    This is awesome that Utah is doing this, will you make it available for Massachusetts...... we really need this here! Thx! Good job, keep up the good work! 😁👍
  • ??? 3/5

    By cwincwin
    Where can I find a map showing where the virus has been recently?
  • Spams notifications 1/5

    By Y u break?
    I don’t give total access to location permission for any app. Having 89 notifications just today nagging me to enable full permissions is absurd. Even a public health app should respect my right to privacy. It really makes me concerned that an app wants to remind me to give it full permissions so much. I’ve been telling people they should use this app but that stops until you fix this overbearing notification behavior and respect a person’s choice in regards to privacy Edit: seriously it’s every 15 mins with this checking my permission. This is not acceptable
  • Awesome 5/5

    By cdtenney
    I’m so proud of the work you are doing to keep me safe. The app, the masks, the updates, the guidelines all are empowering. I don’t feel like a victim. I am amazed by the timing and the comprehensive action taken by the state of Utah. I’m 74, a diabetic and frankly, overweight. Thanks for the boots on the ground.
  • Good but icon looks like Apple Health 4/5

    By PhishyMama
    I guess this is good? I don’t get any kind of notification as to where a positive has been reported like Gov Herbert said. It just tracks me? I entered my symptoms of itchy throat on a day with heavy pollen and it said to get tested. I know this was just allergies. Maybe add options for the allergy season? I called the COVID hotline and they told me not to test. Icon looks like it was stolen from Apple Health and some blue waves were added.i get confused and open the wrong app all the time.
  • Great Leap Forward! 5/5

    By Musicking 6000
    It’s great to see companies actually doing more to solve a problem like this in a repeatable and scalable way for other states to follow!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jenny4915
    We need more data around this disease and I’m so glad the state of Utah is doing something to help sis know more. This is so important!
  • Must get for Utah health 5/5

    By Tallred6
    Go get this app! Flatten the curve!
  • Feed back 1/5

    By rg original
    Nothing ever changes on here. No updates. Just an annoying how are you feeling pop up each day
  • Let’s help each other 5/5

    By metaphysical quilter
    This is a simple way for the citizens of the great State of Utah to help fight the virus and return our economy to normal. It takes a moment to keep track of your health, if there is a problem you can be directed to testing center.
  • No T’s & C’s 4/5

    By RaucusBacchus
    I get the importance, but I need to know what data will be gathered including any PII up front. Not after registration. Currently, the onus is on the user to do their research before hand. To participate, you are choosing to share your data. With whom the data is shared remains unclear.

Healthy Together - COVID-19 app comments

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