HeartStar BP Monitor

HeartStar BP Monitor

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  • Current Version: 3.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Pattern Health
  • Compatibility: Android
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HeartStar BP Monitor App

HeartStar is the easiest app for monitoring blood pressure. With optional sharing and reminders, Health app support, and custom goals, there's no better way to stay on top of your blood pressure. MEASURE • Automatically record blood pressure from compatible Bluetooth Smart blood pressure meters including A&D, Oregon Scientific, HoMedics, Samico, Pyle. • Manually enter readings from any blood pressure monitor — no Bluetooth required. • Add notes to help you remember what you were doing at the time. • Note: the HeartStar app does not itself measure blood pressure — a separate blood pressure monitor is required — no app can accurately measure your blood pressure without a blood pressure cuff. STAY MOTIVATED • Create reminders to help you remember to measure your blood pressure on a regular basis. • Set achievable goals tailored to your particular situation • Get immediate, personalized feedback on your readings and progress. • Collect HeartStar points! When you record a new measurement, you will be rewarded with points based on how that measurement helps you reach your goals. HeartStar points give you a new way to measure your overall progress. A steady increase in points means you're consistently recording your blood pressure and making good progress toward your goals. Challenge yourself to reach the next level! GRAPH and ANALYZE • Visualize patterns in your blood pressure history to help you understand your activity patterns. SYNC and SHARE • Sync readings to and from Apple's Health app • Share your history and reports with your family or physician: HeartStar makes it easy to communicate your results to the people you want. Plus, download your history so you always have a copy on hand. • Import and export measurements MULTI-USER • Use HeartStar with the whole family — it's easy to add new users and switch between users. HELP and FEEDBACK • Help and customer support built into the app — just tap the Info button — we're here for you and love hearing from you. Thank you for helping make HeartStar number one! DISCLAIMER HeartStar is intended to be used as a means to collect data to be shared with your doctor. The app is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We assume no liability for any personal harm or injury sustained as a result of using this application.

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HeartStar BP Monitor app reviews

  • Simple to use 5/5

    By AndyHard
    I’ve used it ever for about 18 months now , I recorded lot of irregular pressure about a year ago and showed my Dr who sent me to a cardiologist, after my exam I was on the operating table the very next day 2 stents fitted! This recording history is a great tool I use the reminder alarm and monitor 4 times a week. Love it !
  • Great BP app!!!! 5/5

    By wingate19
    Great app....easy to use with all the featuresI need. Thank you!
  • Review 4/5

    By elflaco57
    I enjoy this APP, it help me to keeps tracking of my blood pressure.
  • Great app 4/5

    By LeeMac42
    It allowed me to connect my Bluetooth Omron to my iPhone when Omron didn’t work. The app is simple to use and it uploads all the data to the Health app.
  • upmobi.xyz!!raise downloads by 10 times 5/5

    By Samartha Kasperski
    This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in upmobi.xyz
  • Great Help! 5/5

    By AndanHB.com
    I use it everyday. Helpful bc I can export history and share with my Doc when I go.
  • Weight Chart 4/5

    By Eliz 75
    I like this app for along time. Just found out how much you do have on it. The weight chart will help. I have medical problems and it would make life a little bit better. I would like for you to add a button to correct a mistake. It would make life a little easier.
  • Bp Rate Progress 5/5

    By HHunter502
    I really like this program it reminds me each day to check my BP and I have a chart to show my cardiologist, when he asked how I have been doing and I able to show him my progress chart of my BP rating, this is so great and my doctor loves it also, beautiful just what I need to present to my doctors. This is a true blessing, truly. I before no clue, of my progress, lovely. WAW
  • Awesome AND Free (really) 5/5

    By LVBuckeye
    So easy to use. Not only easy to enter manually (automatic if you’ve got a Bluetooth BP monitor). And two ways to print out your data for your doctor visits. A full report in PDF or a CSV file. I’m Amazed there’s no up charge or in app purchases. Did I mention it syncs with the iOS Heath app? Thank you for making this app available.
  • Wonderful Notifications and Tracking 5/5

    By Bayou_Girl68
    I had a high reading and the app said to seek emergency care now. When I got to the Emergency Room, my numbers had gone up more. I wasn’t in any pain that I would normally have a high blood pressure. After several hours, they were able to get me to a better number until I could go to my primary care doctor. I was able to show my doctor how my pressure shot up for no apparent reason.
  • Not Intuitive 1/5

    By Iikati
    First time used, allows you to manually enter data. After that, 5 of us stared at the app for 30 minutes and couldn’t figure out how to add new measurements. No basic usability.
  • Good 4/5

    By stud muffn
    Easy to use. Like the data overview.
  • Pleased for Doctor to review! 4/5

    By Winford0568
    This important bp recording is very helpful data! Would recommend access to notes after DONE selected. Those notes are important at time of recording bp..Suggestion list related to aiding bp controls would be helpful as well as heart bp links.
  • 👎🏾 1/5

    By benét .
    most horrible app ever .
  • App for Health 4/5

    By Frogers100
    I use it regularly to keep track of my healthy gains.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By krispy1121
    No ads or in-app purchases. Awesome! I just don’t get why there’s points. Personally, they don’t encourage me to take my BP. I’m encouraged because I want to show that my BP isn’t as high as my NP thinks. LoL Great job making the app easy to use 👍🏼👍🏼
  • HeartStar BP Monitor 5/5

    By Topabo
    Great app with noteworthy detail. I love this app. 😋
  • Great app 5/5

    By jamccue2000
    Use it to track daily blood pressure. Use the collected data to send to physician. Would like to print from my phone, but it is easy to send list to an email and then print.
  • Technically Useful 5/5

    By Googely Moogely
    I use this to monitor my bp daily, and as you record, it tells you if it’s “normal” or “prehypertensive”. Very useful and also FREE!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mommieswami
    I have been using this app to record my mothers blood pressure twice a day for 2 years. She is 93 and has chronic high blood pressure, taking three medications. So being able to easily record her blood pressure is essential. This app has proven to be very easy to use and great for producing good data for her Cardiologist to evaluate and use to fine tune her meds Awesome. Thank you! 🌟⭐️✨

    By Muka69
    Not only am I able to record my BP, I can write notes. Have tried other apps but this one fits my needs and more.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By 4Christi
    So disappointed it doesn’t work, was so exciting be able to keep track of my blood pressure...but no luck for me
  • Not easy to use 1/5

    By jennifer op 2018
    It makes it hard to track... might as write it down.
  • Excellent BPTracker 5/5

    By 16Papa
    It is excellent to store the daily BP measurements and use the data for graphical analysis. It is easy to use and I was highly satisfied with the software stability and dependability. My thanks to the development team to develop this application for the IPHONE.
  • Simple to use. 5/5

    By Lexigan
    Does what it should with no bells and whistles
  • HeartStar BP Monitor 5/5

    By MKPainter
    If you need to keep track of your BP and pulse, this is the best app you can find. Make notes, because that means more than you can imagine! Best of all, you can’t email all your data to give to you Dr. I give this app all 5 stars, plus one that’s there on my phone for HeartStar!!! Marty
  • High or Low?? 3/5

    By completeripoff
    App says my high is 118/78, and my low is 145/61. Where I went to school 145/61 would be considered higher than 118/78. Maybe some one can explain this, but it sure doesn’t seem correct to me.
  • Gma Milly 5/5

    By Gma Milly
    Thanks!!!! Great app!!!
  • User friendly, Daily Reminders 3/5

    By RJasmine*
    Great app for its purpose. Very simple for someone looking simply to record BP / HR measurements. My only comment about app improvement would be the ability to export. I’ve tried several times to export my report in both .CSV & PDF format via email with no luck. Support in that aspect would have probably sealed a rating of 5/5. Make improvements to the share-ability of this very important data and you’ve got a great quality app.
  • Export needs outlook support 4/5

    By Rednarsto
    Great app but needs to be able to export using outlook not just the built in mail app.
  • Soooo easy to use and UNDERSTAND!!! 5/5

    By TexasYogaGirl
    Thank you! It's awesome, simple to use from first moment!
  • Current user 4/5

    By jake gunner
    Easy to use. I wish weight and BMI tracking were included. Heart health is very much related to weight and activity level. My doctor appreciates having a history of blood pressure. Much better that the one time check doc does. Could get rid of point system no value.
  • Just perfect! 5/5

    By 😊☺️😊
    I wanted an app that would read the information that I already put into my health kit app. Plus, I wanted something that would enable me to print the information, instead of having to write it down so that I can give it to my doctor.All I needed to do was to email the results to myself and then print it out. Perfect! Thank you!
  • Much better than a booklet! 5/5

    By colby571
    This app is key in monitoring my blood pressure 3 tines daily and continuing to work toward reducing and eliminating the daily pill. Thank you for making this available.
  • Heart start 1/5

    By rob screw
    Awful does not work
  • There is no synchronization with the Health application. 3/5

    By Mushchina Tvoey Mechty
    1. There is no synchronization with the Health application. 2. The main purpose of the program is data entry. Instead, it offers rating analysis. make the first screen ONLY to enter pressure and pulse data, all other functions are secondary.
  • Seems Pretty Good 4/5

    By J-Dawn
    Pretty user friendly but you can’t edit if you realized you’ve made an error. You can only delete and then re-enter. What I’d love is (a) a list of different symptoms that you can check rather than just write in the notes and view data (kind of like on my period app), and (b) the ability to enter meds and doses (for instance, I just increased my beta blocker and that would be a good thing to enter in)
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By Constance1928
    This app is easy to use & sncs with other health apps. It really helps me keep track of my body & how my meds r working (or not). I highly recommend it.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Dearones101
    The app is very easy to use. Can see when my blood pressure is up. And watch for what may cause it to raise.
  • Awesome tracking app! 5/5

    By Aguyindallas
    I love this app. Two different times, my doctor has asked me to take my blood pressure and pulse and track it all. This app is extremely easy to use and intuitive. It will generate a very professional looking report than I can email to my doctor with all the needed data, including any notes that I've written in the app. Download it, you won't be sorry.
  • Good, but heart rate doesn't pull from Apple Health 4/5

    By DAV€
    I like this app, and I find it useful that it pulls data from the Apple Health app. However, it doesn't pull your heart rate, only your BP. You can certainly go back and enter them manually, but that's an annoying and clunky workaround. Just an oversight? I hope so, and I hope it's fixed in the next update.
  • Has a LOT of Potential 3/5

    By JordyintheATL
    My doctor requires me to monitor my blood pressure. I chose this app to keep tabs. Now I really want to get the data out and the export function is not working. I love that I can record the data and make notes. I just need to get it out and sent to my doctor. Please make this work for me. Thank you in advance.
  • Want an app that will take BP 1/5

    By GDNO1
    I want to be able to actually TAKE (measure) my blood pressure with an app on my iPhone when I'm away from home. Can't find one. Any ideas or referrals?
  • Won't Save my BP 1/5

    By PeniAnnie
    I record my blood pressure three times a day and with the help bail it will only save one or two recordings a day. I have congestive heart failure and need to see all three recordings each and every day. I don't recommend this app.
  • Easy to use. 4/5

    By Galaxymom
    I was paper charting all this info and then transferring to a spread sheet for a different doctor. It's easy to record. I like a neatly organized report for my doctor. If it would separate Day and Night into 2 side by side columns that would be perfect. Thank you for a simple and clear method of journaling.
  • Accurate 5/5

    By J'nette
    I like this app!
  • Best report a doctor would like to receive from the patient 5/5

    By aging
    As a Physician, this app truly gives me the information I need at a glance. It helps patients establish compliance with their specific treatment plan and assists doctors in evaluating the treatment plan.
  • HeartStar Blood pressure monitor 5/5

    By "mer"
    It is a fantastic app. Mariette Klein RN (Oncology/Hematology)thank you for developing it.
  • User Friendly! Helps for sure 5/5

    By T2Jr
    Only wish it had an audible alarm that could be set to remind me to take my bp

HeartStar BP Monitor app comments

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