HeavySet - Workout Gym Log

HeavySet - Workout Gym Log

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 2018.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Runloop Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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HeavySet - Workout Gym Log App

HeavySet is a gym log / workout tracker for weightlifting, bodybuilding and strength training. It's clean and simple interface makes tracking workouts super easy and efficient. HeavySet is a relatively new gym log, but has already become one of the top workout tracker apps available. REAL USER REVIEWS: “It’s the best app for seriously tracking training I’ve ever seen.” “The auto population of weight and reps based on the previous set is a welcome feature” “Exceptional simple and easy to use. Whilst being very powerful. Couldn't recommend it enough.” “I would recommend any weightlifter to get this app.” “I’ve tried out Strong, Fitbod, and Stacked. Heavyset is far better than all of them.” “This one is the best! Practical, simple and you can focus on the workout itself instead of fussing about the app!” IMPROVE YOUR LOGGING WITH: - Clean UI - Simplified logging - Predictive smart values - Automatic exercise advancing (including super sets) - Skip or replace exercises - Tempo timer - Plate calculator - Estimated 1rm and volume graphs - Exercise history - Record rep max history - Automatic rest interval timer - Visual rest timer - Add notes to sets - Rate sets with RPE - Training max / intensity calculation - Mixed unit logging - Personal record alerts BUILD ROUTINES INCLUDING: - Min / max sets - Min / max reps - AMRAP sets - Supersets / giant sets - Intensity - RPE - Tempo - And share your routines with friends FEEL SECURE WITH DATA FEATURES INCLUDING: - Automatic backup to iCloud - Export to CSV - Import (possibly) any CSV format. IN-APP PURCHASE: HeavySet is a free download but you will need to make an in-app purchase upgrade to get access to unlimited use. As a non-paying user you will be offered a two week unlimited free trial. After which the app will revert to a restriction of two workouts per week. The screenshots represent the app after the intermediate user level has been purchased. GESTURES: To keep the HeavySet logger screen uncluttered, a number of gestures can be performed to reveal additional data or perform functions. These are: - Swipe up on the exercise history graph to reveal previous workout sets for this exercise. - Scrub the exercise graph to jump to that workout. - Swipe up from the timer to reveal preset timer values and timer modifiers. - When the exercise history is open, scrolling to the right will reveal current personal records for the exercise. Scrolling to the left will reveal the timer modifiers. - A long tap on the Log Set button will jump to the sets editor where you can make notes and log RPE for the set. - A long tap on the tempo timer icon will take you to the tempo timer settings. APPLE HEALTH: - Enable Apple Health to sync your body weight with your workouts for additional statistics as well as sharing your workout data with Apple Health.


HeavySet - Workout Gym Log app screenshots

HeavySet - Workout Gym Log app reviews

  • Won’t Fetch Upgrade 3/5

    By Elieser364
    Like the app. Wanted to see about upgrading but Fetching Products just loads with the circle spinning forever. Uninstalled and tried installing again but still doesn’t work and just lost workout data.
  • Waste of Space 1/5

    By CameronLerch
    This app is riddled with bugs and shouldn’t even be on the App Store. There are significantly better apps out there that do the same thing but better. 0/10.
  • Good almost Great 4/5

    By Lodally
    There are just some things I wish it had, like tracking pyramid sets, warm up sets and some cardio. Perhaps maybe even tracking dumbbell weights as well. But overall I like using it.
  • Doesn’t save 1/5

    By linear_circle
    Can’t change timer because the setting won’t save. Workouts don’t save. Sets don’t save. This is an app I won't save.
  • Some issues 3/5

    By rmnaut
    Great potential but a hard to navigate it that after a workout - it doesn’t update the lifts or rep maxes - thus I keep repeating the same weights each workout while using the Bill Starr 5x5 template it comes with. I watched each video over 4-5 times & cant seem to figure it out? Can anyone assist?!? I cannot get the workout screen to show the estimated 1rep max like in the developers tutorials? Also - wish it would stay on & not go black even if timer is not running. These things get ironed out - would move to 5 Stars. Perhaps the developer can respond & advise? Would love to purchase the upgrade if the above can be answered / helped??
  • Fantastic app for people who actually lift 5/5

    By ccmemtn
    Great work by the developers on this. I have tried probably every weightlifting app available on the App Store. Heavy Set beats everything else hands down. If you are a lifter, and you have a specific plan you want to execute, this is the app for you. Extremely flexible yet still a well thought out user interface. Great job!
  • Update destroyed the app 1/5

    By heavyset breakup?
    Loved the prior version. Even felt good paying up for the mandatory update UNtil I realized the update ignores all my old workout logs and the new data displays are disasters. Looking for a new app now.
  • Hoping their will be watch capability in the future 4/5

    By Ruamaranto
    The app is very simple and intuitive to use. When you want to tap into the hidden features of the app, the developer has provide alot of help in the form of videos. The only one gripe is that their is no watch capabilities. I know that developer can since his other app is able to. I just hope in the future, this feature becomes available.
  • Developer shows has no respect 1/5

    By Anonymous Enemy
    Downloaded the app because honestly it looked like a good buy. Have not purchased the full version but was planning to till I read upon some of the developers responses to other customers. I particularly enjoyed the one where he pretty much tells another customer to screw off and that he would go out of business otherwise. First off this app is no where near considered a business. It’s a poorly imagined app that does a very basic thing calculating formulas . 2nd off the design is poor but I could care less as long as it works which it does and the app does exactly what it’s intended to do which is great. And finally even though the app is decent enough I’m not a fan of giving my money to a man sitting behind a computer with a bad attitude that continuously has a negative response to the consumer . So for that and that alone I will not upgrade and the app will be deleted in 3...2....1
  • No Android Version 1/5

    By instant loss
    Make an Android version so I can sell my iPhone. Will change back to 5 stars after the Android version is released. I am a paying customer.
  • Really really good, but... 4/5

    By Divelballistic
    Would be nice if it had an option to record time instead of just pounds. For instance recording a 30 second plank
  • Crashes after update 2/5

    By Max Matthews
    Can not navigate to a workout without a crash. Either improvised or planned. This is happening too frequently. Otherwise this app is perfect!
  • Great purchase 5/5

    By andrewpod
    Personally i like this app the most out of the other ones bc its easy to use and not as expensive as other ones. 10$ a lifetime charge is worth it. If you know exercises and have a set routine, use this. Intermediate to advanced only is what I’d recommend. It gives you 3 basic workout plans, but its not enough. Do research on weightlifting and use this app to track your progress.
  • So good 5/5

    By dreeewww
    So so good. In an App Store cluttered by junk this is a gem.
  • Price 1/5

    By sh$/ nickname
    Went to go upgrade today, and the price has doubled to 9.99? That’s a hefty cost. Not sure I can justify that price for basic logging I need, unfortunately. Lame that once they got so popular and had tons of downloads, they just doubled the price. Shady. Developer Response: “If you don’t think it’s worth the price don’t buy it.” I won’t! Already went with another app. Thanks!
  • Comprehensive and Lean 5/5

    By Dave Millions
    Great tracker. My number 1 pick from my Strong exodus. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Only requests are the ability to more quickly log RPE/RIR and a simpler layout to review sets (e.g. the database-like layout of strong or Strongur)
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Porkychop
    Would be nice if there was a workout notes area for each day to log issues along the way. Other than that I love the app
  • Not paying for this 1/5

    By TheDonDotty
    Just downloaded it and was told it’s free for 2 weeks. After that you pay or you can only use it twice a week. I deleted it immediately. Not acceptable, the same people using this app are the same people that workout 4+ times a week. I understand it’s a new app but im not spending money on a journal. I suggest not getting this, what’s the point.
  • Forced upgrade.. 1/5

    By Darbliss
    Shady move for the Dev to give a 2 week full trial to hide the fact that they took away the free unlimited improvised workouts once the trial ended.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Indian(a)kid
    The forum website is down, so I have a question for the developer. How do you share routines? I know how to share the routines.hsroutines file, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to import that into someone else’s app. That would make make this so much better! Thanks
  • The only app I’ve ever used for this kind of thing 5/5

    By someone anomymous
    This is the only app I have ever needed for weightlifting. I only want to put word of caution out there: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! In other words, this is really great as is, so please don’t change it too much!
  • Can’t upgrade 2/5

    By Sparkycpa
    So, worked well for me since I typically work out 3 times/week. But in one of the updates, they changed it so you can only log 2 workouts/week. Says you can upgrade to intermediate to log more workouts, but when I click on to upgrade, it just spins and nothing happens. This is a good app gone bad.
  • Solid app 5/5

    By plasteredpenguin
    I love this app and it’s flexibility but I have few minor suggestions that I think would make the app more functional. I wish you could be able to pin or place an exercise at the top of the progress section so I don’t have to scroll through all of the exercises to find one I am focused on. Also I wish it was easier to change mistakes when I accidentally log the wrong info instead of having to go through several screens to Change a number. Also I think it should be easier to write a note on the log screen like up weight or tough reps. On the whole this is a great app and would recommend to anyone.
  • Of all the lifting logs... 5/5

    By Logan from Colorado
    This one takes the cake. I’ve tested multiple weight training logs for an extended period of time and have made the simple conclusion that Heavy Set. It takes a few days to get the hang of it, but once you get a grasp on the user interface it’s smooth sailing. After you conduct a specific lift three times, it will begin graphing your progress for that lift. This allows you to see your progress easily. IM A HUGE FAN OF HEAVY SET. Only suggestion is that we can add notes to each individual sets.
  • Awesome workout Log! 5/5

    By buckinole
    If you’re looking for a way to log your workouts for tracking and planning purposes, don’t look any further! Amazing... make sure to watch the video tutorials under the support tab. This will help understand how to use the app. It’s pretty involved and thorough and takes a little practice to master. But after setting up a few workouts, it’s very user friendly. Mid workout, you’ll be able to see past workout data for an exercise quickly and easily. You’ll be able to identify maximum reps for different weights used. You can setup supersets, giant sets, and more. Fantastic! A nice touch is the ability to also track your rest times, to ensure you at following correct rest periods, as well as monitor your tempo during an exercise.
  • Very customizable, but... 5/5

    By NomadicFury
    This would be the perfect weight lifting tracker if it could sync with Apple Health. Any eta on that?
  • Great workout tracker 5/5

    Have been using it for past 6 months. Fairly intuitive from start. Wish I could group multiple workout plans (summer, Fall/Winter & Spring) in a simple homepage layout. Sure thst will happen at some point. Best workout app I’ve come across to-date. Worth the nominal cost. Updated on a regular basis, unlike Strong thst died out over several years.
  • Practical And Powerful 5/5

    By ambrstr
    There are many reasons why I think this is the best workout logger you can find for mobile. - Dedicated developer - Quick and easy to set-up and use (everything makes sense) - Great design and attention to detail - Rest timers automatically start when you log a set - Great charts make it easy to track your progress (Now even better) - Data is easy to back-up and export / import - Powerful features you can grow in to using over time to automate your routines Keep up the great work!
  • 🏋️‍♀️ 5/5

    By cdkii
    HeavySet is honestly the best lifting app in the App Store at this point and has none of the subscription model nonsense. Lifting log apps are so abundant and I have bought dozens of them throughout the years. It's very seldom that I find one that ticks as many boxes as HeavySet. It is obvious the developer puts a lot of thought into the app and you can sense his passion for quantifying the data behind exercise. --- Version 2018.04 — this update really polished it to the point I'm left with very few gripes compared to when it first released. --- I would still like to see the charts have an option for smoothed curve lines but that's such a trivial thing. It also would be nice to be able to track basic cardio (distance / time) so that I can keep track of what I did as warm up before I lift, but I also appreciate that this app is laser-focused on tracking lifting so insanely well.
  • Clean app with all you need 5/5

    By Deixjbfb
    I like this app for a few reasons. Firsty, the UI takes some getting used to, but there was thought involved with making it an efficient experience to log your workouts. Secondly, I like the option to add new lifts and delete old ones. Finally, it's just 10 bucks to get all the features. No subscriptions, just a flat fee.
  • Way too complicated for me 1/5

    By Snetzy
    Hard to navigate and log and create workouts. It just doesn’t seem intuitive to me.
  • Too restrictive 2/5

    By ka929
    Just looking for a digital way to track my workouts, but only allowed 2 routines a week on free novice level. I will use the 4 routine limit in a week. App does look great.
  • Basic 3/5

    By Tijaspora
    If compared with similar apps there is not a huge distinction. As the name suggests it is really set up for weight routines and there doesn’t feel really compatible for cardio or other non-weight routines. But unlike some other apps it does allow for circuit set ups which other apps I’ve used do not. Also the pairs app seconds you purchase separately but that all being said many of these apps now is a subscription format while this is a single pay set up so if for that reason alone I will stick with this over some competitors like Strong.
  • Overcharge - I’m dumb 5/5

    By DavidLoftin
    Great app! I chose to pay the $9.99, but I just got charged for $24.83. Make this right. Edit - I’ve read your response, and you are correct. You did not overcharge me at all. I apologize for my mistake. Thank you!!
  • Nice Weightlifting app 4/5

    By SpaceCommander
    Records my numbers and exercise volume. Hope it gets some more additions like total workout volume and more. Bottom line, I get the basics for a reasonable amount of $, ONE time. None of that subscription BS.
  • Managing work out 3/5

    By mrissala
    It would be helpful if I could also access my programs on my computer. iOS
  • Great Updates 5/5

    By TurboBuddha
    Love the last set of updates including (especially) the auto increase workout max options! It’s quickly becoming my go to workout tracker!
  • Apple Watch ASAP 4/5

    By Alan Topic
    The only bad thing about it is that it’s not for Apple Watch too
  • Must Have for Lifters 5/5

    By JJ77smith
    I’ve tried most of the apps. This one is best by far. JEFIT comes in a distant 2nd.
  • I’ve come to love the app 5/5

    By sbthr33
    HeavySet has become my go to app to log my workouts. I used to use Strong and tried out a few other apps, but since HeavySet was released, it’s the only app I’ve used to track my workouts. The UI is intuitive and organizing workouts is a breeze. The recent updates have only made it more compete with the addition of a plate calculator, which was the only thing it was really missing compared to the other apps. Minimal and beautiful, I enjoy using HeavySet during my workouts as much as I enjoy working out itself! Plus, for $5 to unlock all the apps features, it’s one of the cheaper, if not cheapest, paid apps with which to log workouts.
  • Ability to Add Notes 4/5

    By terence671
    I love this app. I’ve been using it in nearly every workout. However, if it had the ability to add notes after completing an exercise, this would take it 5 levels up.
  • Best app for seriously tracking training I’ve ever seen 5/5

    By werdsound
    I love Heavy Set and have invested a lot of time learning how best to use it and building my programs into it. It’s the best app for seriously tracking training I’ve ever seen. I recently had an issue transferring data to a new phone, and the quick responses on this issue make the experience that much better.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By CG9870
    App kept crashing on me every time I tried to view or edit a workout.
  • Great App 5/5

    By waynomiller
    Very easy to create workout routines and to edit them on the fly. The auto population of weight and reps based on the previous set is a welcome feature as is the ability to preset variable rest times between sets with audible alert countdown. I used to used another app called MetricMe, but this is far superior for weightlifting. It does have a few bugs. What I’ve found so far: - editing reps/weights after a set is complete will sometime change the info for the previous set - sometimes the countdown timer doesn't start despite pressing the Log set button My wishlist for future enhancements is the ability to link a heart rate monitor, visible timer so you can keep track at a glance and the ability to adjust the volume on the audible alert.
  • Fantastic, but not quite perfect. 5/5

    By jaredfrick
    I have used Fitness Point Pro for 4 years, and have never found an app that improved on the simplicity of it. Heavy Set is very, very close to being able to be a better app, especially from a design perspective. My biggest complaint is the inability to use RPEs in the “intensity” field, only percentages. As many powerlifters use RPE, this would be a very beneficial addition.
  • Heavyset is way better than Strong or any other app 5/5

    By Lonely Phuqer
    I’ve tried out Strong, Fitbod, and Stacked. Heavyset is far better than all of them. The way the data is put together. The ease of use. How easy it is to just add sets and reps. Changing weight or having it remember the last one you put in. Everything about the OS is intuitive and sleek. I used to write on pen and paper. Now I’m using HeavySets! Forget all the rest! Try it, you won’t be disappointed. After one workout I was sold on it.
  • Love the app!!! 4/5

    By Hahsjdkdkan
    It’s been about a year since I started to use this app and I absolutely love it! The reason why I didn’t give it the 5th star is because I wish it would be compatible with iwatch! Can we get an update so we can use it on iwatch please?
  • Great app 5/5

    By deltsbrah
    For a long time I was a jefit user. But hated that you can not add rep ranges ie: 5 sets 8-12reps. With app I can do all that plus track "As many reps as possible. Very clean interface, small app in size. And will allow you to import and export workouts. So long Jefit, it was a great run.
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By Schhcf10976
    Big ups for making a simple and functional lifting tracker app, just what I was looking for. Best one I've found for free, just reviewing because I really appreciate it!
  • Good workout app if u pay $5 5/5

    By icoter
    Still good value. Using it for a while now and it's great. Worth $5

HeavySet - Workout Gym Log app comments


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