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Helix Jump

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  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Helix Jump App

Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth. One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

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  • Frozen 1/5

    By TTYLXOX1888222233335
    For me and a few of my friends, the game is stuck on the loading screen. Please fix!
  • So... 5/5

    By Shayyyyyyyttsss
    The game is great and I play it whenever I possibly can but the thing is it happens to get stuck for me every time I get to the next level I keep trying to close it and reopen it and I even rebooted my phone multiple times and it seems to just not want to cooperate so it’s falling down through all of the levels and it just stops in its tracks.
  • I AM ANGRY 1/5

    ok so im past the 2600th level and one day i was tryna play it and it was loading with the ball dropping through all the “floors” and each one had a level and typically it’d stop on the level im on BUT THIS TIME IT STOPPED ON LEVEL 52??? AND THE BALL STARTED BOUNCING ON THE LEVEL AND MY SCREEN JUST FREEZES AND I CANT CLICK ON ANYTHING this has been going on for a few days now please fix this i have nothing better to do i like to play this when i am in public and look like a loner so it makes me look less like a loner i am nothing without it
  • still on loading screen 1/5

    By elijahgani
    i was on like,,, level 1600 and something, but now once i open the game, it’s stuck on a loading screen and on level 73. please fix!!! truly love this game :)
  • WHAT IS WRONG? 1/5

    By Ahs33
    Since this last update I can NOT get into this game! When & every time I open it it shows the “preview” like the stages I’ve passed then stops at level 72 which is the stage/level I’m on. Then NOTHING! I’ve turned off my phone, I’ve opened & closed the app several times & NOTHING! Somebody please fix it!
  • Used to be great... 1/5

    By inbedub
    This used to be my go-to time killer, but now it won’t even let me play. On the loading screen it gets stuck on level 70 and won’t fully launch. I hope y’all fix this.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By the me_
    This game is so addictive it is so much fun I feel like I can never get bored of the game
  • not loading 1/5

    By xx.oof_leesa_oof.xx
    it won’t even let me play the game.
  • Bad update stuck 1/5

    By zaramhara
    I was 1000+ level and after update its stuck to 64 and i am not alone with that bad bug
  • Loading screen 1/5

    By Ldawg2010
    I can’t get past the loading screen now. Please fix for 5 stars.
  • Game froze 1/5

    By paramedic4life
    After last update game froze now I can’t get it to work and no support to get help
  • Very fun! 5/5

    By primrose37
    The game is good for when your bored and though the levels are just the same, it's almost always exciting.

    By qüėèń
    i play this game a lot and now its glitching!!!! i cant play it at all and ive tried EVERYTHING
  • It’s not working 1/5

    By aleenaarias
    Am I the only one who’s having this problem? So I’m on level 800 something. And when I opened the app to play it, it’s stuck on 67 and won’t go to the level I’m on??? I love this game as you can see, but y’all needa fix the problem 😭
  • :( 2/5

    By felixkjello
    This was my favorite game, however I reached level 300 and the game completely crashed. Not sure if I delete it, because I for sure don’t want to start over.
  • Update 1/5

    By Unicorn_Jaylen
    Since the new update I am not even able to play the game it stops before it reaches the level I am at. So please fix this
  • IF U don’t LIKE THE ADS 3/5

    By cupcakequeenn
    if u hate the ads that come up, Turn off your WiFi (Necessary for some people) Turn off your data And u won’t get any ads at all It also saves your level, and when you’re done playing, turn your WiFi/Data back on
  • The Loading Screen 2/5

    By ❤️neon❤️
    so at the beginning screen when the ball falls through all the levels you’ve been through, mine gets stuck at level 66 and i can’t play the game
  • New update 2/5

    By Mother of nia
    I am extremely disappointed with this new update. I was on level 302 before updating and now the levels won’t change. The ball is stuck on level 51 since I have updated this app. It needs to get better because I’m not restarting my game.
  • Too much ads sorry 4/5

    By calerinia
    After every round i get an ad its a little annoying sorry😬
  • I LOVE IT BUT... 5/5

    By overacheiverreader24
    I have had helix jump for the longest time, and my score has passed 4,500,000... recently, after the new update, I opened my app and it wouldn’t get past level 52-55 on the loading screen! I restarted my phone, gave it a day, and it still hasn’t started up. I want to keep my highscore (im at level 550 something) so I don’t want to delete and reinstall... Is there a way this can be fixed???
  • Bogus 1/5

    By res_13_85
    I’ve been playing for a while and now it won’t go to the level I’m on. Actually it won’t open any levels so I can’t play anymore
  • Generally a good dame, but the last update crashes my phone. 3/5

    By imroot
    Can’t get past the opening screen now.
  • I need help 4/5

    By A girl who likes game.
    I personally love this game but I have a small complaint, I was on level 120 and today I just got on to play and it left me on level 66 and it won’t even let me click on it. But other than that I LOVE this game so so much, I was just wondering why this was happening. Thank you and hope this gets fixed 👍👍👍
  • I miss my old game 2/5

    By banna188424😜
    I loved it before it latest update now I don’t even get it but I don’t want to give up on it😕
  • Love the app, but.... 4/5

    By nola raj
    I love the game! It is really fun and addictive! I play it when ever I can and I got to about, level 258, or somewhere around there, and now it is just freezing. Ever since the new update where it can go down the jumps to your level it has been freezing! I haven’t played for about a month or so just because I don’t want to delete the app when I’m this far, but I think it may come to that point!🙁 Otherwise there was no ads bothering me, and the app is very fun!!
  • Amazing... but: 4/5

    By #Oh SNAP
    I love this game. It’s my go to whenever I’m bored or anytime really😂 The ads are pretty reasonably spaced, probably every two games. The ads aren’t long and pretty dang bearable. But today I went into the game and got stuck in the intro where the ball falls through the levels to get to your level. I’m at level 256(I think) but it fell to 61 and completely froze... no play button at all. I’m hoping this is just the update and that it will be fixed very soon, because if not... I’d have to delete it. Thanks for reading, 💜
  • Absolutely despise this game 1/5

    By hdiw slxb
    I downloaded helix jump a long time ago but I never really liked it. Ever. It was because of my friends that I was convinced to download this game but I didn’t receive what I wanted and I really was surprised. I thought like “WHAT” this game is supposed to be good. It had like all five star ratings so I thought like it HAS to be good right? But I really didn’t get what I wanted and yeah. Some of the things that really bothered me was that like it had a bunch of different ads that were super annoying. Some of them were actually really inappropriate, but I kept the game and right after publishing this , I will DELETE this game because it is super annoying and it’s just I really just like despise it. And it’s just wasting the gigabytes in my 📱 so yeah.
  • Didn’t even save 1/5

    By Daboss201
    I got up to level 92 and when I closed it then restarted it, it froze on the map screen and it was stuck at level 60. I restarted my phone and everything.
  • Love this game, but there’s a problem 4/5

    By gabby.dayy
    I’ve played this game for a long time now, meaning that I am on level 1,060. However I tried to play this game earlier and it just says I’m on level 60. It also won’t let me leave the opening screen. I really wish this problem would be fixed so I could continue playing.
  • Idek?? It stopped 4/5

    By confused?? please help.~
    So I got to like level 1,200 and this morning I tried to go on it but it stopped me at 65 and won’t let me play at all so I’m thinking about deleting it because I’ve already tried to power off and turn it back on and deleting the tab and going back but nothing seems to be working but I don’t want to start all the way back at level 1 because I tried really hard to get to that level and this is my favorite game so for me to start all over after all my progress makes me pretty confused and mad so idk if you can only go to a certain level or something but it was working fine the other days and I do have other games but this was my fav one but now it just stopped suddenly so...idk. But this is still my fav app so I will still rate it four stars but can you help fix it cause I really don’t want to start over.😂
  • Just a few issues 4/5

    By emilia_luci
    The game is awesome, but, I have one issue. So, I was on level 373 or something like that, but, the game keeps telling me I’m on level 71 or 72. Also it won’t let me play. Otherwise the game is amazing. I haven’t been able to play since your last update. My other complaints have been mentioned at least ten times. Please fix, please and thank you.
  • Terrible update 😕 3/5

    By aliisavi
    This is very good game but the new updates are terrible!!!!!some thing like locations is coming and when you’re click on then you can’t do anything 😐 and your score is missed !!!the game have bugs on this update. The second chance doesn’t work anymore 😕 i really love this game before but now.......not
  • Huge glitch that ruins game 4/5

    By Happy_Parakeet
    Great game, but every time I pass level 61 and open the app, the play button never shows up. I’ve tried resetting my phone and clicking everywhere. I had to delete the app and start over to keep playing. I love this game, but it just ruins my experience when I have to delete the app because the play button won’t show up.
  • Please read!!!!!! 5/5

    If you work for helix jump please fix it cause it doesn’t let me play it gets stuck on the first screen we’re your passing though the levels you did
  • Broken 1/5

    By Banaynay666
    The update has broken the game. I have an IOS device and even though I am on level 170 it just stops at 52. PLEASE FIX IT
  • Did I waste my time? 3/5

    By EzraSathNgam
    I have played this game for almost a year now. I was able to reach 2600+ just to be stopped by a bug/glitch. PLEASE FIX IT! Feelsbadman
  • HELP 4/5

    By SparklesandATglitter
    The new update has caused me not to be able to play. When the app opens, the ball drops, but it freezes at like, level 64 or something (I’m on level 108) and won’t let me play. I need to contact a developer or else this game is just taking up space.
  • Stuck on level screen 1/5

    By Wcl23
    Loved this game until today. It is stuck on the first screen at level 56. Won’t let me play. I don’t want to reinstall and lose my profess. This glitch needs fixed.
  • glitch 4/5

    By Madison Calloway
    i really love this game but since i updated the app the game won’t load properly and is stuck on the tower part and i don’t want to delete the app and redownload because i’m on level 1000+ and scared it will reset all my progress. please fix it thanks.
  • Cool but one problem... 3/5

    By I love yeeting
    I love helix jump but one day when I went to play helix jump,a glitch happened that I was on the wrong level and I couldn’t play it.Please fix
  • Malfunction!! 3/5

    By ER nurse 22
    I have had helix jump for a long time now, I am over 600 levels. But when the new update came out, with the cartoon spinning thing to show what level you were on, my game malfunctioned and now it won’t let me play. I use this game to relieve stress and all it’s doing is making me have more. I can’t play at all!
  • Used to love it 2/5

    By 🛐💗🛐♊️💜♊️⛎🧡
    I used to love helix jump. I would play whenever I could. But when they added the maps, IT TURNED HORRIBLE!!! At first it wouldn’t let me get to the level I was currently on, then it would let me get passed the map at all! I deleted the app and then downloaded it again and it still didn’t work. The ads are also an annoying thing. There are so many ads and they’re pointless! I get that it’s a way to make money, but seriously?! Fix the glitches Helix Jump please do.
  • Fun 1/5

    By Sweet Charlie Bear
    The game was fun until I hit level 702 and it stopped. The game won’t let me go any further. What’s up???
  • Update ruined it 3/5

    By shiwbwo782??
    The latest update just ruined the game, when I click on the app it stops at level 52 and won’t even let me play AT ALL.
  • Help?! 2/5

    By Julia Just Reviewed That
    The new update has ruined this game! It won’t let me go past the intro where you see all the levels! The only levels it says it 77-80! I’m past 1100?! I can’t hit a play button! Usually this game is fun! Needs fixing!
  • Data erased. Back to level 1. 2/5

    By Slenderman540
    I was over 3000 levels. I gave the game a simple update. All 3000 levels were gone. So I’m not happy and will never play this game again.
  • Doesn’t work after a while 2/5

    By Cowboytosa
    It was a really fun game and I loved spending hours playing it but then one day when I was in level 875 it quit working for me and I tried closing the app, powering off my phone and it still won’t work so I deleted it so I could get it back again and continue to play it but when I got it back it made me start at level 1 again and it was frustrating because I had spent so much time on it it was my most used app and I loved it but then when it wouldn’t work I had to just delete it but then it wouldn’t save my progress and I spent so much time on in
  • It was good but then this happened sad to see it go.😢 1/5

    By ella11541
    I love this game so much, I was on level 1053. But then the game stoped working it would do the laser thing where it would go to the level your on, but it would start at 10 and stop at 53 and then would not let me play. And me and 3 of the friends were seeing who could get the far we could get and it did that to me and one more off my friends and I had to delete it. You don’t have to believe me but what ever, I was super happy and then that happened. I my opinion they should have never updated the game.

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