HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery

HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery

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  • Current Version: 23.12.1
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HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery App

HelloFresh delivers weekly meal kits with delicious ingredients and easy-to-cook recipes directly to your door. Take the guesswork out of meal planning and cook delicious food for you and your entire family. Perfect for busy lifestyles, our meal delivery services include everything you need to prepare your favorite meals, with many of our recipes served in about 30 minutes. We also combine thousands of delicious, carefully curated recipes in our collection, so mealtime is never boring! HelloFresh is as flexible as you are. Skip a week or cancel your weekly food subscription at any time. The only thing you need to decide is what to make tonight—giving you a fresh and fun cooking experience that puts you in control in the kitchen. What to Expect from HelloFresh Meal Plans -Thousands of delicious and easy recipes that you can save to your favorites, rank, and share with your friends and family. -Fresh ingredients, along with step-by-step recipe instructions and cooking tips & tricks. -A flexible online account that functions as a meal planner so you can easily choose your meals or change your meal kit subscription at any time. -When you finish preparing your recipe, you can sync the nutritional info with your Health app using HealthKit to track your nutritional intake. (iPhone) —Tasty Meal Kits Delivered to Your Door— Whether you’re an unfussy omnivore or a strict veggie eater, HelloFresh makes choosing the perfect food subscription box simple. Our easy-to-manage meal plans are fully customizable to your preferences, and they can be tailored for 2-4 people with up to 6 recipes per week. What’s more, with a little bit of creativity, you can easily make a HelloFresh meal kit work when you’re eating alone—just split the ingredients to make a single meal or save your leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! Check out our easy meal kits here: -Meat & Veggies: A meal plan designed for unfussy omnivores with the widest range of meat, fish, and seasonal produce. Enjoy all our recipes with this preference. -Veggie: A meal kit with a huge range of seasonal veggies, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Everything you need to create vegetarian meals. -Pescatarian: A meal plan that perfectly balances seafood and veggies to make the most delicious fish-based recipes. -Family Friendly: The perfect meal plan for people of all ages, combining kid-tested meals and family favorites with easy recipes that everyone will love. -Calories Smart: Keep tabs on your calorie intake with the delicious, dietician approved meal kits that are at or under 650 calories each. -Quick & Easy: Fast, simple, and fresh meal plans that cut down on the prep, cooking, and cleanup every night! —Easy Meal Management with the HelloFresh iOS App— The HelloFresh app makes managing your weekly meal subscription simple. Just access your account on your iOS device to set your delivery day, swap out ingredients and recipes, or change the number of meals or the number of people you are feeding. Perfect whether you’re eating alone or cooking for the whole family! —About HelloFresh— HelloFresh is committed to sustainable eating, and each of our meal delivery kits helps you reduce food waste, lower your carbon footprint, and minimize packaging waste. In fact, we’ve been able to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. Our meal boxes come with perfectly portioned ingredients, with less prep and more great food without the hassle. We source all our ingredients responsibly, and we’re constantly innovating to reduce plastic packaging and improve our sustainability goals. For more information about our subscriptions, HelloFresh meal kits, or if you need help using the HelloFresh app, email us at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook (fb.com/hellofreshUS) and Twitter (@hellofreshUS). If you like the service, please take a few minutes to review our app. Find more information at: https://www.hellofresh.com/ Learn more about our plans here: https://www.hellofresh.com/plans

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HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery app reviews

  • Redemption of rewards difficult 4/5

    By Mikey v ova dare
    App is good except for redeeming rewards is not explained or easily executed. FOOD IS AMAZING THOUGH!
  • Do not waste your money and time!!! 1/5

    By Bobbie A G
    I don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this. We got our first box with absolutely no issues. The food was great and the recipes were easy to follow, so naturally we ordered a second box. The second box was to be delivered on a Tuesday. The Tuesday came and went with no box. I called customer service at the end of the work day and they informed me we would be getting our box later that night. That night came and no box so I called customer service back and they told me it would be arriving the next day instead. So that Wednesday came and went with still no box. So I once again contacted them and they then informed me that the box was delayed again and it would be arriving the next day which was Thursday. So I then said that all of the ingredients would be bad by the time they got here so it would render the whole box useless which they agreed. So I requested a refund which was immediately granted. However a few hours later I was informed that a replacement box was ordered and set to arrive later that same Thursday, and I did not request a replacement box. But of course, the box got delayed not once, but twice, making it so that it arrived two days after it was sent, rendering everything once again useless. I know it is technically the carrier’s fault, but my issue with this company is that it failed to do the basic thing it claimed it could do, which is providing meals to save money and waste from the grocery store. At the end of the day I still had to go to the grocery store because I never received those meals. I’ve heard wonderful things from other people, we just weren’t so fortunate, so I canceled my subscription. Do with this information what you will.
  • Life changer 5/5

    By ageonack
    Hello Fresh changed my life. And I love the app. Easy to use.
  • Hello Fresh is the BEST! 5/5

    By Xtinablondie
    Nothing can really compare to just how fresh this food really is!! The ingredients smell and taste just as the name says! I love the convenience of right to my door. I’m not wasting time at the store. The recipes are a nice way of stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s refreshing to mix things up with these meals!!!
  • Game changer! 5/5

    By gvgvgvvgvgg
    I rarely go to the grocery store anymore! Hellofresh has made my life alot easier. I just come home from work and simply dump the meal bag out onto the counter with all of its premeasured ingredients and fresh produce at my fingertips, follow the recipe card and wah lah create a delicious meal. Every meal Ive tried so far is masterfully seasoned, flavorful, and does not disappoint.
  • We adore Hello Fresh 5/5

    By CatFromFL
    As a person with stage 4 cancer I cannot stand and cook anymore. This placed meals squarely on the lap of my “non-cooking” husband in winter 2022. Hello Fresh has turned him into a chef who is quite comfy in the kitchen. The meal cards has taught him everything he needs to know, yet I can participate in meal picking and eating these healthy meals of the finest ingredients. I wish there were more not-spicy meals or that spices were noted as optional but this is far from a complaint. We are thrilled with what Hello Fresh has brought to our family. Also My I suggest rewards for sticking with a retention program and not just rewarding new customers. I think we deserve more rewards like an upgraded meal for free once every 3 months or so as a Thank you for staying and not hopping onto trying other meal plan services.
  • A few weeks in 5/5

    By kjr296
    So far it’s been really great for us! It isn’t super cheap but I think it is reasonable for groceries in California. What I absolutely love about it so far: -it makes cooking meals more simple with measured out ingredients and straight forward recipe cards -it has eliminated our waste with meals (because no one is perfect at eating leftovers and with this there are none) -it helps us stay committed to cooking more meals and not just getting lazy and going out to eat -you get to choose what you want in your box, how many meals and survings you get, and you can SKIP a week if you need/want! -MOST IMPORTANTLY✨✨ they are DELICOUS! We were very pleasantly surprised with the quality and flavor in these! They are consistently so so good. We plan on continuing to order boxes for the foreseeable future.
  • Search option would be nice 4/5

    By Leah DL
    I like everything about the app except I can’t search meals by name. If they aren’t available a certain week, I’d still like to be able to find them.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Bones2c
    Great food, good recipes!
  • Terrible customer service and watch out for the way they charge your money! 5/5

    By acarovg
    Your customer service is a mess, I tried to talk about a problem. I ended up wanting to cancel Try to train better your people!!
  • Poor Business Practices and Customer Service 1/5

    By aquajack16
    The meals are decent and a fair value if you get the discount price. Unfortunately, customer service brings this to a 1 star experience. I reached out about additional fees that were never disclosed then was double charged for a week. First agent disconnected, second was very helpful but refused to cancel my order. Never received promised follow-up call. Was still charged and orders continued to be shipped after formally cancelling subscription. I have a very very low opinion of companies who use deceitful language or do not honestly disclose fees and already have scripts to blame the consumer for it. Do not recommend.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By pippa1275
    So… I never knew that I had no clue how to cook. I’ve apologized to my kids for cooking so bland for all these years! I love HelloFresh. Definitely fun to learn & try new recipes that I would never think to make. Everything is always received fresh and I have had no delivery issues.
  • Annoying in every way 1/5

    By I don’t want brhudhn mllpl
    Hopefully you don’t get rotten food like me. And if you do, hopefully they don’t make you jump through hoops to get a refund, like me. Also, I get a ton of emails, even though I opted out when signing up. And the the unsubscribe button doesn’t work… Worst gift card I’ve ever been given.
  • Hello Fresh 5/5

    By HospiceSW
    At the age of 75 I finally learned to cook by following directions with your wonderful recipes. I have been with you for just over one year now and have been eating more healthy and delicious food than I did for years before. Even though you have never claimed to be a weight loss program I found that after eating healthy food I didn’t want to blow it with junk food any more. I started to lose weight and then decided to keep it up. I’ve very gradually lost 40 pounds as of today. I feel good, look good and have brand new clothes!! Thanks, Hello Fresh.
  • Variety and flavor but sometimes iffy produce 3/5

    By Piano ❤️️🎹🎼
    The variety of menus and flavors of dishes is very appealing. However, this winter we’ve received several produce items either very underripe or already having gone bad. For the cost, this is unacceptable.
  • Dinners done! 5/5

    By Elise Miller
    I want to eat healthy but I struggle to plan good meals! Hello Fresh makes it possible
  • Learning to cook. 5/5

    By DesertDiL
    So far, Hello Fresh is exposing me to new recipes and dinners so I like it. I feel like I am becoming better in the kitchen and making good food. I think the meals can be a little pricey, but I like that all the ingredients come in the boxes. I don’t habpve to measure anything or shop for anything. I think the incentives to get others to join helps lowers the cost of the meals. I have recommended Hello Fresh to friends nd relatives.
  • Convinent 5/5

    By TheMaryJaneTurtle
    Had some issues with delievery but the replaced the box and everything is so fresh and good it saves me money and time.
  • Busy 5/5

    By Bible for the traveler
    I have so enjoyed having Hello Fresh to help me have nutritious and tasty meals during the week. Everything is included and I can have a really nice meal for myself and my husband without the stress of searching recipes and going grocery shopping! It is like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By makai618
    It’s always tasty! And guess what! Now Mu 10 years old son can follow the recipes and cook for us! Love cooking hello fresh!
  • Delicious 5/5

    By 50-Cynt
    I love being able to try new recipes weekly the food is delicious and easy to follow. Everything is finished all at the same time. They’ve timed the food perfectly. A must have , I’ve tried all the other company’s and Hello Fresh is by far my favorite. This is my second time choosing them
  • Incredible Meals 5/5

    By Reporterbas
    Completely enjoyed our first three meals from Hello Fresh! I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by the recipes. But wow! I realize I made these delicious meals. I’m so glad I decided to try this. Very good!!!!!!!! Thanks, HF!
  • What’s the point of favorites 3/5

    By KatieCPA
    There is no point in marking a recipe favorite. When you go to choose your menu, there isn’t even an option to view your favorites and select. And you can’t search by recipe name.
  • Missing ingredients 2/5

    By TraciAR33
    Two of my kits were missing ingredients last week.
  • Cannot combine credits and discount codes 3/5

    By claude1456
    Periodically there are missing items, wrong items, or a spoiled veggie or two, etc. Hello Fresh is always great about issuing a credit BUT you cannot use a credit with any type of discount code which is annoying because the credit is due to a problem on their end. Also, don’t get their gift cards because you cannot use them with any type of discount code either. And Hello Fresh always seems to have some type of discount code-especially for new members. They really should re-consider their policies in this area. For this reason (challenges using the credits when there are problems with my orders) I am considering cancelling my account.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By Not a chief
    Theirs no customer service contact on the app do I had to google the number Food came in opened packaging (they wouldn’t send out the one thing It took an hour of prep work
  • HelloFresh and s AESOME!! 5/5

    By blueeyedgypsy71
    Absolutely ENJOYED Helllofresh and cooking AGAIN 💜🙌
  • New customer 1/5

    By New customer OK
    Food is good but pricey. I fell for the advertisement of discounts and freebies, then after signing up and paying, the freebies were nowhere to be found.
  • Hello Fresh App Ok 4/5

    By Darth_$ideous
    This app is good and very easy to use it is just difficult to navigate to the cancel subscription button and the instruction online are unclear.
  • Garbage company - always a disappointment 1/5

    By quorl
    Accidentally clicked something and now I have ground pork recipes on my way which I will not eat because HelloFresh ground pork is disgusting. HelloFresh didn't even warn me that a box was coming or give me a heads up to change the contents. Pricing is not transparent so I don't know how they came up with $100 for 6 boxes. I was supposed to have a $10 credit from the last time they messed up my box but it wasn't applied. Garbage company.
  • Husband 5/5

    By BillCRFL
    Easy, Taste Great, and my wife loves the simplicity!
  • Hello Fresh 5/5

    By DogMom45
    I love ordering from hello fresh because I like picking my homemade meals each week or a head of schedules and it’s healthy choices to choose from!
  • Scam 1/5

    By cufogjumashi
    This is the worst. I knew it looked sketchy since the beginning but I gave it a shot. First they tell you “18 free meals” but it’s not free when you open your account lol. They “discount” prices from your next 100 meals… then they have a set preference to charge your card and deliver every week. Even though I changed it to skip all meals they still charged me 70 f dollars because they change my preferences to “non-skip” so if you don’t pay attention they will continue charging you every week….
  • Misleading pricing 2/5

    By Stephanieeeer
    Tried to cancel subscription but was sent and charged for a box a few months later
  • Very Happy 5/5

    By I really want to register!
    We have been getting HF for about seven years and we just love it. A handful of times we had a missing item or some other little snag, and HF was quick to deal with us and offer a solution. Our son now gets it too!
  • Sick of “free boxes!” 3/5

    By jessgold215
    Send me an email with the code in it once a week. Don’t make me excited like there’s an actual reward or discount or something FREE for my household. I literally can’t give these free boxes away. I’d rather be able to give feedback easily about the meals I got. I can never seem to locate that function in the app. And tbh all the food ya starting to taste the same.
  • So grateful for Hello Fresh! Mommy AND baby approved! 5/5

    By wordbrainchamp
    As a business owner, wife, and mother of a one year old, I cannot express how happy I am that I finally gave Hello Fresh a try. Not only are we eating very, very delicious meals, we are saving boatloads of money. I used to spend weekly on groceries, what I am spending monthly with Hello Fresh. Now, dinners, including the spices and condiments, are completely taken care of and I only have to buy breakfast and lunch items which are significantly less expensive than dinner. A few eggs, fruits and salad kits and I’m good to go for the week! I can’t express how much time and energy Hello Fresh has saved me and how relieved I feel since I’ve started using them. Mommy guilt surrounding food has disappeared and it’s so nice to know I don’t have to think about what I’m going to make for dinner or if I have the ingredients for it, but I still get to experience the joy I get from cooking for my family. I feel very grateful and wish I could share Hello Fresh with the world.
  • So happy 5/5

    By Rachel6170
    So nice to come home and have something to cook without going grocery shopping. Of course it is a plus when the food tastes so good!! So glad we made the choice to try it.
  • Overall good 4/5

    By Pocket Frogger :)
    We enjpy the meals we get. Some weeks have a too many vegetarian options and limited options with meat, making selection difficult. Many meals also have an additional charge up to 19.00 per kit. Overall good meals.
  • Small portions 3/5

    By Subshine59
    Although the food tastes great, love the recipes that come with it, the portions are very small. The portions look like a serving for one person. very chintzy.
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By My 3 B's
    I love everything about this food. I love that I don’t have to go shopping, love that there is no waste and save money, love to cook meal and know what’s going in it. This is the best! Love it !
  • Not worth it at all 1/5

    By BBissell112
    Terrible Company with horrible customer service.
  • Every Single Meal is Fantastic! 5/5

    By Tqci
    My husband and I were skeptical to try a meal delivery service, but I am so glad we did. Personally, I have never been a fan of cooking, and I am exhausted of trying to figure out new meals every night that are also somewhat healthy. Hello Fresh is a perfect solution. Everything you need is included in each packet. I like how they give you the exact proportions of what you need for the dish. This results in not having to buy whole containers of things like sour cream from the store. I always follow their directions exactly as stated, and it always turns out great!!! They have really thought through the sauce instructions, too. On a lot of these dishes, the sauces are what makes them great. Hello Fresh has also taught us that we we have been preparing far too large proportions. What they give you for each proportion is appropriate and filling so that you are not overeating. My family definitely gives Hello Fresh the thumbs up!!!!!!
  • Consistently good recipes and food! 5/5

    By Saloni Gupta 09
    Highly recommend for vegetarians and vegans!
  • Pork meatloaf 5/5

    By grammarazzi
    Loved the Italian Pork Meatloaf & roasted veggies. The ricotta spiced cream was a perfect “pillow” for the vegetables!
  • Thanks to Kelly stamps I’m using HF 5/5

    By beautyofari
    I absolutely love HF everything is so delicious and I don’t have to stress about meal planning!! It gets me through the weekend when I’m busy and I especially love that I can try new foods often without having to go far to have them!!
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Jwalkzzz
    Will take your money and put you on a subscription you never agreed to. It’s robbery
  • Consistently losing my boxes 1/5

    By Soldier'sPrincess
    HelloFresh successfully lost 3 of my boxes, 2 of which were back to back weeks leaving my family without the meals for two weeks in a row. After arguing with an agent for over an hour, they still refused to refund me for my missing boxes. I absolutely do not recommend ordering from here due to the hassle of constantly having to fix things, whether it be missing ingredients or missing boxes. Shame on you.
  • Love it 5/5

    By #taysmom
    I love it The food taste great Great variety and works well with my healthy living and eating life style changes. Wish it was a little less expensive, however while grocery store prices when up. Hello Fresh prices did not!!!