HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery

HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery

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  • Current Version: 22.38
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HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery App

HelloFresh delivers weekly meal kits with delicious ingredients and easy-to-cook recipes directly to your door. Take the guesswork out of meal planning and cook delicious food for you and your entire family. Perfect for busy lifestyles, our meal delivery services include everything you need to prepare your favorite meals, with many of our recipes served in about 30 minutes. We also combine thousands of delicious, carefully curated recipes in our collection, so mealtime is never boring! HelloFresh is as flexible as you are. Skip a week or cancel your weekly food subscription at any time. The only thing you need to decide is what to make tonight—giving you a fresh and fun cooking experience that puts you in control in the kitchen. What to Expect from HelloFresh Meal Plans -Thousands of delicious and easy recipes that you can save to your favorites, rank, and share with your friends and family. -Fresh ingredients, along with step-by-step recipe instructions and cooking tips & tricks. -A flexible online account that functions as a meal planner so you can easily choose your meals or change your meal kit subscription at any time. -When you finish preparing your recipe, you can sync the nutritional info with your Health app using HealthKit to track your nutritional intake. (iPhone) —Tasty Meal Kits Delivered to Your Door— Whether you’re an unfussy omnivore or a strict veggie eater, HelloFresh makes choosing the perfect food subscription box simple. Our easy-to-manage meal plans are fully customizable to your preferences, and they can be tailored for 2-4 people with up to 6 recipes per week. What’s more, with a little bit of creativity, you can easily make a HelloFresh meal kit work when you’re eating alone—just split the ingredients to make a single meal or save your leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! Check out our easy meal kits here: -Meat & Veggies: A meal plan designed for unfussy omnivores with the widest range of meat, fish, and seasonal produce. Enjoy all our recipes with this preference. -Veggie: A meal kit with a huge range of seasonal veggies, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Everything you need to create vegetarian meals. -Pescatarian: A meal plan that perfectly balances seafood and veggies to make the most delicious fish-based recipes. -Family Friendly: The perfect meal plan for people of all ages, combining kid-tested meals and family favorites with easy recipes that everyone will love. -Calories Smart: Keep tabs on your calorie intake with the delicious, dietician approved meal kits that are at or under 650 calories each. -Quick & Easy: Fast, simple, and fresh meal plans that cut down on the prep, cooking, and cleanup every night! —Easy Meal Management with the HelloFresh iOS App— The HelloFresh app makes managing your weekly meal subscription simple. Just access your account on your iOS device to set your delivery day, swap out ingredients and recipes, or change the number of meals or the number of people you are feeding. Perfect whether you’re eating alone or cooking for the whole family! —About HelloFresh— HelloFresh is committed to sustainable eating, and each of our meal delivery kits helps you reduce food waste, lower your carbon footprint, and minimize packaging waste. In fact, we’ve been able to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. Our meal boxes come with perfectly portioned ingredients, with less prep and more great food without the hassle. We source all our ingredients responsibly, and we’re constantly innovating to reduce plastic packaging and improve our sustainability goals. For more information about our subscriptions, HelloFresh meal kits, or if you need help using the HelloFresh app, email us at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook (fb.com/hellofreshUS) and Twitter (@hellofreshUS). If you like the service, please take a few minutes to review our app. Find more information at: https://www.hellofresh.com/ Learn more about our plans here: https://www.hellofresh.com/plans

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HelloFresh: Meal Kit Delivery app reviews

  • Using Gift Codes Seems Sketchy 2/5

    By OGood1
    The app is helpful and clear when it comes to ordering boxes, etc. However, a group of friends wanted to prepay for my family’s boxes for a few weeks. There is no way to apply, say, $500, as a credit to my account. The gift came as 4 vouchers to my email address and no notification to my Hello Fresh account/app. Also, I can only apply one voucher at a time. So, each week I have had to add a voucher code to my account. If you stack the vouchers, the other will disappear if it hasn’t been used. So, it seems like there are so many opportunities for me or Hello Fresh to lose my credit vouchers. This was supposed to make my life easier while dealing with cancer, but it’s added an extra layer of worry for me. I don’t want to waste my friend’s money, because it’s disappeared into cyberspace.
  • Not so fresh 3/5

    By lihguyhkgfj
    I used this service for about a year, and really enjoyed a lot of their easy and tasty recipes. The main problem I had was that their produce was often not fresh, and/or it was inadequate. Things like being able to bend a carrot all the way in half without it breaking, getting a tiny pepper for a stuffed pepper recipe, or getting three Brussels sprouts as a side for two adults. I always had to supplement the veggies. They also use A LOT of plastic, and just a lot of waste in general. I canceled them after the second time we got food poisoning.

    By Dallastar
    I love hello fresh. I used to love to cook. But before HELLO FRESH I had gotten bored with it, the same recipes day in and day out. HELLO FRESH CHANGED ALL THAT! Love cooking with hello fresh, and trying all the new recipes. The food is delicious.
  • Helps so much 5/5

    By dowzey01
    I’m a vegetarian so it always hard to think of new dishes, and HelloFresh make eating and cooking fun and easy
  • Beware of when you want to cancel 3/5

    By beanbunsoup
    I have tried googling it, searching the app, and the App Store and I cannot find out how to cancel my subscription. They have tried charging me 7 times now and I still haven’t found a successful way to cancel or even skip a week
  • Where to ask a question? 5/5

    By gaylewhale
    I love the app but where do I go to ask about recipe ingredients, like in the spice blends? Specifically the Southwest spice blend? Thanks
  • Scam 1/5

    By drami56
    Do not get this app when i want to cancel the payment there are no option to delete it you will need a computer to do all that smhhh
  • Doesnt stay logged in 1/5

    By ubdybi
    The app log out from time to time. Kinda annoying.
  • Customer Service is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By GenAveMar
    They are rude, sarcastic and unhelpful. I loved my hello fresh deliveries but cancelled based solely on the fact that their customer service reps are disrespectful.
  • Billed before I even knew what was going on 1/5

    By Camp05150908
    I am quite frustrated with the process of hello fresh. Before I knew it I was signed up and not even an hour later was scheduled a delivery. I cancelled before I was charged, and I still got billed. I didn’t even have a choice if I wanted this box or not. I am trying Home Chef and it was way more giving for new customers to pick their options on which week you want to get a meal. Very disappointed that I wasn’t able to get refunded for something that seemed truly unfair/misleading.
  • Fraud and scam company do not use 1/5

    By jjkunhappy
    I started to fill out info for hellofresh but when I saw cost and macros for food I was like no way. Little did I know hellofresh stole my info charged me 2 times without my permission and refused to give my money back. THEN they researched and found an old address I lived at and sent 2 boxes of food there and charged me 2 more times. Due to their fraudulent ways of doing business my bank suspended my account and cancelled my debit card. When I told a manager of hellofresh he said he was not willing to do anything and refused to refund my money they took. They said I created 2 accounts 7 minutes apart with 2 different addresses but couldn’t tell me what email was used. DO NOT use this company for anything
  • Buyer beware! 1/5

    By fyrwido
    Cancelled my subscription weeks ago through virtual chat. Charged for a new box this week. Was disconnected twice from Customer Service as soon as I stated my concern. Customer Service won’t help even tho I received nothing to confirm this weeks order. Will never reactivate my subscription to this company. This is wrong!
  • Steal money from you 1/5

    By 135314422
    I downloaded the app just wanted to check what options I have, I didn’t plan on making any purchase. However, the app first asked me some questions about my preference and all of a sudden I found that I had already subscribed to their service. I canceled it right away but it still charged me for the first week. The worst marketing strategy I’ve ever seen. The app itself is completely a pitfall and provides very little information about how to unsubscribe the service.
  • It’s good, but not that good 2/5

    By dooderotomy
    Hello Fresh is great. When you get fresh properly packaged ingredients. Two times now Ive opened my box to pork being open and everything inside smelling like rancid pork. Luckily most was salvageable. However, the ingredients are rarely “fresh”, most the time they aren’t ripe or are leaning on spoiled. Great concept. Poor execution.
  • Food is good, but fix this issue 1/5

    By tdmb74
    Look, food is good from here. Good idea. A bit pricey for me though, so I wanted to cancel my subscription. This is when I got upset. You have an entire app dedicated to your product & not one place in it I can manage my subscription. You know as well as I that is so people cancel the subscription less often because it’s less convenient to do so & people will forget about it. It’s sleazy. Fix it.
  • Keeps charging me 1/5

    By Jbhurtz
    I kept receiving packages even though I canceled orders for about a month and they still send you them anyways.
  • I’m to picky for this 2/5

    By mads1875
    I don’t eat ground meat and I hate that most of the recipes use ground meat. I wish there was an option to swap for a chicken breast or steak. I also wish you could swap out the veggie sides like green Beans for broccoli. They need to take a customizable menu approach in order to get us picky eater users. If they did this I would 100% redos load the app.
  • Not worth it, and they mess up your orders! 1/5

    By Rachl_xD
    Quantity of ingredients in recipe do not equal quantity of ingredients provided. I thought this may have been a one-off but my sister tried HelloFresh as well and ran into the same issue! Sister also encountered some compromised packaging (looked like holes were chewed in corner of plastic wrap for some meals). Ew! The only thing HelloFresh can offer is providing a preset menu. For as much effort as you’re having to put into prepping these meals, you may as well feed the ingredients you have on-hand in your house to Google and have it spit out your dish for the evening. Meals for the week from HelloFresh were no cheaper than an Instacart grocery order.
  • Meh 3/5

    By unforgivableaf
    Two servings is really 2 serving sizes for 5 year old children. Recipes were mediocre for the price. Half of my items were missing from the box. Could have spent 20 dollars at a grocery store and bought double the groceries. Waste of money. People are dumb if they think this is a good idea.
  • Great Service, Clunky App 2/5

    By 73863684477368413773
    I stopped HelloFresh for awhile and recently came back to it. Overall, the quality of the program has improved but the app has not. If anything, the app has somehow gone way down in quality which is a shame because that’s my primary way of accessing my account. It keeps logging me out and when I log in all my info is there but my plan info is gone, like the app somehow forgets I’m already subscribed. It’s really weird and frustrating because I’m just trying to track my order and I can’t because of the clunky app
  • Come on DEV OPS 1/5

    By Holyrollerholyghost93726
    Listen this app is a crashing mess. Okay I don’t write or produce software but my husband does. The app keeps logging me out and getting back into it is a nightmare. I know for a fact it’s fixable and fairly easy to do. The app is overall hard to navigate. I get that that is less easy to do but be aware. I don’t understand why the price is hidden and I have to dig to see how much the week is going to cost, stick the price in the top of the upcoming week I’m sure that can’t be too difficult? My main issue is the app constantly forgetting me and having to log back in then select all the plan option put in my credit card go back through select all my meals, THEN it tells me I already have a plan and if I would like to go to that menu instead sounds great right? If I click yes the app pushes me back to the select plan menu and I must repeat the process. Yet it reminds who I am technically just none of my stuff is saved. I’m quitting this service unfortunately because of this issue.
  • Small portions and damaged 2/5

    By Alley_lewis
    I’ve been using HelloFresh for awhile now. I used to really enjoy their meals, but over time the portions got smaller. Not only that, but the vegetables usually come damaged and go bad very quickly. I recently had an order that was damaged in transit, so it came late and they did absolutely nothing to rectify this issue. I still paid full price for the box and got very little servings. I will be switching to a different food delivery service.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By KingJ887653
    I was just delivered a box that had moldy green beans. The company’s response was to give me a $9 credit towards my next box. They don’t care that mold contaminated all ingredients that were sent. Anyway, I cancelled my membership. Better options out there.
  • Charged for two accounts 1/5

    By MsBobLoblaw
    There is a glitch in the HelloFresh system that has two accounts for my one email address. They were made aware and “closed” one in early August. They continued to debit my credit card for the two accounts, while delivering one box. I contacted them for a refund, after an hour of aggravating run around, not believing their Fedex tracking number that was canceled the day after created but created the day they debited my credit card. They were supposed to elevate this and return my call. They haven’t made any contact, nor have they refunded the over charges. They were supposed to let me do a phone survey at the end of the call, but hung up on me instead.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By calleamic
    If i could give 0 starts i would. I ordered my first kit last week and was told it was supposed be delivered Tuesday. It never showed up Tuesday and i never got an email on why it was delayed. They updated my delivery date to Thursday. Thursday rolls around and im waiting and waiting and waiting. It never showed up. They never contacted me on why it wasn’t delivered! And just refunded me the money. Thank you for that but i just wish yall would have contacted me and kept me in loop on what was going on and why
  • My family loves it 5/5

    By janaansa
    Absolutely love HelloFresh. I love not having to guess what’s for dinner, all of the meal kits are amazing and it SAVES so much money on my monthly grocery bill and so we’ll balanced and healthy!
  • Hello Fresh is the best food delivery I have had 5/5

    By TheHopeMan
    I have tried 4 other meal kit delivery services. Hello Fresh is the best of them all. I just wish it were slightly cheaper so I could afford it every week.
  • Great taste, great way to shake up your cooking 4/5

    By kathlnene
    Before HelloFresh everything I cooked tasted the same. As an empty nester, no matter how hard I tried, I still over bought groceries or I’d live on one huge crockpot meal for the week. Now I cook amazing, interesting stuff! Here are some suggestions. Any way frozen packing materials are definitely NOT recyclable. I’ve frozen as many gel packs as I can. The rest go in the garbage. Makes me cringe every time. 2nd issue, these meals are usually super high in carbs. A salmon/veggie combo would be great, or some we’ll-thought out keto options, low sodium options. Keto gets boring so it would be awesome to have a service to help make it sustainable. PLEASE offer meals for restricted diets (IBS, Crohn’s diverticulitis, and/or low sodium, no garlic). Our folks are aging, so food delivery has become a serious topic. It would be awesome to locate a service where I can be assured food guidelines are strictly followed, and microwave prep makes cooing simple for the parents, and I can order for several-times-a-week, smaller more management deliveries. Finally, everyone I know who uses HelloFresh has it stockpiled. We just don’t have time to cook every night. This is why I frequently pause meals for a month or more.
  • Canceling is a nightmare 2/5

    By Darcihg
    I enjoyed HelloFresh while I had it but it ended up getting too expensive for my family of 5. I tried canceling the account and it took googling and a lot of searching to figure out that you have to use the website, not the app, to cancel. After I did that, a month later I got a surprise box on my doorstep. I was charged $98 for a box of food from a subscription I had canceled a month previously. I contacted customer service (which I also had to google the email for because the website makes it very hard to find). They told me my account wasn’t canceled even though the app told me I had deactivated my account as well as previous emails from HelloFresh with confirmation that my account was canceled. Luckily they refunded me my money and after showing them screenshots that I had already canceled my account, they told me it was for sure now canceled. But I am just going to wait for another box to show up in a month and maybe go through this process all over again. They make it very hard to cancel their subscription and because of that I will no longer use them in the future. It feels predatory.
  • Asking for payment first 1/5

    By nickname4560314
    They ask for payment first for a small amount before you select your meals. Then after meals are selected another payment is coming out no matter what. Even if you cancel. I will never use this service again and will be sure to steer anyone away from this company. Why would you set up a system like that?
  • The worst 1/5

    By snoogans122
    What a scam. Got a gift card and tried to use it only to find the most complicated system of food ordering I’ve ever seen. Half the meals are ‘premium’ and double the price or don’t count unless you pay extra for some reason. We finally figured it out and ordered. When it got here, it was two meals we didn’t choose and would never choose (we don’t eat spicy things why would we order firecracker meatballs) and the other is a sandwich that we would never pay the high prices for. Speaking of which, we got a $70 gift card and ordered two meals for two people - so 4 meals total they say are about $10 each making it $40 total. So why am I getting an email saying my entire gift card was used AND my account has been canceled? At 2am? This place is awful. Don’t use it. Don’t buy gift cards for it. Use blue apron, it’s way simpler and has better food.
  • Great For Learning How To Cook 5/5

    By HawaiianTiger12
    Has a great variety of meals, the recipes are pretty easy to follow, and everything is so tasty. I have yet to have a bad meal and I’ve had this service since March 2022. I personally use this as a meal prep for work lunches. My coworkers are always impressed by my lunches.
  • Hello Fresh 5/5

    By Allizaluv
    This is the best decision I’ve made saves me gas to go to the store and the food it’s delicious I really recommend.
  • Good Food Overall . 3/5

    By kashross
    It’s very unfortunate I have to give this company a rating of a 3 because, the simple fact that you should be allowed to cancel a order if the warehouse have not shipped your box , or if it’s too late to cancel ,be allowed to change the recipes due to the fact that you didn’t want the box that week to begin with . If the box has not shipped from the warehouse, you should be giving the opportunity to cancel or change the recipes before the box is shipped .
  • Best decision I ever made!!! 5/5

    By Traci Nitschke
    My husband and I decided to try hello fresh a few weeks ago and we are so glad we did. The meals are fantastic, easy to follow and taste wonderful. This was the best decision we could have made. We look forward to our delivery of our Hello Fresh box each week. It has been life changing and wonderful.
  • First order 3/5

    By Meg chic
    I really wanted to love HelloFresh the meals look delicious online. Unfortunately the first meal we went to cook was missing two of the ingredients. I’m willing to give it another shot but that was disappointing.
  • Missing ingredients constantly 2/5

    By Kerri is mad
    Every week my box is missing ingredients and I have to run to the store if I don’t have them on hand. Multiple times it has been the protein… but again it’s something every single week. Customer service is non existent. Looking for a different service.
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By Ziyingl
    Send link login is not working either
  • HelloFresh may have saved my life 5/5

    By Harold433
    A sickly individual and in need of nutrition and during COVID times I found I could not put together healthy meal options at the supermarket because of rushing to get what I needed. So more often than not I would rush to get processed foods and not really spend the time to think what I was eating. HelloFresh made eating healthier food easier and I may have never, in my life, bothered to get all the ingredients together for a Beef Ragu, or a Mexican Enchilada, or the wherewithal to know how to do it. HelloFresh made it so I could just grab a bag and have everything I needed, and if I wanted to augment or enhance an ingredient in a dish I would buy it that week at the supermarket as I was rushing through. Not buying in bulk and not having to eat the same thing 4 times in a week or having stuff rot really did save money. And for the most part the quality was really good. I never got a box that I felt had got too warm. On occasion I got an ingredient that I felt wasn’t top notch but I didn’t say anything. I felt like the pasta and sauces, and the recipes themselves were exceptionally good.
  • No Log In!!! 1/5

    By Foxdaughter2
    I’ve been using the website for months. Now it won’t even give you the login page, forces you to download app. I have no order shipped email like usual and the app won’t let me log in!!! I know my password is correct. Even their “password free” log in option won’t work. There is NO WAY to contact HelloFresh. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NONEXISTENT!!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By carlosdelamora
    You need to invest in your app. It didn’t let me Sign In. It looks also like it was developed in 2009, very bad design. If this is what the app looks then is likely your food is the same.
  • Cooking and bonding 5/5

    By DiamoDW
    My family consists of my 8 yo and myself. I get off at 6 and her bed time is 8pm. With cooking cleaning and preparing her for bed those two hours flew by. With the Hello fresh box I can now spend time with her by cooking together. She helps by reading the easy to follow instructions and stirring. Then she can proudly sit down to a delicious meal she helped prepare. The boxes are pricey and but the time with my kid is priceless. Hello fresh fills our bellies and hearts…corny but true! Side note: I wish there was a pick up option. The facility is like 5 minutes from my house and I hate paying shipping for anything
  • Terrible customer service and company 1/5

    The box arrived damaged. The meat was spoiled and their only solution was to give me $60 off my next subscription after I was off their promo. What a joke
  • “Sign in registration failed” 1/5

    By nasdaddy
    I used this service for 3 weeks now every time it try and log in it says registration failed. Are you kidding me fix your sign in.
  • Hello Fresh knows what it’s doing 2/5

    By AleIsTired
    Every time a box is about to be delayed, I magically can’t get into my account. I’m met with errors with signing in and loading the app in general. When boxes are coming on time, I can use the app without issue. They don’t even let you know your box isn’t coming until /maybe/ after the 1st day. It’s so frustrating.
  • More like NEVER fresh. 1/5

    By Meowhdawg
    Maybe it’s cuz I have a learning disability so I couldn’t figure out how to choose what I wanted so they sent me things I didn’t eat. Along with that those things weren’t even fresh. And my mom was ordering from them for awhile too and had the same issue. By the time it gets their the veggies and what not are gross. We always had to end up buying our own veggies to make for hello fresh’s meals. That’s the main and biggest issue. I’m not gunna order from somewhere that has fresh in the name but never sends fresh food. Walmart is way more fresh than them and that’s just embarrassing.
  • Terrible delivery service 1/5

    By LeonardoDelg
    What is the use of having a good app if the product does not arrive for 2 times the same error of wrong door
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By Cheffff l
    Thanks for always being Quick and easy! 😊
  • Hard to Cancel 1/5

    By danzrs3
    Dont't do this. Difficult to cancel subscription