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HelloFresh App

Every week, HelloFresh delivers a box of delicious recipes and the exact amount of fresh ingredients you need to cook them at home. Cooking healthy meals has never been so easy! In our App you will find: ∙Thousands of delicious recipes that you can discover, sort, save to your favorites, rank, and share with your friends and family. ∙Cooking videos with tips and tricks, along with step-by-step guides to help you cook your meals. ∙A flexible online account where you can easily choose your meals or change your subscription settings at any time. ∙When you finish preparing your recipe, you can sync the nutritional info with your Health app using HealthKit to track your nutritional intake. (iPhone only) Why is HelloFresh going to make your life tastier? --We create amazing recipes-- Every week, our chefs create amazing recipes for you that are easy to prepare. Our meals are interesting yet simple. And we ensure that your diet is balanced and varied. --We do the shopping for you-- Tired of wasting time at the grocery store? We do it all for you; from creating the recipes and planning the meals, to grocery shopping and even delivering all of the pre-measured ingredients right to your door! --Free Delivery!-- We deliver everything straight to your door. --You prepare delicious meals in your own home-- With our quick, easy recipes, you won’t need any fancy equipment or techniques. Our mission is to help you get nutritious and delicious meals on the table, in no time. What are our customers saying? ∙"Everyone in my family loves the dinners and the flavors. Can't imagine dinner without Hello Fresh now!" @Intellijenn ∙"Hello fresh has been a lifesaver for me! With having college kids home this summer and working a full-time job. I have loved having my meals planned and at my door every week!" @Richelay ∙"The HelloFresh service is wonderful, the meals are really good and usually very satisfying" @eddiem24 ∙"I am finally learning to cook real meals! And the app has made it so easy for me to manage my account while away from the computer." @Chivies ********** If you need help or have any suggestion, email us at [email protected] We'd love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook (fb.com/hellofreshUS) and Twitter (@hellofreshUS). If you like the service, please take a few minutes to review our app.

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  • Hello Not Fresh and items missing 1/5

    By ingredients missing
    I have only been with your company for 2 months but every week at least one bag is missing an ingredient . How difficult is it to make sure all items are there ? Can’t they count ? I messaged my complaints about missing ingredients and that some of the veggies are not fresh thru Adrian and she was going to put a complaint in . Haven’t heard a darn thing . Last night I made Chicken Tikka Masala and guess what the biggest item cream sauce base was missing . Don’t you have someone that checks the bags before going out ? Very poor inventory control. If this doesn’t improve I will be switching to another company . Had to enter a nickname and the fact that anything with the word missing is taken should be an indication that your company has a problem .
  • Mystery ingredients 2/5

    By SpottiD
    If you’re going to go to the trouble of individually packaging items then go ahead and list all the ingredients. For example the cream packages; are they just milk, or are there additives? I felt nauseous after both meals I tried but I have no idea what allergens may have been in there. Regardless the packaging is far from sustainable with so many plastic pouches etc. The claims to sustainable packaging are mostly green washing. The instructions are sufficient but less helpful than other meal kits I’ve tried. Too much sugar and salt and not enough vegetables for healthy meals.
  • Is not as cracked up as it is presented 3/5

    By mpol56
    I do feel that it is convenient not to have to figure out a meal plan. I find that the quality of the foods is not good. If you don’t use the meals within one week the produce spoils. I sent free? Boxes to my friends and they were told that the offer expired. That’s not right. I am not sure how much longer I will be using this service!!!
  • poor service 1/5

    By vttong
    when you provide an app for consumers, your app should be just as reliable as the website. at the beginning of this month I changed my address on this app. come to find out later, when my box was delivered it was delivered to my old address due to app error so I updated my address again. I lost $60 which is a lot of money during a pandemic. I spoke to 2 kind customer service reps, jennifer and jessica however, my chat got disconnected twice due to app error which again shows you how unreliable this is. although my customer service reps were kind, the overall company provided no remorse and responsibility on something that was clearly their fault. after being a regular consumer for months, I will not longer support a company that doesn’t right their wrongdoings. this is the first and last issue I have ever brought to their attention. I am aware my cancellation will have no effect on their business but I hope no one else gets cheated out of their money due to company and technical negligence.
  • App doesn’t provide ingredient information 2/5

    By ltsk
    It’s great to have the convenience of meals shipped to your door, but setting aside the issues with the service itself, there’s a major problem with how it is nearly impossible to get the ingredients list for the premade items. Why is this an issue? Food allergies. The kind that close your throat, leave you sick for days, maybe require an expensive epipen to deal with. I’ve had to skip week after week because 1) there is no way to get the list of ingredients on the spice mixes and base concentrates (already been made sick by assuming they were safe, and nearly stopped breathing because of one of the premade additions—which also don’t have an ingredients list) and 2) the chat to get information is INCREDIBLY buggy, constantly dropping you out mid-chat so you have to start all over again, only to be dropped again. The customer service reps—once you get to a human—are the nicest, most-helpful people, but they apparently have no simple way to get the ingredient information, so it takes a very long time to figure out if the person with the food allergy can eat that meal or not. The answer to the problem is simple: TELL US WHAT IS IN YOUR PRODUCT. Let us click on the item so a pop-up shows up with an ingredients list. I’m thisclose to just cancelling because of how difficult they make finding out ingredients in the products they’re selling. Why are Hello Fresh so set on hiding ingredients? It’s a meal kit service, for pity’s sake, not KFC with their “secret” herbs and spices.
  • Love the food and the app 5/5

    By Digitalnyc
    I’ve tried 4 meal deliveries and this the best for me. The meals are easy to prepare and tastes delicious. And the app itself is so easy to use. It’s easy to pick the meals I want and skip a week if I’m away.
  • The food is delicious 5/5

    By LisaLove49
    Hello fresh has the best food ever. It is healthy, tasty and a great way to learn how to cook your favorite dishes. Check this app out. It’s wort it 🥰
  • In App Features!!! 5/5

    By KoasatiSavage
    The app allows you to use voice command while following the recipe. It also has step by step LABELED TIMERS to start & stop while you move through each step.
  • Shady 1/5

    By Mranderson12335
    A friend gave me a free box and I ordered.. said it would be about 12 dollars in total. I thought fine it’s still a good deal. Checked my bank account and it had charged 12 and another 30. Chatted with the customer service robot and said there is an up charge for certain dishes that you have to select from.. would have been nice to know that
  • Really like the app 4/5

    By MegEGreen87
    Use the recipe even when I don’t have the box for the week.
  • Perfect for picky eaters 5/5

    By Grantham Taylor
    HelloFresh is perfect for me. The meals easily rival (and often beat) the quality of $20-$30 entrees at local restaurants. The prep/cooking times are a little long at times, but I feel like it only adds to my satisfaction and pride of such a delicious indulgence. The prices are very fair. But for me, the best thing about HF is the diversity in meals. As a picky eater, I get tired of most dishes after a while which makes it difficult for me to learn to cook a new dish in the more traditional manner of iterating to perfection. HelloFresh is a refreshing way to affordably learn a bunch of new recipes and general cooking practices, all with a guarantee of savory goodness to award the effort. You got a loyal customer here.
  • Awesome App & Service 5/5

    By Nvr2L8_J
    This app makes things so easy not to mention how convenient this service is. Hello Fresh takes all the guessing out of dinner and makes me look like the world’s best cook, every night!
  • You never find the cheapest discount 1/5

    By vvyll
    I saw there was a $80 free delivery on Facebook ads, so I signed up. But at the same time, Hulu was showing the commercial saying that we can sign up to get 10 free meals. And you go to rekuten, there is a cash back... And you have American Express card, there is a cash back off as well. And I use Apple Card to pay....
  • I tried but no Apple Pay 1/5

    By idavidram95
    I wanted to set this up, but there is no way to pay with Apple Pay.
  • Food is good not the app 2/5

    By mamasoaf
    Problems on the app are attributed to the browser you are using but you can’t access the offer you were trying to get on any other browser.Happens often.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By PeteSacks
    I absolutely love this service! It takes the guesswork out of dinner, the meals are easy to make and delicious! I’ve been using this service for months and don’t see an end in sight. My husband loves them, also! The only thing I’d like to see improved is a low carb menu.
  • Hello Fresh the best 5/5

    By chickadeemay
    I have to say that this was much better than I expected it to be. I am a widow and thus I do not eat correctly and I knew that but never really tried to make that better. Then my daughter told me of hello fresh and I absolutely love this. I get two meals each week for two people and one day I cook and the next day I have the second portion. So I am eating better and feeling better .I highly recommend this to anyone who is living alone. I absolutely love the different flavors and the different taste that I am experiencing as well. And I am enjoying cooking again. so thank you hello fresh .this is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.😘
  • A change of pace 4/5

    By cokkingnow
    I know I could look up a receipe, and buy the ingredients for less money, but you’re also paying for the convenience of having everything sent to you. We were in a rut, eating the same food every week and was disappointed in takeout around us, so we signed up for HelloFresh. Enjoying the receipts, thou I wish they would they would let you pick your sides.
  • Great Meals!! 5/5

    By familycooking
    What you see is what you get! Most meals look just like the pictures when cooked. My kids love trying new dinners. The app is easy to use and schedule meal delivery.
  • Hello Fresh makes a lot of mistakes 4/5

    By JMarieMG06
    The food is great, quality is great, recipes are delicious and pretty easy but Hello Fresh makes a lot of mistakes. Two out of my first three boxes had major errors. First box - was missing a meal that I paid for. The recipe card was there, but the meal wasn’t. I chatted with someone through the app and was given a $30 credit but can’t use it until my promotion is up and am paying full price. Second box was fine e, third box had the wrong recipe cards in it. I got the recipes off the app which was ok but now I don’t have the cards to make it on my own in the future. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but when you’re paying as much as you are for this service, there shouldn’t be so many mistakes. I got another box yesterday and while everything was there, I also got extra recipe cards, so someone put there is probably missing them 😕
  • Worth the $$$ 5/5

    By Kotalum
    HelloFresh is awesome! Everything I’ve tried has been super tasty. I love that everything comes perfectly portioned. This helps me so much as I have a hard time controlling my portions myself. I was skeptical at first especially with the cost, but I think it’s totally worth it. I get great food that’s healthy and delicious and learn to cook a ton of awesome recipes.
  • Fraudulent, Continued Billing even after I stopped 1/5

    By Aisla-8182
    I paused my box for the next week, but today still received a bill payment withdrawal for an automated extension of my deliveries so that I would still be billed for next week. This is unacceptable, fraudulent behavior, and HelloFresh has lost me as a customer due to their aggressive forced order. I demand a cancellation and a refund.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Overthisreview
    Loving this app and how convenient it is to reschedule or skip weeks. I highly recommend for anyone with a busy schedule.
  • Always charge us when we never ordered any dam food ! Yes 1/5

    By Randall1950
  • Way to track ratings of meals 5/5

    By marshagail
    I’d like a feature to track my personal and private ratings of meals to make reorders easier.
  • App 5/5

    By Justanotherlawyer
    The app is easy to navigate and very helpful. Whoever designed your app did a great job!
  • Meals are great. App no so much. 2/5

    By BelieveThat!
    Meals are great. Everything has been great. Until receiving gift card redemption codes. Links will not work. Codes show as invalid although they are not. Chat rep stated that their system doesn’t really work that well with Apple phones. Umm, might want to jump on a solution for that, people!
  • Easy to use and the kids love it 5/5

    By cbh0004
    Great app. Very simple to use. My kids love picking out the meals for the upcoming week.
  • Good food, ridiculous rules for purchase 2/5

    By Sihisoho
    Was given a gift card for the holidays and learned there was a discount being offered by the company for healthcare workers. So I signed up. Received my first box and instead of using the gift card, the company charged my credit card. I called into question about it and they informed me that you cannot have a discount if you’re using a gift card. Which is completely ridiculous because why have a discount for healthcare workers and offer gift cards for purchase if people are not allowed to use their gift card with their discounts? Incredibly disappointed with this company and their absurd rules for their discounts and will immediately cancel.
  • Shady Business Practice 1/5

    By Ahrdbdjhdvfjx
    They make you constantly log back into the app to skip future deliveries and guaranteed they will catch you on a week you forgot and send you 3 meals you want nothing to do with. The hilarious part is they send an email confirming the most recent order but they send it to you after it’s too late to do anything about it so you’re completely stuck. Mediocre overpriced meals with shady business practices makes this company a hard no.
  • Great service and app 5/5

    By Nuclearchic67
    Love this service, and the app is super easy to use!
  • Really great for college students 5/5

    By stopstealingalltgeniknames
    The service is really great, especially because I spend most of my time on campus and ordering these boxes saves so much time and I am always guaranteed high quality food. The meals are delicious and I love that there is a pescatarian option! Because I am only one person ordering for myself I wish there was an option to order 1 serving because i would rather order 1 serving of 4 meals instead of 2 servings of 2 meals but besides that it’s great.
  • Changed my life. 5/5

    By shineybones
    This is my first time writing a review on the App Store. And I had to because of how great Hello Fresh has been. I’ve wanted to eat more plant based foods recently, and I’ve been mind blown with how incredible vegetarian food can be. Almost everything has been SUPER tasty/delicious. HelloFresh is so worth a try.
  • Great menu selection 4/5

    By mevrnj
    So far so good! Husband enjoyed the meals. Had the bulgogi lime pork tenderloin last night and it was delish! A definite repeat. Pork was brined and remained juicy and tender. Good mix of protein and vegetables in my plan.
  • Variety and Convenience 5/5

    By Irene and Tommy
    I can honestly say that every meal from Hello Fresh has been delicious. It is so convenient and saves money by not having to buy full sized containers of ingredients . The best!
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Bryanna davisss
    My boyfriend and I use this because we never really had a thing for cooking. This has made me actually enjoy myself & look forward to cooking & not feel like a chore! Super easy to follow, this is coming from someone who’s never followed any sort of recipes! The only negative is that it can add up price wise, but as long as you budget it’s almost like going grocery shopping!
  • Yum 5/5

    By yakinal
    Perfect for wife and I during this time of staying safe. We both get into kitchen and help each other cooking meals. We look forward to it and have fun creating a wonderful meal. Perfect portions with no waste and not having to buy more ingredients than we actually need. Good quality ,tasty meals with easy instructions and plenty of choices. Thanks!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By saramae36
    Love the fresh food
  • Family of 5 4/5

    By Dith5
    As a mother of 3 and a husband who works around the clock, we decided to give Hello Fresh a try. We were spending a lot on take out and throwing away food that had gone bad because we weren’t sure what meals we could make with it. I am not the best cook and definitely not confident or creative in the kitchen. Hello Fresh has brought our family together in the kitchen and it’s been great. All but a couple meals have been delicious and like nothing we’ve tried before! We do almost all or the chicken meals offered, the only downfall is that the side dish is almost guaranteed to be potatoes and green beans with our fail. Our biggest complaint to be honest is just the price. If I had any skill in the kitchen at all, I could never justify paying this much. Some meals are perfect portions but often times were left hungry still which makes the cost extra challenging. I will say the customer service is amazing! The food is delicious and to not have to think about what I’m going to cook for 3 nights a week, that’s a huge bonus!!!
  • What I wouldn’t give to have Plates back 3/5

    App works well, except seemingly intentional hidden method of contacting HF in any manner. Oh what I would give to have Plated’s quality and customer service back.
  • Missing ingredients 1/5

    By missimg ingredients
    I’ve had four kits so far with missing key ingredients. When I called, fresh choice will only reimburse you for the missing ingredient only. The whole idea of ordering meal kits is to have all the ingredients available when you are cooking so it’s frustrating when a major ingredient is missing when you are cooking dinner. I give 5 stars for flavor of the dishes. 1 star for missing ingredients on a regular basis and 1 star for customer service. They will only refund the missing ingredient even though the whole meal is ruined.
  • Third week in 5/5

    By bugman209
    This is our third week with Hello Fresh and we’re loving it. It’s nice to not worry what we are having for dinner tonight and everything we’ve had has been delicious
  • Convenient,Helpful,but... 4/5

    By Bipolar scrabble
    Love this service it saved our family a few times, but when we wanted to pause it could be it was delete OR keep going... I was having to log in every 3-5 weeks and ‘skip’ weeks I didn’t want or couldn’t afford it. It’s easier now to customize than before but still no pause feature like many other subscription services
  • Great app 5/5

    By CoCoBean04
    Great app that is user friendly! I love being able to select my future meals easily and review previous selections. I did notice this app doesn’t have spell check, the type A in me was bothered by that, but not a deal breaker.
  • Always something delicious 5/5

    By EternalVacancy
    I love to cook, but HelloFresh has taken it to a whole new level!! It’s just my husband and I, and we got into a rut of eating the same few thing over and over. With HelloFresh that problem is solved. There is always something new, you never have to eat the same thing twice!! Also, it has brought me out of being as picky of an eater. I’ve tried more new things in the last few months then I have in my entire life. We used to waste a lot of food before, but this is the PERFECT portion size for us. No more throwing money away. I high recommend you give HelloFresh a try.
  • Misleading ADs 1/5

    By Mr.AsianHD
    They have ads that say get 12 free meals and what not along with free shipping, but that’s over time and they’re pretty misleading. They also charge you more than other services. I don’t recommend.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Pweez
    Easy to follow from the cooking steps to the delivery process. Only flaw is sometimes my order will say delivered in the app when it hasn’t arrived yet but great overall
  • I’m not a cook, but I’ve learned a lot! 5/5

    By Salneiko
    A friend sent me my first box and I was a little baffled. But after two weeks, I have learned many cooking skills. My husband cooked for 26 years, but now I’m on my own. The meals are simple enough to manage once I got the hang of it. And they are absolutely delicious! Every time I think I’ll skip a week, I think “but what would that mean I’d have to figure out for myself?” So I’m now into the fifth week and hooked. I live on my own and so I get six meals across the week. I’ve learned how to cook the first one and hold back certain parts to cook fresh the next night. I am a restaurant buff, but during Covid days this has saved my life. I’m now eating really well, looking forward to my meals, and don’t have to go to the grocery store except for some breakfast items now and then. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • Learning 4/5

    By Jan42352
    Hello Fresh has taught me how to cook with spices, oils, and sauces. There have been a few times that there have been missing ingredients so now I make sure everything is there as soon as I get the box. I usually share my meals with a friend by having them over for dinner since it is just me.