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HelloMind. App

HelloMind helps you take back control of your life. Through guided meditation, HelloMind gives you tools to overcome bad lifestyle patterns and work through negative thoughts. Issues like stress, weight gain, and low self esteem can get in the way of you enjoying life. Through mindfulness, you can find clarity and balance to help you de-stress and improve your motivation. HOW DOES HELLOMIND WORK HelloMind uses a technique called “Results Driven Hypnosis” to get to the root of the problem. By using hypnotherapy, Hellomind guides the subconscious toward the solution while in a deep meditation. Our treatment paths are each equipped with ten, 30 minute sessions to be completed within 30 days. Boosters are thirty-minute sessions available to reinforce positive emotions and strength enforcers whenever needed. If you’re busy and need quick relief from cravings, lack of focus, or anxiety, HelloMind also has Quick Fix sessions that are five-minute immediate temporary solutions. To really work through the problem, we suggest working through the sessions of your treatment path. When choosing a treatment, you should always begin with your most pressing problem. The app will guide you to the right treatment or Booster with simple questions. Choosing the right treatment is a very important part of the process. When you can consciously define the problem, your subconscious will know the solution. TESTIMONIALS Cami Sunshine ***** "This app really changed mine and my family life for the better. I have  a stressful job and having this app has made both my work and family life so much better..." Sean Hancock ***** "I have trouble sleeping and a friend suggested I try this. I’ve tried everything and this is the only thing that has worked! Highly recommended." APPLE HEALTH INTEGRATION Users may opt-in to allow HelloMind to provide data regarding the amount of minutes meditated to the Apple iOS “Health” application for display. This data will not be shared with third parties or used for marketing purposes. FULL ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION - Hello mind offers two auto-renewal subscription periods: 1 month ($12.99 USD a month) or 1 year ($119.99 USD a year). - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. - You can cancel your subscription via this url: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039 - Privacy policy and Terms of use: http://hellomind.com/legal/ CONNECT WITH HELLOMIND.
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HelloMind. app reviews

  • Not free app 1/5

    By JB2-1+1
    Why offer the app for free if you can not use it without a subscription? That’s a misleading waste of my time which doesn’t add positive brand identity to your company. Be upfront and honest about your pricing model. Your customers will appreciate and respect you for it.
  • I’ve tried similar apps, this is the best. 5/5

    By Codowlsky Polopumus
    I like this app better than headspace, insight timer, and some others that I’ve tried. It seems like they’ve really done their homework here. I use the app at least once a day, sometimes twice - I’m impressed! Keep up the good work!!!
  • This really does work! 5/5

    By Penoir
    I never thought I could be hypnotized - it’s never seemed to work for me before. I tried this as a form of meditation because I was desperate - starting a new, demanding job and I couldn’t afford all the insomnia and poor concentration issues I’d been “enjoying” for years. Three weeks of use (the deep sleep program plus a sleep booster, then the peak performance program in the morning) and I can report that I’m getting sleep every night, and performing very well at work. Getting sleep every night for three weeks is a “Christmas miracle” for me - and being able to concentrate and solve complex problems without all the distractability is just amazing. Can’t recommend this app highly enough!
  • Wonderful App. Can step on an airplane now! 5/5

    By RAuStein
    I have just gotten back from my first airplane trip after finishing my HelloMind sessions to get rid of my fear of flying. It is incredibly the difference these sessions have made. Before I was so nervous. I would have fast heart rate, cry and would have to hold my husband's hand. The thought of being 30,000 feet in the air, especially during turbulence, was terrifying. After my sessions I was calm, even during turbulence. My husband would look over to se how I was doing and I was completely calm and relaxed. Actually I was wondering why I was not panicking and even with that thought I was still calm. My husband is happy that I am not squeezing his hand so much anymore! My advice to anyone who wants to use this app is to be open to the experience. The fact that the speaker talks continuesly makes your mind very focused and stays on task. Thank you HelloMind for this great hypnotherapy!
  • Bugged 1/5

    By Jeeper95
    Used to be good. Lost all purchases when I updated my phone, & they will not restore. There is no update available in the App Store either. Interface is now clumsy. From other reviews, if they want a subscription I will delete. I already paid and don't think I should have to have unending monthly charges.
  • A good hypnosis app 5/5

    By Bayunga
    I meditate regularly but only recently tried hypnosis. It’s similar to a guided loving kindness meditation. This app’s free routines were helpful so I subscribed, and after 2 weeks of daily listening I can say it’s helped with sleep and work stress. The guide’s voice is annoying at first, and the repetitions of his words like “relax as you relax” are odd, but over time it seems to have the intended effect. Just remember to relax as you relax into your relaxation.
  • Induction are too fast. 3/5

    By stella Stellz
    I wish the inductions were slower. It’s hard to relax when the person doing the induction doesn’t sound relaxed. He fires off command after command, almost no pausing. If he’d slow down, I could slow down. It also doesn’t sound very authentic.
  • relaxing and effective 5/5

    By AmPach
    Helps me fall asleep and wake up in a positive mood.
  • Trying for refund of losses 1/5

    By sapienite
    Did not have a good experience because lost Lots of content when app changed from ICanBeFree to HelloMind. The new content is far less sincere and subtle than the old content, every track is discarded in favor of a completely different voice, and the pay model is an expensive monthly subscription instead on one time purchases. The change happened with zero warning.
  • Costly 2/5

    By TeaK27
    I get wanting to be paid for your services...but $10-$12 per month is a bit too much.
  • Change is Possible 5/5

    By tonyakimbo
    This app has really been life changing for me. It requires dedication and repetition—my problems didn’t appear in a day, so they won’t disappear overnight either. But HelloMind supports me incrementally along the way. From sleep issues to issues with self esteem, I’ve found relief here. Do yourself a favor and give this app a chance. Go in with an open mind. It’s worked for me. I am eternally grateful.
  • Gearing up to charge 1/5

    By B-4-U Buy
    It seems like the developers are gearing up to charge for use. First comes the notification then the fees. If that happens I will just delete and move on to another app. The sleep booster is not too bad the the healing session is really generic gobblity goop. I have to agree with Alto Saxy gurl's review
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Sljordan726
    Was reluctant to this initially, but I feel growth on a subconscious level that has moved into my everyday life. Great investment while abroad. Away from my country (and my counselor) has been tough but this is like pocket therapy! Hah!
  • Great content, UI needs some work. 3/5

    By Squatch91
    Great content, design/user flows still need work. Splash screen every time I open the app is annoying. It's completely unnecessary and really just puts an extra step between opening the app and accessing content. Another slightly annoying part of the UI is the set the volume and put on headphones audio clip before a session. Just make a screen that prompts the user to set the audio (then give some volume level feedback with a short sound... maybe chimes or something). Navigation is a mess.. Why over complicate the main nav with a scroll? It's not helpful and makes navigating difficult and hides content. Figure out you information architecture and rework your nav structure. The back arrows are tiny as well, very difficult to tap. Header is excessive and the prompt to 'select one' is redundant... of course I'm going to choose something. Will update my review as UI is updated to address navigation issues.
  • It's good 5/5

    By Becauseuno
  • Very annoying 1/5

    By Beckbl1
    Don't waste your money on this one. There are many themes to choose from but the speaker talks nonstop so that you just end up tuning him out . I'm glad I only signed on for one month . I've listen to a few of the sessions and can't listen to anymore. I asked for a refund but haven't had any reply.
  • A beautiful, powerful experience 5/5

    By Coltrane67
    Words cannot say how grateful is for the help hello mind has provided me! I have hope again😊
  • Game changer 5/5

    By AP1942
    I cannot express my gratitude enough toward the developers of HelloMind for making available such a life changing App. It's performed wonders for me, my mental clarity, overall way of thinking and self-confidence. Purchase this App, $ well spent!!
  • Great, effective app;! Does need UI tweak 4/5

    By DjoyEv
    Straight out of the gate, I'm a power user & find the app really effective. "Get up Early" was my 'starter'--and I've done several topics since & have ended up subscribing because I'm enjoying and benefiting from it! While the sessions are not as cheap as other apps', you get 10 different, progressive instances per topic purchase. That is, "Early" takes you through TEN different 45-min sessions! It's like having repeated weekly hypnotherapy sessions with a pro (which I've also done and liked). I highly recommend you try one of the sessions! I'm happy to pay the sub fee; but I'm finding a few things maddening. Having to start over no matter what is so frustrating. I get that taking phone call would require aborting the session, but once while laying down with headphones on, I moved a bit & the cord came out of the jack. The phone was right next to me so I barely noticed; until my session stopped. Was halfway through and had to restart. GAHHHH! When the session stops because of some interruption, you feel like you can re-start because the screen sits there like nothing happened, but no matter where you tap, it's dead except for a "abort session" slider bar. Can we loosen the must-restart restrictions please? Can we make the UI more intuitive when we can't continue? ETA: Also really helpful: --Able to remove sessions out of My Sessions. Mine's really cluttered & it makes it hard to find the session I want. --Ability to create a playlist. Finally, most sessions are on the long side. That's OK, but I'd really appreciate toggles in Settings to turn off the "please adjust your volume" loop, and the session intro music--anything to get it as trimmed as possible. And the early session's explanation. Newbies could use it; for me it's time-wasting. Thank you again for the great app; hope to see some tweaks & great new topics soon!
  • The Utimate Self-Help App 5/5

    By Gates of Eden
    There is something for everyone in this app, and not just a little bit of this and that. It is both comprehensive and rich in detail, covering a wide range of topics. I don't know of a better self-help resource in the App Store, and I have purchased dozens of them over the years. Highest recommend.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Austin'sO
    Truly remarkable app.
  • Has totally helped!! 5/5

    By Tlf29
    I am a bit of a skeptic by nature and thought I would try this for one month and just see what it was about. I am now on month 2. I have been listening to these at night before bed and have been so completely shocked by the difference it has made! I didn't wake up after day one feeling like a superhero but have noticed a significant difference! Highly recommended!!!
  • Surprisingly Useful 5/5

    By First and likely last use
    My Sessions have been far more helpful than I expected. When the upgrade went through, I did lose access for about a day but support got me sorted out(the timeframe has more to say about my schedule, not their responsiveness) I have bought a couple of the sessions outright and my wife is beginning her own journey. Completely worth it.
  • Hello mind saved my life. Hands down. 5/5

    By sam jacobson
    Hi my name is sam Jacobson. You can look me up, I'm " theSamjacobson " on Instgram. I was depressed, had anxiety, took antidepressants for 14 years. hellomind has changed my life. Such a simple yet powerful tool. I manage life so much better. I'm today a successful realtor and I have a great life because I got more stable emotional life with help of this app. I spent many years being depressed and having anxiety including social anxiety. I tried several medications and psychotherapy with limited help. A friend of mine told me about the app hellomind and at first I was very skeptical, how could an app help when so many other methods have failed. To my very very surprise the app truly truly works and it's saved my life. Depression is a deadly disease and for me this app made all the difference. You owe it to yourself to try this app you have nothing to lose.
  • Loved it - then tricked. 1/5

    By Millamonsterr.
    I really liked the previous incarnations of this up. I purchased multiple recordings that I would listen to, and find much value and use from. However when they updated the app, everything I paid for disappeared. I even tried logging in, and there was no record of my account. This is really not good (duh). When an app is upgraded it should not block you from using that what you previously paid for as an earlier supporter. Perhaps this is unintentional, and if so I welcome a way for them to right this wrong. For now, I feel like I was duped. Bummed. This is not what I would hope for from an app that is trying to help provide positivity and a sense of well-being ha ha.
  • Scam to make money 1/5

    By Emcxoxo
    All this app does is ask you to chose what you'd like help with, ask 2 questions about it, then have you purchase 10+ (30 min) programs to help with your problem which cost $8.99 each! Scam to make money.
  • Hypnosis fact or fiction..?? 1/5

    By M Poison
    Unfortunately over time things change and this app is not the exception. I purchased many audio recording in this app when it was still called "You Can Be Free". At the time I rated it five stars due to being able to set background music and choose the session you want. I had over $100 vested in to the old program yet when they pushed the update to "Hello Mind" I lost all my previous purchases without being warned. The program now wants you to make new purchases or subscribe. I previously rated the app five stars, it now only recovers one for all the purchases I lost.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By AMVC7
    A lot of time wasted with "maybe" statements about why you might feel XYZ instead of focusing on rewiring your thoughts/brain. Very distracting & ultimately unhelpful & time wasting. Sorry I wasted my money.
  • Hello Mind is wonderfully helpful 5/5

    By Flower10
    I'm super thankful to have this program on my phone. These programs have helped me with problems I've struggled with my whole life and i'm stunned by the outcome of the changes I've made. I honestly feel invincible, courageous and like there's nothing like I can't accomplish. Whatever your issue is, if you're sincerely wanting to make a behavioral change--emotionally or physically--this program will help you. Take the time to read the about and how to sections. Work on one issue 30 minutes every day for ten days in a row and you will change.
  • Overpriced! 2/5

    By PierceForest
    Just not worthy the price. Plenty of better alternatives.
  • Nonesense speak & ridiculous pricing 2/5

    By DJ Rizzo
    Compared to other hypnosis apps this has a nicer interface and a wider variety of programs for each topic. However this does not justify the pricing. Especially when the traditional "induction" process is just a bunch of nonsensical statements that do more to annoy me than to relax and focus me. $12.99 a month or $8.99 a topic? No way.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Princesspeachyclean
    I downloaded this out of desperation and I don't even know what it does or if it will work for me. What I do know is that they want me to pay $8 to find out. Thanks but no thanks.
  • I've been cheated! 1/5

    By sandiegodan
    This app used to be called "I Can Be Free" and now suddenly changed to this. My paid in app purchases are gone and not downloadable. Content is all new and costs twice as much and isn't any good. I've been ripped off! Don't trust this developer!!!

    By SolsticeCarlet
    I have been using this app for years now!❤ Ever since the original version and I fell in love with it back then. With the newest update I was skeptic if it would work the same, let me assure you it does! And the beauty of the treatments and the boosters and now even the quick fixes, it's so useful and convenient.👍🏻 You have to be open minded to use the app and get the full benefits, but I've benefited myself so much, especially from the anxiety treatments, my favorite session still being the "Calm Mind" one. You really do FEEL the results, it's quite life changing. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 For a little extra review, the quick fix for"Stress Free" has helped me with my severe IBS episodes. Everything triggers my irritable bowel syndrome and this app has helped with the biggest trigger of all, stress.(I've been living with this for over 15 years...I'm only 22) I had an episode just earlier, put on the 5 minute quick fix, and by the third minute my body was already so relaxed, so PAIN FREE, the spasms and contractions were gone, my mind was able to relax finally. So thank you, Hello Mind, you've changed my life. Please continue doing this for everyone. I'm a lifetime user❤
  • Nope! 1/5

    By NanaKat
    $8.00 to $10.00 per catagory?? No way! There are much better ways to spend that money. Had I bought the weight loss one, I'd have needed the Stress Relief one immediately after!
  • Can't do anything unless you buy expensive options 1/5

    By artsychic76
    Wanted me to buy an 8.99 item with no information on it. Not helpful at all.
  • Fantastic app! Get it now! 5/5

    By BexNell
    Hello Mind has made a huge difference for me. Highly recommended.
  • Thank you HelloMind 5/5

    By nybarrak
    First app I ever review. I've been using it for more or less 4 months. It has helped me tons. To get past and beyond things I never thought I could. Like quitting smoking after 22 years. I understand it's expensive but it's actually so much cheaper than all the drugs I've used in my life. And absolutely worth it.
  • I CAN BE FREE was 1000 times better! 1/5

    By Troncosaurus
    The reason for "I can be free's" success has totally been overlooked in this money driven "Updated version". Which is not actually an update, but more like an App swap. Bait and switch. It's pretty bogus that previous in app purchases aren't being refunded or honored in this new app.
  • Startled by the app change but... 5/5

    By jckrueger
    I had purchased multiple of the single apps from the company and was confused when this appeared. I noticed that sessions were priced separately and was certainly put off, considering i had bought the other ones! I listened to the free bees and I was pleased. I liked the research based explanation of this type of hypnosis, as well. I decided to do a month subscription that gave me full access. I am on to a year subscription now! AMAZING!!! There are an incredible variety of treatment topics. I really, really like that there is NO background noise. I HIGHLY recommend this hypnosis app!!!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Cami sunshine 2016
    This app really changed mine and my family life for the better. I have stressful job and having this app has made both my work and family life so much better. I also have my children and husband use the app and we all love it it. We give it 5 stars.
  • Voice change of man.. 1/5

    By Bfab14
    I want the original app back with the purchases I paid for. I also prefer the original guys voice for the sessions :/
  • Wow... 1/5

    By Write4u2mydear
    I thought that, at very least, a few sessions would be free. But they charge nearly $10 per session without giving you any idea of the content or quality of each content. Even just a sample would have been nice. We're supposed to just take their word for it that they are providing good, quality help and hand over our money. Buyers beware, these people are only out for your money.
  • Bad Update Brings Subscriptions and Old Purchases Gone. 1/5

    By DC2Light
    Forget the older reviews, there's been a rewrite of this app and what was good is now bad. (And it also has a new name) I've also noticed that all the new negative reviews have been removed. You either bridge the old app into the new or you just stop updating it and start another app. (So previous purchases would still be available) There is no way to download in the new version purchases you made before in the old. Your money is gone. Subscription now? It wasn't before. Yes I'm bitter because I'm tired of this stuff happening in apps. I've waisted my money again and the world is a little greedier.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By _silentninja0614_
    Way to trick you into buying a membership for 10 bucks
  • Really unhappy 5/5

    By Ryry0416
    UPDATE: I contacted them through the email on their website and they added the comparable purchased content for me. I am very happy so far with how well it's working! I had purchased from the previous app, I Can Be Free, but with the name change and update, my paid content is gone. I'm very upset that they did not keep previously purchased content available.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jaxchess
    Redone apps is horrible. No one is going to pay $9 for a 35 minute session when you could go to actual therapy for the same copay. Lame!
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Fritzybaby99
    I am frustrated that all of my previous purchases are gone. I liked the previous app better than this. I have decided to delete this version because I am so unhappy. I am not willing to spend more money on something that will likely be changed again. The developers failed on this.
  • No. 1/5

    By geofan49
    No no. No.
  • Greedy Scoundrels. 1/5

    By DefaultAsian
    Lost all of my previous purchases with the update. Content is more than double the previous price. Totally lost trust in this company. You take your stupid app and throw it in the trash. Ya gina.

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