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Hertz Car Rental

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  • Current Version: 3.1.22
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Hertz Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hertz Car Rental App

Getting on the road is faster and easier than ever with the new Hertz® car rental app. The Hertz app allows you to rent a car quickly, view or modify reservations, find a location, and redeem or check your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points wherever you are. The new Hertz app brings you these features: ● Our fastest and easiest rental experience. ● Navigate the app effortlessly with intuitive features. ● Previous rental searches are saved for faster booking. ● Find a Hertz location worldwide including phone number, hours of operation, or address for directions back to branch. ● Access special offers and content. ● Find parking near you through SpotHero. ● Enjoy a quick sign-up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® and benefit from even more features. Additionally, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Members can experience these features: ● Log in seamlessly with facial or touch ID. ● A personalized experience displays name, member number, status, and points balance in one view. ● Upcoming reservations are front-and-center, with access to full rental history. ● Easily view current reservation details or modify future reservations. ● Find and review rental receipts for easy expense reporting. ● Modify profile, preferences, and payments with a few taps. ● Easily pay for a reservation with points, request missing points, or exchange points. Accelerate your travel experience and download the Hertz car rental app today.

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Hertz Car Rental app reviews

  • Would give zero stars if I could 1/5

    By DZ123452013
    Crazy that old app just crashed every time I went to open. There’s an easy fix, rent from AVIS instead.
  • Hot Garbage/Pure Crap 1/5

    By Whaaa whaaaaat
    I particularly love the app feature that causes it to shutdown during the booking process, REPEATEDLY! BRAVO hertz! What’s even more interesting is that despite the horrible reviews since the apps conception they still can’t get it right and WE still try and use it as if its going to function correctly. Hmmmmm
  • Doesn’t support New Zealand 1/5

    By ExcapingUS
    Deleted App, it doesn’t apply to anywhere except US and Canada.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By spiegeje
    Wow, this version is awful compared to the previous version. You can’t update payment information. I suppose Hertz doesn’t want the business.
  • Everything is Broken 2/5

    By Craig donahue
    All I'm getting is error message after error message. Thanks Hertz, I'll try another rental service. Update: App finally working.
  • Approaching first class 4/5

    By Hsalife
    App is much easier to use. Informative and works quite well. Thank you.
  • Crashed and crashed; had to reinstall 1/5

    By josquin941
    Terrible app that is terribly QA'd.
  • Terrible upgrade 1/5

    By jrp22554
    Now it just doesn’t work for me
  • 0 stars. No iPad support. Really?? 1/5

    By mad tablet user
    What can I say. Old was better but will not even load so now I have a phone app on my tablet
  • Brutal Failure 1/5

    By fairreviewisimportant
    This app is - by a good margin - the worst app in travel from any company. Most functionalities have flaws, including booking & pricing. Stability of the app is not there. Rare to find an app of such poor quality from a major company.
  • Crash crash crash 1/5

    By mhopeng
    It never works...
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By ItsCal
    Who wrote this? Whoever did, please keep them away from your website. For several weeks I thought the app was down. Instead it was disabled, with no message to the user that the new update required a complete reinstall! None of my other apps for airlines, railroads, taxis, mass transit, airports, banks, and brokerages have ever required this. I doubt that Hertz’s programming requirements are more complex than these. The app itself is awkward and klunky. And apparently no one tested it to see whether the graphics would render properly on the various sizes of iPhone screens. My rewards points total also looks suspiciously low. Time to get out the receipts and the calculator. C’mon, Hertz. You’re one of the big boys. You can do better.
  • Basic flaws 1/5

    By Shashi raghunandan
    Doesn’t allow you to add another credit card or remove the earlier one. There is no sync between what I entered and the options that were provided at the hertz counter. Overall a very poor experience and this is after an upgrade (which happens to be an installation of a new app). Easily one of the worst apps I have downloaded.
  • Okay 2/5

    By Rene R
    The app is somewhat functional and not completely horrible, but why would it not show currently active reservations (car about to be picked up or already picked up) or Hertz #1 Club Gold stalls and send notifications about pick up location?!

    By Ychweiss
    Hertz has updated their app and website a few months ago since then it’s not working good it’s very SLOW making problems it’s very weird that In 2019 you make a new website-app and it’s so bad I think you should go back to the old one or make it Work Thanks
  • Free Agent 1/5

    By Chuck11111111
    Your app just crashes and I have to delete and reload from scratch mid trip? Seriously? The worst part about this, is the handful of 5 star ratings planted by Hertz. Page after page of detailed and truthful 1 star ratings, and then a random 2 sentence 5 star gushing about the app. It could not be more obvious. Seriously Hertz?
  • It worked but... 3/5

    By Little moments
    The previous app was better laid out and the options were easier to choose and see.
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By Scoops117
    Enter location to rent from, select pick-up/drop-off time, choose car...done.
  • Poor app and service 1/5

    By UHC-Crap
    For a company that promises good service,the way the App was updated was extremely poor at best, almost as ad as the local service.
  • Literally the worst app I’ve ever experienced 1/5

    By john.denning
    Hertz is a dumpsterfire of a company. And this app is the cherry on top.
  • loyalty running out 1/5

    By reall?654
    I have been very loyal to Hertz, but this app is the worst I have seen in the app world. No more comments, Hertz better improve this.
  • Won’t let me add a new form of payment 1/5

    By 767Kai
    I choose to add a new card, type in all my info and exp date, then I get a message saying “error, looks like something went wrong, call....”. I’ve tried this 3 x’s now. Same result. Come on, Hertz, get your app fixed.
  • No Notification that old app stopped working 1/5

    By enteranickname1337
    I’m Presidents circle at Hertz and I often can only choose crappy Altimas or low end cars. My Coworker uses National and always gets his choice of Audi’s and BMW’s. Why am I loyal to you guys when you treat President Circle members like garbage?
  • Routinely Bad Customer Experience 1/5

    By StopTheBias
    Who sets up an older app to crash upon opening & force customers to delete & load newer app? How does that make sense? You save a personal credit card and business credit card in your profile, but they only charge against the first one 100% of the time regardless of card used at time of reservation. App shows your current status level, but not progress on retaining it or getting to next level? Car selection is hit or miss depending on location, but windows are almost always dirty. Customers are OK with an oopsie here or there, but these issues have been happening for years. IT leadership should be replaced - the vast majority of this isn’t rocket science. I travel & rent cars every 2 weeks - start listening to your customers Hertz!!
  • What is this mess? 1/5

    By WTD03
    If your going to have an app at least develop it. This is some sort of bad wrapper program that isn't even scaled correctly. Words are truncated off the screen. It doesn't fill the entire screen on my ipad. Come on hertz the amount of money you make you can hire 3-4 good developers and get a good app within 30 days time. There is no excuse for this trash.
  • Hertz should be totally embarrassed 1/5

    By RAXD7
    Smallish IPad screen. Must been contracted out the IT development to third party IT Department and no one reviewed it at Hertz.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Xarflax the Destroyer
    No notification that the old app doesn’t work any more. New app’s login button does not work after I auto fill my password. If I can’t log in, how am I supposed to use this? The old app at least worked.
  • buggy 1/5

    By nicolaschan
    wanted a last minute booking while on airport shuttle. the avis app worked right away. this app just kept crashing on iPhone. hey hertz mgmt! this is how you lose market share and tarnish brand name.
  • Poor change management. Bad App 1/5

    By kuncca
    No notice that old app was no longer needed, it just started throwing errors. New app is poorly designed and has many bugs. App was not ready to go live and should not have been released.
  • No IPad app; laughable 1/5

    By Rick Ca
    The fact that you do not have one is truly ridiculous. To have to turn my iPad around to use your app shows a lack of understanding for the current market. I read where you sued your provider for giving you the crappy site, but not having an iPad is another priority you should move to the front of the list. Pathetic
  • Great new update. Very easy to use. 5/5

    By car enthusiast 1969
    It gets better with every update.
  • Getting better with every update 5/5

    By i2gavin
    Overall, better than the previous version.
  • App won't open so... 1/5

    By IanIsGravy
    ...yeah, not good.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By John2298
    Trying to open the app from the phone it only crashes. If I take the time and go to App Store then go to Hertz and click open it will open just fine and everything shows. Even with the latest bug fixed it didn’t correct the issue I was having
  • Crashes on launch 2/5

    By Pumpkinmanzz
    Every launch it crashes. Deleting and trying to redownload.
  • Can’t book 1 way rentals 3/5

    By Stevedc3
    On the app. In general the app is okay. Please fix
  • Zurich Switzerland 2/5

    By Too Much Man
    The app cannot find cannot find the Zurich!
  • Can’t log in to app 1/5

    By &(&$(&
    Ever time you try to log into the app. It comes back with, password and username is incorrect. Even though I know that I have the correct password & username. I went as far as changing my password. It will work while you are on the app. But once you leave the app, it won’t let you log back in.
  • Does not work to make a reservation 1/5

    By newer itouch user
    This app has many basic flaws. First I tried to update my personal information. After updating my new how address, it forced me to review discount programs. The nes in my profile were not in effect, so I deflected them. There was no method to save the updates, so the time spent to update my info was a waste of time. The next time it only updated address and ignored the section on discounts and was able to update the address. Then I had to go back, and delete the discount programs. Next I tried to make a reservation. I put in CDG for the Paris airport and it gave me a short list (all correct) and I selected the correct terminal. When I clicked on next, it gave me a new list starting with Helena, Montana! I then scrolled down the list, which only contained about 100 airports, which ended with an airport in Bessemer, Alabama! Worthless to make a reservation. I am currently in Düsseldorf and cannot make the reservation I need, so I will take time to go to the airport and make it in person. The Hertz 800 Number for international is reported as an invalid number in Germany. I am very dissatisfied.
  • Error message 1/5

    By Castappreview
    Downloaded app. First search I attempt results in error message and suggestion to call customer service — over and over again. This is already bad customer service.
  • Full of bugs! 1/5

    By Alchemist2431
    How can a company the size of Hertz have such a useless app? Just tried to change my profile information (address). Click edit and yet none of the fields could be edited. Tried again three times. Finally allowed me to edit the address fields but ‘update’ button didn’t work. Tried again twice. Finally managed to change all my details and the ‘update’ button worked - hooray! Checked back - reverted to old details! Tried again. Couldn’t edit fields. Gave up.
  • No iPad version 2/5

    By KP9413
    No iPad version also it not available in Asian countries.
  • Worse release 1/5

    By loyal Hertz fan
    Just bigger and brighter letters does not make it better. I don’t know who developed this app, but bring back the older version please. Better features and easier to find..check out is easy etc. Navigation is bad, many features are hard to find etc
  • Worst app in the industry 1/5

    By Park914
    I’m a member with all the car rental companies and because the application is so difficult and there password reset is next to impossible without calling customer service they are literally my go to if no one else has a car. 3 rentals this year with hertz 39 with national! Get it together the digital age is supposed to be easier not harder!
  • Malfunction 1/5

    By Sunflow www
    This app is malfunctioning.... I can’t even use it to find the airport in a major city. Don’t understand why hertz terminated the prior app and replaced with is worse one.
  • Broken 1/5

    By wakinyan
    Does not open. Latest iOS platform. iPhone 8.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By legit_kk
    They are the worst in their refund process. The customer service call makes you wait for more than 20 mins every time. And they don’t even refund your amount even after saying “your refund is in process” every time.
  • This is the best they can do? 1/5

    By Ron_B
    For a large company like Hertz (which obviously owns Dollar and Thrifty), their investment in app development is poor. —No native iPad version —Doesn’t support screen rotation —Adding airline information...why do I have to scroll through a bunch of airlines I never fly. I should be able to identify my normal airlines and have them at the top.
  • Horrible quality 1/5

    By Andy001110012
    The latest update causes the app to endlessly restart. What a crap product.

Hertz Car Rental app comments

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