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Hertz Car Rental

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  • Current Version: 5.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Hertz Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hertz Car Rental App

Getting on the road is easier than ever with the Hertz® car rental app. The Hertz app allows you to rent a car, modify reservations, find a location, and redeem Gold Plus Rewards® points wherever you are. With the Hertz app, enjoy these features: ● Reserve a car at any of our 9,700 locations ● View, modify, or cancel existing reservations ● Access special offers ● Find a Hertz location worldwide ● Find parking near you ● Contact emergency roadside assistance ● Sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® For Gold Plus Rewards® Members: ● Login with your member number to access your points, status, and YTD rentals ● Stay signed into your account, making reservations even faster ● Use rewards points to reserve rentals with one tap When you’re enjoying the journey, your entire trip becomes that much better. Download the Hertz app and tap into travel made easy.


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Hertz Car Rental app reviews

  • Doesn’t work and no support offered? 1/5

    By RedRaptorRocketDog
    Downloaded app but get error, contacted Hertz and told to reinstall app. Same result so went through the whole process again to be told Sorry, app is a beta test and we do not have any tech support. What? Why release an app to customers when it’s still in development and you have no means of support. I just wasted 2 hours. Come on Hertz, you are better than that!
  • No Internet Connection!! Really 1/5

    By No Internet Conn...Worst App
    Recent update is so buggy it wont let me login with “ No Internet Connection” message. I have tried to login with Wifi and without Wifi, no luck. If you have no idea about how to design an app / UI, spend some time going through your competitors apps or listen to what the reviewers are saying. Learn...WORST APP DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY.
  • Latest update broke app 1/5

    By TankCDRTim
    Ever since the latest update I’m no longer able to sign in to the app. It tells me there is no internet connection. I’ve had to use the website instead...
  • This app simply does not work 1/5

    By Rich89052
    While I can connect to Hertz Website with a windows computer or my iPhone X if I use safari. I can not connect to Hertz using their app. It simply states you are not connected to the internet.
  • Works 25% of the time 1/5

    By rmonzz
    I’ve had multiple phones, and have always kept the app and operating system updated. But the app works maybe 25% of the time. From claiming there’s no internet service when there clearly is, to freezing and crashing, it’s frustrating.
  • Disappointed with latest update 1/5

    By john wilson graham
    I am not happy I can no longer use the app to make my reservations. Used it for years but recently my Verizon phone would not load unless I was on a WiFi connection. And now worst of all, the app defaults to pay now with no way to change it to pay at time of rental like the web site. SMH!!
  • Developers Need to Learn how to store credentials 1/5

    By P.X.G
    Like most apps that give you the option to store your credentials securely, this is a big help for logging in with touch ID. Unfortunately any update to this app blows away your stored credentials. I’m constantly having to find out what my ID and password is for this app after I’ve asked to store my credentials. The developers really need to read the iOS docs on preserving user credentials in the application.
  • Easy but limited 3/5

    By DSPTurtle
    I use the app all the time to reserve cars. It works great... when it works. Sometimes I have to go back the next day. No idea why, it just locks up. It would be nice if we could easily see our loyalty program information. National made that very easy. Hertz, not so much.
  • Login goes to blank screen 1/5

    By TRDub
    For the current release, after logging in, when I try to reserve a car by clicking “Reserve a car” button, the screen goes blank.
  • Clutsy AF 2/5

    By Donaldoballs
    As my dad would say rest his soul this app works like old people fornicate. First I tried to rent a car and answered “business” to business or leisure question and it only offered “pay now” options which is downright silly in a business expense type situation, so I selected “leisure” and got the pay later option. Whew. While trying to enter numbers for a flight number which is required if you tell Hertz you’re arriving by air, I had to jab my finger in and around the field a bunch of times before a popup came up then with the correct flight number painfully entered it hung up again on confirmation. I finally got a confirmation but I’m too flustered to recall exactly how.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Amar Patel
    I book a lot of travel for work. I prefer to book through my phone due to not always having my personal computer. This hertz app is by far the worst app. It is honestly pathetic.
  • It has never worked for me! 1/5

    By Writer1211
    I am pretty computer savvy but this debacle drives me to distraction. It has yet to enable me to make a reservation online. I’ve had to call in every time I’ve tried to use it. This most recent attempt resulted in The app asking me to put in my arrival information which I already had done. The app did not return me to the area where the requested information was to be entered. Instead it just showed me the same error message. Hertz is not doing any of its gold members any favors. Deleting immediately!
  • Buggy since May 2018 update 1/5

    By mn-matt
    This app is woefully behind. Recent update has made things worse - now poor performance and a lost reservation. Needs a complete overhaul.
  • Update terrible 2/5

    By PhillyGirl07
    The update is terrible - it lost all my information that I have to put in again and not user friendly
  • iPhone X? 2/5

    By BPed
    8 months now since the iPhone X launched and still not optimized for its screen. Inexcusable for a Fortune 500 company in the travel sector to have an app as terrible as it is. Both National and Avis have better apps. Hertz’ app is clunky, unintuitive and tedious.
  • No Access to Account 1/5

    By HeavenHillHammock
    No access to account within the app. No access to Gold rewards ID number after signing in.
  • Could be so much better 3/5

    By SteffiB
    There has to be a way not to have to sign in from my phone all the time. Also, sometimes the rates are crazy high and then the next time I check they’re normal again.
  • App of 2012 era 1/5

    By Sajan25
    Seems an old app. Doesn’t look good at all. Error pop-ups at random times. Limited functionality.
  • Options 1/5

    By Bandido57
    I’m currently in Romania. I attempted to use the Hertz app to reserve a car. Based on either my location actual location or the location I was going to pick up and drop the car off, the app went from English to Romanian with no option to change back to English. Why would I want the language changed just because I’m in Romania? Based on my misfortune with the translation, I wasn’t even able to use the app.
  • Quick and Easy 5/5

    By Darby1044
    The App makes scheduling a rental car fast and efficient.
  • Needs a makeover 1/5

    By Anonymous313131
    So buggy. I just deleted it right away
  • Junk “app” 1/5

    By dr_savage
    Just a web wrapper app. Doesn’t remember your login. Open an existing reservation and hit “continue” and nothing happens. Would have expected more from a company this size.
  • Should be better 1/5

    By Footay
    Force closing is a norm. This shouldnt be a problem with a company so big.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Flans44
    I don’t know where to start. First off, even if you select the option to remember your login information it never does. Want account info like how much you’ve spent on rentals or information your standing on the rewards program? Too bad! It’s great that it tells you how many points you have but do you want info on what that means or how many points you need to rent a car or what the points even do for you? Too bad again! Want address info or directions back to the rental location? Forget it! This app is worthless! It has no information that would be remotely helpful to you!
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By Yeshiva Bocher
    The app is set up nicely, but it barely works, it always freezes so u have to close the app and reopen it and try again, and after a few times of that happening it won’t work at all! Very frustrating :( I think with a little effort from the developer it can be an amazing app.
  • Go notice or go home 1/5

    By Yosefitche
    Seriously. Apps shouldn’t be web wrappers in 2018. I get it, you need to be competitive and be able to say you have an app altogether. But your users suffer because you’re too cheap to make a native app.
  • Crashing app 5/5

    By HeedyRawBanga
    Hertz app keep crashing every time I try to open it
  • Gold Number 3/5

    By Farmboy *1
    This app does the basics of renting a car ok, but functionality is pretty bare bones. Please add 1) The ability to get my Gold number once I’m logged into the app 2) The ability to review prior rentals on the app 3) The ability to have a receipt from a prior rental emailed to me
  • Primitive App 1/5

    By Macsagar
    It doesn’t remember my user id and password no matter how many time I select the option remember me. Not very user friendly UI. Once, I forgot my password and entered wrong password but due to bad reception app kept trying to sign me in resulting in locking my userid. Tech team behind this app needs evaluate their product more thoroughly, if you can’t improve just copy what National car is doing with its app.
  • Low commitment to your customers 1/5

    By Jap5
    Still waiting for you to fix this.... Please fix your app it’s buggy Don’t make me log in every time without saving my info. Looking up my gold number every time is obnoxious This hurts your brand. -President Circle member
  • Great...when it works 1/5

    By RonOHono
    I've had this app for years and it was never a problem. But the past few months it's been terribly frustrating. I haven't been able to login and an error message saying there's no internet connection. Not true, as I'm able to use other apps and access websites with no problems. I tried to send feedback thru the app and even THAT won't work.
  • The app requires improvement 2/5

    By armiks1986
    - There is no way to manage your profile - there is no way to check you Rewards Number - there is no way to check your benefits It looks like people who develops the app never used it.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By pjmckevitt
    Stopped working a few months back. Always says no internet connect. Also, when it did work it would default to the language of my IP address. So couldn’t make any reservations while obroad.
  • Practical & better than website 4/5

    By Sinan Z
    The app is much better than the website yes it needs some modifications to make it more efficient
  • App does not open 1/5

    By sohnhh
    I just installed this app, and the App does not open. My phone version iOS 11.3. Please fix
  • Non functioning 1/5

    By ChefNOID
    It seems since the last app update it no longer operates correctly. It allows me to sign in but Continually loops on the “I’m not a robot” photo verification when attempting to reserve a car and when attempting to view all reservations a pop up appears stating unable to connect to Hertz.
  • Great App 5/5

    By S96B63
    Hertz app very easy to use.
  • Changes to current reservation 3/5

    By Heavy business user
    My main issue with this app is that I cannot make changes to a reservation while I have the vehicle. There have been multiple instances where my travel plans have changed while I have a car and need to modify the return location or date. Instead of using the app, I had to call, get placed on hold, get transferred, then have a long conversation about the change. As a frequent traveler, this is a huge pain and wastes time.
  • Language Should be Controlled by the User Profile 1/5

    By Renee096
    While trying to use the app while in another county the app automatically changes to that country’s language. Since I speak English and not Dutch, French, or German the app was useless while I am traveling. Just a really bad user experience!
  • Text 1/5

    By Danieljorda22
    Why send me a text offering option to switch cars and no opportunity to do so in app? Consider adding this feature
  • Reservation history? 1/5

    By david sk 123
    No way to see account activity at all.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Dr. Et
    I opened the app to get help managing my gold plus rewards (I used Hertz quite a bit over the past year). I saw points weren’t awarded on several of my past rentals and ended up calling in to get help. The agent essentially said “too bad” and said I wouldn’t be getting any hertz points for those rentals. Based on that I never plan to rent with them again.
  • Won’t stay logged in 3/5

    By Kdw3468
    It would be much better if it kept you logged in. Having to remember my Hertz ID every time I want to check a reservation is not good. My other travel/loyalty apps leave me signed in.
  • You should do better 2/5

    By fedong
    The app is pretty clunky... I changed password and it didn’t update it in the app. There is no option to delete a reservation. It does not store my data (airline, train rewards numbers)
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Firedad305
    I use an iPad and won't work in landscape. Always ask for my phone number twice. Froze a few times. Needs work. Hers can do better.
  • Utter Garbage - avoid 1/5

    By Idle Chatter
    I'm a President's Circle member at Hertz. I rent about 50 cars a year. Most recent update broke my ability to make reservations via the app. I'm either being shown only pre-pay rates or an error for "must select age [NRX185]". Prior to update I could happily book a car via the app. Now, nope. Avoid this steaming pile of incompetence.
  • No support - can’t even log in 1/5

    By thebegbie
    I downloaded this app so that I could get quick access to reservations and my current status. The app is absolutely horrible. It would be better if I could even login. I am using the same username and password from my website access which works just fine but cannot verify user credentials on this app. Calling customer support only told me to uninstall the app and try again. Explained to them that it does not work on my iPhone nor does it work on my iPad. Uninstalling each one and reinstalling did not have any effect. They told me that’s all they can do to help. Absolutely useless.
  • You're in Mexico, you must speak Spanish 1/5

    By older type
    The iPhone app seems to insist I interact in Spanish, since I've connected, this time, from Mexico. Am i somehow missing a preference setting? Also, the feedback option requires personal information, but their opinionlab privacy policy won't display.
  • App Login Broken 1/5

    By Ross Cavanaugh
    App will not accept my login credentials. Logged in via the web just fine. Copy and pasted username and password, and the App says that I do not have an account. Tried again, and now my “non-existent” account is locked.
  • Worst UI around 1/5

    By Doskoooo
    Worst rental car app- including their website. Why does it have to be so complicated to use my points? Just tell me exactly how many points I need for each car! Take some tips from enterprise’s UI.

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