Hey! VINA - Meet New Friends

Hey! VINA - Meet New Friends

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Hey! VINA - Meet New Friends App

Your fave app for women's friendship! Swipe to meet new friends, join communities, take quizzes, & read awesome articles to live your best life. " A few swipes later, I was addicted" - ELLE Magazine "... finally the startup goddesses delivered" - Cosmopolitan Magazine “For women who travel, or have relocated to a new city, a like-minded social circle is now quickly within reach.” - The New York Times "I think about my first VINA date, and remember that we have plans to hang out the next day. I tell my friend yes, she should use it. Yes, to women everywhere. What do you have to lose?" - PAPER Magazine "Why shouldn’t you be using matching apps to increase your friend base? It’s no weirder than swiping right to find your next partner, after all." - NYLON Magazine Hey! VINA is the friend finder for girlfriends. You can tap into wherever you are in the world (or in your life!) to meet new friends when you travel, move to a new city, transition life phases, or simply want to grow your social circle. Yay! How Hey! VINA works: — SIGN UP WITH FACEBOOK - we use this to confirm your gender and find people who you should know. — TAKE QUIZZES - we use quizzes to find people who you’ll be compatible with. — JOIN A COMMUNITY - Communities is a new way to meet people like you. Join a community to filter your card deck. — SWIPE RIGHT TO MEET - Anonymously swipe to indicate who you want to meet right now.. — GET INTRODUCED - once you have a match, you get introduced to your new potential friend. We make it easy to meet with a personalized intro. — MEET UP - Message with your vina to meet up in real life! — KEEP IN TOUCH - Add your friends to your Vina List to group chat and more! NEW: Read The VINAZINE on the app to get real life advice to navigate your social world and live your best life from real women just like you.


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Hey! VINA - Meet New Friends app reviews

  • Might as well delete now. 2/5

    By in2thewoodsnmtns
    I have never had an app like this so I didn’t realize once you swiped they would never come back and I live in such a rural area that it is now useless because I swiped thru all the people near me without realizing I couldn’t check back thru them. I might as well delete the whole app now.
  • No one just yet 3/5

    By Dt2413
    I have had the app for a few days, but not matches yet. It would be helpful to at least know who says “hey” and let us decide if we want to reply to the hey, is kind of discouraging to “swipe right” to so many and not have any real “match”.
  • Great idea! 4/5

    By EN829
    This is an amazing idea and I saw tons of people who I would have loved to reach out too. I think the app should do away with both people need to swipe right before you can chat. That feature on tinder is mostly there so women don’t get harassed by creepy dudes all day. This is all women and I think most women and more respectful if someone doesn’t message them back they aren’t gonna start sending inappropriate pictures and such. I’ve swiped right on almost everyone and still haven’t gotten one match.
  • I cant even join!! 1/5

    By Mariah10123
    The app just keeps booting me out everytime i get the the quiz part. Oh well i tried.
  • Poor App 3/5

    By idkkkkkkkj
    Doesn’t seem to always save updated profile information and reverts back to “factory” settings
  • Really wanted to use this.. 2/5

    By k. darie
    The concept is great and it’s cute and whatnot but it’s frustrating to have to keep rewriting my About Me over and over again.. it keeps erasing after I save it then filling itself in with “My Guilty Pleasure is”. I just ended up deactivating and uninstalling. On to the next friend finding app..
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Kiera Wilmot
    The ad said it was like Tinder for female friends. I was a little skeptical at first, and I’m not one for forming relationships online.... BUT I LOVE THIS APP! If you’re looking for that one special friend to be in your life forever, this is the app you’ll find her. 💜
  • Love it..but 4/5

    By MissKittyCheshire
    I love the concept of this app. The physical design and the interface are wonderful...I just wish there was more. I’ve gotten so many “hey’s” but since I can’t see who sent them I’m left with next to no matches since I don’t swipe people with no bios (sure it might be rude but I don’t like judging people based just off their looks). The user base is also pretty small and I haven’t had new Vinas to view for like 4 months. I wish there was a feed or something where you could post statuses/pictures and find people that way too, not just a guessing and waiting game to see if you ever get matched. Even if people prefer to stay anonymous there could be an option to opt out and only be found via swiping, not statuses.
  • Glitching 2/5

    By Infatuated2012
    I love the concept of this app, but it keeps deleting my bio- (I’ve ultimately rewritten it 5x now) preventing me from swipes. Keeps asking me to verify my email over and over. I just need it to work properly.
  • Tons of people who drink as “sober sisters” 2/5

    By Colbalt.Capybara
    How can people be in the “sober sisters” and “happy hour” groups at the same time? About half of the people in the sober sisters group mention they drink. Other than that I like it. It’s easy to use
  • Where are my matches? 2/5

    By Sunnibunn
    I like the app I think it could be very beneficial once it becomes more mainstream, my only issue is I get all the "heys" and have to refresh repeatedly to match with someone. At one point I swiped right on every single profile having to refresh at least 4 times just to see if maybe it was me and still didn't get any dittos.
  • Not saved 2/5

    By Kay68123
    A lot of my swipes aren’t saved and the same people keep popping up. It’s kind of annoying. I have been able to chat with a few people.
  • bummer 1/5

    By JennyLee85
    keeps crashing and won’t let me connect with IG. such a downer cause i was really hoping to enjoy this app :-/
  • Cool Idea, Bad way to find a match 2/5

    By MMMMT
    So I’ve never used an app like this. I wanted to just browse through the “stack” of women who came up (I swear the age and interests filters don’t really work) but once you’ve passed up (Swipe Left? Right?) a Vina, you’ll never see them again unless they update their profile. Unfortunately I didn’t catch onto that until I swiped through TONS of (probably) nice ladies to befriend. From what I can tell many women don’t update their profile regularly (because why would you?) so you’ll be waiting a looong time to match to another Vina. Anyway, I liked the idea of finding some gal pals with similar interests through a modern tool but the app has been disappointing.
  • App doesn’t work 2/5

    By kam199822
    Trying to make an account and it said to share it with friends, so I tried to share with friends and this page pops up that says “share hey! Vina” but that’s literally the only thing on the page. Nothing to click and no way to skip sharing it.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By Bwright792
    This app could have so much potential but needs to change a few things. There’s obviously not a lot of girls who use it or it’s just my city cause there’s never anyone to swipe on. Hate how you have to swipe to actually find out who has liked you. Maybe change where you can view who has liked you so it would be faster to meet people.
  • LOVE IT!! But recent App crashing 5/5

    By calmeddreams
    I did the most recent update but the app is still crashing every time i try to change my profile picture 😕 I absolutely love the app though and have met some great gals off of there !!! 👊🏼💖👭
  • No Facebook No friends 1/5

    I don’t have Facebook so it’s not letting me make an account with them. Despite reading bad reviews I decided to give this app a try and apparently you need Facebook to use this app. How badly made is this application? Couldn’t they think to make this app with better logins? I don’t have Facebook for many reasons so I’ve deleted mine years ago and the fact that I needed to explain myself on a review on why I don’t use a particular social media app goes to show how badly flawed this app is.
  • 😞 1/5

    By Ultimatedork
    This is definitely an app I have been looking for, however no matter how many time I redownload the app or turn off my phone it doesn’t seem to let me connect to my Facebook to set up a profile. And there isn’t a secondary option either.
  • App closes down when trying to edit 2/5

    By lilithGogodisco
    When I try to edit my bio, the app closes down on me. It didn’t save any of my previous edits to my profile either. It’s a cute app but it doesn’t work properly. And I hardly get any matches given that I like everyone! Lots of glitches. The Vina team claimed they fixed it, but it’s still doing it.
  • I want to love this app 2/5

    By mommyto22011
    I really want to love this app but I am having some of the issues as other people. I have only 5 “matches” but a bunch of “heys” and I started swiping “hey” on everyone just to try to get some matches. I agree with making the “heys” visible so we can try to make some friends, that’s the point of the app! I wrote a bio and it saved but then reverted back, and now I don’t feel like making another. I connected my Instagram but then it disappeared too. I would love to get phone notifications of messages at least so I knew there was a message to respond to! The app is a great idea but it needs some work!
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By agaishsyshsb
    Tried to create an account with Facebook and it said there was an authorization problem. Tried to create an account without Facebook and that’s not an option. Nice
  • It won’t let me set up! 1/5

    By lovinkml
    I’m using my Facebook but it keeps giving an error saying to come back later.
  • Not liking it so far 1/5

    By B_Elaine
    I was excited to download this app but so far I’m not impressed. I’ve been trying to update my profile for 30 minutes and the app keeps glitching on me. Not fun
  • Doesn't work. Keeps crashing. 1/5

    By Ash4325
    Don't know how the app is because it won't work. Any time you try to click on anything in the app, it crashes. Tried deleting and reinstalling but it didn't help. Cool concept...if it worked.
  • WAY too many glitches & crashes all the time now 1/5

    By Cpbs4
    I’ve tried updating my profile so many times and it always disregards what I write and puts their generic message on my profile or an old bio that I previously had. If I edit my settings my entire profile erases. The profile picture I selected won’t update on my page and now the app crashes all the time.
  • Closes out when I try to edit! 3/5

    By Aloakes
    I really want to like this app, it’s a great concept and I think it is providing a way for women to support women BUT anytime I try to edit my profile the screen goes black and it exits out of the app. I thought it may be an issue with my software so I updated my phone and then updated the app and there have been no changes. This is really frustrating, and I’m hoping it will be fixed soon. Otherwise I love the app, but I would like to be able to change my profile from the normal settings.
  • can’t even use it 1/5

    By halliecrb
    i try signing up and it says to “share”, and when i clock it the screen goes blank and i can’t do anything.
  • Crash, crash, CRASH! 1/5

    By BrainsnBeautyTV
    It literally will not allow me to edit my profile before it crashes. I can’t even enjoy the benefits of a supposed app like this because it won’t even allow me to fully input my information. Sad.
  • Great concept if the app worked 3/5

    By Caitlyn7899
    I love this idea and when I saw an ad for it on tinder I was immediately intrigued since I’m always looking for new friends. This seemed like a really involved and thorough way to meet cool people who are similar or different than who I’d usually approach in real life. But my profile wouldn’t save any edits or it would and then it wouldn’t. And then it would again and on and on. The developers said they fixed it, but I’m not seeing a difference, and some of the quiz results in profiles don’t give the full answer (I got a yellow aura and I can’t even see what that means cause all it says is “yellow: she’s”) And the age filters don’t really work... I don’t know if it doesn’t have a lot of exposure yet or if I went through the deck super fast, but I’ve had no one in my deck for a couple of days which is frustrating and kinda defeats the purpose.
  • Great Concept But Updates and Improvements Needed 4/5

    By Hollyb2010
    Edit: Bumping up to 4 stars due to the app not crashing anymore but still would like to see more updates regarding looking at profiles previously skipped. Hope the updates keep coming and help improve this application even more!! “I really love this app and I’ve been fortunate to be able to meet some lovely people already. However I think the need for updates (as my app is consistently crashing) and some user friendly improvements is needed to boost my review to 5 stars. Love the app to not crash every time I open it and it would be great to have the opportunity to go back over someone’s profile if you skipped it initially to see if there have been any updates.”
  • LA has no Vinas? Sure. Bye. 1/5

    By Aly29362
    A year ago I had this app living in Long Beach CA and I got matches, and now it's saying there is no one near me. Then when I was in LA it still said no one existed in my area. Sorry but if there isn't one person in LA on this app, don't bother! Delete. Delete. Delete. Disconnect my Facebook. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not worth it. Waste of memory. How can it have been reported from the moment I even made it? That makes absolutely no sense. I made my profile and within 2 minutes of finishing there was nothing I could do on it. It's impossible to have been reported because it was never even had the opportunity to be active as a profile. I think that's ridiculous and I genuinely don't buy it. I want nothing to do with your app and whatever discriminatory policy or loose flagging filters you have set in place. I've no interest in attempting to use this app again. I tried it a year ago and if a year later my account is being banned or flagged without warning then I'm not wasting my time. Also, I already DID message your company on 3/19 and got no response. Clearly your interests lie in PR instead of existing user support. I never got a response, and I no longer care to. Had I known that leaving a review was going to be the only way to get a response I would've done that ages ago. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Why? 2/5

    By diahnamora
    Concept is amazing but it’s always shutting down on me :/
  • crashes way too much 3/5

    By KENZEE98
    love the idea of this app, but i’ve been trying to edit my profile for 20 minutes & can’t because it keeps crashing!! it crashes every time i try to edit it. how is anyone going to want to be my friend if they don’t know anything about me??
  • Problem with the app? 3/5

    By a_cute_dream
    So I just downloaded the app and I love it but the problem is every time I go to fix the bio the app crashes. It’s annoying because it is hard to get matches.
  • Good idea, but crashes a lot 3/5

    By Chriscate
    I love the idea of a tinder type app for female friendships cause it’s hard for me to meet new women and become friends in my day to day. The only complaint I have is that it crashes each time I try to edit my info and also I would like to add/choose my own picture, not have the one from Facebook
  • 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2/5

    By SarahB098
    The app forces close every time I try to edit my “about me” section. The whole point is to connect with future friends with common interests and I can’t even get a message across. Very frustrating
  • Big thumbs down 1/5

    By stephie15
    Can't use without facebook. Would give zero stars if I could!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Syoung80
    Every time I use this app, it just crashes. Constantly! I can’t even be on the app for a minutes without it crashing.
  • Glitches, glitches, and more glitches! 1/5

    By CCD-H0101
    It seems like whoever designed this app is a college student that had to meet a deadline so they called it good enough and sent it in. It seems really lazily made. There are reviews going back at least 6 months about the same problems and they still haven’t been fixed???? The app shuts out anytime I try to look at someone’s profile. It doesn’t let me know when or who I match. And it took me forever to just to get my profile to save. I had to write my bio 3 times. I had to do my age over and over again (at least 6 times.) The idea is great, and the lay out is pretty cool (although sometimes confusing), but it seems like the maker doesn’t care about the app or put the time and effort in to making it truly great. Which it totally has the potential to be. Honestly you should just take it off this store.
  • Has potential BUT... 2/5

    By tinabeee
    This app could be so great to meet and make new friends but it has so many bugs and issues. It has basic problems like not being able to update and save any changes you make to your profile even after you hit ‘save’; it does not save the changes. Secondly, it crashes ALL THE TIME. Third, sometimes the app is just down and you don’t get or receive any messages or when you click on someone’s profile with whom you have matched, the app will crash. Fourth, it’s so frustrating that no one actually fixes these issues. I wish they would because this app has a lot of potential to be fully functional and actually work the way it’s supposed to.
  • Too glitchy 2/5

    By Abcrinfhkn
    The concept and the design is truly an aesthetic dream. I wish it wasn’t so glitchy so I could regularly use it. My profile is constantly reverting back to the generic bio even though I’ve changed it 10 times.
  • I am deleting this app 1/5

    By formervinauser555
    Need the ability to see who swiped right on me.
  • I want to like this app 2/5

    By FrqtUsr
    The design and concept of this app is great, but it doesn’t seem to be functional. I’ve had it for two weeks with literally no matches — at least that I can see. I have the continuous “3 Heys” on my profile but no way of seeing them. I’ve recycled through profiles to come back to ones I’ve already seen and have swiped right on many more just to see if the app actually worked, and nothing. I like the community and quiz aspect, but at this point it’s not worth it if there continue to be no results.
  • Glitchy 4/5

    By MochaLatte
    I really like the idea behind this app. I feel like it’s really hard to make friends as an adult so I’m happy that this app exists. I hope that I’ll be able to find my own tribe of amazing women. However, the app is super glitchy. I’ve changed my intro a million times (because I’m indecisive lol) but it keeps reverting back to my old ones even after I save it. Also, sometimes my swipes don’t save so I’m not sure if people are getting my heys or not. Here are some tips (apart from the ones already mentioned) to make the app better: •allow us to see our own profile as another vina would see it •more quizzes please! •for the quizzes, explain what each picture means because we could be interpreting them wrong lol; I know for one quiz, I wanted to pick hot chocolate for my fave drink but I’m not sure if I picked black coffee or a latte instead; it’s really confusing so just please caption the photos •in the vinazine section, write more articles on how to connect with other vinas •allow us to enter our numerical age in the age section; I only ask this because I’m a college freshman looking to befriend other freshmen and sophomores, not college graduates or seniors •create more communities for us to join
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Smart girl 🔟1⃣
    I’ve been using it for a while and I do like it. However, I’m noticing an influx of males on the app. It isn’t tinder and is supposed to only be for women. I shouldn’t have to scroll through male profiles on here. I’m also not receiving notifications of new messages. So if I don’t check the app daily then I could miss out on a message and I hate responding back weeks later. I wish there was more people on it that lived in the surrounding area but it will do.
  • Meh... 2/5

    By Mostdef5
    It's a great concept, but... The age matching needs to be more accurate, and show your own individual profile like before. A "maybe" button would be nice too. I have 359 hey!s, but I don't see how that's possible being that's there's not that many Vina's in my city since they keep circulating. I've been matched with 19 people but 3 profiles are non-existent/deleted. Or the Vina app keeps saying I'm matched with someone who I already chatted with or profile is deleted. Overall I like this app, there's just a few kinks that would be nice if they were adjusted. Update* now there’s young teens on this app? Please make it so the age is specific. I’m about to delete this app seeing way too many 16-17 years olds and I’m in my 30’s. I’m also sure they don’t want to see me.
  • Very glitchy! 2/5

    By VillainSteph
    I love this app for what it could be but the user experience has been riddled with glitches since it first came out. Current glitches on iOS (most up to date) are not being able to set my own location (the button to update doesn’t work) and quizzes not loading properly. I’ve had the app for over a year now and kept waiting for the glitches to get worked out but it keeps happening! Would love to recommend this app but won’t until things run smoothly. 2018 now! Get it together!
  • I love the idea! 4/5

    By Mikki bear
    Everything about this app is awesome... except the part where my profile description just shuffles through every description I’ve written for myself.. except the last one that I really liked. It’s hard to make friends when they don't even get the right first impression of you!!
  • Sad 1/5

    By Saraaaaduh
    I really wanted this app to be great, considering how many times it popped up in my face on Tinder. But I kept having to re-enter all of my profile information because after a few hours or closing and opening the app it would delete. Sooo of course nobody wanted to “Hey!” someone with no information in their bio. App deleted.

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