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Welcome to hibooks! Our 100,000 audiobook library is happy you’re here (and so are we)! With 5,000 books included in your membership for unlimited listening, your ears will have a lot to do. But you also have the option of unlocking additional audiobooks using coins. A simple way to get the books you crave on an app you love. Some more great news is that we will deposit coins in your wallet every time you renew your membership (amount varies based on membership level). You can also enjoy up to 15% bonus coins when you purchase them in bulk. There’s a little something for everyone at hibooks, and with over 30 categories and genres to browse, your to-be-read list might never end. Our catalog is packed with bestselling authors, riveting narration, and audiobook titles that you’ll be raving about for months! DISCOVER BOOKS WITH PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS Our expert editors create fresh, handcrafted collections to help you navigate our extensive library of audiobooks. KEY FEATURES: Enjoy a catalog of over 100K audiobooks Unlimited access to more than 5K audiobooks Unlock and own additional titles Listen offline or stream online Easily navigate through chapters Explore handcrafted collections Create your own library Adjust the narration speed that's right for you Some of our top categories: - Mystery & Thrillers - True crime - Science fiction - Fantasy - Romance - Personal growth - Self-help - Business - Productivity - Horror - Classics - Children's books and so much more… TERMS OF OUR SUBSCRIPTION: Sound like the right app for you? Then we can definitely get you started! You’ll get all the magic of hibooks for only $29.99 a year (prices and charges may vary according to your local currency and country of residence). If you choose to subscribe, your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account for an annual subscription at the end of the free trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription, if applicable. Our subscription plan automatically renews and billing occurs up to 24-hours prior to the end of the current annual subscription period. To cancel auto-renewal, it must be turned off in your iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of your current billing cycle. You may view and manage your subscription by going to your account settings. - Terms & Conditions: https://www.hibooks.com/legal/terms-and-conditions/ - Privacy Policy: https://www.hibooks.com/legal/privacy-policy

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  • Used to love this service...not so much now 1/5

    By ceb232
    When I first started using this service it was formatted like a netflix for audio books. You paid one monthly fee and had access to the entire library. Now you have to pay a yearly fee AND pay for tokens to buy books. I was in the middle of a series when I discovered the change. $30 for the membership plus almost $20 to buy the next book in the series. Needless to say I’m very disappointed in the changes.
  • Audible is better 3/5

    By nopenothappening.
    I had the app before when it was a monthly charge and you could download as many book as you wanted. It was an awesome app. I had to delete it and when I re-downloaded it is a yearly charge. Which ok fine, but now most books cost you and you can’t play them when you have no service. so what’s the point of paying for them? Even though the books are downloaded to my phone they still won’t play with out service or WiFi. My audible app lets me play them no matter what. I work in a tin building in the woods so I get little to no service. I’m allowed to have headphones in whole I work and I just want to use the app I paid for. I find it super annoying paying for something I can’t use. Plus most of the people they have narrating are terrible. I’ll stick with audible.
  • It used to be good... 1/5

    By Elyssa Edwards
    I have ya a subscription for sometime (10-12months) and I hadn’t logged in for awhile- the new format is really not what I am looking for at all- before I paid $5.99/month and could access everything, now I paying $5.99, I cannot get anything to open (even unlimited items) and there is a new purchase system so I can pay more....it WAS a great app, not so much now...I am cancelling.
  • It’s not unlimited! 1/5

    By Nikita22
    I looked up all the books I read and so so many of them cost money
  • This made me start reading again thanks to everyone who helped make this 💯 5/5

    By cats112453
    Before I discovered hibooks I didn’t like to read at all and then I was just scrolling through the App Store and then I saw it and I got it and now I read about 3 or 4 hours a day and I will sit down and read for 2 hours before I go to bed at night thanks for all of y’all that helped make this app 💯
  • Refund... 1/5

    By jj28117
    I’ve been a subscriber to hibooks for about a yearish. In the beginning it was PERFECT! $9.99 and unlimited books. Some were a one time fee of $10. Not bad!!! Then, it happened. They changed their program... so I thought why not, give them a shot. $29/year doesn’t seem over priced... but NOW it’s $29+ the cost of coins...still ok let’s see what that costs. So to purchase coin ‘bundle’ for a particular book 18,000 coins would be $25ish. So wait, the subscription is $29+$25 FOR ONE BOOK! YOU. HAD. BETTER. BE. KIDDING. this is horrible. For that price I could have bought three books from apple audio books and STILL have $ left over!!!!!!!! I will NEVER recommend this app to a single soul.
  • The App is horrible now !! 1/5

    By Rt reck
    They updated the app and now it’s terrible you have to pay a month fee and purchase the book.
  • Yep, another bait and switch 1/5

    By John Apocalypse
    At first it was great, then they changed everything and it’s just awful. You have countdown timers on books, and now this coin crap? Audible, as much as I hate amazon, is far superior to this. Don’t bill yourself as Netflix of audiobooks when you are nothing of the sort. Netflix charges a flat rate, period. You don’t. Edit: developer contacted me to...try and up sell me. I just told you I hate your app and that you’re a scam and you email me trying to sell me your crap product? I wish I could give this negative stars.
  • Nickeled and Dimed 1/5

    By BillinRenLit
    I cancelled my subscription because I don’t want to pay a monthly membership fee for the app and then have to pay more money to unlock the books I want to listen to. Bad business model.
  • upset consumer 1/5

    By Bigdaddygibbs
    enjoyed the app when I first got on here now they have introduced coins and you have to pay extra on top of your monthly fees I do not like that idea I want to be able to read a book and not have to pay extra per book.
  • I’m done 1/5

    By DendariiFM
    I really liked this app at first. I was happy to pay the monthly subscription. But know there is this crappy coin thing. I am through with this app.
  • You’re killing me, Smalls! 1/5

    By Brienneandpod
    I have been subscribed to Hibooks for a while now. And for the most part I have enjoyed my experience...until there’s another update where you guys try to change the rules again. I have stopped my subscription because I am tired of you guys continuously trying to ruin a program that worked just fine. What is the point of subscribing and paying a monthly price if you now have to also purchase separate coins for books?!? This is not what you originally advertised and it’s not why I wanted to have this app. Either put it back the way it was or be honest about what people are getting. Essentially, a slightly easier Audible account. So incredibly disappointed. Please, fix this.
  • Outraged. 1/5

    By Skittlessug
    Absolutely outraged, was resubscribing because I had it in the past and loved it. When I went to resubscribe it only had the option for one year (39.99) I accepted without even thinking twice because I did love it plus it said I would get three days free to change my mind. Well that was false, I was charged right away!!! I can see now why they only have one option for subscribing now and that’s because the unlimited books you have access too are horrible. I’m so incredibly upset and so angry that I’ve been referring so many people to you. Trust me I’ll be making sure I go back to each and every person to tell them how stingy this app has gotten.
  • Went from my favorite app to being 1 stars 1/5

    By Nickagee123
    As everyone has already stated, this app was wonderful a few months ago. They started changing things and it’s very sad. Would have rather paid more for the subscription than this nonsense.
  • Misleading “Trial Period” 2/5

    By jrmIII
    I signed up for the 3 day trial period after some time away from HiBooks because they didn’t live up to their promise of unlimited book availability. After learning that they’d changed some things, I signed up for the trial period. My card was charged right away, and Apple will not refund, apparently because I was once a subscriber many months ago. The trial period bait is misleading for previous subscribers. I’ve got my subscription set to expire when the term runs out and will continue hounding Apple for a refund. Good app, bad business practices
  • I use to love this app! 1/5

    By TX_Traci
    I subscribed to this app all last year and LOVED IT. At the end of 2018, the app was undergoing maintenance and said to re-subscribe in February of 2019. I came back to the app a few weeks ago to find that there is no longer unlimited audiobooks with the subscription. I clicked on “3 day free trail” and it charged me for a year subscription. I emailed customer service and never received a response. If anyone knows of an audiobook app that is truly unlimited (like this app USE to be) please let me know! If I’m going to purchase audiobooks, I will do so on Amazon. At least Amazon has better customer service.
  • Not like Netflix 1/5

    By TillyDnk
    I got this app in November with the impression that it was unlimited audiobooks. It is not. I would find a series and make sure they were all on the app. Once I started listening to them it and go to listen to another book in the series it would have a countdown. They did not have countdowns a few days before bc I would check. I would wait for the countdown to go to 0 and went to listen and the countdown started over. I would email them and they gave me the run-around. Basically the more I listened, the more countdowns there would be. Then they switched to something completely different. If you wanted to listen to certain (newer) books you would have to use "coins". They wanted me to start paying for books. I listen to audiobooks while I work. I can listen to an 8 hour book in 1 day. I got this app to listen to books that are not at my library and this is definitely NOT what it claims to be. If you want an audiobook, go to Audible.
  • You pay extra for all the good books! 50% of the books are about Amish people! 1/5

    By Playing4yrs
    Not what I want!
  • Changes 2/5

    By Big Uncle Paulie
    Don’t Like Your Updated version of HiBooks...Which Is Why I Cancelled My Membership!
  • Not sure what happened here 1/5

    By KatieLynn2310
    This app was great when I got it! I could pay a monthly fee and get nearly every book I wanted included in that. Now they have this ridiculous structure where you pay like $30 a year and then have to buy coins on top of that too listen to nearly anything that people would want to read. To read the next book in The Expanse series I ended up having to spend like $12 for coins on top of the subscription fee, and this was the case for the majority of the books I looked at. How is this better than any other audiobook app? It isn’t. It is actually worse in my opinion. The stuff that you can listen to without using coins for are like romance novels and some self help stuff, so if that’s all you want to listen to you might like this. The app functions well but it’s a truly garbage system. I’m downloading Scribd.
  • What crap. 1/5

    By umanshfjrijt
    I loved this app! And now it makes you pay more for books. Even books I ready for free with my subscription a few months ago!?
  • 5 before, but not anymore 1/5

    By pengpolaruin
    This app used to be amazing: truly the Netflix of audiobooks. Unlimited top-notch audiobooks every month for a flat fee (awesome for commuters like me who go through audiobooks quite quickly). Suddenly, without any notice or clear communication, the app changed. They changed their system from letting users listen to unlimited bestselling audiobooks to the all-too-familiar credit system for bestselling audiobooks. I wish they would have communicated this sooner. Luckily I have been able to keep the audiobooks I fully listened too before the system changed, but this new system forced me to move on. I’m now avidly listening to my public library’s limited, but free, audiobook collection. Peace out, hibooks.
  • Free trial? Nope. They charged me anyway. 1/5

    By Salama717
    I signed up for a three day free trial to see if I wanted to deal with this new coin thing. Decided I didn’t. Cancelled my subscription. I’m still being charged $30. Will not be recommending this app anymore.
  • Don’t bother with this app 1/5

    By Eff You Hi Coins
    This app USED to truly have unlimited books for a subscription fee, which I loved. Now, you have to pay a subscription fee on top of purchasing coins that are required to listen to books. In my opinion, we should only have to pay one or the other, not both. Back to Audible I go.
  • Was amazing now I don’t even understand the system. 1/5

    By Bubbafette
    Like most people the idea the app launched with was amazing and even though it didn’t have the most comprehensive library it was still great. It’s cheaper now per month but any book you actually want to listen to will cost you more money. Back to audible.
  • It started out great... 1/5

    By LundenBridges
    When I first started paying for my subscription I could listen to all of the books in the library, but now it makes me pay for each book I was to read with the “hi book coins”
  • Good app 3/5

    By brandyturner33
    Great reads on self help
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Lvalentine
    It used to offer roughly 5 audiobooks a month for $10 but now it’s pay per book (about $12) + annual fee of $30. Really disappointed.
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By PrettyWarpaint
    I’ve been with Hi books since before it was Hi books. I’m so sad my favorite app has gotten so expensive. When they switched to the coins system half my library was taken away and now they want me to pay for them again! I’m not paying $17 for enough of your stupid coins to get a book back I should have already had access to whenever I wanted. So disappointed.
  • Overcharged 1/5

    By sgrtriojas
    I signed up thinking that it was a Netflix model of pay one price for all you can listen but my billing shows several charges in one month. This company is unethical and will mislead you.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Karrie h
    It says a free 3 day trial but it won’t let you cancel the subscription. It’s a total scam
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Loventechmom
    This app has turned into a terrible deal. I loved it before but now all the good books end up costing more than audible. I’m done with this. Dumb.
  • So far, really worth it! 5/5

    By UltraWordyWoman
    Way better than the expensive competition. I can listen to a book’s intro to rule out the swearing and sexual content I don’t like before getting stuck with a disappointing book.
  • From elation to disappointment 1/5

    By KimmieW216
    When I first started using this app it was great. I highly recommended it to family, friends, and colleagues. Unfortunately, it took a turn as this “coin” system appeared. I regret having recommended to anyone. I can see the feedback on the reviews that the customer feedback regarding the abrupt and significant changes are falling on deaf ears. I, along with others, will seek out alternative solutions. It is unfortunate you lost your original purpose.
  • They tricked me!! 1/5

    By mz shayshay
    I was really enjoying the app at first,I thought unlimited is GREAT! I go through audiobooks quickly as I always have them playing throughout the day whether I’m driving, working, cleaning, etc. So I browse through the library and save books Im interested in for the future so I can go right to it. I noticed these “coins” and time clocks showing up and some books I had saved in my library I no longer could listen to for free. So I began downloading the book before I read them, with hopes that I would “get them” before I had to pay an additional fee. It worked for awhile but now nearly all the books I’m interested in, I have to pay an additional cost for. I don’t like that. It’s not the “Netflix” way. Netflix doesn’t make you pay an additional cost to watch “new“ movies. They simply up their membership fees a couple of bucks and call it a day. But I guess that method did not seem practical to the “hi books” team. It’s unfortunate because I liked the app before I got, what I feel is pretty close to being, tricked or baited into believing the books on the app were unlimited. I have decided to cancel my subscription.
  • Hibooks 1/5

    By Rama2017
    So many issues with this app. At first it was good but then one day they randomly canceled the sample audio. Then a few months later they changed my subscription to 5.99 a month. I thought this is good until I found out they became like audible where you have to pay the membership and purchase each audiobook separately. The only difference is that you purchase the coins. For instance, 1000 coins could cost about 13 dollars. I might as well have an audible account! An app I fell in love with quickly became an app I despise. They cannot be trusted because they make so many changes without giving you the option. I would much rather pay 9 dollars a month and have access to all the audiobooks they have available. It’s not a Netflix for audiobooks!
  • They ruined it. 1/5

    By Elijah!!
    I enjoyed hi books for a very long time. But then they decided a monthly subscription like Netflix wasn’t good enough, and they completely ruined it. Basically you pay a subscription for nothing. And then you still have to pay for audiobooks if you want to actually listen to them. Complete rip off.
  • Now I pay for membership AND coins?? 1/5

    By Tls1967
    I loved your app when it was $10 and all you could listen to. Now the membership is less but I have to buy coins to get books. This is no different than Audible except it could be more expensive so bye. 🙄
  • Bait and switch - bring back what I signed up for 1/5

    By jaydobro
    Lived the app when it was Otto Radio. Was happy to pay the monthly fee to rent audio books. It was truly the Netflix of audiobooks. A few months ago, they changed everything, except what they’re charging me. I came to the app to look for a book I was interested in, only to find it cost “1000 coins” to unlock. They hadn’t communicated this change so I had no idea what that meant. What I found was that my monthly membership was now useless. The monthly fee got me a minuscule amount of coins each month. I would need to be a member for over a year at $6/month to get enough coins for a single book. I still had to buy coins to get access to any book I wanted to listen to. So what exactly am I paying for. Super shady to make this drastic a change, not communicate to your customers and just continue to take their monthly membership fees for essentially nothing in return. I guess it’s back to Audible for me.
  • App held promise- became more expensive 1/5

    By Rikuskey
    Another edit: even better, as soon as I hopped into the app you offered me three days trial and then effing CHARGED ME FOR A YEAR?! I’ll be issuing a complaint now. Never coming back to this app! Edit: I came back to the app some months later like my review prior said I would. And I was highly disappointed. At first I was confused why the prices jumped up to 29.99 until I realized it was a yearly subscription. That much for unlimited audiobooks? Count me in! Until... I saw the coin system. What the heck did you guys do? You’ve effectively made this app more expensive than audible! Every book I had saved prior is now on a wishlist and each one costs around 1k coins. I totaled it up and that comes out to about 15 bucks an audiobook. That’s the exact same price as audible... minus the yearly 30 dollar fee. Why would I pay 30 a year just to turn around and pay the same price as your competitor? That makes zero sense. And based on the other reviews I’m seeing even the unlimited books have limits now. Your app had great potential and I was really hoping after the organization issue was addressed I could find reason to come back. But now I’m likely not to come back because it’s not worth the money anymore. Very disappointed. First review: An app that is cheaper than audiable and offers unlimited audiobooks holds a great promise. Even when trying this app I could see all the potential. Unfortunately, there are some things holding me back from subscribing. -searching for books is difficult on the app. As another user noted, searching for Stephen king produces hardly any books and you have to sift through most all available books to find any. Most users don’t want to take the time to do this and it makes it seem like you don’t have these audiobooks even when you do. - to further the search-ability of books, having links to author and series pages from the main book page (I.e the stand by Stephen king) to show the available books by the author (all books available by Stephen king) and the series( book one of two etc) would be beneficial. - an option to select the chapter list while in book, allowing you to seamlessly jump between chapters in case you miss one. It also shows users how many chapters are left and how long they are. - a timer showing how much time is left in the entire book. Its nice to see if I have two hours or nine left in the entire book. -more ways to sort your saved books such as sort by author name. These are only the few for me (I’ve seen bookmarks being mentioned by another user, but I don’t normally use these) and if these are added in time, your app could become a great competitor for audible. 9.99 is a fair monthly price for unlimited audiobooks, but since the app is still in development, a few more tweaks are needed to make it worth it. I really hope to come back to the app after these things have been, hopefully, fixed and added.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By heidiwz
    Started out fantastic but now the unlimited books are lame; they changed how it all works without telling anyone and their excuses aren’t plausible. Dumped it.
  • It used to be good... 2/5

    By blagg55
    I rarely write reviews. I am writing this, because I used to really like this program. What brought me in was the flat monthly rate and unlimited audiobook listening. This was AMAZING! There was not anything else like it out there. I truly enjoyed the service. Then, all of a sudden they changed everything with no notice at all. They went from an “all you can eat buffet” to an “a la carte” model. It is now much more similar to Audible. What brought me here was the uniqueness in the business model, but not it is just like most other audiobook services. The coin system is confusing. They aren’t too up front with how it works and what you’ll get. I truly wish they could revert back to their old model. I would be happy to pay a higher subscription rate for that service. As it is now, it is close to audible and the app functions very well. There are no functional problems and the selection is pretty good. It is my hopes that this review can get the attention of the HiBooks team and for you guys to strongly think about your model and what makes you unique. You had something really cool going.
  • Coin system suuuucks! 1/5

    By Andyheskett
    Started out as like $10 a month for unlimited books. Now all the crappy books are free and you have to buy anything worth reading with coins. So what the heck is the point of now paying $5 a month if I still then have to purchase books? Lame!
  • Horrible changes made me leave 1/5

    By kbaker5672
    I used to love this app and widely advocated family and friends ditch audible and switcb to hi books. Let’s be honest, I have zero desire to own and audio book. I want to listen to it and be done. The old version of this app functioned like the Netflix of audio books for a monthly subscription. This is exactly what I had been looking for and I loved it for the year plus that I used it. New changes to the “coin” system are terrible. I’m finishing up an excellent book now and then cancelling. The combination of Libby (free) and Scribd will have to do the trick. It’s a shame, because this app used to fill a big market hole in the audiobook world. There’s no way they’ll be able to compete with audible moving forward ...
  • Netflix for audiobooks no longer 2/5

    By Ad73ibn
    When I started it was one flat fee and you could listen to anything, like Netflix! Now it’s a coin system. So, still get the flat fee charged, but of course the books I want to listen to have a coin charge. And you guessed, you have to purchase the coins!Very disappointed, thinking about cancelling!
  • Hate the new change ! 1/5

    By snixkerdoodle
    I used to love this app before they changed it. Now the audiobook selection is trash and even with a monthly or yearly subscription you still have to pay for the Audiobooks if it’s not included in the unlimited streaming options .. every audio book I searched was money the only ones that are “free” or rather include in the subscription are unknown authors and unappealing titles. Please go back to how it was before I have canceled my subscription until then.
  • Why?! 1/5

    By julianh121
    Why do these audiobook apps all do this as soon as they get there membership up? This app was ok when it was subscription based but now it is subscription based and pay as you go...why the heck would anyone do this? I feel So disrespected that on general principle I’m canceling this subscription.
  • Changes 2/5

    By kass87_05smith
    I’ve had this app for about a year and I have to say I don’t like the newest thing of going like audible and using coins why pay for a subscription when I then have to buy the book... I loved this app before the switch I will be canceling my subscription
  • Was great, now it is just another app out there 2/5

    By Mbhershb
    When I subscribed to this app I was thrilled. I used to say it was like Netflix for audiobooks! I would listen to books I liked and was able switch to others without having to invest money in a book I was not sure I was going to like. But everything changed. Now you have to pay for most good books. You cant even listen to a sample of a book before having to pay for it. This app was awesome, too bad it is now just another app out there that limits the access to the books. No more one fixed price. They do have a friendly customer service but their product have changed therefore I longer recommend it.

hibooks - amazing audiobooks app comments

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