Hidden Mickeys: Walt Disney World Edition

Hidden Mickeys: Walt Disney World Edition

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  • Current Version: 4.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hidden Mickeys: Walt Disney World Edition App

•THIS APPLICATION IS FOR DISNEY WORLD IN FLORIDA. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DISNEYLAND IN CALIFORNIA, CHECK OUT OUR OTHER APP "HIDDEN MICKEYS: DISNEYLAND"• There's an extra special way to enjoy Walt Disney World and this app is your guide. Hunting for "Hidden Mickeys" (images of Mickey Mouse cleverly concealed in WDW's theme parks, restaurants, hotels, and other areas by Disney artists and designers) is fun for all and a bona fide vacation mission for many Disney World fans. Serving as the OFFICIAL application to Steven Barrett’s bestselling book “Hidden Mickeys – A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets,” the mouse hunt is taken to a whole new level of interactivity with this application for iPhone and iPod Touch! Utilizing GPS tracking [iPhone only], your location is scanned and immediately lists the closest Hidden Mickeys to you. If you’re not in the parks, or if you’d rather scroll through the different locations, you are able to browse categorized lists of each Hidden Mickey location. Keep track of which Mickey’s you find with an easy to use built-in scoring system. Keep in mind – this is a scavenger hunt! The score counts if you want it to, so do your best and try to use the least amount of hints as possible. Whether you’re playing solo or with the whole family, you are able to keep separate user profiles to keep track of everyone’s progress. Spanning all four parks and documenting over 1200 Hidden Mickeys, this application will add a whole new level of entertainment to your trips to Disney World! In this application you'll discover well over 1200 Hidden Mickeys throughout various locations at the Walt Disney World Resort including: • Magic Kingdom Park • Epcot • Disney's Hollywood Studios • Disney’s Animal Kingdom • Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon Water Parks • Disney Springs • EPSN Wide World of Sports • Miniature Golf Courses • Over 20 DIFFERENT Disney Hotels PLUS: tips, hints and author Steven Barrett's very own favorite Hidden Mickeys. We've also included the use of Game Center, which allows you gain achievements while playing! We've even hidden a few of these that can only unlock from certain places inside the park - can you get them all? True to their name, Hidden Mickeys are elusive. New ones appear from time to time and some old ones disappear. When that happens — and it will — Steve will let you know on his web site: www.HiddenMickeysGuide.com. Periodically, the application will be updated to reflect these changes, becoming your best source for all things Hidden Mickeys! “Hidden Mickeys” is based off of the newest and most comprehensive edition of the book. “Hidden Mickeys – A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets” 7th edition can be found for sale throughout Disney World, in stores, or online at Amazon.com.


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Hidden Mickeys: Walt Disney World Edition app reviews

  • Update when there’s new stuff!! 4/5

    By Vvffvjfjftkvtvkhvmguc
    I love this app so much but they haven’t updated it yet and a lot of new stuff has been added to the parks.(a lot of hidden mickeys)
  • This app needs a serious update 1/5

    By DisGirl1462
    Disney is constantly changing & evolving with their rides in the Parks, for example - the Norway pavilion in Epcot isn’t on there at all & the Frozen ride has been open for almost 2 years now. The Great Movie Ride has been closed for 6 months to turn it into Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Ellen’s Energy Adventure should be taken off because that’s been closed for a while now to in preparation for Guardians of the Galaxy. I can’t use an outdated app that I paid for!
  • So much fun but needs to be updated 4/5

    By Baseball lover 42
    The parks are always changing, but several of the hidden mickeys are no longer available (and hopefully there are new ones)! Have loved this app for years!
  • Great app, but needs to be updated! 4/5

    By teddybru
    So I just returned from my weeklong Disney trip. I had the hidden Mickey guidebook in hand in this app on my phone. I’d love to share with you the pros and cons. Pros - Yep gives great detailed information on where these hidden Mickey’s are. I wouldn’t of been able to find them without the hints they provide. Also, the achievements are a great incentive to work towards. I also love the score board they provide, it shows you how many Mickey’s you found in each park. Cons - This app desperately needs to be updated. I found a lot of the new attractions aren’t in the app yet. Also rides that have been refurbished and other areas of the park now are missing the Hidden Mickeys. I also think it would be cool if they decided to add photos Of where the Mickey’s are
  • Needs updating 3/5

    By Broomfield mom
    This is an expensive application for one that is so out of date as far as WDW info is concerned, for example, there have not been turnstile's at park entrances for many years. Many other out of date descriptions. The game is very fun though.
  • Good App, needs work 3/5

    By Me. And I'm mad.
    Two reasons: 1. You can't delete the app without all of your hidden mickeys being deleted. There should be accounts. I go to WDW once every 2-3 years, and my phone does not have space to keep this app for that long with no purpose. With accounts, however, I can delete the app without worrying about my progress being deleted. 2. WDW is always changing, so this app should be updating with the parks. There are mickeys on here that are gone and ones that are new that aren't on here. An app is more convenient than the book, but this app needs work.
  • Out of date, missing some, others questionable 2/5

    By Wandererrob
    We have the book and thought this would be a convenient option. There's a lot from the book not included in the app, a lot that are long out of date and a lot that are just questionable. Anyone who knows Disney well will know a real hidden Mickey versus something that just looks roughly like Mickey if you stare at it long enough.
  • Could use an update 3/5

    By SunKisdSurferGrl
    Would like to see this be able to use on the Apple Watch and it could use an update with the park updates.
  • Save Your $$$ 1/5

    By djs2835
    Paying $7.99 for an app is bad enough. But I figured my daughters would enjoy looking for the hidden Mickey's when we go. In the "What's New" section it claims that the app was updated to the 7th edition of the book. It does NOT state that after purchasing the app you have to pay $3 more to receive the update. Save Your $$$.
  • Meh 1/5

    By jbitzer
    Should call it hidden things that if you squint right, kind of could look like a Mickey. Also update cost is bs.
  • Gonna try to get a refund. SCAM 1/5

    By willboudle
    Immediately upon opening the app, they try to make you pay an additional $3 to access the update it says is below. An already expensive app that is already outdated. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • Just ok 2/5

    By Minsgem
    I was disappointed in this app. We have used the book for the past several trips and decided to upgrade to the app. First, with all the changes at Disney the app has mickeys that are no longer there. It needs an update. There are mickeys we found with the book, but are not in the app. I would also love to have a way to see which ones were found when perhaps with a date by them. I will say the app is an easier way to keep track of them, but it needs work.
  • Very Good App 5/5

    By The Best Aunt EVER
    This is very good app thank you for making this wonderful App
  • Fun and great! 5/5

    By Brodysmom30
    This is great preparing for our upcoming trip!
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By Dog🐶Lover
    I love being able to walk around the Disney parks and have a little bit of downtime between fast pass times and being able to have a fun scavenger hunt with my friends and family!
  • Fantastic updates 5/5

    By Gamotria
    I've had the app for years and since the most recent updates it has never been better. It even includes the new additions to the parks.
  • Great Addition to Veteran Visitors 5/5

    By Shortfieldno1
    We have been over 15 times and we enjoy finding the Hidden Mickeys. Even our girls have learned to search for new ones.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Qguardian
    Hope it stays updated as new things open!
  • Add pictures please 5/5

    By hardycjr
    I love finding Hidden Mickeys! I wish this app had the ability to add your own photos of your finds.
  • Finally 5/5

    By jonmdani
    Thank you for the much needed update!!
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By Disney Lover231930
    Great update! Thank you!
  • Glad to see this app was updated 5/5

    When I first got this app I was curious to see that with each new edition to the book, there would be an update to the app. Glad to see that the new version came to mobile!
  • Not updated for Disney's new Fantasyland 2/5

    By #1DaleJrFan
    Disappointed to see that this app needs some updating. Does not included any of Disney's new attractions and still holds old attractions that have been closed several years.
  • Don't be so quick to purchase. 2/5

    By Point Of Origin
    Be careful. The last app update was in 2012. Since then there has been some MAJOR park updates to all of Disney world. Hidden Mickey locations aren't accurate. An example is "Test Track" at EPCOT the list in app is for the old Test Track; Test Track has been completely rehabbed and the hidden Mickey locations no longer exist.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Hollilee
    Had fun finding these! I am a annual pass holder, so I will continue using this app. It does needs some updating along with a few improvements. The first day I found 12, second day 8 and the third day 7. The app. Would only show that I had 12, until the 5 days later. It should show your number of finds as you record them. We were playing against friends who also have the app. Kinda took the competition away.
  • Cannot get this to work with my iPad. 1/5

    By iPhone67
    I just purchased this app for an upcoming trip to WDW. I will not work with my iPad Mini with Retina display. All the tutorials and stuff on the "right side of the screen" work. But nothing on the left side of the screens responds: Parks, etc., and the "lists" cited in the tutorials is nowhere in evidence. If "Tech Support" can't get this to work for me, we will be requesting a refund.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Rockhotel
    It's ok, but needs to be updated more often. With the price as high as it is it should be updated more frequently
  • Add new fantasyland 5/5

    By JoJoV111
    Please add new fantasy land!!!!
  • Update please 2/5

    By Tony$$$789
    I've noticed there is a new book out with the updated fantsyland hidden mickeys. Will there ever be an update for the app.
  • Needs updating! (Over 2 years already) 2/5

    By sarbs
    This app hasn't been updated since September 2012... There has been a ton of construction in Walt Disney World since then. However, even with the old data, the app is incredible. Please update the app!
  • Umm... 3/5

    By Annawesome23345678
    What happened to the disneyland version? I just got a new phone and I wanted to bring it to disneyland this October to do the hidden mickeys thing and now it's just for disney world. Can you please be able to put both parks in there? Thanks. P.S. I'm soon going to Disney world but in 2 months. Please fix the app to have the Disneyland version
  • Embarrassment 1/5

    By Medmusician
    This app is extremely embarrassing to the Hidden Mickey community. The app hasn't been updated in TWO LONG YEARS! None of the 6th edition material is in, even though this company has had SIX MONTHS to program it. Do not download this app since it is not worth the money. I demand 6th edition update or my $8 back in my account.
  • Update please 3/5

    By Norwood24
    Please update the app so that it includes the new rides and area such as new fantasyland. I'm going in January and want to be ready for the newer rides!
  • Needs an update 4/5

    By Squeak1165
    Just came back from disney and I noticed that the app needs an update on the newer rides and attractions.
  • New Fantasy Land 5/5

    By Wdwandpsu
    I love the app I use it every trip to disney… I'm waiting for the update with the new fantasyland and everything they added. The book updated but not the app.
  • Needs updated! 3/5

    By DisneyObsessed89
    This app really needs updated. There is nothing for new fantasyland and several rides have either been updated or removed. I loved the app because I wouldn't have to carry the book around. However since the app is now out of date I'll have to carry the book and add extra weight to my bag. Please update soon!!
  • Update 2/5

    By Richcheb
    Needs to be updated.
  • Great app, just needs to be updated because it is outdated 4/5

    By Disney JPop
    This is a good app. It helps by bringing the fun of finding Hidden Mickey's. Unfortunately it has not been updated to include the New Fantasyland expansion and other new attractions. I had a Cast Member show me a Hidden Oswald in the sidewalk in Fantasyland. (note, this is the only Hidden Oswald as of now on all of the WDW Resort property). And she showed us the Hidden Steamboat Willie (which is hard to find, but is a great one!) just outside the exit of Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. Again, great app, just needs updating.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Icepop100
    I have the hidden Mickey book and it is very hard to keep track of my finds. But now with the app I just check off the Mickey when I find it. It is so easy! Totally worth the 8 bucks!
  • Fun app! 4/5

    By MamaBess
    This is a great app, I enjoyed looking for HM on my last visit. However it does need updated. Clues need to be in order especially on the rides and the new Fantasyland needs added as well as the Art of Animation. Also we should be able to submit HM that are either new or missed.
  • Great. But... 2/5

    By 68Maximus
    Where is the New Fantasyland update????? The book version came out why isn't the app updated???
  • $7.99? 3/5

    By pgslc75
    Just downloaded this app in preparation for our trip. No fill screen for iPhone 5? Hope this gets updated soon!

    By vaughness
    This app gives me something extra to do and I love looking for hidden mickeys, but this app needs an update for attractions that are new and attractions that no longer exist.
  • Update please! 2/5

    By Rippey_31
    Update please the app is great but needs updated. New fantasyland not included.
  • Not updated - Huge disappointment 2/5

    By Holtsman
    This app is so out of date even cast members are surprised some of these old ones are listed. PLEASE update and give options for users to submit found hidden mickeys to you for updates.
  • Needs Update 1/5

    By AmyB2006
    This app would be great if it were updated. None of New Fantasyland has been added. The last update was March 2012? And you charge $7.99 for this? For charging so much this app should be updated monthly at minimum.
  • UPDATE!! 4/5

    By Ksilby
    Please update this app to include all of the changes that have taken place at WDW!! You pay $ for this app and then they don't update. A little disappointed, but will still use what we can for our trip this week.
  • good but... 5/5

    By Ler-Ler
    I LOVE this app a lot!! but I think you should be able to scan it to make sure it is the Mickey if not it shows you what Mickey u see... (that would be a lot of work...) or have pictures of them (the mickeys) so you know what to look for also add the "art of animation" resort and new fantasy land (take off Snow Whites Scary Adventures) thanks! -leah
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By KristinM17
    This was a huge disappointment. It seems that this hasn't been updated in quite some time. A lot if these HM don't even exist anymore.
  • Great, BUT... 3/5

    By Whateva it's OK 59734
    I love this app! It's very convenient to carry along when hunting for Hidden Mickeys. However, it needs some updates! Some things to include... • The new fantasyland! On the website, I noticed some new discoveries there. Please include them in the app! • I heard that test track in Epcot has been changed. I haven't visited it yet, but if there are new Mickeys, I want to know! • The Snow White ride doesn't exist anymore! Please remove it! • I would love if the clues were in order, like in the book. I hate having to ride the attractions more than once because the clues are scattered! Thanks so much! I love hunting for Mickeys, and this app would be a zillion times better with these suggestions!

Hidden Mickeys: Walt Disney World Edition app comments


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